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Writing is Hard, Part 3: Phone Sex

Summary: You and Dean try something in order to write about it.

Read Part 1 Part 2

Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

“How many are we up to now?”

The phone rests warm between your ear and shoulder as you glance down at the screen. “Almost four hundred followers,” you tell him. “Not exactly famous yet.”

Dean pauses, and you picture him sprawled out on a motel bed very much like yours, just two states over, glass in hand and flannel shirt crumpled at the foot of the bed, undershirt clinging tight to his chest.

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NCT 127 reaction to you putting your hands under their shirt as a habit


Anon: nct 127 reaction when you like putting your cold hands under their shirt?

Anon: Hello, nct 127+johnny reaction request, umm their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance

OMG I loved writing this skjdabhbd hkkdbfhishb I feel like I’d be the type of girlfriend to do this tbh awe obviously i wouldnt know because im -78 years old and just a feotus


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can we pls talk more about taeil’s arms and visuals????

Taeil is a pretty mature and sensible guy so wouldn’t be too fazed or bothered by this bait of yours. He’d like the fact that this was a habit of yours that you only did with him; it’d make him feel very loved and needed and in moments like these, he realised how much he loved you. “Y/N, you know how much you mean to me - please don’t leave me”, he’d whisper into your hair, wrapping his arms around your shoulders warmly.


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I can imagine Johnny being a very physically warm person and your cold fingertips would startle him at first. He’d soon relax into your touch and bring you closer to him, a wide smile playing on his face. This habit would quickly become a shared one, where Johnny would also place his hands under your shirt and rub your back or trace circle on your waist. Without even realising, sometimes you’d find each other’s hands rubbing each other’s bare skin innocently and subconsciously; it’d be one of your ways of showing affection.


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Taeyong was probably the first one who started doing this as a habit, and then you quickly catches up on it. Having his hands on your bare skin gave him a sense of belonging and possessiveness, knowing that no one else could do this with you too. You knew he was mad if he didn’t, at point during the day, put his hands on your bare waist or tummy or back. You started doing the same without realising, Taeyong pointing it out - and teasing you about it - after you had done it a couple of times.


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When you first started having this habit, he’d always think you were trying to imitate something like you wanted sex. You’d have to push him away and say that you were just innocently putting your hands on his chest because it calmed you down, and his heart would flutter whenever you did it. He definitely wouldn’t be one to complain and stop you from doing this, no matter where he was or who was around.


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Doyoung would find this habit of yours very comforting. He’d lean his head on you shoulder and enjoy your touch, sighing contently. He’d be embarrassed if you did it in front of the other members, more worried that you wouldn’t be able to put up with their teasing and so would stop doing it, rather than whether he got teased or not. Further into the relationship, this fear of his would slip and he wouldn’t care if you did it in front of them or not. In fact, he’d probably do it to you too - like some other members, it would become a shared habit.


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Jaehyun is probably such a romantic and this act of affection would melt his heart and he’d turn so sappy. Gently grabbing one of your hands that rested on his skin, he moved it up so both your hands were resting over this heart. You’d be able to feel his heart racing at the skin contact and would smile fondly at the boy staring lovingly down at you. “Gosh, Y/N, look at what you’re doing to me. My heart beats for you" fuck that was cringey to type im gonna be sick He’d love having the opportunity to say something cheesy and lovey-dovey.


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As well as this being one of your habits, you’d always do it whenever WinWin was stressed or upset himself. Just for a while, it would take him mind off things and calm him down. He’d hum in happiness, and bury his face in your neck, pressing some kisses to your neck as a thanks, a gesture which would make your heart flutter since he wasn’t usually this affectionate and confident. WinWin would always go to you for this and would like the way your hands felt on his skin.


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Mark, being the sympathetic and observant person he is, would notice how you only did this whenever you were stressed or upset. He wouldn’t say anything, letting you run your hands across his chest slowly and burying your face in his neck. Tracing circle on your back, he’d wait a while for you to calm down before attempting to continue soothing you through his words. He’d reassure you that everything would be okay and would be attentive to you and your feelings.


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I can imagine Haechan being a ticklish person so it would take a lot of turns before he could last just a minute with your hands his bare skin. He’d always get so shy and fluffy whenever you did it, feeling quite mature and loved up whenever you did it. A lot of the members would secretly hate his habit of yours, because Haechan would always gush about you afterwards and wouldn’t shut up for days. But Haechan wouldn’t care; he loved this habit of yours and wouldn’t change it for the world.

this is a long, heavy post, but ive wanted to make it for a while. i hope if you or someone you know has been in an abusive situation, it may help.

when you are abused, the true ramifications of this abuse do not manifest themselves until you are much older.

when you are abused (in any form) as a young person, your first gut instinct will be to turn down therapy/counselling. you might do this because you do not feel you need it, or you do not want to talk about what happened. you need to push past this.

when we experience abuse as young people, we may feel like it was ‘no big deal’. we may compare ourselves to other victims and feel that we are not as bad as them, so that means we are okay. you may feel okay. you may be a young person reading this right now, thinking ‘well, i feel okay.’

i know you do. we all feel like that we’re younger.

you will get older and your untreated abuse will manifest in your life, your body and your emotions. you may develop terrible habits. your body may start to react in strange ways. you may have to struggle with seemingly unexplained bouts of nausea and vomiting as a reaction to ‘normal’ events that have connections to your abuse. you may develop mental health issues and will not understand why. you may grow angry and withdrawn, or deeply depressed for seemingly no reason.

then on one terrible night, you will connect the dots and realise that although you felt invincible as a young person, your abuse affected you.

if therapy is offered to you or you can find it, go to it. abuse does not go away or magically resolve itself. no amount of pretending you are okay will take away what happened. it may hurt to revisit our old wounds, but it is the only way to heal.

it is never to late to heal. if you are an adult who refused therapy and you are struggling, get yourself there, find help, and heal. and if you are a young person reading this, please strongly consider therapy, even if you do not feel you need it.

even if you feel like your abuse did not affect you, let people in. give yourself the chance to heal. do not let your abuser take even more of your life than they already have.

let yourself heal.

Our Little Secret (Part 3)

Bucky x Reader
Swearing, flirting, touching (nothing inappropriate)
WC 2043
Summary After your friendship with Steve ends, you’re sent on an undercover mission with Bucky.
AN: This is turning into something big. Like, it has a mind of it’s own. I hope you’re all enjoying it!

Special thanks to @beccaanne814-blog for being my sounding board. You’re advise is appreciated so much!  <3

The evening came faster than anticipated. You took the rest of the afternoon to get yourself ready. Bucky, the bastard, only needed to shower and dress but you had to pull out all the stops so you could look good enough to fit in with this crowd. You chose to wear a nude coloured, flowy, chiffon dress. Something that would be comfortable enough to be on boat but nice enough to fit in.

You tried dressing yourself but the stupid dress had one of those invisible zippers at the back. Even standing in front of the full length mirror, you struggled, wriggling until you finally gave up.

Making sure you were decent, you called out, “Brad? I need some help here.”

He walked in, fiddling with a tie. When he looked up he saw that you were slightly flushed from exerting yourself.

“What’s wrong?”

You grumbled, “I can’t zip this stupid zipper. I never understood why women’s clothes require them to need assistance when getting dressed. This is fucking nonsense.” You turned around so your back was to him and, looking at him in the mirror, you asked, “Can you zip me up, please?”

Gently, he tugged on the zipper and realized it was stuck. “What did you do to this thing?”

“What? Nothing. Hold on to the zipper,” you told him, as you wriggled around trying to unstick it. “Dammit!”

Bucky bit back a laugh, “Woman, stop your moving. You’re making it worse. Take it off.”

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Random Headcanons for MTMTE

Y'all really liked the tfp ones so I thought why not. SORRY FOR ANYONE THAT LIKED THE FIRST ONE LMAO.

Rodimus is pretty good at singing, he’s got a nice voice and it’s pleasant on the ears/receptors, but he’s really good at rapping. It surprises everyone, including himself.

Drift, obviously, does yoga, but because he’s so bulky he has to avoid certain positions. He also loves flower crowns and you bet your ass if he found some large enough on a planet he’d wear them.

Ultra Magnus actually really likes nicknames people give him that are actually nice, and some of the meaner ones because they’re so damn funny, but he’d never admit to this due to his image. His favorite is Mags.

Megatron likes classical music, but I also think he has a guilty pleasure both for heavy metal, like Led Zeppelin, and classic rock, like KISS.

Rung doesn’t keep just snacks in those little pockets and spaces of his, he keeps other things for therapeutic purposes. Such as; Dolls, stress balls of all sizes, different iPod like things with music programmed on them for specific bots, yes they are labeled with the correct bots name. Red Alert has his own on him, but Rung still has a copy on his person just in case. He has /thousands/ of extra, blank ones in his office.

Ratchet pretends it’s a pain in his aft, but he actually likes the things Drift gives him and keeps them in a box in his habsuite.

Chromedome and Rewind really do want to settle down and take care of a sparkling or just be a family, especially Rewind. Neither are particularly vocal about this.

As we all know Swerve isn’t actually as confident as he makes himself out to be, sometimes he cries himself into recharge and sometimes Skids catches him. They spend a good hour or so together with Skids just letting him talk or lean on him, or whatever Swerve needs, Skids is there for him.

I like to think Whirl is actually a big softy sometimes, even though he’s really not that soft. That being said, sometimes, in little ways, he tries to help Cyclonus with his self-destructive habits like clawing his face. These little ways include telling him things like “Those marks on your face look stupid, you should fix them.” “Maybe you should dull those claws, they’re not as ‘aesthetic’ as you think.” It’s always insulting.

On the subject of Cyclonus, he’s whole heartedly afraid of loving Tailgate, not because he doesn’t think he can or because he feels Tailgate doesn’t feel the same, but because Tailgate deserves someone better. This has been touched on a bit in the comic, I think. But I think this also translates into trying to find someone worthy of Tailgate.

Tailgate’s legs sometimes won’t move correctly, stiff and locked is the best way to describe the way they do move. It’s scary for him and he might start to panic and sometimes bots notice and that’s why he’s so often on someone else’s shoulders.

Skids is really in tune with how others feel, but especially with how Swerve is feeling. Sometimes he won’t say anything, but sometimes he’ll straight beat someone if they’ve hurt Swerve. He might end up in the brig.

First Aid has nightmares about shooting Pharma and sometimes has to take Rung’s iPod for him so he can get to sleep.

Ambulon picks at his paint out of a nervous habit and sometimes scratches it too.

Red Alert often uses his iPod at night because HOLY FRAG YOU FUCKERS ARE GROSS AND LOUD SHUT. UP.

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On the Ridge: Imagine Claire explaining to William about the "other" William - Jamie's late older brother Willie; which Jamie overhears and joins to add his own memories/insights. (I obviously love me some William - Jamie stories. I think that relationship has some real potential going forward and am eager to see what you can do with it) Love your work THANKS!!

Homecoming - Part Two

Part One

William followed Claire to the barn with the horses and the wagon.

“I appreciate the offer of a bed for the night,” he said awkwardly, “but I don’t think–”

“Nonsense,” Claire interrupted. “There’s no way I’m letting you wander off and make a camp on your own like that when you’ve already been traveling for Lord knows how long without the comforts of a home. You’re staying at least a few days.”

“A few days?” William made a face of discomfort at the horse poking its head over the door of its stall. The horse snorted with either derision or amusement before burying its muzzle in the bale of hay waiting in the corner. William rolled his eyes and moved on to the second horse while Claire came along behind him and passed in a bucket of water for the hungry creature.

“I know it’s all a bit daunting just now,” she said apologetically. “We weren’t expecting to see Bree and Roger here again.”

“Yes, I seem to recall they were traveling somewhere distant when I met them before.” William was happy to shift the conversation from himself but felt his ears heat at the flash of curiosity he had about Brianna and her family… his sister.

“They had decided to go to France,” Claire confirmed. William looked up, furrowing his brow but Claire was looking at the horse in front of her, reaching out to rub the side of its neck. There was something off about her tone. “The war seemed… inevitable at that point and with the children… They wanted to be as far from whatever was coming and Jamie has family in France––a cousin who’s a wine merchant and one of his nephews as well. We haven’t had much time do discuss what it is that’s brought them back yet… and with no word of warning to us either.”

With the horses settled and the wagon tucked away out of the sun, Claire led William towards the big house.

“If they’re going to be staying here with you for some time, I’d hate to be an added burden,” William insisted, hoping he’d found his way to back out of an extended visit.

“You are not and never will be a burden, William,” Claire told him with firm gentleness. “The children can all share a room easily which will leave a room for Bree and Roger and a room for you. There’s the table in my surgery and even the barn loft if we need more room.”

William peeked his head around one doorway into the small front parlor to one side of the entryway then turned to investigate the larger space opposite.

His eyes widened.

“You can go in and look around if you like,” Claire said from behind him. He could hear the smile in her voice.

He stepped into the room. There was a large rectangular table in the center, long and wide enough for a person to lie down upon without the need to worry about falling to the floor. A large cauldron hung from a hook that could easily be swung over the fire when necessary. Instead of an oven for baking bread built into the bricks, small shelves had been built into the recesses and were lined with pottery containers labeled with various herbs. A desk sat beneath the light of one window and a work bench lined the wall at the other. A single chair was currently tucked into the corner of the room leaving plenty of room for moving about the space. He turned around. Books lined the lower shelves of a the wall next to the doorway while bandages and medical instruments occupied the higher shelves.

“It’s larger than the last surgery Jamie built me,” she informed William.

“He built all this?”

Claire nodded. “Well, he designed it and had help with the construction part. But yes, he built it for me.” She smiled to herself as she ran a palm along the top of her work bench.

“What does that door lead to?” he inquired before he thought of whether the question might be considered prying.

The door was next to the room’s outer wall a foot or so from the hearth.

“That connects this room to Jamie’s study next door.” They had taken to dealing with their work outdoors in the cooler air of the mornings when possible before retreating inside during the heat of the afternoon. It was a comfort to them both to leave the door open between the rooms so they could hear each other moving about; of course, it allowed them additional discretion at other times too, a level of discretion that came in quite handy with Germain and Fanny around the house. “There’s an entrance on the main hall too. The parlor and dining room adjoin similarly and the dining room connects to the kitchen at the back of the house as well.”

William nodded, his eyes still drawn to the closed door that led to Jamie’s personal space. William wondered what books lined his shelves; did he have tokens of his time as a soldier the like his father and Uncle Hal with their dress swords and pistols; what about art on the walls…

“I think I’ll put you in the room over the parlor. It’s furthest from the children,” she explained. “Roger and Bree can have the room next to them. Jamie and I are on the opposite side of the landing so we’ll be fine too.”

“You think they’ll cause trouble?”

“Oh, I know they will,” Claire said with a laugh, turning to leave the surgery for the stairs. “Germain and Jem especially. It won’t take long for them to get reacquainted and both have a knack for it. I shudder to think what they’ll accomplish when they combine their efforts.”

Claire led William to his room opening the windows to air out the space. It hadn’t been used yet and the scent of the sawdust still undercut the sharper odors of the paint Jamie had used on the walls.

“Depending on how the crops do this year, we were talking about looking to order wallpaper for some of these rooms––the parlor and dining room first, but then a few of the rooms up here.” Jamie still had so many plans for the house though he was happily setting them aside to enjoy the fruits of his labors since it had finally become habitable. “You take your time settling in up here. Rest if you need it. I’ll be down in the kitchen fixing something to eat when you’re ready.”

She left him alone then and William spent some time poking around the spare room and wondering what he should do about staying or leaving.

Every inch of him crawled with discomfort at the thought of staying and it made him ashamed to admit it to himself. He knew it was useless to even pretend that being away from Jamie Fraser made it possible to pretend nothing had changed and yet, a piece of him wished that were the case, that he could go back to that time before simply by getting away from the players in that revelation.

But he wasn’t a coward. And he was curious, especially about his sister and what she made of everything. How much did she know? And when had she learned the truth? She must have known when they’d met before.

There was also Fanny to consider. He had no doubt that she was well cared for but he needed to be sure for her sister’s sake and she would want to see him too.

So then, how long did he have to stay until it was no longer impolite to leave? A few days, he decided; a week at most. He should be sure that Dottie settled in with her sister-in-law and… Ian Murray. That was the other reason he wanted desperately to get away. The prospect of encountering Rachel and Ian made his stomach bottom out. He wanted Rachel to be happy and he knew Ian was a good man… but seeing them happy together… He wasn’t sure he was ready for that yet. The longer he stayed, the more likely it became that he would find himself in one or both of their company for some length of time.

He didn’t know how long he’d been up there pacing about and musing to himself but he finally built up the courage to go back downstairs and find Claire.

It must’ve been some time because she had tea, warmed bread with honey, and some heated ham ready for him on a tray set near the hearth in her surgery. The chair from the corner had been pulled over to the table in the middle of the room but she stood at her work table threading curved needles and assembling suture kits for future use.

“It’s tedious work,” she said, looking up into the window where he suddenly became aware of his reflection, “but having these prepared ahead of time can be enough to save a life. You should eat something,” she remarked, setting her work aside to face him.

“I’ll stay but only for a week,” he blurted. “I need to be sure Dottie settles and then I’ll be on my way again. You’ll have enough going on with your daughter and her family.”

“They’re your family too,” Claire insisted, gently. “I know you may not be ready to hear it or to accept it, but it doesn’t change the fact that as far as the rest of us are concerned, you are.”

William walked over to the tray Claire had prepared and lifted it from the floor to the table, wincing at the heat of the handles even as he was relieved to look away from Claire. Her face showed everything she thought––and clearly she thought he was behaving like a petulant and stubborn child––but he also couldn’t shake the impression that she noticed everything about him with her piercing amber eyes. It made him feel like a trapped insect.

“It would mean a lot to Jamie and to Bree if you stayed for a while––start with a week, but please consider staying longer. You might be surprised by how much it grows on you.”

“How much what grows on me?”

“Being a part of a family.”

He looked up at her then. “I have a family. Papa, Uncle Hal and Aunt Minnie… I have my cousins…” But he knew that, while what he said was true, what he’d witnessed between Jamie, Claire, Ian, and the rest of them, however briefly, was different. He gobbled a slice of the honey-soaked bread and enjoyed the feeling of it sticking to the roof of his mouth, preventing him from having to say anything.

“I think you should have a talk with Brianna,” Claire said with a nod and amused smile that confused William. “She reacted about as well as you did when she learned the truth about Jamie being her father.”

William swallowed hard, the honey on the bread sticking to his throat as it went down.

“What do you––She didn’t––Why?”

“I thought Jamie died at Culloden. I was already carrying Bree when it happened… I remarried and he wanted to raise her as his own. It wasn’t until after he died and I learned that Jamie survived that I told her.”

William blinked and reached for the cup of tea. It gave him something to hold while he thought about what she’d told him.

“Is that why it doesn’t bother you? Whatever there was between him and my mother?”

Claire’s expression went hard for a moment and color flooded her cheeks but she took a deep breath before answering and her tone remained controlled. “It does bother me but not for the reasons you think… and some of those reasons as well,” she conceded. “But none of that affects my opinion of you or how I think of you,” she insisted.

“You look at me and see him,” William guessed.

“I look at you and see the son he and I were supposed to have together… the son we would have had together if circumstances had been… more forgiving.” The smile she offered was small and a little sad. “The first time I was pregnant and we discussed baby names, we thought about the name William if it was a boy, for Jamie’s older brother… he died of smallpox when Jamie was just a boy.”

William blinked in surprise but could only think of questions that he knew it would be indelicate to ask. What did she mean by the first time? How many half-siblings did he have?

“Part of me was thrilled when I heard they’d called ye William,” Jamie said from the doorway to the surgery, startling both William and Claire.

She was only half surprised they hadn’t heard him come through the door. William nearly dropped his cup of tea and was profoundly thankful he’d finished the contents. He set it down gently and pushed the rest of the tray away but stayed where he was.

Jamie’s face was flushed from a combination of self-consciousness and the hasty walk out to Ian and Rachel’s followed by his equally hasty walk back.

“I couldna claim ye as mine but knowin’ ye had my brother’s name… it made ye feel a bit more mine nonetheless. I cannae say was it down to me or no, but I called ye Willie every time I saw ye as a babe. As ye grew and yer grandparents and yer aunt and nurses started callin’ ye that too…” Tears pooled in Jamie’s eyes but he held them in check as William and Claire waited. He blinked them back and cleared his throat, looking to Claire for reassurance. “Yer cousin left something behind and I said I’d come fetch it. Ian and Rachel seem pleased to have her and the bairn stay wi’ them as long as she needs. I left Bree and Roger talkin’ with Jenny. I’ll tell ye the rest later tonight, mo nighean donn, and I’m to be sure ye ken ye’re welcome to come and join the festivities tonight too,” he addressed William.

“Thank the Murrays for me,” William said stirring from his spot at the central table, “But I think I’m going to go up for the night a bit early. I’ve been pushing myself to keep vigilant with Dottie and the baby. Between that and Minnie’s crying in the night, I’m afraid I’m dead on my feet.”

Jamie stepped back from the doorway to let William pass and head up the stairs.

Claire was at his side and squeezing his hand until they heard the bedroom door close above them.

“He’s agreed to stay at least a week,” Claire whispered. “And I’m pretty sure he’ll reach out to Bree.”

Jamie nodded and then his lips twitched. “He’ll have a devil of a time trying to avoid her if he doesn’t.”

Claire felt the chuckle rattle through Jamie’s chest as he pulled her against him and rested his chin on her head.

The Knowledge of the King and Night - Blind!Ignis x Reader

Ohh I got so much motivation from so many things, music put me in a fluffy mood, @blindbae gave me the idea for an Ignis write aaaaaAAA it was so cute and fun to write Im-
Gahh I hope this is okay

Word count: 1,257 words


The house was silent besides the sound of breakfast being made. Ignis was up early, as usual, preparing breakfast for himself and his love. He wore an apron over a button down shirt and pants, currently scrambling eggs.

Although he could see anything, he still made the most wonderful meals, almost as if he had a cooking sixth sense. Everything in his life was in a specific order, which helped him as well. His other senses, like sound and touch helped the most as well.

Once he heard the familiar creak of the floor connecting the kitchen to the living room, he set down the bowl of eggs. “Good morning, love.” He spoke softly. You walked over to him and hugged him, tighter than usual. He seemed a little surprised at first, but simply brushed it off. “Are you ready to eat? All I have left is to make the eggs.” Ignis questioned, turning back to his work.

“Yeah, starving. Did we ever get the mail from yesterday?” You asked, pouring yourself a cup of milk.

“Yes. There was nothing important. The newspaper is on the table.” He handed you the mail from next to him.

You began to drink your milk, looking through the mail. “Iggy, I can’t see how you can possibly drink your coffee black.” You stated, eyeing the cup next to him. A soft grin rested on his lips.

“After you drink it for such a long time, it doesn’t taste bitter anymore.” He said as you handed him the creamer. He put it back in the exact same place it was.

“Do you need any help, Iggy?” You asked, he just began to fry the eggs.

“Not right now, my dear.” He replied simply.

You hummed in response, your hands running up your sides. “Hey, Iggy?”

“Yes dear?” You could tell he was fully paying attention to you now. The nervousness in your tone got to him.

“So, I figured we needed to talk about… things.” You began, your hands rubbed together, a nervous habit of yours.

“Is something the matter?” He kissed your head, his hand running along your side. A sweet smile tug at his lips.

“No, nothings wrong. I mean, everything is great! It’s just… I need to know how you feel, you know?” You looked over at him. “Our relationship is amazing, I’m really glad that we moved in together, and that we have our lives a specific way. I don’t want any of that to change, but…”

“But?” Ignis seemed afraid to see where this was going.

“Ignis. I… I’m pregnant.” Your voice was much smaller and quieter than intended, you were almost afraid of his reaction.

He was silent. The eggs were beginning to burn. He was frozen. You could see him analyzing the situation, but what was going through his mind?

Slowly, he turned the burner off and turned to you. His hands moved to your stomach, which made you giggle. “We’re going to have a child…?” It seemed to just register in his head.

“Yeah. You’re going to be a father, and I’m going to be a mother.” You whispered. His lips turned into a smile. You swore you saw a tear run down his face.

“A child… I never thought I’d see the day.” He murmured, kissing your temple. “How far along are you?”

“I guess almost two months.” You breathed with relief.

He suddenly wrapped his arms around you, embracing you and hiding his face in the crook of your neck, he was shaking? He was overjoyed, he was crying and thanking the gods for this gift.

Two months later, once Prompto and Gladio heard the news, they were always over, helping with turning the guest room into a baby room, suggesting names and what they are going to look like. Prompto offered to help you pick out their clothes.

Months passed with this daily routine, both you and Ignis enjoyed the other boy’s visits, but it wore the two of you out completely. One night, just as they were about to leave, you came stumbling out of your bedroom, holding onto your stomach.

“My water-” You couldn’t even get the words out before Prompto and Gladio had begun to push you and Iggy to the car. You were sweating and in pain, Ignis’s nerves were everywhere, scattered beyond belief. He held your hands as Prompto drove to the hospital, whispering sweet words to you.

Hours passed. They got you to the hospital successfully and you were rushed into labor. The three boys sat in the waiting room, Gladio and Prompto trying to pull Ignis together. His hands were shaking, he thought so many good things and so many bad things. He sat silently though.

It felt like an eternity before they were called back to see you and the baby. Everything was okay. Ignis’s heart was still racing, however. He was going to meet his child.

Ignis was the first to enter, Prompto led him over to where you lay. His hands ran up your arms and to your face, still shaking.

“Iggy, it’s okay. Everything is fine.” You whispered soothingly. It was taking everything to not break down right there. “Do you want to hold him?”

Him? The baby was a boy. Oh gods, he had a son. He nodded. The nurses handed the child to Ignis, and he immediately ran his thumb across his son’s chubby cheeks. Prompto and Gladio gathered around him.

“Hey, he has green eyes like yours!” Prompto said. Ignis sighed, as if he hadn’t been breathing this whole time.

“What else?” Ignis murmured.

“He has a nose like his mother’s, his hair is about the same color as yours though.” Gladio was quiet as well.

“He’s adorable, Iggy!” Prompto laughed. Ignis heard the click of his camera.

His son began to whine a little bit, asking to go back to his mother. “He’s just hungry, that’s all.” One of the nurses whispered. She gently took the baby and placed him back in your arms.

“Iggy. They want to know his name.” You whispered, reaching out and taking his name.

He nodded and cleared his throat. “Noctis Regis Scientia.” He said, his voice wavering just a little.

A year passed, at Noctis’s first birthday, he was already walking. His hair was soft like yours, but the same color as Ignis’s. He had the same chiseled lips as Ignis and a nose like yours. He was a little rascal, but loved the two of you so much.

Constantly, he felt Ignis’s scar, his face full of wonder. “You’ll know what that is when the time comes.” Ignis would always whisper to Noctis.

Prompto and Gladio were at his first birthday as well, bringing gifts and toys that Noctis absolutely loved. Hearing his child’s laugh made Ignis’s heart swell. Iris brought him toy sword and a small Moogle plush, which he fell in love with at first sight. Just like his mother.

Cor even stopped by, bringing a Chocobo plush, which Noctis also loved.

Ignis sat there, feeling his son climbing on his back. He turned and pulled Nocts into his lap, tickling and blowing raspberries into his stomach. Truthfully, thats about the most playful any of them have seen. You could see it in his face, he loved this boy to pieces.

You scooted over next to him and kissed his cheek. “This is the best decision I’ve ever made.” You whispered softly, the corner of his lips tugging up into a smile.

“My best decision was meeting you.”

A late night essay on relationships

Communication is key. So much of the relationship advice I give on here ends just boiling down to “Just talk to them.” If you can’t open up a dialogue about things that are bothering you with your significant other then it’s going to be rough. It’s much, much easier to talk things out before it turns into a fight or a big issue. 

Relationships are work. That honeymoon period doesn’t last forever and the sun won’t always shine out of your partner’s ass. It’s important to talk about your goals and what you both really want before things progress too far. I’m not saying ask them what color napkins they want at your wedding on the second date, but don’t be hesitant to talk about what you need out of a relationship early on. 

I understand it can be hard to even really know what you want and what’s important to you in a relationship. Really the only way to figure that out is trial and error. Sometimes it takes getting totally fucked over and getting your heart shattered to figure out what you need from a relationship, or sometimes breaking someone else’s heart and getting out of a relationship that isn’t working for you. Life is messy sometimes. 

Now, let’s talk about compromise. Relationships are a two way street, you have to decide what points you’re flexible on and where you aren’t. Ultimately you want to be with someone who loves you for you, but lets face it, we all have our annoying habits and quirks. Sometimes you’ve just got to be honest and say, “Babe, it bothers me you do _____” Try to be diplomatic and not accusatory, and when your partner comes to you with their concerns don’t take it as a personal attack but as a chance to grow.

Like I said before, relationships are work and require effort from both parties to shine. Mutual respect and support is vital. My mother once told me, “Never sleep on an argument.” If you have to hash it out until midnight hash it out and you’ll be better off for it in the morning.

An arrow for you

I honestly wasn’t sure if you want me to write this based on the Arrow series or like comic wise but I just used what I know! There might even be some discrepancies but for the sake of the request, hope you don’t mind! It’s also short too – it would have been shorter if it wasn’t for the extra bit that I decided to add. Thank you for sending in this request and sorry it took a while for me to post it up! Hope you enjoy!

Requested by: @welcometothislittleplace

Okay! My idea for an imagine was an Oliver Queen x reader - as you may have guessed by now :) -where the reader(member of team arrow) gets  hurt during a mission(maybe a knee injury or something) and she(or he) has to go trough surgery because of it and Oliver becomes very worried and protective!

Swallowing an aggravated sigh, Oliver draws in a deep breath and counted to ten before slowly releasing it – he honestly didn’t think things would go this bad. If he had only been more careful and listened to the advice of his team, this would not have happened and you would not have ended up in surgery.

“Oliver, she’ll be fine.” Felicity places her hand on his shoulder and Oliver lets out another sigh before looking at his friend. “We have the best doctors on her right now.” She tries to reassure him but Oliver simply shrugs off her hand from his shoulder and run a hand through his hair.

“If I had been a little bit more careful, Y/N would not have to go through surgery.” Oliver grunts, annoyed by his own careless mistake. You had taken that arrow for him and ended up getting gravely injured because of that arrow too. So of course, if he had been paying more attention to his surrounding, you probably would not have been in this situation. Now, all he can do is just wait for your surgery to end.

“You and I both know that even if you had been a little more careful,” Felicity starts, narrowing her eyes at Oliver, “Y/N would have still taken that arrow for you, Oliver!” She knows of your feelings for him – Felicity has tried to get you to confess your feelings to Oliver but you have always chickened out at the very last minute – and of course, you will take that arrow for him although you probably did not expect to have to go through surgery. “You are just distraught right now – how about you go grab a coffee and get something to eat first?” But before Oliver could even open his mouth to reply, Felicity shakes her head. “This is not a suggestion but an order, Oliver.”

Oliver relents. He knows he wouldn’t be able to see you until you get out of the surgery anyway. So he leaves the waiting area and heads down to the cafeteria, ignoring the group of people turning their heads whenever they see him. He spends over an hour trying to get his thoughts sorted out too. The media is really going to eat this up too – just another day in the life of Oliver Queen. 


“I was worried about you, Y/N.” Oliver frowns as he scoots his chair closer to your bed and you chuckle as you shake your head. “It’s nothing to laugh about.”

You shrug your shoulders – you have only been out of surgery for at least an hour – or so, you’d like to think – and you have seen almost all of your teammates too. Felicity managed to let it slip to you about how worried Oliver had been and hearing those words coming from his mouth made you feel a little bit giddy too.

“Even if you could rewind time, I will still do the same thing.” You simply state and held your hand out. Oliver raises one of his eyebrows but places his hand in yours anyways. You smile at him and continue to hold his hand.

“We need to have a talk about that habit of yours – I really don’t need any saving.” Oliver points out but you shush him instead, closing your eyes.

“I am going to pretend you didn’t say anything, Oliver.” You let out a yawn and pull your blanket up to your chin, revealing your cast. “I am going to take a nap now.” You tell him and Oliver chuckles before tightening the hold he has on your hand.

Leave it to you to make things lighter than it actually is, Oliver smiles and continues to sit beside you, watching you take your nap. It’s a little bit comforting to know that the two of you will be alright.

One Truth

Religion-(Latin: religare- Union)  means that institutional realization of the existence of God,The Creator, and one’s relationship to it. Its your union with divinity.

Theology- ( Latin equivalent, theologia, as “reasoning or discussion concerning the Deity” )means the attempts of men to ascribe personality, qualities, and characteristics to it; their theories regarding its affairs, will, desires, plans, and designs, and their assumption of the office of “ middle-men” between The Creator and the people.

Philosophy- means the inquiry after knowledge of things knowable and thinkable.

Metaphysics- means the attempt to carry the inquiry over and beyond the boundaries and into regions unknowable and unthinkable, and with the same tendency as that of Theology.

Consequently, both Religion and Philosophy means that things have roots in Reality. While Theology and Metaphysics have roots in man made fantasy of things not able to be known, but given a feeble attempt to make sense.

Now that we have a foundation of meaning we can now speak on Religious belief in the Creator.

If Religion means belief in the existence of a Higher Power and Theology is our attempt to make sense of it …then is there a need for a middle man or religious dogma?

This is something I have been asking myself for sometime now. What am I?? or more to the point what religious belief system am I associated with?? I have children and I want to bring them up with the Love of the Creator but not in the context of religious dogma.

I realized that this is my Ego wanting to latch onto something. I am of a Christian background as is my wife. So coming from this system I feel the need to identify with a group. The New Age movement I felt might be the closest. After some thought, this is actually a cult or the beginning of a religion. They speak about the “path”, “the Law of Attraction” and “good vibrations” but I feel they are doing a grave injustice to the teachings that stem from Hermetic and Kabbalah schools of thought. There is no talk of God only channeled higher beings bringing messages. In reality there is no such group, only a school of religious philosophy that aligns your soul with your true purpose. 

See we are creatures of habit. It feels comfortable to go to Church on Sunday. Kneel, sit , kneel, sit ,listen to the sermon, sing, pass the plate, go up for communion … and TADA your soul is saved. HUH?! No work is required? No feeling or genuine prayer from the heart is needed?  The meaning to the ritual is lost in the mundane. We go up like zombies and think that if we say 5 Hail Mary prayers we are absolved of sin.

The other misconception is that we need a savior. Why? Jesus teaches us how to act and to leave worldly goods in order to get to heaven. He also stated on more than one occasion that “..The father is within me and me in the Father…” This is to illustrate that we all have The Creator within us. We are here to learn what it means to be human. There is only the repenting of the sin within our minds. The Devil mind.

We dont need someone to stand up on a pulpit and give us “his/her” interpretation of holy text. With a bit of reason and life experience we can read it and come to our own conclusion. This goes for all religions. Religions, or more importantly religious texts, are to be lived, read, experienced as a spring board to higher understanding. One cant grow if one does not think for himself.

It’s called a habit for a reason. I say this because we follow like sheep without ever know why we do it. “Well my dad is a (insert religion) and so is my father and his father….its just what we do.” I for one decided to think for myself so I share my understanding with all of you. The 1st step is to question. But we are not to question the Law of our chosen Deity now are we? Yes you are. For we have free will.

So I believe in One Creator, One Omnipresent Omnipotent being above all human and natural laws. This being manifests when it wants in the form of the masculine and feminine aspects of duality. This being we call God. A being that descends to us to guide us along a forgotten path. A path in which our souls choose to experience this unconsciousness in order to learn how to return back with knowledge of the Creator. We are to use holy books as a way to understand what we cant really comprehend for many half truths are displayed in plain sight. It is up to us to decipher via our personal experience. We are to use all tools provided to us.{Tarot,Cosmology,Crystals,Alchemy, other religious texts.etc} Do not think this or that is blaspheme or pagan. With the proper usage of these tools we are to go into our heart and feel God. Use the Laws of Nature and the Golden Rule to live a pious life of giving. Live with the intent to give back to others and in turn raise the vibration of love within you to come closer to The Creator. For I have no tie to any one religious dogma. I only wish to come closer to The Creator and to give back the love which is ever filling the cup of my physical being.

May you find the answers to your questions that you put forth with loving intent.

Namaste <3

I’m not hungry // Conor Maynard

Requested by @conormaynardismylife y/n  started eating less and when she does it’s like rabbit food then on her birthday she wouldn’t have cake and Conor is worried

You were at Conor’s flat waiting from him to return from the studio, you’d been really down all day and all you wanted to do was have cuddles and kisses from Conor. To pass the time you were looking through Instagram, clicking on your favourite photo of you and Conor you started reading through the comments.

Usually you were a glass half full, positive kind of person and just ignored any negative comments but today you were drawn to them. Instead of being cheered up and reassured like you craved you were being brought down even more.

“Look at her staring at that pizza, I bet she loves it more than Conor”

“She doesn’t deserve Conor, if he’s not careful she may eat him”

“She’s such a fatty, I swear she’s eating something every time I see her”

There was one type of comment that caught your attention, the ones mentioning your weight or your eating habits. You weren’t overweight, in fact you were nowhere near overweight but you had always been insecure about how you looked. Most people were surprised about how much you ate for someone so small but you’d always been that way as you had very high metabolism and were always very active so you needed the energy.

After reading so many hateful comments you decided that maybe they were right, you did eat too much and that needed to change. After all, if his fans were thinking that maybe he was thinking the same thing and if Conor left you then you wouldn’t know what to do anymore.

“Y/N?” Conor shouted out as he walked into his apartment an hour or so later.

“In here,” you replied, quickly wiping the tears off your face and making yourself look presentable before he entered the room.

“Hey,” he said softly sitting on the bed next to you and clasping your hand, “I’m sorry it took me so long, I got stuck at the studio. I’m sorry you lost your job baby”

“It’s not fair Conor, I don’t know what I did wrong,” you choked out before breaking down into tears.

“Hey, hey it’s okay,” he soothed you and pulled you into him where you sobbed into his neck. “I’ve got something that’ll cheer you up,” he told you a few minutes later when your sobs had started to die down.

He walked out of the room and a few moments later he returned with a pizza from your favourite Italian. As much as you wanted to take the pizza you told yourself that you must resist otherwise you’ll never change, “I’m not hungry Con.”

“What? You never turn down pizza,” Conor stated clearly confused.

“I don’t want it, can I just have cuddles instead?” you asked trying to get him to drop the subject, he should be happy you were finally cutting down anyway.

“Oh okay, of course,” he put the pizza on the floor and climbed under the covers next to you, tightly wrapping his arms around you and kissing your forehead softly.


It’d been a few weeks since you’d started to cut down on what you were eating, your friends kept questioning your behaviour but they just assumed it was due to the stress of you losing your job and Conor had been too busy at the studio during the day so he hadn’t really noticed yet.

You looked up from your phone when you heard the door open and saw Conor standing in front of you holding a bag which was from one of the food places he liked to get food from when he was in the studio.

“What are you doing here?” You asked wondering why he wasn’t still in the studio like he usually was at 1 pm.

“Charming, nice to see you too. I came to have lunch with my favourite girl because I haven’t seen you enough lately” he told you sweetly and kissed your cheek before sitting next to you and pulling the food out.

You looked at the food in front of you searching for something small to eat to avoid Conor becoming suspicious. Your eyes settled on the salad and you picked it up.

Conor gave you an odd look as he saw you picking at the salad, “Are you okay babe? Do you fell ill or something?” he asked concerned and placed his hand on your forehead to check for a temperature.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling too good,” you told him playing along, this would be a great excuse and you maybe you could finally spend some time with him if he thought you were ill.

“Awe baby, how about I take the rest of the day off to look after you. That sound good?” You nodded in response and he pulled you into a cuddle.

It had been 2 months now since you had started eating less and your lack of food had become noticeable along with your ribs. Conor had now become very suspicious and he was getting increasingly worried every time he saw you eat or to be exact saw how little you ate. Today was your birthday and Conor apparently had a surprise that he’d been sorting out for the last hour leaving you confined in your room.

The bedroom door opened and Conor entered carrying a birthday cake and singing happy birthday at the top of his lungs.

“Make a wish.” He whispered in your ear and you blew out the candles. He produced a fork from his pocket and handed it to you, “dig in, I made it myself and it turned out quite well if I do say so myself” he told you with a proud smile etched on his face.

“No thanks Con, I’m not very hungry” you mumbled handing the fork back to him.

Conor sighed and put the cake down on the bedside table, “Y/N/N, we need to talk”

Your breathing quickened fearing that he was breaking up with you and he finally saw what his fans saw, “Please don’t break up with me,” you blurted out in panic and you quickly reached for his hand, holding onto it as tight as possible.

“I’m not breaking up with you babe, I’m talking about your eating habits. At first I didn’t want to say anything because I assumed it was stress or something but I’m worried Y/N. You’ve lost too much weight and you’re practically eating nothing, I’m pretty sure Anna’s pet rabbit eats more than you do” he returned the grip on your hand and looked into your eyes.

“I’m sorry Conor. I was just taking your fan’s advice, I thought it may make you love me more.” You sobbed. Tears started to stream down your face and Conor pulled you into him.

“Shhhh, it’s okay” he comforted you while rubbing your back, as you continually mumbled sorry into his neck. “You shouldn’t have listened to them baby, you’re perfect just the way you are and there’s nothing you could do to make me love you anymore because I already love you way too much.”

You moved back so you could look into his eyes, “Promise?”

“I promise, now let’s get some food into you” he grabbed the cake and fork from the side handing it to you.

You spent the rest of the day in bed with Conor, cuddling and making up for the food you’d neglected for the last 2 months.

You Can't Escape Yourself. (PART 1.5)

Summary: After being a SHIELD agent for 3 years Y/n has a pretty great life but after being shot and a last second call Y/n wakes up to a way more complicated life and instead of simply being an Agent of SHIELD she becomes an Avenger.

Pairing: BuckyXfemale!Reader

Warning: Swearing

A/n: So this part was for a different writing but I decided to make this apart of this series. I don’t know if I did a good job of mixing the stories but here goes nothing hey

*All photos and gifs found on google


The Avenger’s senses were high once they realized what was going on with you. Natasha quickly got over to Tony and pushed him towards Steve who grabbed his arm and gave him a death glare that told him not to even try to escape. “Really Tony.” she said shaking her head. Soon the building started to shake while you cried. “Hey Y/n, are you doing this?” Natasha asks looking around at the pictures that were crashing to the ground. 

“Yes. I can’t_ I don’t know what to do.” you sob out trying to stop, trying everythign in your power to stop. “Hey breath okay.” Natasha says smiling, but you simply shake your head.
“You can’t let me take this building down. YOu have to stop me please. I_ I can’t stop it I’m not strong enough.” you say looking at the Avengers who all looked at eachother looking for ideas, soon Bucky took a step towards you.
“Hey Y/n. I will only do this if you are okay with it but,” he kneeled down by your side and whispered something in your ear and you quickly nodded and with that he got up and turned around only to send his fist flying towards your head knocking you out.

After waking up it took you a while to figure out where you were, a SHIELD interrogation room, You had been in one of these many times before, but you weren’t used to being the one hand cuffed to the table. It wasn’t long before the door opened wide and Steve Rogers walked in.
“Hey Y/n. How are you feeling?” Steve asks sitting in the chair across from you.
“How am I feeling? Like a prisoner.” you say dryly, you had justed started to feel the affects of Bucky’s punch on you head, and it was killing you but you weren’t going to show any sign of it. It wasn’t your intention to come out mean but you knew the process you knew that you would be under surveillance for the rest of your life, and who even knew how long you would have to stay here.
“Y/n you need to understand that we just want to protect people from your powers.” you felt your heart drop you always knew what your powers were capable of but to hear somebody say that out loud it hurt, “and we want to protect you.” Steve says smiling at you.
You looked down, you had never thought about taking care of yourself, you were always worried about protecting others you had never thought about how much you had kept to yourself. “I..” you tried to say but you couldn’t think of anything to say. Steve smiled than stood up.
“Hey the next time that door opens, there will be food coming through it I promise, and with that you were left alone in your thoughts.

~45 minutes later
Soon the door opened again and Peter walked in.
“Hi um I was told to come and bring you lunch.” Peter says awkwardly walking over to you, he set down a sandwich and an apple with a glass of water.
“Thank you.” you mummbled looking at the food.
“Your welcome.” Peter says looking at the two way mirror. he than sat down awkwardly in the chair across from you. “So what can you do with your powers.” Peter mummbles out.
“I_ I mean from what I know so far. I can control the weather.“you say softly.
"Wait so like you could make it rain in like a desert?” Peter asks intrigued. You nod and let out a small smile. “That’s so cool I mean Thor can make it rain and cause a thunder and lightening storm but you can control all of the weather. Not that Thor’s powers aren’t cool, but I mean Thor is very cool he is amazing. But your powers. I mean your powers are very amazing.” Peter says smiling.
“Thank you.” you chuckles slightly.
“Yeah. Well I guess I’ll see you around. I mean_ I’ll come see you again. Not that I like seeing you in here but_ um.” Peter stands up and walks over to the door. “Um… bye Y/n.” and with that Peter was gone. 

~2 hours later
The door opens again this time Bruce comes in a smile on his face.
“Hey Y/n. If you don’t mind I would like to draw a blood sample from you.” Bruce says lifting up his small suitcase slightly.
“Yeah of course.” you say rolling up your sleeve, Bruce smiled and nodded at you.
“Thank you.” Bruce says putting the bag down on the table and pulling out a needle.
“You are wondering what we are going to do with you?” Bruce asks looking at you and smiling again.
“Well I was apart of SHIELD I know the basics of what to expect.” you say smiling at him. You were alone in a locked room with a man that could kill you with one hit.
“Yes of course. It must be hard. I mean I am impressed with you. I kept the hulk hidden but not into your extent of nobody knowing. How did you do that?” Bruce asks studying the veins in your arms now.
“Well I was always trained to handle any situation that came my way. So when this came up I did what was best for everybody. I got rid of my stressful, and emotional job and used my hacking abilities to do my other job, and next I got rid of everybody in my life so that I knew for certain I wouldn’t hurt anybody I cared about.” you say looking at him while he got the needle ready to put in your arm. Once he came over to you he steadied your arm and pushed the needle into you.
“Well Miss Y/L/N. Thank you for this blood sample.” Bruce says putting your blood into the bag again, and with that he was gone, and you were alone again letting your thoughts travel into anything that they could that didn’t involve the Avengers, your powers, or SHIELD.

~10 minutes later
When the door opened this time two people walked in, the twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Wanda gave you a small wave while Pietro rushed over and sat down in one of the chairs acrossed from you.
“Hi, Y/n. It’s alright that I call you Y/n right?” Pietro asks, and you nod.
“That’s my name.” you say feeling yourself get nervous.
“No need to worry, we aren’t here to hurt you.” Wanda says.
“But how? I mean you can’t use your powers in here.” you say looking at her you had obviously tried. But it was mainly to pass time if anything. She smiled and Pietro let out a low chuckle.
“I don’t need my powers to realize when somebody get’s nervous. We all have out little habits when we get nervous, I mean right now your tapping your foot just so you don’t have another melt down.” she says pointing to your foot which was in fact tapping, you stopped and looked down.
“So your powers how did you get them?” Pietro asked, you had realized what they were doing by now, sending one by one or in this case two in to talk to you. Try to get a little more information about your powers, how you got them, what they could do, what they’re limits were, and you could answer most but there were some you had no clue how to answer.
“Well. I don’t know the official way that I got them. But my biggest bet was my friend Rick. He was telling me about a syrum he was working on. It was going to be a_ a second try of a super soldier syrum. But I got shot. From the footage that we could retreve from the hospital, he was the last person in my room before the building… before I…” you stopped talking and looked to the ground.
“You couldn’t control it. You were unconcious, and you hadn’t had powers before. When me and Pietro first got our powers, we could barley control ourselves.” Wanda says smiling and softly touching your arm comfortingly.
“We should get going. It is our turn to cook dinner.” Pietro says before shouting “The last one there has to do the dishes afterwards.” he says running off, while Wanda got up and cursed at him.

~6 minutes later
Natasha walked in and sat down without saying a word. Infact she sat down and watched you for about 10 minutes. You felt very awkward and a little vulnerable. Sure you knew you weren’t here to impress anybody, but here sat a very beautiful and sexy woman and you in your sweats and tank top looking like god knows what.
“Tony is in a holding cell right now.” she says studying your reaction, which was nothing. Yes Natasha was one of SHIELDs best assassins but you were one of SHIELDs best hackers, you might’ve had different jobs but you were trained the same way. “He attacked you and now he has to live with the consequences.” she says shrugging. “But you. You had been out of SHIELD for 4 years, and not one person could say they knew about these powers.” you nodded and she sighed. “So tell me Agent Y/n how are we supposed to know if you didn’t caused any damage or killed anybody?” Natasha says, and you looked down.
“Look when I heard about my hospital crashing down I was devistated, but when I figured out that I was the one to cause it. I can’t even find a word to explain the pain I felt. I never asked for these powers. I never wanted them.” you say feeling tears sting your eyes. Natasha nodded. 

“Tony wants to talk to you. If you will let him. Me and Sam will be in here with him just for precaution. We know that he didn’t mean to come at you at your apartment he was tired, and under a lot of pressure. So if you don’t want to see him you don’t have to but if you are alright Sam will bring him in here.” Natasha says and you nodded. You might as well get all the interigations from the team over with. Soon Sam and Tony walked in.
“Hello Miss Y/L/N.” Tony mummbles not able to look you in your eyes. “I am aware of my actions towards you the other day, and I don’t know what happen, but I take full responsibility towards everything that happen last night.” you nod but don’t say anything. You can tell at this moment that all of the other avengers are watching you from the other side of the glass.
“I-” you start but don’t know how to continue. “Mr Stark. I am not going to blame you for this.” you say suprising yourself a little. “I had been hiding this for 4 years of my life and it was bound to come out so. It came out in front of the Avengers. Better you guys than in my work building, or apartment building, with nobody there to stop me.” You say calmly.
“Y/n why did you hide?” Sam asks, and everybody turned to look at him, everybody except you, you looked down a small wave of guilt washing over you.
“I_ I didn’t know who to go to. I mean I turn to SHIELD and I would become a science experiment, if I turned to the gouvernment I would be used as a weapon. My family and Friends would have been terrified. So I kept it a secret not wanting to hurt anybody, not wanting to scare anybody.” you say a tear escaping your eye,
soon the 3 avengers left and you were now alone again. Waiting for the next Avenger to come in.

~2 hours later
You hear the door creak open but you don’t look at who comes in. Until a metal hand puts down a plate of pasta. “Here, dinner.” Bucky says walking back out, you started to eat the cheesy creation when the door opens again and Bucky walks back over his own plate in his hand.
“I thought, maybe you might want some comapny.” Bucky says sitting down across from you, you sat and ate in silence for a moment.
“You know your pretty brave.” Bucky puts another bite into his mouth while you gave him a puzzled look, “most people wouldn’t of let me knock them out.”
“Oh so you mean to say I was pretty stupid.” you say softlly and he lets out a chuckle suprising you.
“It shows how much you cared. I couldn’t have done that.” he says getting up and walking around while eatting his pasta.
“Yeah well I’m a special kind of stupid.” you say jokingly and to your suprise he smiles. The winter soldier just smiled you thought, and it had reached his eyes, it was absolutely stunning. You shook yourself from your thoughts. Soon the two of you fell into an easy conversation that wasn’t about SHIELD, it wasn’t about your powers, it was just about your life and what was going on. Bucky had made a funny comment when you started laughing, that’s when your head let out a massive pain that was impossible to ignore. Once you stopped laughing and you flinched in pain Bucky, stopped talking and looked at you.
“I’ll bring you some asprin.” Bucky says looking at your bruise, he hadn’t meant to hit you so hard and once his hand hit your head he regretted it, but knew it had to be done the shaking stopped and they had all yelled at him especially Steve who kept reminding him that he shouldn’t do something like that without warning. “I’m sorry for hitting you that hard."Bucky said finally taking his eyes off of your bruise.
"It’s okay you did what you needed to do.” you say.
“You really were a SHIELD agent.” he says winking at you. You felt the heat rise in your cheeks and cursed under your breath.
“So I guess I’ll see you after I get that asprin.” Bucky says grabbing your empty plate and leaving the room.

~Avengers POV
Bucky walked back into the kitchen, chuckling to himself. 

“Hey Bucky. What did you figure out with Y/n?” Natasha asks everybody turning towards him to listen to him. 

“Did you know that she grew up in Texas? DId you know that her favorite color is Y/F/C? Did anybody ask her about anything other than her powers?” Bucky asks and everybody looked down. “I think the one person that didn’t scare her was Peter and well Peter isn’t scary.” Bucky says pointing to the boy whose eyes were now wide. 

“Hey!” Peter said offended, although the whole team was now nodding in agreeance. 

“Look I was in Hydra for a long time. I never had a friend. I had people who wanted me to become a weapon. SO if you guys want to be better than Hydra, than she needs to know that she can trust us.” Bucky says putting your plate into the sink, and grabbing a cup and some asprin. All the Avengers took in the sight of the newly founded avenger taking asprin to Y/n.

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Telling tom you’re pregnant Part 1

Originally posted by letlovebyourenergy

Hey everyone, this is my first try and I would like some feedback on it. The complete truth please ^^ Hope you guys enjoy it and please tell me if you are interested in a second part :) And please forgive my englisch it’s gotten a bit rusty from not using it in a long time.

Part 2 Part 3

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of feelings since you started dating Tom. But you have been best friends even longer so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when you two announced your relationship.However you still had a part-time long distance relationship and your marriage didn’t change that. After all you had nine to five job to attend and being high on the career ladder yourself didn’t allow you to come along that often.But still you missed him dearly and were somehow a little mad at him for not being home when you were off. But at least you had a fantastic dinner last night before he went to the airport this morning.
Or so you thought, but apparently the steak you had last night wasn’t as good to you as you hoped. Or you shouldn’t have eaten it, knowing that your stomach has been weird the last couple of weeks.
Anyway you were home alone nothing to do and had time to get better without any interruptions. The only thing you did (besides Binge watching your favorite show) was talking to Tom in the evening. He would call every night at 9 and would ask you how your day was.
And you would always answer:
“The same as yesterday but with less nausea”

“Still my darling ? I wish I could be there and take care of you”

“That’s nice of you my love. But I took care of myself before you were there and I’m sure I’m still as grown up for it” you teased him with the biggest grin on your face.

“Oh I bet but you know what ?”

“What?” you said.

“I bet that when I get home that attitude of yours is all gone and you will beg me to get you everything you want”

“Oh really?” You said, your voice full of fake shock.

“Yes really.”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart.”

“But I do.”

“Yeah we will see. Anyway how was your day?”

“Busy and it’s going to stay that way. Which brings me to something we need to talk about…”

Now you were nervous but you knew what was coming. You let out a sigh and started chewing on your lips. A habit of yours before hearing something you don’t want to hear. Tom always noticed it and smiled that loving smile and would kiss you instead, to stop you from chewing too much. But he couldn’t this time.

“You’re trying to tell me, that you’re not coming back next week.” You said with a sad tone in your voice.

“I’m afraid so (Y/N/N)” he sighed on the other end of the phone and you knew it was harder on him than on you.

“Well I already bought everything to bake your favorite cake. I’ll still bake it and eat it myself then.”

You said trying to make the situation a little less depressing. He chuckled at that and you could actually hear the smile through the phone.

“I knew that you would say that.”

“Still reading me like a book aren’t you Mr. Hiddleston?”

“You don’t make it hard Mrs. Hiddleston”

Butterflies erupted in your stomach as he mentioned that and you rubbed the wedding ring on your left ring finger. But you had to get serious again.

“So what does that mean? How long ?”

“Another 2-3 weeks my love.”

This made you both sigh at the same time and then chuckle always amazed at how similar you are to one another.

“Okay so we will make the best of it. Which means business for you and I will meet your mom and my family and then business for me again next week. And then we will already be back together and I can start annoying you to make up for the weeks prior.”

“You know, how much I adore it, that you always see the bright side of everything ?” he laughs.

“I know and I adore that one can make you laugh so easily.”

“Just you my love, just you.”

You talked for another half hour and then hung up and you got ready for bed.But the night wasn’t the way you would’ve liked it to be. You were restless and felt nauseous the whole night which meant you were super tired in the morning.

And after spending the whole day not being able to move and throwing up everything you tried to eat, you decided that it would be a good idea to go to the doctor the next day.In the evening you told Tom about it and you knew he was worried and asked you to keep you updated on everything.

“Anyway, I’m officially coming back the 10th. Just for you information so you have enough time to buy everything for my cake.”

At the word of food a wave of nausea hit you and you were barely able to keep it down.

“Please don’t talk about food Tom. Not now, but that’s great to hear.”

“I’m sorry love. I have to hang up, go get some rest and I can’t wait to see you on the 10th.”

“See you on the 10th darling”

You hung up and went to bed. But in the middle of the night you shot up in bed, not helping your nausea but you just remembered something. The 10th was in 2 weeks and usually you should have had to be on your period by now cause you always have it in the first two weeks of the month. You scrambled out of bed and into the living room where you have your purse. You fished out your calendar and started counting. And to your surprise you were almost 3 weeks over.You slowly walk back to your bed and lay down and start thinking about it and a smile is creeping up on your face.The next day the doctor just confirms what you were thinking and you couldn’t be happier. But you had two weeks to think about how to tell Tom. You would definitely not tell him over the phone but how should you do it?

In the evening he was calling again and asked what the doctor said.
“A stomach bug, so just rest for me and I will probably call in sick next week at work if it’s not better by then.”
“Oh darling, let’s hope you get better by the time I’m home.”
“I think I will be by then. Don’t worry about it love.”
You said and hoped that he wouldn’t catch the lie. You kept talking about his day and the rest of yours and how much you miss each other.
“Darling I thought about it and how about we have Dinner at our favorite restaurant, when I get home? Only if you’re better by then.”
“Sounds like a plan.” You said as an idea came up in your mind.

Hey Big A... SEASON 7- ARIA IS STILL A ( Not a theory just a few observations and several questions will never get answers too)
  • EPISODE 4: Hit and Run, Run, Run

Mona helps the liars A/AD/ARIA seems really annoyed that she did this. 

Aria: Do you make it a habit of inserting yourself into other peoples’ homicides, or just ours?

Mona: Call it curiosity. 

sidebar: why would Mona be curious?

Aria: You know what that did to the cat, right?

At The Radley Mona is meeting with the liars- Aria tries to stop the conversation.

Aria: I know we need a cover, but maybe lunch was a bad idea. What if your Mom sees us?

Hanna: She’s in New York this weekend.
Spencer: Besides, even if she wasn’t, all we’re doing is eating bagels.
Aria: And talking about burner phones. How do we even know that the burner phone exists?

Mona: Because I’ve heard him on it. It’s the only time he drops that phoney American accent.

Aria: Does this record sound? 

(Aria looks at the Radley Camera) Why is she so concerned about the cameras?

Hanna: No, just visuals.

Emily: What if we can’t find the phone?

Mona: We have to. I’ve never heard the other end of his calls. We don’t know who he’s working with.

Spencer: Guys, I’m sorry, I might be a little bit slow this morning, but yes we do. Is there anyone here who thinks that it’s not Mary Drake?

Aria: I’m sorry, but are we comfortable with those visuals. Us together on tape?
Mona: Look, after dealing with ‘A’ the only thing we know for sure is that we cannot be sure of anything.
Aria: I just think that we should…

Hanna: Aria, stop! Drink your mimosa.

  • Episode 5 Along Comes Mary

Mona isnt seen for the next few episodes but passing information onto the liars through Aria!

remember the last time Mona passed information to Aria for the liars…

  • Episode 10 -The Darkest Knight

Mona goes to help Hanna where she is holding Noel.

Mona to Hanna: You seriously haven’t spoken to anyone?There’s footage on here that proves that Noel was working with Charlotte. He was part of the Dollhouse.

how did Mona even know about the flash?

Mona tells Hanna to go back to Rosewood and even helps her with a cover story. Noel under Mona’s watch disappears.

Why did Aria not want Mona’s help? I mean she is Mona after all a statement made several times by the liars including Aria, so why not take her help?  Why would Mona choose Aria of all people to communicate through the group?Wouldn’t Spencer be the appropriate choice? Isn’t it a little convenient Noel somehow magically disappears and Mona isn’t even concerned by it?Later that episode Noel ends up dead Mary is supposedly Spencer’s mother AND ONCE AGAIN SUSPICION IS TAKEN OF A/AD/ARIA different name same bitch!

Lets not forget 

  • Mary Drake had a file on both Noel and Aria! Arias coincidentally wasn’t found by the liars!
  • Aria and Noel have a history together
  • Mona and Aria’s relationship has always been weird.

anonymous asked:

I didn't understand very well if the requests are open just for Christmas themed hcs or not, so I'm sorry if this is wrong, but can you write a headcanon/scenario/imagine for RFA finding out MC cannot bear children? Thank you!

Can you tell by the way they worded this I took forever to answer it 
I did a lot of research for this because I wanted actual conditions, not just vague reasons. So all these scenarios are real conditions! Which also means this took a while and there’s not a whole lot of incurable reasons omg
This is taking place after everyone’s good ending so spoilers, hence why it’s all under the cut
I’m realizing the lead up to a lot of them were too similar so that’s why Seven’s has a bit of an odd cut. Also, there probably is their actual cannon thoughts about kids, but I’m writing this from my own personal perspective. Hope you enjoy regardless!
~Mod L

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anonymous asked:

Hello. I'm an INTP and lately I've been facing some troubles and those things are making me more "emotional". I actually do express ny feelings to my friends and it makes me feel weird, because I know I'm not like that. Is this normal?

Expressing your feelings is normal. 

INTPs like to pretend like it’s not normal, because it doesn’t make sense to us. But it is normal. INTPs have inferior Fe, which means that we express our feelings openly, when we do express them. But we tend to be ashamed of this illogical display of emotion, so we like to act like we’re cold and heartless. This is so untrue.

We INTPs need that outward expression. Emotions come with being human, and even if you don’t need to express them as often, you do need to admit to yourself that they are okay, and can even be good for you. Feeling ashamed or weird for talking to your friends about what you’re feeling is not right. I mean, maybe the way you expressed them wasn’t the best, but you can always apologize for that (and a lot of the time, people are more than willing to overlook that sort of thing). 

The thing is, we need to fine healthy ways of expressing emotion, but we do need to express it. Don’t try to suppress it. That only leads to major problems. People get depressed and develop unhealthy habits when they bottle up their emotions. However, out of courtesy to others, you want to be kind and gracious in expressing your emotions. 

That’s where learning to control yourself comes in. When you feel emotions, instead of your normal knee-jerk reaction to either suppressing them or letting them explode, perhaps you could try discussing them quietly if you have a friend willing to do so. (ISFJs are amazing at listening and giving good emotional advice, just so you know.)

Working through your feelings will help you gain control over them. And being able to control your emotions, rather than just suppressing them, is an important part of developing yourself as a person.

So, it sounds like you’re actually doing this. Don’t feel ashamed for it. It might feel weird at first, but it’s actually a mature way to handle emotions. Keep it up, because you’re on the right track!

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

We Make the Kingdom- Pt.4

Pairing: Yongguk x OC
Genre: Fantasy, with Angst and Smut to come
Summary:  After a vampire attack leaves you almost dead, you are rescued by a group of werelions, powers long thought to be extinct. Upon discovering the same magic flows in your blood, you join their fight against encroaching vampires and another, very human monster, to save the kingdom.
Previous parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7,  8 , 9 (M), 10

You only wait one day to start training on your own. Determined to rebuild your strength through exercise, you decide to start with exploring your new home.

It takes ages to sneak from your bed and past the sleeping men. They lie sprawled and tangled on the mattresses that are pushed together on the floor. With your eyes on their chests, you use the wall as support. No doubt worn out from another night of hunting, they barely stir.

You retrieve your quarterstaff from the fireside. Its tap echoes in the hall as you make your way outside. Mid-day light reveals most of the buildings to be sunken and decrepit with age and neglect. Only a few gleam with the healthy new wood of repairs. With one hand on the wall and the other on your staff, you begin your circle.

Though you’re definitely more steady on your feet, your body still demands stops. The pauses to catch your breath allows you more time to examine the small garden and kitchen you discover. When you reach the other side of the guardhouse, a chorus of curious whinnies beckon.

Leather and hay and sweet grain permeate the air of the building. Seven large, gleaming raven heads stick out of stalls when you step further into the stable. The nearest horse, neck and chest thick with muscle, throws its head and paws its door. It pins back its ears in warning.

“Hello, gorgeous babies.” Clucking your tongue, you hold out your palm. “Ah, look at that physique. You must be a stallion. I’m sorry if you didn’t like me calling you ‘baby.’ You’re a splendid, strong beauty, aren’t you?”

The stallion’s ears slowly prick forward at your continuous low voiced, lilting praise. He allows you closer to lay a hand on his broad neck. With a snort, he stretches forward and starts nosing your clothes.

You laugh and pat his nose in apology for not bringing the treats he seeks. Having won over the head stallion, your reception from the other horses and lone gelding is more welcoming. He butts your shoulder again when you return to his stall after greeting all of them.

“You are a big baby.” You chuckle, stroking his head and kissing it. “What a bluffer. All nose and no hoof.”

“He’s as gentle as they come for a stallion, but he knows how to be a warhorse when needed.”

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theflatwoodsmonsterisalesbian  asked:

Just wondering in the vanpire fic how does one turn someone into vampire? Has peter offered to do so to juno? Does he not want juno to have to be a vampire like him? Has he ever accidently almost turned him? (My old twilight fan self is peeking out from the box she's shoved in)

Oh, Twilight. I have a complicated relationship with that series.

I used to be a die-hard fan, complete with lots of meta about where the series was going and what was actually going on, how Bella was an unreliable narrator, etc. And then the last book came out and I realized that all of the things I thought were meant to be subtext and foreshadowing were… not actually those things. That, and the whole last book being about first a wedding, then a pregnancy, then a baby, which… yeah, I have not been shy about my feelings about that subject.

I did not take it well.

My feelings have mellowed considerably since then– a lot of that comes with the realization that the things that made me so upset aren’t even remotely uncommon, particularly in stories written by/for dudes, but none of them get nearly the same amount of vitriol or outright hatred. So I learned to chill.

It’s one of the big reasons why I keep reiterating that my meta isn’t meant to be taken as expectation– because bad things happen when you pin your hopes to a thing that the writer didn’t actually intend to put there.

Peter is a vampire | Part 2 (NSFW) | Part 3 (NSFW?)

This one will be somewhat NSFW. There’s also some discussion of depression and suicidal thoughts.

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Cry Wolf - Part Five

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1605
Warnings: Angst-ish. Vomiting (if that squicks you out). Brief talk of suicide. 
AN: *plays dramatically glorious music while raising hands to the heavens* I AM FREEEE. 
I no longer have my dissertation to work on (and I’m presently ignoring the fact I have an exam on friday) and so I can finally start writing again!!! I’m gunna start by finishing this series off. Then work on my others, cos I have far too many series on the go right now. 
I’ve dubbed this the main Part 5, as the previous part was more of a small drabble and so is Part Five (drabble) (which may change cos idek what kinda numbering system I got going on with that.) 
Anywhoooo…. ENJOY!!!!

Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!




Why was the ground all sticky?

It was definitely not a pleasant feeling to wake up to. Especially when you realised your hair was thick with whatever it was too… damn, you were lying in the stuff.

That’s when the smell hit you. That familiar metallic tangy smell that only meant one thing.

You’d woken up in a shallow, sticky puddle of blood.

For a moment you prayed silently, hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t your own. Then, as reality started digging its painful claws into your brain, you started hoping it was.

If it wasn’t your blood, then that meant…


Well, you’d clearly broken out last night. Again. You’d been doing so well… you hadn’t had a breakout in nearly 10 months.

Slowly, you pulled yourself up into a sitting position. Although you still felt bleary from your change, it was easy to tell you’d made a kill. The corpse of a woman, who looked about 30, was sprawled about a foot in front of you, her chest torn open.

The sight of it made you recoil, but it was the knowledge of what you’d done that made your stomach churn and heave.

You couldn’t even begin to describe the sickening feeling you got once you’d brought up the contents of last night’s meal.

True, it wasn’t the first time you’d killed a human, but it still gave you the same feeling.

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queensavii  asked:

Hey! I just recently found ur blog and I absolutely love your work! Do you think you could do an imagine ((with extra fluff;) ) where the reader is a drummer and singer in a band and they're dating Ethan and him and teamiplier goes to one of the reader's concerts and they're all awed,shocked and amazed and Ethan is just so proud of his little drummer girl

o K this is so cute and i can’t and it’s nearly midnight when i’m starting this and i have classes tomorrow but this is really really really cute and i can’t

I Favor The Drummer

When you were eight years old, you got your first drum set and immediately fell head over heels for the idea of creating unique beats. It turned into your favorite thing to do, and you drove your parents absolutely insane. It was sort of hilarious; especially because you were never bad at it, you just were really loud. You were told by a teacher that you have the habit of hitting drums pretty hard, but the drumsticks you have are super durable. You’ve broken pairs before, but the practically endless supply has been replenished time and time again by your ridiculously supportive parents.

Honestly, you just loved the damn instrument. You loved music, playing it in front of crowds with your hair down and your makeup done, looking absolutely badass while people are cheering. It’s been your dream for the longest of times. But you’re beginning to live it, one show at a time.

At the beginning of a west-coast tour in your hometown of Los Angeles, you were out shopping for some thrift store tanktops to rip up and cut up. It wasn’t until you were out of the store that you met Ethan.

He was ridiculously sweet to you, because you forgot your bus card, he let you use his. On the way back to your stop, he talked with you, and you asked him if he liked music.

“I mean, who doesn’t? I’m not sure if I have anything specific I like, but music is still the shit.”

“I’m a drummer,” you smile, “that’s why I asked, is all.”

Your meetings at the bus stop turned a lot more natural, because you’d walk there to go to band practice and he’d walk there to go to his office.

“I actually do YouTube,” he sounds prideful, “my viewers are the best people I’ve ever met. They’re fantastic and I can’t believe how much support I get from them. Especially now, when I’m working as an editor and also a content creator.”

“That’s so admirable. It’s kinda like how I feel with my band, y'know, like anybody who’s ever listened to us are just the best people, no matter what they have on their minds. They’re there then, and now.”

“I’d love to see your band sometime,” he smiles to you. You laugh a little, brushing your hair behind your ear.

“That’d be awesome, thanks. I’ll subscribe, and find some time to watch you.”

As you and Ethan talked more and more, you understood each other more. Your professions actually weren’t too far off from being the same. It’s hard to make it both ways, and it’s really fun both ways. He always talks about the people who watch him in the best possible light, and you talk about the people who listen to you in the best possible light.

You’re still surprised when he asks you to coffee one morning.

“Like… now?” You ask, worried that you’ll be blowing off the girls. It’s always been a habit of yours to come to practice, rain or shine, sick or healthy.

“If it’s fine by you,” he smiles. “I don’t have much work today, I did a lot of it in advance so we could have the morning.”

“I guess I do need some coffee,” you grin, and walk with him to the little shop down the street.

He buys you your drink and you sit and talk for a little over an hour. You don’t even feel the time passing, because his stories and his voice is timeless. You’re so amazed that he’s so persistent and constant in his job, and you think that he thinks the same of you. It’s really the greatest.

For a while, you sit and talk with empty cups about everything and nothing. Favorite things, horrible first dates, high school. It’s casual and you switch topics so smoothly. It makes you happy to see him smiling at you across the table. Especially because of how he looks at you, with the same pride that one would with a fond friend.

It only takes you another couple months of small coffee rendezvous for him to ask you on a proper date. You end up spending a day together at the coast, chilling and building sand castles. He makes you laugh and you tell him that you want to go out with him again, and he beams with happiness when you guys step your feet into the water. It’s really, really cold.

One day, at the coffee shop (you managed to reschedule practice to a couple hours later than it used to be), you’re both sitting together hand-in-hand.

“I have a show this weekend,” you sort of mumble. “I was wondering if you wanted to go, ‘cause you still haven’t seen me play.”

“I’m totally going,” he announces. “And I’ll even bring my friends. I’m sure you’re going to be amazing, okay?”

You hide a shy smile, because he’s the one person you don’t want to mess up for.

The weekend rolls around faster than you thought it would. You’re waiting backstage at a small venue, knowing that Ethan’s in the audience for you. You keep twirling your drumsticks between your fingers, doing some light vocal warm-ups because you always sing the stripped-down songs. Your T-shirt is one he bought you; “I Favor The Drummer”, only you cut off the sleeves and added some other little holes because drumming gets really warm really fast.

The moment you get out on stage, you can hear people yelling for you. You turn your head to see Ethan and a group of people, all in the shirts, smiling with such pride. And Ethan’s is the biggest.

Your set is probably the best you’ve ever played. You throw in some cool drumstick tricks, and as always, end up getting up to the microphone once to sing. There’s something sweet about feeling like you’re singing to someone. You can’t mask it in your smile, in your stare to Ethan, in the way he nearly makes you giggle on stage by smiling right back.

In fact, the minute you’re off stage, Ethan comes over and gives you the biggest hug. And for a second, you wonder if it’s the right time to kiss him, because you could. You’d love to, in fact.

So you do, in a crowd of people who just listened to you play the most amazing show you ever had. And Ethan, of course, caused all of it.

Even though you’re sweaty and tired and you’re pretty sure you’re gross, he picks you up and spins you around and smiles like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.