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In Sickness and Health

kat on AO3 asked: “could you maybe write one where derek travels for business, and stiles is home with the kids. when he gets really sick and the oldest calls derek to come home?”

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 1449
Human AU, Sick Stiles, Writer Derek, Fluff, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, POV Derek

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There’s only one person in line in front of him when Derek’s phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s probably Stiles, calling him on the way to TJ and Carter’s school. The person in front of him steps through, to the airplane. Derek grabs his phone from his pocket, and looks apologetically at the flight attendant checking everyone’s tickets. He looks at his phone. A sense of foreboding creeps up his spine. A picture of Stiles and their kids in front of their house is on his screen. Someone’s calling him from their home number. Why would he be getting a call from home? There shouldn’t be anyone there.

Oh God. Something’s happened.

Trying not to let his panic show on his face, he steps out of the line.


Daddy’s dying, TJ whispers.

TJ’s just being dramatic, Derek tells himself. Stiles probably just bumped into something, or cut his finger, maybe he overslept, lost track of TJ in the rush to get their kids to school, and now she’s messing with the phone.

‘Why would you say that, little whelp?’ he asks, swallowing down his heart that somehow lodged itself in his throat.

He looks gross,’ is TJ’s unhelpful answer.

Derek can’t really blame her, she’s only four.

Give me the phone! You’re explaining it all wrong!

‘Give it back!


Derek gnashes his teeth as he listens to his children struggle for the phone, feeling helpless, until finally Carter comes on.

‘Daddy’s sick. He’s coughing and breathing funny. And there’s a giant pile of snotty tissues by the bed,’ Carter explains. The six year-old is trying to sound firm and grown-up, but Derek knows his child, and can hear the tremble underneath the bravado. ‘And he’s moving around all slow, and keeps bumping into things like he’s drunk or blind or something.

That doesn’t sound like Stiles is dying, more like he’s got a really bad cold or, god forbid, the flu. Derek thought Stiles’ voice sounded funny on the phone last night, but assumed it was a bad connection. Not that Stiles would’ve admitted anything was wrong if he had asked.

‘Alright, little cub. Can you give me daddy?’

Sure. Carter sounds a little sullen that they don’t get to report further on one of their fathers’ imminent demise.

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So I’ve made a couple of “Kova is a good cat and probably not the spawn of evil” posts and they seem to have gotten positive receptions so now it is time for me, a Cat Enthusiast, discussing Cat Things I think Kova probably does:

  • Have you noticed he’s virtually never on the ground? It seems like basically at any given time he prefers to either be held or sitting on shoulders. I’m gonna take a wild shot in the dark that he probably also loves laps or sitting on people while they’re lying down/sitting/what have you.

  • Just imagine how many times the generals have probably been inconvenienced because they were sitting and Kova picked exactly that moment to climb into their lap and fall asleep. Lotor’s probably the prime target since he’s the one who spends the most time seated. 

  • Just Lotor, sitting in his chair, having really needed to pee for the last two hours but can’t move because Kova.

  • I’m willing to bet good money Kova is the type of cat who loves you with his teeth. He will lurk on your shoulders and headbutt you a lot because he loves you but there is like just enough teeth in his nuzzles that they’re uncomfortable. 

  • Until we get actual canon backstory I have the firm idea that Kova was Lotor’s only friend for part of his childhood and then he passed Kova on to Narti once he started hanging out with the generals because he wasn’t so lonely any more.

  • Also until confirmed otherwise my two cents are definitely that Kova drifted away from Haggar because she turned cold and withdrawn and, as mentioned, Kova is definitely a creature inclined to seeking contact and companionship.

  • But also consider: Kova is probably one of those needy kind of cats where if he is lonely he goes and twines around everybody’s legs meowing loudly

  • Which I imagine is a super common occurrence because in my mind Kova is very talkative/meowy if he gets worked up. (I know his lanky post-quintessence look is probably supposed to make him look ominous but I just can’t unsee him as a Siamese or comparable breed)

  • This is Kova, every time Narti is somewhere he can’t or doesn’t want to follow. He just parks as close as he can get and yells. If there is a door and he can stick his feet under it, he does.

  • Since he is in some ways a guide animal for Narti, I imagine personality-wise he’s especially attentive to and concerned about her, but also that he’s always had a bit of that helper personality, like, if he’s decided you’re good people he’s very responsive if you seem upset, which sounds cute and it is but also he’s a worrywart and for all of how smart he is, he still does the cat thing where his idea of a disaster does not always line up with everybody else’s.
Just Talk To Me

Originally posted by cynicalsunset

Pairing: Jeff x fem!reader

Request: You should do an imagine or a preference about like you get in an argument with them. Or how they react to silent treatment. Love your writing!!

Warnings: pettiness lol

Word count: 396

Sorry it’s so short, once again. I think it turned out alright, but let me know what you think!

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tonystarkism  asked:

YOUR GIFS ARE MAGIC AND RAINBOWS (literally)!!! A tutorial on how you use/choose gradients to create colour porn gifsets, pretty please? Love you, you know it <3

I LOVE YOU <3 thank you so much!

Gradients will trasform your gif from this:

to this:

Examples of colour porn gifsets using gradients: x, x and x.

Since this has been requested a few times, I’m gonna start by giving a few tips and then we’ll move to a tutorial.

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Your very own fail-proof plot resetting guide for ACNL! (with pictures and stuff, ooo, fancy)

OKAY so due to popular demand, here’s my very own tutorial for plot resetting! It has worked for me 100% for my latest villagers. It’s no quicker than any other, but I wanted to make my own since a lot of the ones I used were unclear on stuff, and naturally I messed up a couple of times. Time to get my own show on the road!

Plot Resetting - a way to get your new villagers to move where you want them to move to in your town. Warning: it’s going to be super time consuming 90% of the time, unless you’re super lucky! Also, no, you do NOT need to hack your town for this!

See how nicely these houses line up? I did that with plot resetting!

A summary? Plan spot, adopt villager, reset x3000 until you get what you want, re-think your life aaand profit! Sound good? Then keep on readin’ this super long guide! <3 I suggest reading the whole thing before starting to reset anything! Have fun and hope this helps!

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Am I Enough PT 2

Bucky X Reader 

Summary: An unexpected turn in your relationship with Bucky sends you on a journey that will hopefully find you back home one day.

Warnings: angst 

A/N: Hello everyone, I just wanted to start out with how thrilled and honored I was to have all of you read my new story. I am still getting the jitters from it all. Sorry it took so long but here it is. This chapter is more of a stage setter for what is to come and no bucky we catch up with where the reader is now.  

“When did this start between you two? How long has it been? Did it gradually come to be or did it just hit you one day? I asked if you had ever thought about the others, in a I-could-possibly-date way. Wait, was that when it all began? You actually thought about it and realized she would be better for you. I shouldn’t have asked, I mean I was so happy that you chose me over them but I brought this on myself didn’t I?“ 

“Can’t you just tell me? Answer me, dang It! Do I now mean so little you can’t even give me a proper answer. I love you with everything I have in me, but that’s not enough for you is it? I wanted to believe that this would last forever but….“ 

Two weeks that’s how long it had been since you left. The road had taken you out through several states till you stopped at a quaint town. Big enough that you could get confused but small enough for people to know almost eberyone and of all things it was call Normal, Illinois, because heavens knew you could use all the normal you could get. You managed to snag a place to stay at least for now and a job as well. Lucky for you the college had just gotten out so you found a room to rent for the next 2 months before school came back. 

It’s funny how in the movies people can just up and run away from their previous lives but not for you. The one plus side was that You could avoid all other text and calls from the team. It also kept your mind off if him. You spent part of your car ride on the phone with your boss telling, well lying that you had a family emergency that would take you away for a while. Luck struck again as she gave you the two months you asked for. The only problem now was your apartment. You couldn’t afford 2 rents. The rent in normal was about half it was in new York but still. This had taken quite a few more phone calls until you found a few friends that wanted to rent it out for a couple weeks at a time. It would be risky especially if they cancelled but you had a smidge of faith left that it would work out. 

Now that you were at least for the foreseeable future to remain here, you focus on your new job, mostly because the other option is soul sucking grief. It was a standard retail job in Uptown Normal, a little boutique that sold nic-nacs. It got you through the day and you made money. You threw yourself into it taking extra shifts and doing whatever necessary for the job. Anything to keep you from going home at night. 

The problem now was the nights, with nothing to occupy your thoughts, no tv or computer, you focused on what had happened. You had thought maybe the whole thing was a misunderstanding that Bucky would chase after you and explain. As each day went by your hope faded piece by piece. You weren’t hiding you still used your credit cards, your drivers license, he could find you, any one could find you. But no one came, you must have been right in everything you said. You would have at least expected one of the others Steve or Tony at least, but you guess that was too good to be trhe friendship as well. How did this happen you had always prided yourself on being a decent judge in character, but apparently not the people you were those closest to you. 

It turns out it was good you left. You would feel bad for ever forcing yourself onto others. When you thought this there was a knock on the door. Your head jerked up, zeroing in on the door, you weren’t expecting any one. Maybe it was a simple case of wrong door. Again the knock, but this time it was followed up with, ”(Y/N), I know you’re in there please just open up.“ 

Gah, it was Steve. You start to have a mixture of feelings the first was surprised, he had come to get you. You were great friends so why not but you would have thought he would stay with Bucky, support him in this time. This led to sadness, tears picking your eyes because Bucky couldn’t even come himself, he must have sent Steve. Which then provoked anger, that stupid pompous man couldn’t even take the time to come find you and fix things himself. When that thought hit you, grief ran through you wrapping it’s way through, making your limbs heavy and your breathing shallow. 

That was it Steve had come to say that Bucky didn’t want you back that you could stay right where you were. Far away from him, he didn’t need some has been hanging around his new girl. Once more the knocking began, “I’m coming in we need to talk." 

With that he quickly dismantled the lock and stepped in. You stare at him while he approaches, but as he gets closer you get scared you didn’t want to hear it. No you could move on right now, you could pretend this whole thing never happened. You scoot away from him whimpering slightly and shaking your head. 

"Whoa hey, I just want to talk.” He raises his hands, halting all forward movement. 

“No,” you shudder out, your voice weak. “I know what you want to say and I don’t want to hear it. I get it he doesn’t want me. I’ll stay away I promise.” At this point your voice has broken and tears run down your face. You keep shaking your head keeping Steve at bay. 

Steve heart breaks even more, his friend has done a real number on this girl. You were still huddled against the wall but now you had your hands over your ears, refusing anything he had to say. He sighed, kneeling down before you and wrapping his arms around you pulling you to his chest. For a moment, you resisted pushing against him, didn’t work very well as he continued to hold you in place. 

Finally you fell into him allowing his comfort, you start to cry, aobs that wrenched through your body. For you it was finally accepting everything that had happened to you. Taking in every feeling that you had held back through this whole thing. All this time you had refused to accept them, that everything that was happening you deserved, so you didn’t have the right to feel emotional about it. You were though, sad, angry the basic but fierce emotions held you. All you could do was cry while Steve held you. 

Eventually the tears took their toll rendering you exhausted and quickly sliding into sleep. Steve felt you go limp against him. Glancing down he took in the tracks from the tears on your face, carefully wiping a few more away. He couldn’t even imagine what you were going through, he knew in some sense, had seen and talked with you, about how much Bucky had meant. You had discussed hopes and dreams, what the future would look like and how much Bucky had changed you for the better. To have all that taken away would make anyone’s heart shatter. He still didn’t fully understand what would make Bucky do this to you. 

You shiver slightly more from the lingering fear than the cold. He finally took in the apartment while looking for a blanket to wrap you in. It was sparse to say the least you hadn’t taken much with you when you left. A small studio, no bed, no dresser just an open suitcase with your clothes spilling out of it. In your haste you hadn’t taken what you needed just enough to escape. From the info they had gathered they learned about your new situation and from what they could see you didn’t plan on coming back to New York anytime soon. 

He scoops your legs up draping you over him, but still firmly in his grasp. He pulls the blanket from your small blowup bed and wraps you in it. Looking down once more, he knows you intend to stay but not if the team and him have anything to do with it.

Lifting his hand up he whispers, “Guys, we have things to do. Let’s get started." 

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Loving A Fool~ Pete Dunne Imagine

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His lips molded with yours, hands on your ass as you straddle his lap backstage at an event. Your hands travel from his chest to his face, cupping his cheeks with both your hands. One of your hands go into his hair, giving a slight tug. 

He moans. His back is against the wall. His mouth open and closing against your making the kiss even better. His lips moving against yours in a teasing kiss leaving you shaking on the inside. 

“ Pete” you whimper, feeling his rough hands tighten at your whimper. “ I have a match soon, we need to stop” you made no movement whatsoever, lipstick smeared all over his lips. 

“ Fuck, the match” he mumbles, his hands going up to your back. He pulls your body closer against his connecting your lips once more. His fingers dance over your back and the expose skin. He legs hang over the crate he was sitting on, his other hand going into your shorts. 

All the words from your mouth flew out the window. Instead you focused on his lips, the way they felt against yours. They were soft, plush with every movement that he made. You parted your lips, teeth nibbling along his bottom lip, giving it a tug. 

Pete lets out a groan. 

His tongue slips past yours, taking control off the kiss and his fingers that were on your back going into your hair, gripping it slightly. He tugs you closer so your chest to chest with him. His touch makes your skin burn. 

Someone shouted your name making him groan, you detached your lips from him turning your head. It was Delia, she had a tag team match with you tonight. Just as you were about to get up, he stopped you by tugging on your shorts to sit back down. 

“ Pete” you warned him. His lips skimmed over your neck to one of his spots that he liked to nibble on. It was hard to detach yourself from, his other hand in your hair tugging. 

“ Y/N!” you heard her shout again. Pete dug his nails into your hips.

“ Don’t go.” Pete whispers into your ear, licking your earlobe. “ She can find another partner” he added. 

His arms slipped around to your hips holding you. You gasp feeling his teeth nibbling on your skin. He was smirking, you could feel it, the way his lips spread in that cocky grin. Pete and you weren’t an item, nope. More like friends with benefits. 

“ I need to go”you struggled getting out of his grip, feeling his teeth drag across your skin, his tongue making circles on the spot he just bite. Pete pulls away, a smirk on his face as he watches you hop off of him running to the curtain just in time for your music to hit. 

Knock came to your door. You knew it was Pete because you hadn’t finished with him and he was bound to come back. As soon as you opened the door his lips pressed into yours, silencing what you wanted to say. 

Having his attention was an incredible feeling. Having his focus only on you and not on any other woman he was going to fuck meant something to you. You only mattered to him. He devoured your body like you were a queen, he didn’t leave one spot untouched.

There are moments where you would just hang out with him, have him lay his head on your legs and running your fingers through his hair. Everything about Pete, was well you just couldn’t get enough, especially having him this close to you. 

He made you feel things you have never felt before, in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.But you weren’t the only woman he was doing this to.You seen all those girls wrapped around him, giggling and kissing him. 

Pete was a sweetheart when he wanted to be, he could flirt like there is no tomorrow pulling on his charms. He was beautiful and had a smile that made your legs feel like jello. 

He doesn’t keep promises and gets what he wants. He knows how to make you feel sexy. He knows what buttons to push. 

You met him through Tyler and Trent, backstage at Progress, thought you have heard about him from others. At first, his charms had no effect on you. He’s attractive but the words he says to you making your stomach flutter with butterflies. 

Pete didn’t do relationships. 

He picked up girls, fucked them and that was it. You have seen a few woman ask him out but they all get turned down when they find out he only sleep with woman for fun. 

You didn’t want to sleep with him, but he was so sweet to you and was there for you through everything. He would challenge you, have moments that made your heart race and your breath hitch. 

First time he told you that he scored with you, he got a black eye from you and you left with sickies all over your neck. Slowly it turns that you were the only one he turned to when he needed his needs to be fulfilled. 

Maybe, he did like you that you didn’t jump to ask him out, or like to hook up. Maybe he was less worried that you would fall for him and he knew you well, you were friends after all. 

You hadn’t been going on any dates or seeing anyone, but Pete does. He has other women every other night. It didn’t bother you at most but annoyed you, yes. He gets a play thing every week or twice a week before ditching them. Pete is never close to any other girl besides you. 

Pete was a cute, funny and loyal to his friends. He’d defend them in a snap. He cold be an asshole, but he had those moments where there wouldn’t be a smirk on his face. But a smile and his eyes brighten with happiness.

But back to reality, here you were in tongue battle with his on your bed. 

It was so hard to convince yourself to not to get jealous of every time he would leave the show with another girl. To convince yourself that he wasn’t doing anything wrong with her. 

Ha! Yeah right, not so easy in convincing yourself. 

Woman after Woman come and go felt like a knife plunging into your heart, despite how hard you wanted it to go away, the pain increased when you started to have feelings for him. It made you cry, realizing you were only going to share those moments by yourself. Every time he left your room, you felt the pain again in your chest. 

His phone rang in his pocket, making a vibrate noise. 

“ Pete, your phone” rolling over pushing yourself off of him. He sighed as he answered it. He talked for a moment before hanging up the phone, tossing it to the side. 

You had to swallow the lump in your throat as you looked away from him knowing it was one of those girls. His hair hung on the side of his face, lips puffy and pinker than they usually were. He stood up from the bed stretching, the shirt rising a bit showing his stomach. Sometimes it felt unreal that he was right there in front of you. 

“ By the way, those shorts make yeh ass look so good” He says, “ Go” you grumbled ignoring his smirk.  He left, with you shedding tears. 

A hallow feeling expanding in your chest, forcing yourself to swallow the cup in your throat. This was something he did, you knew he had girl after girl and yet you couldn’t stop yourself from feeling jealous and hurt. He was always in a hurry to go to the next fuck. 

But you meant something to him? Yeah? 

You hated that you felt this way. Pete wasn’t doing anything wrong, you knew from the start that you two weren’t in a relationship but maybe that’s why this tasted bitter in your mouth. You gotten into a mess that didn’t even exist, at least that’s what you tried to convince yourself to think. 

He just told you about the girl he just fucked and you really didn’t want to hear but he insisted. 

“ Don’t be jealous Y/N, I only saw her because you had an interview to do” 

You tried so hard not to roll your eyes, but you were fully aware of the frown on your lips. 

“ I am not, Dunne. You can do what you want. I don’t care” you replied, trying hard not to show that you car as you removed your hand from his. His lips turn into a grin and how badly you wanted to slap it off his face. 

“ Uh huh” He chuckled and you shoved him away with a hard push, making him laugh. 

“ Shut up! I wasn’t jealous” you instead. His hand landed on your thigh, tapping his index finger on it as his lips ghosted against your ear. 

“ Sure, Sure but Y/N, yeh should know those girls are nothin’ compare t’ the fucking I give yeh” 

You felt your heart shatter at his words, because of how he said and those actual words coming out of his mouth. The knife in your chest felt deeper digging inside. You felt so stupid for getting your hopes up so high.

He was just playing with you? Or was it really what he just said?

“ I got to go” sighing, not caring to give him a hug or a kiss on the cheek as you simply walked out his hotel room. 

He was never going to feel the same.

Two cute neighbours.

Hello, love bugs!!
Dan x reader
Warnings-fluff, kisses. Also, swears because Dan

1887 words yo, Its a long one.

hi !! i love your writing soooo I was wondering if u could do a dan x reader where the reader moves in next door to dan n Phil n the reader has an emotional support dog (preferably a mini chocolate lab) n dan n Phil loooooove the dog n it’s cute n fluffy !! then it time skips to when dan n the reader are dating n the reader tells dan why they have the support dog (anxiety n panic attacks) n dan is supportive n its just cuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee –anonymous

“Dan!” Phil practically screams as he runs up the stairs.

“What, are you okay?” Dan says jumping from his couch crease to make sure poor Philly isn’t to hurt.

“We have the two cutest new neighbors ever!” Phil announces. Coming face to face with Dan on the landing.

“Phil!” Dan moans putting extra emphasis on his part. “I thought that fucking aliens were outside. Christ!” Dan says walking back into the living room.

“But Dan you don’t understand,” Phil says smiling. “One is possibly the prettiest girl I have ever seen. The other is the prettiest brown lab I have ever seen.” Phil recounts as he moves into the living room staring down at Dan trying to make a point.

 "Prettiest girl ever?“ Dan questions as Phil nods his head in agreement. “Well, I suppose we should be gentlemen and go see if the two of them need help moving in,” Dan says closing his laptop.

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gylentia  asked:

Head cannon of the gods of SCM trying to drive for the first time. (I'm partial to punishments, but any of them are fine.)

I started laughing when I imagined some of these omg lol but, here we go! Hope ya like! ♡

The God’s Learning How to Drive With MC (Punishment)


  • “Why do I need to learn how to use this?”
  • Is always his question…
  • “Because… JUST BECAUSE
  • Yeah… Great excuse MC… ha! t(-__-t)
  • He’s the one that would continue to ask her questions- dumb question and stuff that he needs to know…
  • But… mostly dumb questions lol
  • “MC, How do I park this?”
  • “What do those little things on the window do?”
  • “I moved the steering wheel this way, why doesn’t it go?”
  • Dear Lord Zyglavis….
  • But, once he gets the hang of it B O Y let me tell you…
  • He’s a much better driver than most of the punishment men.
  • Hell… he’s a much better driver then MC and she’s been driving since she was 16…


  • This poor baby… seriously.
  • The first time he ever drove was a complete disaster.
  • MC cried because her car was now totaled AND HE DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO BUY HER A NEW CAR- Let alone apologize.
  • It took him a while to get the hang of only using his right foot.
  • “Why can’t I use both MC?!”
  • “Because- that’s just the way we drive Scorpio”
  • Eventually, he got the hang of everything.
  • He’s a somewhat decent driver now- when MC’s in the car anyway.
  • MC has never seen anyone with so much road rage lol.
  • Oh, but when she’s not there- he’s a speed demon.
  • “You shouldn’t be driving so fast Scorpio, that’s why they have speed limits”
  • Yeah, okay MC…

Dui/Shadow Dui

  • He’s so adorably nervous it’s cute.
  • “MC… Can you show me how to do this please?”
  • He’s gentle when it comes to learning but when Shadow Dui takes over…
  • “You need to obey the speed limits DUI!”
  • “Omgg…”
  • He’ll make it a living hell teaching him how to drive.
  • Never again…
  • “Did I scare you MC?”
  • Obviously, you dick…
  • I’m not teaching any of you how to drive again.
  • My heart can’t take it.


  • This one here…
  • MC stays mad at him while she’s teaching him.
  • “Keep your eyes on the road”
  • “Pay attention!”
  • It’s like babysitting him- all the time.
  • Sorry MC
  • Eventually, he gets serious and buckles down to learn. 
  • He’s one of the better drivers out of the Gods but, don’t tell him that.
  • It’ll go straight to his head and then he’ll start to tease the others.
  • Crushed his dreams.


  • He loves flirting with you while driving.
  • He somewhat knew of the basics but, actually getting behind the wheel…
  • That was a different story.
  • “Partheno! Pay attention to the road… Omg…”
  • “But, I’d much rather look at you…”
  • Okay… Partheno…
  • Can we just establish some rules, please?
  • He’ll stop but, eventually, he can’t control himself and goes back to it.
  • He is one of the best drivers out of the Gods after all.


  • He hates it.
  • Honestly. does not see the reasoning behind learning when you already know how.
  • “MC, This is really pointless…”
  • “You need to learn Krioff”
  • “Whatever…”
  • He’s a pain in the ass to teach but, when he gets the hang of it…
  • He still sucks at it.
  • He doesn’t drive often but when he does…
  • You better wear your seatbelt lol.
Creepypasta #1085: I’ve Loved Reading Stories. Let Me Tell You Mine

Length: Super long

When I was a kid - well, a young teenager - I frequently spent my Saturday nights babysitting my siblings. As the eldest of three, I assumed this responsibility with no pay nor thanks to speak of. It was simply expected of me; one of my contributions to the family.

I babysat so frequently because, well, my parents needed it. They’d had marriage problems in the past, and their counselor told them they should go on a weekly date. You know, revive the magic; rekindle the flame; all that good stuff. Yeah, it sucked to be robbed of a weekend evening, but it wasn’t much of a burden. My parents were happier than they’d been in ages, and they both seemed genuinely excited for date night each week. I would have rather been doing other things, of course, but I’d seen my aunt and uncle go through a nasty divorce a few years back and I desperately wanted my parents to stick together.

And so it was that on the night of December 3rd, in the year 2006, I stood at the open front door of my secluded Colorado home, waving goodbye as my parents backed out of the icy driveway.

“Drive safe!” I called out, steam pouring from my mouth. I don’t know if they heard me or not. Wrapping my arms around my torso in response to the wintry mountain air, I entertained myself for a few brief moments by exhaling forcefully and watching my breath float away into nothing. And there was truly nothing around me, not a car or a creature in sight. It wasn’t long before I grew bored and turned back into the warm house, nose tingling from the chill.

Georgie and Kate were eating their dinner at the kitchen table. As I watched them, I couldn’t help feeling like an only child. Georgie, three years my junior, was severely autistic and about as talkative as a bag of bricks. He only spoke when he really wanted something, and only then in the simplest of words: “milk and samwich” was code for peanut butter and jelly with the crust cut off, which he was presently devouring. Kate, meanwhile, was still a beautiful bouncin’ baby, just shy of two. The nine-year gap between them is glaring, but to this day, my parents swear to me Kate wasn’t an accident. Kind of like back in high school, when I swore to them I had no idea how those magazines got under my mattress.

But I digress. The kids finished dinner and I set them up with their entertainment for the night: Georgie in his room with the PlayStation 2 (a hot commodity in those days), and Kate in her crib, in front of Sesame Street. Myself, I ignited the basement fireplace, dimmed the overheads, and curled up with a book by the light of our Christmas tree. God, that was a nice house. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it.

I read, in perfect contentment, for nearly an hour. Night had fallen by then, and the room had become toasty. I was beginning to doze off when I heard Georgie’s heavy footfalls descending the staircase. I sat upright and looked at him expectantly as he waddled into the room.

“No more knocking,” he said, brow furrowed in annoyance.

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anonymous asked:

last night my boyfriend and i were hanging out with a big group but we were having sexual tension the whole night. once i went home around 3am, he texted me saying he needed to fuck me and to wear his favorite lingerie that i own and to go over immediately. i went over fast and as soon as i walked in he started making out with me and rubbing me. we went to his room and we started fucking in the shower then moved it to his bed till my legs were shaking like crazy. it was so passionate and hot

Fallout 4 Plots with Wasted Potential

*spoilers for the game in general*

~ Acadia and the Railroad:

        We can tell DiMA that we are part of any of the 3 major factions and for each of them we have the option of a mini quest series that decides the fate of Acadia.  

Except the Railroad, it seems.  

We can go and tell one random npc (Boxer - who seems like an absolute babe of a synth but is reduced to forgettable after we speak to her ‘once’ ) and she moves to Acadia.   That’s it.  End of quest line. 

Apparently Desdemona and Doc Carrington don’t need this life changing information, just Boxer is going to head on over there and live her life hanging out with DiMA and co.  

I would have loved a bit of dipolmacy here.  Where we talk to Des & Carrington then speak with the leading trio at Acadia to arrange an alliance in the interest of smuggling synths safely out of the Commonwealth.

Maybe even go with Chase (and or Glory) to clear out some areas to create a new safe house or two and make a new route.   Nope. 

~ Danse and Blind Betrayal: 

      Not only did they cut the content in which Danse challenges Elder Maxson (and presumably kicks his arse in one on one combat - which I would had ADORED to see) but they also don’t update his character at all after the quest line is complete.  I know that people don’t change over night but he has an interaction with the Sole Survivor about his right to exist.  One of the options is

Sole: “You are the proof that Maxson is wrong (about synths)”
Danse: “Y-you’re right!”

I am hoping there is ‘something’ in the Nuka World DLC with him because right now it feels like a ‘half story’ with him.

~ The Valentine Detective Agency:

       Granted this one is more on a greed note but still.  There is a base for quests here.  Lost items and people that we need to track down in the Commonwealth.  

I loved the Murder Mystery in Vault 118 in Far Harbor.

It’s understandable why we didn’t get many as I imagine they take up a lot of time to design and create but Nick Valentine and his agency is such a big deal in the main story line I would have loved to work more with the Agency that we are supposedly working for. 

Is there anything else you guys think we’ve missed out on in the game?  Place your thoughts here or else send a PM.

I’ve loved reading your stories. Let me tell you mine.

by reddit user Sergeant_Darwin

I’ll be posting new, different stories on my personal blog, please be sure to follow @sixpenceeeblog

I read my first nosleep story when I was a freshman in college. I was in bed one evening, surfing the web and I decided that I wanted to scare the shit out of myself. The internet is home to a lot of strange things, as I’m sure many of you know, and I found a few of them that night—but nothing piqued my interest more than this community.

Reading all of your experiences over the years has been strangely cathartic, for I too have known horror. I’ve never been in a haunted house, or caught a glimpse of anything paranormal; I’m not even sure I believe in such things. But no demon or monster or vengeful spirit from the depths could tell me more than what I already know: evil walks among us. I have more than glimpsed it. I have stared it in the face.

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Dance Lessons (Part One)

Summary: In which you you try to teach Bucky how to dance but his hip movement is about as mechanical as his metal arm.

Pairing: Bucky x Hispanic!Reader

Word Count: 2,325

A/N: There is most likely going to be a Part 2. Also, the reader is Hispanic and the song at the very end is Promise by Romeo Santos and Usher.

“Dance Lessons” Masterlist

Originally posted by papertownsy

“Y/N.” You use your blanket to cover your face. “Y/N wake up.”

You groan and try to burrow yourself further into your bed. Maybe whoever it is will catch a hint and leave you alone. “Go away.”

“But it’s important.”

With remnants of sleep lingering over you like a dark cloud on a rainy day, you push aside your covers. When you finally gather enough energy to sit up, you find a super soldier with a metal arm standing at the foot of your bed.

“Bucky, what’re you doing here?” When you look at the clock on your bedside and see that it’s close to two in the morning, you become more alert. “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah,” he replies while carding his hand through his unkempt hair.

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anonymous asked:

RSD is so insidious. I've been assuming for years that my family loves me but also just sort of tolerates me, so I spend time by myself so they won't have to deal with me. It took my dad specifically seeking me out and spending half an hour telling me all the things he likes about me and how he wishes I'd spend more time with him and Mom for me to realize that I ... I might be wrong? I didn't even question that they didn't like me, I just sort of took it as a given and moved on.

Rsd is SUCH a mindfuck, no joke. I’m so sorry you thought that for all these years. I’ve had a similar issue this year where I’ve been assuming my housemate/good friend loves me, but can’t deal with me this closely. And while we may be getting on each other’s nerves recently, I need to remember she still actively tries to hang out with me.

I can’t find the tweet, but as Gerard Way once said, “Your brain is lying to you.”

New Traditions

Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka me ;))
Summary: Set sometime in the future. Arizona loves to decorate her home for Easter. The house then looking even more Easter-basket-y than it normally does. But what happens when she comes up with something new for this holiday? How will this be perceived by her visitor?
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They were created by Shonda Rhimes and belong to her and the ABC network. No copyright infringement intended!All mistakes are mine.

Arizona found herself confronted with the task of wrestling a heavy piece of luggage from her car’s trunk by herself.

But not for too long since, “Hang on,” a brunette rushed over immediately and helped her with it. “There,” she announced, when they finally managed to get it out of the car and onto the ground.

“Thanks,” Arizona grinned, patting her helper’s arm affectionately. “Say, how much stuff did you actually pack?” she wondered, considering that monster of a suitcase they had just unloaded.

“Only enough to last a week,” the other woman replied, feeling only mildly accused by the blonde’s probable implication of having packed way too much for that time span. “And considering it’s April, you never know how the weather turns out. Best to be prepared for anything,” she justified with a shrug and went to produce the other, smaller suitcase from the depths of Arizona’s car. “Plus… Sofia insisted on bringing along little Easter presents for each and every single one of her friends”.

As on cue, the little girl in question came running towards them from Arizona’s Seattle home where she had already deposited her backpack in her room. “Mommy, Momma, can I go see Kara?” she asked expectantly, giving Arizona and Callie her most sugary, ‘Please, please, please’ look.

The mothers briefly checked with each other, one quick eye contact still enough for them to know what the other was thinking. “Yes, okay,” Arizona consented, “but listen to Kara’s mom, okay?” she stressed.

“And home by six,” Callie added, “We’re having a pizza party tonight”.

“Yes!” the girl rejoiced and lunged forward, hugging each of her mothers before running off to Arizona’s next door neighbors’ house.

The two moms waited until they saw the door of the house open and Kara’s mom Jenny stick her head out. She waved over to them in greeting and let Sofia enter right away.

“Soo… pizza dinner, huh?” Arizona queried, casually grabbed the handle of the lighter suitcase – even though it had not been the one nearest to her - and started to pull it along the walkway to the house.

Callie smirked at the antics, but readily took care of the heavier one. Part of her regretting having packed so much. The way the weather looked now - all bright and sunny - she probably wouldn’t even need a third of the clothes. And she already dreaded dragging all that back to New York. But she was almost certain Arizona would let her store some of her and Sofia’s stuff here. For the next time…

“Uh, yeah, pizza,” the brunette finally replied. “I figured, since it’s the first day of spring recess and all… a good start into a few days off”.

“Right,” Arizona agreed. “I just thought we could have something with a few more eggs in it?” she argued and Callie frowned a little in puzzlement.

Catching the look, the blonde elaborated, “I’m just looking for a reason to blow out some more eggs. To paint them and decorate things with them…?”

“Oh, I see,” Callie grinned. She knew Arizona was heavy into Easter-y things. Always had been. There was a reason she used to refer to the blonde’s style of home decoration as something along the lines of Easter basket-y. And during the holiday itself it used to be even more Easter-y. With little bunnies and eggs everywhere. She was almost certain this hadn’t really changed over the years. “Well, we can easily make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast,” Callie interjected, “that’d give you plenty of eggs. Or maybe omelets”.

“That’s also a valid option,” Arizona readily agreed, as they finally reached the house. “Okay, after you,” she motioned for Callie to step inside.

The brunette mentally prepared herself to set foot into Easter basket paradise. Ready for all the frillyness this holiday brought for Arizona. She didn’t really count on being surprised by anything she would see, but soon found herself mistaken.

Because barely into the foyer Callie stopped with a smirk slowly creeping into her features. “Um… what’s that supposed to be?” she coyly asked, pointing towards the construct hanging in the doorway to the living room area.

Arizona raised her eyebrows at the question, since from the looks of of it alone it was pretty clear. A couple of small willow branches, adorned with self-decorated eggs… “Well, obviously an Easter branch…,” she returned, giving Callie an amused look.

“I figured that,” the brunette nodded, the grin on Arizona’s face already confirming her suspicion that there was more to it. “But… why exactly is it dangling from the ceiling?”

“Oh, that…,”  Arizona pretended to only now realize what Callie was actually referring to. Okay, normally you’d put them in a vase ideally filled with water to help the buds grow into beautiful blossoms. But if there were ulterior motives in play, one might consider doing it a little differently. “I just thought it could be an incentive to get my extra special loved one an impulse to kiss me. You know, like a mistletoe…,” she glanced at her counterpart with hopeful eyes.

Callie laughed out loud and reached forward to grab Arizona by the belt loops of her jeans, bringing her to actually stand underneath the easterly mistletoe egg branch thing. “You do know I’m always willing to kiss you, right?” she cooed and immediately followed through with her annoucement, planting the sweetest of kisses on her blonde lover.

“Really?” Arizona replied in mock astonishment, “Oh, damn, now I already put those up eeeeverywhere in the house,” she said and went for a second treat.

“Well, then leave them,” Callie hummed into the peck. “And you know what?” she continued, looking into the eyes of the woman she never really fell out of love with and was so falling for all over.

“What?” the blonde smiled.

“Once we move back in together… we could, um…,” she played with the strings of Arizona sweater, “hang those up all year”.

“I thought you didn’t need an incentive to kiss me,” the other woman jokingly argued.

“Well, nope, but I still like the idea of it. And since I wanna kiss you all day anyway, those things would just be one more excuse to do so. It could be our very own new tradition”.

“I’d love that,” Arizona smiled. She could not wait to have her two girls live in Seattle again. For them to permanently live together as a family and as a couple again. They were just waiting out the end of the school year, and then Callie and Sofia would be back. Forever.

Robert basically sees Aaron as the epitome of perfection. He would be insulted at the idea that anyone might not think Aaron is the sexiest most exquisite example of a male specimen ever put on this earth who anyone would be lucky to touch but would never be worthy. Yet he’s never wondered what if Aaron moves on because there aren’t exactly a lot of options just hanging around. At least not in the village and Aaron rarely goes out so it’s never been something he ever had to consider. Add in his conversation with Emma about still holding out hope, which we all knew was Robert once again using his real feelings for his schemes and I’m seriously so fascinated just thinking about all the different ways Robert might react to this new ‘development’ with the good doctor.

Turned Down (Spencer Reid x reader)

Tags: @criminallyyoursdrreid @dontshootmespence

A/N: The murders were inspired from a book called Before He Kills by Blake Pierce!!

You watched Spencer scrolling through his phone, looking at the pictures Maria took of him, rolling your eyes slightly. “Jealous?” Morgan smirked. “No. The amount of pictures she takes of him just annoys me.“ You grumbled, hearing Garcia call you for a case. “Maria get any good shots of you, pretty boy?” Morgan teased, making Spencer blush and shake his head. “What’s the case, Garcia?” You interrupted. “Right. Uh, an unidentified female has been discovered in a corn field in Omaha, Nebraska. She had been tied to a wooden pole and whipped multiple times, all over her back.” Garcia explained. “Seems like an odd murder but why are we being called in?” You asked. “There was a similar case in 1987. Prostitute tied to a pole in the surrounding area, multiple whip marks.” Garcia said. “Which is why we need to get moving. Wheels up in 20.” Emily ordered. Once on the jet, Spencer sighed, turning off his phone and looking back at the files. “Spence why’d you turn off your phone?” JJ asked. “Maria. She kept sending me pictures and asked if I wanted to come to a shoot.” He said. “Any religious significance in the case?” “None that we can find on the bodies.” Garcia said through the computer. Spencer nodded, turning his attention back to the pictures of the bodies.

“Hey guys, Maria has an opening. You guys wanna come and hang out and have Maria take some pictures?” Spencer asked once the team landed in Nebraska. “Yeah sure, Reid. After this case.” Emily said, driving to the police station. “Sure why not.” You grumbled, looking out the window. “Maria’s totally into you, Reid.” Morgan chuckled. Spencer rolled his eyes, getting out of the SUV and walking into the station, Morgan smirking and following him. “Y/N are you okay?” Spencer asked you, approaching you in the room where you were comparing the two cases. “Yeah. I’m fine.” You mumbled.

The team wrapped up the case fairly quickly, within 3 days. On the jet back, you sat near the window, dreading the meeting with Maria, though you’d be with the whole team. “Hey, Y/N, do you want a ride to Maria’s studio?” Spencer asked you, running up to you. “Oh. Um, sure.” You whispered. “Great. My car’s this way.” He smiled. You nodded and followed him, looking at the members of the team for reassurance.

Arriving at Maria’s studio, you sighed, not ready for the hell you were about to experience. “Hi, Spence! You must be Y/N, come in! Is the rest of the team on their way?” Maria gushed, pulling Spencer and you into a hug. Spencer nodded, both of you taking off your shoes and coats, placing them next to the door. The three of you ate chips and made small talk, you barely speaking. Once the rest of the team showed up a few minutes later, greeting the over-excited Maria. “Hey, um, Spence, before we start, I was just wondering if you’d wanna go out sometime?” Maria asked loudly enough for people to hear but quiet enough that she wasn’t yelling. Spencer’s eyes widened before he replied. “Sorry, Maria. I actually like someone else.” He said, grabbing your waist and pressing his lips to yours, hearing the gasps of shock and cheers that came from the team. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling yourself closer to him before you pulled away. “Dinner and a movie?” Spencer whispered, his breath fanning onto your face. You looked to your right, giggling when you saw Maria’s shocked expression. “It’s a date.”

Request: Hi can you make a peter imagine where the reader and a lost boy are doing the do and peter hears and gets really jealous and shows you that your his sorry if its weird but yeah
Warnings: smutsmutsmutsmuSMUTSMUTSMUT

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