we need to take charge

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You sighed as you picked up your daughter Yuki from the free daycare at the Church. You had worked ten hours today and had another shift after you drop off your two-year-old at you mom’s apartment. It was a lot of work to make enough money to take care of her, but she was worth it.

“Where are we going, mama?”

“We’re going to the corner store to get something for dinner.”

“Can we get bento boxes?”


You took Yuki by the hand and led her through the aisles.

“Okay, go pick a nice apple for us to eat for dessert.

“Okay mama!”

You watched Yuki turn a corner and walk right into a man. Your daughter fell down and started to cry.

“Shh, it’s okay Yuki.” You said, rushing over to scoop her up. She began to bawl into your shoulder, one hand on her head were she smacked it against the ground.


You peeled your eyes off your crying child to meet the eyes of your ex.

“Hi, Touru.”

Touru’s eyes traveled from Yuki to you.

“Y/N… is she…?” He reached out a hand to touch Yuki but you stepped back. You took in his attire/

“I heard you’re on the national team. For volleyball.”

“Y/N, she looks just like me.”


Oikawa took his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I tried.”

Oikawa was very still. “Y/N, you didn’t tell me,”

“I tried,”

“You didn’t try hard enough! You could have called me, or told Iwa to tell me.”

“I wasn’t going to tell Iwaizumi anything. Now that we’re not a couple is he your boyfriend now?” You growled. Oikawa’s eyes flashed dark, but they lightened when your daughter let out a soft hiccup. She rubbed the tears from her eyes, her breathing jagged as she tried to regain herself.

“What are you doing tonight? I think we need to work this out.”

You shift Yuki to your other hip.

“I have work, so I have to drop of Yuki at my mom’s.”

“You could give her to me.”

“She doesn’t know you.”

“Whose fault is that?”

You shift your weight. “Where would you be, today, if you had to work to keep her?”

This threw him for a loop.

“Well, I make money now. I can help you now.”

“But you would’ve had to give up volleyball, Touru. You would have had to give up your friends, too. I know I did.”

A nosey old lady paused to watch the two of you talk.

“Please, Y/N. I haven’t moved on since you left me. Please let me be part of your life. And her life. Her name is Yuki?”

“Yeah. My grandma picked it.”

Touru reached forward and stroked Yuki’s hair. Yuki watched him, uncertain of what was happening.

“Can I come over and watch her with your mom?”

Hesitantly, you nodded.

“I just need to finish getting some food for dinner.”

Oikawa noticed your deserted basket and transferred all your food into his.

“Whatever you need.”


Maybe bringing your two-year-old twins to the carnival for their birthday wasn’t the best idea.

“One ride, one game, and one snack,” you reminded them as you passed signs with prices. God, the prices were just obscene.

“Mommy mommy mommy can we go on the merry-go-round?” Asked Haru, eyes wide with excitement.

“Miki, do you want to go on the merry-go-round too or do you want to go on a different ride?”


You sighed and paid for the two of them, taking out your camera so you could at least document their joy for the two minute ride you paid for.

“Hey Bokuto, that girl looks a lot like your ex from high school.”

“Hey! She kind of does.”

“Why did you two break up anyways?”

“Ah, I just didn’t have enough time for her, y’know? She was so awesome I just felt like a loser neglecting her all the time.”

“MAMA! WATCH MEEEEE!” Haru called. One of the employees had lifted him onto a very tall horse. Miki was slouched on top of a frog.

“I’m watching,” you respond, waving your camera. Haru smiles and throws up a peace sign, appeased that you are, indeed, paying attention to him. Miki looks exhausted instead of excited.

“Yo, those kids look just like you, Bokuto.”

“Nah man, I don’t have kids.”

“That little boy has the same hair as you.”

“And they both have your weird-ass eyes.”

You struggle to compose yourselves as you hear the voices wandering closer and closer.

“Mama! Watch me!”

You take a picture as Haru waves from the horse. Miki sticks her head up and leans it against the pole. You realize she is getting sick from the spinning.

The ride slows and you’re too stressed about Bokuto to think straight. You haven’t seen him since that day…

The ride ends and you rush over to grab Miki, who looks ready to throw up. The attendant passes her over the fence to you.

“Mommy? Mommy??????” You notice Haru is wandering around where you were just standing, but it’s clear he doesn’t see you. You see just beyond where he stands is Bokuto, and you make eye contact.

“MOMMY! THERE YOU ARE!” Haru runs to you and grabs your leg. You see Akaashi grab Kuroo and walk away while Bokuto approaches you.

“Hey, Y/N.” he says. You shift Miki to your other hip.

“Hi, Bokuto-san.”

He physically recoils from you being so formal. He looks to Haru, who is looking at him curiously.

“So,” he says slowly. “How old are they.”

You are silent for a moment. “Two. Today is their birthday.”

Now, Bokuto was never that good in school but today he was doing the math in his head. He looked at Miki, who looked back at him with dull golden eyes.

“Where’s their dad?”

“Where do you think, Bokuto? Look, I can’t do this right now-“

Bokuto scoops up Haru unexpectedly and looks you dead in the eye.

“Were you actually breaking up with me, those years ago?” He asks, holding Haru to his hip like it was completely natural. You feel like your throat is closing, and you shake your head. Suddenly Bokuto has his huge muscular arms wrapped around you, Haru and Miki. You can feel him shaking a little, and Haru tentatively asks “Mommy, who is this guy?”

You can tell that Bokuto is actually crying now, and he pulls away, Haru still in his arms.

“Do you want to get something to eat, and we can talk about this?” You ask, deciding you need to take charge of the situation. Bokuto kisses the top of his son’s head and gives you a nod.



How were you to know that you enrolled in the same university as Kuroo? It wasn’t like you still had contact with him, or any of his friends, so it was just your luck when you had to sneak Toshi into the back of a lecture with you that you unknowingly sat beside your ex.

You had already given Toshi your phone to play with (on silent, of course) and had taken out your laptop when you noticed him out of the corner of your eye. How could you have been so stupid? You have even moved out of the neighbourhood a week after he had dumped you. You sat in your seat frozen, while Kuroo’s eyes scanned you and then your child.

“Y/n?” he asked quietly. You nodded. You saw him sit back in his seat out of the corner of your eye. Then he leaned forward, and you realized he was taking in Toshi.

“So I’m guessing that’s your daughter, and not just a child you’re babysitting.”

“You’re right.”

He took in a slow breath and then let it out. He put his head in his hands, rubbing his face. A minute later you realized he was crying.

“Tetsurou, stop it. We’ll be kicked out if you make a scene, and I don’t have anyone to watch her on Thursdays, so you need to calm down.

Kuroo wiped his face off on his sleeve and tried to look like he was paying attention, but he kept glancing at Toshi, with her jet black hair, so unlike your light brown.

The hour felt like the longest of your life but you didn’t feel the relief you were expecting when the class let out.

“You need to meet me outside,” you said as you grabbed Toshi and rushed outside before people had a chance to realize she had been sitting in on their mitosis lecture.

You found a bench outside and put your phone away. You set Toshi on your lap and ran your fingers through her hair.

“So remember how mommy said daddy was very busy, and that’s why we couldn’t see him?

“Mhm,” Toshi mumbled, playing with your coat’s zipper.

“Well,” you started, but Kuroo walked up, taking a knee in front of you.

“Toshi, this is your dad. Tetsurou, this is Toshi.”

Toshi was stunned, mirroring the look of her father. Both of them turned to you.

“This is what you were going to tell me.” Kuroo whispered. In the dull afternoon light it was even more evident that he had been crying. He reached out and pulled Toshi into his arms, tears streaming down his face again. He kissed the top of her head, and his breathing got weird again. You realized he was trying to calm himself down. He sat down beside you.

“Why would you do this alone? Y/N, I never wanted to leave you. I thought you were leaving me!”

You couldn’t breathe. This wasn’t happening. Of course you had always imagined this scene in your nightmares, but it never went like this. He was always disgusted with Toshi, disgusted with you.

Kuroo pulled you into his embrace, his strong hands rubbing your back as you began to cry into his chest. Toshi started crying, and you were sure it was just because she didn’t know what was going on.

“I’ve always loved you. Promise you won’t leave me- that both of you won’t leave me,” he whispered. You could only nod and hang on.

Overprotective (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

A/N: I wanted to write something where (Y/N) is a new member of the X-Men but in every battle Peter is super protective, and always takes out the enemies in her path before she gets the chance. Also, in this (Y/N) has the power to control time of objects and spaces around her. 

Written with female pronouns, please don’t take offense it’s just the way I naturally write, I am open to writing with gender neutral pronouns or male pronouns, just let me know! Also, I am experimenting with different POV’s to find which one I like the most, so bear with me. I’m not very happy with this, and debated on not posting it, but someone convinced me too.  I’ll look back on it and cringe later on. 

Warnings: None?

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Your POV

You sat eagerly in your seat, idly playing with your thumbs. This wasn’t your first mission, but as you sat in anticipation you couldn’t help but notice the butterflies dancing in your stomach. Your mission was relatively easy, take out a growing group that was potentially targeting the school. Due to rejection from humans, this particular group of mutants didn’t like that the Professor’s school was doing fine, and as a result, you were forced to take action. 

The other X-Men sat all around you, Peter to your left, Scott to your right. You were used to fighting along side them against other opponents, but mutants would be a different story. As the jet lowered to the ground, you gripped the straps securing you to your seat, biting your lip. This must have been more noticeable than you thought, because Peter cast a worried glance at you.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” Peter asked you simply.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” you said a little too quickly, you really were, despite your nerves.

Peter just shrugged, and went back to chewing his gum. Still occasionally looking at you worriedly. Great, you thought to yourself, now he’s concerned. You loosened your grip on your straps, the thought of Peter looking out for you easing your nerves. As the jet landed on the ground, Raven was the first to take action.

She stood up, undoing all of her straps with ease, “You all know the drill,” she said simply.

Which was true, you did know the drill, the objective was to eliminate the threat, and that meant destroying any weapons they planned to use against you. The team around you quickly got out of their seats and began filing out of the jet. You marched behind Peter, half worried he would leave you behind because he was so fast. As all of the X-Men stood outside the jet Raven and Hank stood towards the front of everyone. 

Next to you Peter shifted his weight back and fourth between his feet, and you couldn’t help but smile. You glanced around at your group to see that Kurt was playing with his rings, but looking at the two leaders in anticipation, Jean stood almost as still as a statue, and Scott was cracking his knuckles. 

“Alright, we’ve got an entrance to the left, right, back, and front. The plan is to split up and take them by surprise, avoid conflict if possible, and look for the weapons. Charles thinks they’re planning on using bombs, so keep your eyes peeled for those, and please, just don’t do anything stupid,” Hank said, his blue fur standing up on his skin. 

Mumbles of agreement erupted throughout the group, and Raven seemed to look through everyone. 

“Alright, Scott you’ll go with Jean and take the right, Peter you’ll take the back and go with-” She started.

“I call (Y/N),” Peter interrupted, and before you had time to really say anything, you were being swept up into his arms.

“Wha-” you began, but before you knew what was happening you were racing towards the back of the building. 

Within seconds Peter was placing you on your feet, and was about to walk through the back entrance.

“Peter wait,” you exclaimed, trying to take in what had just happened. 

He shot you a confused look, but stopped in his tracks none the less. 

“Can we slow it down, just a little bit?” you asked cautiously.

Peter smirked, “Sure doll.” 

“Thank you,” you muttered as you pulled two daggers out of your pockets. “I’m assuming they’re keeping the weapons closer to the middle of the building, they would be more protected there, so we just need to create a clear enough path for us to get there. Which means we need to work together.”

Peter grinned at you, “I love it when you take control.”

“You…what?” you questioned, raising an eyebrow as a shade of red spread across your face.

Peter’s never-ending smirk reappeared on his face, “Nothing. Since you wanted me to slow down, how about you go first?”

Peter stepped to the side of the entrance. Getting through the door wasn’t the hard part, the hard part came after. You twirled your daggers in your hands before shifting your weight onto your weaker leg, and kicking the entrance with your other. You probably could’ve found a window, or something stealthier, but you and Peter would be able to hold your own. As the door tumbled to the ground you felt several weapons immediately train onto your head, and without a second thought, you charged. 

Peter’s POV

As (Y/N) kicked down the door I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat a little faster in my chest. Okay she was cute, really cute. I’ll admit it was different sitting back and taking things slow, but I didn’t really mind because it meant I got to watch (Y/N) do her thing. She charged at the oncoming foe nearest to her, and for a moment I just crossed my arms, watching. 

She swung her daggers at the man’s face, he blocked them with his gun, before throwing it to the ground as the men behind him fired off shots. It was then that I watched everything turn into slow motion, and getting those bullets away from (Y/N) and I had become my current concern. With a few quick maneuvers I watched them as they smacked the wall behind our heads, and (Y/N) threw her opponent to the ground. 

She looked at me with a bewildered expression, which I responded to with a wink, and continued about what I was doing. Before (Y/N) had time to blink, the three men that shot at us were on the ground and unconscious, only for three more enemies to appear in the not so wide hall we were fighting in. It looked like we almost had a straight shot to the center, we would just have to take out those in front of us. I cracked my knuckles.

Two of the three were big bulky men, who looked like they didn’t understand the concept of self hygiene, and the other was a girl with bright purple hair, who had here eyes trained on (Y/N). As I turned my attention to (Y/N) for a moment, a small smile grew across her lips, and she twirled her daggers in her hands like earlier. 

“Shall we?” I asked her, only partially wondering why the others hadn’t engaged yet. 

(Y/N) nodded, and I was waiting for her to make the first move, but the other side beat her to it. The man facing me flung his arms in our direction, and a gust of air smacked into our bodies at an alarming rate, the force knocking us both backwards. Before I actually hit the wall behind us, I ran up the wall to my right, jumping towards (Y/N) and grabbing her. I held her to my chest and brought her behind a heavy metal cargo box in the middle of the hallway, shielding both of us from the wind.  

(Y/N) looked at me a little dazed as I let go of her, muttering a thank you. 

“Anything for you,” I said, watching with sanctification as (Y/N) blushed yet again.

Just because we were on a mission, didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little bit of fun. (Y/N) quickly averted her gaze from me and stuck her head out form the box so that she could see, I followed suit. The three were walking towards us leisurely.

“Cocky much,” I muttered under my breath. 

“I call the girl in the middle,” (Y/N) said beside me, eyeing her viciously. 

I shifted my attention to the girl, and I just happened to be unlucky enough to see her stare at me and lick her lips. I scrunched my nose.

“She’s all yours,” I said, and as we got ready to attack, the girl in the middle shifted into a cheetah.

“What the?” (Y/N) questioned from beside me.

I shrugged, “Guess it’s time for a cat fight.”

(Y/N) giggled, and without another word, we charged at our enemies. I needed to take out the guy with the wind powers before he had us back to square one, so he was my first target. As I zoomed towards him I could feel the air around me begin to stir, which meant he was fast, but not fast enough. I quickly reached him, kicking his legs form underneath him and watching in sanctification as he fell to the ground. 

His hand reached out towards me and a burst of air shot in my direction, but only enough to make my hair look even better than it already did. I reached out and grabbed his wrist, twisting his arm behind his back and shoving him backwards. He let out a cry as he smacked the wall to our side, the once white and pristine surface now dented and streaky. 

I brushed off my hands, turning my attention to (Y/N), who was moving super fast, most likely manipulating her own time in order to keep up with cheetah-lady who was swatting at her. (Y/N) was doing great with her current task, but she wouldn’t notice the man behind her with his fangs and claws outstretched towards her. My heart clenched, and in the blink of an eye I was flipping him over my shoulder. I was not going to let anyone touch (Y/N). 

A large thud sounded through the room as his beefy body smacked the ground, and just for a moment, (Y/N)’s attention was averted from cheetah-lady, but it was long enough. One of her long claws scratched (Y/N)’s shoulder, sinking into the material of her uniform and tearing skin. My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened. As the man I had thrown to the floor stood up to attack me again I aimed a punch straight for his jaw, and didn’t watch to make sure he was unconscious. I didn’t have the time. 

I turned towards (Y/N) to watch her sink a dagger into the cheetah-lady’s shoulder. (Y/N) could’ve easily taken her down, but this opponent had drawn (Y/N)’s blood, and she wasn’t getting off of the hook. At my super speed, and as gently as I could, I pulled (Y/N) back and away from the cheetah-lady, giving me space to knock her kick her backwards from us, as she soared through the air she transformed back into her human form, her eyes rolling back into her head. 

I twirled towards (Y/N), returning to regular speed. She took in the scene of the three unconscious mutant’s and then met my gaze. 

“(Y/N) are you okay?” I asked, placing my hands on her shoulders and looking at where the fabric had torn.

The scratch was smaller than I thought, but that didn’t make me any less angry. 

“I’m fine Peter. It doesn’t even hurt anymore,” (Y/N) said folding her arms. “You know I had her under control right? I am perfectly capable of fighting.”

I slowly lowered my arms form her shoulder’s, smiling at her. 

“I didn’t say you weren’t, but cheetah-lady wasn’t getting off of the hook.”

“Cheetah-lady?” (Y/N) questioned, raising an eyebrow. 

“Yeah, you know, with the claws and the spots?” 

(Y/N) laughed, and the sound made butterflies dance in my stomach.

“Shall we?” I asked, gesturing to the now empty hallway, well, except for the unconscious bodies. 

“Sure, but answer me this, why exactly are you so protective?” (Y/N) replied, as I picked her up, about to speed down the hall. 

“Well, Honey-bunch, I’m not going to let some lowlife touch a pretty little thing like yourself,” and with that, I sped down the hallway, (Y/N) securely in my arms. 

From the Ashes

This is just a short little fic based on a prompt from @omeliafics​. Thanks @shepherd-hunt​ for encouraging me t5o read it5 and to @francescabuccino​ for proof reading it.

Prompt: Owen and Amelia get trapped inside the elevator wen the hospital is on fire.

Amelia Shepherd was having a bad day. No, scratch that, she was having a horrible day. A patient died on her table this morning in a routine craniotomy. There was intracranial bleeding that no one could have foreseen, it wasn’t her fault but she was still kicking herself for it. To make matters worse she has barely gotten any of sleep the past few nights. She loved her nieces and nephew, but her sister-in-law’s place was much busier than she was used to, and it was starting to take its toll on her. She missed the peaceful quiet of her and Owen’s home. Owen. Amelia felt a pang in her heart when she thought of her husband. Amelia, do you still even want to be married? That question broke her heart. The uncertainty in his eyes. He thought she was running from him, he thought she didn’t want him anymore. If only he knew how wrong he was. She may have run from him but she didn’t run away, and that was a big step for her.

Amelia was still reeling from her loss in surgery. She walked to the elevator on autopilot, not paying any attention to her surroundings. If she had, maybe she would have noticed the panic on her coworkers’ faces, or the nurses and doctors running around preparing for disaster. But she didn’t, instead she pushed the button to call the elevator. With a familiar ding the doors opened and Amelia stepped on. She was so distracted that she didn’t even notice anyone else was in the elevator until she heard a throat clear behind her. She turned around and came face to face with him, the one person she had been avoiding all week. Owen. He was the last person she wanted to see right now. But he was also the only person she wanted to see. The one she wanted to seek comfort from. She needed him.

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I feel this so strongly. I don’t think there is “femininity” and “masculinity” in finite terms. It’s a spectrum.

Women can fall more on the masculine side and men more on the feminine.

That’s okay.

Women can be hyper feminine and men hyper masculine.

That’s okay.

What we really need to do is take the social stigma and charge out of these words. Don’t shame people for falling somewhere on the spectrum that doesn’t meet your expectations. Don’t belittle people for being feminine or masculine any more than you would for someone who has brown hair. It’s how they were born.

#84: Pregnancy Series | You're Horny


Some anon requested me to add this to the series, and I laughed for ten minutes straight before I was like, hell yeah, it has to be included. 

Pregnancy Schedule: 30,5 Weeks // A little over 7 months

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes


Luke held his hands in front of his lips as he tiptoed down the hallway of his apartment, trying to be as quiet as possible, his mind dazed as he almost tripped over his own long legs every third minute. He opened the door to the bedroom, walking inside the dark and turning on the light, his eyes going wide and a yelp coming from his lips as he watched you by the window, a small smile on your lips as you watched him. ”Good party?” You asked, watching him as he tumbled towards you, stopping right in front of you when the belly prevented him from coming any closer. ”Not as good as if you had been there.” He smiled, toying a strand of hair away from your eyes. ”How’s my babyyy.” He slurred, smacking himself down on his knees and instantly smashing his lips against your belly, his eyes closing as he leaned his head against your stomach. ”My little baby.” He cooed, a warm smile on his face as he peppered it with kisses. You let out a sigh by the smaller gesture, grabbing Luke’s upper arm and pulling him up. ”You know, you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever known. Probably the prettiest one.” He slurred, smiling down at you, your cheeks starting to burn. ”And I don’t think I could find a better person to share a kid with.” His hand rubbed up and down your belly as he admired your form, silence starting to fall over you, your cheeks burning even more now, and whether it was Luke’s love confession or the fact that your arousal was getting worse, you couldn’t point out which. ”Luke, I have to admit something.” Luke’s whole face expression changed, his face starting to soften and look more serious one, staring down at you waiting for you to tell him. ”I’m horny.” His eyes went wide by your confession; a weird feeling going through his veins by the fact that he had believed you would say something else, a lump starting to form in his throat. ”And I can’t make myself – not that I would get the chance to hook up with some dude now with this massive watermelon anyways - find some other dude to like uhm satisfy me. So I’m uhm, asking you.” His mouth felt open now as well, staring down at you in pure confuse and shock. ”Please? It’s not like we’re going to have sex, I just need some arousal..” You mumbled, taking his hand and placing it in front of your lips, placing a few kisses here and there and biting down on his skin. Luke’s breathe quickened by the actions and his mind fuzzed. ”And besides, you already know how my body works.” You commented with a flirtatious smile, his mouth shutting as he looked down at you. ”Fine.” He stammered, leaning down and placing his lips on yours, a feeling he hadn’t felt in almost 7 months, his hands starting to roam your body against as he backed you towards his bed, making you smile through the kiss by getting the satisfaction.


A puddle of arousal made your eyes open fast, look around in confuse by the sudden change of light in the room. Or more likely, the fact that you had woken up from sleeping, having a dream that clearly left it’s marks in your underwear, Calum’s arm loosely wrapped around your belly on protection, his breathings hitting your neck making goose bumps appear on your skin. Wiggling in your seat, you turned around so you could face him, his eyes starting to stir by the sudden movement. ”What’s going on?” He questioned with eyes closed, moving his arm to the right so he could press the on bottom on his night lamp, the lamp lighting up your room and you squeezing your eyes. ”Calum. I’m horny.” Your statement made him instantly snort with a chuckle, eyes fully open now. ”Okay, and what can I do to fix that?” He teased, sitting up so his back was pressed against the headboard. ”I just need you to fix it.” You pouted, just wanting him inside you as fast as possible. ”You know I won’t fuck you, I can’t make myself do that in a fear of hurting him.” He reminded, you crossing your arms over your chest, looking up at him. He knew that if you wouldn’t get satisfied, he would get the chance to take the trip down to the living room and sleep by his own, your fuse not being long and hormones from the pregnancy effecting you even more than what you could control. And he couldn’t really complain about your request. ”But I can do something else.” He winked, placing his lips on yours and trying to pull you closer even though it was difficult. At first, his hand were placed on your cheek, caressing down to your neck, leaving a small squeeze on your breast before diving further down, making sure that every place had been touched. His hand glided down to your stomach, his hand stopping right above your abdomen, tracing patterns around your skin with his finger tips to arousal you, your breath starting to quicken by the smaller gesture. After what felt like years, he nibbled shortly on your earlobe as he stuck his hand inside your panties, but as soon as he did, that was when the kicking started. ”You cannot be serious!” You exclaimed in almost rage, Calum starting to laugh out loud as the kicking wouldn’t stop, he could feel it as his arm were half resting on your belly, the skin moving around by the kicks that you received. ”He hasn’t kicked all day and now he decides to do it!” Calum placed his palm on your stomach in amaze, never ever not enjoying feeling the life that was inside of you. ”At least we know he’s still full of energy and in life in there.” He chuckled, placing a kiss to your temple as you let out a huff, pouting your lips and looking up at him as he admired your stomach while adding warm caress with his hands against your skin.


”Are we even allowed to be here?” You questioned, looking around in confuse as Michael took his t shirt you were wearing over your head, smiling down at you and placing a kiss to your forehead. ”No. But that doesn’t matter. It’s freaking hot up in our room and I needed to cool down. If we get caught, I will take charge of the blame.” He chucked, hooking his fingers around the waistband of your loose shorts, pulling them down your legs and letting you trip out of them. The pool behind him looked so inviting, so blue, and so romantic at this point of night, making you instantly want to jump in. ”Come on.” He winked, linking your hands together and walking towards the stairs, helping you down into the water, it being cold at first but after waiting a few seconds until the body temperature was used to it, it was pure gold. ”See, this is ten times better than being up at the hotel room, bored.” He smiled, leaning on his back and looking up at the sky. You swam towards him and backing him up against the end of the pool, his eyes wide by the sudden action. ”Someone seems needy huh?” Michael questioned, starting to place kisses along your neck. ”I haven’t gotten anything in almost 7 months, what do you expect Michael?” You purred, smashing your lips against his and letting him wrap his arms around your body as good as he could, rotating you so the belly weren’t pressing into his. Before you could put two of two together, Michael had turned hard as a rock, his crotch pressing into yours making you instantly moan. ”If we’re quiet,” He panted, looking at you, ”We won’t get caught.” You nodded your head fast as he pulled out his throbbing member, placing a kiss to your cheek. He moved the side of your panties to allow him to enter you, but he barely pushed in before he moved completely away, his eyes wide as he looked at you. ”But.. What if I hurt her or something?” He asked softly in fear, putting his length back in his pants. ”You’ve got to be kidding me Michael Clifford! That will forever be the biggest mood killer, ever!” Michael leaned his head back on his neck as he laughed out loud, looking back admiring at you. ”I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can’t do this even though I’m having a hard time resisting you.” He smiled, and took a piece of wet hair away from your sticky forehead. ”Mood killer.” You pouted, folding your hand and sending a wave of splash towards him, his eyes wide by your sudden move. ”Kitten I think that was a bad idea.” He stated, starting to splash water towards you, the two of you swimming around on the easy end of the pool to make sure there wouldn’t happen anything to you or the babygirl, water everywhere as the splashing fight had now started.


”Ashton would you mind come here for a second?” You yelled, lying sprawled on the bed in just a pair of black lingerie, your hair loose as you looked over towards the open bathroom door, the sound of Ashton brushing his teeth inside. ”I’ll be out in second.” His voice was faint, making yourself look down to make sure that everything was perfect, and when he came out of the bathroom, his face expression was pure priceless. ”Babe uh- What are you uh-” Ashton stammered, watching you as you rose from the bed, walking slowly towards him. He let out a nervous giggle, ”Y/N, what are you uhm- doing?” You cocked your head as you stood in front of him now, not even getting the slightest chance of being close to him with the big belly preventing you. ”I’m trying to seduce you. It is that weird?” You asked as if nothing was wrong. ”To me it seems like you tried to squeeze yourself down into some tiny lingerie you.” He commented, his fingers tracing over the skin that was bulged out from your bra cup. You rolled your eyes by his comment, your hand reaching up to caress his cheek and down to his next, watching his puzzled reaction. ”Y/N, we cannot uhm.. Do this.” Ashton tried to explain, trying to avoid your intoxicating touches. ”But Ashton for god sake, it has been 7 months without us being the slightest sexual at all. I’m horny for god sake! Your voice went wide by your sudden rage statement, Ashton’s eyes doing the same exact same. ”Can you please just kiss me without making a gag sound, I feel unloved and repellent here.” Your soft tone made Ashton let out a sigh, his hands coming to your cheeks taking a step to the side so he could give you a proper kiss without having the belly in the way, letting the kiss be intimate and long as he pressed more and more into yours. But when your tongue traced his bottom lip, that was when he had to pull back before it went too far. ”I can’t Y/N, I’m sorry madly sorry, but I can’t stick my dick in you without having the fear of crushing one of the babies.” He stated, you crossing your arms and letting out a huff. ”How forceful do you think your dick is huh?” Ashton rolled his eyes by your behavior and placed a kiss to your forehead. ”I just won’t find it comfortable okay? I hope you understand.” He looked down at you, watching you as you pouted. He let out a sigh when you didn’t look satisfied, trying to find a solution and running his fingers through his hair. ”Go lay on the bed. I’ll be back in a few seconds okay, and then let me eat out that pussy of yours; you think you can do that for me?” Ashton didn’t even recieve any answer before you had sprinted over to the bed in excitement, a giggle coming from his lips as he shook his head at you.

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S76, Genji, and Gabe/Reaper reacting to (future s/o) omega new recruit that is the exact opposite of a typical omega? Like they're not particularly submissive and isn't afraid of taking charge.

Yas we need more strong independent Omegas who will Fight

Soldier 76 is pretty surprised when he finds them stepping up whenever the situation calls for it, and then some. But he tries not to let it show too much because hey, they’re in Overwatch, so it’s obvious that they’ve got to be tough in order to make it. This doesn’t stop him from looking out for them on the battlefield though.

Genji honestly finds it to be a pleasant surprise. It’s refreshing to see an Omega that can hold more than their own. He’s also pretty happy to get teamed up with them to go on missions and see their prowess on the battlefield. He also tends to ask if they can manage any work they can take on until they snap at him one day that they’re not made of glass. He drops the subject after that.

Reaper immediately takes a shine to them since they’re scrappy and able to put up a hell of a fight. He also gains a begrudging respect towards them and often pops by to teach them some tips so they can work on their combat abilities.

All Over a Puppet.

“Oh sh*t. Oh f*ck, no. Oh no.”


The 12-year old redhead stepped in front of her chubby best friend as they walked backward and away from a wooden door that led to the attic, a room the Pines twins used during their stays in Gravity Falls each summer they were there and when they lived there while children. it was formerly a safe-haven, a place where the twins could relax and sleep. Now, though, it was a place where Soos and Wendy just locked a psychotic and axe-weilding Dipper Pines.
A strong CRASH rang from the attic along with laughing and the sound of wood breaking. The door handle jiggled precisely three vigorous times, and then silence for a good thirty seconds. It gave Wendy just enough time to process the situation and Soos just enough time to start crying, but it was interrupted by the planks of wood just under the door suddenly bursting, an axe flying through, and Dipper’s face being jammed through the hole as he screamed, a wide grin plastered onto his face.


Both Soos and Wendy got grazed by the knife as they started to run as fast as they could in the opposite direction of the attic. Soos opened his mouth to ask why this was happening, but Wendy beat him to the answer. "I don’t know, just keep running. I think Mabel’s out getting socks with her friends, so we’re on our own.”

They didn’t know what was happening, in all honesty. Dipper was perfectly fine a few minutes ago, but now he was attempting to decapitate them, arm outstretched for the hand Wendy was using to hold the Journal as he dashed after them.

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We the people are broken. We the people are broke. We the people are in charge. We the people are just tools. We the people are slaves. We the people are pawns. We the people need to take charge. We the people have the power yet we don’t use it. We the people are struggling. We the people are being used. We the people are just resources the people in power don’t care about us. The people in government take our hard earned money and they use it like little spoiled fucks. They couldn’t do anything if we stopped paying taxes. We have the power. They should be begging at our feet to help us. We shouldn’t vote for them just so they can fuck us over. We should not allow corruption. We should not allow corporations to poison our food. We should not allow out government to receive donations of millions of dollars from companies. We should not allow our government to be stronger than us the people. We should not tolerate this abomination. We need a revolution. We need a peaceful revolution. We need to stop the killing. We need to stop the profits of war. We need to save the world, it’s dying.. We need to save our mother nature. We need to save the forest. We need to save the animals. We need to save the beautiful creations all over the world. We need to stop people who make money off destruction. We need to stop this. We need a revolution.

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What do you think of the way the plot is shaping? Luffy keeps saying he's the only one going to be going to 'get Sanji' from Big Mom, but given how involved Zoro and Nami's reactions have been to Sanji having left, I feel it would be really narratively unfulfilling if at least those 2 don't accompany Luffy to Big Mom's place. Do you think the Save Sanji arc will be a Luffy solo?

I don’t really get the reasoning behind this, particularly with regard to Zoro. I recently wrote about Zoro’s general tendency to prioritize the needs of the crew as a whole above the individual well being of each of it’s members (here). And to further provide some direct examples of this, let’s go back to Water 7 and the subject of whether or not Usopp should rejoin the crew 

Zoro wasn’t saying this because he wanted Usopp to stay gone. Usopp is Zoro’s friend! Zoro wanted Usopp to come back

but what he wanted, what they all wanted, wasn’t as important as the well being of the entire crew. 

So. The situation with Sanji and Big Mom. Zoro’s doing the exact same thing here–he’s advocating a course of action that will best ensure the crew’s survival even though it doesn’t do what is best for one individual member. And in fact, so is Sanji. Remember, Sanji agreed with Zoro’s assessment about the situation wit Usopp 

And Sanji willfully went with Capone to Big Mom because he realized that refusing to do so would endanger the entire crew (and also presumably because of that threat of them killing someone he cares about and putting their head in a box). Nami pointed out that Sanji surely could have escaped if he had wanted to–but he didn’t because he decided that it would be for the best 

Sanji decided that cutting off ties with the Straw Hats would be for the best, not for his sake but for theirs. As Zoro was saying, the Straw Hats are facing down the barrel of a battle with Kaido that is going to go down very soon. And to start another immediate fight with another Yonko would pretty much guarantee the Straw Hats getting completely destroyed

Now, Zoro’s reaction to Sanji leaving is a bit overly annoyed. First up, you’d think that he would agree with how Sanji responded to the situation: when faced with a dilemma that could get the Straw Hats involved in an immediate fight with yet another Yonko, Sanji was right to essentially give himself up and remove himself from the crew in order to avoid that. My interpretation of why Zoro was more annoyed and didn’t explicitly agree with Sanji’s decision, is because of two general points. 

One, this whole situation wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for who Sanji is blood related to. However, that’s not Sanji’s own fault. And Zoro certainly didn’t have the attitude of “I’m so hurt how dare you not tell us about your past” because the Straw Hats have a long standing history of not telling or being interested in each others’ pasts. However, when it comes to something like family ties that could potentially result in the crew being torn apart, maybe Zoro is a little bit less sympathetic to Sanji not wanting to tell him about it. Either way, Zoro’s annoyance over this wouldn’t come from feeling personally betrayed or lied to, but from the practical standpoint of “this would have been nice to know so we could have prepared for the eventuality of it becoming a problem.” 

And two, Zoro might not like to admit it, but he may view the crew’s chance of coming out on top in a battle with Kaido less likely if Sanji is not there to help them. Zoro may be insistent that he is stronger than Sanji (and in all fairness he probably is), but the whole crew, Zoro included, knows that Sanji is one of their strongest fighters. So, with this in mind, maybe Zoro has a different take on Sanji leaving the crew to go to Big Mom. Rather than thinking “hey, it’s good that he avoided starting an immediate fight with her so that we’re not fighting two Yonko at once,” maybe Zoro is thinking “Great, this weakens our total battle strength in the fight against Kaido. Sanji should have stuck with us for this fight and then worried about things with Big Mom after we got the Kaido situation wrapped up. Now we either have to fight Kaido at less than full strength, or go freaking worry about fighting Big Mom too while trying to get Sanji back first. Great.” 

In any case though, I think that Zoro’s thoughts on this matter are largely formed from a practical standpoint. That is what Zoro has always done. With Nami, with Robin, with Usopp, and now with Sanji, Zoro has always advocated doing what is best for the crew as a whole even if it means detaching themselves from their feelings about what they would like to happen. And how would both Luffy AND Zoro, the crew’s two strongest fighters, going to retrieve Sanji, the crew’s third strongest fighter, be in the best interest of the crew? That would be separating all three of them from the rest of the crew, which would put the rest of the crew in greater danger. 

And Nami? It would make more sense for her to go than Zoro, that’s for sure, since Nami is actually good at stealth. Either Nami or Robin would be the best choices to accompany Luffy to go retrieve Sanji, since they’re the two stealth experts on the crew (along with Sanji himself) and would be able to best keep Luffy in check and not allow him to go do anything stupid. However, despite the concern she has expressed for Sanji, I don’t think of it as anything too special. Nami has always cared about other people very much on an emotional level, and she doesn’t ignore that. She cared so so so so much about Robin when it seemed that Robin had betrayed them on Water 7. She argued the hardest against the idea of refusing to let Usopp rejoin the crew if he didn’t apologize. She was the one who first argued that they should help the kids on Punk Hazard, even when Franky and Sanji were arguing that they shouldn’t. And lets not forget Nami taking charge of the “we need to save Caime” situation on Sabaody, and her willingness to give up all the crew’s treasure for her sake. So yes, Nami is expressing a lot of concern for Sanji’s situation, but she has long been a voice of empathy on the crew, in contrast to Zoro’s more common voice of “detached practicality.” 

I would like to see Nami (or Robin) accompany Luffy to go get Sanji back, but not really because Nami has expressed concern for his situation. Chopper has expressed just as much concern after all (and Robin hasn’t really expressed any). I mostly just want Nami or Robin to have a more active role in the story and actually get to do more things. But, with the way things currently stand, it probably will just be Luffy and Pekoms going.