we need to be bff's

Okay but seriously

Don’t tell me

you don’t see

shipping potential




JJ he passed because your girlfriend will be with you two


(Otabek isn’t angry or something  at JJ here. They’re a few paces away and he isn’t looking at JJ at all. He’s just tired. But this scene had been set up nicely as foreshadowing to JJ’s self-destruction on the ice. His smile looks a bit… tight, don’t you think? And the camera panning between the two of them…)

(Of all the skaters he would suddenly remember, it had to be Otabek. Sure, it’s because the guy had performed immediately before him, but he could’ve had flashbacks of the others, too–if he had watched them. This was the follow-up to the foreshadowing, but this also signified that he considers Otabek a friendly rival who’s skilled enough to suddenly unsettle him in the midst of his routine. This alone creates nice drama to their storyline as rival skaters, coupled with their personal story arcs–that JJ and Otabek can actually feel pressured and shadowed by each other.)

((But seriously, look at the scene he had a flashback on. Of all the scenes of  Otabek skating, it had to be one where he looked fucking hot.))

TL; DR: I present to you: Undercut Boyfriends (nickname courtesy of @sacheland)

Okay so, it’s Sunday and i’m out of good paper to draw anything new and everything is closed on Sunday so I can’t get more. I still have not-so-good paper that I can use for linearts but that’s pretty much it, sooo

How about we do an ask game thing or an anon hour later tonight? Some of you have been asking for one and it’s been a loooong time, and I miss talking w/ you all. I can still answer with little doodles, I just can’t paint them. I’ll let ya know!

Here's to the girls

Here’s to the girls who are perfectly comfortable with being single 💖💖

Repost 💕✌️

I feel like part of the reason that the robron scene felt a little meh besides the repetitiveness of it, is the fact that they weren’t even looking at each other. We need the barely restrained heart eyes. Haha. On a BFF level of course.

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But can we talk about the Cheetah Girls cause that was also my shit

Who are you? we need to be bffs cos omf the cheetah girls were & still are my favourite girl band

Someone has to draw Temari bonding with the Konoha peeps,

1. Temari x Sasuke

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to destroy the hidden Leaf Village”

2. Temari x Tsunade 

Hating on the fact they’re called princess cause they’re descendants of a hokage while they go challenge each other to a drinking contest.

3. Temari x Konoha Girls (Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten)

a) Temari x Sakura: Raise your hand if you’re sick of moody boys. (Gaara/Sasuke)

b) Temari x Ino: Temari likes to arrange the flowers in Yamanaka Flowers for fun. They also talk about Shikamaru being a lazy ass.

c) Temari x Hinata: Instant bffs. Later on, they become super mom/waifu bffs because their husbands work together as hokage and advisor

d) Temari x Tenten: Rematch? ANYTIME YOU SAND HARPY- also, tell me what polish do you use on your fan?

4. Temari x Kakashi:

Temari walks in.

Kakashi looks at Temari, “So… Shikamaru…” *raises brows*. 

Temari, “Please stop that.” Sigh, everytime.

5. Temari x Shino &Kiba

Temari is surprisingly great with dogs and knows a lot about desert bugs. 

Shino and Kiba sidebar: “We need to make her Hinata’s bff.”

6. Temari x Lee

Temari: “Stop calling my ponytails youthful!”

7. Temari x Chouji

They have an eating competition. Temari doesn’t win, but she makes Chouji cry because she is the “most worthy opponent” he has ever faced and then gives her his “blessing to wed Shikamaru”

Shikamaru: “Nobody asked for your blessing”

8. Temari x Naruto

Naruto: Ah- who are you again?

Temari: I’m the one who schedules your playdates with Gaara.

  • Tali: We need to talk.
  • Garrus: Erm, ominous. But okay?
  • Tali: We need to settle this once and for all.
  • Garrus: Is this about Liara and Javik, because I am totally pro that.
  • Tali: No! What? You think...?
  • Garrus: Hell yes! All that yelling? Totally hiding something there.
  • Tali: Because you're an expert?
  • Garrus: Hey, I know my way around...
  • Tali: The Thanix cannon? Yes. Women? I was there when you asked Shepard if she wanted to 'calibrate' your gun. I've never seen her run so fast. Wait, we've gone of topic here, this wasn't about the Prothean or your flirting prowess.
  • Garrus: It's a Turian thing alright! And shame about the other two, they would be adorable together.
  • Tali: Keehal, drop it. This is serious.
  • Garrus: Fine, what is it?
  • Tali: Who is Shepard's best friend, you or me?
  • Garrus: What kind of question is that, me obviously!
  • Tali: How is that an obviously?
  • Garrus: She tells me everything! I've seen her naked!
  • Tali: Pffft. Amateur, I know things you wouldn't even dream of!
  • Garrus: Like what?!
  • Tali: Like details. Juicy details...
  • Garrus: Spirits, she told you about the thing didn't she?
  • Tali: That would be telling!
  • Garrus: Look, it was one time, I was experimenting... I am not proud of it...
  • Shepard: *walks in* What's happening?
  • Garrus: I cannot believe you've told her about the nest, it was all for you. I thought I could trust you!
  • Shepard: I actually didn't...
  • Tali: Wow. Yeah, no she told me that Kaidan once owned an animal print rifle because apparently it brought out the beast in him... You built Shepard a nest?! Out of what precisely and why?
  • Shepard: My room mostly. Pillows, clothes, my hamster... That's also why the Destiny Ascension model is missing a wing.
  • Tali: You told me you dropped it.
  • Shepard: Correction, I said it was dropped. I did not specify by whom, or that it was from the top of the cupboard where Garrus was perching.
  • Garrus: *swear in turian*