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If you’re gonna come for Taylor, at least get in the key jabs: how she never released a red tour DVD, where the hell are her cats we need to see them??, honestly what sort of disrespect did she show to this love?, and in what world was sharpie as eyeliner a good idea?? Honestly,

Ok so I’m watching TLD cuz Sherlock is freaking adorable and I’m just now realizing how many plot holes there are. I know everyone has been pointing these out, but this is just insane

  • why does everyone keep thinking it’s Sherlock’s blog? It’s very obviously from John’s POV, and this has never happened before. It doesn’t make sense
  • Why bring in H H Holmes for absolutely no reason other than to serve as Smith’s inspiration? Why do we need a serial killer to have a mentor?
  • why have both John and Sherlock talking to people who supposedly aren’t there, only to make one actually having been there? Why do we need that mirror then?
  • who the hell is John? seriously. If he needs to have a serial killer tell him to see that his friend is suffering and in pain, question him on whether he’s actually a doctor, because seriously anyone could see that he needed help. The John we’ve seen until now, in fact any medical professional, would not wait and stand guard while his friend shoots up in the bathroom.
  • why did Sherlock say Smith had the scalpel when he in fact had the scalpel???
  • why blame Sherlock for Mary’s death? I get the whole grief, anger, and need to blame someone, but like. Really. It’s so obvious that Sherlock didn’t do anything
  • how did Sherlock manage to notice that she was suicidal and alone and has a small kitchen but fails to notice that sHE ISN’T THE WOMAN FROM THE PICTURE HE REFERENCED. RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER
  • why the random shot of people dressed up as aliens, right before Smith filming the commercial?
  • ok this is random, but at 1:09:58, there’s a reflection of the bed in the window, but it looks like in the reflection there’s no one in the bed.
  • why does Smith say that after he’s confessed he can break America? where did America come from??
  • also, when did mycroft’s office go from a huge room, well-lit with comfortable chairs, to what looks like a prison cell, grid on the ceiling, grey metal everywhere, tiny room
  • why did the change lady smallwoods name?
  • also – if the gun Eurus shot John with was a tranquilizer gun, why did it smoke? I do not believe tranquilizer guns smoke. this one is, as we say, the smoking gun that something is up *fingers guns*

anyone wanna add or answer or just freak out with me?

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“We don’t need karaoke or to be drunk to- to be silly, trust me. We just did it in the photoshoot, trust me, it goes down between us.”  [x]

  • Disney then: "We need to make more money! Quick! Let's make unnecessary direct-to-DVD sequels of our most beloved animated classics!"
  • Disney now: "We need to make more money! Quick! Let's make unnecessary live-action remakes of our most beloved animated classics!"

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Please, when you get time, meta about barbie life in the dream house.

Where can I start? It does a fantastic job of humanizing Barbie for a modern audience, because yes, she’s perfect, and the other characters find it oddly disconcerting. It reminds me so much of what I love most about the Nancy Drew games–taking these iconic characters and giving them enough quirks to feel real without detracting from how unbelievably kickass they are. All you need to do is lampshade it a bit. 

The meta humor was what first drew me into the show; as someone who’s really been into the Barbie universe my whole life, I love all the Easter Eggs and references (Raquelle can’t remember Chelsea’s name because her name used to be Kelly; Midge’s entire existence), and the show is so well-written, genuinely one of the funniest cartoons currently airing. It has excellent pacing and a nice blend of humor that’s original and exciting and it’s just executed so perfectly. 

It’s another one of those shows that gets by pretty much on positivity alone. The villain characters are quickly de-clawed, and they’re always just a few steps away from striking up genuine friendships in the main group. The conflict doesn’t strain any relationships, it just reveals new facets of the characters to us. And we have a cast that is 90% female, with one or two token boys, and every character is so distinct and wonderful. 

Like, Raquelle is definitely my favorite, she’s a total star and also happens to fall into my favorite character tropes, but I love everyone? so much? Ken defers to Barbie in absolutely everything and it’s not really a joke, it’s just who he is and it makes their relationship all the better, and he’s not-so-secretly a total genius? Teresa is so dumb and easygoing until she gets competitive, and then she’s so frightening. Skipper is hilarious. Chelsea is going to rule the world someday. The animals, like, I CAN’T. Ryan? Midge? Closet? SCHLOND POOFA?

The show is so well-made, it’s the show baby me would have loved, and I’m so glad it exists and aligns with, like, all my interests and brand of humor. The way they explore all the different dynamics really sets it apart, I think; it’s a hilarious show, but watching the characters kind of grow closer together is my favorite thing about it. The show has evolved over time (and made so many references to the fans), but it feels as strong as it was from the very beginning. It’s just fantastic. 

LotR watch party

I come bearing news regarding our quest to make sure everyone has seen the masterpieces that are the LotR movies at least once!

So, since one does not simply organize a watch party where one person streams a video from their local drive and everyone else gets to watch and interact I still owe you the answer as to how we’re going to do this. I have an idea which involves Skype but I need to have a look in installing some additional software on my laptop to be able to share the sound and… well, I owe you.

I did look into Rabb.it (which, might I add, is also nice in a stew with potatoes) but unfortunately that only lets you share a browser tab and that will not work since people have these movies on DVD’s…

ANYWAY, since we need to find a good time for everyone I thought I’d make this post already. I’d like to know if everyone would be good to do this this weekend and, if so, are you available on Friday night/Saturday/Sunday (whole day, certain times, etc.)? I’ll need to know your time-zone (please also give me the time-difference with UTC to make my life easier because time-zones confuse me) and perhaps also how many movies you’re up for watching… There’s 3, they are LONG so I doubt we’ll be able to do more than one but let’s see!

Frodo managed the impossible so we should be able to hold a watch-party…

I’m tagging the people who have shown that they much desired to be included in this (and for all of you who haven’t seen LotR yet, I do apologize for stuffing this post so full with references that it might as well be a Hobbit after a good party…)

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Mother Nature - Taeyong Scenario

Thank you to the person who requested this :) If anyone is wondering it will take me around a week to post your request if you think I forgot or something. I hope everyone enjoys this and have a good day - Em xx

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Mother Nature - Taeyong Scenario 

You were sitting at home dying like usual. Once a month you were always like this. You were laying upside down on the sofa with a heating pad staring at the ceiling.

The front door creaked open. You were curious to who it was. Your roommate was out and Taeyong had practice until around seven today.

But if you moved the pain might increase so you weren’t going to risk it. The person walked into the living room. In total suppose you looked up to see Taeyong laughing at you. 

You chucked the heat pad at him. 

“I’m sorry but the way you are sitting is just too funny,” he said. You frowned and turned away. This was no time for jokes, you thought angrily.

“Ah, jagiya! I’m sorry.” He said quickly. “I didn’t mean it but it was funny,” you glared at him.

“I could kick you right now.” You said. He shook his head still laughing. 

“Well okay but if you kick me you can’t have any of the medication or ice cream I bought you on the way home.” Your head spun around. 

The ice cream was exactly what you needed right now and an ibuprofen tablet or two sure wouldn’t hurt. You slowly moved so that there was space for Taeyong to sit down on the sofa next to you, and so that you were no longer sitting upside down like a crazy person.

“I also brought these!” He said grinning holding up three DVDs. You looked concerned, he was busy and tired and whilst it was very cute you wanted to make sure he wasn’t working too hard.

“When did you have time to do all this Tae?” You asked him as he walked into the kitchen to get two spoons.

“I will admit,” he said walking back in with the spoons. “That I made Ten go do the DVD store… and the normal store to buy the stuff for me.” You laughed, poor Ten but at least Taeyong hadn’t been over working himself to get stuff for you in his limited time off.

“You know we have Netflix, right? Why did you need to go to the DVD store?” I asked curiously. Taeyong went a bit pink.

“Well I know it sounds a tiny bit stupid but I felt like DVD’s seemed like more of a gesture and made a better impression than just whipping out our laptop. This way we can watch them on your TV.” You smiled. He was so cute when he was like this. You couldn’t believe he was a real person. 

You reached up to brush the hair from his eyes.

“What did ya do that for?” he asked sweetly.

“Just checking you are a real person,” You replied and he laughed embarrassed at your words. You felt totally awful today but Taeyong was making it one thousand times better.

“So what movie do you want to watch.” He had a funny one, a sad one and a romantic one. You had seen the romantic one already and weren’t in the mood for a comedy so you picked the sad movie. Taeyong turned the TV on and handed you a bowl of ice cream and a spoon. He sat down on the sofa and you moved next to him sitting with your knees against your chest and the ice cream bowl rested on top.

The movie started and it was really good. You ate your ice cream happily as Taeyong stopped watching every few minutes to smile at you and check you felt okay.

The movie started to become sad near the end and you started to cry when the girl’s boyfriend died. Taeyong wrapped his arm around you and pulled your head towards his shoulder. He wasn’t crying himself but there were tears welling in his tear ducts. It was a very sad movie.

When the movie had finished, it was starting to get late so Taeyong picked you up and carried you to your bedroom as you had started to fall asleep a bit.

As he placed you in bed you said to him quietly, “Don’t ever leave me Tae,” He smiled softly and shook his head.

“I will always be right here. Unless I’m checking my kiddo, bandmates are still in line, which they won’t be. Haechan and Winwin will have burnt the dorm down by now.” You shut your eyes as he reached over and switched off your overhead light. He laced his hand with yours and didn’t leave until you had fallen fast asleep.

there is one deleted scene i hope we get on the season 4 dvd because I NEED ANSWERS:  what on earth was going on during that snuggle scene in 4x01 why were fitzsimmons just staring at each other like that? is this something they do before bed every night? did he just tell a joke? was she teasing him about the TV? why are these nerds just staring at each other before bed? somebody explain to me what was going on. i will also accept one shots. but i would just love a deleted/extended scene of them getting ready for bed. PLEASE IT’S ALL I WANT.

Karate Tuesday May 30

Women’s class. Not sure what to call that. It was rough. Get in horse stance. He gave us weights. I got 5s. It doesn’t sound like much but it wears on you. Slow techniques. He’d count and we’d do that punch very slow and very controlled. He also kept count of how many times anyone stood up out of horse stance. At the end of the punch set, we had to do ten squats for every time someone popped up. Brutal.

After class I watched a sai DVD. The dojo tv speakers quit working. We need a new tv.

Japonism Arena Show Setlist

└ Japonism Setlist (Source: Twitter reports)

Jun finally approved 三日月!  New 2016 songs! Arashi~~~ *whispers* for dream~

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Okay, so I know I promised you guys a pastel!Nico and punk!Will one-shot, but I’m not done with it yet, so here you go. I have another one-shot for you:


“What is this? You guys are seriously planning a sleepover in my cabin? Without telling me?” Nico di Angelo was glaring down at them, arms crossed over his Simple Plan t-shirt. “Are you out of your minds?”

“We- um, we were going to tell you, but you’ve been busy all morning. What have you been doing, anyway? You weren’t in the cabin when I checked earlier, so I looked around, but I couldn’t find you,” Percy said, looking up at his cousin.

“I was doing important things for my father as well as getting my weekly check-up in the infirmary,” Nico said, slumping down on the bench next to Piper. “I swear, Solace is crazy! He got me up at 7 am. 7 am!”

Nico groaned and poured himself a cup of coffee. “Fuck me. I’m too tired, it’s too bright outside and too much noi- wah!”

“Now, now, Death Boy. You shouldn’t be that grumpy. It’s a beautiful day,” Will Solace said happily, his hand clasped tightly over Nico’s mouth. “And for your information, I’m ADHD, not crazy. There’s a difference if you didn’t know.”

“Hello there, Will. Nico seems to be quite annoyed with the time you wake him up at. Why exactly do you wake him up at 7?” Annabeth asked, shooting Piper a look, who in return gave a subtle nod.

“I thought that Nico would prefer his check-ups before the infirmary gets too busy in the morning,” Will said before letting out a girly shriek when Nico licked his hand. “Nico! That’s unhygienic! Do you know how many germs-?”

“Oh, shut up, Solace.” Nico said tiredly, taking a big gulp of his coffee. “I’ve heard your voice almost all morning. It’s annoying, so keep quiet until I’ve finished this cup of coffee.”

“You know you love me, Death Boy!” Will said happily as he walked away from the table towards his own cabin’s table. Nico, in the middle of another gulp of coffee, choked and spit out the bitter liquid while blushing violently. He turned around. “Solace!”

Percy and Leo (who had come back one week earlier), snickered. “Well, you and Solace have been getting pretty well lately. You sure that there’s nothing going on?” Leo asked innocently.

The Son of Hades glared at Leo, though the effect was muted by the red still tinting his cheeks. He opened his mouth to say something but ended up closing it again as he tightened his grip on the white, chipped coffee mug. “Just shut up Valdez. It’s too early.”

“Anyway, back to the sleepover. We were planning to have it on Friday. Frank, Reyna and Hazel are coming over from New Rome, too. What do you say to that, Nico? Sound like a good idea?” Piper asked.

“Yeah, whatever.” Nico muttered, the dark liquid in his cup being a good distraction from staring at Will.

“Great!” Percy exclaimed, knocking over his glass of orange juice by accident. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The orange juice spilt over the table before dripping onto Nico’s lap and t-shirt.

Nico’s face first contorted into a grimace showing disgust, but it was quickly replaced by a mask of carefully controlled anger.

“I’m so sor- Nico!” Percy yelled as Nico stormed out of the pavilion.


Nico stormed into his cabin, slamming the door shut behind him before pulling off his shirt, throwing it into the laundry bin. He sighed and started to pace back and forth. “They planned a sleepover in my cabin, without telling me? Are you kidding me?”

Nico grumbled before walking over to his dresser, finding a new pair of black pants before replacing his currently orange juice soaked ones with the new pair. Deciding that he wasn’t going to leave his cabin anytime soon, he just kept his shirt off.

“Nico?” Nico turned around to face the door of his cabin. The person who had called his name was Will.

“Hey, Sunshine,” Nico mumbled, watching Will shut the door before coming up to him to pull him into an embrace. Nico instantly hugged Will back, hiding his face in the crook of Will’s neck.

“What happened there, angel? I saw you running out of the pavilion earlier. Did anything happen?”

“Percy-fucking-Jackson spilt orange juice all over me,” Nico muttered. “On my favourite Simple Plan t-shirt, too.”

Will kissed Nico’s forehead. “I’m sure it’s going to be fine. Now, what’s happening with that sleepover on Friday?”


It was finally Friday and Will was a little nervous.

“Are you completely sure that it would be okay for me to sleep over too?” Will asked Nico an hour before the others were supposed to come.

“Of course. I already told them, and noo unless you get, like, an emergency call from the infirmary, it’ll be fine,” Nico said, running his fingers through Will’s hair. “They like you. You’ve saved all of them with your healing. Not letting you be friends with us would kinda be a lousy way to repay you, don’t you think?”

Will laughed and kissed Nico’s nose. “Yeah, I suppose. Now, what do you say to some more kissing and cuddling before the others arrive?”

Nico pulled away from the kiss a while later. “They’re going to be here any minute now. We better clean up a bit.”

Nico looked around and on the bed they were sitting on. Pillows and blankets were messed up on the bed, and a couple had even fallen to the floor.

“Yeah, it looks messy, and we wouldn’t want the others to get any ideas, would we?” Will said, moving so that he was sitting up instead on laying on top of Nico.

“Definitely not,” Nico agreed. “Come on, let’s pick up these pillows.”


A couple minutes after they had fixed the bed, the door to the Hades Cabin opened. In came Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Calypso and Reyna, all of them equipped with blankets pillows, bags of snacks, games and movies.

Nico was sitting with his back against the headboard of his bed playing Pokémon X, while Will was sitting at the foot of the bed reading a medical journal.

“Hey guys,” Percy said as he dumped everything in his arms on another bed before sitting down next to Nico. “What game are you playing, Neeks?”

“Pokémon X,” Nico muttered absently. “Could you be quiet for a moment? I’m trying to beat the fourth gym.”

“Nico, you’ve been trying to beat that gym for an hour. How hard can it be? Will asked, looking up from an article about the immune system.

“Weak Pokémon,” Nico mumbled unhappily. “Forgot to heal them.”

“Let’s put that away now. I have a movie we need to watch,” Leo said, holding up a DVD. “Okay, so how many here have seen Disney’s Hercules?”


“Wait, my dad has flaming hair and is the evil guy in this movie?” Nico asked, eyes wide open as he stared at the TV screen. “And Deimos and Phobos works for him? How inaccurate is this movie?”

“Extremely inaccurate,” Will said happily. “But, you gotta admit, the way they portrayed my dad isn’t too bad.”

“This movie is confusing. The Greek names are hard to remember. Artemis is Diana, right?” Frank asked Hazel, who nodded.

“Are everybody ready to continue now that everyone is over the shock of seeing the Disney version of their parents?” Leo asked excitedly before pressing ‘play’.


After the Hercules movie was over, Leo started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was already well past curfew and most of them had already gotten quite a bit of caffeine and sugar into their system.

The couples had also crawled closer to each other. Annabeth was sitting on Percy’s lap, Frank had an arm wrapped around Hazel’s waist, Piper was sitting in between Jason’s legs and Leo’s head was placed on Calypso’s lap.

Reyna was sitting right next to Nico and Will. She looked happy enough, even though most of her friends were in relationships, and she wasn’t- as far as Nico knew. Though, he suspected that there was something between her and Rachel.

Nico himself wanted nothing more than to cuddle up to Will, but he knew that he couldn’t. They weren’t out yet.

To be honest, Nico wasn’t scared of the camp’s reaction or the mortal world. He couldn’t care less about their opinion. No, he was afraid that his friends would think he was a freak and push him away.

Of course, Percy and Annabeth had seemed supportive, so had Jason and Reyna, but he didn’t know about Leo, Piper, Calypso, Hazel or Frank.

“Are you okay, Nico? You seem kinda… distracted. Is something wrong?” Reyna whispered in a voice so quiet that only Nico could hear it. Nico debated with himself for a couple seconds if he would tell her. He and Will had talked about it. Will had been ready to tell everyone since the day they got together, but Nico felt like he was still somewhat connected to the 1940s. He was scared of being left alone, of being hated, so they hadn’t come out to camp yet.

“Well, um… so, you know that I’m gay, right?” Nico whispered back. “Well, um, I… me and Will… we’ve been dating for four months.”

Reyna smiled. “I knew there was something you didn’t tell me. Also, you know that none of the others in this room will judge you. I’ve already talked to them, y’know, their opinion on the LGBT community. None of them has anything against it.”

“Really?” Nico said in a low voice. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Will smiling at him before asking a silent question. Nico straightened up a little and sat closer to Will before connecting their lips in a gentle kiss.

Reyna smiled, and soon after, the rest of the Seven turned to look at them, smiling.

“I knew they were together,” Annabeth whispered to the rest of them.


The next morning, the Seven and Reyna found Will and Nico asleep and cuddled together with matching small smiles on their faces.