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Shall We Test That? (Loki/Thor x reader)

Request: phantomsmenace said: hi bonnie! i was wondering if you could write one where during the events of the first avengers movie where Loki tries to protect you while everything is going on? either romantic or platonic? thank you!! 

“It’s an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.”

Loki heard Fury reply to his taunting, but he didn’t hear the words from his mouth.  In fact, he barely knew what he, himself, had just said. He was simply buying time, waiting for the moment when the Hulk would take center stage against a team that was barely his own, and when Loki could be free to make his escape.  He didn’t care at all about anyone on this floating fortress other than one; he only cared about where they were holding you and how he would reach you.  If his connection to Barton was holding, the archer would already be following his orders to retrieve you and keep you safe.

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Who do you think has the most stans here on tumblr

I honestly think from the time I’ve been here, there are equal amount of love for every member on tumblr, there are so many stans for each member it’s so crazy ;-;

BUT I gotta say, Jungkook and Hoseok stans, listen yall really out there hyping up your men like crazy and putting us others to shame pls, sometimes you get so intense im like wow, we need more stans like you bfjkdbgl.

Jimmy Hudson joins X-Men in X-Men: Blue #4.

I have no idea how to bite this book. O5 are…O5, I guess. I have no idea how to bite them. I get the gimmick of not trying to be like their present selves…although Hank was totally stealing Wendigo’s heart, dripping black humor and does magic, so I don’t know if that’s working as planned. Is he having a goth phase or something?

And if the theme of those characters is to try to avoid being like their predecessors, then how the hell shoehorning Jimmy into Logan’s position, to the point he was apparently kidnapped and forced to kill and had his memories erased JUST LIKE WEAPON X DID TO HIS DAD fit into it? Oh yeah, because “fuck you, we need Wolverine”, that’s how.

Also, O5 remembers their visit to Ultimate Universe. Does that mean they remember Miles is from there? Does he remember them? Do other characters remember being from another Universe? Because Miles’ parents sure don’t give that impression….

And then, when I’m already confused as hell, this happens

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My train of thought was “WTF? Did they just make Hisako evil?! Oh, wait, not from this Universe. That’s a relie…Wait, then WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE GUYS?! Is that Ultimate Quicksilver?! Ultimate “Fucked His Own Sister” Quicksilver?! Since when he has his own team? And is Ultimate Armor evil? Why bring her in when regular Armor doesn’t get any page time these days? What’s those people’s deal anyway? Why not keeping up with Ultimate X-men of all books comes to bite me in the ass?!”


St. Patrick VS Heaven // PVRIS

im not so much mad at neurotypicals who use spinners and other fidget toys; it makes me feel less self conscious about using mine in public- people will think im getting in on the fad. 

if they cause a disturbance when playing with them, then yeah, thats bad, but that goes for anyone, NT or otherwise.

i am mad at those who respond to this trend by banning them or ridiculung them just bc theyre popular. theyre harmless, and if someone is fucking around with them, thats on them. dont make it harder for ND kids to stim by using the toys in an obnoxious way, or by taking it away from everyone because of some kids using it obnoxiously


Favorite relationships: Isak og Eskild
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….People are either charming or tedious.

Wishing Josie (@josay) a very happy birthday!! (21.05)

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>