we need you

  • Saturday evening at Astrid's house. A quilt in front of the living room's TV set with a bunch of cushions, and two pillows. Hiccup and Astrid were sitting up straight with a sky-blue blanket over their legs. Both wearing pajamas. Hiccup holds his laptop on his lap while Astrid writes down on a worksheet--using a book as support underneath.
  • Astrid:Never thought words felt tension.
  • Hiccup:It's called word stress, and yes they do.
  • Astrid:This is stupid.
  • Hiccup:No, it's language.
  • Astrid:No, it's stupid because words don't have a sense of humor or capacity to deal with life's shit. So no, they shouldn't be called 'stressed words.'
  • Hiccup(chuckling):Well, they will haunt you down until finals. So deal with them for the time being. Besides, not everyone gets the chance to have a tutor to help out.
  • Astrid:Like you?
  • Hiccup:Exactly. *glances at her worksheet* how is it going?
  • Astrid:Good. Only two left.
  • Astrid's dad peeks from the stairs. Tip toes downstairs and sneaks up behind them.
  • Mr. Hofferson:You too seem quite focused there. I thought you'd be watching a movie.
  • Hiccup:We have deadline this week.
  • Mr. Hofferson:Ah, I see. Pity, I was just about to ask if you'd like me to join you for a movie or game.
  • Astrid:Hiccup has to leave soon. It's getting late.
  • Mr. Hofferson:Tsk, I'm sure Stoick won't mind if he stays for a short round of Monopoly.
  • Astrid:Dad, Monopoly is all but short. It's a three to five hour game!
  • Mr. Hofferson:Well, he's already in his pjs so...

dear hussie:

thank you for distracting me from studying for my Very Important Exam and instead giving my ridiculous worldbuilding self one very messed up universe that makes no sense which will take more backstory to make make logical sense than skyrim. and skyrim was written by bethesda. the company that was like “yeah, our central province was cursed so its now a europe-ish climated fantasy world” and “there’s totally gender equality in the same system that historically lead to seclusion and control of women in order to ensure lineage.”

well, at least i know what im doing next.

Tbh if the PJO movies got the same love that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the Narnia movies, and/or Harry Potter did then i would probably weep with joy

ooc. daily reminder that characters can have flaws !! including viktor !!! let him have flaws 

Y’all need to chill about this “omfg Saihara is a girl” thing because you have no fucking concrete evidence and you just sound like assholes.

@gloriaandrews @100percentsassy I actually made my friend walk 15 minutes for one way just to see St. Luke’s church. And it made me so emotional I think I should read Liarb again!!