we never get snow that sticks this much

Snow White wtf musings

K, don’t hate me but, is Snow just getting weirder and weirder? I love her but there’s a lot of things throughout the seasons that have bugged me… A couple random annoyances:

In S2 when Snow and Emma got stuck in the EF, knowing Henry had been under a sleeping curse and was still traveling to the burning red room in his sleep, she was like eh, we’ll figure it out. But when she found out Charming was there, woah Nelly! 911, we gotta get home!! I mean I get that it’s her TL and all but I’ve always felt a little bad for Emma… that her mother was so blasé about Henry but when Snow was affected, freakout city.

S3 Echo cave scene still sticks in my craw, maybe the wanting another baby thing had to be said because “darkest secret” and all but she never acknowledges that saying this might have hurt her daughter’s feelings. Considering Emma was an orphan for 28 years it was a bit callous IMO. Snow and Charming were cheated out of Emma’s childhood but Emma was cheated out of much more.

Now… 6x03, Snow waxing nostalgic about how normal things were for 28 years… I mean at least Emma wasn’t standing there thankfully, but wtf! Charming was in a coma and she didn’t know her daughter existed!! I understand the “we were cursed… I know there was a downside” schtick was meant to be amusing, but to me it was another obtuse Snow moment.

Let’s not even talk about the buddy buddy with Regina while her daughter is dealing with all kinds of feelings too… and the how dare you consider looking for your father’s murderer Charming.

sigh. I needed to get this out. Snow, get your poo together.