we never see her lay down the law like this ever


What do you want me to tell this bitch?

Trials in Volterra, a Caius Volturi imagine

Anon: Could you please do a Cauis imagine where you’re his human mate and durning a trial while you’re sitting on his lap (due to his demand) a vampire comes at you and Caius loses his shit, killing the vamp right in front of you scaring you into a panic attack because you never seen the killing of one because he always made you tuck your face into his neck, so he tries his best to calm you down? Lot of fluff! Thank you! I love all your imagines!!!

A/NSorry it took so long, with long imagines like this I like to spend a lot more time on it in order to make you happy! I hope you like it 😘. Also, sorry if Caius is a little out of character, he’s supposed to be king bitch but I did want to bring out his softer side.


Friday’s were the worst in Volterra, it was trial day. Trial days happened when a vampire had been especially disobedient to the Volturi law. The law was not hard to follow: do not make yourself known to mortals. All any vampire had to do was keep their identity secret. Of course I, along with a girl in the United States, were the exceptions. In my case, I had been trusted with the knowledge of the immortals because I was chosen to work for them. I was the secretary who organized their feasts. I worked along side of Heidi, a gorgeous vampire who lured mortals to their eminent death.

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A Weasley Wedding

Charlie weasley x reader, slight bill weasley x reader

Penny and Rowan fussed around you, Penny was fiddling with your veil ensuring that it wouldn’t fall out of place as you walked down the aisle while Rowan made sure your gown fell perfectly around you.

“Guys, you really need to stop, you’re both making me even more nervous than I already am.” You said glancing at yourself in the mirror.

“She already looks stunning, what more can you lot do?” Tonks questioned from her spot laying on the couch, shooting you a wink before throwing her head back once more.

You smiled at her though she was no longer looking at you. You took a deep breath, everything was exactly the way you’d envisioned it, your ivory gown flowed elegantly down to the ground, the delicate floral pattern went beautifully with the way Molly had decorated the Burrow. Your veil framed your face in a lovely manner, everything was perfect, the dress, the venue, the groom, you had no reason to feel nervous.

A knock at the door jolted you out of your thoughts. You looked up to see your best friend and soon to be brother-in-law Bill Weasley peek his head into the room. You instantly felt a little more at ease.

“Hey girls, can I have a moment alone with the bride?” He asked as he entered the small room. You nodded and all the girls shuffled out and he closed the door behind them. “How do you feel?” Bill asked making his way to you.

“Good, nervous,” You admitted, lying to Bill was never something you could do. “What if I’m a terrible wife? What if I don’t fit in in Romania? What if Charlie realizes that I was only girlfriend material and not wife material? What if the dragons hate me?” You asked all your doubts coming out in one big ball of word vomit.

“What if you’re an amazing wife? What if Charlie already knows that he’s extremely lucky to be marrying you? What if the dragons love you? What if I told you that no matter where you went you have a way of making people love you? What if the two of you end up with everything the two of you have ever wanted? What if you’re just completely overthinking this?” Bill shot back as he wrapped your hands in his, his touch helped to soothe your raging nerves.

“Thank you, Bill, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.” You said wrapping your arms around him tightly, Bill wrapped his arms around your waist holding you in a way that felt different to all the other times he’d hugged you. Something was off with him, you could feel it.

“Alright, it’s my turn to be a good sister and ask, what’s going on with you?” You asked pulling away from him. His eyes went wide as if he hadn’t expected such a question.

“What? Nothing, everything’s fine.” Bill said causing you to put your hands on your hips.

“William, I’ve spent the good majority of the past nine years practically attached to your side, you can’t lie to me anymore than I can lie to you.” You told him placing a hand under his chin to bring his gaze back to yours.

“It’s just, when I,” Bill took a deep breath he was unsure whether or not he should say his next words, “when I pictured you getting married, becoming a Weasley, it wasn’t exactly like this.” He admitted.

His words confused you, what did he mean by that? Did he think your wedding sucked? What was going through his mind?

“It’s the dress isn’t it?” You asked nervously, Bill sighed, you had no clue about the feelings he harbored, and maybe, Bill decided, that was for the best.

“No, you look absolutely lovely, and the wedding is beautiful. It’s me I was referring to, I mean look at me,” Bill said stepping back and allowing you to get a full look at him. “I mean I love the two of you so much I traded in my leather jacket for a tux!” Bill said making you laugh.

Bill pulled you into a tight hug and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “I love you (y/n), I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Let’s hope we never have to find out.” You whispered into his chest.

“Come on, let’s get you to the alter.” He said smiling down at you.

You nodded, “Let’s make me an official Weasley!” You grinned your nerves from before were long gone.

Charlie, Bill, Andre and Barnaby stood expectantly at the end of the aisle, Charlie’s eyes were glued to you as you made your way to him, Mr. Weasley’s arm interlocked with yours as he walked you down, and it seemed as though not even a Hungarian Horntail would be able to rip his attention away from you.

You smiled at Charlie, never were you surer about your decision that you were at this moment.

Bill smiled a genuine smile, you were happy and that was all he’d ever wanted for you, it didn’t matter that he wasn’t the one to make you happy.

 A/n: it’s been so long since I’ve written anything and honestly it feels good to post stories again. This one wasn’t requested by anyone it just sorta came to me and I figured it was about time I published something on this site! I hope you guys like it and I’m sorry if it’s a little rough around the edges. I also have an idea of doing a part 2 to this that takes place during Bill’s wedding, let me know if you guys are up for it. 

Characters in BNHA that I really, really want to see interact more:


Bakugou and Uraraka:

After their fight at the sports festival, I really want to see more of the two of them. Perhaps even a second fight, since they grew a lot over the course of the series, and especially Uraraka got better at fighting.


Bakugou and Shouto:

Yep, again, Bakugou is one of them. You can’t tell me he won’t ever want a rematch against Shouto, since the latter held back in their first fight, and Bakugou can’t stand it when someone holds back on him.


Izuku and Gran Torino:

I mean, come on – a man who worked with both Nana and Toshinori, went as far as to become a teacher just for the latter’s sake and instantly jumped on the opportunity to train Izuku, too? I definitely want to see more of their interactions. Especially now that Izuku knows more about Toshinori’s past – at least he knows about Nana now – and Gran Torino kept hinting at All Might’s true name during Izuku’s stay. There is a lot that this old hero has to tell Izuku (and, yeah, I want him to become an adopted Grandpa for Izuku, alright, I got caught.)


Gran Torino and Recovery Girl:

The two old veterans who constantly worry over Toshinori and Izuku, each in their own way. Do they perhaps already know each other, since Gran Torino was once a teacher at U.A.? Did Recovery Girl know Nana, too? Even if they don’t know each other yet, I’m so here for sassy old people laying down the law.


Naomasa and Toshinori:

Since when have they known each other? How come that Naomasa is one of the few people who was allowed to see Toshinori’s true appearance? I want to know everything about those two. I think they are something like best friends, but they haven’t interacted much now, and I think that’s a pity.


Naomasa and Izuku:

Pretty much the same reason as the one for Gran Torino. Naomasa is another person who obviously has known Toshinori for a long time, and Izuku is Toshinori’s first-ever-student and his successor. I would love to see best friend and student interact a bit, since they both care a lot for Toshinori. Plus, I’m sure they would be quite curious to get to know each other.


Hagakure Tooru and everyone in Class 1-A:

I’m not saying that Tooru doesn’t get screen time often, since I guess it’s really hard for Horikoshi to give twenty children equal screen time, but… I think Tooru is one of the students we don’t know much about. Has she always been invisible? Does she feel kinda left out sometimes – since she only can be seen when she is wearing clothes, and nobody will ever be able to really look at her? I want to know.


Satou, Shouji, Sero, Tokoyami and everyone:

Pretty much the same reasoning as for Tooru. I want to know everything there is to know about all the students of Class 1-A. I just love those kids.


Present Mic and Ms. Jokes and Midnight:

That’s my teachers squad, okay. My “They-would-drive-Aizawa-up-the-wall”-squad. Those three would hit it off immediately, I’m sure of it, and it would be hilarious.


Aizawa and Sansan:

Man who loves cats and a cat-human. ‘Nough said. They need to meet again and become best buddies.


Mei Hatsume and Izuku Midoriya:

A girl who loves to invent and design and a boy who is a nerd who takes notes and designed his own hero-outfit. Two nerds, basically. They would hang out and design super cool new stuff like outfits, weapons and more, I’m sure of it.


Hisashi Midoriya in general:

I’m not even convinced of his existence yet. Never seen, never mentioned, he’s a phantom. Until proven otherwise, Toshinori is Izuku’s Dad. There we go.

(But honestly, Horikoshi, give us something about this guy.)

okay I’m STILL not done the book yet because #life™ but some follow up reactions

  • The entire scene where Calypso and Apollo were trying to escape on the slow kiddy train at the Zoo had me in stitches holy shit
  • Apollo frantically hitting the gas and Calypso is just leisurely walking next to it while glaring at him??? And the guards? omfg I was dying
  • Meg’s entrance was dramatic and awesome good for her
  • Why the fuck is this 12 year old so good at sword fighting she can keep up with one of the deadliest swordfighters of the ancient world™
  • When Lit threatened Leo and Calypso essentially morphed into the knife emoji on spot. A plus.
  • I mean I’m just saying: I feel like a pregnant griffin isn’t more important than helping a tortured seven year old girl. But I still love Britomartis so I guess it’s whatever
  • I love how Lit was going on like he has a score to settle with Leo because ‘he and his friends’ fucked him up in Oklahoma but like….Leo didn’t contribute to that at all like Jason literally did everything during that fight??? That was kinda like important to Jason’s development and shit??? Leo and Piper were golden statues and Hedge was outside eating grass??? Shouldn’t Lit’s anger be focused on Jason??? lol
  • Idk I just found it funny (I want to see Jason Grace again)
  • Calypso managing to shove out some magic yeah girl!!!!
  • Leo meeting Meg was way too fucking funny omfg “so I understand you can like…control him?” and when Apollo tried denying it she makes him slap himself??? 😂
  • How did we fucking segue from lighthearted banter directly into Apollo having a vivid flashback of the time he had to murder the love of his life with his bare hands
  • Like I??? Was sobbing??? So hard???? Because a batshit insane Roman empire was getting killed by someone who loved him bc it was necessary for the world and the lover couldn’t stand to see anyone else hurt him??? Fuck me???? Rick Riordan ain’t real
  • “I couldn’t bare to look into the water without seeing my beloved’s betrayed face starring back” or whatever the fuck the line was but FUCK
  • Jo was a teenage girl crossdressing to fuck around with gangsters in the 1920′s before Artemis found her and honestly??? Goals
  • Also the scene where she was helping Apollo after his flashback was very sweet
  • Can’t believe the nerd spent like six hours playing soothing music just to get a griffin to lay an egg
  • Leo and Calypso better be whispering amongst themselves what I think they’re whispering
  • Leo seems a lot more…subdued than usual in this book? I don’t know if that’s just because we aren’t reading from his POV, or if it’s like a “I literally died and came back and then spent six months getting attacked every single day while trying to find home and now I’m stuck on another dangerous quest I’m fucking stressed” type thing, or if it could be from the relationship problems he’s having with Calypso, but either way he seems a little off and I’m worried about him
  • The Dread Pirate Valdez…leave.
  • How was that joke never made once on the Argo tho??? lol
  • The speed at which Leo seems to have emotionally adopted Meg is astounding and also #relatable
  • Meg’s far from my favorite character tbh but like??? I will probably punch everyone who’s ever frowned in her general direction in the face. Holy shit give this kid a break
  • She thinks Nero is scared of the mystery third emperor on the West Coast??? So….Caligula, probably? Laying my bets down on him now
  • I triggered the First Law of Percy Jackson” I had to put the book down bc I was laughing so hard I think that lines gonna end up on my gravestone or as the afterword in my autobiography omfg
  • “I’ve always had a phobia of snakes, especially if you included my step-mother Hera. BOOM!” I choked.
  • I like that half the time Apollo is able to figure out what to do to win because he has a general understanding of science
  • Like he knew his burst of godly voice power would only help so much, but he also knew if he stood in the right spot and yelled in the right frequency it would reverberate and knock over the bricks and shit??? NICE
  • How long were these kids wadding through a sewer how do none of them have hypothermia
  • Leo: *sets himself on fire* “Gather round, children.”
  • Like first off someone saying ‘gather round children’ is always going to make me laugh for some reason that’s just a fact but human torching it up really added to the effect lmao
  • Like okay I understand the set up of the room so that no one would look in the canal and see them but like…how the fuck did no one realize they were there that just felt too easy I’m sorry
  • Chia Girl
  • When they found the prisoners was horrifying omfg???
  • The two fucked up boys on a hunger strike???
  • “…Hunter the Hunter?” “Yeah, I’ve never heard that before.”
  • Tall, Dark and Jamie.
  • Apollo babe you’re on a rescue mission with a time crunch please you can check out Jamie later holy shit
  • Georgie made me wanna cry get her back to her Combat Moms immediately
  • The entire sequence of Apollo getting the door open: S C I E N C E  B I T C H
  • “Lemme just fill up some syringes with ammonia just in case”
  • Alright I’ll admit when Meg started insisting she had a feeling they needed to go through the door: I was really worried she was about to double cross him.
  • Glad I was wrong but tbh that whole arena dress rehearsal bullshit was STRESSFULL
  • S T R E S S F U L L
  • First of all: Apollo’s out here constantly complaining about his puny mortal body but manages to fight and climb and run with a heavy ass chair strapped to his back: okay,
  • Second of all: why did no one warn me about Livia the elephant I was on the verge of tears every time he mentioned her
  • Third of all: Monsters, ostriches, race cars, basketballs, football, human mercenaries, animals, like…what even the fuck else SO MUCH WAS GOING ON I would’ve died in ten seconds flat???
  • Fifth of all: THE FUCKING HUNTERS SHOW UP AND CAUSE EVEN M O R E CHAOS. Truly I don’t know how any of the main heroes survived that there was just too much.
  • The entire time I was reading it I was like “This feels like a giant fight at the climax of the book how the fuck are there more pages left what else is going to happen???” AND IM STILL WONDERING THAT LIKE
  • Thalia Grace has been returned to me.
  • Apollo’s strong urge to save Lit??? Okay I guess. It’s nice to see him being compassionate and shit but. I was kinda with Leo on that one lol
  • “Thalia Grace slid behind me on the elephant, which fulfilled one of the fantasies I’d had about the Hunter, although I never quite imagined it playing out like this” M E
  • What was his elephant-involved fantasy with Thalia I need a complete play by play lmao
  • Also the scene where Commodus dropped his composure for a sec and had a full-blown Angry Ex moment (which…he’s definitely entitled to). That was good and also I was highkey worried he might just try to kill my nerd then and there
  • Also that he’s not just mad that Apollo killed him but like. All their fucking history together. Shit’s intense.
  • Apollo loves this elephant so much after only like 15 minutes the first thing he’s gonna do when he’s immortal again is bless her or some shit
  • Also I’m glad they got that awful chainmail off her
  • The Hunters apparently just have a magical energy drink with mercury in it okay
  • Honestly??? I’m a little mad Artemis has been ordered not to contact him THE BOY JUST WANTS TO SEE HIS SISTER HOLY SHIT
  • Aaaaaand that’s about where I left off. Hoping to finish it all together the next time I get a chance. Hoping all the losers are alright. LOVING this book so far. Waiting to see an official reunion between Georgie and her Combat Moms. The Headless Ghost’s cryptic warning has me worried. Until next time…

★*゚‘゚・ Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Sentence Meme (part one) ・*゚‘゚ ★

“When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories…the best place by the fire was kept for…The Storyteller.”

Change pronouns/phrasing/tense/etc as needed!

Hans My Hedgehog

  • “Ah, a story. Imagine…a cold night and a dark night, a night like this one.”
  • “Now, to say you wouldn’t care when you want something is a dangerous thing.”
  • “We’re a laughing stock.”
  • “What would your mother say? Her who dotes on you.”
  • “I’ve thought until I thought a hole in the grass.”
  • “And his mother felt a crack in her heart like a tiny pencil line and each day after the pencil line got thicker and thicker and one day not long after, her heart split in half.”
  • “It was a bitter sound and a sweet sound all at once, which began like hello and ended like goodbye.”
  • “I’m very lost and I’m very hungry.”
  • “I want you to love me.”
  • “Good, good, good, good! A wedding! I might even be asked to tell a story or two!”
  • “It’s days like these that artists come into their own.”
  • “Which would you have for a husband? The man or the creature?”
  • “Loyal love will break the spell.”
  • “We all know about promises and secrets. What use are they when no one knows about them?”
  • “He is enchanted, you see.”
  • “To the health of that most beautiful woman who could not keep her promise for one more day!”
  • “For a gift, she gave me a shoe worn to nothing. And…here it is!”


  • “Beginning as I do at the beginning and starting as I must at the start…let me show you fate through the round of this ring.”
  • “He can’t do that!”
  • “He’s too old to be getting married, he ought to be dying shortly.”
  • “What? What is she wittering on about?”
  • “What was all the hue and cry?”
  • “T’is the law of the land.”
  • “You must marry her.”
  • “Do as she bids.”
  • “She never appears. Only her creatures, flying in, slithering out, busy, busy, scurrying about.
  • “A strange thing of fur and feathers.”
  • “And one day, this princess meets a prince.”
  • “What’s that look?”
  • “It’s a look. If there was a tax on looking, we’d all be beggars.”
  • “They call me the Straggletag.”
  • “I’m sorry. Do I disgust you?”
  • “Look, cats chase mice. Hens lay eggs.”
  • “I live where hens chase mice and cats lay eggs!”
  • “You see, when I think about him it makes my head hurt and my tummy ache and my skin tingle and my heart do little somersaults.” 

The True Bride

  • “Trust me. Sleep.”
  • "What a sight! What a wonder!”
  • “Was that a smile?”
  • “I don’t like smiles.”
  • “Shh, lie down.”
  • “You’re tired, my little one. Why not rest a while?”
  • “How have you done this?!”
  • “Poor ______. No mother, nor father. He was my other.”
  • “And gradually smiles turn to words and words turn to whispers and whispers turn to kisses. It’s love.”
  • “You are my true bride.”
  • “Let no one else ever kiss your cheek.”
  • “Now, you must go.”
  • “She collects handsome men like ornaments! ‘My orna-men’, she calls them.”
  • “The bargain is struck.”
  • “Then you must keep what is yours and me what is mine!”
  • “Yes, they’ve heard the clink of gold.”
  • “Don’t cry.”
  • “No, not there. I promised, you see. Never my cheek.”
Locked in the Closet

Pairing: Hiccup Haddock x Astrid Hofferson

Word Count: 3,780

Warnings: angst, mutual pining, Tattooed Hiccup, Pierced Hiccup, Fluff

Authors Note: I think Hiccup and Astrid are one of the best couples in film and tv shows that I’ve ever seen. Their relationship is absolutely gorgeous and I love them both. I hope this story is good and people like it.

Hiccup had just finished his last class of the day, black skull-candy earbud earbuds in his ears, leather jacket zipped up against the winter wind over his outfit of choice for the day; a black and gray vans hoodie, black skinny jeans, and motorcycle boots and was on his way to the cafeteria for some lunch when something, or as he’d find out in a minute, someone plowed into him.

His earbuds popped out of his ears, his phone flying out of his pocket and skidding across the ice. He was now lying flat on his back, an extremely flustered blonde girl on his chest, her nose millimeters from his. Bright blue eyes met his green ones and quick scan of her face allowed Hiccup to recognize her. It was Astrid. The girl he had a crush on, and she was lying on his chest. Shit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Astrid Hofferson, the pretty blonde girl that sat three rows ahead of him in his English Literature class and lived on the same floor of Hiccup’s dorm as he did. Hiccup had had a crush on her since the first day he saw her. As the semester went on and she showed how smart and witty and sassy she was, Hiccup’s crush had only grown and he really wanted to make a move or ask her out on a date, but he’d never actually done it, because there was no way that a girl of her caliber would ever want to go out with a guy like him.

They were polar opposites. Hiccup had unruly brown hair that he could never tame or get it to lay flat and bright green eyes, that when he was working (he was a mechanical engineering major after all, so yes he was constantly inventing) could get a little bit of a manic glint in it when he was working on his latest invention. He was a little bit of a loner as he was prone to sensory overload and worked best and thought best when he was alone. Most of his upper body was covered in tattoos, he had a silver ring through his lip, his eyebrow pierced, and three silver rings in each ear. He wore mostly black or gray and was never without his leather jacket and alternated between motorcycle boots, and all black high top converse.

Astrid on the other hand, wore bright colors, had blonde hair that was always perfectly made up, was studying law, cared more about school than her personal life, and was insanely modest and there was no way she’d ever go for a guy like Hiccup.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Oh my gosh, Hiccup, I’m sorry! Are you alright?” Astrid’s bright blue eyes were locked on Hiccup’s green ones and Hiccup was uncomfortably comfortable with how Astrid felt on his chest. 

“You know my name?” Hiccup internally slapped himself for how dumb that sounded coming out of his mouth. Great Hiccup, way to sound smart in front of the girl you want to date. The corner of Astrid’s mouth quirked upwards in the start of a smile as she clambered off his chest.

“Yeah, you’re Hiccup Haddock, you’re in my English literature class. You sit three rows behind me, and you live a few doors down from me.” Astrid explained as Hiccup climbed to his feet retrieved his phone from where it had slid across the ice when Astrid plowed into him.

“Oh um, hi. Are you okay?” Hiccup repeated Astrid’s question back to her.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good, just running late. So if you’re okay…” Astrid trailed off, not really knowing what else to say to the boy that she had a major crush on, standing there in front of her. So she filled the silence by swinging her backpack back over her shoulders with a little more force than was necessary to emphasize her point that she was late. “I’ll see you in English.” Astrid quickly scurried off, leaving Hiccup standing there, watching her go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So, do you think we got the ball rolling?” Tuffnut asked, an evil grin on his face as he stared at his twin sister, who was the cause of Astrid’s fall and slide across the ice. Ruffnut gave her twin brother an identical grin as she watched Hiccup and Astrid’s interaction.

“I do believe we did dear brother. I do believe we did. Our two young lovers will have to get a move on now.” Ruffnut watched Astrid scurry away and the longing look that Hiccup had on his face as he watched her go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As Astrid hurried off to her intro to criminal law lecture, she cursed herself for ever telling Ruffnut about her crush on one Hiccup H. Haddock III. Now Ruff, and her twin brother Tuff, had gone out of their way to try and get her to dress so Hiccup would notice her, or as of more recently, like today, tripping her and making her fall into Hiccup. Boy wasn’t that a great way to make a good impression?

As she settled into her seat, Astrid couldn’t help but think about what it felt like to be that close to Hiccup. God he smelled good, and holy shit, his eyes were amazing. He smelled like leather, wood shavings, and something spicy that she couldn’t name. Was it Cologne? Maybe his deodorant? And his eyes, Jeeze his eyes! She’d never seen someone with eyes that green before. They were literally the same color as the apple part of those caramel apple suckers that Astrid loved so much. He also had that damn silver ring in his lip. Somedays in English, when she could sneak a peek back to the back of the classroom to get a look at him, he’d absentmindedly be playing with that stupid ring in his lip, using his tongue to push it around and flick it back and forth. It drove her crazy! And it may have given her plenty of other ideas about what he could do with that tongue of his.

She also knew for a fact that his upper body was covered in tattoos. Perks of living on the same floor as the guys (well, some of them) in her building. Hiccup Haddock was the type to walk to the shower wearing just jeans or pajama pants and usually slippers. So, Astrid had been treated to shirtless Hiccup more than once. The first time she’d seen him, she was surprised at how muscular he actually was. He wasn’t in-your-face, body builder muscular, but he was still really well defined.

Hiccup had a pair of surprisingly anatomically correct, what looked like bat wings tattooed across his back and onto the backs of his biceps. But they were more elegant than Bat wings, and with a little bit of research, Astrid had realized that they were dragon wings. The ink of the wings started on each of his shoulder blades, the wings extending up and out across his back and across the back of his biceps, just the way that wings would extend from his back, if humans did have wings.

But not only did Hiccup have dragon wings tattooed on his back, he also had a tattoo on each shoulder that were specifically and amazingly designed to look like there were two big black dragons crawling over his shoulder and down on to his chest. They were amazing and Astrid could only guess at how long they’d taken to be done and how much they’d cost.

Another thing that drew Astrid to Hiccup was his height. The first time she’d actually stood next to him (courtesy of a team building activity in English lit), she was surprised at how tall he was. Standing at five foot nine herself, Astrid was anything but short, but Hiccup, well, standing next to him, she felt small. He had to have been at least six feet tall, maybe more. She’d been surprised at first at how tall he was, but when his parents, Stoick and Valka came to visit for parents’ weekend, Astrid’s jaw had dropped when she saw how tall that Hiccup’s father was. Stoick was the biggest, tallest man she’d ever seen, and she thought that  it was possible that he was the biggest, tallest man that she’d ever seen in her entire life. Once, during one of his many flirting sessions, Astrid had asked Hiccup’s cousin, Snotlout, just how tall Stoick actually was.

“He’s almost seven feet tall. Why?” Snotlout had questioned. Astrid told him, no reason, and did her best to hide her shock.

The sound of her professor starting to speak caught Astrid’s attention, and she banished all thoughts of Hiccup from her mind. Education first. Boys later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hiccup watched Astrid run off towards the criminal justice building and mourned his conversation with her.

“Great job Hiccup. Real smooth. She’s totally going to want to go out with you now. Ugh!” Hiccup let out an audible growl of frustration, barely resisting the urge to throw his hands up in the air.

He was about to tuck his earbuds back into his ears when he heard sniggering from behind him. Turning around, he spotted the twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, standing a ways back from where Astrid had crashed into him.

“Real smooth Hiccup!” Ruffnut crowed.

“She’s totally going to want to go out with you now!” Tuffnut was almost in tears from laughter.

“Oh shut up.” Hiccup’s expression darkened as they started walking towards him.

“We dumped her in your lap and all you can say is, You know my name?” Ruff started laughing just as hard as her brother.

“Wait, you guys were responsible for Astrid crashing into me?” Hiccup questioned.

“Yes! We know about your crush! And we want to get you together!” Tuff exclaimed, his face gleeful. Hiccup’s expression continued to darken and the twins slowly stopped laughing as they watched it happen.

“You guys know that Astrid could have been hurt! I could have been hurt! This ice is slick!” Hiccup stomped his foot against the icy sidewalk, just to emphasize his point.

“We were only trying to help.” Tuff didn’t even look ashamed.

“Yeah, well, Astrid doesn’t like me like that, she’ll never like me like that, so no more of your attempts to try and get us together. You guys don’t exactly think straight, and someone could get hurt. Don’t do that again.” With this firm statement, Hiccup tucked his earbuds back in his ears and continued on his way to the cafeteria.

Halfway to the cafeteria, Hiccup’s ADHD brain decided that his body was too wired to eat, and that instant noodles in his dorm while he continued to tinker around with the project he was working on currently, a gift for his mother and father’s 25th wedding anniversary, sounded much better than a loud, crowded cafeteria where he would have to sit down and eat. Eating instant noodles in his room, he could carry his noodles around with him as he worked on his stuff.

So, that’s what he did. He went back to his room, hung up his leather jacket, made instant noodles, and carried them around his single dorm, which he was lucky to have gotten, he hated sharing a room, and he tinkered around, sketched stuff and worked on his parents anniversary gift, trying not to think about how good it felt to have Astrid on his chest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over the next couple weeks, Hiccup ran into Astrid more often than he had before. One day he’d asked her to get lunch with him and so they’d started a ritual. They started getting lunch every day and despite their crushes on each other, they got to be pretty good friends by the time that winter break rolled around. Hiccup liked his friendship with Astrid, because she could ground him when he got hyper, and helped him deal with his sensory overload issues, and if he needed space, she willingly gave it to him. Astrid liked her friendship with Hiccup because he made her life interesting and helped her indulge her reckless streak, and she knew she had a pretty violent temper at times. Hiccup helped her manage that and she really thanked him for it.

So, because of this friendship, when Ruff and Tuff invited Hiccup and Astrid to a Christmas party at their house, they’d both accepted. And now, here they were, at the Thorsten house for a Christmas party. Ruff and Tuff’s parents were gone for the holidays and had left the twins in charge of the house, which was a terrible idea, but it had led to the party that was now going on.

“Hiccup! I have something to show you!” Tuff dragged Hiccup out of the corner he’d been hiding in and towards the stairs to the second floor.

“What is it!?” Hiccup yelled over the pounding music.

“You’ll see upstairs!” Tuffnut lead Hiccup upstairs.

“Astrid! I have something to show you!” Ruff dragged Astrid out of the corner she’d been occupying since the party started, not having been able to find Hiccup since she got there.

“What is it!?” Astrid yelled.

“It’s upstairs! Come on!” Ruff grabbed Astrid’s hand and dragged her up to the second floor.

Ruff and Tuff lead Hiccup and Astrid upstairs and to a single door in the middle of their bedroom hallway, both twins, each with a person in tow, reached the door at the same time.

“Alright guys, what did you want to show us?” Hiccup asked, crossing his arms over the soft gray sweater he was wearing. Tuff yanked open the door to what looked like a linen closet and flicked the light on.

“It’s a prank gift for Snotlout. It’s in the back, there.” Tuff pointed to what looked like a pile of blankets. Hiccup and Astrid shared a confused look, but Hiccup’s curiosity was getting the better of him and he walked into the closet. He peered behind the blankets.

“Hey, I don’t see anything….” Hiccup trailed off as he noticed the manic look on the twins’ faces and Ruff gave Astrid a hard shove into the closet, causing her to stumble into Hiccup’s chest, Hiccup catching and steadying her as the twins swung the closet door shut and Hiccup and Astrid heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning in a lock.

Astrid’s blue eyes got wide and she rushed to the door and twisted the knob. Nothing. The door wouldn’t open.

“Ruff! Tuff! This isn’t funny! Let us out of here!” Astrid yelled, banging her palm against the door.

“Nope!” Tuff yelled back.

“Yeah! You guys so obviously have feelings for each other! You’re all each other talk about when the other isn’t around! But you won’t do anything about it! So, we are!” Ruff explained through the door.

“We’ll let you out of the closet when you admit you like each other and just start dating already!” Tuff’s voice was gleeful.

“Yeah! Or kiss!” Ruff added.

“We’ll be back to check on you in 15 minutes! Have fun!” Hiccup rushed to the door and banged on it, his banging adding to Astrid’s as they heard the twins walk away.

When it became obvious that the Twins were serious and they weren’t coming back, Hiccup gave up banging on the door and looked at the watch on his wrist.

“Well… its 9:15, they’ll be back at 9:30, if they don’t forget. You know how scatterbrained the twins are.” Hiccup told Astrid, his eyes moving from his watch to Astrid’s face.

“I can’t believe they did this!” Astrid exclaimed, her anger evident in her face. She tried the door again, and again the knob didn’t turn. She let her anger get the best of her and slammed her right hand against the door, harder than she’d done before, and it left her hissing with pain, while she cradled her right hand in her left.

“Hey, hey, it’s locked. Don’t to that, you’ll hurt yourself.” Hiccup gently grabbed Astrid’s sore hand in both of his and massaged it gently, the pain slowly fading.

“Thanks Hiccup.” Astrid looked sheepish as she watched Hiccup’s fingers work their magic on her hand. Once the pain was gone, she took her hand back and tucked both her hands into her jeans pockets. She lifted her head and looked at Hiccup’s face. He was doing that thing again, where he played with his lip ring with his tongue. She took a deep breath and tried not to focus on that one specific detail.

“So, what are we going to do for 15 minutes until they come back?” Astrid asked, her tone light, trying not to think about how close Hiccup was to her body. The closet they were locked in wasn’t very big and with the shelves on the wall, the standing space between said shelves was very little, leaving Astrid and Hiccup standing chest to chest, their chests almost touching.

Hiccup ran a hand through his hair, messing it up, but making it even sexier. How was that possible!?

“Well, um… they did lock us in here for a specific reason…” Hiccup reminded her. Astrid couldn’t help how wide her blue eyes got.

“Oh, yeah, they did. Uh…” Astrid trailed off, the awkwardness she was feeling, obvious in the air. Hiccup took a deep breath and Astrid got a sinking feeling in her stomach. He was going to speak, he was going to tell her that he didn’t like her, at least not like that, and she was going to be crushed.

“Astrid, look, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now.” Hiccup started speaking, but paused, and Astrid’s stomach sank more. Hiccup flicked his lip ring with his tongue, a nervous habit, and started to speak again. “Look, since the first day I walked into English lit, well, I’ve thought you were cute, and as the semester went on and I realized how smart and funny you are and as we got to be friends, it only made me like you more. I’ve had a huge crush on you all semester, and it’s been driving me crazy, and well…” Hiccup trailed off again, taking a deep breath.

Astrid’s heart soared. He liked her! Hiccup Haddock liked her!

“I know that I’m probably not the kind of guy you’re into, what with the tattoos and the lip piercing and the silver rings in my ears and the bar through my eyebrow…mph!” Hiccup’s sentence was cut off because Astrid’s lips were on his.

After the shock of it wore off, Hiccup relaxed, and he returned the kiss. He wound his arms around Astrid’s body, pulling her close to him and drawing a soft moan from her. Feeling slightly triumphant, Hiccup pressed her closer to him and nipped at her bottom lip and it earned him a soft gasp and the feeling of her fingers threading through his hair. Taking advantage of her gasp, Hiccup boosted Astrid up off the ground, her legs wrapping around his hips, while he turned and pressed her back against the door, using it as leverage to hold her up and deepen the kiss.

Astrid couldn’t believe it. She was kissing him. Hiccup Haddock! The one she’d had a crush on since she’d first seen him. And he was kissing her back! He liked it! He liked her! Astrid felt like she was going to scream with happiness, so she did the opposite thing, she just lifted up on her tip toes, shut him up with her lips on his and hoped for the best. But now, here she was, back pressed against the door, her legs wrapped around his hips. Hiccup’s fingers in her hair, his skilled fingers deftly undoing her French braid and allowing her long golden locks to come loose.

“Always loved your hair. So pretty.” Hiccup spoke softly as he pulled back, allowing them both to breath. Hiccup’s forehead was pressed against hers, her eyes locked on his. Astrid dropped her legs from around his hips, allowing them to hold her own weight, her back still flush against the door, Hiccup’s body keeping her trapped there. His bright green eyes were locked on her blue ones and he looked the happiest that Astrid thought she’d ever seen him. Hiccup continued to gently run his fingers through her hair, a smile on his face.

“You think so?” Astrid asked, her voice soft and breathless.

“Yeah, I do. I can understand if you don’t want it getting in your face, but you should wear it down more often. You always have it up.” Hiccup drew his hands out of her hair and framed her face with them, the pure adoration he felt for her obvious in his face.

“I’ll do that. Wear it down more often. As long as you promise to wear this more often.” Astrid gently tugged at the front of Hiccup’s gray sweater.

“It’s a deal milady.” Hiccup was smiling as he looked at her and by the way he was looking at her, Astrid felt her heart swell and it almost felt like it was too big for her chest. Hiccup pressed a kiss to Astrid’s forehead and then took a step back, allowing both of them a little space to catch their breath.

“So,” Hiccup started, a twinkle in his green eyes. “I’m guessing that you like me too?” He asked, a cheeky grin on his face, his hands tucked back into his black skinny jeans pockets. Astrid burst out laughing and slugged him on the shoulder.

“Of course I like you too, you idiot. I have since the day I saw you.” She gripped the front of his sweater and yanked him forward, pressing another kiss to his lips. The kiss deepened, like the one before it, but Hiccup pulled back, wanting to ask his question while he still had the courage.

“So, since you like me, and I like you and we already know we enjoy spending time together, Astrid Hofferson, would you do me the honor being my official girlfriend?” Hiccup questioned, a grin still on his face as he looked down at her.

“I would be honored Hiccup Haddock.” Astrid pulled him back into her, and with a kiss, they sealed the deal.

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Rhack 10 w Rhys' parents?

10.   The in-laws come to visit

“No dick jokes,” Rhys says, plumping the throw pillows on the couch.

“Aw come on, your dad loves them.” Jack picks up one of the pillows only to have it immediately taken away from him. “When did we get these?”

“He does not.” Rhys eyes the pillow critically. “And yesterday. If we don’t have any my mother will buy some while she’s here. She’ll say the couch looks empty.” Rhys places the pillow back down, then picks it up and reverses the order of the others. He steps back to inspect his handiwork, but he doesn’t appear to be any happier with this arrangement than the first.

“Let her.” When it looks like Rhys is going to go for yet another rearrangement, Jack wraps his arms around him from behind, putting his hands over Rhys’ and folding them on Rhys’ stomach. “It’s a pillow. What does it matter?”

Rhys tenses like he’s going to make a break for the pillows, but Jack holds fast and after a moment he relaxes. Jack rests his chin on Rhys’ shoulder and waits for Rhys to come out with it, because even for him this is neurotic.

“This is our place,” Rhys says finally, quietly, but he stops there.

“I should hope so,” Jack says. “Unless that was a fake lease I signed.”

Rhys huffs. “No, I mean -” He turns in Jack’s arms, resting his forearms on Jack’s shoulders. His gaze is somewhere to Jack’s left, distant and thoughtful, but when he looks back at Jack he looks as determined as Jack has ever seen him.

“She’s my mother,” he says. “I love her. But this is our place,” Rhys emphasizes. “I don’t want to see her influence when I walk in the door. I want to see you and me and if that means buying a mountain of throw pillows to cut her off at the pass I will do it.”

Jack can’t say he understands, exactly - it never would have occurred to his grandmother to buy him anything, and if it had he wouldn’t have trusted it - but he does sympathize. Rhys’ mother is - a lot. And as he looks around this space they live in Jack realizes he can identify the provenance of every item he lays eyes on: Rhys’ collection of framed postcards over the dining table (Jack had sent a few of them himself, back when they had first started dating), Jack’s very-humorous-and-definitely-not-trash lamp that he won’t let Rhys get rid of, even the couch with the dip on one end, where Rhys leans up against Jack in the evening, the first piece of furniture they bought together.

Rhys is right. This is their place. His parents are guests, but they don’t get to leave their mark.

“Okay,” he says, pressing his lips to the corner of Rhys’ mouth to see him smile. “No unauthorized pillow purchases. If it looks like she’s got interior decorating in mind I’ll just -”

“If you say ‘make a dick joke,’ I’m leaving you,” Rhys says.

“No you won’t,” Jack says, kissing Rhys properly to stop the protest that’s coming.

“Mm,” Rhys says when Jack pulls back. He blinks slowly and smiles. “Yeah. Yeah, ok.”

(Domesticity Meme)


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Chapter Twenty-Two: Fighter

Pairing: Hyungwon x Reader

Word Count: 1836

Summary: You would think that one would be able to trust their soulmate, be able to love them unconditionally, and know them better than yourself. But that isn’t always the case. Who was H.One, and why did the universe think you could be soulmates?

WARNINGS: Abuse/torture, swearing, mentions of blood, mentions of death

Trespass Masterlist

Hyungwon couldn’t sleep for days after watching the video of you being tortured. Every time he closed his eyes he could see you laying there, helpless and screaming for him. He told everyone a very brief summarization of the package, and if they asked to see the video, Hyungwon told them no. They didn’t need to see you like that.

He was currently on his way to an abandoned warehouse to meet with your father. He needed to know about the video, and obtain the flash drive that had the footage of the person dropping the package off. Hyungwon was doing this alone, after all it was only his father in law. He knew nothing would happen to him for the simple fact that your life depended on his.

He reached the warehouse before J did, giving him enough time to calm down and practice how he’d react to things his new partner did. He was exhausted, but he refused to sleep until he found you. How could he waste time being unconscious when you were dying?

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If Gin had been able to bury Hisana like he wanted to, would he have gone to visit her? I can kinda see it. When he sees Rukia and how different she is, and he misses taunting Hisana and getting hit back just as hard...I think he'd miss her and be lonely, even if he didn't admit it to himself. That's really sad.

I can’t really see Gin as the type to mope around all depressed or even feel any true regret for his actions. But even so…

“Hey, Hisana-chan,” Gin greeted the empty air in front of him with a slight smile. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that.”

The wind blew through the trees and if he listened carefully, he could almost hear an echo of her scoffing. 

Sitting down, he reached into his bag and pulled out a stick of dango, a serving of mochi, three cookies, and a bottle of sake. 

“Decided to bring sake instead of tea this time, but I didn’t think you’d mind. You’ve never been one to complain about alcohol,” Gin remarked, setting his offerings down at the base of a large willow tree. “Anyway, a lot’s happened since the last time we talked. For starters, your sister broke just about every law the Gotei 13′s ever passed savin’ a human boy….very you, all in all.” He paused. “I gotta admit, I was surprised. Didn’t think the Omnitsukido’s Ice Princess had it in her.”

Raising the bottle of sake to his lips, he continued. 

“Her little boyfriend’s doing a remarkably good job of invading the Seireitei, though. It’d be amusing to watch, if it weren’t so pathetic. When did the Gotei 13 fall so low?” He shook his head. “It can’t last, of course. Boy’s gonna get himself killed sooner or later, and he’s an idiot for not figuring that out. If he had an ounce of brains, he would’ve cut his losses and ran back when he had a chance.” Gin hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Still, I almost admire his guts. Kid don’t scare easily, I have ta give him that. You would’ve liked him, Hisana-chan.”

With a sigh, Gin poured what was left of the sake over the food before setting the whole thing ablaze.

“Anyway, I gotta go. Got things ta plot, fighting off a band of teenage invaders to do. The usual.” Gin waited until the last of the food turned to ashes before suppressing the remaining flames with a quick burst of reiatsu. “Hope the food meets your standards, Hisana-chan, but if not– well, what’s one more reason to hate me, huh?” He smiled wryly. “You always claimed one day I would infuriate ya to death and when that day came, you would haunt me forever and make my life miserable. Well, it’s been a hundred years and I’m still waitin’ on that haunting. You make an awful ghost, ya know.”

Managed to get you to visit my grave every year, didn’t I? For a moment, he could almost see her standing in front of him, hands on her hips, one eyebrow arched. So on the contrary, I’m an amazing ghost. Other ghosts only wish they could be as great as me. 

Gin’s lips quirked up. 

“Guess I can’t argue with that,” he murmured, before standing up and giving a final nod to the unmarked grave where Yukimura Hisana’s ashes lay. 

“Until next time then.” 

(*The part about the food comes from Chapter 21 of WTL, this passage here:

“I’m hungry, Ichimaru-san,” I said bluntly, tilting my chin up. “Do something about it.”

A flash of startled amusement crossed Gin’s face. “Oh? And why on earth should I?”

“Because by my last estimate, you owe me six pieces of dango, four balls of mochi, half a cup of tea….oh, and three cookies that I’d been saving for Yachiru-chan,” I said, counting them off on my fingers.

“That’s…I can’t believe ya actually kept track. Stingy little brat, aren’t ya?”)

Texts with my best friend : Sentence starters

  • “Would mint jelly taste good on pancakes?”
  • “The limit does exist.”
  • “He could at least exercise some common sense about it.”
  • “Omg, your dreams are so wild.” 
  • “I was laying there, cuddling a bear cub, crying for my daddy.”
  • “I have a new nephew! Who kinda looks like an alien but don’t repeat that.”
  • “Avoiding conflict does not make it go away.”
  • “Excuse you, I’m going to learn to make my own fucking jam even if it kills me.”
  • “I know you said you were churning butter, but I’m stopping at the store and buying you some on my way there.”
  • “How stupid can one person be?”
  • “He’s ready to like…take a baseball bat to his knees.”
  • “I honestly never thought I would see people I know here.”
  • “I mean, I facebook stalked her a little.”
  • “Wow this one is gonna be hard to explain.”
  • “I remember talking about that, I wondered if you had pulled it off.”
  • “When are you available to drink wine and cry with me?”
  • “Im either going to claw my skin off or go insane.”
  • “Pineapple Margarita or Blackberry Mojito? Nevermind. I’m getting both.”
  • “We can definitely go through 6 servings worth of cocktail mix.”
  • “I’m on a wild goose chase looking for a couch that doesn’t exist.”
  • “I had to suppress my outburst of laughter at work and I’m pretty sure my face is red.”
  • “ ‘Jude Law Dumbledore wants to grind on coleslaw head’ is still the best sentence I’ve ever read.”
  • “I’m obsessed with that space cat.”
  • “I’ve always wanted a cat tattoo.”
  • “I hate when he apologizes because then I cant yell at him anymore but I’m still mad.”
  • “Quick glance. Then you run away.”
  • “I look like a got fucking beat to hell.”
  • “The vampires just. keep. coming.”
  • “That’s a significant amount of blood.”
  • “You can not keep using plan B as birth control.”
  • “He called to tell me he fell. Apparently he rolled around for like 20 minutes before he managed to get up. I’m probably going to hell but I cant stop laughing.”
  • “Thank god you found special water. I was worried you were drinking water made from rain.”
  • “It could have been worse but fuck it looks bad.”
  • “Oh my god how the fuck do these things happen to you?”
  • “I’m confused about how his dick fits inside you and I’m going to need an explanation about that.”
  • “He was so small! OH. You don’t mean his height. Okay. No his dick was a monster.”
  • “Stop trying to Regina George your way out of this, I’m far too tired to be a Gretchen.”
  • “The bitches screwed me. If I’m going down, I’m taking them with me.”
  • “Are you okay? What the hell is happening right now?”
  • “Im high af, i dont even know your name. I’m not even sure I know my name.”
  • “I thought about throwing a rock through you window when I drove past your house.”
  • “He told me not to bring you food because you might poop everywhere.”
  • “I know how it sounds but i’m too pissed to care.”
  • “Have you ever heard of someone breaking their arm falling out of bed?”
  • “Good news? The concert isnt sold out. Bad News? Cheapest tickets are 209.00″
  • “I liked a gay guy once. It happens.”
  • “That’s…weirdly bad luck.”
  • “He sat on my floor for an hour pouring his past out and then asked if we could still be friends. This is the kind of men I attract.”
  • “I just have to tell you about some insanity that I got into.”
  • “I dropped the sauce and it broke so now there’s glass everywhere and I cut my foot and this is probably how I die. Bleeding out from my foot on the floor of my kitchen with no pants on.”
  • “I vote that you make a passive aggressive Facebook status but we both know thats a bad idea.”
  • “The fact that you own up to your bad habits is a step in the right direction.”
  • “Apparently sexual harrasment is my fault for going out in public and not mens faults for being cuntwaffles.”
  • “I mostly only want to fuck ____ because it would piss of ____”
  • “I feel like water flooding is better for dwarves because of rusted armor and mining carts and tracks.”

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post Founder’s Mutation

Her hands are tied behind her back, the tethers invisible but tight, her wrists aching against their everlasting pull. Though she rarely sleeps on her stomach - he noticed that too, furrowed his brow as she shifted positions in bed, wondered what other habits she’d picked up of late - she lies chest-down now, her cheek hot against the starched pillow, her lungs heavy upon the mattress. He’s still awake, so of course, he knows she’s still awake.

Once upon a time - he used to always begin his stories like that, once upon a time, two agents named Mulder and Scully scurried out to the far reaches of the planet and learned that, in the end, it doesn’t matter what we see but with whom we see it - they shared a bed like this. Not in the romantic way, no, but in the incidental and apologetic way that two non-lovers subdued daily by mutual but silent attraction would. Once upon a time, they checked into a Motel 6 and found, well, damn it, there’s one room left, only a queen-size open. Though she knew better than to believe in the law of averages, she still mused the statistical improbability, the way that the theorems of the world should at least have allowed for one or two cancellations that night; last week, she read a theory on how the world is all Matrix - she still knows where that DVD is in their home, wedged up between Contact and Interstellar on the shelf - and just a computer simulation, and if that’s true, then the mathematical modeling that binds everyone together should have given them another option. They could have driven to another hotel even though it was past midnight, or they could have crashed on the local sheriff’s couch, or they could have slept in the car while parked alongside two RVs and a truck in a starkly-lit Walmart lot. Instead, Mulder looked to her, then agreed to one room, and the way her heart had stopped at the prospect made her wonder if morals could ever be absolute; if pain and terror could be so exciting, then why are the body’s warning signs? Why are the things that terrify us so indulgent? 

But she digressed and came into bed with him and silenced her scientific mind while he stayed above the sheets. He slept in sweats and a tee shirt while she wore all-too-proper pajamas, a night suit as he’d once called them. Then, she slid onto her side and stared toward the motel room’s window, one blocked off by a shabby curtain that let flickers of parking lot light in, and she waited for something she couldn’t identify.

“You’re still awake,” he said after minutes, hours, days, she couldn’t tell.

“You are too,” she gave softly, hesitantly.

“Of course I am,” he said. “I don’t sleep.”

Uncomfortably, she lay there, her body tense in a workday kind of way: shoulders up, eyes wide open and stinging with tiredness, stomach empty, legs aching. Back then, her restraints were looser around her wrists, and sometimes, they threatened to fall beyond her fingers, so regularly, she tightened them. Occam’s Razor, she used to explain to herself; it was far more likely that she was simply unsexed and bored with her personal life than that she was silently but genuinely in love with him, so she kept her professional rigidity, left her mask of scientific indifference on.

“I’m sorry,” he said after a long pause.

Though she too was sorry, she knew their reasonings wouldn’t align, so she kept quiet. In the morning, they didn’t discuss how he curled up against her back at some point in the night, and they didn’t make a big deal about how she stared a second too long after walking in on him while he was in the shower. Most of all, they never talked about what they would do if such a thing happened again.

And it did happen again, though new context forced previous awkwardness away. Instead of wasting money on two required hotel rooms, they were forced into one when they would’ve used only one anyway; with his hands strong around her hips, his mouth warm and wet against her skin, she found those nights similar to any other night of that time, the room situation disregarded. For a while, she only stayed in hotels during medical conferences in far-off places, so she reserved one room with one bed, the practice easy and simple and everyday. Nowadays, they’re back to two rooms, one bed each, and as they did once upon a time, they both retreat to their own rooms at night, only now she wears his old shirts to bed while she doubts he wears anything at all.

Tonight, she asked for two rooms, and, what do you know, they’re booked. After all, this motel’s tiny, and up here in the Adirondacks during on-season, kitschy cabin-style places that are cheap and have enough parking for a boat rack sell out quickly. Though there are eight units total, seven were full upon their arrival, only one left to boot. The next closest establishment is at least twenty miles away, and here in lake-and-land country, the roads are dark and narrow, begging a driver to lose control. In terms of probability, it seems the world wants her to lose control in some way or another. This time, she accepted the one room while he stared on blankly. 

“You’re still awake,” he says, and she feels the restraints grow tighter.

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Day Twenty-One - Walking in a Winter Wonderland

very loosely fills today’s prompt for daddystarker’s 12 Days of Christmas

“Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark, wake up!!”

Tony groans silently underneath the pillow. “What time is it, Pete?” He calls out roughly, voice still gruff with sleep.

“Two? Maybe three?”

Tony swings the covers back, blindly reaching for his phone. The blackout curtains in his room could certainly allow him to sleep until the afternoon if he so chose, but he had never- “It’s 2:37 a.m., Parker.”

“See! Told you it was sometime around there.”

With a roll of his eyes Tony makes his way toward the door. He realizes his relationship with Peter isn’t conventional; no other middle-aged mentor would uproot his entire life to follow his protégé to a college three hours away. But Peter meant so much more to him than that. Things with the rest of the team had just never gone back to the way they were, Rhodey had recovered and was back in the field, Pepper had finally found someone who, understandably, didn’t want his girlfriend to spend fifty percent of her time coddling another man, and so it had only taken Tony a few short weeks after Peter’s departure to realize he didn’t really have anyone else. Following the kid to MIT might not ’ve been the healthiest choice Tony has ever made, but who cared what anyone else had to say when the smile Peter had greeted him with upon finding the man standing on his doorstep had mirrored his own?

But enough was enough, he needed to lay down the law, draw lines in the sand, do whatever necessary to remind Peter that he couldn’t wake up Tony’s fifty year old ass whenever he felt like it– and then Tony opens his bedroom door and on the other side is one Peter Parker in an adorably oversized sweater hanging off his thin frame, turning on him with bright eyes and an even brighter smile, and all thoughts of setting out some ground rules fly out the window. Tony groans, “I really hate it when you give me that look. Nine times outta ten it’s because you want something that I wanna say no to, but then you look at me like that, and I can’t.”

“Sorry?” Peter shrugs, fluttering his eyelashes as faux innocence drips from his words.

“Yeah, yeah, spare me the fake apologies.” Tony cracks a smile, and Peter laughs in return. “Why am I awake at 2:37 in the morning on a Saturday, Parker?”

“It’s snowing!” Peter exclaims, tacking on a little jump for good measure that has him looking more adorable than any twenty year-old has the right to. Tony leans against the door fram, giving Peter an expectant look. “Show some more enthusiasm Mr. Stark! It’s snowing!!”

“That’s it?” Tony questions. “That’s your whole line? I’m awake and out of my bed at 2:37 in the morning on a Saturday? Because there’s precipitation in it’s frozen form coming down outside my warm apartment and even cozier bed?”

“Yeah, I woke you up so we could go outside! Let’s go for a walk!”

“You’re joking. Please, Pete, tell me you’re kidding.” Tony deadpans, but to his mounting horror, the boy looks absolutely serious. “Ohmygod, you’re not joking.”

“Nope!” Peter chirps, rocking back on his heels.

“You’re one hundred percent, completely and utterly serious.”


“We’ll freeze!”

Peter rolls his eyes at the over dramatization. “We have jackets, we’ll be fine! Come outside with me, please, Mr. Stark.”

And Tony is but a mere mortal, unable to resist the pleas of his angel. He groans aloud one more time before he grunts, walking back into his room. “Get dressed then, kid. And make sure you bundle up, I don’t wanna have to nurse your sick ass back to health.”

“I’m sure you’d look great in a nurse costume, Mr. Stark. Meet you by the door in ten!”


Tony wishes the chattering of his teeth ten minutes later was more for dramatics than anything else, but it’s not, because the winter chill has embedded itself in his bones. But watching the prettiest boy on the planet prance around in the middle of the road, cheeks dusted red with the cold, white flakes catching on his hair where it sticks out from his beanie, brown eyes sparkling brighter underneath the fairy lights stung up from the lampposts, warms Tony from the inside out, making the little expedition outside worth it.

The boy’s lost in thought, so busy admiring his first snowfall in Massachusetts that it gives Tony an idea. He reaches down, packing some snow tightly into a ball into the palm of his hands. It works out better than he could’ve hoped, because just as he lobs the ball of snow at the back of Peter’s head, the boy turns, and the snow explodes in his face.

When Peter manages to get most of it out of his eyes, he opens them to find Tony cackling, practically rolling around in the snow. “Haha, very funny.”

“You, ha, oh you should’ve seen your face,” Tony barely manages to get out, before dissolving into giggles once again.

“Sure you turned fifty, not five this year, Mr. Stark?”

“Don’t be bitter just ‘cus you didn’t get me first, Parker. Although I would’ve expected your spidey senses to catch that one.”

“They never seem to work around you,” Peter remarks offhandedly, but it catches Tony off guard, and he startles when the snowball whizzes past his ear, thudding distantly behind him. He rounds on Peter with a devilish smirk.

“Ya missed.” He reaches down, quickly packing and flinging another snowball, this one hitting Peter in the neck and sliding down his shirt.

“Hey! That’s cold,” the boy whines, and Tony grins wickedly.

“Aww, you poor baby.”

The fight lasts all of fifteen minutes, Tony admitting defeat and begging for mercy when the spiderling sneakily rounds a corner and tackles him to the ground.

“You win, Parker you win,” Tony huffs, chuckling as lightly as the full brunt of Peter’s (nonexistent) weight comes to rest on his chest. “This set up supposed to keep me down, sweetheart?”

“Nope,” Peter says joyfully, popping the ‘p’. He grabs one of Tony’s wrists in each hand from where they’re resting in the snow by his side, bringing them up to rest by the older man’s head. The motion brings Peter’s face dangerously close to his mentor’s, and he watches, captivated, as the falling snow dusts Tony’s eyelashes, framing his eyes and deepening the colour. Peter feels Tony’s breath fan across his lips, and he leans down unconsciously, pressing a quick kiss to the plush lips beneath his.

He pulls back quickly, mortified as a pink blush comes to rest high on his cheekbones. “Shit, M-mr. Stark, I’m so, so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I wasn’t thinking, I-“

Tony takes advantage of Peter’s slackened hold on his wrists to move his hands, cupping the boy’s face in his hands, rubbing his thumbs lightly across his cheekbones. “Shh. Deep breaths, sweetheart, you’re fine, it’s fine. You certainly don’t hear me complaining, do you?” Peter hesitantly brings his eyes up to meet the older man’s, spirits lifting when he sees the fond smile on Tony’s face.

“We’re okay, then?”

“Depends, baby boy. You gonna close the cavernous, and frankly, rude distance between our lips again? Cus if you’re not, we might have a problem.”


“Here, take this.” Tony shoves the bowl of soup in Peter’s hands, lifting the corner of the blanket and slipping in behind the boy, pulling Peter to rest his back against Tony’s front. “Hate to be the one to say I told you so, but… I told you that you would get sick going out like that.”

“No one likes a know-it-all, Stark.”

“No need to be so grumpy, Parker.”

“Sick, ‘m allowed to be as grumpy as I want. And maybe if you hadn’t literally tossed snow down my shirt I wouldn’t be sneezing up a storm.”

“You’re right m’sorry, baby. Anything else you want that I can get you?”

“You can’t gimme what I want,” Peter answers miserably.

“Bold of you to assume that there’s anything I can’t get.”

“I want a kiss.”

Tony presses his finger against Peter’s cheek, forcing the boy to turn his face so Tony can reach his mouth, pressing a soft kiss to the slightly chapped lips. He pulls back after a few seconds, “easy enough, baby boy.”

Peter gives him a soft smile, nosing against Tony’s jaw. “Now you’ll get sick too.”

“Shame. Guess you can put on the nurse’s outfit and nurse me back to health.”

leostrious replied to your post “On the Cassandra v. Eugene debate”

I love Cass for the very reason she makes both Raps and Eugene think just in different ways. She has her own interests, fears, opinions, and above all duty. Her job is more then just Lady in Waiting… She is Rapunzel’s Protector something she feels Eugene is forgetting.

Ah, but Eugene can’t protect Rapunzel if Rapunzel refuses to tell him what the problem is.

When he asked in the boat if she was okay, she responded with a question: “Is all this everything you dreamed it would be?”
When he came to apologize for the proposal, she said that she shouldn’t have stormed out, and she was sorry, and asked for his patience.

But not once has she told him what she’s actually feeling, her thoughts, her fears. And Cassandra, bless her heart and intentions, needs to understand that Eugene can’t help fight demons he can’t see. Sure, he can feel them, he knows they’re there, but what exactly they are eludes him. He’s offering Rapunzel support, but in the most hands-off way. I’m guessing he figures she needs space and time and she’ll open up when she’s ready to. After all, he didn’t open up about Eugene Fitzherbert even existing until he was good and ready.

I feel bad for him, being alone in the dark.

I feel bad for Cassandra, shouldering the burden alone and feeling like there’s someone right there who should be helping and isn’t.

And I feel bad for Rapunzel, thinking that if she burdens Eugene with this, he’ll think she’s not appreciative for what he’s done for her.

But Rapunzel isn’t telling anyone what her issues are. No one but Cassandra, and even then, she’s not being 100% open.

Do you know who else I feel sorry for? Frederic. His edict is not baseless. And unlike Gothel, he is doing it for her own good (but also his peace of mind). In all seriousness, “You can’t leave the kingdom without my permission,” isn’t that big a deal. There’s a lot of kingdom beyond the palace walls. That’s not that restrictive. The part that bothers me is, “Don’t talk about magic with anyone.”

Why, Frederic? What are you hiding? Are you just afraid that she’ll clue people in about her hair and make herself a target? Or is there something specific you know that we all don’t?

But, my point here was that if he knew about Rapunzel’s trauma, he might not be so strict about things, and they’d be able to come to a compromise rather than a straight up order on his part.

He clearly doesn’t know how to be a father at all. He never got the chance to practice and find out how. He does, however, know how to be a king, and kings lay down laws and commands when they need things to go a certain way.

So, back to my original post, everyone has learning and growing to do. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but I expect a satisfying one. I’ve been saying since we found out about this series that I prefer a series to a theatrical sequel, because you get so much more character development in a series than a movie. You have so much more time to tell the story. They’re shooting for seventy-eight episodes. That’s a minimum of twenty-six hours of new content we’re getting. And I don’t think I’ve ever been this eager for a series in my entire life.

anonymous asked:

So imagine Lyanna married Robert anyway, do you believe Robert would have been able at all to treat Lyanna the way he abused Cersei? In a world where Lyanna marries Robert, Brandon is still alive and it doesn't look like he would suffer anyone mistreating his sister, married or no. And Robert loved Ned as much as he would have Lyanna so wouldn't he risk pissing each Stark brothers off if he ever so much as lay a hand on Lyanna?

So the first thing we have to address here is that Robert is an act first, think later type of guy. In his fits of anger he doesn’t take the time to consider what he’s doing and how he’s hurting people. He just does it. His abuse of Cersei wasn’t a calculated and controlled thing; it came out of his drunkenness or his rage and his inability to accept responsibility for his actions.

Here’s the scene we saw play out in front of Ned:

The queen looked to her husband. “If any man had dared speak to a Targaryen as he has spoken to you-”

“Do you take me for Aerys?” Robert interrupted.

“I took you for a king. Jaime and Tyrion are your own brothers, by all the laws of marriage and the bonds we share. The Starks have driven off the one and seized the other. This man dishonors you with every breath he takes, and yet you stand there meekly, asking if his leg pains him and would he like some wine.”

Robert’s face was dark with anger. “How many times must I tell you to hold your tongue, woman?”

Cersei’s face was a study in contempt. “What a jape the gods have made of us two,” she said. “By all rights, you ought to be in skirts and me in mail.”

Purple with rage, the king lashed out, a vicious backhand blow to the side of the head. She stumbled against the table and fell hard, yet Cersei Lannister did not cry out. Her slender fingers brushed her cheek, where the pale smooth skin was already reddening. On the morrow the bruise would cover half her face. “I shall wear this as a badge of honor,” she announced.

“Wear it in silence, or I’ll honor you again,” Robert vowed. He shouted for a guard. Ser Meryn Trant stepped into the room, tall and somber in his white armor. “The queen is tired. See her to her bedchamber.” The knight helped Cersei to her feet and led her out without a word.

He deals Cersei a vicious blow because he’s drunk and she’s said something he misliked. Cersei recalls a similar altercation in an AFFC chapter:

“I glimpsed him once at Winterfell,” the queen said, “though the Starks did their best to hide him. He looks very like his father.” Her husband’s by-blows had his look as well, though at least Robert had the grace to keep them out of sight. Once, after that sorry business with the cat, he had made some noises about bringing some baseborn daughter of his to court. “Do as you please,” she’d told him, “but you may find that the city is not a healthy place for a growing girl.” The bruise those words had won her had been hard to hide from Jaime, but they heard no more about the bastard girl.

So the record is rather clear that Robert reacts rather violently when his wife says something he doesn’t like or upsets him. I don’t think he actually thinks when he hurts her; he just does. In addition, he does not blame himself. He blames the wine, or he blames Cersei:

For Robert, those nights never happened. Come morning he remembered nothing, or so he would have had her believe. Once, during the first year of their marriage, Cersei had voiced her displeasure the next day. “You hurt me,” she complained. He had the grace to look ashamed. “It was not me, my lady,” he said in a sulky sullen tone, like a child caught stealing apple cakes from the kitchen. “It was the wine. I drink too much wine.” To wash down his admission, he reached for his horn of ale. As he raised it to his mouth, she smashed her own horn in his face, so hard she chipped a tooth. Years later at a feast, she heard him telling a serving wench how he’d cracked the tooth in a mêlée. Well, our marriage was a mêlée, she reflected, so he did not lie.

Robert reached for the flagon and refilled his cup. “You see what she does to me, Ned.” The king seated himself, cradling his wine cup. “My loving wife. The mother of my children.” The rage was gone from him now; in his eyes Ned saw something sad and scared. “I should not have hit her. That was not… that was not kingly.” He stared down at his hands, as if he did not quite know what they were. “I was always strong… no one could stand before me, no one. How do you fight someone if you can’t hit them?” Confused, the king shook his head. “Rhaegar… Rhaegar won, damn him. I killed him, Ned, I drove the spike right through that black armor into his black heart, and he died at my feet. They made up songs about it. Yet somehow he still won. He has Lyanna now, and I have her.” The king drained his cup.

Now, here’s the other thing: Robert had no fear of Jaime of Tywin. Perhaps it was because he was king, but he clearly made no effort to restrain himself so that he wouldn’t be chastened by Jaime or Tywin. According to Cersei, Jaime would have killed Robert if he knew that he hit her:

“If you truly believed that, you would never have come.” Ned touched her cheek gently. “Has he done this before?”

“Once or twice.” She shied away from his hand. “Never on the face before. Jaime would have killed him, even if it meant his own life.”

Cersei hid these bruises from Jaime, perhaps out of fear for his life. After all, if he killed the king, he’d be dead too. So now we can round back around to Lyanna and her brothers.

While a younger Robert might have known more self-restraint, I think it’s safe to assume that these physically abusive behaviors aren’t something that would be cured through a marriage to Lyanna. It’s been discussed before that Robert did not know the real Lyanna. She likely would not have been the soft-spoken, agreeable wife Robert believed she would be, nor would she have loved him the way he wanted her to love him. He might have loved her, or claimed to, but Robert’s love for Lyanna was always an idealistic love. It’s far too easy to say that you love a ghost comprised of all your favorite things about a woman.

So if we assume their marriage sours because Lyanna does not love him and does not meet his standards, then Robert may regress into a drunken piece of shit and similar scenes as the ones outlined above might play out. Would he fear Brandon and Ned? He did not fear Jaime, so I don’t think he’d fear Brandon. Now Ned is a different story. We see above that Ned more or less stares Robert into an admission that he “should not have hit her”. His presence seems to guilt Robert into feeling some form of regret, which drove him into further self-pity about how Rhaegar has Lyanna and Robert has her. Robert clearly loves and respects Ned, and I’d wager that between Brandon and Ned, Robert would be much more affected by Ned’s disappointment than Brandon’s rage.

The thing is, I don’t think Robert would even consider their feelings on the matter until of them approached him with it. Then maybe after a confrontation, Robert may reconsider his actions. But the question to ask is, would Lyanna even tell Brandon or Ned? That’s something that could really go both ways. Lyanna could see telling her brothers as a form of defeat, or in Brandon’s case, fear his reaction or maybe she’d say fuck it, I’m not taking this anymore, and tell one of them. However, assuming they’re both living at Winterfell and share this info with Rickard, I think Rickard would forbid either of them from acting upon their feelings. Lyanna’s duty was to marry him, and I don’t think Rickard really cared what happened within the marriage beyond that.

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Scenario for kryptonian Lena au: Kara goes MIA at one point and is presumed dead. Lexi comes back from college. And they prepare to say the prayer for the dead by Karas empty pod. Kara, ofc isn't dead and finds her family reciting the prayer. She's devastated for them, and quickly comes to them. Turns out she had just blown her powers and had to lay low. Lena and Lexi and Alex are more than a little pissed but glad she's back just the same. Write something for it plz

I’m sorry? I cried writing it if that helps.

Also, this was supposed to be short but the angst just sort of poured out of me.


She turns at the sound of Lexington’s voice, the tears threatening to begin anew.

She hasn’t cried in forty-two minutes and thirteen seconds.

She knows because she’s counted every one of them.

She takes just a moment to study her daughter; Lexi’s face is tear streaked and she’s wearing her favorite hoodie, the one with House of El crest on the back that she always wore when she was having a particularly rough day - Lena supposes this day, the day of Kara’s funeral is as rough a day as any of them will ever have. Her brown her is pulled back in a mess half bun and with her glasses she looks so much like Kara it makes Lena’s heart ache.

Her vision clouds but before the tears can fall she’s pulled into a tight hug. Lexi’s always been strong, despite her small stature, and Lena is grateful for it now as she leans into the younger woman.

It shouldn’t be like this, she should be the strong one, but she can’t be - not right now - isn’t sure if she ever will be again.

“Is it true? Is ieiu …” Lexi’s voice chokes off in a sob and Lena gathers herself up to press a kiss to Lexi’s hair.

“She didn’t make it, love.“

She feels Lexi’s hand fist in the back of her sweater and she allows herself to break, to feel the weight of what’s happened come crashing down.

The fight over the ocean, Kara going down and never coming back up - never to be seen again.

She isn’t sure how long they stand like that but it’s long enough that her eyes are sore and her head is stuffy.

She glances at the clock, it’s after midnight, Kara’s funeral is less than twenty-four hours away.

A lifetime too soon.

“Are you hungry?”

“No.” Lexi sniffles. “But we should eat.”

“Potstickers?” she offers with a watery smile.

Lexi half laughs/ half sobs as she nods.

“I think ieiu would be mad if we ate anything else.”

She presses one last kiss to Lexi’s temple before pushing her away.

“Go. Put your bags away. I’ll call the order in.”

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Ship: Joshaya
Requested by @joshayagrewupgorgeous


“Maya! Just the girl I was looking for!” Cory says when he walks down the stairs and see the fiery blonde laying on his couch eating his food while watching a movie on his television. “Is Riley still on a date?”

Maya nods and then says, “If this about me not doing my homework I don’t wanna hear about it. I am in college, you are finally not my teacher!”

Cory puts a hand to his heart. “Hurtful,” he states, sitting down next to her. “What I really wanna talk to you about is Josh.”

Maya groans. “We’ve been over this, I am going to be your sister in law one day. Just get over it.”

“I will never!” Cory yells, opening one of the albums he brought with him. “Just look at this.”

“Aw is this Josh? He’s so cute!” Maya says, picking up the photo album and looking through the pictures. “Oh my gosh! Look he’s dressed as a little pumpkin!”

Cory frowns, this was not going as planned. “Okay enough of the baby pictures lets get on with the awkward teenage years,” he says giving her another scrapbook.

She flips through a couple pages, “He’s still cute even with a Bieber haircut!” She cooes, flipping through more of the pages.

“Enough of that,” he says pulling the book away. “Did you know that he used to pick his nose and then eat the boogers when he was a kid?”

“Didn’t ever little boy? If he still we would have some problems,” Maya replies, “besides Riley used to pick her nose and wipe them in your suit pockets.”

Cory shudders not needing to know that. “He used to listen to Taylor swift music on full blast and sing a long when he was ten.”

Maya actually ‘aws’ at the thought of that. “I wish I could have seen that. He probably looked adorable!”

Cory throws his hands in the air, “I give up!” Before taking the photo albums and going back upstairs leaving a smug Maya behind.

Two days later he decided to try again but this time with Josh. Josh had come over for dinner and decided to spend the night since it was getting late. Everyone had already gone to bed when Cory came downstairs to see Josh still up.

“My brotha,” he says sitting down next to him.

“My brotha!” Josh replies with a smile. “Why are you still up?”

“I was coming to get a glass of water but this is the perfect time to talk to you,” Cory says.

Josh raises an eyebrow curiously. “Okay…” He says slowly. “Is everyone okay?”

“Yes everything is fine. I just need you to think about if you really want to make me have Maya as a sister in law,” Cory retorts.

Josh laughs, “that’s what’s got you not able to sleep? If I am going to ask Maya to marry me? We’re in college.”

“Yes, I know that and I am not saying your going to now but did you know she used to have a major crush on all of the Jonas Brothers?” Cory asks.

Josh practically snorts, he could never see Maya being the type to fangirl over a boy band.

“It’s true, her bedroom walls used to be covered in posters of them. She even had a Jonas brothers backpack in sixth grade,” Cory nods.

Josh laughs, imaging his hot tempered rebellious girlfriend walking around with a Jonas Brothers backpack. “Do you have pictures?” He asks.

Cory laughs, and then pulls two pictures out of his pockets like he had been expecting Josh to ask that. After he hands them to Josh he leans back crossing his arm.

“Is her hair in pigtails?” Josh asks astonished a small smile spreading on his face. “She looks adorable.”

Cory mouths opens in surprise, “but-what- no!” He says, as he begins to try and think of something else embarrassing. “When she was in fourth grade she cut her own hair!”

“Hasn’t everyone cut their hair?” Josh asks, as Cory hands him a picture of Maya with chopped up bangs. “She actually looks cute with bangs.”

Cory frowns and crosses his arms. “I know for a fact that she sleeps with a stuffed pink bear! She brings it whenever she sleeps over!”

Josh smile spreads even larger. “Really?” He asks. “I got her that on our first date when we went to a carnival.”

At this Cory realizes just how stupid he was being trying to break them apart. “You found your Topanga?” He asks softly.

Josh pauses for a minute almost frozen before he nods slowly his smile spreads and he says, “Yeah I think I have.”

Cory pats his brother shoulder when stands up and replies, “I hope you two are happy together.” Before going off to bed.

                                                      THE END

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ahhhhhh I am in love with this prompt! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Food Lover

I don’t know where this is coming from, but…enjoy!

Monday afternoon

On her ride to the hospital, she made a stop at her favorite store and bought a dozen of donuts, intending to eat two or three during the day and take the rest to Zola and Bailey.

After an extremely long surgery, Meredith came into the attending´s lounge, anticipating the sweet taste of her purchase. She just wanted to lay down on the couch with it, and then maybe get some sleep.

She opened the cabinet in which she had hidden them, only to find it empty. Wondering if she may had put them somewhere else, she turned around only to find Amelia, barefoot and sitting Indian-style, in the sofa, with a box in her lap. A box full of donuts. Or at least it used to be.

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Maybe Today Isn’t That Bad

Summary- Lapis and Jasper are upset about the day unstable Malachite formed, so Lapis decides to try and cheer Jasper up in a more unexpected way.

Finally, a fic! Jaspis is my otp okay so expect more in the future

Words - 1,711

Characters - 9,847


This day. This awful day. A day that no one wanted to remember, a day that two specific gems wished never happened, or wished that they could completely forget about. This was the day the unstable Malachite formed, and was dragged into the ocean. This horrible day, two gems that were victims, Lapis and Jasper, tried to forget, tried to pretend it never happened, but…It was hard. It was hard when it was suffocating, it was hard when it was restricting, it was hard. But ever since that, the two have finally made amends…even got together in a healthy relationship. This was what should have happened in the first place, sometimes they’d think, as they spend some clear nights staring up at the stars and at Homeworld’s visible galaxy. Lapis wished not to remember that place…for she, Jasper, even Peridot, were free on this planet. No orders, no laws, no rules, nothing. They could do what they wanted…and it was amazing.

However. This specific day always made both Lapis and Jasper depressed, both remembered vividly everything that happened, both remembered the pain they went through, and both of them regretted their rash decisions. The two, currently, had been laying under the stars together, staring up at the blackened sky that was speckled with twinkling little dots, pulsating either slowly or quickly from red, to blue, and back again. Some of the dots, maybe like two or three, did not pulsate at all – those were planets. Out of the corner of her blue eye, Lapis saw something shoot across the sky and leave a white trail; didn’t Steven call those shooting stars? And that you were supposed to make a wish on them? Maybe that was what it was. She looked over at the butch gem beside her, a small blue hand resting on top of Jasper’s crimson red one.

“Jasper, that was a shooting star,” she said, pointing up at the sky, “I think Steven said to make wishes on them. What would you wish for?”

All was silent for a good few moments, Jasper slightly turning her head away from Lapis’ tiny, fragile figure before she spoke. Her voice was barely even there, almost a whisper.

“I wish unstable Malachite didn’t happen.”

Hearing this, Lapis felt her chest sink into her stomach. Holding the large hand tighter and sitting up, “…I wish so too, but…” She sighed, sat up, and scooted closer, wrapping her arms around Jasper’s build torso, resting her head on her shoulder, “Despite that, look where we are now. If that didn’t happen, and I myself wish it didn’t, we wouldn’t be…free. Happy. Together.” Leaning over some more, small, blue lips pressed a love-filled kiss to Jasper’s toned cheek, grinning a bit seeing it start to change to a darker crimson in color.

“…You’re blushing.” Fragile, stick-thin fingers poked at the blush on Jasper’s face. Jasper waved them away, and brought hair to cover herself. “No I’m not! Don’t assume something like that, you brat. It’s shadow. That’s all.” ‘Brat’ had become a term of endearment during their reconciliation. Technically, Lapis was one when she wanted to be, and Jasper knew that.

Lapis only smirked, jutting her chin out as her eyes narrowed. “Show me, then.” Jasper let out a stern 'no’ as she looked away.

A large smirk, one that would make even the Cheshire Cat himself jealous, spread across Lapis’ ocean blue face as she thought of what she could do. It was something so evil, something so torturous, but yet, it was something so childish and playful that almost everyone had almost a love-hate relationship with it. Those same blue, spindly fingers slowly walked themselves down to a build part of Jasper’s body, before nothing more than a mere poke was brought to it, a playful little 'boop!’ giggling itself out from Lapis’ mouth. The reaction was amazing. The large, buff gem emit a squeak, but covered it up by fake coughing to wave it off as nothing. However, Lapis wasn’t playing that game. She knew why Jasper squeaked. “Cut it out, brat.” Jasper only muttered, bringing her large arms to her torso to rest. But despite this, Lapis already had everything thought out.

“Aww, why?” She cooed, her small chin resting right on the thick bicep muscle with a single red stripe spreading itself upon it, “You’re not…ticklish, are you~?”

That tone of voice, that teasing question that everyone already knew the answer to, Jasper knew now that she was in danger.

“I swear to Homeworld if you even think about it-” She warned, turning her head to stare down at the smirking, water controlling gem that she’s come to love. Golden colored eyes hardened on her smirk, before moving to keep watch on those spindly fingers that Lapis dawned. The fact they were just resting there like that, it already unnerved her.

“What if I told you…the thoughts have already processed?” Lapis questioned, grinning only more seeing Jasper’s eyes, which dawned the eyeliner and wings that were sharp enough to cut through steel, widen.



Jasper, deciding not to be a victim of this assault, stood and bolted as fast as she possibly could, but oh, Lapis was in tow behind her, sprinting after the large, buff gem giggling. They were in a large, open field, nothing to stop them from running around at full speed to avoid one another from Lapis’ childish game. However, when Jasper’s head turned to see how far Lapis was away from her, she was horrified to see, and feel, Lapis grabbing her from behind, causing the both of them to tumble into the grass and flowers that were damp slightly from the late night dew (also because it was slightly raining a few hours prior).

Lapis wasted no time in burying those tiny, twig-like fingers into the ticklish skin Jasper bestowed right under her arms, pleased to hear a scream that descended into pure cackles as her large figure, twice Lapis’ size, wriggle around and claw and kick at the grass, only to bring those meaty claws to her face to muffle herself to try (and obviously fail) and make sure that Lapis didn’t have the satisfaction of hearing her be as loud as she was.

However, Lapis was more than satisfied. But that didn’t mean that she was just going to stop!

Her small fingers stayed there for only a moment or two more, before dragging themselves down agonizingly slow to the ribcage, pleasantly surprised at hearing a squeal, followed by only more cackling. However, Jasper moved her hands away from her face and instead, crashing her arms around her ribs as she tried to turn herself on her back to somewhat block it, but Lapis only allowed it, and attacked from the front. Because of this, Jasper’s booming laughter was loud and clear, and it was music to Lapis’ ears. Every so often, Jasper would cackle out either a plea or a, ahem, 'insult’ (Lapis knew that she wasn’t serious at all, but they only made her giggle more) despite knowing that it wasn’t going to deter Lapis away from her objective.

A minute or two pass and Lapis’ itty bitty fingers finally rose away from the covered skin, the culprit giggling down at her still-laughing victim that had still been wiggling around in the damp grass slightly from pure aftershock. However, Lapis wasn’t going to wait around and wait for Jasper to recover, because she knew without a doubt that she was next. Instead of waiting, she got up and ran, but it was only seconds later until the bara gem was sprinting right after Lapis – even cheating and using her spin-dashing in order to catch up. Lapis screamed playfully, however, summoning her wings of water and trying to fly away, but Jasper’s hands had grabbed her by the ankles, bringing her back down and into her large, buff arms. Nothing had even happened yet and Lapis was already laughing, from nervousness and from play.

“Nooo!! Nooooo~!!” She squealed out, Jasper’s left arm having trapped Lapis by the waist against her large body, as her other hand went to the front of Lapis, its fingers wiggling.

“Uh oh…Lapis…here comes the Claw…~” Fingers were poised and ready, Lapis trying desperately to somehow escape, but she just couldn’t. Just seeing the wiggling fingers right there in front of her was already getting her giggling!

“NO~!!” She screamed, holding her arms out to watch the large hand and try to prevent the inevitable, but both of them knew that there was no point, Lapis was doomed.

“Lapis, it’s hungry…it needs to be fed…~” Jasper’s grin formed into that signature slasher smile she was renowned for, Lapis continuing to giggle and squeal just from anticipation of the inevitable.

“No, Jasper, please~!” She squealed out, grabbing at the buff gem’s hand to try and keep it away, “Don’t, I’m sorry, I’m sorry~!”

Oh, but it was too late.

The large hand dove right in, five large fingers spreading and contracting against Lapis’ bare stomach, making her shrilly scream and soon fall into a mess of cackles as her smaller figure tried fruitlessly to push away the large hand that scritched and scribbled along her bare stomach and side area. But to Jasper, the sight and sounds were delicious.

Minutes ticked by so slowly for Lapis, and at an agonizingly slow pace, that large hand rose and instead slowly traced the teardrop shaped gem that rested between Lapis’ shoulder blades, and oh…Jasper honestly didn’t think Lapis could sound as loud and as high pitched as she was now. Fruitlessly, Lapis thrashed as wildly as she could, kicking at the grass, hitting at the arm that was holding her captive, everything. But again, it was pointless. There was no escaping, despite everything she tried.

However, Jasper finally gently lay the still giggling Lapis down in the grass, before laying with her, wiping away the tears of mirth that formed in the corners of her lover’s eyes that built up from her harsh laughing, but enough time passed for her to calm, look Jasper straight in the eyes…

…and kiss her. The same moment, a shooting star went flying across the sky. Maybe this day wasn’t so bad after all.