we need to talk about this habit of yours

Into The Badlands

All quotes taken from Season One.

“Nobody is innocent here.”
“They’re my family.”
“Your future has begun.”
“Let’s see what he’s made of.”
“I’m beyond jealousy at this point.”
“He’s stronger than you think.”
“I have always protected him.”
“Don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt. I know it does.”
“I’m pregnant.”
“I need the truth.”
“I should kill you where you stand.”
“I never had a choice. Now you do.”
“If I came here to kill you, we wouldn’t be talking.”
“Come back. Let’s start over.”
“You make a habit of spying on people?”
“You stink.”
“There’s nothing special about me.”
“I am trying to save her life.”
“An enemy is anyone I name.”
“You can never outrun who you are.”
“We need to send a message.”
“No one comes after my family.”
“We both know I was doing you a favor.”
“I am not the enemy.”
“I understand more than you think.”
“You wanted to fight. Now fight.”
“You underestimate your enemy in a battle; odds are you won’t live to see another.”
“I’ll have to find a proper way to repay you.”
“I’d rather have you hate me for the rest of your life than stand over your grave.”
“Do you really have such little faith in me?”
“This particular tradition is one I think we should change.”
“Why would we cater to a group of rivals that wish us dead?”
“Focus. Fight through it. Don’t let it control you.”
“I don’t think of her that way.”
“Did you even know I was gone?”
“Don’t compare me to her!”
“You think going to a new place will change who you are?”
“I pulled myself up. No one helped me.”
“Lead them.”
“Why the sudden burst of curiosity?”
“I’m finally seeing things clearer. Realizing who I can count on and who I can’t.”
“You didn’t come here to reminisce about the bad old days.”
“Your resting state is war.”
“We could run away together.”
“It’s always gonna be me and you. I will be by your side when the wolves reach our door, howling for your blood.”
“Don’t do this. I’m innocent!”
“You really are a stupid, petulant boy, aren’t you?”
“We have a traitor in our midst.”
“I have no reason to hurt you. In fact, we both want the same thing.”
“I have nowhere else to go.”
“You don’t fix it by running. You fix it by fighting.”
“Because he’s arrogant and old.”
“You decide your own future.”
“You always told me power is taken. Well, I finally listened.”
“The journey has just begun.”

Ahead of tonight’s chat I (Mod Rose) am taking a moment to skim back through the Responsibility chapter, reread the bits I underlined and have a think about what I struggle most with and find most hopeful and helpful so I can talk about it tonight.

Today has been a “meh” kind of day, so I’ve tried to look back and think of a bad day and a good day, and how I was living the principle and where I desperately needed them. I’m hoping that by learning to recognise past patterns I will be able to help myself recognise future bad habits and break them.

I can’t wait to talk to you all, bring yourself and your thoughts and whatever energy you have left, that’s all you need. You are enough and together we can find a better way.

- Rose 🌹💜

the girls' as moms
  • hungary: the mom with two different personalities like one day she'll be "good luck on your exams!" then the next day she'll be "honey we need to talk about your grades *dark aura*"
  • belgium: *adopts 100000 kids* i lovE THEM ALLLLLL *secretly attends knitting classes in her free time* isn't actually married bc who needs men?? gives her kids the most abnormal names ever. but that's okay, they like her.
  • ukraine: the oVERPROTECTIVE mom- is constantly fussing over your clothing-"honey its cold outside"- your eating/sleeping habits-"did you sleep well last night?"- makes sure to pack little 'have a great day' notes in your lunchbox
  • belarus: the mom whose kids pretty much grow up a little too independent. she acts as if she couldn't care less, but the kids don't realize she'll start a war if one of her kids end up missing
  • liechtenstein: the super sweet young mother who lives alone with her kid. trusts her children and loves them a little too much. she always volunteers at elementary school activities, so the whole class knows her
  • monaco: the rich mom- the "cool mom"- all the kids at school are so freaking jealous of her. she tries to be the best for her daughter/son and manages to impress their friends, but end up embarrassing her own kid.
  • seychelles: the totally embarrassing mom that everyone likes to avoid within sight of their friends/crushes. makes too much food at parties. she's just too sweet, trying her best.
  • taiwan: "hello my daughter! guess what's for dinner?" - "rice." - "how did you know??" - enthusiastic mom that gets nowhere
  • vietnam: your stereotypical asian mom. checks her kid's grade books every week. "i want to know why you have a B+ in biology." she doesn't meet to her kids' standards, her kid meets to hers. but she does truly love her family
  • wy: the kid

Donc-Desole has a habit of shitting out amazing art. For some reason, that includes my Warden OC. 

We got talking about different body types and the strength you’d need to wear a set of armor (especially heavy Warden plate like they show in game.) The actress Gwendoline Christie who plays Brienne on Game of Thrones made a comment about it just from being in her role throughout the series. The armor will ruin your body unless you have the strength and resilience to withstand it.

This of course prompted lots of admiration of fit, muscular ladies who can literally lift another human being without breaking a sweat. Much of the source material involved female fire fighters. No regrets.

Anyway here’s a muscular warrior-mage version of Solona Amell all pissed off and in her smallclothes.


I like you
and you like cigarettes
I guess we both have bad habits to break

listening to you talk calms my demons
but you prefer drinking vodka instead
I guess we both deal with pain differently

wearing your clothes makes me feel closer to you
I’m so sorry you want all your hoodies back
I guess we both like your maroon pullover best

and if I could be what you needed
I would drop everyone else in a heartbeat
I guess we both know I’m not what you want

fuck this
fuck writing poems about you
I think I’m in love with you and it’s ruining me
I thought love was supposed to be happy
why am I left wanting to fucking crash my car every time I take you home
when you’re gone I can’t breathe
your sister told me two months ago I
was turning you into my happiness
I just laughed
but fuck she was so right
they say everyone’s a lesson or a blessing
but fuck I think you’re the love of my life
and I’m so scared
because you say you love me but what am I supposed to do when we both mean it differently
I don’t want anything more than your hand in mine
you’re all I think about, I can’t think straight
these long car rides
your green eyes
the way you hold me at night
what am I going to do when you find the love of your life
I think knowing you can’t be mine kills me a little more each day
but with you I feel so alive like I can finally breathe
I want to leave you but I can’t
you make me cry so much but when I dry my eyes
all I see is you

-I need you but you don’t want me and that’s a feeling I can’t shake