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You always talkin’ about what you give and what you don’t have to give. But you take, too, Troy. You take…and don’t even know nobody’s giving.

Fences (2016) dir. Denzel Washington

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List of song translations & romaji by Musumen. and Trafficlight.

Ok so I guess some of you don’t follow blogs that posted translations before us or some translations aren’t really that popular for people to notice them, so I am going to make a list of those so you can easily find them.

 - Please mind that not all of them are absolutely correct -

 - I also added notes about translations in progress -

!!Please tell me if I missed something or inform us if you are working on another translation/romaji so we can add it here!!

Musumen.’s singles:

War Cry ~What’s Wrong with Pretending to Be an Idol?!~

Romaji & translation by clock08

Summer☆Venus ~Midsummer Idol~

Romaji & translation by clock08

Tasy Tasy * Fantasy ~I Want to Become an Idol~

Romaji & translation by clock08

Honey Bee

Romaji & translation by clock08

Rabbit Jump!!

Translation by clock08

Romaji by clock08

Chameleon Color

Romaji & translation by clock08

Scorching Heat! Onigashima DANJI

Romaji by sugarisdown

  • Translation by sugarisdown is in progress

Fresh! Dragon Palace RENBO

Romaji & translation by clock08

Landing! Moon’s surface ZENBU

  • Translation & romaji by sugarisdown is in progress

Trafficlight.’s “Dance Dance!!/ Traffic Jam”:

Dance Dance!!

Romaji by sugarisdown

Translation by sugarisdown

Romaji & translation by eri.

Traffic Jam

Romaji by sugarisdown

Romaji & translation by eri.

Talkin’ Body

Romaji by sugarisdown

Romaji & translation by eri.

Other Musumen.’s songs:

- These are from different albums/singles, I will sort them later - 


Romaji & translation by clock08

You’re the love

Translation by clock08

Selfish Dishonest Mind (Jikochuu Zurunou)

Romaji & translation by clock08

Our Territory (Bokura no Teritori)

Romaji & translation by sugarisdown

Large Snowflakes (Botanyuki)

Romaji & translation by meganemushroom

The Heart’s Demon (Kokoro no Akuma)

Romaji & translation by meganemushroom

Blue Moon

  • Translation by eri. is in progress


Romaji by musumen-romaji

Sorrow Photograph (Kanashimi Photograph)

Translation by awesomenarutouzumaki

Last Regret 

Romaji by musumen-romaji

Translation by nebulous-wanderings


Translation by nebulous-wanderings

Shiroi Fuku wo Kimi to

Romaji by musumen blog

(we will add new translations to the list when they appear)

(love y’all,


Okay guys. We have one chance left. Next Sunday is the last episode of Eyewitness. The only way we can ensure a season 2 is if we boost the ratings and that means we need help from EVERYBODY. That’s right, all of you.
You have a week. If you can, please catch up to the show on a traceable device, preferably through the USA Network site or the app and watch The show on Sunday at 10/9c I promise you it’s worth it.

If for whatever reason you can’t do that, please help in the following ways.

1. Watch the show live on mute

2. Watch the show on the USA live stream on their website on mute

3. DVR the show and watch it after it airs

4. Watch it on USA website or app

5. Tweet using the hastags #Eyewitness #Philkas and #wewanteyewitnessseason2 AND tweet these at USA Network on twitter

6. Request for Eyewitness to be put onto Netflix through Netflix’s show suggestion service

7. Recruit other people to watch in inventive ways or just generally spread the word

Doing more than one of these things is even better. While I watched the episode tonight, I had the live stream running on my computer and was actively tweeting.


So please, if you like the show or not, please support us this week. We really don’t want to see a show with such potential burn out so quickly.

Love you all,
The Eyewitness Fandom

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

Don’t tell me he’s just one man, when he has the house AND the senate.

Don’t tell me he won’t be able to reverse the change we’ve fought so hard for in this country.

Don’t tell me not to worry or to calm down because we’ll be fine.

I am not fine, we are not fine. None of this is okay and I have never felt more slighted and disrespected.

Be sad; mourn the loss of a progressive country, but remember that we need you. Remember that, now more than ever, we need compassion and love. Take this fear and use it to protect yourselves and the people you love.

Never stop fighting and I will never stop fighting for you.