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tHIIIIISSS issss so damnn underrated we need to talk much more about her scenes i mean girlS Wtff is this perfection this flawlesss head tilt her purely glowing eyes her rosy lips her pristine white skin WHAT DID WE DO To DESERVE HER wHoever keeps rewarding my fragile patootie i LOvE you so mucH kncjxjss

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I really love the Naruto x Hinata ship. Like I understand why people don’t for the whole thing that Hinata’s boobs are bigger than Sakura’s and that’s why she got chosen and blah blah blah. But I like it because Hinata represents something amazing. Like she was given a perfect life and high status, but because of her own personal problems she had a hard time. While Naruto grew up from nothing still having a hard time.

It just makes me happy that it showed that no matter what your social standing is or what you have you can have problems too. And that relates a lot to mental illness as well. Just because your rich doesn’t mean your not ‘entitled’ to have depression or anxiety. It can happen to anyone. And on a personal note, it warms my heart that Hinata pushed through all of it, despite being a so called 'family failure’.

The fact Hinata gets over many of her fears and proves herself is inspiring. She never gave up and was always humble. We need more people like that in the world. She realized her strength and didn’t become obnoxious about it.

And I feel that’s really important.

“Can we not talk about this?” Alex hissed under her breath. She stiffened as Jody brought up the sex talk.

“Hey, If we can’t talk about it, then we shouldn’t be having it.” Jody replied. She looked over at you, Sam and Dean “Right guys?” You started to cough up the water you had just drank. Not looking up you just nodded your head with a blush on your face.

“What..?” Dean said clueless. You were fighting a laugh and covered your mouth with your hand as you looked up at Sam and Dean across the table from you. They looked so uncomfortable and out of place in the apple pie moment. Dean nudged your foot under the table making you yelp with laughter.

“Y/N?” Jody said. Your head popped up to see everyone staring at you. “Would you like to give some advice here to Alex?” You glanced at Alex who was mouthing the word “no” to you. You simply winked at her before turning to look at Dean. He was staring at his glass of wine in horror.

“Jody, I’m still a virgin.” You drawled sarcastically earning a laugh from both boys and claire.

“Ha-Ha Y/N. I’m serious!” her tone alone was enough to make you sit up straighter. You never really had “the talk” with your parents so you wouldn’t know where to begin. You cleared your throat.

“Always…use…uh - protection?” You questioned your own advice. Sam bursted out laughing and you gave him a glare. “Gee Sam why don’t you give us your words of wisdom?” You challenged him.

“You’re one to talk about protection.” He said through a huge smile and he nudged dean in the side. Dean’s eyes went wide with embarrassment and he ducked his head down. “Oh come on Dean! This is family. You can tell them.” Your eyes stayed glued on him. He was fidgeting with his glass now. Swirling the wine and watching it settle.

“What’s he talking about?” Jody said looking from Dean to you. Neither of you were going to speak up so Sam brought it upon himself.

“Y/N is pregnant!” Jody had a smile that was contagious. It spread slowly to Sam first, Claire had a half smile, Alex was beaming no doubt from having the subject changed, finally it ended with Dean.

“Congratulations you guys!” Jody cheered. You watched Dean visibly relax once he realized that no one was going to respond with anything but total acceptance. You reached across the table to grasp his hand and he took yours willingly. Bringing it to his lips he placed a gently kiss along your knuckles. You blushed at the simple act. He still had that effect on you.

“It is pretty great huh?” Dean finally spoke. He had nothing but pure excitement and joy radiating from him. “God I hope it’s a girl.” You giggled as you placed your hand on your belly.

Jody pointed at you and Dean “Anyway! Alex, that’s what happens when you don’t use protection” Alex groaned and rolled her eyes.
“Can we please just drop this already?”

“No because I definitely might have saw the birth control pills in your bag.” Jody fidgeted with fingers awkwardly debating how to bring this topic back around into a lesson.

“Oh. She’s going there now.” Dean said picking his glass up. Sam dropped his fork on his plate with a loud clatter and clearing his throat.

“Oh my..” Sam mumbled. The brothers exchanged a helpless look. Once again you were holding back a smile at how clueless they were.

“It won’t protect you against and STD Alex and you can’t always expect, as much as I love Henry, you can’t expect him to be packing. Right guys?” She looked at Dean and Sam for back up.

“What…?” Dean repeated.

“Seriously?” Jody said tilting her head to the side in an annoyance.

You nudged his foot catching his attention. You glanced between him and Alex and motioned for him to say something.

“Uh…” Dean trailed his voice. “Sex is really fun.” He began. You face palmed and groaned. Where is he going with this? Sam was looking up at the ceiling probably praying for his brother to shut up. “but it’s only fun when you’re in your 30’s.” Your hand covered your wide open mouth as you stared at your boyfriend. “Until then it’s like - “

“It comes with a lot of responsibilities Alex. Make sure you can handle those before having sex.” You cut Dean off. You nodded curtly to Jody who downed her wine glass.

“We need more Wine. To celebrate a new Winchester.” She quickly got up. Dean just awkwardly smiled at everyone.

“This is fun!” He said sarcastically drinking just as much wine as Jody.



A refreshing switch where it’s the girl caught in the awkward position of getting an eyeful of パンツ ; except he’s not shrieking “pervert” and involuntarily smacking her for it.;3


Why did you give up on your dream? You could ride and continue to dream of designing motorcycles.


MAIA WEEK — Day two: favorite (relation) ship

maia x happiness


It’s time… to stop talking


I haven’t forgotten for a moment. I still remember the day Cocytus fell. I will make them pay. I vow it.