we need to be bff's

things to appreciate in the new yoi official art

1) first of all, EVERYTHING

2) THE BUTTS kubo delivers once again

3) YUURI AND PHICHIT BEING BFFS i breathe this we need more of their friendship tbh

4) CHRIS being pure and INNUENDO-LESS for once

5) Michele and emil’s arm-in-arm thing

6) Seung Gil being a Distant And Dramatic Gay

7) Otabek trying NOT to look at the booty


9) AND of course Victor’s beautiful face

ID #69843

Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Country: Canada

Hello! I live in Newfoundland, Canada. The stereotypes are true. We talk funny, are short and stout like Tolkien dwarves, and we drink a lot of alcohol.

I love crafting and anything DIY, but my heart specifically belongs to knitting.
I work two jobs, one with knitwear and one as a seamstress.

I love cats. I live with three, two are mine and one is my brother’s.

I unabashedly love everything. I have few guilty pleasures because I mostly consider them to be just pleasures. Life is too short to waste time being embarrassed for liking Monster High as much as I like Lie to Me.

I watch a lot of cartoons and dramas. I’d read more if I could read and knit simultaneously, or if I could pay attention to an audio book for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I’m one of those liberal, hippie-dippy millennials.

Preferences: 15-30 years old, I don’t care what your gender is.

Any part of the world so long as you’re willing to pay the shipping to send me a small box of weird candy here and there, I’ll of course do the same.

Politically liberal, LGBTQ+ friendly; TERFs especially need not apply.

If you knit, we can be BFFs.

Here's to the girls

Here’s to the girls who are perfectly comfortable with being single 💖💖

Repost 💕✌️

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Friends on tumblr and people you'd like to know better

Oh lordy okay *cracks knuckles*

The people I talk to:

@babyshawwn is my fab ass sister who I would fucking die/kill for. She is precious and deserves nothing but happiness in her life. Oh and obviously you know that her writing is #angelic But yeah, mess with her and I’ll literally slice your knee caps off with a butter knife.

@dreamingwithmendes she is my sweet precious little bean who I wish I could squeeze to death 💓 her and her dogs are precious and I live to get her snaps everyday. So glad that I’ve gotten close to her.

@foreverlostinyourlight I LOVE P Y'ALL 💓I met her through a twitter group chat and I couldn’t be more thankful for that! I love this girl so much and her writing is B O M B.

@latteshawn K IS SUCH A GEM Y'ALL. She is so beautiful and I love this chick. Her color palettes y'all 😍😍😍

@saysweartogod I literally love this chick. I live for her commentary and witty jokes/comments. get so giddy af when I see her on my timeline and I may fangirl a little because she’s awesome. Like I swear to god y'all. ~ hehe you’re welcome em

@illumegeoff Y'ALL I LOVE HER WRITING. I LOVE HER. I LOVE HER PHOTOSHOP. I LOVE HER JOKES. She is precious and everyone needs her on their blog. It’s just a must. Not a suggestion.

People I’d like to get to know more: (fangirl overload here we go)

@ihaveabadreputation ~ she’s precious I need to be her bff. It’s my soul purpose in life

  • Tali: We need to talk.
  • Garrus: Erm, ominous. But okay?
  • Tali: We need to settle this once and for all.
  • Garrus: Is this about Liara and Javik, because I am totally pro that.
  • Tali: No! What? You think...?
  • Garrus: Hell yes! All that yelling? Totally hiding something there.
  • Tali: Because you're an expert?
  • Garrus: Hey, I know my way around...
  • Tali: The Thanix cannon? Yes. Women? I was there when you asked Shepard if she wanted to 'calibrate' your gun. I've never seen her run so fast. Wait, we've gone of topic here, this wasn't about the Prothean or your flirting prowess.
  • Garrus: It's a Turian thing alright! And shame about the other two, they would be adorable together.
  • Tali: Keehal, drop it. This is serious.
  • Garrus: Fine, what is it?
  • Tali: Who is Shepard's best friend, you or me?
  • Garrus: What kind of question is that, me obviously!
  • Tali: How is that an obviously?
  • Garrus: She tells me everything! I've seen her naked!
  • Tali: Pffft. Amateur, I know things you wouldn't even dream of!
  • Garrus: Like what?!
  • Tali: Like details. Juicy details...
  • Garrus: Spirits, she told you about the thing didn't she?
  • Tali: That would be telling!
  • Garrus: Look, it was one time, I was experimenting... I am not proud of it...
  • Shepard: *walks in* What's happening?
  • Garrus: I cannot believe you've told her about the nest, it was all for you. I thought I could trust you!
  • Shepard: I actually didn't...
  • Tali: Wow. Yeah, no she told me that Kaidan once owned an animal print rifle because apparently it brought out the beast in him... You built Shepard a nest?! Out of what precisely and why?
  • Shepard: My room mostly. Pillows, clothes, my hamster... That's also why the Destiny Ascension model is missing a wing.
  • Tali: You told me you dropped it.
  • Shepard: Correction, I said it was dropped. I did not specify by whom, or that it was from the top of the cupboard where Garrus was perching.
  • Garrus: *swear in turian*

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I think you are doing a great job even as you navigate through this. Clearly there are people who need the release and this is a safe place for everyone to get through this together. I hope you will continue to run this blog and be witness to the awesomeness that is gillovny, regardless of what's going on with G. We still need you! ☺ -- bff to friend anon

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Title: Scoundrel (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: Bucky Barnes got under you skin, but that was really an understatement. You loathed the way he made you feel; giddy and flustered. He loved to pester you, and you loved to pester him.

Word Count: 1736

Warnings: slight cursing/angst?

A/N: Bucky x Reader inspired by Han x Leia? Yes pls.  Writing this def helped me get through this hell week. ALSO UH WE HIT 3,000 FOLLOWERS/BFFS? WHAT? We need to celebrate, but I don’t know how! OMG THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Enjoy this, I hope it starts you week/day off great!

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Someone has to draw Temari bonding with the Konoha peeps,

1. Temari x Sasuke

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to destroy the hidden Leaf Village”

2. Temari x Tsunade 

Hating on the fact they’re called princess cause they’re descendants of a hokage while they go challenge each other to a drinking contest.

3. Temari x Konoha Girls (Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten)

a) Temari x Sakura: Raise your hand if you’re sick of moody boys. (Gaara/Sasuke)

b) Temari x Ino: Temari likes to arrange the flowers in Yamanaka Flowers for fun. They also talk about Shikamaru being a lazy ass.

c) Temari x Hinata: Instant bffs. Later on, they become super mom/waifu bffs because their husbands work together as hokage and advisor

d) Temari x Tenten: Rematch? ANYTIME YOU SAND HARPY- also, tell me what polish do you use on your fan?

4. Temari x Kakashi:

Temari walks in.

Kakashi looks at Temari, “So… Shikamaru…” *raises brows*. 

Temari, “Please stop that.” Sigh, everytime.

5. Temari x Shino &Kiba

Temari is surprisingly great with dogs and knows a lot about desert bugs. 

Shino and Kiba sidebar: “We need to make her Hinata’s bff.”

6. Temari x Lee

Temari: “Stop calling my ponytails youthful!”

7. Temari x Chouji

They have an eating competition. Temari doesn’t win, but she makes Chouji cry because she is the “most worthy opponent” he has ever faced and then gives her his “blessing to wed Shikamaru”

Shikamaru: “Nobody asked for your blessing”

8. Temari x Naruto

Naruto: Ah- who are you again?

Temari: I’m the one who schedules your playdates with Gaara.

Possessive - Jimin

Word Count: 1060

Genre: Fluff/Implied Smut

A/N: GUYS I FINALLY FINISHED IT! Aren’t you proud of me? Anyway really sorry to the anon that asked for this. Sorry it took so long): But anyway, in the fic you and Tae are best friends and Jimin (your boyfriend) gets jealous. Hope you enjoy(:

“Guess whooo,” Taehyung singsongs as he waltzes into your and Jimin’s apartment for the umpteenth time this week. When no one comes running to greet him, he adds “I come bearing gifts!” At the sound of the word gift, you jump up from your position on the couch and run into your best friend’s open arms.

“What didja get me?” you ask excitedly, and his face contorts into a pout.

“Yah! Do you only care about what I brought you?” he asks, attempting to keep a frown on his face before it betrays him to break into his typical rectangular smile.

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Tom x POC Actress: Zendaya and Tom’s Photo shoot

The reader is with Tom on his photo hoot with Zendaya. 

***I honestly didn’t plan on making it these long, lol!

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff, sexual innuendos, JEALOUSY, and other stuff


You walked into the studio with Tom hand in hand. Harrison walked behind the both of you, on his phone making sure everything was on schedule. You all were greeted warmly by the staff and they led you guys into Tom’s room.

You walked over to the clothes rack, “Plaid, I like!” You said turning to look back a Tom.

He was sleepy and really didn’t want to be here. He was such a big baby. You walked over to him and grabbed his hand to sit him in the make up chair.

“Do you need coffee babe?” You asked. “No, I just want to lay in bed with you. I’m bloody tired!”

You rolled your eyes and walked out of the room to go get him a cup of coffee. While turning the corner to the kitchen you bumped into a tall figure.

“Dammit Y/N!” You heard Zendaya say.

You laughed and apologized, “Sorry girl!”

“No prob hon. I was actually on my way to the kitchen too.”

You guys linked arms and walked to the marble counter, “Tom is being such a baby! He has the opportunity to do this amazing shoot and is worried about laying in bed.”

Zen snickered and poured coffee into two cups, “Men.”

“So are you excited?” You said pouring 2 creams and 2 sugars in the cup, just how Tom always liked it.

“Super. Have you seen the set?”

You shook your head and followed her out of the kitchen, with the hot coffee in hand.

She led you to the stage that was meant to be for her and Tom. “Wow, I love it.”
“Well, let me get this to Spider-man. See ya soon boo!”

“Bye love!” You walked you separate ways.

“Here.” You said plainly, shoving the hot beverage in his hand. He groaned and sipped. “Zendaya is here. It’s great to see someone is excited about this.”

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