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Not many people get out unscated from season 4 […] Not that there isn’t hope, you know, at the end it’s not all bleak. But it’s like, especially as an actor, it’s like, well, this is going to take everything I’ve ever done as an actor and have never done and am not sure I know how to do, and I think everyone was put through that this time. (x)

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Genre: fluff, smut

Length: 4,618

A/N: this is a prequel to “Waffles”. I thought I was done with this story, but I guess I’m not. A lot of cutesy shit because life is hard enough. Also, I keep getting angst requests so I needed some lightness in my life.

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Prompt for a later date when the world hasn't just imploded: Mike & ginny's first christmas together. Your prerogative if you want to add that they spend it banging on every surface in mike's house. Light & fluffy (& smutty?) cos god knows we all need some of that rn -R

a/n: i got a cavity writing this. allow it to soothe the wounds of this week.

“I can’t believe you haven’t even put your tree up yet.” Ginny observed, taking a hearty sip of her spiked egg nogg. Her feet were kicked up on Mike’s coffee table and she watched Mike hold up ornaments, comparing them before hanging one up.

“Hey, judge not, thank you.” Mike scoffed, hanging up a purple, sparkly star on a branch.

Ginny sighed, sipping at her egg nogg. “Well that’s easier said than done.”

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In light of all the drama

Today, since it is a rainy day, will be a major reblog kind of day.  In order to spread some positivity and kindness, lets go and reblog art, positive posts, fan fic, dogs, cats…..anything but drama and hate.

If you want, send me a link to your stuff and I will reblog (no NSFW, gore, blood, hate, drama etc)

Let’s put some positivity back into the tags.


30 day AU challenge - day 8, disney movie/fairytale [part 3]

nick and charlie (x), jock and nerd, in high school musical


Too much  h e a r t  was always Castiel’s problem


We promise, thus we deliver!    Do you need some help doing backgrounds? Then give 2 minutes of your time to the royals, and they’ll show you the magic behind them.

If you like the video, by all means, share!  Testify my friends! testify!

New Fic: #givecaptainamericaaboyfriend

“You will not believe what’s trending.”

“Is it nudes?” Bucky tries to remember the last time he lost his phone in a crowded place. It wasn’t that long ago, he loses them a lot because his memory can be pretty patchy about trivial things. “Fuck, is it my nudes?”

“Just look.”

[real Avengers fake MCU universe, Steve is very amused. Because we all needed some light relief after that HYDRAcap fuckery. Also @cabloom‘s fault]