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The LOSERS on a roadtrip

-they rent a 7 seats car.

-they don’t let Richie drive because they don’t wanna die.

-they don’t let Eddie drive either because they want to “get somewhere this year”.

-Bill drives.

-Stan is copilot.

-Stan also picks the music most of the time and Richie complains because he “can’t sing that hipster bullshit, play Joy Division”.

-Bill hums the songs because he’s heard them a thousand times with Stan.

-Stan notices and smiles.

-“I need to pee”, “NOT AGAIN, EDS”.

-Mike brings snacks but he’s a vegan so nobody really likes his snacks.

-Beverly also brings snacks. She knows everyone’s favourites (including more vegan snacks for Mike).

-Ben falls asleep and wakes up 10 minutes later, all disorientated, saying “are we there yet?”, “you’ve been out 10 seconds”.

-Ben gets car sick.

-Eddie always carries medicines and the rest laughs at that but at some point Mike hurts his finger and they all have to apologise so Eddie gives him a band-aid.

-When they finally stop at the gas station, they all leave the car (Eddie runs to the toilet) and Richie takes the opotunity to steal Stan’s seat.

-Stan hits him in the back of the head and Richie goes back to sit next to Eddie (who caresses him where Stan hit him).

-Beverly owns a vape but they don’t let her use it in the car, “I’ll keep the window opened", “no”.

-Bill makes Stan change sits with Mike because he’s the only one who “can read the fucking map”.

-Richie makes fun of him.

-Stan hits him again.

-Ben and Beverly sit at the back of the car and even tho the seats are far apart, they manage to hold hands most of the time.


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Hi yes hello, could I get an RFA + V + Saeran where MC is sick and they've had no appetite, so they haven't eaten anything all day? I'm glad you guys are back btw!

We hope you like this! We really love doing “what if” asks so this was a lot of fun to do. Admin MP did Jaehee, 707, Yoosung and I did Zen, Jumin, and V!

Admin Rina ;3c


  • While Zen was on set he got a call from MC saying they couldn’t get out of bed
  • Zen could hear it in there voice, MC was as sick as a dog
  • Zen was 100% ready to leave the set and go take care of MC, but MC was very instant that he didn’t need to come over
  • They just couldn’t get up to get anything to eat or drink
  • Zen told MC that he would call them back in a couple of minutes
  • As soon as they go off the phone Zen called Yoosung, the only person he knew would be free at this time of day
  • After telling Yoosung to head over there Zen ordered MC soup and some other food from their favorite diner down the road from their apartment
  • He starts with texting MC and Yoosung non stop, like he is texting them so much that the director of the show/movie just tells him to go back home if he is just not going to pay attention.
  • Zen ends up back home where Yoosung is on the phone with his mom asking her what in the world he should give them to make them feel better
  • Zen feels kind of bad making the kid come all the way there without really telling them what to do
  • But he knows that MC was in good hands for the 3 or 4 hours that Zen was gone.


  • Yoosung had class all day and MC was sick but they insisted he go
  • So the whole day he was texting them, worried
  • They slept for a solid four hours (and he quietly freaked out but they were okay)
  • By the time he got home, they were awake and sniffling on the couch
  • He gave them a smooch on the forehead, grimacing at how hot it was
  • As he put his school things away, he asked them about their day, moming them pretty hard
  • When they revealed that they hadn’t eaten anything all day because of how tired they were, he essentially freaked out
  • He started fussing over them, insisting that they needed to eat something and called his mom
  • Thankfully, he had a can of chicken noodle soup hidden in the back of his cabinets
  • As MC dozed on the couch, Yoosung made them the soup and some tea, frowning in concentration
  • (It’s not that hard, Yoosung, it’s just soup)
  • He brought it all over to MC on the couch on a laptop tray (it’s all he had, okay)
  • Then, he made sure MC took their medicine and began feeding them the soup, blowing on it to make sure it wasn’t too hot
  • MC leaned against his shoulder, grateful for the food and the warmth Yoosung was providing
  • After they ate, they sipped their tea, already feeling loads better, especially since they were tucked up against their cute boyfriend
  • Eventually, they fell asleep, resting in Yoosung’s arms, content and happy
  • (Yoosung got sick the next day and they were both miserable)


  • If you thought Yoosung was a mom
  • Wait until you meet Jaehee Kang
  • Before she left for work in the morning, she would have made MC soup and put it in the fridge, leaving them a note telling them where everything was and laying out their medicine and everything
  • She left, giving a sleeping MC a smooch on the forehead and making sure that she sent MC a detailed text about the soup and medicine and everything
  • MC doesn’t respond until a few hours later, saying that their medicine wore off but they’re just too tired to get up and get it
  • So, of course, on Jaehee’s break, she rushes home, helping MC get the medicine (but forgets to get the food because she’s rushing)
  • A few hours later, when she goes home, MC is still in the same place Jaehee left them, cuddled up in bed, attempting to read on their tablet (although they keep sneezing)
  • Jaehee perches on the edge of the bed, quietly asking MC how they feel
  • (She doesn’t want to get sick even though she loves MC; she has a coffee shop to run)
  • While she’s getting MC some more medicine, she asks them if they liked the soup
  • They sheepishly admit that they hadn’t eaten it because they were too sick to get out of bed
  • Jaehee goes into Mom Mode, rushing around to get them new blankets, a wet cloth for their forehead, nasal spray, cough drops, the works
  • Then she goes into the kitchen to heat up the homemade soup, worried about MC (she almost leaves the soup to check on them but knows it’s not good to leave the stove unattended)
  • As soon as the soup is ready, Jaehee brings it and some bread into the bedroom
  • Usually, they don’t eat in bed, but this is an exception
  • Because Jaehee doesn’t want to get sick, she doesn’t cuddle MC and takes some Airborne
  • But MC looks so sad that Jaehee can’t help it and she scoots closer, running her fingers through MC’s hair


  • When Jumin finds out that MC has not eaten all day because of being sick he is at work
  • Too be exact he was in a meeting with a new investor to the company
  • It was just a small text from MC saying “Hey I’m just letting you know that I’m really sick right now, I’m going to sleep in the other room tonight so I don’t get you sick”
  • Well needless to say he completely forgets about the investors and calls a doctor’s
  • And by doctor it isn’t just like one, he calls like a whole medical team to go check on MC
  • He can’t afford to get sick, but he will make sure that MC has everything that they need
  • When the doctors tell Jumin that MC had not eaten it takes a lot out of him not to get mad at them
  • He knows that they can’t help but not eat but he still wishes that they would have told him sooner that they weren’t feeling well
  • Jumin ends up leaving work early to go make sure the MC was starting to feel better
  • He gets a medical mask on the way home.
  • At home he doesn’t really know what to do, he has never really been sick before so he just kind of lets the doctors take care of MC


  • Seven would be pretty busy with work, though he knew MC was sick
  • The good thing about working from home was that he could check on them constantly
  • Everytime he checked on them, though, they were just sleeping
  • He vowed to keep an eye on them, though, and make sure they were good
  • Although he had a tendency to get enveloped in his work and spend hours on his computer
  • …..which was what he did that day on accident
  • By the time he checked on MC again, it was pretty late in the day and they were awake, tapping on their phone, coughing
  • Seven felt pretty bad about not checking on them so he checked how hot they were and got them an extra blanket, also fetching them some water
  • He isn’t very good at taking care of himself when he’s sick so he’s also not great at it with MC
  • But he is determined to Try His Best
  • As he’s giving them a bendy straw to put in their water, he realizes that neither of them have eaten all day
  • Since he has almost nothing for sick people to eat, he goes to a nearby convenience store, grabbing a bunch of bullshit
  • (He has no idea what sick people eat wtf!!!!)
  • When he comes back, he gives them chips and tokoyami, and although MC knows it’s not what’s good for them, they eat it (because who can resist tokoyami honestly)
  • The two cuddle together eating tokoyami and watching anime


  • MC wouldn’t have a chance to not eat
  • This is because at the first sign of MC getting sick V goes into Mom Mode and starts taking care of her
  • He makes them homemade soup and would drive to the closest store to make sure that they got the meds that they need
  • He always asks Jumin to call a doctor for MC, not really to keep an eye on them, just to make sure that their sickness isn’t going to turn into anything worse
  • When he sees that MC isn’t really eating that much he always has crackers handy to make sure they can at less eat something
  • Honestly he takes such good care of MC that he would end up getting sick himself, sadly MC is still sick at the time that he is sick now.
  • They end up having to call Jumim to send the doctor over to take care of the two of them
  • While it isn’t the ideal ‘date’ for the two of them, but at less the two of them are together


  • MC didn’t even tell him they were sick because they didn’t want to worry him
  • But he figures it out when he comes to visit and knows that he totally wants to help
  • Of course he has no fucking idea what he’s doing
  • (He tries to call Seven but then remembers Seven has no fucking idea what he’s doing and hangs up)
  • So, instead, he just puts MC to bed and helps around the place, cleaning up a bit because it got dirty while they were sick
  • He opens windows, wipes down countertops, throws away tissues, the works
  • All in the hopes that MC feels better
  • Whenever they need tissues or cough drops, he gets some for them
  • He also really wants to show some affection but is still a little awkward about it
  • Since he arrived later in the day, he asks what they want for dinner but they admit they haven’t eaten yet
  • At a loss, he orders take-out, not wanting to cook and dirty the clean kitchen
  • He manages to help MC to the kitchen and they sit together, eating their take-out and talking about everything and nothing
  • If they started coughing while eating, Saeran moves their food to the side and rubs their back gently
  • Afterwards, he cleans up all the food and goes back to their bedroom with them
  • They insist on cuddles, while sniffling, and he can’t say no to that so the two cuddle together until they fall asleep
  • (Somehow Saeran doesn’t get sick and MC is salty)


  • Apparently 127 is having a comeback in late October/Early November. I love them but I honestly hope that’s not true.Markhyuck really needs to rest. They’ve been working pretty much nonstop since their debut and its really not good for them,especially mark who has done tons of side/solo projects outside of NCT promos.As much as want to see them on stage and preforming, their health comes first. They’re only 17&18,just starting out their careers and have already accomplished so much.We all know how much they probably love being idols but they need to know its okay to stop and take a break sometimes…SM please give them some time off. Anyways,sorry for being so emotional rn,its after 1am and I get soft when I’m tired 😕


who would have thunk it, eh, moose — you and me, same team, in the trenches.  when this is over, we can get matching tattoos.  just to be clear, crowley, we are not on the same anything.  by the way, since the place is warded, your powers are useless, which means you are useless, even more so than usual.   you’re gonna need another set of hands when you get in there, unless you have other volunteers in mind.   thanks.  pass.   if memory serves me, i’m the one who helped your brother find cain so that we could find the blade, so that dean could receive the mark. i’m the one who flushed that lout gadreel out of your noggin.  so, lately, big boy, i’ve seen more playing time than you.   crowley, will you please shut the hell up?

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god bless your ffxv race comments, seriously

You’re welcome.

I honestly don’t get it why there was that need to racially label the FF characters. They look white but they may not necessarily BE white, is this need coming from unconscious racism or white supremacy because that is wrong on ALL levels and if it is those people need help badly. 

Also before I get any hate we’re referring to (this post)

Whenever I hear this song I think about my mom and how she used to sing this to me when I was little and it makes me see it in a different perspective…

“I’ve been afraid of changing,
cuz i’ve built my life around you,
time makes you older,
children get older,
I’m getting older too”

Is almost reminding me of her letting me go to out on my own as an adult and us both having to adjust not being around each other and confessing that she isn’t timeless like we perceive our parents to be.. and as they watch us grow, they’re growing too and to not forget about their needs as the become seniors…

It makes me so sad. 


OKAY so i’m seeing LITERALLY everywhere this gif of lydia racing to hug jackson. And fans are pissed about it. 

Lets just stop for a second to remember Lydia has had this feeling for days. “where’s jackson?” and all that jazz. In the promo we see Scott telling Stiles and Lydia to look for Jackson in the armory. They’re literally looking FOR JACKSON. 

I get the anger from the fans, saying this action set Lydia’s character development back 4 seasons. But does it really?

Parallels are beautiful things in showmaking, and beloved by a lot of fans. There needed to be some redemption to Jacksons character. He returns with a BOYFRIEND. From what we see of Jackson he still kind of seems like a tool, but would it really feel right to close the show without giving them one last moment. Lydia once did love Jackson, don’t forget that. It was Lydia bringing the key to Jackson that snapped him out of his kanima state season 2. 

Give them a break. Jeff wouldn’t drag us stydia shippers through the mud like that without having a good reason. Lydia LOVES Stiles. They’re literally dating. Emotional tether, bantering married lovebirds. Let Jackson have his moment of redemption before he and Lydia return to the arms of their own boyfriends. 

rant over

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James and Peter need to be put in time out. And given lessons on how not to act. Because I'm about done with both of them. (PS sybill and git are not allowed to be the teachers. In fact, they're in time out too.) Maybe we can get Voldemort to teach them how to interact with others.

((OOC: I love how everyone just calls Lockhart ‘git’ now haha))

James: We don’t need a time out.

Peter: Yeah, we’re not children.

James: *Looks at Peter*

Peter: *Looks at James*

James: Acually you’re a child.

Peter: Yeah, I was going to say you’re a bit of an infant…

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You say that Fo/x would get more money if D comes out during ACS so they would allow it. But you said in the past that Fo/x missed a big opportunity by not using C/D together to promote the sh*t out of Kl/aine. What changed? ACS doesn't need D's coming out to get audience, the show is very popular with big names, while Gle/ee did need audience desperately. If money were more important than Darrenstraight we'd have tons of CC interviews now, but Fo/x didn't allow it, keeping them appart. Why now?

Anon, the goal is to increase viewership. No matter how big your audience, it can always grow. The entertainment industry is highly competitive especially with all of these streaming services publishing new content and seemingly hundreds of cable channels.  every show runner wants their show to have that extra thing to attract the bigger audience and the most critical praise.  And a good story shines a spotlight on the product you are selling.

As I said yesterday a lot changes in 7 years. Fox made a gamble. They chose straight D over CC.  Did they win?  I would guess in the beginning, yes absolutely no question. Straight Darren had tons of young girls watching and buying his songs.  That was profitable. Even his sold out tour was profitable to Fox as his music career, at the time, was tied to his contract with Fox.  

However, as a long term strategy, they lost.  I personally think capitalizing on CC and making the Klaine story lines stronger as opposed to trying to rip them apart as part of RM’s personal vendetta would have increased ratings and maybe even extended the life of the show a year or two.  Interviews with these two would have drummed interest in the show as their chemistry is undeniable.

I think the difference is (a) they realize their mistake (b) they realize D is an extraordinary talent and © as a smart anon pointed out, D way have been able to sell himself in a manner where being out may be advantageous. If he was able to distinguish himself from his colleagues that would be beneficial.  Perhaps he has set the direction of his career to continue to play these sort of roles?  Hard to know without being  a fly on the wall during the negotiations.

Again, I am optimistic. I would love for others to join me. However, I am NOT privy to any private conversation, and I have repeatedly stated it is my opinion and we are all entitled to one.  I think at this point, unless some new fact emerges, I really don’t have much more to say.   

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Poland is a fucking hellhole. Someone on PL Wattpad made a list of 'most idiotic laws' and one of them is 'homosexuality is punishable by death in Singapore'. I looked up the comments. I expected something like 'oh no! i hope the law is repealed quick' or 'but can bisexual people live here?'... but, as I mentioned, it's a hellhole. 90% of comments were 'my heart goes out to fujoishis!/oh worm, all the poor yaoi fangirls!' please delete poland k thx. also I got really upset and need to scream

oh fuck that’s really horrible, and the comments make it even shittier 

we’re being murdered and all they feel bad about is the fact that their fetish objects are gonna be taken away, god they’re such shit people.

i dont know much about poland but god shit like this really gets me, i really am lucky to live somewhere where at least i wouldnt be put to capital punishment. i really hope the law is at least repelled due to being unethical cruel and unusual punishment. 

Nobody Asked for This

Voice: Welcome to Big Bang Burger! Can I take your order, please?

Ruki: “Oi. What do you guys want? With her not feeling well today, we need to get something else to eat tonight…That. And thanks to a little incident that happened…Yuma…we’re out of ingredients for dinner. So, what do you guys want?”

Yuma: “Oi give me a number 9 with extra temetoes, teme.”

Kou: “Give me a number 9 too, just like his, please…Calorie Diet Dayo”

Ruki: “I’m getting a number 6. Hold the dip.”

Ruki: “Azusa. What do you want?”

Azusa: *Thinking* …Eve…hasn’t been eating well recently…Maybe she needs something more…?

Azusa: “Ruki…I’ll have…2 Number 9s…a number 9 large…a number 6 with extra dip….a number 7…two number 45s…one with cheese….and a large soda…and some Chicken Nuggets…with a toy…”

Yuma: …Teme…

Voice: Will that be for pick-up or delivery?

Ruki: “We’re in the drive-thru. What do you think?”

Voice: I think you’re stinky.

Ruki: "W-What did you say??” 


 Me: And that’s story of why Big Bang Burger doesn’t exist anymore. The End.

Thanks for the 150 Followers. You guys are amazing, and it makes me happy to know you all are enjoying this. Get hyped for what we have for 200!

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Luke: What do you mean? What’s happened.

Grace: Well you see at the park that day James said tha-

But as Grace was about to pour her heart out about all the horrible things James had said, she notice a little hand, tugging at her Father’s jeans. She wasn’t prepared to talk about this in front of the girls, even if they probably don’t understand what they are talking about.

Grace: Oh hey Daisy what’s wrong?

Daisy: Gwanpa Gwanpa!!

Luke: You wait here, I’ll get her settled. We are not done with the conversation, I need to know what’s happened here my sweetheart. — Hey! It’s Daisy! Come on sweetie let’s go see Grandma!

Luke carried Daisy back inside. Grace could feel her stomach doing somersaults, was she really going to tell her Father the things James said. What will be do?


If I cant get Queen Jan Im never speaking to Avengers Academy ever again.

This game could just be these two and I’d be happy.

I cant believe how disloyal the AIM guys are… at like every turn one of them is like ‘should we just rob the place and bounce?‘ LMAO

No wonder yall are a disaster.

Samala is a thing and its adorable…

Good taste Kamala.


Tony STAY OUT OF BASEMENTS. THAT AINT GOOD. Absolutely tell Fury Nat because Tony doesnt need to be encouraged to go into peoples basements.


…Dont look at me Tasha youre the one who invited him to help you in your little spooky spy games while hes dressed like a damn king.

I just made myself mad by doing research all morning about how much iron infants (both fullterm and preemie) should be getting each day, how much comes from formula/vitamins/breast milk, etc…..and by everything I found, even going from the lowest end of the spectrum to the highest end, Rylee is getting more iron per day than is even recommended for a year old infant between the combo of the formula and daily vitamin (not even including the iron in my milk). And what makes me mad is that we brought this up as a possible reason behind her digestive issues with the ped, and we were shot down… “no no that couldn’t be it….probably just her system needing to mature….let’s just keep trying the formula and ride it out….”

like I get that I’m not a doc and all, but I don’t see how her getting like 1.5-2x the amount of iron a ONE YEAR OLD should be getting per day wouldn’t affect her tiny digestive system????

And I also get that she’s a preemie and thus needs some help building her iron stores up since she didn’t get a chance to during the 3rd trimester buuuuuuut this shit didn’t start happening until they put her on the poly vi sol with iron at 3 weeks old, and it’s been hell for the past 6 weeks. And then we started adding the higher iron formula they wanted, which made things even worse.

Idk. I’m upset that they didn’t seem to take us seriously when we brought these concerns up. Part of me is ready to make the switch to a formula lower in iron content and then discuss switching her to the regular poly vi sol without iron (even if we like rotated them so she still got the iron one every so often or something). I just want her to feel better….

Saeran’s route

Y'all let’s imagine for a second that we actually get his route? Like, first of all it’d be really awesome, ok? Ok. Now I like to think that it’d be based on the same another story timeline (bc poor cheritz staff I don’t want them overworking themselves, please take care of yourselves, we love you guys) bc I mean, it’s actually the perfect chance? Like you get to talk to him almost everyday, V makes you realize what’s happening but then MC’s like, “wait… Let’s get him out of here??? He needs help!” And we manage to help him leave mint eye and get treatment and return to his brother and make him feel loved and making him feel that he’s good enough, he’s worthy and he’s awesome!?

Like, yes please.

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ikr let's be real even if they were really dating they wouldn't come out, especially not now. i mean i think they could be dating but we don't know so people need to stop obsessing over them coming out when it's not going to happen lol just enjoy what we get, even if they're only friends they still love and care for each other so much so it's nice as it is.

yeah that’s how i view it as well. like, if they do come out, that’s amazing, and i’d be super proud of them. but they don’t have to and they most likely wont. it’s just like, let’s just ship them and appreciate their cute moments and press these fantasies onto every situation. we odn’t want to become like la**ies or anything. 

final fantasy xv sentence starters ( part five.)

  • “ maybe they were right about your lack of dignity.”
  • “ you sure we’re in the right spot?”
  • “ oh, we made it out alive!”
  • “ i seriously thought we were at journey’s end.”
  • “ sorry for giving you such a hard time.”
  • “ i just had to get my hands on this, even if it meant blackmail.”
  • “ you understand, don’t you?”
  • “ we’re supposed to go near that thing?!”
  • “ pipe down before you wake it up.”
  • “ told you, i’m a wo/man of integrity.”
  • “ what’s that look for?”
  • “ this your idea of a joke?”
  • “ i need you to calm down so i can explain.”
  • “ i’m as calm as i’m gonna get!”
  • “ we had no way of knowing.”
  • “ then we can’t be sure until we see it with our own eyes.”
  • “ lotta good hoping’s gonna do.”
  • “ you mustn’t lose faith.”
  • “ ___ lied. they betrayed us.”
  • “ conjecture gets us nowhere.”
  • “ we’re searching for truth.”
  • “ all you’ll find are lies.”
  • “ let’s make a detour.”
  • “ hey, get back here!”
  • “ where are you going? c’mon!”
  • “ don’t bother.”
  • “ the hell’s going on?”
  • “ makes sense? are you serious? what about any of this makes sense?!”
  • “ the news just told me i’m dead.”
  • “ if you’re looking for the whole truth, you know where to find me.”
  • “ something this big can’t go ignored.”
  • “ and what about us? what do we do?”
  • “ no going back - only way’s forward.”
  • “ so all talk of peace was merely a pretext.”
  • “ in the end, though… well, it just wasn’t enough.”
  • “ i don’t know. your guess is as good as mine.”
  • “ this is far from over.”
  • “ the daemons’ll be coming out any minute!”
  • “ as long as we keep moving, we’ll be fine.”
  • “ but how can you be sure?”
  • “ what- the monsters got you scared?”
  • “ nah. monsters don’t scare me. i ride with one every day.”
  • “ you wanna run that by me again?”
  • “ i’m glad you’re safe.”
  • “ i owe you big time.”
  • “ well, fortune favors the bold.”
  • “ the wise make their own luck.”
  • “ you just gonna rush in like that?”
  • “ got any better ideas?”
  • “ surprise ‘em from behind.”
  • “ should be easy for you.”
  • “ wanna tell me what i’m here for?”
  • “ i’ll go with you, for the time being.”
  • “ don’t get used to it. i’ll be gone before you know it.”
  • “ i’ll enjoy it while i can.”

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lmao people fucking wild like ADC is straight??? Who cares?Straight people are cool too. People act like 'straight' is an insult and like I get that you want her to be relatable or whatever but like why is it such a big deal? If she's straight, cool. Gay? cool. Bi? also cool.... Yall out here wildin sexuality don't mean shit bro people are people are people who cares who they sleep with? it literally impacts zero percent of anything smh

Hey sweetie take a breath and hop off your ADC defense squad wagon okay everyone here is her fan, we’re just commenting on how it’s kind of easy to tell based off her mannerisms. We might be right or wrong, but chill dude it’s a convo. You don’t need to bring in the “all sexualities matter” cavalry lol we get it, straight “isn’t an insult”