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Hi you're one of my fav blogs (I wish I could talk to you in Spanish but I'm from Brazil and unfortunately we only learn English at school). Anyway, I'm here bc I need help with a playlist and you're the first person I could think of. I want some Latino songs about LatAm, but idk much of other countries' music, so I thought maybe you/your followers could help? I want songs that talk about being Latine, how usa imperialism sucks, etc. I can send u what I already have so u can see what I mean! Thx

Don’t worry! I have brazilian friends and we mix english, spanish and portuguese lkjfg. Yeah, send me what you got! i can give you some songs right now, putting some parts that i love:

  • Latinoamerica by Calle 13 (Puerto Rico, Colombia, Perú, Brasil): i feel like you already have this in your list, because is our anthem at this point. It’s a song about latinoamérica and what they did here (the video has subtitles) / I work hard but with pride. Here we share, what’s mine is yours. This nation doesn’t drown with the waves. And if it collapses I rebuild it. I don’t even blink when I look at you, so you’ll remember my last name. Operation Condor invading my nest, I forgive but never forget!”
  • Memoria by León Gieco (Argentina): a song in memory of the dictatorships of Operación Condór (they had the help of US) + in memory of the terrorist attacks here (in the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building) (the video has subtitles) / Two thousand would eat for a year
    with what a military minute costs. How many would stop being slaves
    for the price of a bomb thrown to the sea? /  Memory aims until it kills
    the people who try to silence it and don’t let it fly free like the wind.

  • Frijolero by Motolov (México) / video with english subtitles: a big fuck you to US from México in 2009, even before Trump. I love this song / “Now why don’t you look down to where your feet is planted. That U.S soil that makes you take shit for granted. If not for Santa Ana, just to let you know that where your feet are planted would be México”
  • El mojado by Ricardo Arjona / lyrics in english (Guatemala): song for inmigrants. “He said goodbye with a grimace disguised as a smile and he asked God -crucified on a shelf- to protect his people, and he crossed the border as he could /  Wet.back, wet of so much crying, knowing that in some place a kiss awaits him on hold since the day he left”
  • Multi_viral by Calle 13 (Puerto Rico): song of protest / The one who controls, the one who dictates, wants to get you sick to sell you drugs. / A piece of news not well told is an assault with a weapon / Our ideas are free and they are awake because we think with the doors wide open. What is not seen, we are seeing. We are born without knowing how to talk, ut we will die talking out loud.
  • Canción con todos by Mercedes Sosa / lyrics in english (Argentina): a song for latinoamericanes / All the voices, all. All the hands, all. All the blood can be song in the wind. Sing with me, sing…american brother, set free your hope with a cry in your voice. 
  • Rubén Rada (Uruguay): this list is looking to sad/dark, so let’s bring some latinidad with this amazing afrolatine artist. here: cha cha, muchacha / muriendo de plena / candombe para Gardel 
  • Gringo maligno by Todos Tus Muertos (Argentina):  Regan, Clinton Bush, Regan, everyone is the same / evil gringo, sent by Satan ccupying and blocking, imposing your plan.
  • La patria madrina by Lila Downs and Juanes (México and Colombia): protest song agaisnt capitalism, agaisnt the violent kidnapping and killing of 43 students of Ayotzinapa, agaisnt the destruction of the earth / Everybody wants a share of the oil, you see? and to burn Mother Earth with urgency to make more cars, to make more money, as if you could buy happiness. 
  • Por si acaso no regreso by Celia Cruz (Cuba): a song dedicated to Cuba, her homeland /  Home, do not suffer. Heart, do not break. Because badness can’t last 100 years nor could any body and I never wanted to abandon you. I’ve taken you with every step and my heart will remain for eternity as a flower on your lap just in case……just in case I don’t return / In the case I don’t return, if I don’t return, remember: I loved her with my life. In the case I don’t return, I will die from pain…I’m already dying.
  • Los americanos by Piero (Argentina) / lyrics in english: with an ironic/sarcastic tone, he makes fun of gringxs. Every part of this song is gold. / They are born elderly and gradually become kids, throughout the lifetime of “los americanos”. And they are born convinced that there is nobody in the world more important than “los americanos” /  Napoleon for them was an Italian gentleman who organized everything without “los americanos”. And they are more than sure that he wouldn’t have lost Waterloo with the help of “los americanos”.  If they know anything about history, it’s not from reading it but from seeing it in the “cine americano” /  If there’s something to be admired, wherever they go, it’s the grand elegance of “los americanos”. wearing native dress, they mix in with the people, and nobody realizes that they are “americanos”.
  • “Murciélago” by  Porter: about the colonization of natives /  The elders saw them. They do not come in peace, we hear screams. There have three ships, they bring Cristo. 
  • La Gozadera by Gente de Zona and Marc Anthony (Cuba and Puerto Rico): a really cool song about latinidad. /  If you are Latino, take out your flag!
  • Guerra by Calle 13: anti-war song. they talk about US, wars and refugees. just. please watch this video. it has english subtitles./  I am your defeat, your two broken legs. The nail in your foot which pierced through the boot. I am the strategy in any battle. Today you either win or lose, I am the sorrows of your joys. The war by night and the war by day.
  • Pégate by Ricky Martin: let’s end this in a happy song, 100% latine with my father Ricky /  I come with good stuff for my people, I bring love, I bring this remedy which cheers up the hearts of the entire world. For the pain, for the heartaches. There’s nothing better than the rhythm of my drums / And let rivers of goodness flow to all the people of the world. Because we can’t forget that pure love liberates and lies are poison. As my mother used to say: dancing you can solve anything.

I’m tagging some of the latines that i know, if they want to add any song, please do it! @dasakuryo @the-mighty-microwave @targannington @alteanwitch @koganer @voltronless @bitcherovas @ceibos @duskianfae @im-not-a-real-hero @trashsenal @dixonette1013 @latinxlance @cherry-cokes @lancesazul @freckledai @pamelas​ @elbiotipo guys u are like a bunch of people lkfjg i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!!! a lot of people and a bad memory, not a good mix. 

“Down with censorship! #artshouldbefree”

A little context: Brazil is going through a fucked up, ultra moralist political moment. Recently an art exhibit caused a ~commotion because it featured a naked man and now the Right Wingers are crying pedophilia and other nonsense.

There’s been serious talk about censorship and the artistic community has come forward to protest it. Pedro Caetano, the brazilian Enjolras, an actually politically engaged activist and Left Winger posted this on his Instagram this morning ❤

What the hell is happening?

We’re in the 21th century, a lot of economic, political and social changes are happening all around the world to help people no matter what. Sadly, even now in this century of changing some things just don’t make sense anymore.

The “Justice” of Brazil allowed to treat homosexuality as if it was an illness. This is ridiculous! And we NEED to talk about this NOW!

I’ve just created the hashtag #amarnaoedoenca for speakers of portugusese and the hashtag #loveisnotsickness

Please! We need to make this situation change! We can’t keep quiet after something like this, this is madness, it’s wrong in so many levels that I can’t explain.

Please! It’s time to show all the world that the things have changed!

The Past is a Different Country

Emotional rollercoaster, I’m serious this time ;)

Part One can be found here:


Chapter Two: Story Time

Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby huddle together on the sofa. Louie is hugging a pillow, tracing the embroidery. Dewey is watching Uncle Donald, he’s standing by the window, back towards them. Huey is watching Uncle Scrooge fuss with the tea set. Webby keeps sneaking looks at the brothers.

The silence is heavy, despite the clink of china.

Scrooge pours the tea, and the Huey is surprised when he remembers to drop a pair of sugar lumps in Dewey’s cup, and extra milk in Huey’s. He remembered. Huey’s not sure how he feels about that. But the tea is warm in his hands.

Uncle Donald takes his like he’s surprised Scrooge remembered him. Then gazes into the cup. A deep breathe, and something that is almost a smile.

“That’s Aunt Matty’s tea set” Donald says in surprise, then turns the cup in his hands, “I thought Gladstone got it.”

“Who’s Aunt Matty?” Huey pipes up, interested despite himself. Louie digs his elbow into his side, and Huey glares.

Scrooge raises an eyebrow at Donald, who shrugs over his tea, not meeting Scrooge’s gaze.

“Matilda was your Great Aunt. My sister. She had a hand in raising your mother, until she and your Uncle decided they would rather run away to join the circus.”

“Thunderbirds.” Donald objected, “We planned to join the Thunderbirds.”

The triplets shared a confused look. Webby pumps her fist. “I knew it!”

“Like the cartoon?” Dewey asked.

Webby twists round to stare at him in disbelief as Donald facepalmed.

“They’re like the best pilots ever! They do these amazing shows, I keep asking Grammy to take me…”

Scrooge shook his head. “I’m surprised you didn’t go last year, when they came to Duckburg.”

The boys turned hurt looks towards Donald.

“We were busy.” Donald said, gazing into his tea and hunching his shoulders.

Scrooge sighed and set down his own cup. “Well. Maybe that is a story for another day.” Scrooge glanced at Donald, “Where do you want me to start?”

“Itacoatiara.” Donald threw out.

“Alright. Now…”


Adventure is never as much fun on your own. Your mother had initially cried off, handing it over to me when she realized her research into the Spear of Selene would require a lot more groundwork than she was willing to put in with you three on your way.

I too had set it aside, but as I was in Brazil for business I thought while I was there I would tracked down the last known person to see the ruins we thought held the Spear.

The locals considered him a crazy old drunk, but he was quite happy to talk about his glory days to someone willing to hear him out. He would not diverge the location, but there was enough clues in his drunken rambling I was sure I could find my way, with some work.

Hot on the trail of the Spear, I realized I would need to charter a course down the Amazon, and the first name to pop to my mind was Donald.

I sent word to your Uncle that I was in need of a sailor, and to meet me in Itacoatiara. While I knew Donald was staying with Della I hardly expected your Mother to come along, yet there she was.


At this Scrooge glanced to Donald. “You never told me how she knew?”

Donald smiled and shook his head. “Your office sent an intern, the poor guy was so terrified of meeting me, he screamed the message at the top of his lungs, and fainted. Della interrogated the poor fellow and declared she would fly me down.”

“Interrogated?” Louie whispered, as he shared a grin with Dewey and Webby. The cushion had migrated to Huey, who was frowning and fidgeting between them.

“Fainted?” Scrooge grinned, “really now?”

Donald rolled his eyes, “On my doorstep. I had to grab him before he toppled off the plank.”

“That boy…” Scrooge shook his head,  'I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I hired him.“

”<i>Please!</i> Can do get on with the story!“ Dewey demanded, climbing up on the arm of the sofa "I want to hear about Mom not some random nobody!”

Both Donald and Scrooge stilled, as if suddenly reminded why they were there. They shared a look as their easy comradity fell away.

“Della flew us down.” Donald said flatly, “The three of you loved flying. We had a stow away. That random nobody. Della agreed he could come along as long as he helped keep an eye on her boys”

Dewey sunk back down into the sofa. Webby reached out a pulled him in for a hug, Huey knocked the cushion over his head and Louie glared at him with narrowed eyes.

“Aye. I suppose he was a helpful little fellow. Not much older than you four.” Scrooge sighed.

“What was his name?” Huey asked.

“You know, I don’t quite remember?” Scrooge answered, starring off into the distance.

“Della called him Imp.” Donald said slowly.

“Right.” Scrooge seemed to shake off the memory. “On with the story.”


As I said, I wasn’t expecting for Della to join us, but once she was there I could hardly say no. Lord knows she would have probably have set out by herself. At least, that’s what I told myself.

Maybe she would have. She was so excited to have you three, I can’t imagine what she would have done had we insisted she take you home. You were only a few months old.

But I didn’t really try. I knew how much your mother loved adventures, how much work she had put into this one. I couldn’t send her home.

I had already acquired a boat when they arrived. More people than I expected, but I knew we were likely to be diving for the treasure, so more hands were welcomed.

There were the usual dangers, snakes, a few pirates, a jealous rival. Nothing we couldn’t handle. I think we had more trouble with the trio of curious hatchlings.

Donald spotted the first landmark, and we dove headfirst into the adventure, Della and Donald dashing about like they had never been on an adventure before.


“Babies and adventures don’t mix.” Donald glared, “and if you had been paying attention, you would have noticed Huey climbing into Della’s plane.”

“He was fine.” Scrooge said, gesturing to the kids.

Huey ducked his head, as his brothers grinned at him.

“Dewey almost went overboard, Huey was missing until we found him curled up in the pilot’s chair, and Louie was screaming because you didn’t want to let him play with a dime.” Donald listed.

Now all three of them were blushing, and Webby grabbed her beak as she tried not to laugh.

“Well. It was my dime.” Scrooge defended himself.

Disbelief and amusement from the peanut gallery.

“Children and adventures don’t mix.” Donald repeated, folding his arms.

Dewey put his hands together, mumbling to the ceiling. Huey facepalmed. Louie slumped, and Webby clutched Dewey’s arm.

“Alright, but they’re old enough now. I’m not going to put them in any danger.”

Sighs. Of disappointment.

“We’ll see.”

Dewey went to cheer, only to find Huey and Webby holding his beak shut. Dewey pouted.

“And on with the story.” Scrooge declared, adjusting his hat.


I had forgotten I had fond memories of that trip. Before it all went wrong.

I wasn’t quite prepared to deal with the complications of having children with us, but that was why we brought Imp along.

I suppose it was like a family vacation. I know we lingered longer than any of us intended. Still, we eventually arrived at the temple.

An Earthquake had shifted the entrance underground, and most of the building with it. Imp discovered a way in, we told him to stay with you three on the boat, and Donald took point as the three of us entered.

A few snakes, a scorpion, a dozen death traps that were all half broken but still quite deadly, and an old fool collapsing the ceiling on our heads.

Luckily, when the ceiling collapsed, it opened up the treasure room.

The earthquake must have done a lot of damage, the room was already half flooded and the water level was rising.

I spotted the Spear of Selene. Or what I thought was the Spear. Donald and Della were already climbing when I grabbed it.

I set off another trap. Donald was thrown into the water as the trap sprung to life.


“Greedy old man” Donald grumbled.

Scrooge paused and winced. “Aye, I got too excited, it drove the sense right out of my head.”

“Grammy said I would be safe with you.” Webby said, looking like her world was ending. Huey leaned over Dewey to pat her hand.

Scrooge couldn’t bear to look at them, choosing instead to pace back and forth. “Well, I learned. Some things are more important than treasure. I took my eye off the real prize. I don’t think I really believed anything could go wrong, until it did.”

Donald snorted, “What could go wrong? We had Uncle Scrooge. It wasn’t like the danger was real.”

Dewey shifted uneasily, glancing to his brothers. Louie had retrieved the cushion and was hugging it again. Huey’s eyes were shadowed and his grip on Webby’s hand tightened.. They could guess what was coming next.

Scrooge started to pace, “So as I tried to reach Donald, I heard Della yell. I look up, and there it is. The real Spear of Selene. And Della was climbing down to rescue Donald.”

“And you.” Donald stated.

Scrooge waved him off, “I was fine. I had you. I yelled at Della to grab the spear…”

The kids held their breath.

“I pulled you into the water. It was still rising, and the room was falling apart.” Donald said, he wasn’t really seeing them anymore.

Louie was shaking again, and Huey pulled him half onto his lap, Dewey sniffling and struggling not to cry. Webby couldn’t take her eyes off of Scrooge and Donald as they paced back and forth.

“The Spear fell. I think Della grabbed it. There was a flash of light…” Scrooge stopped and rubbed his head. “Next thing I know, I’m waking up on the boat.”

“You knocked your head.” Donald said, hands twisting his shirt. “I pulled us both out. I searched. I dug for hours. She was gone.” Donald bowed his head, his shirt wet from tears.

“The boys were wailing, Imp had vanished somewhere. I couldn’t get them to stop. I left the boat, and Donald was sinking, already half buried in the mud.”

“I couldn’t get to her.” Donald said, rubbing his hands “I tried. I had to try.”

“We both tried. We searched for weeks. Our supplies started to run out.” Scrooge said.

“The boys started to get sick” Donald said, “I couldn’t lose them too.”

“So we left.” Scrooge said, like it was the worse decision he ever made.

“We left her.” Donald repeated, hands scrunching his shirt again.

“She was gone.” Scrooge tried, looking at Donald. Reaching for his nephew.

Donald ducked out of reach. “We left her.” He screamed, balling up his fists.

“Yes.” Scrooge said, collapsing in on himself at the rejection and turning away. “We left her.” And walked away.

Donald growled, and stormed out the other door.

The four kids sat in silence for a moment.

“I guess Mom is really gone.” Dewey said, breaking the tense silence and rubbing his eyes.

“I guess.” Huey echoed.

The general sense of the mini-movie: This comparison of Alexandrov’s results (London) and results without him (Rio).

1. Alexandrov: It’s not easy to work with the national team. This large number of people:  gymnasts and coaches. You need to find understanding. For the first time in Russia it was easy and simple to work there. But then, unfortunately, we didn’t find understanding.

A voiceover says it’s better to live in Brazil for Alexandrov, than in Russia recent years. Alexandrov is needed in Brazil, he is valued good as a coach. He’s doing a great job. He creates a female national team of Brazil.
Next, voiceover talks about the history of gymnastics in Brazil a bit. At the moment, the Brazilian women’s team looks stronger.

Alexandrov: We had to do a lot in three years.

He saes training.conditions were very heavy. Apparatuses weren’t in good trim. Girls can easily be injured. Voiceover: Brazil finished qualification on fifth place, losing Russia only half a point. What did Alexandrov feet at that moment?Satisfaction? Probably yes. Joy? Sure, he felt the joy of his team.
Gloat? Not at all.

Alexandrov: I’m not offended to country. I was forced to leave. But it’s not because I wanted to do something less heavy. I simply hadn’t place to work, I had to leave. I never gloated. And not only me. Many people from America who went to work there from the Soviet Union, they are proud and happy if gymnasts from Russia  and former Soviet republics win medals.

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are we doing song recs? you should listen to declan mckenna, I cannot stop talking about how good he is for months, he has kind of a vampire weekend vibe and his lyrics are very good


BUT damn i just listened to Brazil by Declan McKenna and MATE i love this??? i need to listen to more of his stuff!! as you say vaguely vampire weekend-ish


Imagine #72 Not such an innocent argument 

As requested, here it is :)


You were making lunch home alone, waiting for Neymar to finish training and meet you at his place where you slept last night. The two of you made plans to go in Brazil next day to go together at the Carnival. You were excited about it, because you wanted to have fun with him since he was always on trainings and playing games.

You two were together for five months and you two met at a photo shooting where you were working and just like him, you were not from Spain. He never had the occasion to present you to his mother and that was the most important reason to bring you with him to Brazil.

“Hey mom” you answered the phone.

“Hey (y/n) I’m sorry to tell you this but… your best friend had a car accident, she is okay, but she is in the hospital now” you heard your mother.

“Oh God, but is he okay? Should I come home?” you started panicking, because he was a important person for you.

“Yeah, he is awake, but it was a bad incident. I don’t know, he did ask for you though.”

After a while, you finished the call and you didn’t know what to do. You were feeling bad, because your friend asked for you and you were about to go have fun in Brazil, but you also were making plans for almost two weeks about the Carnival.

You were in your own thoughts when suddenly you heard the door open and Neymar walked inside the kitchen. You were so scared to tell him about what happened, because you didn’t know what his reaction was going to be. He walked to you and kissed you on the cheek, he immediately knew you were not your usual self.

“What’s wrong amor?” He asked pulling you in a hug form the back.

“I have a problem… about the trip to Brazil,” you said quietly.

“No, please… We talked about it and we have tickets and everything is ready.” He left you and you moved to look him in the eyes.

“I know, but my best friend had a car accident and he asked for me… I need to see him.,” you said hoping he would understand.

“But I told my family you were coming finally; it’s an important step for me.” Neymar said getting mad.

“I know, I’m sorry! But he is in the hospital, I have to see him”

“Is he so important for you that you can’t wait for four days?”

“Neymar, he is my best friend. I care about him.”

“You know what, I don’t give a sh*t. Do whatever you want.” Neymar said and walked away letting you alone in the kitchen. You were stressed and upset; you knew how much Neymar wanted you to go with him. However, you also wanted to be with your friend.

You knew he was mad about it so you told him you would leave and call him when you will be back in your country. He didn’t even look at you he just said “Yeah, yeah” annoyed.

You took the first flight and when you were finally home, you immediately called Neymar, but he didn’t answer. You tried to stay calm, telling yourself he might still be on the plane.

When you went to visit your friend in the hospital you were relived he was totally okay, he just had a broken arm, but nothing too serious. You messaged Neymar, but no answers.

“Is he mad about you coming here?” your friend asked as he noticed you were constantly looking at your phone.

“Well, let’s say he isn’t happy about it. I promised him I would go with him to Brazil.”

“I’m sorry for making you come here and ruining your plans”

“Oh no, it’s not your fault. I wanted to come, make sure you are okay” you smiled at him, because you felt bad for him to think he is the reason for the fight between you and Neymar.

When you left the hospital and arrived back home you realized it’s been two days already and still no news from Neymar. You called him once again, but nothing. The only place where you could see what he was doing were Instagram and other socials. He had time to post some pictures of him with Gil and other friends, but he didn’t have time to call you.

You looked at your Instagram and noticed you were mentioned a lot in a photo a fan of him posted. The second you looked at it, you felt sick, as if someone just punched you in the stomach. It was a photo of Neymar with Bruna hugging and she was kissing him on the cheek.

You felt tears coming down your face and since Neymar was avoiding you, you didn’t know what to think. Once again you tried to call him, but he didn’t answer it was crystal clear that he was avoiding you.

You tried not to think about it, but being always mentioned in photos of Neymar and seeing photos of him enjoying in Brazil with his friends made it impossible. The worse thing happened the next morning, you noticed another photo, but this time you knew Neymar left you, he broke up with you, without even telling you.

He was kissing Bruna and you decided to text him.

“I see you moved on quickly; actually I didn’t even know we broke up. How can you be such a di*k and let one little fight break us and just because I had to go see an important person who was in a bad condition, I thought you were mature enough to understand that, but clearly I was wrong. Next time you break up with a girl; make sure you tell her that, before she finds out by seeing photos of you kissing your ex.”

You couldn’t stop crying, you were mad at him, you hated him, because he broke your heart in the worse possibly way. He didn’t even answer your message it was like those five months you two enjoyed and loved each other were a dream, that never happened. He forgot everything you two put through together.

You realized that being still his ex girlfriend and that you were constantly showed pictures of Neymar around the world enjoying his life it was better for you to just let everything go.

You deleted all your socials, from twitter to Facebook and you made your Instagram private so just your friends could see your posts and of course, you unfollowed Neymar. You were upset to what you had to come, but you knew there was no other option to let him go and forget about him.


Pictures by Eduardo Figueiredo / Mídia NINJA 

We need to talk about Brazil. 

Yesterday, about a hundred thousand people hit the streets of São Paulo alone (more protests happened in Rio, Curitiba, Salvador and other cities). During the evening, everything went fine. The majority of the protesters were young, but there were parents with their children and elderly people too. The call is to take down new president Michel Temer, who took office this week after president Dilma Rousseff was impeached under some more than fragile circumstances (I’ve explained that here) and have new elections. The protest was peaceful. At night, when people started to head to the subway to go home, one station was closed and out of nowhere police started throwing gas bombs at the protesters. Police alleged it was called to solve a situation of vandalism on the subway, but subway security denied ever having called them or anything having happened. There were bombs thrown at people inside restaurants, there were people who weren’t even at the protest arrested and charged, and there were people hurt. Some say evidence has been planted at the protests after people had left to make it seem more violent and destructive and therefore discourage people from coming. NOTHING at that protest could have justified violence, and yet that’s what happened. Brazil’s not ok. This is not ok. We’re afraid and the future of our so called democracy seems uncertain. Please keep an eye on us. 

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Listen I'm a ceballos fan but these anons need to stop harassing you ab him. Idk why people keep coming at you ab not liking him. Like you're not even rude????? You don't even talk ab him until he's mentioned, idk why they feel need to keep bringing him up. It's getting beyond ridiculous at this point

I literally avoid talking about him at all costs because the one (1) time I made a joke that anon was gonna fly outta brazil and come stab me to death inside my own home 😂😂 Now I don’t even mention him and yet …
I think they just like my imbox,they live here now .. they can’t find another one that actually likes Dani,they’re so used to me… we’re all one big happy family now 😂😂😂

“What’s a pandeiro?????”

Listen here, fools of tumblr. I’m about to spread some knowledge to you all. Complete with text, visuals, and audio!!!! Hell yeah!!!!

A pandeiro is a type of frame drum. You don’t play it with sticks or mallets. You play it with your hands.

This is what it looks like:

You may think it looks like a tambourine. But do not be fooled! The pandeiro is a completely different instrument. I’ll talk about that in a different post.

The pandeiro comes from and is popular in Brazil:

Pandeiros are very versatile and can do a lot of cool things. They can be used in any kind of music. They make everything cooler. There are no rules. Put it in samba. Put it in jazz. Put it in rock. Put it in fuckin vaporwave!!! You guys need to quit living in fear!!!

There are many different tones we can play on pandeiro. These include “regular” tones (what are they really called? no one will ever know), open and closed bass tones, slap tones (…are you slappin’), dead strokes, and rolls. You can play rolls with your fingers, the side of your hand, or even your elbow. Dude you can play rolls with anything.

Now let me show you what pandeiros sound like and just how deluxe and hardcore they are.

Here’s a really cool dude (mestre Pimpa do Pandeiro) playing pandeiro, for all your pandeiro-understanding needs:

And here’s what it can sound like with a guitar (I wish I knew who these wonderful musicians are but I don’t):

And here’s Jorginho do Pandeiro, a really awesome percussionist who passed away recently BUT WHO WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER BECAUSE HE’S FCKING AWESOME:

And here’s Bernardo Aguiar (pandeiro player w/ hair) and Gabriel Policarpo (playing a drum called repique) performing with another awesome dude, Marcos Suzano (pandeiro player w/out hair):

And here’s Clarice Magalhães and Domenico Lancelotti:

Pretty cool isn’t it

So that’s what a pandeiro is! Now you know. Thank you for your attention. Now, go forth and conquer with your newfound knowledge!!!!

Praying For the World


I know that our following isn’t that huge and this won’t reach that many people, but as long as you yourself are reading this it is fine. We know that some of you have noticed that Kevin and I have the France filter on our facebooks, but just because we do does not mean we are ignoring what is happening in other countries or promoting Euro-centric media. All cities are important.

We wanted to post on here that our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the world right now. Everything that is happening is heartbreaking and scary and emotional and countless innocent lives have been lost within only a few days. 

Whether you yourself, your family, or people you know are in an affected city, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. To everyone even in a city where nothing is happening, but where something easily could. To everyone around the world, whether you are our followers or not, whether you are religious or not, we will pray for you and hope for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

For Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil, for Baja California, Mexico, for all affected cities in Japan, for Beirut, Lebanon, for Paris, France, for Seoul, Korea, for Baghdad, Iraq, for any cities I may have missed, for any cities that have been announced as future targets or places of disaster.

Our hearts go out to everyone. Please stay safe. We love you all very much and care about every single one of you even if you don’t follow or like our blog. If you need someone to talk to, we are here.

Stand strong. <3

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Could u make an imagine u and Justin were both on tour ( cause both of u sing ) and one day when u just couldn't get Justin outta of ur head so on ur day off go see ur boyfriend :))))

If I could explain me and Justin’s relationship I would say a lot of compromise.

Both me and justin are on our own tours. I’m on my night is young tour and he’s on his wdym? Tour.

Every night we talk on the phone. And during the day we text one another whenever we get the chance.

But with choreograph practice and concerts just about everyday it’s kinda hard to make time.

It was now getting to the point where I really couldn’t handle being apart from Justin.

I needed to feel his touch. Hear his voice in person rather than a phone.

So I bought a ticket to Brazil because he was now having a day brake before his next concert.

I talked with scooter and everything and I was gonna surprise him.

I finally made it to his hotel after the 3hr flight and 45min car ride. I couldn’t stay still.

Scooter gave me Justin’s hotel room. I walked up to the door and knocked.

It was silent for a while till I heard Justin’s voice. I almost melted.

“Who is it!” He yelled.

“Just come open the door!” I yelled back.

I then heard him messing with some locks then the door finally opened.

When he opened the door and saw my face he jumped up like a kid.

He picked me up as I he went in circles. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I didn’t want to let him go.

He had on jogging pants and was shirtless.

He finally put me down.

“Baby!” He yelled grabbing me for a hug.

He held me so tight.

He then pulled away from the hug.

“God I’ve missed you so much!” We hugged again then kissed.

And this kiss was by far the best one ever. He kept his hands on me as if he was scared I would disappear from his grip.

“How long are you staying?” He asked as he rested his hands on my hips.

“Just for the day, then I gotta go.”

“No! Baby!” Justin whined. “I want you to stay forever!”

“I want to stay forever.” I said as I ran my hands through his hair.

“Well let’s make the best of this!” Justin said.

The rest of the day was perfect. You and justin went on a date, you guys played a couple pranks on scooter and to finish your trip you guys had fun that night ;)

I translated the interview the girls did with EGO here in Rio:

Fifth Harmony Girls Say Brazilian Men are Hot

American group welcomed EGO’s reporter this Friday, October 10th, to answer fan questions.

This is the first time group Fifth Harmony is in Brazil, but the girls already say they want to live in the country. The group, put together during the US version of “The X Factor”, is made up of Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei, who say they are amazed by Brazilian fans. “Brazilian fans are crazy, but that’s a compliment. It’s a good kind of crazy”, joked Normani.

Fifth Harmony will have a show this Friday, October 10th, in Rio de Janeiro, opening up for Austin Mahone. They are also set to appear at the “Z Festival” on Saturday, October 11th, in Brasilia and Sunday, October 12th, in São Paulo.

The girls met up with EGO’s team before their first show in the country and agreed to answer to questions from the fans, sent to EGO’s Twitter through the hashtag #5HNoEGO. Amongst the revelations, the girls confessed they fight like sister, loved drinking guaraná and said they want to be introduced to surfer Gabriel Medina.

“I’ll ask him to give me private lessons”, joked Camila. They have also recorded a special video saying a few words in Portuguese, like “eu te amo” (I love you) and “obrigado” (thank you).

See our chat with the girls below and find out if one of your questions was chosen:

What can fans expect from the shows in Brazil? (via @ManuCabello5H)

Lauren Jauregui: This is our first time in Brazil and we are very, very excited to perform here. We’ve had a wonderful welcome when we arrived at the airport and Brazilian fans have been incredible with us. They have supported us from the beginning and it’s really good to be with them and be able to perform for them.

Dinah Jane Hansen: The fans are so energetic and passionate. We already feel like this could be one of the best crowds we’ll have.

Ally Brooke: I love Brazil and we love Brazilian fans very much. They have always supported us, since “The X Factor”. In fact, we bumped up this trip because we wanted to be here so badly.

Normani Hamilton: Brazilian fans are crazy, but it’s a compliment. It’s a good kind of crazy.

Dinah: I was sleeping today and I woke up thinking I had left my TV on, but it wasn’t. It was 6 AM and the fans were already singing our songs.

Have you tried brigadeiro or any other Brazilian food already? (via @jessikaWF)

Lauren Jauregui: Yes! The meat here is so good…

Camila Cabello: We tried that juice… I mean, that soda. Guaraná! We loved it. I haven’t tried brigadeiro yet but everyone tells me it’s wonderful.

Ally: Someone bought some brigadeiros, but I haven’t been able to eat it yet because I have to eat light before the show…like a kind of diet.

Camila: What do you mean, Ally? Share it with us!

Dinah: I can’t believe you’re hiding it!! (laughs).

Camila: We’re definitely going to eat it later.

(At the end of the interview, the girls uploaded pictures to their social networks eating the Brazilian sweet. According to Ally, it has changed her life: “I have finally tried brigadeiro”.)

Do you want to come back for Carnaval? Do you know how to samba? (via @harmonizur)

Ally: That’s right… Samba started here!

Camila: We haven’t learned it yet, but it’s very cool.

Dinah: We definitely want to learn it.

Are you dating anyone? (via @emison_camren)

Ally: I am.

Normani: “All the single ladies, all the single ladies”.

Camila, is it true that you are dating Austin Mahone?

Camila: We are not dating. We are very close and we are great friends.

What is Camren? Is it real? (via @tiago5h)

Lauren: I’ll let Camila answer this one…

Camila: This nickname started during “The X Factor”. It’s mine and Lauren’s names put together. I think it’s like a tribute to our friendship. We are really good friends.

You didn’t know each other before “The X Factor” and now you’re living together like sister. How is your life together? Do you fight?

Dinah: Of course. We are like sisters and sisters fight. I fight with mine all the time.

Lauren: All the time!

But for what reason?

Normani: Many things… For example, if we’re all staying in the same bedroom, we fight to choose the bed or what music we’re going to listen to… Even to decide who is going to shower first (laughs). Camila takes forever in the shower.

Camila: It’s true. It’s happened one and we almost broke up (laughs). It was intense.

Normani, what color will you dye your hair next? (via @tiago5h)

Normani: I’ve been thinking lavender. I want a color between purple and pink… A lighter color.

What do you think of the Brazilian boys? (via @YkyBruno) (At this point, they all start freaking out and screaming: “Oh my God”.)

Dinah: I entered the plane and there were two boys sitting on our seats. There was that confusion, that’s my place, no it’s mine. Truth is, we wanted them to be by our side because they were beautiful!

Camila: Actually, he was a professional surfer… had long blond hair. He is the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. I don’t remember his name…

Dinah: I didn’t even sleep on the plane because I didn’t want them to see me with a sleepy face (laughs).

Are you talking about Gabriel Medina, new Brazilian surf sensation? (The reporter shows them a picture of the surfer)

Dinah: That wasn’t him, but you need to find that boy for us. We could invite him to the show. Is he in Brazil?

Camila: Actually, I’m going to ask him for private surf lessons (laughs).

Normani: We like Brazilian boys. They’re hot!

Do you have plans to come back to Brazil with your own tour (via @SouzaJosyane)

Camila: Yes! Definitely! But I also want to come here on vacation.

Dinah: I want to live here forever.

Ally: I want to come back for Carnaval.

Lauren: You are definitely going to see a lot of us here.

Original interview (in Portuguese): http://ego.globo.com/ego-teen/noticia/2014/10/meninas-do-fifth-harmony-dizem-que-homens-brasileiros-sao-quentes.html

anonymous asked:

Can you also give some updates on your other announced projects like if Ludocrats will be a 2017 or 2018 book etc? What's your total book list for 2016/2017(if you have another Star Wars book just write "Marvel Project")?

Okay. Here’s a complete overview of what I’m working on, including unannounced stuff.

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE - We’re at the half-way point, though probably slightly less than half way including the specials. I’ll be finishing off issue 26 in first draft form today.
UBER: INVASION -  Kickstarter ongoing. I’ve written up to issue 7 of Invasion, and Daniel’s on issue 5. The whole of invasion will probably be about the same size as the first volume of Uber. Perhaps slightly less. We’ll see. Issue 7 was a strange one to write - it was a key episode that I wrote into the series over-view all the way back in 2008.
MODDED - I’m up to… episode 9, I think? I’ve got a few episodes in draft that I’ve yet to polish and hand in. The first trade will probably collect the first 18 issues, so that’s still a long way away.
UNANNOUNCED MARVEL THING - Two issues written. Inks arriving for the first issue, which are an utter delight. I think people will love it. It’s an ongoing.

Now, for future projects…

THE LUDOCRATS - for a book that is basically about the joys of imagination and the fight against normalisation, that this was  basically delayed by paperwork seems like a plot out of Brazil. David has commitments at Valiant, and is onto Ludocrats after that… but last we talked, that is going to be the end of 2017, meaning it’ll be a 2018 release. Desperately annoying, but c’est la vie. First two issues written, though Jim and I need to rework the second a lot.
UNANNOUNCED 5 ISSUE THING: Horror comic with a music bent. I’ve said I’d write it for someone for over a year now, and really should get down to it. That it hasn’t been urgent means I haven’t had to priortise it, but now I’m ahead on basically all my work by a considerable amount means I really should. I believe this will be 2017, or maybe early 2018.
ONE-OFF WFH ISSUE: Need to write a tight synopsis for this, but it’s basically a chance to play with an icon for a publisher I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. 
THE SPANGLY NEW THING: I had an idea for something at SDCC which instantly jumped to the top of the queue of things I want to write. I think it’s the best idea I’ve had since WicDiv, and maybe even better than that - it’s a purer idea anyway, though I suspect not as commercial. If it happens - and I’m still talking to the artist about it - that’ll be 2017.

EDIT: Actually, one more…

THE GRAPHIC NOVELLA: An artist friend and I are talking about doing a short form “thing.” 44-60 pages. Much more indie comics than people will be used to from me. A Love story, of a sort.

And that’s where I am at the moment in comics.

joelheymann-deactivated20151109  asked:

please look at the context of a post before you start bashing it, thats very immature. also please read a book or something because u are spewing a lot of misinformation.

Oh please, do tell me what was the context of your post because you obviously said and I quote:

i know that olympictalia and hetavision were really fun but guys seriously dont support the world cup this year

And when asked why you said 

theyre tearing down lots of rainforests and indigenous homes to build stadiums and the government is using its money to build publicity instead of helping the local people and its basically making the media more important than the citizens

What is your context because to me is very explicit what you wanted to say here.  And if you consider immature that I am going to the post where YOU are making and “spewing a lot of misinformation” about MY COUNTRY and tell the truth so I will be immature.

Am I the one do it, really? Or is it you who need to read a book about Brazil and probably stop thinking you know anything about here? No one put down rainforests to build the stadiums. NO ONE. All the stadiums already had been built in a spot and they were just reconstructed from their original spot. Did it make them cheaper? God knows that no, this didn’t happen but I will get into the money problem in a second.

The only exception, for a stadium that was built up from zero, was Corinthians Stadium only one and the place were it was constructed has been there since 1988. here

No ONE touched the indigenous people for the Cup. There are conflicts between them and the government? Yes. It’s because of the Cup? No, it isn’t. Most of it it’s because Belo Monte, a power plant, that will flood their lands and that government is too stupid to notice that.

It has NOTHING to do with World Cup.

Want to talk about the money that doesn’t go to where it should be? Okay, since this country is this country, government has been putting their fingers on our money. We pay abusive taxes and most our money go to their pockets and that was so much before FIFA came here. I am saying FIFA is innocent and was not abusive (like ignoring one of ours laws that is prohibited to sell beer in the stadium so they could sell their brand)? No. I am saying that the stadium weren’t built by astronomical prices? No.

I am not saying any of that. I am saying our social problems aren’t  problems FIFA brought with them, they aren’t FIFA problems. And certainly they aren’t yours.

The government, as the year start, have a plan of everything that it has to do during that period. They dived the money between education, culture, health etc etc. So, if they are using the money for publicity, they sure as HELL, aren’t using the money from health plan. That’s such basic economic shit.

I saw someone on your post saying people were dying because we invested in stadiums and bought water for them. Do you really think am I the one who need to read a book? Let me tell you, there’s a huge lack of water in Northeast of Brazil due to it’s own climate. It happens every year like the floods that happens in Northwest  (in my region).. The government can make it “less” but they can’t stop it because that’s how nature works here.

Also, before you talk about my “misinformation” about the sexual tourism I have a few links for you: here here here.   (two of them are in portuguese, but I am pretty sure that if you know so much of Brazil you probably have been reading some thing from the real sources, haven’t you?)

And for your information: government has been working in a program and a law that turns paedophilia in a hideous crime, meaning you have no right to defence, nothing will get you out of there and you basically have no right to anything (well, for 30 years, it is because that’s how long our laws allow someone to be inside the jail.)

The things is: you want to believe we are poor, defenceless things, too naive to know what FIFA has done. And that’s how tumblr works, you prefer to believe everyone has this victim complex and that what a bunch of teenagers in an website platform do or not do will have any effect on us. That’s why your post has so many notes. 

And that’s it. I will not be saying anything else on this blog but if you still want to debate this issue this is my personal and I will gladly continue it there. 


Confession: I’m tired of losing my energy with pointless discussions on facebook. How can people be so alienated to the point of saying black people overreact about slavery?? “It ended over 100 years ago, get over it” “You aren’t alive when it happen, you haven’t suffer with it” I mean ??

I guess only I can say what kind of suffering I’m going through. White people need to understand that only black people have a saying on their own suffering, nobody else can mesure this and decide when our pain should end.

This is so exhausting. 128 years are not enough to change the mind of a whole nation, especially when they do no effort to at least respect our pain. We suffer racism everyday and they are the responsibles for this, how can’t they get it? They have to be really naivy or just prefer to discredit our problems. I don’t know why I still try to argue with them.

I’m talking about slavery in Brazil, officially it ended in 1888