we never see sherlock actually eating anything

So we still don’t ACTUALLY know how Sherlock faked his own death.

What if Sherlock never actually “faked” the fall?

What if Sherlock simply survived the fall?

What if, WHAT IF Sherlock is a vampire?

  • We never see this fucker eat anything
  • Invites people to dinner but never orders anything for himself
  • Is pale as fuck and always wears a dark trenchcoat
  • He is clearly not a morning person (or a day person for that matter)
  • If you’re going to be surviving off of blood, making friends with the morgue staff and always having a refrigerator stocked with fresh body parts for “experiments” comes in handy
  • He verbally and mentally separates himself from “normal society”
  • He knows more shit than anybody “his age” (which is never given) should has the time to learn
  • Has a deep respect for and knowledge of history
  • Has extensive knowledge about the way a human body functions
  • Is cold and comes off as emotionless or “inhuman”
  • Has unusually sharp senses
  • Drugs clearly have less of an effect on him than they would a normal person (more obvious in the unaired pilot)

What if this modern AU is just really, REALLY well written Speculative Fiction?