we need to have a marathon

Each house when: the finals are finished
  • Gryffindor: 1) Get out of the classroom 2) Slam their backpack on the floor 3) Slip’n’slide along the corridor while I Want To Break Free by Freddie Mercury plays in the background
  • Hufflepuff: Gather at a friends’ place drinking hot chocolate anxiously wondering if they answered question 3)b) correctly until one of them decides that let’s not talk about it anymore shall we ? *happy evening full of laughter and hugs ensues*
  • Ravenclaw: Go straight home, wrap themselves in a blanket with a mug of tea for a binge marathon of all 12459637 episodes from their on-going series they have to catch up to before the finale
  • Slytherin: Pretend like they aced it, Actually aced it, Secretely thinks they screwed up and need to revise their whole path in life. Will probably crawl into their bedroom listening to soothing music until dawn so they relieve the tension and adrenaline accumulated during the finals
chris evans dating a fan would include:

(authors note: so this is my first time writing on tumblr, so excuse the format if it’s a bit funky, and also i drew inspiration from other headcannons i read, but otherwise here we go)

-hyperventilating when he asked you out

-texting all your mates about how you were dating the infamous chris evans

-being able to kiss the star spangled man with a plan on the lips

-knowing more about marvel than he does

-insisting that captain america needs a beard

-“no, babe listen. imagine captain america in a beard. like woaHhH”

-having movie marathons in matching captain america onesies

-lisa, scott, basically chris’s entire family absolutely aDoring you

-chris trying to protect you from the press

-having dinner dates every friday on skype when chris is away filming

-chris using your shampoo to remind himself of you. vice versa

-dodger keeping you company while chris is away

-becoming close friends with seb and mackie

-them telling you embarrassing stories about chris

-“so one time we were at this stri-”

-“woah woah woah!¡ y/n doesn’t need to know about this”

-visiting disney every year

-watching the little mermaid play

-chris squealing when ‘part of your world comes on’

-you two being the cutest couple on the entire planet

-‘working out’ with him

-which just results in a really hot make out

-chris spoiling you with presents

-him calling you the sweetest pet names such as ‘darling, love, my girl/my boy’

-him finding your tumblr

-'hey y/n, does y/t/n sound familiar to you?“

-pretending not to know what he’s talking about

-you being awful at hiding it

-chris finding the glorioUs stucky smut you wrote a couple years ago before you got together

-“y/n this is…certainly something”

-chris sending it to seb

-you end up ignoring him for the entire day

-he can’t stand you ignoring him, so he apologizes and does everything he can to please you

-that ends up in hot seX!

-him loving being on top

-acting out smut you’ve read

-'no, you’re supposed to put your leg…oOF!“

-chris is beyond terrified to meet your parents

-your mom is really welcoming and can’t believe their son/daughter is dating THE captain america

-your dad on the other hand, is passed out in the corner because he can’t believe you’re dating

-your siblings parading around chris, asking him to sign things to auction off at school

-taking chris to your childhood room

-chris teasing you about how cute your stuffed animals and baby photos are

-chris holding your hand under the table whenever he’s nervous

-whenever chris has an anxiety attack before interviews/premieres, you calm him down by pressing a kiss to his temple

-coming with chris to christopher’s haven

-chris introducing you to the kids as captain america’s secret girlfriend

-being able to connect with the families and kids at christopher’s haven

-chris admiring how loving and kind you are

-chris also admiring how confident and badass you can be as well

-chris finding you in your bed with a pool of tears around you

-“darling, what’s wrong?”

-“i just read the most aNgsty fan fiction ever!!!”

-most fans proudly supporting you and chris’s relationship

-but when haters do show up, chris or the fans firing back

-being chris’s date to the 'gifted’ premiere

-being held tightly by chris the entire night

-when you go off to the bathroom, octavia spender pulls chris aside saying 'that girl/boy of yours. hold on tight to her/him. she/he’s a special one.“

-going to sleep that night with chris cradling you in his arms

-sleeping in his loose white tee

-chris drifting off to sleep thanking god he found you

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A,B,C or all of Above

Kylo Ren & his Lightsaber....


Exhibit A: 

I don’t know about you guys….but the technique makes me fucking hop with joy man. I want to run a marathon with the adrenaline rush I get by watching him twirl this contraption. 

Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:

I want that lightsaber to be lodged so far up my ass that it comes out of my nostrils. Goodnight.

I’m sorry but I just… don’t get polyamory???? I’m trying to tho, I really am. But just… could you explain why you’d feel the need to be in a relationship with someone else, while you’re in a relationship with someone even tho you’re happy with them, and completely satisfied?

The best way I’ve found to explain it is in metaphors: you might want to have mashed potatoes with your steak. Even though the steak on its own is delicious and satisfying as a steak, there’s plenty of room to enjoy other flavors and foods as well. Wanting potatoes doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong or lacking about the steak, but just having steak is less appealing to some people than steak and potatoes.

Even if you have the best bed in the world, and your dream car, you still want to have both - your bed being an awesome bed doesn’t mean you don’t need a car, and your car being spectacular as a car doesn’t mean it works well as a bed. 

Most people like having more than one friend, even though all their friendships independently are happy and satisfying - because people are multifaceted and it’s rare to find one human who meets 100% of your needs 100% of the time. You can have positive, loving, happy, satisfying relationships with multiple siblings and both parents - polyamory is an extension of this concept, that love is not “zero-sum” and that loving one person doesn’t make it impossible to love someone else too.

But to be totally honest, questions like this make me wonder whether we as a culture need to get better at seeing the value in things we don’t necessarily want for ourselves. I really, really hate working out. I don’t see any of the appeal in it; and I especially hate running. But I have friends who run miles every day and run marathons. I understand intellectually that they get something positive out of it, that it works for them. I can’t comprehend personally how any of that is enjoyable, but I can accept that it is, for someone who is not me. I personally don’t get why a person willingly endures that, but I do get that plenty of people do, and it’s okay for people to be different from me.

I can completely accept the validity of lesbianism, even though I am a woman who is very straight and don’t really “get” the appeal of having sex with another woman. I don’t demand that lesbians explain to me how it works that they’re into women; I don’t refuse to accept something unless I myself “get” it. I don’t conflate my own interest in something with that thing’s fundamental value.

So my recommendation to you is to ask yourself why it’s important to you to “get” polyamory. Is it enough to accept that other people have perspectives, desires, and feelings that differ from yours? Can you let yourself understand intellectually that this is just another way of being a person, even if you yourself have never felt that “need”? 

If there are polyamorous people in your life and you’re struggling to come to terms with their choices, try and remember that you don’t need to feel the same way as them for you to respect, honor, and value them - just like I don’t have to fully grasp what is fun about running to support my marathon-running friends. If someone in your life is trying to pressure you into a polyamorous mindset or relationship, know that you don’t need to change who you are or think yourself into being someone that you’re not. It is enough to be yourself and let others be themselves.

P.S. I know working out is very good for you and I really do my best please do not send well-intentioned suggestions about yoga or crossfit or couch-to-5k :) 

The thing is about mental illness is that for some symptoms, objectively, we can control them and stop them. But it’s not that simple. Objectively some with depression could get out of bed, some with anxiety could make that phone call, some with bpd could not lash out etc. Some have the physical ability to, so could. But it’s not that simple. Imagine you’re running a marathon and you’re EXHAUSTED. You’ve run miles and need to stop and take a break to breathe and rest. Objectively, if you’re not injured, you COULD keep running. But you don’t. Because it’s exhausting. Maybe now and again you can run that bit further, but if you did it every time you’d have no energy, and it’d hurt. There would be a lot of negative effects. That’s what it’s like for a lot of people and symptoms of their mental illness.

Like That

University AU

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language? Lightly smutty

Word Count: 3, 475

Summary: The reader is friends with benefits with Peter 


A/N: I’ve been obsessed with this song for a while and listening to it just sparked the idea for this piece. It’s not so much an AU as it is a few years in the future and I wanted to explore the friends with benefits dynamic with Peter Parker because it seems out of character for him but not impossible. I actually started writing this a few months ago but didn’t get around to finishing it until 3am this morning. Hopefully it turned out okay!

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Like That by Rytmeklubben

Peter Parker and I went to the same high school and were sort of friends but really only became close once we started university. We had a few classes together, being in the same program and all, so I was glad to see a familiar face in the intimidating large classes full of people who were just as smart, if not smarter than us.

University is tough, especially when you’re constantly trying to keep the city a safe place all the while keeping your GPA up. Classes being much more fast-paced than high school took a toll on him. He was so busy that he started falling behind on some of the course material which is when we started studying together a lot. I helped him catch up, he learned quick. He was really good at problem solving and understanding complex math problems, so we helped each other out. With all the time we spent together on breaks, taking turns grabbing coffees and muffins for each other before a class or work, not to mention hours of studying, we became pretty close.

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Journal Entries

Gif not mine

  • Peter Parker x Reader
  • Word Count: 3,067
  • Warnings: Depressive themes, terribly written angst
  • This is just a way for me to write some recent feelings I’ve been having. I do not mean to offend anyone in anyway and I apologize if I do.

The school bell rang, signalling the students that class was over. Everyone immediately stood up, collecting their things and rushing out the door, probably to their locker or their next class.

Following the sea of students, I soon reached my own locker and began putting my books away until I heard Peter coming up to me. Smiling, I shut my locker and turned to face him.

“Hey Pete,” I greeted, not surprised that he looked like an absolute mess. I frowned slightly as I saw the faint discoloration around his eye, which was poorly covered by makeup.

“Let me guess, rough night?” I asked, both of us walking down the hall to English class.

“Nothing too bad, I guess I was off my game,” he sighed. “Honestly Pete,” I began, just about ready to lecture him again. “(Y/n),” Peter whined, obviously not wanting to deal with me.

“I know what you’re gonna say and I promise I’ll be more careful,” he reassured me. “You better Parker.” I would’ve said more, but we had already reached Mrs. Holly’s class.

Taking our usual spots, we both took out our books and faced the board, reading today’s assignment. We had to create a video review of one the modern takes on Romeo and Juliet. As Mrs. Holly began to explain the assignment, a folded piece of paper fell on my desk.

I quickly took it and looked at Peter, knowing it was him who gave it to me. Unfolding the paper under my desk, I briefly looked down to see Pete’s slightly messy handwriting.

You still on later tonight?

You see, we had agreed that if he helped me study for the math test, I would help him study for English. Placing the paper on my notebook, I quickly wrote ‘yes,’ pretending that I was taking notes. Folding the paper again, I tossed it back on Peter’s desk and watched as he smiled when he read my answer. Unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed by Mrs. Holly.

“Mr. Parker? Is there something you and Ms. (L/n) would like to share with the class,” she said loudly, putting both of us on the spot. I felt my face flush slightly as everyone turned to face us, some snickering.

“Uh, n-no Mrs. Holly,” Peter answered, crumpling the paper in his hand.

“Then please pay attention to the board. You haven’t been at your best lately,” she scolded, quickly returning to the lesson. ‘Sorry,’ I mouthed to Peter, feeling bad that he was called out.

‘It’s fine,’ he mouthed back, fixing his attention to the board. I soon followed, listening as Mrs. Holly’s voice droned on.

Pretty soon, the end of school same and since it was Friday, I was quite happy and relieved. I waited by Peter’s class, playing with my hands and watching the clock intensely. Finally hearing the students getting up to leave, I backed away from the door and looked for the brunet.

“Hey (Y/n), sorry if I kept you waiting, Mr. Collins sort of went on ranting about his personal life again,” Peter said, causing me to laugh a bit. “He does know he’s at school right? Not some therapy session,” I joked, leaning my head on Pete’s shoulder as we walked. We were pretty comfortable around each other seeing as though we’ve been friends since middle school.

We continued our mindless chatter until we reached our stop, taking our seats on the bus.

“So, how’s your writing coming along?” Peter asked. I’ve been working on a story about a girl who’s an artist, but ends up in a car crash which damages her hands. She goes through a series of tough events as she struggles with relearning basic hand movements with the help of her friend, Alice. The two build a strong relationship and eventually end up together, at least that was how it was supposed to go.

“It’s coming along…slowly. Surely, but slowly,” I admitted. A lot has been on my mind lately and I can’t seem to write anymore.

“Writer’s block?” Peter guessed. “Something like that I suppose,” I mumbled, biting my lip. Peter seemed to notice something was off and shifted uncomfortably. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” He asked, reaching for my hand.

“Nothing, I’m okay,” I smiled, hoping Peter would move on and he did.

“So, your place or mine?” I asked as we walked into our apartment building. “At least buy me dinner first,” Peter joked, feigning surprise. “Oh shut up, y’know what I meant,” I said, slapping his arm and pressing the elevator button.

“Let’s go to yours. Aunt May has a few friends over and I don’t want to bother them,” Peter explained, entering the lift. “Alright, well my mom doesn’t come back home till 10 so we should be good,” I said.

Once the elevator reached our floor, we headed towards my place. I lived right across from Peter so that was pretty nice. Unlocking my door, I switched on the lights and shrugged off my jacket, draping it over a chair and headed to my room.

“You want anything to drink or eat? I got chips and some soda if you want any,” I offered, tossing my backpack on the bed.

“Nah, I’m good. Let’s just get started,” Peter replied, taking out his math books. I sighed and reluctantly got out my own. “What, I thought you wanted me to help you,” he said, taking notice of my behavior. “I know, I know. I just didn’t think we’d study right away,” I mumbled, taking a seat on my bed. Peter sat next to me and slung his arm around my shoulder.

“How ‘bout this, if we study a whole chapter, we can watch movies for the rest of the day,” he offered. I looked over to him and smiled. “Supernatural marathon?” I asked. Peter laughed and nodded his head. “Supernatural marathon. Now come on, we need to help you pass this test,” he reminded me. I opened up to the chapter and glanced over the problems, sighing. “I can do this,” I mumbled to myself.

“I can’t do this,” I groaned for a third time, laying my head down on my pillow. “Come on, we just have a few questions left. Just rationalize and si-” Peter was interrupted when I threw a pillow at him. “Can’t we just take a break now? The test isn’t till Wednesday,” I whined. “Fine, but we are gonna continue this tomorrow,” he said sternly. I was going to complain once more until Peter tossed his books on the ground, laying down next to me. I stared at him confused until he patted the spot next to him, signalling for me to lay down to. I obliged and laid down, crossing my legs and staring at the ceiling.


“Yes Pete?”

“Can you do that thing again,” Peter asked, looking at me with pleading eyes like a child begging for ice cream.

“Fine,” I laughed and stood up to turn the lights off. Immediately the plain ceiling was replaced with a painting of the night sky, stars littered all over the place. I first showed Peter this when we had our first sleepover. I was in my freshman year when I decided to paint my ceiling with glow in the dark paint.

I laid back down in my spot and looked over at Peter who stared in awe at the painting. While he was busy watching that, I was busy watching him. His eyes shined with happiness, his dark brown hair slightly messy and ruffled. A melancholy smile graced my lips as I caught myself looking at him with more than just platonic love again.

I admit, I did have some interest in Peter, but I brushed it off as friendship and nothing else. Besides, he seemed so content with his life now, I couldn’t possibly ruin that. Peter seemed to notice my staring as he looked back at me, causing me to blush and look away.

“Something on my face?” Peter asked with a cocky grin.. “Yeah, just a smidge of stupid,” I replied, laughing. Peter feigned hurt and soon sat up, looking at me mischievously. I raised my eyebrows in confusion until he attacked my sides, beginning to tickle me.

“Wait no, I’m sorry!!!” I exclaimed, having a laughing fit. “I’m not sure if I believe you, after all, I am stupid,” he teased, tickling me again. I reached desperately for a pillow and gripped on tight when my hand found one. I wacked Peter in the face, making sure not to hurt him, and got him off me. At the same time however, the sound of something falling caught both of our attentions.

On the ground, laid a notebook. Its cover was a soft orange with different patterns of flowers on it. Peter looked in curiosity while I stared in shock. Before I could do anything, he picked the book up and looked towards me, anxiety beginning to fill my senses.

“What’s this?” Peter asked, looking at the book. “It’s just my old writing journal, nothing too important,” I lied, reaching for it. “Can I read it?” He asked, beginning to flip the pages. I snatched the book out of his hands and put it in my desk cabinet.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t. It’s something I don’t really like sharing,” I said, a little shaken up.

“(Y/n)?” Peter stepped closer to me, about to place his hand on my shoulder before quickly looking out the window, his face showing concern.

“S-sorry. There’s a bank robbery, I-I gotta go,” he excused himself, rushing out of my apartment.

I let a deep sigh of relief and closed my eyes, too tired to deal with anything else.

It was well into the night now and with each and every minute, I grew more and more worried. Peter hadn’t come back yet and I had tried calling his cell many times, each going to voicemail.

I sat in my bed, crissed crossed, looking out the window. I had given up on trying to reach him, it seemed pointless now. Grabbing my coat, I was about to head out to find Peter when I heard a knock at my window. Turning around, I saw him still in his spiderman suit, which was a little torn with blood stains on it. Quickly opening my window, Peter stumbled inside, steadying himself with his hand on the wall.

“Peter, what did I tell you,” I said. Luckily it wasn’t anything too bad, just a busted lip and a black eye. Peter only groaned in response, causing me to lead him to my bed so he could sit down.

“Just wait here okay?” I said, walking into the bathroom for the first aid kit. I sighed when I was only met with an empty box, I knew this would happen someday.

“Peter! I’m gonna head to the store okay? The kit is pretty much empty,” I called out. I heard Peter give a faint ‘okay’ as I left.

Peter sat on (Y/n)’s bed, he had already changed into his old pajamas that he had left over here from previous sleepovers. His side hurt a lot, but he didn’t think too much of it. He had worse injuries before.

Time passed and Peter found himself getting bored. He walked over to (Y/n)’s desk, picking up and playing around with a few things until he looked at her desk cabinet. He knew it wasn’t his place to invade her privacy, but she said it was an old writing journal. It was probably filled with embarrassing fictional stories, nothing too personal.

Opening the cabinet, he grabbed the orange notebook and flipped to a random page.

Entry - Dec. 25, 2016

Today’s been pretty great. Peter gave me a necklace and I admit, I felt bad for only giving him a drawing. His gift was so much better than mine, but he reassured me that he loved it. I came up with a new story idea and I think it was one of my best. I’m quite proud of it actually. It’s about this girl who’s an artist. She ends up in a car crash which damages her hands and now she’s going through life trying to relearn how to use her them again. I’m debating on whether or not it should romantic towards the end, but we’ll see. Anyways, Christmas has been great, everything is fantastic now.

Peter felt himself smiling at the memory, no wonder (Y/n) didn’t want him reading this. It was a diary. He did feel a little bad though and went to put it back in the cabinet when he accidently dropped it, the book opening up to a random page.

Looking down, he read the date and furrowed his brows.

Entry - February 21, 2017

I’ll be honest, I haven’t exactly been ‘myself’ lately, whoever that is. Recently things have changed, well more specifically me. I know I said I would get better last time and I thought I was, but I guess not. I’ve been feeling down lately, not all the time though. I still smile and laugh with my friends, I still feel happy and have hope in myself, it’s just not the same anymore. For some reason, whenever I get home and I’m by myself, I feel sad and I feel worthless. Well, I feel worthless all the time actually. I love my life, I have a great family, I have amazing friends, and school is going great for me, but I can’t seem to enjoy it. I feel lonely and empty. I’m stuck in this ridiculous cycle of starting the day out happy only for the negativity to crash down on me, knocking me under…I’m tired of everything. I’m tired of the constant unwanted thoughts in my head, I’m tired of being over critical of myself, I’m tired that I’m constantly getting headaches and that I can never sleep at night. I hate that I let myself get this way. I am aware that this isn’t right, I am aware that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to other people, I am aware that I should not feel this way. I want to talk to people about this, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid that they’ll be disappointed in me, I’m afraid they’ll think less of me, I’m afraid I can never be the person they want me to be.I promised myself that I would stay strong. I promised that I would stay strong for my mom when my dad abandoned us, I promised I would be supportive of my sister when she moved away to work in film. I promised my teachers that I would keep my grades up and go to good college. I promised Peter that I would always stay by him no matter what, when his uncle died and when he told me he was spiderman.I promised people so many things, but I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I’m tired and I want a break, but I can’t. Not when so many people depend on me. I don’t want to let them down, I don’t want them to be ashamed of me, but everything has a breaking point and I’ve reached mine. The only problem is that I’m too afraid to get help and that kills me.I want to just disappear and wait until the pain subsides or just disappear completely. I’m tired and all I want is a break.

Peter felt shocked and confused. He never thought (Y/n) would be going through all of this and he felt disappointed that he never realized what she was going through.

“Peter! I’m back,” I yelled, shutting the door with my foot. When I got no answer, I became confused and went into my room. I placed the bag with all my supplies and went to look up when I saw Peter sitting on my bed, his eyes red. His hand was behind his back, like he was hiding something.

“Why?” Peter asked me, his voice cracking a bit. I stared in confusion until he held up the orange notebook.

A lot of things happened that moment. First, I was scared and I was shocked. I was scared that he thought of me differently now and shocked that somebody else knew what was going on. Then I felt violated and betrayed, I had told Peter to leave it alone, but he ignored that and invaded my privacy, I felt a little angry.

“Peter-” I began only to be interrupted by the same question.


“Why what?” I asked, becoming a bit aggressive. “Why I didn’t tell you? Why do I feel like this? Why what?”

“Why did you ever think that I would think less of you, that I would be disappointed in you?” He asked, tears running down his cheeks.

I felt tears stream down my face and my heart clench. “Because, you think of me as a dependable person, you think of of me as a friend. I liked that you thought of me that way, I didn’t want you to think of me as a person who is too weak and can’t get help. I don’t have some complicated reason as to why I thought you would think of me like that, so if that’s what you expected, I’m sorry.”

Peter stayed silent and I sighed, letting the silence take over a bit before breaking it. “I’ll just clean you up and you can leave if you want. I won’t force you to stay here,” I mumbled, going over to the bag of supplies when I felt something latch onto my hand. Looking down, I saw a string of webs attached to it before I was tugged back. I stumbled onto Peter and his arms wrapped around me tightly, burying his face into my hair.

“I will never leave you, never you hear me,” I heard him whisper before pulling away, his hands cupping my face. “I love you and I promise I will stand by you no matter what.” Peter placed a kiss on my forehead as I felt tears running down my cheeks. I pulled Peter into another hug and cried, knowing that I had somebody I could turn to now, no longer having to write another journal entry.

Not Josh (Josh Dun x reader)

AGGHH so this is my first imagine that I’ve ever posted and I have like no followers so I doubt anything will happen but I’m still nervous 😂

So, just read it and let me know if you like it. If you wanna request an imagine, let me know.

This just made me happy so I hope you like it guys. Thanks!!!


Not Josh.
Not Josh.
Not. Josh.

At least, that’s what you have been telling yourself for days. Okay, more like months. But, none of that mattered. Just not Josh.

Josh and Tyler were your best friends and coworkers. You saw them on a daily basis and travel on tour with them. As one of their managers/assistants/creative geniuses, it was your job to fully support them and to be there to do everything you could for them. So it could definitely not be Josh for that reason alone.

Not to mention the fact that you had known the boys for years now. Emphasis on the years. And you had always been particularly close to Josh. He was your best friend. You supported him through the good and the bad. You were with him through the break ups, heart break, happy moments. One of the only constant things in your life was Josh. He was your best friend. Your right hand man. And you were his. So this made the thought of any feelings that could have possibly risen for Josh absolutely impossible. Exposing any feelings (which there weren’t any of, mind you) would be awful. You’d loose your friends, your job, and your Josh. Not that he was your Josh per say but he was your best friend.

You’d convince yourself at this point that the butterflies that flooded your stomach when he smiled in your direction or touched you were purely platonic. You told yourself repeatedly that no, you did not find Josh attractive, especially not when he was performing on stage with no shirt and that determined face. And it definitely didn’t make your day when he would text you late at night, asking if you wanted to come to his room and hang out. You had to convince yourself of this. For your friendship and job. Anyways, you highly doubted the feelings (which weren’t there) were mutual. Ever since his breakup with Debby, he hadn’t mentioned girls or being interested in anyone. He was probably enjoying life as a single, handsome, kind guy. Not that you found him attractive. Of course not.

But you couldn’t help to blush as you looked at the photos the tour photographer had sent you of the boys. There was one photo of Josh, a big, goofy grin painted across his face as he sat at his drums, staring into the crowd. He looked so incredibly happy. And he also looked great with no shirt and that goofy grin. But you mean that in a totally platonic way of course. You say there, staring at that once picture for way too long, studying all his features. You have seen him almost everyday for years now but you enjoyed just looking at him. You enjoyed seeing the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled and his jaw line. He was seemingly perfect, even his flaws were perfect to you.

Not Josh.
Not Josh.
Not. Josh.

“Well, well, well, enjoying the view?” Josh popped up next to you, staring at your computer screen before giving you a devilish wink and eyebrow wiggle and laugh. Darn his laugh. It was so cute. In a platonic way of course. You quickly switched to the next photo, which was none the less another photo of Josh. More laughs left his lips as you stared at him with a quizzical grin, hoping your cheeks didn’t look as red as they felt.

“Ha ha. I was just checking the photos that Adam sent me.” You said, sarcasm dripping off your false laughter.

“You never responded to me last night. I had to watch X-Files all alone last night. You are pretty much the worst.” Josh said in a joking tone but as you looked at his face…was that disappointment? No. Don’t be silly.

“Sorry. I fell asleep. I was exhausted last night.” You said, closing your computer with a sigh. Going on tour with the boys was a blessing but it came with a lot of long nights and you felt you got less and less sleep as time went on.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Josh said, genuine concern on his face as he looked up at you, rubbing your arm with his calloused hands. Somehow, that managed to send a shiver up your spine and make you wanna scream. This was ridiculous. Plenty of times before, Josh had rubbed your shoulder or held your hand. God dammit, during your late night tv marathons, you two would cuddle. In a platonic way. “(Y/N)?”

You shook your head, pulling yourself away from your thoughts. “Yeah. I’m fine. Just need to loosen up.”

“Well, how about this? We have a free day tomorrow so what if tonight, after the show, we get some drinks with Jenna and Tyler? Then we can stay in my room and watch whatever show you want.”

You raise your eyebrow, smirking. “Any show? Even watching Friends? Again?”

“Yeah, even Friends. Again.”

You smiled, feeling warm inside. He was always there for you and always there to make things better when you were down. “Well, I guess then.”

“Perfect.” Josh flashed one of his perfect smiles, getting up. “I have to do sound check but I’ll see you later.” He brushed his hand on your shoulder before running on.

Not. Josh.


Every show was electrifying. You are convinced that the boys couldn’t perform a crappy show, and so far they hadn’t proven you wrong. You watched from backstage, like you did every night. But tonight, Josh directed more grins and winks in your direction then he usually did, causing your cheeks to flush and for you to look down at your shoes, praying he didn’t notice.

As the show came to a close, the boys ran off and you congratulated them like you always did. “I heard we are getting some drinks tonight?” Tyler said, wrapping his arms around Jenna, who kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m up for a drink. But first, you need to shower. You smell dreadful.” Jenna said with a giggle, tease fully punching Tyler on the shoulder.

“Yes ma'am.” Tyler said with a wink, walking off.

“I’m gonna get clean, too. I’ll drive you there okay.” Josh said, grabbing your shoulder and you nodded, smiling up at him. “Sounds good to me.” Josh ran off with a wink, leaving you and Jenna alone, with her smirking.

“Well…” she said, giggling a little as eying you.

“Well what?” You said, praying she wouldn’t mention what you expected she would.

“Are you ever, ever gonna tell Josh you like him? Or are you that stubborn?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Jenna laughed and gave you a wink. “Sure you don’t. Just like Josh didn’t know what Tyler was talking about when he mentioned it.” Jenna shook her head and walked off. What the hell did that mean? Josh didn’t know what? What did Tyler say? You stood there in complete and utter shock, trying to digest what Jenna had said.

Was it that obvious? I mean, you had said if you convinced yourself it was simply platonic between you and Josh, everything would be good.

Not. Josh.


The bar was crowded, full of intoxicated bodies and loud music with bright lights. You walked in dreading the evening, but after a drink or two, you felt yourself loosening up. Which is exactly what you needed. You sat with your three friends, sitting next to Josh and across from Jenna and Tyler, who were rambling about something or another. You felt yourself not listening to the story they were telling and staring at Josh, who was laughing and smiling in response. His brown eyes lit up in the bright lights and his yellow hair was pulled back in a SnapBack. A low muscle tank exposed his biceps and you found yourself wishing they were around you.

Not Josh.

You quickly turned away, chugging down a shot of who knows what before Josh looked back at you, laughing. “Take it easy, killer.” He slurred causing you to smile.

Rising from your chair, you looked at Josh, grinning. “Hey, I’m gonna grab a drink. You want anything?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you grab me a beer?” He winked before you walked off, blushing to your annoyance. He really needed to stop winking.

You walked to the crowded bar, looking at a bartender “Two beers please.” You stated, before you found yourself with somebody standing right up against you. You looked at the young man. He wore a button up shirt, pulled up at the sleeves. His brown hair was a mess, but the good kind of mess. He looked at the bartender, stating “Make that three.” before looking at you, smiling. “Hi.”

You looked back at Josh, who was grinning at something Jenna had said. You looked back at the young man before you and smiled before saying “Hi.”

“I’m Alec, and you are?”

“I’m (Y/N).” He reached out his hand and you grabbed it. It felt different from Josh’s hand, Alec’s hands were much softer and unfamiliar.

“So what are you doing ordering two beers?”

“I’m here with a couple friends.”

“A boyfriend?” Alec asked, a grin on his lips and one eyebrow slightly raised.

You chuckle, looking back at your table to see Josh staring at you and Alec, his hand pressed tightly to his glass. The look on his face was unfamiliar, he almost looked angry. You quickly turned away, wiping away any thoughts that ate at your mind. “No, no boyfriend. Just some friends.”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know how a beautiful girl like you isn’t with someone.” He said, and you found yourself blushing. “So (Y/N), what do you do?”

“Um, marketing, managing, writing. A little bit of this and that.” You responded, pretending not to wonder if Josh was still watching you. “How about you? What do you do, Alec?”

“I’m a programming specialist at a small company. You know, a little bit of this and that.” He responded with a wink and you giggled.

“Here are your drinks ma'am.” replied the bartender as you grabbed two beers.

“I should probably go.” You said, looking back at Alec who smiled.

“At least take this.” He pulled his wallet out and handed you a card, with his name and number and the place where he worked. “You should use the number.”

“I’ll think about it.” You replied with a wink as you walked off, feeling confident up until you reached the table. Josh was staring intently at you as you sat down, handing him his beer.

“Well, who was that, (Y/N)?” Jenna said with a giggle and wink, causing you to blush.

“Just someone.” You nonchalantly said as you saw Josh chugging his beer, avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“Well, that just someone seemed interested. You gonna use that card?” Jenna asked.

“Umm…I don’t know. Maybe.” You jumped in your seat as Josh slammed his class down and quickly got up.

“I gotta go get a drink.” He said before walking off quickly. You looked down at your lap, thinking of the wildest possibility that he was jealous. No.

Not Josh.

The taxi ride back to the hotel was completely dead silent. Jenna and Tyler had decided to go off on their own, leaving you with Josh who was heavily intoxicated and completely silent. No words were spoken until you reached the elevator and said “Josh, what is wrong?”

“Nothing.” He replied coldly, still not looking at you.

“Really? Cause it doesn’t seem like nothing? What is going on?”

“Nothing.” He repeated causing you to look away from him and stare at the door in front of you. Tears pricked your eyes as you went up another floor before you heard Josh click a button and the elevator come to a stop.

“What the hell are you doing?” You hissed, glaring at Josh, who finally looked in your direction. He looked beaten and tired.

“What am I doing? What are you doing? You basically threw yourself at that guy tonight. Are you stupid?” Josh said, throwing his hands up.

“I didn’t throw myself at anyone and I’m not stupid. Is that all you have to say?” You replied, annoyed with your arms crossed. “After not saying a work for almost all night, you just ridicule me?”

“How can you not see what’s been in front of you this whole time? How can you not see how desperately I’ve wanted you? How long I’ve waited for you to finally see that I’ve been right here this whole time. You don’t need some guy in a bar. You have me. I have you. I love you, god dammit! Why can’t you see that?” Josh yelled, staring at you, breathing heavily. His face was red and he looked broken, completely broken. He looked the way you had been feeling for months.

You convinced yourself it was platonic. Nothing more. Nothing less. You convinced yourself it was just friendship as your feelings bubbled and grew. Yet here was your best friend, telling you he loved you. And you found no words to say in the moment.

“I just told you I loved you. I’ve been waiting years to tell you that. The least you can do is say something.” Josh said, pleading with you.

While you wanted to jump in his arms and tell him you loved him for years as well, you convinced yourself this was just drunken words spilling from his mouth. So you just responded with a quite “Okay.” Josh looked away instantly and pressed the elevator button, causing it to start back up and rise to your floor, before the doors opened. You both exited the elevator and instead of walking to his room like you always did, you both walked in separate directions to your own rooms.


You looked at your phone, praying Josh would text you, saying it was a drunken mistake or ask why you weren’t with him or ask what had happened the previous night. But to your avail, no text was sent and you sat in your own bed for hours, alone and wishing you were waking up in Josh’s arms in his room like you usually did on nights like the previous one. But usually, Josh doesn’t confess his love for you and you don’t respond with “okay”. What an idiot you were. You were too busy convincing yourself that in some way it wasn’t Josh and the feelings were mutual, but they had been.

You knew what you needed to do but putting a plan to action was much harder than it sounded. So, you reluctantly marched to Josh’s room, forcing yourself to knock on the door, half hoping he wouldn’t. But the door opened, and a tired, broken Josh stared back at you. His face turned from sadness to anger and you saw his eyes were red and he was wearing his same clothes from last night. “I’m busy.” He curtly responded before going to close the door.

“Is everything you said last night true?” You quickly spilled out, staring at the floor, too scared of the response, regardless of which one it was.

“Umm..listen, we can ignore what happened. I would rather do that then-”

“Is it? Please just respond with yes or no.” You looked up at Josh, this time pleading.

Josh looked at feet, before letting out a quite, “Yes. I love you.”

Your heart swelled with joy and you beat yourself up for hurting the boy standing before you. “Josh-”

“Listen, I understand. I don’t need pity or anything. I just wanna-”

“Josh, I love you too.” You said it without even thinking and he looked back up at you, a small smirk playing on his lips.


“I love you. So much. You are my best friend but I love you more than that. I just wanna be with you. And I’m sorry I said okay but I just didn’t want it to be a drunken mistake or anything-”

Your rambling was cut off by his soft lips meeting yours, something you had reluctantly thought about for years, never realizing it would come to fruition. He slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling yourself closer to him as your bodies pressed together. You wrapped your arms around him, never wanting the moment to end as his lips danced against yours, feeling all the love you too had hidden from each other for so long. He pulled away, looking at you before grinning. “(Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled, grinning at the boy as you finally said what you wanted to say.

“Yes Josh.”


// In which Antonio Alejandro Bartholomew IV mixes business and his women //

part 3 of the sugar daddy series (part 1)

*Contains Mature Content*

I took my time as I carefully poured the new formula of lip gloss into the little tube. The bright pink and gold glitter liquid beautifully filled the custom designed containers for my brand. Just as I was about to pour into the next vile, a knock at the door made me jump.

“Hailey, can you please get it!” I called for my roommate as I mixed some more glitter into the formula. Even though I was in the kitchen, right by the door, I couldn’t stop what I was doing. I was on a time crunch.

“Really?” Hailey scoffed once she saw the mess I was making in the kitchen. Not giving her a reaction, she opened the door without looking through the peep hole.

“Oh…wow you really are the Justin Bieber,” I heard her stutter.

“Hello. Bailey isn’t it?” I heard Antonio’s voice, making me stop what I was doing.

“It’s Hailey,” her voice turned to venom as she swung the door open and walked away in annoyance. Her bedroom door slammed close by the time Antonio walked through the front door.

“Holla, Diosa,” Antonio pulled me in from behind to give my neck an affectionate kiss.

“Hey, why are you here so early?” I started pouring the matte lipstick as fast as I could, not focusing on the beautiful Antonio who was currently in my presence.

“I’m not early. I told you, I was coming at twelve,” He hummed.

“Twelve? Fuck, I thought you said two. I’m so sorry I’m not ready,” I quickly apologized as I screwed the lids onto the lipsticks.

“It’s alright, we just can’t keep the plane waiting too long. Are you packed and everything?” Antonio asked.

“Don’t be mad. I’ve been working on the formula and filling orders once I got off of work. I’ve been working all night. I meant to take a break to pack but there was so much I already needed to do,” I tried to explain while I did my best to keep up.

“Está bien. Por favor calmate. Just take a shower and get dressed as quick as possible. Don’t worry about packing anything except the make up samples you want to bring. I’ll take you shopping once we land,” He took my hands into his so that I would stop working.

“Thank you, baby,” I mumbled without thinking. “Oh I’m sorry! My bad, I didn’t mean to-“

“Mean to what?” Antonio was very confused, looking at me with one of his bushy eyebrows quirked up.

“I didn’t mean to call you baby. I mean we haven’t talk about about it- us I mean. I don’t think,” I began rabbling, feeling flustered.

“Shhh. We can talk about titles later. Go get ready, baby,” Antonio reacted to my premature affection better than any guy I’ve ever been with. “Chop chop! Vamonos!” Antonio called since I didn’t make a move.

“Vamonos,” I repeated after him. “You can wait in my room. I don’t want Bailey trying to get at you,” I took Antonio’s hand and led him into my bedroom.

“I’m done with gringas,” Antonio condemned any advances Hailey would make towards him.

“Me too, gringo,” I joked.

“Prepararse!” He disregarded my comment and gently nudged me into the bathroom.

I came out of my bathroom twenty minutes later feeling a little more revived from the all nighter I pulled. Going into the bathroom without clean clothes, I exited wrapped in only a towel.

“El avión puede esperar si me dejas hacerte el amor,” Antonio loved me up and down and licked his lips.

“You know, Antonio, even though I don’t know exactly what you’re saying, I assume that all your spanish is vulgar,” I cooed while pulling on panties and a bra, “What should I put on?”

“Algo que puedo quitar fácilmente de ti.”

“Something you can take off? Classy, Antonio,” I was able to translate.

“Your spanish is getting good. I wonder what’s been motivating you,” He said with a smug smile on his face that made me heat up. Since our first date, Antonio and I have spent almost everyday together. Antonio made it his mission to teach me spanish but, I wasn’t very successful until he brought it into the bedroom. I had to ask and follow instruction in Spanish in order to get what I wanted.

“Please don’t start, we need to go,” I groaned as I pulled on some white linen pants and a yellow top.

“Pero siempre hay tiempo para que yo coma tu coño,” Antonio licked his blessed lips.

“You’re truly filthy,” I laughed before rethinking his dirty words. I quickly changed outfits and decided on a casual grey dress that he could get off of me easily.

“Vamonos,” I spoke once I grabbed my purse and the box of samples I did manage to pack up for the trip. Antonio kindly took the box in my hand and carried it for me as we made our way out the front door. Instead of seeing one of Antonio’s many cars, a stretch limousine was parked in the street. Other students who lived at the apartment complex, stared as they walked by, wondering who in the hell had the money for a limo while trying to pay for education.

“I didn’t know you had someone waiting for us,” I spoke as the limousine driver opened the door for us. “I’m sorry about taking so long,” I apologized directly to the driver.

“It’s quite alright ma’am,” He shook my hand and helped me into the car. Antonio followed after me with a smile on his face and plopped down beside me on the fresh black leather.

“Why are you smiling?” I couldn’t help but smile while I asked.

“Even running on no sleep, you are polite to people who most would disregard. Tienes un buen corazón, bombon,” Antonio complimented, giving my hand of sweet kiss.

“Tienes un buen corazón… también? I said that right, right?” I tried my best to make and pronounce a coherent sentence.

“Si,” Antonio confirmed my success. “The plane is at a private airport half an hour away.”

“Then shut up and let me sleep,” I laid my head in Antonio’s lap and snuggled into him, getting comfortable. “Let me sleep so we can join the mile high club when I wake up,” I murmured with my eyes close, making Antonio laugh so hard his body was shaking with joy. “Shhh,” I smacked his leg to get him to stop moving.


“Oh my… fuck,” I moaned while rocking my hips to the rhythm Antonio was eating me to. At my whimpered words, Antonio’s brown eyes fluttered up to my face as he pleasured me. Looking in his eyes made it so much more erotic I couldn’t help but latched my fingers through his soft blonde hair. Antonio moaned against me as I pulled him farther into me.

I let out a little gasp as Antonio easy slipped two fingers in my heat. His eyes did not leave my face as his fingers plunged in and out of me all while sucking on my clit. He moved his way up my body with kisses. Two between my thighs, one of my stomach, two on my breasts, and finally my lips. I tasted myself on his lips.

“Cómo te sientes?” His finger moved deep inside of me making me shudder as his lips left love bites on the top of my breasts. When I couldn’t even get a word to leave my lips, he fingers sped  up inside me.

“Dime quien te sientes,” Antonio urged me on.  

“Me estoy corriendo,” As soon as the words left my lips, Antonio made it his mission to hit my g spot with every stroke. I whined Antonio’s name like it was my own as my legs shook and clenched through my orgasm.

“Good girl,” Antonio said smugly as he pulled away and sucked me from his fingers. I hazily pulled my dress back down and leaned back in the seat. We were only on the private plane for twenty minutes before I ended up on my knees for Justin. And now an hour later, Antonio wore me out more than I originally was when he picked me up.

“I have a gift for you,” Antonio spoke a few minutes later as I was drifting off into sleep.

“Why do you have a gift for me?” I hummed, not having the energy to feel some type of way about Antonio providing so much for me.

“Here,” He handed me over an iPad.

“I already have an iPad,” I scoffed.

“It’s about what’s on the iPad, bombón,” Antonio unlocked it for me and handed it back to me.

“No way…” On the iPad was every episode of Spongebob created. “I’m really about to cry,” I giggled while my eyes watered. This was as thoughtful as when he had all that bread for me on the first date. Antonio pays attention to the details of me like no other person ever has.

“But you need to sleep the rest of the flight so you are revived when we land. Jeffery and Jeanine want to take us out to dinner once we get settled in our hotel,” Antonio notified me.

“Fine, but were getting a little drunk tonight and having a marathon,” I made a compromise that he agreed to with a chuckle.

We landed in San Fransisco four hours later glowing from a second round of sex. I tried to sleep but by the end of the flight we had a quickie on the table. Getting dressed quickly before the any of the staff came into the private seating of the plane, Antonio and I couldn’t help the happiness on stuck on our faces.

“C’mon, baby,” I said the word for the second time on this day. With his hand in mine, we walked off the plane and shook hands with the pilot before getting into next limo waiting for us.

We got to the lavish hotel Antonio’s investors had for us within in ten minutes. A six thousand bottle of wine was waiting for us in the foyer of the penthouse suite of the hotel. I walked up to the large window that allowed me to see the view of the whole city as the sun was disappearing behind the skyscrapers.

“The view is amazing isn’t it,” Antonio wrapped his arms around me.

“It is. Thank you for inviting me,” I said gratefully.

“I wanted to do this for you. To show you a new city and give you this opportunity,” He spoke sincerely as he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Like on the yacht, another rack of clothing was set out for me, along with one for Antonio as he didn’t bring clothes either.

“Tonight’s dinner isn’t that formal. We’ll just be catching up with the Iverson’s then we can sneak out afterwards. Tomorrow morning we’ll be golfing. You can choose to join or stay, which ever you prefer. And finally there will be a dinner party. The Iverson’s throw this every year and there are a lot of top dogs there. As a warning, Jeanine and  Jeffery love to pry, as do the rest of their friends. Please don’t take anything to heart if you get offended, it’s just the way that they are,” Antonio prepared me.

“Okay,” I absorbed all the information and Antonio threw at me. I picked out a sleek little champagne colored silk dress along with some gold scrappy heels to wear to dinner.

“You look beautiful,” Antonio complimented as he tried to put on his gold plated cufflinks. I turned around to help him get them on and unbuttoned the top three buttons of hii shirt that matched my look. Antonio had on a tan colored shirt that was made of almost the same fabric of my dress, along with white chinos and a matching white suit jacket.

“You’re really the one stealing the show,” I spoke affectionately as I frazzled his hair up a bit.

“I think you may need to cover this,” Antonio pressed down on a sore part of my chest, right below my collarbone. I looked down to see one of Antonio’s not so gentle hickeys just now making an appearance.

“You’re not touching me the rest of this trip,” I scolded as I ran to the bathroom to grab some foundation and color correcting concealer.

“What about the handcuffs I brought?” Antonio cackled from the bedroom.

“I’m going to use them on you if you keep playing with me,” I called back.


“So you’re a make up artist?” Jeanine asked with judgment in her voice before taking a sip of wine.

“No, I mean yes but-“

“So what’s the answer?” she interrupted me rudely. Antonio place a hand on my knee under the table as to comfort me. Throughout the dinner, the Iverson’s barely acknowledged me and focused the conversation on old memories that I was never a part of. They made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

“I’ve had my cosmetology license since highschool-”

“And when was that? Last year?” Jeffery made his joke next.

“I’m graduating from the University of Miami this spring with a double major in marketing and finance. My plan is to use the education I gained in order to start my own make up brand and then expand into other skin and hair care. Right now, I have my small but successful business for two years now. My best asset is social media. I have 400,000 instagram followers, 48,000 twitter followers, and 150,000 youtube subscribers. My personality goes hand and hand with my brand. Because of my quality products, affordable prices, and way of advertising, it takes an average of two days for my new stock to sell out,” I sold myself as best as I could.

“That’s nice for such a small project. But let me ask you….what make your brand any different than the hundreds of other already established and successful makeup companies?” Jeanine asked condescendingly.

“Don’t pester the girl,” Jeffery lightly scolded his wife who was more than annoyed with his words. Just as I was about to explain my agenda, I jumped when I felt a hand that could only be Jeffery’s was on my thigh that Antonio wasn’t already touching.

“The difference it that Aaliyah’s brand is meant to focus on the makeup needs of black women and then expand into the needs of other women of color,” Antonio explained for me as I pushed Jeffery’s disgusting hand away from me.

“Doesn’t that sound a bit, I don’t know, racist?” the white woman scoffed.

“No, it’s not racist. In most makeup brands their shade range is horrible. And when they do create shades dark enough for black women, there is usually only four variation shades and the undertones make us look washed out,” I explained the need for a black focused brand.

“That’s not true,” Jeanine laughed, shocking me.

“It is true. I know this first hand how difficult it is to buy make up as a black women. Finding a matching foundation is hard enough and then trying to find something even darker than that to contour with is even harder. The truth of the matter it that, black women are neglected when it comes to beauty products and my goal is to fill that void in the market,” I tried to explain my side as respectfully as possible.

“I guess I just don’t agree,” the woman continued to be ignorant.

“I guess you just don’t get it,” I said in my most nice nasty voice.

“Well, I’m sure you will find success in you company,” Jeffery wrapped up this portion of the conversation as the waiter brought out desserts. Agitated that this white woman attempted to tell me how it is for black women, I stayed mute the rest of the evening.

“See you in the morning for me to whoop your pompous ass in golf,” Jeffery spoke animatedly while shaking Antonio’s hand. We were now outside waiting for the valet to come around with both of our vehicles. “Will you be joining us, Aaliyah?” He directed the question at me.

“Growing up, my parents sent me to golf camp for two weeks every summer. Not only will I be in attendance, my goal is to dominate,” I spoke confidently. If there was one thing I knew how to do was to kick some ass at golf.

“I look forward to your attempt,” Jeffery took my hand into mine and gave it a kiss. I tried my best to keep a smile on my face as his crusty lips touched me.

“The car is here,” Jeanine snapped as a white Rolls Royce pulled up in front of the restaurant. Antonio and Jeffery said a second round of goodbyes before we got into the limo that had been waiting for us.

“I didn’t know you played golf,” Antonio hummed with my hand in mine.

“And I didn’t know your friends were such racist pigs,” I mumbled.


“It’s okay. Even though I obviously won’t get anywhere with Jeanine, at least I got a vacation out of it,” I pulled my phone out and started replying to all the messages I missed during that excruciatingly long dinner. Antonio didn’t say anything to me but instead rolled down the partition and called out an address that wasn’t our hotel to the driver.

“Where are we going?” I finally asked.

“You can’t be on vacation without seeing where the locals go,” Antonio opened the door once we came to a stop. When I stepped out the car, I was surprised to be at an outdoor hole in the wall bar. Colorful lights lit up the trees and between the two buildings was a dance floor set up. Tons of people were dancing to the Spanish music that surged through the speakers that lined the bars.

“Sabes salsa?” Antonio asked after paying the entry fee for us and pulling me towards the dance floor.

“You’re going to have to teach me,” I hummed.

“Te puedo enseñar muchas cosas,” Antonio took his coat off and tossed it onto one of the hammocks that lined the floor.

Antonio and I danced.

We danced for hours, only stopping to get drinks. When my feet were finally tired enough, I took a seat at the hammock we claimed. Antonio continued dancing until a woman who must have been at least sixty walked up to him. I heard Antonio’s laugh over the music and then him and the woman were walking over towards me.

“Hello, young lady. I saw your boyfriend who is just too cute and I was hoping you’d allow me to have a dance with him. He wouldn’t agree unless you approved. Can I dance with your boyfriend?” The woman asked, making me laugh as well.

“Oh, well I’m not his girlf-”

“It’s just one dance, baby,” Justin interrupted me before I could finish my sentence.

“Go right ahead,” I gave my approval causing the woman to wink at Antonio. Antonio gave me a bright smile before taking the woman to the center of the dance floor. I laughed as the dj just so happened to start playing Gasolina. The woman bend over and tried to dance like a 16 year old girl, causing everyone to cheer for them. Antonio tried to keep up but the old woman had moves.

“Alright alright! Keep everything PG over there, gringo,” A man on stage with a microphone pointed to Antonio causing everyone to laugh as the song came to a close. “Alright were going to stop the music and start up karaoke! If you like to perform put your name on a list over there and get the chance to sing your heart out,” The man pointed to the woman with a sign up list beside the makeshift stage.

“You want to go up there?” Antonio asked as soon as he parted ways with the old woman and joined me again.

“I’m not about to go up there an make a fool of myself,” I nodded towards the woman on thee stage that was butchering That’s What I Like.

“I’m going to go sign up,” Antonio announced. I’ve hear him hum a little bit and he did sound good from what I heard. The other day he mentioned that he used to be in a band but I thought he was joking.

“You can sing?” I questioned him.

“I can sing,” He confirmed then gave me a kiss and put his name on the list. We cheered on the various drunk people who tried their best to karaoke songs while the band played the instruments and background vocals for them.

“Alright next up we have Antonio,” The dj called him onto the stage four performances later. “Oh it’s the gringo! Where’s your girlfriend?” The dj referred to the old woman and who started cheering. The dj shook Justin’s hand and handed over the mic.

“Hi, I’m Antonio and I’m visiting from Spain. When I was a young, I wanted to be a singer. As a teenager, I started singing and performing. I wrote a song that became pretty popular in Barcelona back in 2008… I don’t know if anyone remembers the song Despacito,” at the title of the song, the whole bar started cheering. “Well, I’m going to be singing it for you all tonight for the first time in years. This is dedicated to that beautiful woman sitting in the blue hammock over there. My bombón makes me feel happier than I’ve felt in a long time,” Antonio pointed me out and some more cheers broke out. Antonio flashed a smile then nodded for the band to start playing.

“Come on over in my direction. So thankful for that, it’s such a blessin’, yeah. Turn every situation into Heaven, yeah. Oh, you are…” Antonio started the verse and his voice was a smooth as honey as he looked me in the eyes before closing them, really feeling the music. I had no idea he was this talented

“Despacito. Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito. Deja que te diga cosas al oído. Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo. Despacito. Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito. Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito,” the crowd sang with him making him smile as hard as I’ve even seen him do.

When Antonio opened his eyes, he looked at me and motioned for me to come on the stage with him. I shook my head no but everyone started cheering for me to comply. Feeling embarrassed, I walked up and took Antonio’s hand regardless. He help me unto the stage and turned his full attention to me.

“Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito. Nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito. Cuando tú me besas con esa destreza. Veo que eres malicia con delicadeza,” Antonio sang as he swirled me around on the little stage. I happily danced to the music as Antonio serenaded me to his own song. All too soon the song was over and it was time for the next person to perform.

“Alright! That was the prince of Spain, Antonio Alejandro IV. Nice to have you here,” they dj took the mic. “Let’s have one more round of applause for Antonio and for his beautiful girl…”

“Aaliyah,” I spoke into the mic. The crowd cheered one last time before we got off the stage for the next performance.

“That was amazing, Antonio. You told me you could sing but not like that,” I gave him a kiss.

“Excuse me, can I get a picture?” A woman walked up to us. Antonio nodded and I took the woman’s phone to snap the picture of the two of them. She thanked the both of us and soon enough three more people came over to get a picture with Antonio who happily obliged.

“Let me get another drink for the superstar,” I hummed once all the pictures were taken. Just as I was turning to go to the bar, Antonio grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him.

“Novia,” He spoke with his hand in mine and his arm around my waist.


“You wanted a title and I want your title to be my girlfriend. ¿Serás mi novia?”

“Yes,” I nodded half a second later without a second thought.


“Nice to see you again!” Antonio spoke as he gave a woman a hug and then shook hands with who I assumed to be her husband. “Mr. and Mrs. Charles, I would like to introduce you to my girlfriend, Aaliyah.”

“So nice to meet you,” I shook both of their hands with a smile on my face.

“Aren’t you just gorgeous! I love the way you two are matching,” Mrs. Charles complimented the white and navy blue pattern on my ball gown and Antonio’s suit jacket.

“Thank you! Antonio picked it out for us. He really has an eye for good taste,” I made conversation with the woman until Antonio s swept me off to meet someone else. This dinner party the Iverson’s threw was almost as exhausting as the Iverson’s themselves. It was difficult for me to keep up with all the people Antonio was introducing me to and which ones could help shape my future.

“She runs her own makeup line catering black women,” Antonio told the only other black woman I saw at the party who wasn’t a part of the waitstaff. Shawna and I really hit it off as we complained about all the white foolishness occurring at this party and the lack of opportunities in the black community.

“That is so importantant. I know it seems like a feminine and fragile goal but that is a great marketing point. Focusing on melanin gives access to beauty in a way that black women haven’t especially been given. We need to stick together in order to do well for own community and become successful as black women. You let me know if there’s any help you need with anything, alright. I find your company interest and predict that it will reap success,” Shawna handed me her business card.

“Thank you so much Ms. Jackson,” I took the card and shook her hand.  She nodded before turning to engage with another conversation. Spending so much time talking with Shawna, Antonio had left my side, trying to cautch up with everyone who he rarely gets a chance to see. Trying to work my way to the ladies room, I was distracted on my mission by Jeffery who was calling me over to the group of men he was speaking to.

“This is the woman I’ve been speaking so highly of. This is Aaliyah who absolutely demolished me at golf this morning. Her form is just beautiful when she swings the balls,” Jeffery slid in a dirty joke making all of his little friends laugh.

“Thank you, sir,” I tried to keep it as cordial as possible.

“So you’re Antonio’s girlfriend?” The oldest man in the group asked, looking at me like a piece of meat.

“Yes, I am,” I agreed proudly.

“Such a shame. I would love to get to know the form that Jeff talks so highly of,” He laughed

“Jeffery, are stealing her away again?” Antonio suddenly came to my rescue.

“I can’t help how beautiful she is,” Jeffery held up a toast and all the men joined in on.

“I can assure you that she is more than just beautiful,” Antonio tried to stop the blatant objectification of me.

“Excuse me gentlemen,” I spoke once I wasn’t the center of  the conversation.

Justin nodded in acknowledgement and gave my cheek a kiss before I walked away and another conversation was started. I exited the large banquet room of the venue, trying to find a bathroom. Soon enough found a ladies room and rushed into one of the stalls. I carefully maneuvered out of my ballgown trying to relieve myself. Just as I was getting back into my dress, the door to the ladies room swung open.

“Gerald wife looks absolutely terrible tonight,” I heard Jeanine’s voice. I rolled my eyes as I re adjusted myself.

“She always looks like a wreck with that nasty cocaine addiction she’s battling. The real talk of tonight and that girl Antonio brought,” Another woman brought me up, making me freeze in the stall.

“I know! That one he brought this year is definitely the worst he’s affiliated himself with,” Jeanine laughed, making my blood boil.

“She comes in here like we owe her something. The bitch probably won’t make it another month if were honest.”

“Poor thing, doesn’t even know that this is what Antonio does every year. He finds a new girl with a dream and tells her that someone in the room can help her. It’s a joke. A source of entertainment,” Jeanine spilled the information I didn’t know that I needed to know.

“Let’s do the count off. There was that Yovanna girl that wanted to be a dancer. Ashley who wanted to model. Madison who wanted to sing, that one couldn’t even hold a note. Sophia, the ugly one. And Chantal who wanted to be a doctor. The only experience that she had with doctors was the cheap the plastic surgery she payed for. And now that black girl,” the other woman listed off all the women they have met.

“At first, I was so surprise he would stoop so low but we all know Antonio. He loves a sob story. He probably took her black ass out the ghetto. She could be a crack baby for all we know,” Jeanine made her jokes. Stopping myself from coming out the stall that moment and dropping her ass, I kept listening.

“Can we talk about her dress. In white like she isn’t Antonio 2017 whore. And those red lips.”

“Doesn’t she know red lips don’t look good on blacks,” Jeanine’s hate spewed from her mouth.

“She could never pull it off the way Selena was able to. She the only one that I liked,” My ears perked at the name of a women I have not yet heard of.

“They were a beautiful couple. He’ll never look that good again. Hopefully he isn’t only going to bring around black girls from now on. We already get enough Coming to America and Soul Train with Shawna,” At the mention of my new friends name, I opened the stall door, making my presence known. She looked at me through the reflection in the mirror and her eyes bulged instantly.

“Is that so? You think there’s too many chocolate chips in your cookies. You want more cream than coffee? Well you got the right bitch to put you in the wrong motherfucking place,” I started, king the two women back away from me with fear in their eyes.

“You think your shit don’t stink because your white ass got yourself a husband who can pay for you lip injections and fake titties? You’re trying to dictate what lipstick I should be wearing but you put plastic in your lips so that yours can resemble mine. It’s okay girl, I know why you’re talking your shit. It’s because obviously Antonio and your husband both know the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Do you know who is the main one wants the chance to get a taste of me? You’re grimy ass husband who had been trying this whole time to feel up some real curves.

“I will never apologize for my blackness. Despite the stereotypes that you assume about me, I am not a crack baby from the hood. My family lives in the suburbs and can afford to sent me to golf camp and college without taking out loans. I may not have the same amount of money and opportunities but, I know my black ass is better than you in every way shape and form.

“Also, you can try to sit here and compare me to all the other girls Antonio has been with but, that’s the gag. They aren’t here yet my black ass is. So before you try to speak on me and the relationship I share with the Antonio, your best bet is to be worried about the women your husband has been cheating on you with.

“But anyway, thank you for this lovely evening. It was nice to get to know exactly what type of honkey trash you are. But I must say that the food was a bland as your personality. Also your friend here didn’t let you know that your implant is completely lop sided right now. Oh and one more thing, remember that the next time you talk shit, you will get hit. Have a good night, Jeanine,” I walked out of the bathroom with my head held high.

Instead of going back to the dinner, I walked outside and went through the parking lot until I found the limo we arrived in. “Miss, you’re back earlier than I expected,” the driver spoke once I knocked on the window.

“I don’t feel too well but, I didn’t want to hold Antonio back. Can you take my back to the hotel please?” I faked a fever. The driver nodded and took me back to where I wanted to be: alone.

When I got back to the room, I immediately popped open the bottle of wine that was waiting for me. Drinking straight from the bottle, I pulled off the dress I allowed Antonio to buy for me. I am a stupid, stupid girl. Once I got into some sweatpants,my phone was ringing so much to the point that I turned it off. I did not want to speak to Antonio. I was a stupid, stupid girl for falling for his bullshit.

It took 26 minutes after I turned my phone off for the hotel door to swing open. By this time, most of the bottle was gone and I was trying to book a flight back to Miami.

“Aaliyah!?” Antonio screamed my name as he made his way into the bedroom.

“Get the fuck out, “ I spat back back.

“What did you say to Mrs. Iverson? Aaliyah what did you say?” Antonio didn’t even ask about how I was.

“I said everything that needed to be said Justin. That woman is a racist hag and was disrespecting my name and relationship with you,” I explained.

“So you tell her she’s trash and that her husband is cheating on her?” Antonio was more than angry as he questioned me.

“That’s exactly what I did. I was defending myself.”

“From a harmless woman?” Antonio scoffed.

“You don’t get it Antonio,” I pushed past him and walked back into the living room to get the rest of the wine that I forgot.

“You’re right because I don’t get it,” Antonio followed after me and snatched the bottle away from my mouth. Just as we were standing each other off. Antonio’s phone started blaring.

“Don’t pick up that call,” I told him making him roll his eyes as he answered the phone. Immediately he was engaged with an argument in spanish. It was so intense that Antonio’s face was turning red as he screamed into the phone. The call last for two minutes before Antonio was hung up on.

“That was my father,” Antonio notified me in a voice so much softer than his previous tone that I was shocked. “Jeanine is talking about taking all their investments out of the company. She has no real say but I need to go. I need take jeffery out and do damage control.”

“She called me a crack baby, said that you took me out the ghetto and that I’m the worst thing thats ever happen to you,” I calmed down to Antonio’s level.

“That’s obviously all lies,” he sighed and took a seat beside me on the couch.

“Was she lying about all the other women who you have brought to the gala before,” the hurt was evident in my voice.

“Aaliyah,” He reached for me but I moved before he could touch me.

“I really don’t want to here it, Antonio. You got me out here like boo boo the fool being your 2017 trophy for your investors,” I spat.

“You and I both know it’s not like that,” Antonio said carefully.

“It isn’t? Did you not bring me out here to ‘connect me to the top dogs’? You did the same for Yovanna, Ashely and all the others. What makes me different than them?”

“You’re my girlfriend,” Spoke like that cleared up the whole situation.

“Of one day, Antonio. Probably not even a full 24 hours yet. Fuck out of here with that,” I took the bottle back and chugged the rest of it.

“They were all mistresses and you’re my girlfriend.”

“What’s the fucking difference?“ I laughed.

“We’re not about to do this right now,” Antonio got up and started moving towards the door.

“Then when the fuck are we doing it?” I got loud again making his stop in his tracks.

“I’m about to take Jeffery to a strip club, mend the investment, then order him a prostitute. You, you are going to stay here and sober up. I’ll be back in an hour and then we’ll talk,” Antonio’s voice was cold and the door slammed shut behind him. Cursing Antonio’s name after him I pushed over a chair on the way to the bedroom where I waited.


“Are you awake, bombón?” Antonio quietly opened the door to the bedroom in case I fell asleep within the hour he was gone.

“Don’t call me that. Don’t call me anything if you’re just going to sit here and lie to me,” I rolled over in the bed, turning away from him. I heard him sigh and then a moment later the bed was dipping beside me.

“I have never lied to you,” He had the audacity to say, making me turn to look at him.

“You lied when you said I was special, that I was different. You’re just lying through your teeth just so you can have another pretty girl on your arm. Well you know what, Antonio? That’s not me. I’m not going to let anyone disrespect me and if you can’t respect that, then this can be the last night we see each other,” I broke down the terms of our relationship as clear as possible.

“You know that’s not what I want,” His eyes pooled into mine

“No I don’t know what you want,” I sat up. “You said I’m different but then treat me the same way you did all the women before. You say you like the way I handle my business and then you yell at me when I defend myself. Your words don’t match up with your actions. So, no. Since you don’t have the same energy when it comes down to it, I don’t now what you want,” I summarized my issues with Antonio.

“I want you,” He said the same thing he’s been saying since the night he met me.

“You say you do yet, you can’t tell me why? That’s enough bullshit,” I expected Antonio to leave this situation and me alone.

“There’s not words created to tell you why. When I first met you, you were all I thought about from that point on. And when you made me wait for you, I didn’t know what to do with myself. When you let me take you out on our first date, I was nervous. I’ve never been nervous with any woman. And after our first day we spent everyday together. You’re the reason I became so good at my job. You inspired me to be as effective and productive as possible so that when it was time for me to see you, work was never interrupting our time. I just want it to be us. I always want to be with you and I don’t know what to do and how to describe it.

“But I need you to know that I’m sorry about tonight, about everything. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, I should have defended you the first time the Iverson’s tried to undermine your success. I believe in your dream and I knew you believed in yourself when you declined my investment. Every other girl I have dealt with not only took my money for their dream but, tried to sell themselves. When the investors tonight, didn’t accept your dream you didn’t switch up or sell out. You defended your own because you know your worth and I apologize for putting you in a situation where your worth was questioned. I don’t ever want you to be hurt and if I can control it, it wont happen again,” Antonio spoke sincerely but didn’t tell me all that I needed to know.

“All the other women,” I reminded him to address.

“They didn’t and don’t matter. They were only mistresses,” Antonio tried to make the same point from earlier.

“And I’m a girlfriend? What does that even mean?” I was tired of playing the guessing game with him.

“It means that they were only entertainment and I let them know that from the start. I saw no future in them and they did not truly want me. You can never grow with a mistress. But a girlfriend? With a girlfriend the possibilities are endless,” I felt Antonio staring me down, looking for a reaction I wouldn’t give his words. “I want this to work because I like you and I always want to be with you and make you happy. I know it’s too soon to say anything but I know you’re the type of woman I can see a future with. I don’t want to lose you because you think I place you at the same level as the others. You are not.”

“I want to trust you, Antonio. But we jumped in so fast that I feel like don’t really know you. I can’t sit around here and call myself your girlfriend when I don’t even know about the past ones. Your history is spotty and I don’t know-“

“My first girlfriend’s name was Caitlyn. I grew up with her older brother. It lasted 6 days when I was twelve,” Antonio dived into his history.

“Antonio-” I tried to stop him. I really didn’t want to know the truth of his past relationships. The thought of him with anyone except me made me sick.

“Then when i was 16 I lost my virginity to a girl named Jazmin,” Antonio ignored me and continued disclosing the information I asked for. “We were together until we graduated secondary school. She was going to college and I was trying to learn the family business. She broke my heart. Or at least I thought she did back then.

“I went to Miami the first time when I was eighteen with my father. He had an intern named Jayde. We became involved within a week. She was twenty six when I was eighteen. I was looking for fun. I was young and she wanted too much from me so it ended.

“Then I went through a bad phase. I fucked any girl that I wanted for almost a year but then it started to get me into trouble. ‘Conflicts of interest’ is what my father called it. so he set me up with a girl named Selena. She came from a rich family in Spain and I loved her. We were together for four years. She turned out to be a gold digging liar and she turned me cold.
“From then on there was Chantal, Ashley, Yovanna, and Kendall. I exclusively fucked them, showed them off and introduced them to things they have and will never experience again. None of them were notable and it all ended the same way; with me having less money in the bank. One of the mistresses I had was named Sophia, Lionel Richie’s daughter if you believe it. I don’t know what was going through my head during the duration of that fling but it didn’t matter. Of course they’re were some one night stands between all of them but I was never out of control.

“And the last woman I had been with was Valentina. She was the woman that I planned to bring to Miami with me but then I met you. The day after I met you I told her that I was with her. I met you and I knew you were who and what I wanted. There’s is only you. No one else matters, there’s only you,” He told me everything I needed to know.

“Jaden is the first boy who broke my heart,” I spoke a moment later.

“What happened?” Antonio asked quietly.

“We were dating for a year before I gave him my virginity. The next day he broke up with me and told his friends how I liked it in bed. I was humiliated but, I decided to own it. I’d fuck men just because I could or because I wanted to. I fucked and only caught feelings once or twice. Nothing ever came from it. No man I have met has ever been who I wanted them to be. They never deserved for me to open up to them so I never did. And I’ve never actually have wanted a title except for with you. And here I am, laying in a bed with you, my boyfriend, in a different city after only knowing you for a month. It’s crazy because within this week you know me as much as my closest friends do,” I opened up for the first time.

“It feels like its been longer than a month,” Antonio’s hand held mine. I didn’t pull away.

“It does,” I squeezed his hand gently.

“I want there to be more months.”

“It’s only right that there’s more to come.”

“I’ve always hated the Iverson’s. I’m glad you old that bitch off,” Antonio laughed for the first time since we’ve been at the hotel.

“She is horrible,” I agreed with him.

“I bet it would have been hot to see you that angry,” the smirk could be heard in his voice.

“Make me mad again and you’ll find out,” I hummed.

“Is it time for make up sex?” Antonio positioned himself on top of me.

“What time is it?” I asked like I was really pondering the answer.

“1:26 am,” He answered after pulling out his phone.

“Yeah, it’s time,” I pulled Antonio’s lips to mine.

part 4

Because of you:

For everyone who DID something, small or big, your efforts have been successful. Because of you:

  1. Federal hiring freeze is reversed for VA (Veteran Affairs).
  2. Green card holders can get back in country.
  3. Court deemed the Immigration Ban unconstitutional.
  4. Uber pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter.
  5. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) enrollment ads are still going to air.
  6. The ACLU raised 24M over the weekend (normally 3-4Mil/year).
  7. HHS, EPA, USDA gag order lifted.
  8. EPA climate data no longer scrubbed from website.
  9. More people of different career/religious/economic/race backgrounds are considering running for political office than ever before.
  10. MOST importantly, since we live in a participatory democracy, the people are engaged.

While more is needed, sometimes you have to celebrate your wins. Stay vigilant, but also take self care seriously. Activist burnout is a thing. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

She's A Bitch C.H

Summary: Basically, Calum’s girlfriend is a bitch and can’t stand you and vise versa, so you and the boys set out to try and make him realize how cruel she is.



Words: 2,000+

“Calum!” His annoying girlfriend called out to him as soon as she barged into his house on our friend group’s annual movie night. Calum his my best friend, and in our group is Michael, Ashton, and Luke. They are literally my only friends, and I love them dearly, but I hate, hate Calum’s girlfriend. She hates me too.

Whenever Calum turns his back, or isn’t around, she a straight up bitch to me, and sometimes to the other boys too. Yet, Calum doesn’t know, and one time I tried to tell him, he yelled at me and we didn’t talk for days. It sucks honestly, but what can you do? Calum is oblivious.

When she came and sat down on his lap, I groaned and rolled my eyes. Michael chuckled and Luke tried to hid his smirk. Ashton just smiled and shook his head. “Oh, you’re here.” I said with a distaste in my mouth. The boys -all except for Calum- chuckled. Calum sighed, “Y/n just leave Molly alone, we’ve been over this, we’re a couple.” I sighed and let out a half-hearted laugh.

 "Ok Cal, whatever. You can go back to sucking your girlfriend’s dick now.“ I said as I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. In the background, I heard the boys howling with laughter.

I turned around to look at the person who was standing in the doorway, and what do you know? It’s the bitch herself. "Listen to me Y/n, I don’t understand what you’re doing, but you really need to back the fuck off of Calum, he’s my boyfriend, and you’re nothing but a loser piece of shit who can’t get her pathetic life together.” She spit out and turned away and left before I could attack her.

I growled and stormed back into the living room, “Cal, can I talk to you?” I asked as he nodded and walked into the kitchen with me. “What’s up Y/n?” He asked as I sighed, “Listen Cal, I’m going to say this straight out, and I’ve tried to tell you before, but Molly is a total bitch ok? She literally just said how pathetic I was and how I’m such a piece of shit and can never do anything right!” I shouted as I started to grow angrier and angrier.

Calum sighed, “Listen Y/n, I don’t mean to offend you or anything,” oh no, he isn’t, “But, maybe she’s right. You are kind of reluctant on leaning towards my fame and wealth to leach off of me.” He said as my jaw dropped.

“How the fuck can you say that, when all I do is buy everything when we go out, spend the most money on you guys, take care of you guys, buy everything we ever need to have parties and movie marathons, and do everything I fucking can to help and support you!” I fumed at him. “All she does is make you buy her things, and call me names, and make fun of the boys, and all of that shit that you must think is so amazing. Right Calum?”

He rolled his eyes and stalked back into the living room with everyone else. I was fuming, and I was so fucking fed up with her putting things into Calum’s head like that. I waked back into the living room as calmly as I could and spoke loudly. “Hey Luke? Can you come into the kitchen with me, I have a problem and I need a real friend to help me.” I said glaring at Calum the whole time.

Luke looked around at me and then to Calum and widened his eyes while getting up quickly and rushing into the kitchen with me. “Listen Luke, Calum was just all like how I leach off of him and do all of this shit, and how Molly never says anything to me, or you guys for that matter, so I have a plan. I’m telling you first, because you’d be my seconds best friend, after that dickhead I call a best friend, and I really need your help to get Molly on tape, to talk about what she always says to us.” I spoke in a quiet hushed tone.

Luke grew a huge smile on his face and nodded his head enthusiastically, “I’m totally in, I hate that bitch just as much as you do.” He said with a chuckle. I laughed along as we walked back into the living room. “Hey guys, I was thinking we should go back to my place. We could play video games and I have beer.” I suggested facing Ashton and Michael.

They both looked at each other in confusion and I faced my back towards Calum and Molly. I directed my eyes to the side Calum was on and slowly shook my head so they could -hopefully- see that we needed to get away from Calum and Molly.

Ashton seemed to catch on and nodded his head for him and Michael. “Yeah, me and Mike will come with you guys, it sounds like a lot of fun.” He said with a smile as they both got up. They said goodbye to Calum, as did Luke -yet no one said goodbye to Molly. I didn’t say goodbye to either of them, and right before we left I heard Calum call out to us, “Wait, guys, can we come with you?” He asked with a look of doubt on his face.

I laughed sarcastically, “Of course not Calum, you’ve been a dick to me, and I really just want to hang out with my best friends without someone who finds it ok -and apparently loves- when my self esteem gets lowered.” I said with a glare as I turned and motioned the boys to leave so I could go to. The last thing I heard when we left was Calum sigh and Molly laugh.

We arrived back to my house and I gathered everyone in the living room. “Ok, listen up, I say, Luke, you get Calum out of the house while us three set up some cameras and everything all around his house. When everything is finished, we’ll call Calum and have a get together to ‘apologize’ and all that.” I said as we started to make the plan.

Ashton chimed in next, “We need to also somehow get Y/n and Molly in the same room alone so Molly says all of those things to her again. This time, it will all be on tape so Calum will be forced to see how awful she is.” I smiled and nodded along to what he was saying.

“Great!” Luke said, “But why do I have to distract him?” He questioned as I sighed, “Listen Luke, you always know how to force Calum to do things he doesn’t want to do. Have him out of the house and do something until we tell you we’re done ok? That’s the most important part of the mission so don’t fuck it up. Ok?” I asked as he nodded with a small smile.

“Ok, let’s get this started,” Michael said with a smile, “I have a friend who works at a tech store and can get us some really good cameras. I’ll bring them here tomorrow so Luke, call Calum up and tell him you want to do something tomorrow.” He instructed as he went to call his friend about the cameras.

This is going to be so good.

Everything was going according to plan, Luke was out with Calum, and Michael had brought the cameras. Me, Ash, and Mike were at Calum’s house setting everything up. We had three cameras out in the kitchen, four in the living room, and two in the hallway. We didn’t want to do the bedrooms or the bathrooms just incase something we weren’t supposed to see happened.

When everything was finally finished, we left Cal’s and called him to have an 'apology’ get together for Molly and Cal. He bought the whole thing.

When the 'party’ actually started, the boys had somehow figured out a way to get them into the kitchen while me and Molly were both sitting in the living room across from each other.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?” Was the first thin Molly started off with in her spiral of insults. I smirked as she kept going. “I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back.

Calum sat next to Molly on one couch, and the rest of us sat piled on top of each other in the tiny couch. “Ow Luke you punched me in the face.” Michael complained as I laughed at him, my laughter was then cut short as Luke was pushed onto me and crushed me. “Ow Luke.” I whined out.

“Maybe we should head out and do something.” Ashton suggested, “Is everyone game?” He asked everyone, including Calum and Molly. Calum looked over to Molly and she nodded with an eye roll. Calum smiled, “Yeah, we’re in, let’s go,” Everyone stood up. “Actually, I think I’m going to go home, I’ve some things to do today, so I can’t really hang out.” I lied as I looked at Michael knowingly.

Michael gasped, “Oh shit, I just forgot I had something to do as well. Looks like it’s just you guys going.” He said as everyone left Calum’s house. While they all went in a car somewhere, me and Michael drove around the block so Calum wouldn’t get suspicious, and walked back inside his home.

“Alright, lets get these cameras down and into a dvd to show Cal her bratty attitude once and for all.” I said with a small smile on my face as we started getting to work. When it was all finished, I took the tape to my uncle’s to get it changed into a dvd to show Calum. “By this time tomorrow Mikey, this should all be over.” I sighed with a smile as Michael pulled me into a side hug and rubbed my shoulders.

When the next day hit, the boys and I walked up to Calum’s door and knocked so we could get in. The dvd in my hands was starting to get sweaty because of my palms. The door opened and Calum showed up and looked confused, “Hey guys, what’re you doing here?” I ignored him and walked inside with the boys following behind me. “Is Molly here?” I asked as I looked around the room.

Calum shook his head, “No she’s not here.” I smiled, “Good, the boys and I have something to show you.” I had Calum sit down on the couch as I put the dvd in.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?" The Molly that was on the screen said. I smirked as she kept going. "I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back, and she put a large smile on her face.

The video cut out and we all looked at Calum. Ashton was the first to speak, “Listen man, she’s been saying things like this for the whole amount of time you’ve been dating her. It’s also not just Y/n she says these things to, she says things to all of us, we just got this part on tape to show you.” Ashton sighed as we all looked to Cal to see his reaction.

He sighed and walked out with his phone in hand. We all looked defeated as he walked out to the kitchen. We were all silent for a while until he came back with a bright smile on his face. “I broke up with her, thanks for showing me that guys, and I’m really sorry for not believing you guys. Can you forgive me?” He asked while not looking at any of us.

I shrugged and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Of course Cal. We forgive you. At least you broke up with her right?” I asked with a laugh as he hugged me back. “Group hug!” Luke yelled and everyone was suddenly engulfed in a hug.

At the end of the day, we are all the five best of friends, and nothing, not even a demon from hell can stop us from being together in the end.

Stop pretending

Can you do one where you have been bestfriends forever, and then you kiss. And start acting like you’re in a relationship but you are not. Then he wants you to be…. 

This request was made by @martetjaland a while ago. I’m so sorry it took me so long, darling. Hope you like it!


For your whole life, you’ve been friends with Harry. Your moms were friends even before they got pregnant at almost the same time, so the only logical thing was for you and Harry to be the best of friends.

Through your life, you always have this strong feeling for Harry. Of course you never really told him about it, because you didn’t to ruin the friendship you guys built over the years. So when he went to audition for the X-Factor, you were there to support him, but made a note to yourself that if he ever win or became famous, you would get over him.

And that’s what happened. Today, Harry is one of the most famous celebrity’s around the world. And you are still not over him. Sad, isn’t? Well, it’s quite difficult to get over him when nothing ever changed between you. You were always best friends and you still are to this day. Of course his agenda is crazy for years now, but he constantly text you and call you. Not to mention that every time he’s in London, he stays at your place. The fans love you and even want you guys to become more than friends, but life is more complicated than that.

“Miss Y/N, you can wait here for Mr. Styles.” The bodyguard that Harry hired to go with you to airport instructed.

Harry was coming back after promoting his debut single “Sign of the times”, so of course you went to pick him up from the airport. But him being the overprotective friend he is, made you take a bodyguard with you, for the simple fact that everybody knew he was coming back, so the airport was packed.

“Thank you, Roger.” You smiled and sit in the sofa of the small room they were making you wait. You’re more nervous than ever because things are a little bit different between you and Harry.

His texts and calls have become more fluffy and even a lit bit flirty. Which is weird because you never saw this side of Harry. Well, at least not towards you. Even in interviews, when someone asked him about you, he’s more vocal about your relationship, about how you have always been friends and all. He never talked much about you in interviews before.

“Y/N!” He smiled and ran to your arms. Hugging him after so long felt so good you almost didn’t want to let go.

“Hi bubba, how are you? The flight was ok?” You smiled back and looked in his green eyes.

“Yeah love, I just wanted to get here faster. You look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you!”

“Don’t need to lie, I’m still the same. You, on the other hand…” Your hands immediately found his soft hair and you smile. “It reminds me of Take Me Home Harry.”

“Your favorite time, wasn’t it?” He smirked.

“Indeed it was, my friend. Now c’mon, let’s go home.”

You both went through the sea of fans in the airport and soon enough you were driving through London to get to your flat.

“So, how was the promoting? Tell me everything!” You asked excited while helping him take his bags to your living room. “I’m sure you had so much fun!”

“I did, but I missed you, love. Next time, you’re coming with me.” He kissed your forehead. “Hm, I’m so sorry for this, I just can’t take it anymore, Y/N.”

“What are you talking a…?” Your words died as soon as his hands found your waist and his lips found yours.

You dreamt with this moment for years and now it was happening and it was better that everything you have ever imagined. Your hands found his hair and you tugged at the soft curls. He pulled even closer and, for that small instant, you though you could die from how fast your heart was beating.

He pulled apart form you first, needing air.

“Are you gonna hit me?” He asked a little bit nervous. You shook your head and smiled.

“Nah. C’mon bubba, let’s have dinner.”

A week later…

It’s been a week since you and Harry kissed for the first time. Yes, first, because since then you’ve been acting like a couple all the time. A lot of kisses, small dates at your apartment to avoid paparazzis and stuff like that. But something bothered you and it was the fact that you never discussed what was this, what you were doing.

“Haz, we need to talk.” You said during a marathon of movies.

“Course love, what is it?” He looked curiously at you.

“What are we doing? I mean, we’ve been acting like a couple for a week, but we never talked about it and I’m starting to freak out about you because I do like what we have, but if this is just some silly thing for you than…” You rambled.

“Love, breathe.” He cradled your face in his hands. “I love you. And I have been in love with you for quite some time now, but I never really got the courage to say it. It was never the right time, with me always on tour with the boys, or with the movie and the solo album and… It was never the right time. But I realized it was never gonna be the right time if I decided to wait for my agenda to quiet down. So, I’m here telling you that I’m in love with you and asking you to continuing to be by my side, but not as just my best friend, but as my girlfriend. Will you be girlfriend so I can finally stop pretending to the world that I don’t love you? “

You never smiled so big in your life as right now. You feel like your heart could burst from happiness. You kissed him and pulled him to you. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away.

“It’s this an yes?” He asked.

“Of course, you silly. I love you too. For as long as I can remember.”

He kissed you again and that’s when you knew you’re meant to be with him and that nothing could ever break you two apart.


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REQUEST: Calling [Gladiolus/Fem!Reader]

Originally posted by deez-nocts

^ This is because I needed the butt. Okay? Okay.

Luckily, I’ve never written a story for Gladio, which means, I’m fresh full of ideas for him! :3 This is meant for female readers mostly since the request was for Gladio’s Girlfriend… And my mistake, I made Gladio break up with Reader.

Almost done with requests. Holy shit. I’m putting up a limit next time, lol.

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Operation supercorp pt5
  • Kara: you know I think the gang has been acting strange lately
  • Lena: now that you mention it they have
  • Kara: they don't want to hang out with us as much, they keep pushing us to hang out together. Not that there's anything wrong with hanging out with you.
  • Lena: it's ok Kara I get what your saying they seem to be avoiding us
  • Kara: yeah I wonder why
  • Lena: who knows
  • Operation supercorp team
  • M'gann: they think that we are avoiding them
  • Maggie: crap
  • Alex: I told you if we pushed to hard they would think we don't like them
  • James: we need to work on group ways to get them together
  • Winn: romantic movie marathon
  • Maggie: what
  • Winn: there are a ton of romantic movies where they fall in love with their best friend we make them watch all of the movies
  • M'gann: it's worth a shot
  • Alex: so now we all have to sit through a romantic movie marathon for those oblivious idiots
  • Maggie: apparently so
Movie marathon

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Summary: The Reader and her boyfriend Peter are having a Disney movie marathon

Word count: 645

Warnings: None

A/N: First of all - THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m writing this note for like the seventh time and I still can’t find the perfect words to express how much I love all of you. All the notes and nice comments that you left under my previous Peter imagine made me grin to the screen like an idiot, but it was the best feeling ever. You guys made me so motivated and you all have a very special place in my heart. Honestly, I just freaking love you.

Second of all – I finally have summer, so the requests are very open. Seriously, I have more time that I need and I would love you to send them please I beg you. I’m also sorry for all the mistakes, English is not my native language.

Enjoy and leave a note if you like it!

I am writing something this short for the first time and I feel extremely weird

Originally posted by cha0sgoddess

“For the last time, we are not watching Lady and the Tramp!”

“Oh, come on! You are so afraid that you will cry?” you were lying on your back on the bed in Peter’s room, arguing about what film you’ll watch. When it came to your marathons, it was always like this. First you were planning the films you’d watch for weeks, and then change them on the same day.

“We are not watching it! And I don’t cry at Disney movies” Peter frowned.

“Yeah, sure. You’re totally not bursting into tears when Bambi’s mom is killed” you nodded your head sarcastically.

“Just because you are a cold-hearted monster who doesn’t cry on that moment doesn’t mean that everybody else is!” he crossed his arms on his chest. You laughed and kissed him on the cheek, getting up from the bed.

“Go and make some food” you said, taking popcorn from your bag and throwing it to him. “I’ll turn the film on”. He took it and walked to the door, showing you his tongue along the way. After a second he showed up in the door again.

“Actually why am I the one who always makes food?”

“You really want to give me a reason to stop liking you, right?” Peter rolled his eyes and went back on the stairs.

“You are… God, I can’t even find a good adjective” Peter sighed when he came back with two bowls in his hand. You just grinned, not taking your eyes off the screen, where Lady and the Tramp were just starting.

“Maybe the best girlfriend in the world who you love so much that you can’t even express it?” you suggested and patted the empty place next to you.

“I was rather thinking about something like cruel, terrible and awful. But the one you said is pretty good too” he answered, sitting next to you and handing you one bowl. You smiled with a corner of your mouth and leaned your head on his shoulder. You loved having movie marathons with him. You generally loved doing anything with that guy. He was one of the very few people on earth who understood you perfectly and you could talk with him about literally anything. You were dating for almost two years already, but it still felt like you’ve just met him and every day you were falling in love with every single little thing about him over again.

“Stop staring at me and watch that damn movie you’ve chosen” he said, not taking his eyes off the screen. “And give me the tissues”.

“Come on, it has just started!” you laughed and reached your hand out for them.

“They are for later!” he answered taking them from you.

“Sure” you smiled.

In the middle of Alice’s talk with the Caterpillar, you noticed that Peter has already closed his eyes.

“Hey, Pete” you whispered, poking him gently with your elbow. “You can’t fall asleep, not now. She hasn’t even met the Mad Hatter yet”

“I am not sleeping” he mumbled.

“Yes you are” you smiled. You were usually the one to fall asleep first, so you finally knew what Peter felt every time you did. You took his hand into your own and continued watching the movie.

“Hey Y/N?” you heard his sleepy voice after a few minutes.


“I wouldn’t really give you a reason to stop liking me, right?”

You froze. Was it really what he thought about? You turned your head to look at him, lying right next to you with closed eyes, almost asleep. And suddenly you felt just so much love for this guy.

“Peter, you would never, ever give me any reason to stop loving you” you leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. “Go to sleep, boy” you said, squeezing his hand.

What did you do to deserve him?

Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- Feather

Also has a bit of Poison Ivy X Reader

Warning: Suicide in general, angst, swearing, mentions of mmuuurrddeerr

Clutching onto your armored legs, you watched Gotham from afar.  Your chin rested on your knees, aching from the knee pads digging into your skin.  You were sure that your lip was still bleeding from biting at the chapped sections, but you couldn’t care.  He was gone, he left you alone in this unforgiving world.  You finally understood how the world worked, giving you something to love and hold on to until it’s torn away from you.  Bruce was gone, heading to some event to deal with the man that killed him.  Thinking of his name made you want to puke.  Bruce wasn’t going to kill him, you knew that, and then he was going to be sent to Arkham.  He would escape again, kill again, and be captured again.  It was a deadly game of cat and mouse you had involved yourself in, and death is the penalty for losing.

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Prove It (Stiles Stilinski/Stuart Imagine)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader, Stuart x Reader (depending on what floats your boat)

Warnings: none, but beware of boys with twins

A/N: I’m exhausted and I’ve been sitting on this idea for weeks. It’s my first full length imagine I’ve posted on here and it’s a bit nerve wracking, but what do I have to lose?

Word Count: 1424

Summary: Stiles accidentally makes plans with both Scott and Y/N and enlists in his twin brother’s help to cover his ass.

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I want to remind everyone, including myself: this resistance is a marathon, not a sprint.

A sprint is usually 100-500 meters. A marathon is 42,195. That’s an astronomical difference.

While I’m on vacation, I’m posting things from my dash on spotty wifi. When I get back, I’m going to dedicate Tuesday/Wednesday to resource collection. I will pass the info to you here.

I will also call at least one congressional representative per week.

I may do more as I get into the habit. That’s training. That’s sustainable. That allows me to keep pushing in the face of fascism without losing hope and giving up.

I’m not asking you to have the same pace as me. You might have to go slower. You may be able to go faster. Either one is fine.

You mustn’t do nothing. These elections are turning out as they are because people are staying home. We cannot afford to stay home. That doesn’t just apply to Brexit and Trump’s America. That applies to Mexico, Venezuela, DAPL violating sovereign Native land, to this entire world’s rising propensity for racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, misogynist, labor exploiting fascism.

I know many of us are spoonies. That it is going to be hard. That we will need breaks. That is okay. That is fair. You must put your own oxygen mask on before you help others.

You must do something.

If you write, try creating resources and articles.

If you draw, paint, try making visual guides.

If you collect commissions for your work, consider donating 10% to a civil liberties org, like Planned Parenthood or the ACLU. If that means raising your prices somewhat: that is okay. Your patrons should understand if you explain.

This is a marathon. We are the resistance. We must draw a line and hold it.

We are not alone. We have each other.

They are afraid that we outnumber them.

We must show them that they are right. We do, and we are the future.