we need more of this tbh

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Didn't Sugilite appear briefly in Cry for Help? But either way you right we need MORE OF HER

tbh i forgot she even showed up in cry for help, she didnt even talk and was there in less than a minute

Thoughts on Hive Queen (*SPOILERS*)

Considering i just finished it five seconds ago

  • Hot damn Tui, this was a good one!
  • Cricket is the best; perfectly balanced between a strong point of morals and naively privileged
  • Cricket is so in love with Blue and it is so CUTE (I’m in love with him to tbh)
  • Tau and Cinnebar need more screen time #2k19, especially Tau and Treehopper
  • Lady Scarab was by far my favorite character and will definitely be me when I’m old
  • Love that we got to see just how chaotic Wasp’s kingdom is, for example the entire Jewel Hive, proving that she’s not as all powerful as she claims
  • Still, somehow she’s still just as terrifying
  • I’m very excited for this villain
  • She BETTER NOT get a redemption arc
  • I know it was only for like half a minute but Turtle was in this book and I love him <3
  • Sundew was the perfect dichotomy to Cricket; justifiably angry and violent and in a way that you can’t blame her for because she’s still trying to be understanding
  • Mmmmmm Katydid being Cricket’s mom is WEIRD
  • That’s a definite setup to meet her dad later tho
  • Overall I’m very excited for the rest of this arc because tbh the last half of the Darkstalker arc didn’t impress me

- In which the beast really only needed to work on loving himself a bit more, while beauty signed up for kicking some ass and not that magical bullshit.

I spent the whole evening listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and couldn’t control myself.

I need more fics where people try to summon the king of ghosts or the prince of death or any other royalty ghostly title and they get Danny Fenton, with his ripped jeans, old vans and NASA shirt, completely unimpressed with what is happening “Dude! I was about to take a test and… OMG is that blood on the walls??!??”

Please, I need more of these.

Can we talk about how good of an actor Mark is for a second?

Mark played all of his characters absolutely flawlessly. Honestly. Maybe there were some very small nitpicky things that could’ve been better but in the end, he played each of his characters so well. 

But when all is said and done, I commend him on his acting because of THIS:

He goes from looking distraught, absolutely numb and heartbroken and altogether just sad

To this. This absolute fury as if he could murder a man right then and there by simply giving them this look. This look of anger that makes it seem as though he’s about to explode. 

In one. Goddamned. Second.

Granted, he did so much good acting in this series; There were so many moments where it didn’t feel like Mark, it felt like the Colonel. Or it felt like Damien. But it didn’t feel like Mark. (I love it when actors can do that tbh). 

But in this moment, you can see him transform from who he is into Darkiplier. He captured that. Right here in this one second clip. With one look at the camera.

Mark Fischbach, to you I say two things:

1) This was astonishing. This entire series had your whole fandom freaking out and theory-writing for four days straight, and honestly there are probably still going to be theories even after this. I hope desperately that you love what you gave us just as much as we did because this was amazing. 


(And a LARGE thank you to Teamiplier because none of this would’ve happened without you guys)

Sorry for the vent but honestly I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right? 

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Little Things that Ravenclaws do
  • Fit into their stereotype completely or not at all- There’s the typical “Oh you’re a Ravenclaw so you must love reading and always are studying”. Sometimes this is true, but it’s not a bad thing to always have a book with you. Other times Ravenclaws are some of the worst procrastinators who rather spend their time daydream or doodle
  • Take power naps a lot- sometimes it’s not intentional, sometimes it is. You just find yourself in a cozy spot with maybe some coffee (ironically) or tea and slowly start drifting away. You wake up later only to realize you slept longer than you were supposed to
  • Be really interested in the mysterious- music, art, the stars, the way emotions rush when looking at a certain picture or reading a certain quote. Ravenclaws probably have amazing aesthetics pages that they may put more time into than the care to admit
  • Be headstrong to be first in what they love- ambition isn’t only for Slytherin after all. When a Ravenclaw has something they take pride in, they’re not just going to let someone else who doesn’t care as much, become better than they are. It’s more of a silent competitiveness but Ravenclaws just don’t want anyone taking their spot at the top
  • Have a lot more pet peeves then is probably acceptable- people chewing with their mouth open. When people spit on the ground. Dogeared pages in a good book. The way some people don’t close doors all the way. People leaving small stuff around that could be put away (ahem we’re looking at you Gryffindor…) It’s not that all Ravenclaws are super tidy people but they don’t like it when people don’t have manners for the little things
  • Call your bullsh*t- it can be in their heads or out loud if they’re more straightforward but Ravenclaws don’t have any time to listen to your crap. Whether it’s exaggerating a story or lying about an event they can always see through the lies, so watch for the roll of their eyes
  • Be really original people- most people think “Oh Ravenclaws, they’re all prim and proper and stuff”. One of the traits of Ravenclaws is originality. They aren’t all super neat people. Some always have their hair in a messy bun. Some have the bad habit of always leaving the light. Luna Lovegood was one of the more original characters in the whole series. And Ravenclaws don’t care enough about your opinion to change

shout out to trans boys who weren’t super masculine or “tomboys” when they were younger. we are valid as hell and don’t need to over analyze our past looking for “proof” that we are real boys. if you feel more comfortable identifying as a certain gender, your past doesn’t change that.

okay but listen: ronan waking up next to adam wearing a fucking black coke zero tshirt that he dreamt up, subconsciously rocking that boyfriend chic to his own goth tastes and never ever living it down and also completely and utterly dying when adam starts wearing it all the time because “you dreamt it for me, idiot” 

i love shuri so much 

  • *middle finger*
  • lol can we go home
  • i call them sneakers
  • ugh another broken white guy to fix #world problems 
  • don’t scare me like that colonizer! 
  • omg haha i have that on vid 
  • when you said u were gonna take me to cali i thought u meant coachella 
  • smarter then all the 5th graders combined tf 
  • leave white wolf alone 
  • is literately every teenage girl on earth 
  • lives off of vines tbh

They put all that effort for us, thinking that we are giving them so much that we deserve smth as much as good in return, but they don’t know that just with their smiles, with their voices, with their words, they already do more than they can imagine

hey, theres MORE

When you think about the fact that the UN says it would take around $30 billion a year to end world hunger, I hope in addition to the US’s $500+ billion/year military budget you also remember that there are five men in this world who together own over $400 billion just in reported personal wealth.

Not even including their secret accounts or corporations/holdings they control but don’t ‘own’ via technicalities. Just the amounts of their own private money that they’re willing to admit to having.

That’s over eight million years of a middle-class income (50k a year) in the US. Five guys have that, and they’re not sharing.

Not only are they not sharing, they’re demanding that people work to make them profit- for longer hours in worse and worse conditions - or die. Then they return less and less of what those workers create for them in profit, quietly hoarding rapidly growing accounts full of the results of your hard work.

Five guys with over 8 million years’ worth of wages. And when you go down the list, there are more of them, more billionaires racing to see how much they can hoard. As of right now there are about 2,000 of them (0.000026% of the population) who together claim $7.7 trillion, or 154 million years worth of wages. Hoarded by a group of people smaller than my high school.

They’re using some of that profit to push for fewer and fewer legal protections for you so they can skim off even more of your work and give you less time, fewer options, and less of the money you’ve earned for them.

They’re the ones lobbying for that monstrously massive military to grow and commit more and more atrocities to increase their stashes of wealth. They’re ripping apart rainforests, enslaving children, literally burning the planet to win bigger and bigger stashes of wealth they can’t even use.

Capitalism is a system designed specifically to hoard resources among fewer and fewer people as time goes on. We have enough resources to meet the needs of everyone on the planet, but what we all create as a society is being funnelled rapidly into the pockets of a few capitalists who already have more than they could ever need.

me: why is jesse’s avatar furry
me: …oh
me: oh no
me: who gave this man power over a dating sim