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Mimi does UR family support UR love for BTS ?

I made my WHOLE family into an ARMY, we are the Holy trinity Trash family and I somehow regret it now…

  • My mom fangirls over Jungkook so much that she calls him “hers”. She even had teary eyes while watching Spring Day. I was shook.
  • My Sister is V’s fan. She just looks at him and sighs then look again and sighs. 
  • My dad didn’t pick a bias yet but he liked the MVs and discussed with me some theories and each of us refuse to share a bias with him.
  • My mom just two days ago was arguing with my sister about who is the best BTS member. While of course defending Jungkook. the best argument she had? ‘Jungkook can beat all of them’ (where is the lie)
  • The worst, my mom wants to come with me to a BTS concert “ SO if they come we all need to go, Your dad too” *me thinks of all the hip thrusting* “NO I AM NOT GOING WITH MY PARENTS“. (mom) “Then let’s seperate when we arrive. I HAVE TO see mine” …
  • There is more: She talks about BTS to our neighbors. “My daughter listens to BTS a korean group. They are not like those dirty artists you see on TV. they are very talented and handsome and then there is mine ….” I will not be shocked if she starts the AARMYs aka Ahjummas Armys.

Thanks for the ask ^^

Dad Mode

AJ Styles/OC. For Anon: After playing a prank on AJ, he calls reader to the ring to apologize (much like how he did Gallows & Anderson). She isn’t sorry, but plays up with a pout about what a bad little girl she’s been and innocently asks if she doesn’t apologize does that mean he’ll punish her? Of course with the crowd AJ’s gotta watch himself here, but before leaving the ring, she says sorry… for not doing worse! After, he shows her why she should be a good girl for him - with a daddy kink please.

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Thoughts from a returning SnK fan

Like most fans during the peak of SnK’s popularity (2013-2014), I was pretty much going through a huge SnK craze. I remember following a bunch of SnK-related blogs, looking at fanart, checking and staying in the tags almost every hour, reading a lot of meta material, playing OSTs on repeat, the whole shebang. And like most fans, my interest dramatically fell by the wayside when the wait for S2 pretty much grew into eternity. Even when I got around to reading the manga (starting from where S1 left off), life became super chaotic and busy. But now I’m back! (And hopefully for good?) I’m actually pleasantly surprised that the fandom on here is still going strong. Obviously not to the same hype everyone was living up to back in 2013. To those who’ve been committed to the manga and fandom after all these years, major kudos and I’m sure your tired eyes have seen a lot. So although I had let go of this series, I’ve been playing catch up these last couple of months simply because SnK holds a special place in my heart. With everything I’ve gathered up up to this point, here are the immediate and nonsensical thoughts coming from a returning fan, fresh and untainted by years of shipping wars, fanon vs. canon wars, misconstrued meta discussions, and other fun stuff that comes with being in a fandom:

  • FOUR-year wait just for 12 eps ?? HHMMmm okay sounds fair ..
  • jokes on meE!! reiner was the protagonist this whole entire time!!1!
  • that serum bowl or whatchamacallit didnt need to happen for the plot to progress
  • when and as u get older, trust me when i say the vets really grow on u more, maybe more than the 104th *continues grieving over mike, nanaba, and moblit’s death*
  • jean and armin’s friendship is p fcking solid if u ask me. GOOD job isayama
  • we get to decide hange’s gender ?? *daydreams about female commander hange overthrowing the patriarchy esp the shitty mps and establishing a wonder woman-esque island where she, as queen, and other babes conquer the forces of evil* *me, quietly whispering to myself:* “yes, v good”
  • im p sure kenny was written in a way so that i and others despise and luv him at the same time CUZ ITS WORKIN on me
  • ymir .. u beautiful, tragic soul. how can anyone ever hate u…
  • eyebrow game still at its all-time high i see. u kno who im talking bout
  • gj on mikasa for learning to be less protective of eren and allowing him to grow up and mature
  • pieck, arguably the most beautiful eldian warrior, is given the ugliest titan (next to the beast). Disrespect
  • never thought i’d see the day i graduate college before annie breaks outta that crystal….
  • u kno that ocean scene? i am literally both levi and hange whenever im at the beach
  • uprising was arguably the best arc nothing makes me happier than exposing shitty politics, executing a coup, and i guess seeing gun battles between humans in a titan-eating world
  • nine, NINE members left in the SC?? oh i gotta see how this goes
  • leaving an inexperienced teen on the throne? i also gotta see how this goes *whispers:* “u can do it historia”
  • u mean to tell me, canonically, hange and levi sTILL have one of the most solid relationship dynamics to come outta snk ?? Sign me da fck up A++
  • *dot pixis going ballistic over jean’s omelette* u kno what, ill have what hes having
  • did i mention erwin didnt need to be pitted against armin but wHATEVER drives the plot and creates unending conflict between fans i guESS !!¿
  • the scene where zackly tortured that official? we dont talk about dat
  • the scene where levi wreaked havoc on zeke and the assembly line of titans? LETS TALK ABOUT THAT
  • new world and new characters in the last arc???¿¿ bc that four-year wait obliterated a significant fcking chunk of your fanbase lmao but sure, ur story, my cool dudes
  • everyone in official SC trench coats ??!¿ v good, v goodd
  • WOW isayama, the improvement in your art.. VERY NICEE
  • the original operations squad? Ah VERY wise card to draw. the new operations squad? WOW amazingg. but how bout i defeat ur cards with: Farlan and Isabel!!!11!!1 drawing this card will give 80+% of TLC to levi
  • so thats it huh. all that storytelling and character development just for the walled cast to get fking murked by titan-shifting warrior children from McMarleyWorld
  • me, talking with friends who used to watch snk: y’all kno annie still in the crystal lmao
  • aot: junior high kept my dying spirit alive while waiting for s2. if u havent watched it, are u even a fan ??¿¿¿
  • ty for ur immense contribution to humanity, ilse langnar, ty ty ty
  • even now, sasha is still incredibly underrated. her humor. her courage. her badass archery and all its badassery. valuable and indispensable character imo
  • already mentally preparing myself for levi, hange, and eren’s death bc how else will they go with the way the plot is heading amiright? *slips into complete darkness to process this*
  • four-year time skip, four-year wait for S2, new characters and new world late in the game, this series is a mess lmao


Honestly, this was supposed to be a HAPPY time and yet Rachel couldn´t help but feel on edge. When Kurt and Blaine had gotten engaged and finally set a date for the wedding she had immediately known she´d have to face Cooper eventually. Up until now they had always managed to avoid each other when he came to New York, or Blaine and Kurt had flown out to LA. But now that they were getting married in Lima they had all returned and a meeting was inevitable.

Rachel had her phone pressed to one ear where she was on hold with the designer who was doing her dress, and a tablet in the other hand, when she ran into Cooper the first time. 

She barely faltered, her expression giving nothing away as she faced him. “I need to talk to you.” She mouthed before she was put through to someone on the other end of the line. A few moments later the conversation was over and Rachel put the phone down.

“I need to make sure the Bachelor parties are on the exact same day, so both boys will be busy.” She glanced down at her tablet. “And we´ll need to talk about what we´re doing so we don´t end up at the same venue. Have you planned anything yet?”

The RFA+ V&Saeran when someone flirts with their girlfriend

Zen: *appears quicker than Cas can pop up with Dean, wraps a protective arm around her* “Excuse me, but she belongs to someone and it isn’t you” *plants a passionate kiss on MC’s lips*

Jumin: *once he witnesses the hunter, he’ll swiftly get between them* “Pardon me, MC, our dinner reservations will be given away if we don’t go now. It’ll be hard to please my angel with this imbecile in the way.” *glares at the hunter as he walks away with his MC, planning to get a restraining order*

Yoosung: *laughs nervously and tries to toughen up* “You see her? Well she’s mine! She’ll only be mine!”

Jaehee: *glares from the distance, plotting revenge* “MC, my dear, will you come here please. We need to talk about our date to Zen’s show tonight”

707: *slides in, wrapping his arms around MC’s waist from behind* “Oh hey MC, the Star Wars spaceship line is small. Lets go, babe!” *kisses her cheek right in front of the other person*

V: He trusts his MC because he knows she’ll love him and only him

Saeran: *Leans into the person’s ear, and whispers* “Fuck off, she’s mine. I’ll give you a 5 second head start to run as far away from my girlfriend.”

so don’t get me wrong - i absolutely adored this episode, and not just for the glorious image of purple!fied joffrey but - is anyone else concerned that they’re just never going to bother explaining that joffrey is the one who sent the dragonbone hilt-valyrian dagger assassin after bran in the show?

Like, it’s the kind of thing I could see them as deciding “doesn’t matter anymore anyways” and “is too subtle a reveal” in an episode that already dealt with fairly subtle things very, very well (like, as olenna is stealing the poison to kill joff, her mentioning ‘oh! how could someone kill someone at a wedding? for shame! teehee).

And especially since non-book readers, at least in my experience, by this point have forgotten all about it because they – as i did when reading the books – assumed it was cersei who did it and just decided that was the answer, and forgot it was a question and we weren’t given proof. Which I have proof of in the fact that my Dad, who read the books 9 years ago or so, and never got past the first few chapters of AFFC before being fed up in disgust – two days ago after rewatching /s1x02 ,– when i said “So who tried to kill Bran?”

He goes “Oh! Cersei.” And shut the door.

Why does this matter? You might ask. Joffrey’s dead anyways, Bran’s all right, it’s over and done with. The reveal was all in Tyrion’s head *(and later to Jaime as one of the things that Tyrion uses to hurt his brother with). But I believe this reveal was a very important one, and not just because it actually shows that Cersei meant it when she said she didn’t want Jaime to hurt a (ten) year old.

Remember, Tyrion was imprisoned for the crime, it was Petyr’s knife in the first place (#petyr is behind everything #E V E R Y TH I N G) and Petyr’s lie – which matters because it spoke to Petyr’s character that he would lie to Catelyn and Ned and say it was Tyrion’s dagger as a form of him planting the seeds of war and helping nurture the stark/lannister distrust and enmity. So from Tyrion’s POV, this reveal meant that once again he was placed into serious danger because of his very own family member. And being a dwarf spoke against him as well: everyone believed he could have done it because he is after all a treacherous little demon monkey. That’s the first of many cuts to hit Tyrion one after another in the final swing of ASOS.

Secondly and, slightly smaller (though not to me) is the fact that all along, the Starks handled that investigation poorly and fell prey to Baelish and other prejudices repeatedly – which was a brilliantly written portrayal of the lack of justice in this society by Martin. Tyrion was almost killed for a crime of which he was wholly innocent in the Vale of Arryn – yet what was their proof? Petyr Baelish said he had lost the knife to him. And Lysa Arryn had made Catelyn believe the Lannisters killed her husband (when it was lySA HERSELF) (at Petyr’s urging) (#EVERYTHING I TELL YOU). That was enough to condemn Tyrion in both Ned and Catelyn’s eyes, though it was absurd and could never have survived in court today. Oh, the Starks. Quick tempers. Slow minds.

Still, the early detective games of the Starks revealed to me personally how easily it was for my own self to be fooled and swayed without any proof offered whatsoever. I can’t help but feel that is an important lesson for readers? True I didn’t think Tyrion did it as Catelyn did but I judged Cersei for it just as inaccurately and harshly as Cat did Tyrion, and for no reason really other than my belief she was simply a scorned woman evil queen archeatype. Cersei Lannister is so much more than that, and that is something that should not be covered up.

Lastly, I think the reveal was important on a literary level as it spoke to – well – the parallel of what is about to come. Tyrion ends up on trial for killing Joff - another crime of which he is wholly innocent - and the whole thing starts when Tyrion learns it was Joffrey’s fault in the first place he was arrested the first time.

So, yeah. Anyone else worried they’re just going to leave this out> Cause mehhhh! Irritating. When the show was otherwise pretty awesome this ep XD.

V Live(Yugyeom)

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Word Count:218

Request: Heya :) I really like your blog and would like to request a Yugyeom x reader (he my ult bias 🔥) where you’re gf/bf and you two do a V live together for the first time. Please? Keep up your great blog! 👌🏽 @datyugyummy

A/n:I’m super sorry that it’s so short, I hope you enjoy it!~Joy

You and Yugyeom sat on the couch, waiting anxiously as he opened up the app on his phone. Today would be the day he officially showed the Igot7′s his girlfriend, although you were so excited you were also very nervous, you wanted to make a good impression. The recording started and Yugyeom started to smile brightly as he grabbed your hand. “Hello! Meet my wonderful girlfriend, Y/n!” Yugyeom smiles, as you watch the comments flood in.

‘She’s so pretty!’

‘They’re so cute’

‘Love from Canada!’


You couldn’t help but smile, the support you were getting from his fans were unbelievable, at first you thought they would be judgemental of your relationship with Yugyeom but they encouraged you to kiss him on the V live. You two did some challenges together, deciding to do the boyfriend does your make up challenge. Yugyeom started to apply the eye shadow, applying some blush, and some lipstick. Overall the look was good, Yugyeom was surprisingly really good at applying make up, although there was squiggly lines.

‘Ahh So good’

‘She still looks good!’

‘Oppa has some skill though’

When you ended the V live you were in a bright mood, you couldn’t be any happier to know that the fans were approving and a bright community. “So what did you think about your first V live with me?” Yugyeom asked, as you couldn’t help but smile widely.

“Best thing ever, we need to do this more often I love talking to your fans, they’re so nice!” You told him, as he smiled.

“I’m so glad, they probably will want more V lives with you in it” Yugyeom said, as you let out a chuckle.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Electrical Engineering: Power Transmission Losses

We’ve been talking about step-down transformers that can convert between a high line voltage and more moderate local voltages. You might be asking yourself why we need to do such a thing in the first place. Why can’t we just transmit utility power at 120 V or 240 V?

All right, let’s try it. Say we need to transmit 20 MW of power over a 100 km. If we do it at 240 Vrms, we’ll have a current of 83.3 kArms flowing through the conductor.

Some of the 20 MW we’re transmitting is going to be lost - that is, dissipated as heat. We’d like to minimize losses, so let’s say we’re aiming for 97% efficiency - no more than 3% of that 20 MW lost. Since power dissipated is a function of current and resistance, we know we’ll need a conductor with an overall resistance of 8.64 x 10^-5 Ohms over a distance of 100 km.

The resistance of a conductor is a function of its length, l, its cross-sectional area, A, and the conductor’s resistivity, ρ, which is a property of the material it’s made of. We’ll assume a resistivity here of 8 x 10^-8 Ohm-meters. From here, we can figure out what kind of cross-sectional area our conductor needs - in other words, how large the cable’s diameter has to be.

To make this work, you’d need a conductor with a radius of 5.4 m. Clearly, this isn’t going to happen.

If you want a conductor that’s actually practical, that means you need to transmit power at high voltage - since a higher voltage at the same power will result in a lower current, this means your losses will be lower, allowing you to use a much smaller conductor. Here are the same calculations done with a transmission voltage of 240 kVrms instead of 240 Vrms.

In this case, you need a conductor with a radius of about 0.5 cm, which is much more reasonable.

“Not emergent but I literally have 2 dollars” Commissions

HEY EVERYONE so usually I don’t offer up commissions like this, but somehow someone stole my credit card and I spent all my money in my savings account before realizing this (disclaimer: i am a major ding dong and this is my fault i know). I’m currently waiting on a big pay check, so in the meantime I’m going to do really cheap and quick commissions!!! HERE’S THE DEETS

Refined Graphite Sketch: $5 for portrait, $8 for full body

B&W Line Art (optionally w flats): $10

Colored Portrait: $20

i probably won’t be drawing you a foot but that’s kind of the finished coloring style it’ll be (unless you actually need a medical illustrator, then we can talk) also everything will actually be photographed well/scanned so don’t worry about my piss poor cell phone quality photos there

so yeah!!! please hit me up via email (zoe.r.steinberg@gmail.com) preferably if you’re in the mood for some art bc it would be really greatly appreciated!!! any signal boosts are v appreciated as well

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I'm not sure where you got your information about Alex the parrot, but I think you're mistaken. I'm pretty sure even PETA hasn't dredged up any allegations of abuse.

Peta is the last organization you want to drop here to support your point, I’m just saying. Google something along the lines of “The truth about PETA” and you will see why I say that.

Anyway, I saw this stuff about Alex last year, so I was just unsure if it was the same parrot we were talking about, but now I know we are. Was basically just fucking around on Youtube watching docu’s about him, but the fact that the bird looked so unhealthy made me uncomfortable. He always looked like he was molting, 

See? This bird looks stressed as hell. Birds self- mutilate and pluck out their own feathers {especially from the chest area} when they are under stress or under stimulated. I ruled out the second part considering she’s always working with him in a way that would keep his mind challenged.

This is what he should look like:

See how the feathers are flat against it, smooth? Alex looks like he just got pulled out the clothes dryer. And it’s not because he’s old.

Anyhoo, I just kept looking more and more into the story and it was very clear that the doctor literally saw him as a lab rat and that’s it. I’m not saying she was beating him or anything along those lines, but she def put the needs of her study over his well-being. Stuff like leaving him alone in the dark for days at a time {Which is very stressful for a bird that is bonded to a human} when she didn’t need him and stuff like forcing him to perform for her when he would be begging, in the words she taught him to say, for her to put him back. She tells him no and just keeps working him. If  we were talking about a small child or something begging to not be poked and tested all the time, treated like an experiment, literally born and raised in the corner of a lab, I think you would easier see what I am trying to say. Pretend? 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yGOgs_UlEc <– Count how many times he says “Can I go back” or anything along those lines, he clearly doesn’t want to be doing this stuff but she tells him no and persists with her testing some more.

She would take him to do shows around the place, and I ran into a video of a woman who also has an african grey and does the same shit. Somehow her bird didn’t manage to look like Alex did. Or die 30 years earlier than the species’s expected life span.

When I was looking into Alex’s story, I wasn’t impressed that he’s “the smartest bird” or anything like that. I saw a stressed out bird being forced to do tricks for his owner who only seen him as a series of tests, not as an animal looking to be loved and properly cared for. Not to say she didn’t LOVE him, or that he didn’t love her back, but really the lifestyle he was forced to live so the Dr can write her books and shit, is a far cry from the type of lifestyle he could have had if she saw him as her pet bird instead of her lab rat. 

To further clarify my perspective, I kept birds for over a year. Like yeah, we learned more about the intelligence of birds, that’s great, but Alex literally had to suffer the entire time for it to happen. I can’t remember all the little details, there was nothing dramatic like you would hear in an extreme case of animal abuse like being beaten or starved, just a lot of stuff that- knowing how birds work- I saw as being detrimental to him and his quality of life. The saddest part is he was just used to it by then and had just taken to self-mutilation to cope with the situation he was forced into. Literally you can see him plucking himself in the backround in some of the videos I was watching, when the Dr was in the front doing her interviews. 

I just find it sad.



My school is a beautiful place. The Psychology Department hosted something for Autism Awareness Day and the opening line was this: “There is no need for a cure”

The second line was: “We are focusing on acceptance and appreciation, not just awareness” 

And as I have encountered over and over again since I starting attending this school, the talk was centered around Neurodiversity. They showed the DSM-V criteria and pointed out how it was from a deficit model and medical model vs. the social model and neurodiversity paradigm.

They talked about how autistic people have trouble with eye contact because it is overwhelming and we listen better when not forced to make eye contact. They talked about “quiet hands” and how horrible that is.

The first resource they listed for learning more about autism was autistic authors and bloggers. 

At one point a psych student presenting was talking about something and corrected herself when saying, “So, for us - I mean, for neurotypical people, since not everyone here is NT -” 

They used identity-first language. 

They talked about goals of having a dedicated Neurodiveristy Center on campus one day. 

Overall it was amazing. I’ve shared here some slides from the Powerpoint they presented (I left out a lot of the ones highlighting local resources) as an example.