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Guilty Pleasure | Taehyung (M)

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Summary: College au in which Taehyung is an annoying prankster but you’ve always sort of liked him.

Word Count: 8,243

Genre: Smut/fluff/college au

A/N: Idk what this is tbh but it was spurred by a convo I had with @yourcupoftae.

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when u think about how pure and beautiful namjoon’s dimples are……….. just the cutest…..,,,,, i’ve never seen something more amazing

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how can you hate someone so cute!!!! 

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The Awful and the Adorable // A.I

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Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Description: This date is bad. Fortunately, the waiter is cute.

“Argh, I’m guessing you’re gonna pay for you own then?” Your date asked you because you asked for a side dish. He with his head in the menu, avoiding to look up. Your eyes widen as you sighed, regretting this date once again. Ten minutes in and your date starts rambling and praising everything bad in this world.

You hated blind dates, so the easiest way to not go on them, was to avoid them. But unfortunately, your mum set you up on this one. Which was a terrible idea. This man was rude, racist and just straight up awful. The waiter coughed and you looked up with sorrow in your eyes. The waiter was attractive with his curls hanging down his forehead and the glasses fitting him perfectly. He smiled, so the dimples on his face appeared, making your heart flutter before your date started speaking, ruining the moment completely.

“I’ll like two muffins and a black coffee, then,” he mumbled and handed the menu to the attractive waiter. Before the waiter walked away again with the menus under his strong arms, you saw the little tag with the name “Ashton” on it.

The rest of the date, you could actually not stop having Ashton in the back of your mind. When your date started rambling again about whatever, you had blocked him out. Fortunately, you could stare at the waiter Ashton without your date noticing. Ashton walked around the tables his shirt hanging loosely around him. When he brought your food, you tried to keep calm and maybe make a good impression. However, when you couldn’t even talk when he was near you. You sighed when your date again started arguing with himself about the worst things in life.

Minutes passed. A half hour passed. A whole fucking hour passed and your date was still rambling. You sighed before choosing what you should do next. You suddenly raised yourself from your wooden chair and smiled at your date, who instantly stopped talking as soon as he saw you standing up.

“What are you doing?” he asked with furrowed eyebrows, pissed that you had interrupted his little speech.

“This is not going to work out.” You responded with a smile, as his face grew more confused. “I’m gonna pay the bill and you’re gonna get the hell out of here, okay? You’re probably surprised that I can talk, huh?”

Your date was surprised over your sudden attitude. He got up from his chair, pushing it back so it fell to the ground. Some of the costumers  turned their head towards the scene. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Ashton behind the desk, observing every move you made.

“Okay.” Your date answered with the click of his tongue. “You’re missing out on a lot, girl.”

“Get the fuck out before I punch you in the face,” you said with a serious expression, as he smiled on his way out. A headache was slowly kicking in as you sighed as soon as the bell above the door rang, showing you that he was far away now. What a jerk.

You turned around on your heel and marched towards the desk. Ashton was standing behind it with a smirk as he watched you come with a tiny smile. You stood right in front of him as he raised his eyebrows, waiting for you to say something.

“You don’t have alcohol, do you?” you exclaimed as Ashton chuckled slightly, but shook his head.

“No, we don’t. Awful date, huh?”

“Worst. Human. Alive.” You mumbled with a tired facial, but you managed to get a smile spread across your face, still trying to impress the cute waiter. Ashton nodded understanding, already finding your bill.

“So, you have to pay for all of it?” he questioned, managing the bill before handing it over. As you dealt with the bill and the tips, Ashton was looking at you, writing down numbers and letters.

“Yes, and I’m happy to if it means I get that idiot out of my face,” you murmured as you handed him the bill. Ashton nodded again before saying something surprising.

“Could I make that…” Ashton pointed to your empty table, referring to your date, “better by asking you out? Someday? Maybe?”

He smiled as you bit your lip, pretending to think about it.

“Yes, of course,” you said, your breathing becoming quicker as he grinned. Your stomach was twisting in every possible way as Ashton’s beautiful dimples spread across his face again.

“Oh, and just so you know,” Ashton leant across the desk, making your heart shutter, “I can do it way better than he can.”

A/N: we all needed a little Ashton fluff this night, let’s be honest. Halloween themed imagines are on their way, so look forward to that more than ever! Hope you enjoyed :)


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Not for you (PT2)

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Background: Taehyung, a young duke, accompanies his cousin (a prince) to meet the princess of a different castle. Upon meeting the princess, Taehyung now has to fight back feelings of want & fondness because of the theory that a princess was meant for a prince, not for a duke.

Authors note: So I am finishing this off as a fluff story because most requests for part 2 wanted this as fluff and tbh I really wouldn’t know how to write a smut for a prince au right now. Its too hard huhu but maybe one day, as a drabble, not sure. Also, I might be adding a little side line story for Prince Jimin here, what do you think? Anyway, I hope you guys liked it! Feedback will make me really happy. Like srsly, talk to meeee :”)


“So think about it, when you actually verify all the forces of nature, I really do believe that the chicken came before the egg.”

You force out a wide smile, nodding your head almost too ecstatically at the prince you had just met a few hours ago, Kim Namjoon. You blink a few times, just realizing that he had finally stopped talking after almost 45 minutes of explaining random scientific theories to you that had you zoning out every 10 seconds. 

“Well.” You clap your hands, loud enough to have the tall prince jump in shock “You really know alot of things huh, Prince Namjoon?" 

The tall boy lets out a shy smile, his dimples immediately popping out of his cheeks as he rubs the back of his head. "Thank you, I could tell you more-" 


 A random arm reaches out for you and you all but gasp when Jungkook places both his hands on your shoulders, a wide eyed look on his face reflecting horror. 

 "The tea is running out! The queen is panicking, we need your help.“ Jungkook then turns to Namjoon 

"The country needs their princess." 

 "Um, cause we’re out of tea?” Namjoon bobs his head to the side but Jungkook simply nods his head so convincingly that the taller boy decides to excuse himself before giving you both a short bow. 

Once out of earshot, Jungkook’s features shift into a enjoyed look as he claps his hands. 

“You’re welcome.” He beams.

“For what?“ You frown, watching as your cousin eyed the garden silently. 

"For saving you from Mr. Snooze fest over there. Jesus, all the other guys were drinking together last night and he just wouldn’t fucking stop talking about the big bang theory and how it was just a myth." 

You bite back a smile as you link your arms with Jungkook, casually making your way around the garden where brunch was set for everyone in the castle, courtesy of your mother. 

"You’re terrible, you know that?” You hum, smiling and waving at certain people who greet you. 

 "You still love me though princess.“

"I’m forced by blood.”

“So.” Jungkook beams as he turns to you, eyes twinkling “Which one of the princes are you fondling some time soon?”

“Wh-What?” You choke on your own spit and Jungkook has to stand in front of you as he laughs, trying to block you off from the eyes of the other guests, protecting the image of the castle’s precious gem.

“Oh come on , Noona.” He rolls his eyes “This get together is basically your Mom’s blind date for you. You know how the Queen wants you off with some noble prince and shit." 

"Well I dont like any of the princes.” You snap, annoyed that everyone was thinking of marrying you off with some random prince from who knows where. Did anyone even bother asking you how you felt about all this?

 "So you do like that Duke kid.“ Jungkook hums and your eyes immediately widen as you snap your head up to look at him. 

 "What did you say?" 

"Hmmm?” Jungkook mutters unconsciously as his eyes follow one of the visiting castle’s duchess who was smiling fondly at him. 

 "Jeon Jungkook!“ You hiss and he turns to you with a sheepish smile before he’s shrugging. 

"The other prince’s were talking last night. Saying that you were too nice to that Duke Taehyung. Found it weird that you were hanging around him too much.”

“And why would they bloody care?” You bark back, eyes now scanning the garden for the numerous princes you were going to be glaring at for the rest of the day. 

“Jealous, probably.” He shrugs. He watches you knowingly, eyes reflecting adoration for his older cousin. You had spent your younger years constantly protecting Jungkook from those who bullied him but now that he was taller than you, the young boy decided it was his time to protect you.  

“Well they can go fuck their selves in the as-”

“Language Y/n!” You cringe at the sound of your mothers voice before you turn around and give her a bright smile, acting as if nothing had happened. 
“Hi mom.“ 

She clicks her tongue at you before taking your face in her hands, examining you for any imperfection. You frown at her while Jungkook snickers at you teasingly.

"These boys are doing their best to win your favor, Y/N. You shouldn’t speak so ill of them when one of them could be-”

You were already rolling your eyes even before she could finish her sentence. 

You step away from her grasp, a sudden jolt of anger bubbling inside of you “Mother, could we please drop this?" 

"This is how me and your father had met, would you please at least consider-”

“Mom, you and dad are the exception! That doesn’t mean all princess’ and all princes are gonna find true love the way you had. What if my true love turns out to be the rusty old man up the southern hills? Yet I can’t end up with him cause you’re so focused on having me married off to some prince. Can we just please not talk about this!”

You take in a breath as you stare at your mother who was blinking at you, shocked that you had gotten so riled up. 

“Y/n” She opens her mouth, hoping to say something but its suddenly cut off when the head maiden taps the Queen’s shoulder, whispering something that has your mother widening her eyes before she’s holding up her dress in her hands and marching away. 

 You blow out a breath as you drop your head, suddenly feeling tired, watching your mother disappear into the castle doors. 

“Dont be so hard on yourself.” Jungkook offers you a soft smile, arms wrapping around your shoulders for support “She just wants whats best for you." 

You give him a short nod before your snapping your head up to the sound of a loud cackle that sounded all too familiar. As if by destiny, your eyes immediately find Taehyung who was seated by a round table, a wide smile on his face as he chatters animatedly with the girl beside him. She throws her curly brown hair back, hands covering her mouth as she giggles at the joke the young duke must have said. The rest of the women around the table smiled widely at him, amused by the antics of the young duke who was too busy laughing at his own joke. Your hands ball unconsciously by your sides as you feel your chest constrict in sudden anger. You hadn’t even noticed that you were walking towards their table only until you found Jimin looking up at you curiously from Taehyung’s side, the young duke on the other hand was too busy talking to even notice you were there at all. 

"Princess? To what do we owe the honor?” Jimin hums, gracefully rising from his seat. The mention of your name has Taehyung stopping mid sentence and snapping his head to look up at you. You force yourself not to turn to him, to not even acknowledge his presence as you smile down at Jimin. 

“Care to walk with me?” You ask  and you do not comment on the way his eyes widen before he spares a glance at the boy beside him. Taehyung’s fists unconsciously clench by his sides as he watches you take your lips between your lips as you await the young prince’s answer. 

“Me?” Jimin mutters confused but slowly rises to his feet either way. 

“Yes, you.” You nod, finally gaining the courage to turn to Taehyung whose jaw was now locked as he kept his eyes trained on you, his expression completely unreadable. 

You force down the shudder that threatened to rake through you as you turn on your heels, waiting for Jimin to stand beside you. Once he was up on his feet and by your side, you link your arm through his and start walking. 

“So, is this to get him jealous?” Jimin finally asks once you were a good few feet away, out of Taehyung’s earshot.

“What?” You feign innocence, eyes glancing around in nervousness, suddenly regretting your decision of inviting the prince for a walk.

“Cause Tae’s a pretty jealous guy, especially when it comes to things he really wants.”

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.” You glare at him but Jimin’s bright chuckle disintegrates any form of anger you had felt at all. It was as if his laugh alone could open up the heavens and clear the skies. 

“Your secret is safe with me, princess. I know you like my cousin.” He shrugs “And he likes you too, he’s just too scared.”

“Of what?” The question is out of your mouth before you can even stop yourself, curiosity getting the better of you. Jimin eyes you joyfully, wanting to tease you for being so blunt about your feelings towards his cousin. Yet when the young prince notices the flash of worry that had crossed your face, he decided this was no time for jokes.

“The status quo.” Jimin mumbles “He doesn’t look like it, but Taehyung’s probably the most honorable man I’ve ever met. And since people expect princes and princess’ to end up together, he’s scared of even liking you at all.”

“What a joke.” You growl, hiding the slight crack of your heart after discovering Taehyung’s train of thought.

 "I honestly can’t believe everyone’s is still thinking this way!“

"I know.” Jimin nods “Everyone kind of wants to make our choices for us.”

You are quiet for a few seconds, just realizing that Jimin was going through the same situation you were. He was being set up to be partnered to a princess he wasn’t even sure he even liked. Jimin was expected to marry a princess. Jimin’s own choices were being taken away by the status quo too.  

 "This is ridiculous!“ You hiss, suddenly feeling angry for the young prince beside you. 

"Very.” Jimin nods, suddenly stopping when you had reached the farthest corner of the garden “"I’m sorry to say this, but I believe I’ll have to be leaving you now, princess.“ 

 "What?” You frown, shocked by the sudden turn of your conversation “You wont be walking with me back there?" 

"No” Jimin smiles, gently angling his head the side “Cause my cousin’s just about ready to choke me while hiding behind one of those trees right now.” .

You don’t follow his gaze but you believe him, suddenly feeling the presence of someone else watching you. Taehyung had followed the both of you all the way here just to spy on you?

“You two behave.” Jimin chuckles as he stuffs his hands into his pockets, taking a step backwards.

“Jimin?” You call out to him, your voice lowering “You said he gets jealous easily?”

“Very easily, why?” Jimin bobs his head to the side as a wide grin spreads across your face. 

“Good” You mutter before you step forward and press a chaste kiss against his cheek. Jimin’s eyes widen for a few seconds before he’s biting back a laugh and shaking his head, realizing what you were doing. 

“You two are going to be perfect for each other.” Jimin mutters before he’s stepping back and walking away from you. You play with your fingers quietly, watching the blonde prince disappear behind line of trees before the sound of a tree branch snapping has you jumping in shock. 

You turn back and find Taehyung sitting cross legged on the bench, hands lying flat behind him as he leans back and bobs his head to the side, eyes digging into you dangerously. 

“So, I see you’ve found your prince?” The venom in his voice causes the hair on your arms to stand as you wrap your arms around yourself and feign innocence. 

“Just like how you’ve found your duchess? She’s beautiful by the way, owns a lot of lands up north, I heard.”

“Dumb as a rock though.” He mutters before he’s pushing himself up on his feet. 

“Isn’t that the trend now a days?” You shrug. 

“Jimin snores.” Taehyung suddenly announces “And he never shares his fries, not even if you ask nicely. He also wears heel inserts! He’s not a fan of sweets and he sleeps during movies!” He’s waving his hands in the air, a sudden wave of emotion taking over him as his lips pout out almost childlike as he watches your reaction. 

"My my.” You smile, suddenly amused “Is our duke speaking ill of our prince?" 

"I dont fucking care.” He growls. 

“Jimin seems nice though.” You say as you step forward, watching the vein’s on Taehyung’s neck tighten as he forces his anger down. 

“He is nice but he- he cant” He sighs “He’s not-" 

You step even closer to him, head bobbing to the side as you urge him to finish his sentence. You slowly stand on your tip toes and Taehyung’s eyes look at you from left to right as you place your hands on his chest and press a chaste kiss against his lips. Before the duke could lean down and press against the kiss deeper, you pull away and smile up at him. 

"He’s not you?" 

Fuck“ He breaths out, eyes shutting as his arms wrap around you protectively, as if you’d disappear if he didn’t hold on tight enough "Please dont say that." 

"Why not?” You hum, wrapping your arms around his neck, your adoration for the beautiful boy vibrating off of you.. 

I might like it.” He answers, voice straining, eyes opening and staring deeply into your own brown orbs.

“Good.” You smile, your worries earlier when talking to Jimin washing away. Maybe all Taehyung needed was a little shove to finally give up his stand on honor. Maybe all you needed to do was be the aggressive one. Maybe you were all Taehyung really needed to push down his doubts of being with you. 

But suddenly Taehyung is pushing you back as he shakes his head. "No, no. We can’t do this. Who am I kidding , Y/N? You’re a princess!“ 

The comments shocks you, your mouth snapping open as you glare at him, suddenly feeling as though you’ve been slapped.
"What does that have to do with anything?”

“EVERYTHING! I’m a duke, Y/N. Just a duke. You’re a princess, this castle’s princess! One day you’re going to be queen! You’re supposed to-" 

"Dont you fucking say it.” You warn him, command lacing your voice. 

Taehyung shuts his mouth obediently and you have to fight back the urge to rip your hair out of your head as you glare at him. You felt sick. You’re head was spinning as your chest tightened painfully while your hands shook in anger.

“You’re meant to be with someone like Jimin. Someone with that title.” He mutters after a beat and you end up scoffing in disgust. 

“You know whats funny? My entire life, people had always treated me different. Always acted like I was hard to reach or wasn’t even worth being treated anything less than my status.” You pause for a bit, eyes searching his “Then I met you and I actually felt human for a bit. Felt a little bit normal for once. I thought you actually saw the person in me.”

“Of course I do.” Taehyung mutters “But at the end of the day Y/N, you’re still a princess and I’m just.. me." 

"That just means I’m nothing more than my status to you.” You smile at him sadly. You take a step back and Taehyung watches you, eyes  widening as he steps forward, a sudden wave of fear taking over him. He had felt your walls building, felt you shutting off your emotions, felt you pulling away from him.

What had he done?

“I’ll be taking my leave now.” You force out, almost feeling your voice crack in frustration. 

“Wait- Y/N. No, dont. I dont know what to do. What should I do?” Taehyung mutters, eyes searching yours, his hands clenching by his sides. 

“Good day, Duke Kim.” You mutter, finally turning away from him and marching back towards the crowd. You drone out the loud chatter as you weave pass people, even excusing yourself from the few princes who tried talking to you. You make your way inside the castle, pushing your heels off of your feet as you take the stairs up two at a time. The maids watch you all but run on your way down the hall and into the safety of your own room. Once the door had shut and you were sure you were alone, you let out the breath you had been holding since walking away from Taehyung. Your eyes then squeeze shut, the corners dripping with tears of frustration. You furiously wipe your cheeks with the back of your hands, you chest constricting as his words replay in your mind. You slide down against the door, your knees curling against your chest as you force the tears away. 

You are not your status. .

You are not a princess.

You are you. 

The next 5 days pass painfully slow for Taehyung. The young duke had spent his days locked in his own quarters or out at the shooting range, doing his best to stay busy and out of the castle halls. He then spent his nights at some tavern, trying to drown out every thought that had threatened to consume him if he was left alone to ponder. On the third day, a sudden mention of your name had slipped out of one of the prince’s mouths making Taehyung realize that he couldn’t stay here any longer.It was getting far too painful for him. So the young duke decided: It was time for him to go home.

 "Tae, come on. Do you really have to do this?“ Jimin sighs as he watches his cousin pull out his trench coat and slip it on.

"Of course I do.” Taehyung forces out a smile, pretending to be unfazed “I’ve got lands to tend to, Jimin. This was fun and all but this was for you, not for me." 

Bullshit. Jimin had wanted to say, wanting nothing more than to call out his cousin for his bluff. But the prince thought better of it as he kept his tongue between his lips and nodded. 

"Then at least stay for the commentary? The royal family is speaking today and even the princess will be-" 

"You’ll keep me updated.” Taehyung smiles, cutting the conversation as he grabs his bag and starts making his way towards the door. 

“Are you taking the train?” Jimin asks, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he tries catching up to the large strides of his cousin. 

“Yeah, it’s leaving in 2 hours.” Taehyung nods looking down the hall and smiling at the servants who were bidding him farewell. 

“Ah, the announcements will be beginning by then.” Jimin nods. 

Taehyung was about to open his mouth and answer when a shade of scarlet suddenly has him stopping on his tracks and shutting his mouth, his heart slamming against his chest. 

You had stepped down the hall, looking down at the notebook which one of your maidens had held, reminding you about certain topics to address later. Just as the first time he had met you, you had looked completely breath taking. Taehyung couldn’t even find a word to describe you in your gorgeous knee length dress, the color reflecting the redness of a freshly picked apple. Your hair was down today, flowing softly down your shoulders while a light shade of red blessed your lips. 

His princess was as gorgeous as ever. 

 As if feeling his gaze, you snap your head up, eyes immediately locking with Taehyung’s. The young duke had stayed rooted to the ground, making no signs of moving as his eyes just took you in. His bag was casually slung over his back, his trench coat swaying with the slight blow of the wind. You clear your throat before telling your maiden to wait. You slowly approach the two boys, your knees shaking and your heart doing 8-0-8′s in your chest but your expression had remained calm and cool. Jimin glances back and forth between you two, the tension thick in the air. 

“Leaving so soon, dear duke?” You ask, your throat tightening at the effort to sound indifferent. 

“Sadly yes, I’ve got duties to fulfill at home.” Taehyung nods, not revealing any form of emotion. 

“I’m sure you do, you’re quite the honorable man.” You smile, yet the venom in your voice was so clear that Jimin had to press his lips together, hiding back a wince. 

Taehyung purses his lips before giving you a slight nod, holding back the need to wrap his arms around you and claim you as his.
“I wish you good luck during your announcements." 

"You’re not staying till then?” Your eyes had widen unconsciously and Taehyung had to frown at your reaction. Why were you so surprised? 

“Sadly no, my train is leaving in 2 hours.” Taehyung mumbles, fingers drumming against his thigh nervously. 

“Oh.” You nod, forcing down the disappointment as you meet his gaze 

“Well, I hope you take care,” A long pause fills the air as you study his features quietly for the last time. This was going to be the last time you saw the young duke. 


Taehyung’s eyes widen at the mention of his name but you were already turning to look back at your maiden to even notice his reaction. You walk pass the two boys and Taehyung’s eyes follow you, his heart crying out inside his chest as his lips tremble at the effort to contain himself. 


You tap your foot lightly against the floor, your heels clicking against the wooden layer. Your mother has to place her hands on your lap to stop your movements, her grip tightening as a simple warning. You give her a sheepish smile before turning to look back at your father who was just finishing his own speech. 

“Nervous?” You mother whispers, noticing the clenching and unclenching of your fists. 

“No.” You shake your head. To be honest, you really weren’t nervous about the speech at all. In fact you would have rather spent your time practicing archery than being here. No, you weren’t nervous. 

You were disappointed.

Disappointed that Taehyung had chosen to leave today. Disappointed that he couldn’t even stay for a few more hours and hear your speech. Disappointed that he looked fine. Disappointed that maybe you were the only one with the attraction to begin with. Disappointed that after all this time, you still craved the young duke above anyone else.

“Darling, it’s your turn.” Your mother cuts your train of thought and you snap your head up, greeted by the waiting crowd. 

“Oh.” You mumble before your up on your feet and making your way to the podium. You smile at the crowd, greeting them courteously before starting. You begin by talking about the basic issues: road repairs planned for the month, your trip to the neighboring Kingdom next month, your fathers decision to stop the trade with the east kingdom. They all listen attentively, nodding their head in understanding at the simple facts that you were stating. 

You give them all one glance before you’re clearing your throat, warning them of the sudden topic change. 

“Alright!" You smile before setting your notebook down "Now, to address the elephant in the room." 

Your eyes find Jimin’s against the crowd and he gives you a supportive smile. You turn to the empty seat beside him and push down the feeling of sadness that claws against your chest. You shake the feeling away before you let out a steadying breath and smile.

"As you all know, my mother had somehow set this little get together of the kingdoms in hopes to find me a partner.” You hum and turn to your mother teasingly while she just rolls her eyes at you. The crowd chuckles lovingly at you both and you turn back to look at them with bright eyes. 

“As a princess, I know it is expected of me to fall for someone of the same stature. Everyone in the room is probably expecting me to marry some prince to keep the perfect blood line” You notice the princes adjust their coats as they sat higher in their seats, waiting for you to finish.

“But something my dad told me a few years ago really has me thinking twice about all these expectations of me." 

Your father bites back a smile as he turns to your mother who was now arching an eyebrow in question. 

"My dad told me, that the most important thing in the world is for one to be happy. He even explained that love can make someone so happy that it blinds you. So I asked him if my mom was his happiness, he said: ‘Yes, because I love her. But daring I love you too, so that makes you another one of my happiness. How lucky am I?’

“I adored that, I adored their love, I adored their happiness, I adore them." You smile, playing with your fingers as you forced yourself not to look back at your mother. 

"Dad was a prince and Mom was a princess. They were a fairy tale that came true and to this day, they remain completely and utterly perfect for each other. So a few years ago, I asked my dad when I would find my prince, and this line is really what stuck to me: 

'darling, I don’t want you to find a prince. I want you to find a person. Someone who makes you happy, someone who brings out sides of you that you never knew you had, someone who lives their lives everyday just so they can love you. Someone to be your person. 

Thats what I want you to find

You scan the crowd and see the princes gawking at you, amazed that their own hidden feelings were being spoken out loud. They were people of stature who were also stripped of their choices because of the way of thinking of the masses. 

"That means that that someone could be anyone. It could be a prince, a duke, an old fruit trader, the farmer up the hill, or even the little fisherman’s son by the lake.” You shrug your shoulders “So, my dear princes, I’ve gotten to know all of you these past days and all of you are wonderful. Any woman would be lucky to have you but that woman wont be… 

it won’t be me." 

"Have you found someone who makes you happy?” Comes the loud question of Prince Jin, his eyes smiling as he stares at you knowingly. You press your lips together before bobbing your head to the side. 

“I might’ve.” You mumble more to yourself than to the crowd "Or I thought I did.“ 

You shake your head before smiling, once again pushing down the sadness "So I hope you don’t take this with an ill heart, my dear princes. I just want all of us to find what truly makes us-" 

A pair of eyes suddenly capture your attention as the words die down on your lips. You had stood frozen, the sound of your heart slamming against your chest being only sound you could hear in the room of more than a hundred people. The curve of his lips has you widening your eyes as you watch him cross his arms and lean against the wall for support. 

 ”Finish“ You read his lips and are suddenly pulled out of your frozen state, looking back down at your notebook and trying to remember what you were supposed to say. As if sensing your distress, your father had come up behind you, placing his arms on your shoulder and smiling to the crowd. 

"What truly makes all of you happy.” He finishes for you and the loud claps that filled the room makes you jump in shock, not expecting such a reaction. Your father chuckles at you before placing a soft kiss against your temple.

“Your little duke is here?” He whispers and you turn to him with wide questioning eyes. 

“I know everything, darling.” He chuckles “It is my kingdom." 

"Daddy!” You growl at him but he just winks at you before he’s clapping his hands, asking the crowd to settle down. 

“Alright, so now that the announcements are over, I’d like to invite all of you to the dinning hall where dinner is being served!” Your father smiles then turns to you, eyes filled with nothing but affection. 

“Stay and talk some sense into him. I heard he’s too honorable that one.” He chuckles. 

“You have no idea.” You roll your eyes before you grasp his hand, thanking him. The crowd waits for the king and queen to exit the room before they’re all following them out, flocking out the large wooden doors. You turn to look back at where Taehyung had stood, watching as he kept his eyes solely on you while rows of people pass him. You could feel your throat drying, your heart beating wildly against your rib cage as your palms had started sweating.

A princess’ palms should never sweat.

Once the last person was out the door, you decide to feign ignorance by pretending to fix your notes, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing how much he had shook you. Your heart patters in rythm with his steps against wooden floor as he slowly moves forward. 

“Are you not going to acknowledge my presence?“ You hear his voice and the butterflies that flutter in your stomach has you shutting your eyes. It was so good to hear his voice again, to assure you that you weren’t hallucinating and that he really was here in front of you. That he really had stayed. 

"Why should I? When does the princess have to address the duke?” You arch an eyebrow, testing him.

“Oh, but I’m not a duke.” He shakes his head, stepping closer to the podium, eyes twinkling as he looked up at you. 

“And what would you be then?” You bob your head to the side, suddenly breathless at the intensity of his gaze. 

“A prince, a duke, an old fruit trader, the farmer up the hill or even the little fisherman’s son by the lake.” He smiles “A person." 

You had not intended to show him any level of your happiness but you couldn’t stop the smile that had spread on your face as your heart screamed for his name. 

"Really now? I thought, you were a duke and I was a princess?”

“Fuck the system. Fuck the rules. Fuck being honorable.” Taehyung curses and you let out a chuckle, covering your mouth with your fingers. Taehyung growls at the fact that you had covered your face but the sight of your rosy cheeks was enough to calm him. 

Y/N,  Let me be your person.”

Your world had stopped spinning. Your vision had blurred and your heart was too forgone as you nod your head and drop your hands from your face.  
“Then stop being so damn honorable and get up here." 

Taehyung shakes his head, his nose scrunching up as he bit back a smile "But I like looking up at you, you have no idea how bloody beautiful you look right now.”

You bite the inside of your cheeks before rolling your eyes, your ears heating up at the compliment.
 "Kim Taehyung I will order the guards to be off with your head if you dont get up here and kiss me." 

The laugh that escapes his lips are music to your ears. You let out a smile as you watch Taehyung climb on the stage, not wasting any time as his arms suddenly reaches out for you. You meet him half way, letting him pull you towards him as you snake your arms around his neck. Taehyung gazes at your face for a few seconds, his eyes unbelieving at the fact that he had come to adore you so much in such a short span of time. 

You were going to ask him what was wrong but the young duke suddenly takes your lips against his own and you swore you could see sparks flying behind your eyelids. Taehyung’s kisses was your own absolute downfall. 

The contented sigh that leaves Taehyung’s lips causes you to smile against his lips. Taehyung would never admit out loud  just how long he had been wanting to kiss you again. His nights were filled of dreams of kissing you or at least holding you in his arms once again. His days were filled with the thought of you, from the way you smile all the way to how your toes would curl when you laughed. 

You were Taehyung’s one and only thought. 

He threads his hands through your hair, angling his head to the side and deepening the kiss. You playfully nibble on his lower lip and the guttural sound that escapes his throat has you digging your nails against the back of his neck. Taehyung opens his mouth and you immediately explore it with your tongue, only to have his own tongue flick against yours. His hands travel from your hair down to your waist, gripping you tighter as you ran your hands from his neck down to his collarbones then down his chest. Taehyung hadn’t mean to but his hands found their way against your behind, squeezing for dear life as he swallows back a moan that threatened to leave his lips. You gasp at the action, pulling away from him but placing your forehead against his, the seductive smile on your face just enough to drive any man mad.

"Not so noble now are we?” You smile and Taehyung lets out a low chuckle before pecking your lips and squeezing your ass once more. 

“Not today, princess.” You bite your lower lip in completely adoration, knowing that Taehyung had not called you by your ranking but instead used the term as a pet name. You were just about to place another kiss against his lips when someone clearing their throat causes you to snap your head back, ready to scream out a command to throw him into the castle cells for disturbing you. 

“I’d like you to get your hands off of my daughters-” The king doesnt finish his sentence, shaking his head as his eyes glares lasers on where Taehyung’s hands had laid. The young duke immediately lifts his hands in the air, as if surrendering to the enemy as his eyes double their usual size, fear coursing through him.

He steps away from you causing you to click your tongue and cross your arms over your chest, the spoiled princess in you coming out. 

“Daddy, I swear!" 

"Time for dinner.” The King clicks his tongue sparing one glance at Taehyung then turning to look back at you “Now would the spoiled princess and her handsy duke hurry up? The people are waiting.”

“What type of king walks all the way over here to say that! You could have asked one of the guards to do this! You were eavesdropping daddy, dont you lie!” You hiss but Taehyung immediately covers your mouth with his hands as he smiles at your father. 

“We’re coming, your highness.” He says.

You glare at him, spitting profanities that were being muffled by his hand against your mouth. Taehyung pinches your nose to silence you and you immediately slap his hand away in shock. He lets out a loud chuckle as you stare up at him in rage, threatening to be off with his head yet again. Taehyung mocks your voice and your mouth drops open as you pinch his sides only to have the young duke wrap his arms around you and throw you over his shoulders as he smiles brightly at your father.

“We’re coming, sire.” He chuckles as you scream out his name only to end up laughing as you slapped his behind.

“I swear to god, Taehyung, if you drop me!” You giggle as Taehyung passes by your father to exit the ballroom.

“You’ll be fine.” Taehyung hums, fingers pinching the back of your leg teasingly. You growl at him and let out a wicked smile before you dig your teeth against his lower back emitting a loud scream from the young duke as he slowly puts you back on your feet and stares wide at your bite mark. 

“THAT’S GONNA FUCKING SCAR.”Taehyung screeches as your start skipping down the halls, a wide smile on your face.

“YOU’LL BE FINE.” You mock him.

The king bites back a smile as he leans against the door frame. Watching as Taehyung chases after you, a wide smile on his face as he listened to your laughs echo down the halls. Your father shakes his head before adjusting his crown and letting out a proud grin.

“I guess some girls want a man who won’t treat them like a princess.”

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punk phil swears he's not gay, until he and pastel dan hangout, and dan gives him the greatest bj he's ever gotten and still swears he's straight ?

Warning: Smut; Blow jobs, dirty talk (if you squint), Dan’s in a skirt and leggings, bad flirting, etc.

~Phil swears he’s straight, no matter how attractive a guy may be, Phil is straight and by no means will he ever ever ever be attracted to guys.

~Phil is a punk, he’s the cool, tough exterior type that likes girls and rides motorbikes. Until he becomes friends with Dan.

~Phil gets stuck with Dan for a group project, and they’re working on the same half of it together.

~Dan is Dan. He wears pink skirts and lacey tights, pale colors and white clothes. The day Phil comes to Dan’s for a school project, Dan is wearing a pale pink jumper and white leggings, with a short and ruffled light grey skirt.

~Phil is straight. No matter how much Dan looks like a girl, no matter how much Dan looks like a guy, no matter how cute and pretty the pastel teen is, Phil is straight.

~Dan says he is gender fluid, which is why some days he wears girly things and some days he wears manly things, but he’s a boy no matter his gender identity. Phil doesn’t understand.

~Phil also doesn’t understand why when Dan bends over to pick up something, tidying his room so it’s more presentable, Phil doesn’t understand why he can’t stop staring at Dans ass.

~Phil doesn’t understand when Dan chews the end of his pencil, why he wants the teens pink lips wrapped around his cock.

~Phil doesn’t understand when Dan sits cross cross, why he wants to move his hand up his skirt and slowly stroke his length until the pastel tease cums and ruins his pretty skirt.

~Phil does understand that he’s straight. But maybe not when it comes to Dan Howell.

~Dan smiles at him and stands up, twirling around a bit as he looks for his notebook, getting it off his piano and sitting on the bed, smiling at Phil. “Okay so we need to make a quiz to give at the end of the presentation.” He says.

~Phil’s nods to his words, not understand what he said, more focused on the memory of Dan twirling and his pretty skirt flying up.

~Dan giggles at him again and looks at him. “You seem distracted. What’s going on in your heavily pierced noggin.”

~Phil shakes his head and smiles at him, shrugging. “Ah. Just usual worries. Does your mum know you wear skirts and stuff?” He asks.

~Dan nods and looks at him, his dimples showing as he grinned. “Yeah she does. She kinda supports it since she always wanted a girl but never had one. Just her two boys.” He smiled.

~Phil smiles and nods. “Alright. That’s fair.” He hums. “You look really cute in skirts.” He comments, not really thinking about it.

~Dan giggles and shrugs again, his cheeks a bit rosy at the compliment. “Thank you. Some people say I look a little funny in them since I’m a boy but I think my features are pretty androgynous so the look works for me.” He explained.

~Phil just nods along. “You’re hot.” He blurts awkwardly, not thinking still as he spoke.

~Dan giggles a little more, looking down and fidgeting with his skirt to hide his blush. “I’m nottttt.” He insisted. “I just have a really good ass.”

~Phil chuckled and nodded. “I swear I’m straight. I’m straight. You’re just…really good looking.”

~Dan shrugs and looks up, leaning in a bit. “You’re not straight if you think I look good. If you were straight, a guy in a skirt would repulse you.” He said.

~Phil shrugs and looks at him, leaning closer too, not really realizing what he was doing still. “That’s not true. You just happen to look very, very good in a skirt.” He smiled.

~Dan smirks and leaned in and presses his lips to Phil’s, kissing him hard for a moment.

~Phil kisses back, moving a hand to the back of Dan’s head and pulling his hair gently as they kissed.

~Dan moves forward, standing up on his knees with Phil as they kissed, letting out a soft and feminine moan, turning Phil on even more.

~Phil kisses him roughly, nipping his bottom lip and tugging at it, moving his other hand to his lower back and slipping a couple fingers under the waist band of Dan’s skirt.

~Dan squeaks softly, not expecting Phil to move his hands so low so soon, his mouth opening and feelings Phil’s tongue slide into his mouth.

~Phil’s hands go under his skirt further, gripping his ass gently and hearing Dan moan into his mouth.

~Phil feeling his erection growing, pressing hard against his upper thigh in his jeans.

~Dan pushes Phil back, crawling on top of him and sitting on his hips, feeling Phil’s hard on press into him and smirking.

~Dan leans in and uses two fingers to tilt Phil’s head, kissing his jaw and neck, listening as his breathing hitches.

~Dan sits up and tugs at Phil’s shirt, asking him silently to take it off to which Phil complies, pulling it off and tossing it across the room.

~Dan hums and looks at him. “Straight. Okay.” His eyes roll playfully as he starts to kiss down Phil’s chest, scratching his sides as he does.

~Phil’s eye go back in his head, knowing where Dan was going with this and it had been so long since he’d gotten a good blow job he wasn’t complaining.

~Dan’s hands move down, undoing the button on Phil’s jeans and pulling down the zipper, looking up at him innocently.

~Dan starting to mouth over his length through his boxers, listening to Phil’s gentle gasps and muttered curses.

~Phil moves a hand to Dan’s hair, pulling gently and chewing his lip as he waits. He never thought he’d get blown by a guy.

~Dan stands up and pecked his lips, tracing over his jaw with his finger as he stood up and looking at him. “I saw you staring at my ass you know.” He says casually, pulling his leggings off and tossing them to the hamper in the corner.

~Phil groans softly, seeing Dan get back in position on the bed.

~Dan pulls out Phil’s length and licks his lips, wrapping them around his head and sucking teasingly, running the tip of his tongue through his slit.

~Dan lifts his lower half up, letting his ass sit in the air as he bobs his head a bit lower, teasing Phil and only going half way down. His skirt rides down, exposing his ass and he hears Phil groan when he sees it.

~Phil looks at it and sits up on his elbows to get a better view of Dan’s ass, his mouth working over his length. “Cheeky bastard…not wearing underwear.” He murmurs and looks at him, seeing Dan’s head bobbing down.

~Dan moans softly around him, bobbing his head down quickly and feeling a blush rise to his cheeks when he looked up, seeing phil staring at his ass.

~Phil groans softly, watching as Dan’s hips moved side to side. “You blow guys you just met 3 days ago often?” He asks with a smirk before moaning again.

~Dan looks up at him through his eye lashes, pulling off and stroking him quickly so he could talk. “What can I say. I’m always a slut for cock. It’d be an honor to have one your size fuck me.” He smirked before going back down, taking all of him and swallowing around him a few times, bobbing his head faster than before.

~Phil groans and leans back again, moving his hand back into Dan’s hair and pushing it back, grabbing a fist full and gripping it tightly and soliciting a moan out of Dan, sending vibrations up his cock.

~Phil starts to talk again, remembering Dan’s words. “I don’t know. I’m straight..” He mumbled, his words slurred as he grew closer. “Maybe I’d make an exception. I’d love to fuck that pretty ass of yours…oh god..” He mumbled still, bucking up his hips a bit and starting to thrust into Dan’s mouth. “So fucking close holy shit..”

~Dan smirks around him, doing his best and swirling his tongue around him each time he went up, swiping his tongue over ha slit to collect the precum pooling at his tip.

~Phil groaning loudly as he came,, bucking his hips erratically and hitting the back of Dan’s throat as he worked himself through his orgasm, feeling Dan swallow around him, effortlessly taking all he had to offer.

~Dan pulls off, the suction from his mouth making a small ‘pop’ noise as he did, looking up at him.

~Phil sits up, breathing heavily as he tried to calm down. “That was without a doubt the best blow job of my life.” He whispered.

~Dan rolling his eyes and smirks. “I’ve been told I do pretty well when it comes to giving head. Still straight?” He asked, his tone faux mocking him.

~Phil chuckles. “I’m still straight. But maybe next time we work on this project I’ll make an exception and fuck that ass of yours.” He smirks. “Still straight though.”

~Dan just rolls his eyes and nods. “Sounds perfect.”

A/N: I went haywire with this it’s more of a fic at this point. Also sorry anon but I worship Dan in skirts and leggings and tights and pretty girly things. It’s just…so damn perfect. Also send me head canon prompts✨

Imagine cooking dinner for Chris at your apartment.

This is part 2, here’s part 1. You don’t really need to read part 1 to get into part 2, they’re one shots with a continuation between each one. It’s up to you which one you want to read. I’ll link any other parts I write in relation to this, just keep an eye out.

You stood over the stove and monitored your tomato and basil soup while Chris laid sprawled out on your sofa browsing your vinyl collection. You glanced over your shoulder at him and smiled; you were very happy with how things were progressing between you and him. He was surprisingly comfortable with you despite having only known you for a week, and in that week, the two of you had gone on three proper dates with tonight being said third. The dinner was supposedly meant to be the first date but you needed time to create a menu and he just couldn’t stay away.

“Yes!” Chris cheered excitedly and you narrowed your eyes in confusion, looking over at him. He held up the ‘The Little Mermaid’ record with a goofy grin on his handsome face. “You said you wanted to hear me sing every song on The Little Mermaid, right?” He asked rhetorically and you laughed, turning back to your soup. “Now’s your chance.”

He walked over to the record player and switched the record you had playing with his record of choice. The music to ‘Part of Your World’ started playing and the second Ariel’s voice came through, so did Chris’.

“Look at this stuff,
Isn’t this neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s
Complete?” He sang and twirled his way over to you.

“Oh my God,” you laughed.

“Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl,
The girl who has everything?” He grabbed you by the waist and pulled your back into his front. You smiled, using your free hand to snake around his neck as you leaned into him; he pressed a soft kiss on your neck. “You smell ridiculously good for someone who’s been slaving away all day.” He whispered seductively, his lips sending vibrations into your skin.

“You promised you wouldn’t be distracting if I let you come earlier,” you reminded him and he chuckled softly then continued to nibble at your skin. “Chris,” you half-whined, half giggled. “Go do something productive.”

“Like you?” He teased then swatted your ass playfully before moving over to the island bench behind you. “What can I do?” He asked, slapping his hands together. “You’ve practically done everything already.”

That was true. You’d sorted out the desserts the day before because they needed time to set and unlike the rest of your dishes, they could be checked off and set aside. The starters and entrées you had gotten out of the way earlier in the day and you were nearly done with the mains, basically all you had to do was plate up. So you decided it was time to have your shower, change into that little black dress he was dying to see you in and apply some makeup so the real date could start.

“True.” You turned off the stove and removed your apron, setting it aside. “I better go get ready then. Can you give me about half an hour?” You asked, pulling your long hair out of its pony tail and letting it cascade over your shoulders.

“Take all the time you need,” he said then grinned. “Just know that the longer you take, the later we’ll start and the higher the chance of me spending the night here.” He winked and you chuckled softly, shaking your head. “You can use that information however you want, baby.”

“In that case…” You bit your lower lip flirtatiously and padded over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck. He smirked then watched your lips intently as you leaned in; just as he was about to kiss you, you moved inches away and whispered. “Let’s just start dinner now.”

He gave you a deadpan expression and you threw your head back laughing. “You’re hilarious,” he couldn’t help but break and smile. “Go shower,” he lightly patted your butt as you turned on your heel, “you dirty girl.”

“Right away, Cap,” you threw a wink at him over your shoulder then disappeared down the hallway.

Your shower was a lot shorter than usual, leaving the belting out of your favorite songs for another time. You walked out of your ensuite with a towel wrapped around you and you slipped on a matching set of bra and panties from Victoria’s Secret, just in case Chris ended up spending the night. You grabbed your black lace dress that you’d laid out on your bed and put it on in front of a mirror so you could check yourself out; you had to make sure there weren’t any loose threads or weird creases.

You used dry shampoo in your hair then lightly curled the ends before working on your face. You kept it simple with a little bit of concealer and foundation, a swipe of blusher and mascara, then your signature red lip. You didn’t like using too much makeup, you believed it was only there to enhance your natural beauty which you were definitely blessed with. You accessorized yourself with simple pieces of jewelry; a pair of teardrop shaped diamond earrings, your silver charm bracelet which you’d since forever, and your lucky clover necklace that you never took off unless you were showering. Sliding your feet into your black stilettos, you made your way back out to join Chris.

He heard you coming with your heels clicking softly against your hardwood floor and echoing around your Manhattan loft. He saw you before you did him and he felt the air knocked out of his lungs. You caught his bright blue eyes then blushed when you saw how his smile was filled with adoration; he opened his mouth to speak but nothing seemed to have escaped.

“Stop looking at me like that,” you giggled.

“Like what?” His smile widened and he made his way over to you, taking your hands in his. “Like you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen?” He asked rhetorically but you nodded anyway. “I wish I could but- you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“You’ve work with Scarlett Johansson and Haley Atwell and Elizabeth Olsen and- a bunch of other very beautiful actresses,” you chuckled softly. “As much as I’d like to believe you, I can assure you I am not.”

“Are you calling me a liar?” He playfully poked you in your cheek, right where your dimple was. You giggled and he smiled, pressing a kiss on your forehead. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” he told you when he cupped your face with one hand. “I don’t care who I’ve worked with, I stand by that and I will as long as I’m alive.”

“You keep talking like that and we won’t make it to the dinner table,” you joked.

“Well-” he chuckled softly, “dessert doesn’t need to happen at the dinner table and it doesn’t need to happen at the end of the dinner. I’m a more non-traditional kind of diner, I prefer my sweets before my savory.” You laughed, knowing exactly what he was getting at. “And I see something particularly sweet that I’d like to have right now.” He walked you back into a wall and pinned you against it with his body. “What do you say, chef?” His hands gripped at your waist and you voluntarily jumped up, letting him lift you onto his hips. “Can we bend the rules a little bit?” He asked, smirking as your arms snaked around his neck.

“Only for you, Captain.”

In the process of writing part 3, be patient with me. X

Part 3 is done!

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AHEM kc + ‘i have to accomodate my little sibling to the doctor’s and they are totally freaking out but you tell them stories and they adore you now and holy shit i think i do too’

The little boy sitting next to her was whimpering.

               Caroline glanced down at the top of his head, covering in dark curly hair, and tapped her fingers on the back of the Vogue she had been reading.  But it wasn’t particularly interesting, and though the cute guy with dimples kept patting the boy’s shoulder, it was clear he didn’t know how to comfort the kid.

               “Do you like dragons?” she asked abruptly, and ignored Dimples when he shot her a suspicious glare in favor of smiling down at the boy who had looked up at her with wide brown eyes.

               “Y-yes,” he said, wiping his nose on the back of his hand and giving a another sniffle-whimper.

               “Well, I know dragons. Lots of great stories about them” – she handed him a Kleenex and lied between her teeth, because she totally didn’t know stories about dragons… unless you were talking adult romance novel dragons.  She paused and considered that, because if she took out the sex, she could totally make one of those into a kids story – “It all started with a woman named Aisling Grey…”

               She had just finished telling him about how Aisling and Drake, the dragon in the story, had decided to work together to solve a murder, when the a nurse entered the waiting room.

               “Henrik Mikaelson?”

               The boy looked up, his face falling when he realized that he wasn’t going to get to hear the end of the story.

               “I’ll still be here when you come back out,” Caroline assured him, and she would be.  She was just there to pick up Katherine, who could sit and wait with her, because Caroline had taken time out of her own busy schedule to pick her alcohol poisoned butt up.

               “Do you promise?” Henrik asked shyly, and Caroline solemnly crossed her finger over her heart.


               He nodded and then began to go toward the nurse, Dimples at his back, but he paused halfway there, whirled around, and rushed back to Caroline, throwing his arms around her and hugging her with all the strength in his tiny body.

               Caroline was so surprised she didn’t return the embrace at first, and by the time she had herself together again, he had already rushed off once more.  But Dimples moved a little slower, and when Caroline met his gaze, he gave her a slow, warm smile that had her belly fluttering.

               “God, I am so ready to be gone from this place!” Katherine declared, looking pale but otherwise okay.  She had a pair of dark sunglasses covering her face, and the sight made Caroline roll her eyes.

               “You’ll need to take a seat to wait.”

               Katherine blinked at her, when she began to read once more, carefully perching herself on the chair next to Caroline.

               “And why are we staying in the hospital?”

               “I promised a little boy I wouldn’t leave without saying good-bye.”

               Caroline buried herself behind the magazine, because she knew what look Katherine would be wearing, and she really didn’t want to deal with that.  No, her friend would tease her until the end of time because she was waiting to keep a promise to a little boy.

               She’d tease her even more, if she knew the butterflies that Dimple had caused her.  

               As though her words had summoned them, Henrik and his brother returned, the little boy’s eyes lighting up when he saw Caroline. Katherine sat up next to her, and Caroline knew her gaze was focused on Dimples, and she mentally cursed, because of course her beautiful, man eater of a best friend would take notice.

               “We were hoping you would come with us for ice cream,” it was Dimples that spoke, and he had an accent that made all of Caroline’s nerve ends hum in awareness.  She glanced up at him, and realized that even though Katherine was right there, pushing her boobs out just a little to gain attention, his eyes were focused entirely on her.

               “Oh… I…” and she glanced at Katherine, who looked at her over the lenses of her sunglasses before raising a brow, a wry smile crossing her lips.

               “If you could give her twenty minutes to get me home, she’ll meet you wherever you want.”

               Caroline blinked at her, and then Henrik drew her attention once more.

               “Please say yes.  Please?  Nik and I will even pay!”

               And somehow Caroline found herself sitting in front of Katherine’s apartment, feeling shell shocked with plans to meet the Mikaelson brothers.

               “How did that happen?” she asked Kat, who was sitting next to her.

               “The older brother used the younger to pick you up. It was very smoothly done.”

               When Caroline’s mouth dropped open in surprise, Katherine reached out to push it back into place gently.

               “Make sure you get his number, won’t you?  Hot British dude… I plan on living vicariously through you.”

In The Darkness (Bellamy Blake Fluff)

Summary ~ He is the only one that can calm you down, but he also know s when you are jealous.

Words ~ 1442

Requested ~ No

Everyone has a fear. Spiders. Height. Crowded places. Small spaces. Some people get over their fears or grow out of it. I never did get over my fear. I have had people laugh at me, and tell me it is silly. ‘Being scared of the dark is for kids’ They would say. Sometimes I get sick of it but then he gives me a hug ruffles my hair and tells me to shut up. He is always there when I need him and sometimes he is there when I don’t want him to be. When I got arrested for wasting power because of my stupid fear, Bellamy visited me every chance he could. When I was told that I was going to earth I didn’t even think about how amazing the opportunity was, I just thought about Bellamy. I thought about never seeing him again. And a little piece of my heart broke.
I walked around the woods looking at everything. It was amazing so much green, so much beauty. I heard a twig break behind me and I whipped my head around. But I couldn’t see anyone. I kept moving until I heard someone scream my name I turned around to see Octavia. I smiled running to her. I tackled her into a hug. I met Octavia a year after being friends with Bellamy. I was her only girl friend. I taught her to braid her hair, and I told her about boys. We bonded and promised that no matter what we would always have each others back.
“Octavia I am so happy to see you” I grinned.
“I missed you so much” She smiled back.
“Isn’t it amazing” I said as we walked back to camp.
“It is even better then I imagined” She whispered. “I missed our girly talks”
“I missed them too, so have you seen any guys that you think are hot?” I asked.
“Oh yeah there is so many fit guys here, but I know you only have eyes for one” She said wiggling her eyebrows. Octavia knew I had a crush on her brother. She promised to never tell him, even though she really wanted us to get together.
“Well there is no point in liking him any more” I laughed kinda sad.
“Why?” She asked.
“Well he is a bit far away”
“Only like half a mile” She laughed.
“What?” I said confused.
“Bellamy is on earth. Did you not know that?” She said shocked.
“He is here” I smiled.
“Oh my God we need to find him now” She grabbed my hand and we started running back to camp. We ran to the drop ship and started looking for him.
“There he is” Octavia smiled. I looked over and started grinning. He looked exactly the same but also completely different. He was taller and more handsome, he had more muscle, but he still had his dimples and his stupid concentration face. He turned his back talking to someone else.
“What are you waiting for” Octavia exclaimed.
“Bellamy” I shouted, and his head quickly turned hearing my voice. I ran straight into his arms. He pulled me close squeezing me tight. I felt at home again. I felt safe in his arms.
“I missed you so much” I whispered.
“I missed you too” He whispered back.
The rest of the day I stuck by Bellamy and Octavia. Mostly Bellamy, but every now and then I would go off with Octavia and she would tell me about something a guy said to her. I braided her hair while she told me some funny stuff about Bellamy I didn’t know.
“I mean have you seen him, I want to throw a bucket of water over him so he will take off his shirt and I can see his abs” Octavia groaned talking about Finn.
“Omg Octavia you really need some don’t you” I laughed.
“Excuse me, I bet you want it too if you would stop being a chicken and tell him, you would be in his tent right now” She winked laughing. Before I could reply Finn sat down beside us.
“Hello ladies” He smiled.
“Hey what’s up” I said.
“Hey Finn” Octavia said sending him a flirty smile.
“So what were you talking about? You looked like you were having fun”
“Oh just girly things” Octavia said quickly.
“Yeah nothing interesting” I laughed.
“Okay well I better get back to work, I hope I see you girls late” He winked before walking away. As we lost sight of him we started laughing.
It had got dark and thanks to a couple of the kids we had a fire. It was beautiful under the stars, the warmth of the fire, cuddled up beside Octavia, trying to tell scary stories but failing, because we kept laughing. The only thing that was ruining it and sending a pain through my heart was sitting across from me. Bellamy sat with some girl. She looked like something from a magazine. Perfect long blonde hair, perfect white teeth, perfect body. She was cuddled up to Bellamy, he had his hand wrapped around her waist and he looked like he was really enjoying it. I felt Octavia nudge me and I looked over to her to see her sending me a sympathy smile. I just nodded shrugging. I looked back over at them and sighed.
“We are running out of fire wood, someone go get some” Bellamy shouted. Everyone groaned not wanting to leave the warmth of the fire. I couldn’t stand looking at them any longer. I stood up walking towards the woods as I shouted over my shoulder that I would get the some. I walked around the woods picking up small logs. I picked up what I could carry and looked up. I started to realise how dark it was. It was so black, I could barely see the camp. All the tress looked the same. I couldn’t see, I felt so dizzy. I dropped the logs looking from left to right. Where do I go? Where is camp? It was so black I couldn’t breath, everything was blurring into each other. Trees were disappearing and being replaced with more darkness. I started breathing faster and faster, I felt like screaming. I ran my through my hair. Everything felt like it was spinning. I couldn’t control anything. I felt a warmth on my cheek and I could hear some calling my name. Suddenly Bellamy’s face was in front of me. The spinning stopped, and everything seemed a lot brighter.
“Calm. Calm. Everything is okay. I am here. Deep breath in and out” He spoke soothingly to me as my breathing calmed down. “What were you thinking coming out here by yourself” He said.
“I just didn’t want to sit at the fire any more” I spoke half truthfully.
“If you were too warm you could have just stepped back” He laughed.
“Lets just go back, you have someone to get back to anyway” I sighed.
“Wait. Are you jealous?” He smiled.
“No why would I be?” I lied.
“You are jealous of me being with that girl” He smiled.
“So what. I have a small crush on you. It doesn’t matter there are plenty of guys here, I am sure I will get over you” I said annoyed. Why was he smiling? Did he think it was funny? Does he think my feelings are a joke? “So lets go back to camp so I can sit with one of them” I said walking away. Before I could go far he grabbed my arm and twirled me around smashing his lips on mine. He had me pressed against a tree as he ran his hands up my sides. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled our bodies closer if it was even possible. The kiss was deepening and I was loving every part of it., We pulled away breathless. He just stared down at me smiling.
“I was trying to make you jealous” He whispered. “When I saw you with Finn, I decided to try and make you feel the jealousy I was feeling”
“That is so stupid” I laughed. “But it lead to this so maybe it was also kind of smart”
“Be mine. I want you to call you my girlfriend. I want to be the only person that can touch you” He whispered.
“I have wanted you to say that for so long” I sighed. “I would love to be yours” I smiled pulling him back into another kiss. He pulled back smirking.
“So are we sharing a tent tonight?”


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Monsta X reaction to you giving them a positive pregnancy test in a little box (Boyfriend ver.)


“What’s this?” Shownu picks up the pregnancy test from the box, scanning it before realizes what it is. 

“Are you… pregnant?” He asks, his voice shows confusion. You nod, a little worried how he would react, especially when you both are still young.

He stays silent, still staring at the test. His finger turns it around aimlessly, like as if he’s thinking something deeply. You start to feel anxious, but his head look up to see you again, making you hold your breath .

“Come here” He calls you. His eyes never left yours as you walk towards him timidly.

His strong arms wrap around your waist the moment you’re in front of him. He brings you closer to his body, planting a loving kiss on your cheek.

“This is great, really great” He mumbles into your ear, his lips slowly form a smile. 


“Pregnancy test?”

Wonho whispers to himself more, as you walk closer to him. Your hand place on his arm, afraid what’s to come from him.

“You’re pregnant…” He says, his face look at you. You bit your lips, your hand goes to your tummy.

His eyes follow along to look at it, before his lips turn into a slight smile.

“There’s going to be… little Wonho?” He mumbles.

“Little Wonho…” You say quietly,unconsciously follow along. You finally snaps out from the thought, as you grow worried. 

“But Wonho, we can’t do this…”

“Why not?” He asks. “We don’t have the money–”

“Leave the money to me, I’ll handle it” He tells you, his eyes focus back on your tummy. “I’ll make everything work well, when there’s two happiness for me now” He smiles adoringly at you, gently kissing your lips.


“It says positive…?” He mutters to himself, but enough for you to hear. 

“Oh my God, wait, you’re.. pregnant?” He asks you, his eyes widens in surprise. 

“Y-Yes, Minhyuk”

“Is it… ours?” He asks again, you could see him gulping. You nod, feeling bad suddenly. “I’m sorry, I know we’re still young and… financial issues…” You mumble off, getting upset at yourself.

You feel Minhyuk’s hand on your arm, lightly squeezing it for comfort. He smiles lovingly at you, making you halt.

“It’s nothing to be sorry for, it’s something to be thankful for instead” He says, holding your hands warmly.


Kihyun stands still, reading the pregnancy test on his palm. He alter no words, and it’s scaring you. You hear his deep sigh, before you see him turning around.

“How long has it been?” His cold tone echoes in the room, making you flinch a little.

“A week ago…” You reply, looking down on the floor.

“Why.. didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I was scared that you might –” 

“Get angry?” He finishes you off, before you nod to his statement. He sighs once more, approaching you as his palm places on your cheek.

“You know I’ll never get angry at you, right?” He says, his cute dimple smile appears on his face. “Especially to a being that we made together” He winks, making you feel ease as you smile with him.


“I…” Hyungwon says, his expression shows lost, when he finally saw the test.

“I’m sorry, Hyungwon” You needed to say that, after seeing his current state and it hurts you.

“N-No, don’t be… I’m just… surprised” He reasons, his eyes are still on the prenancy test.

“And I’m… happy” He continues. “I’m really happy”

“But Hyungwon… your career…” Your worried tone made him shake his head slowly.

“Don’t worry about my career, everything will be fine, especially when there’s another reason for us to have a future together” He says, his hand goes to your tummy as he smiles happily.


“You’re pregnant?” He asks, knowing what the answer is already. 

“Yes” You answer, trying to not panic over his unusual expression.

His worried face is visible to you, as you see him licking his dry lips. “So the baby… is our baby, right?”

“Yes, Jooheon” You become worried as well, you knew how much he had worked for his life, now with a baby in it makes you feel you’re at fault. 

He notices your expression, before he holds your hands. His eyes scan your face, his lips form a comforting smile.

“Let’s take care of the baby together then” He says, pecking your lips.


“Is it a…” He mutters, trying to read the test. “Positive…?” You listen to him talking by himself, as you try to stay calm.

“You mean…?” He turns around to face you. 

“I’m pregnant, Changkyun” You tell him, waiting for his response. He stares at the test again, awfully longer than you expected.

“I’ll try to find work, Changkyun, for the baby’s things –” You didn’t plan to make him to pay for the things that the baby needed, because this wasn’t part of his life plan.

“No” He cuts you off. Your mouth shuts slowly, feeling pain in your chest.

“I’ll take care of it”

“Changkyun, no –” 

“I am the father of our baby, it is my decision to take care of them, and you as the mother, need to rest, okay?” He says gently, his ‘okay’ shows he’s concern over you. 

You nod in relief, as you feel him hugging you.   

“Pickles Make Anything Better”Sam Winchester X Daughter!Reader For:@jared-padaloveme Sorry if this isn’t what you want message me back if you want another one!    

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   “Daddy…" The little girl whispered walking over to his seat in the library, her uncle Dean had been sick for a few days daddy had carried him in the bunker, “Daddy" she repeated louder when he didn’t turn around she started tugging on his shirt sleeve. “Not now Babygirl daddy’s busy” he muttered not looking up from the book he was reading “Daddy” she said a little more sternly placing her small hands on her hips and staring up at him with a disapproving look.


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drabble #9

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◇ 13. “Do you need water? A snack? Maybe a hot bath…?”

◇ Lay x reader

◇ wolf!au


“Do you need water? A snack? Maybe a hot bath…?” Yixing asks as he helps you into the living room, leading you towards the couch. You giggle as you sit down, he around trying to prepare anything and everything you watching as might need.

“I’m not sick, Yixing,” you remind him with a gentle smile. He stops in his tracks, turning on his heel and kneeling in front of you, meeting your eyes with his.

“We just found out that you’re pregnant with my pups, _____ ! I have to take care of you - even more than usual,” he whispers softly, “We have to make sure you and the pups will be okay - and that starts with you being as comfortable as you can possibly be!”

“I’m comfortable where I am now,” you say, watching as a dimpled smile appears on his face.

“And that’s fine! Actually, wait here, I’ll make dinner…” And he’s back to bustling around, rummaging around in the kitchen while murmuring, “Healthy food or comfort food? Both?”

A fond smile appears on your face. “Yixing?” You call - his head pops out from the kitchen, eyes wide and alert, looking around for anything that could’ve bothered you. You shake your head in amusement, opening your arms wide. “Cuddle with me?”

And he can’t say no to you, so he abandons his cooking and slips onto the couch with you, holding you tight. He suddenly gives a little laugh, pressing little kisses all over your face and laughing sweetly when your face scrunches up. “I’m so happy, sweetheart. Ever since we first met, ever since we found out we were mates - I’ve dreamed of this moment, and finally-” He breaks off with a other happy sound.

“I love you, so, so much,” he says finally, resting his cheek against yours, “And I promise I’ll be the best father I can be.”

You feel tears of happiness burn behind your eyes, and ypu let out a watery laugh that has Yixing widening his eyes in surprise. “_____-!”

“You’re so perfect, Yixing,” you sniffle, “How are you so perfect?”

“Trust me,” he grins as he wipes away the tiny tears trickling down your cheks, “I ask myself the same about you every single day.”

Punk Daddy Michael Imagine

Being a kindergarten teacher was something that you had always inspired to be, you loved children so it was always the perfect job for you. There was always something about being a kindergarten teacher that just made you smile, you loved that the students were always so bubbly and happy when you would teach them something new, like colors and words, and other things. And most of all you loved that you were helping them learn the basic skills to be able to continue on with their education, to go on become something great and amazing in the future. You loved the children you worked with just as equally as they loved you; it was just the perfect job for you.

You began you morning routine; pulling on your work clothes they were never anything special, relaxed but professional at the same time. A pencil skirt and a (favorite color) blouse, along with a cardigan, and flat shoes, because it was never a good idea to run after kids in heels. Another one of the benefits of being a kindergarten teacher was that there was never a lot of paperwork that you had to do, the less work you had to mark the more time you could spend with the children that you teach, which also helped because that meant that you wouldn’t have to carry a heavy bag that would make a shoulder ache.

Opening the main door to the school, you walked into the office, punching in to work. You checked your box to see if you had mail, or any announcements that needed to be made, as well as talking with the staff and wishing them good morning. The office was buzzing with life, as you could also hear the sounds of the students walking into school, as they laughed with their friends.  You still had half an hour before the class would start, so you headed to the cafeteria to go get a cup a coffee.

“Good Morning (Y/N)”, you heard as you served yourself a cup

“Ah, good morning James”

James Smith, the principle of the school you worked at he was a tall man with blonde hair with icy blue eyes. The two of you had become good friends over the course of your working life here at the school.

“Have you thought of a course of action for…?”

“James please” you cut him off instantly knowing who he was talking about, “The boy is young he just needs a bit more support that then rest, just let me do my job I have it under control”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure”

James sighed and nodded; you grabbed your cup and waved a goodbye before leaving the cafeteria and back to the sanctuary of your classroom. You sighed, thinking about the boy that James was asking about. He was slightly troubled, and had a fiery attitude, which would make it hard for him to play well with others. He is also hardheaded, passionate and impulsive which are attributes of his strong determination, to do things as perfect as he could. So when something wasn’t going his way he tended for him to at times throw fits or yell at a few other student, which resulted in you giving him timeouts but after he had calmed down he was a fantastic child to work with. 

The bell rang, which you got up from your desk to go open the door to let in your students with a large smile on your face. The first faces you were greeted with were the inseparable best friends Jason and Isaac, followed by the comedian in the making Dylan, behind him Alice, the one who you had to scold on a regular basis for trying to eat the other kids lunches. Next was Hunter, Caleb and Sophia the girl who wasn’t afraid to give anyone an icy glare if they got into her space, the just as inseparable Krista and Emma, Madison and the very shy and timid Zack and last but not least, Nathan Robert Clifford. 

Nathan was the child that had the fiery temper and had Principle Smith concerned. You on the other hand weren’t concerned all that he needed was a little bit of care and more support than the others. You noticed that his bright green eyes lit up the moment that he saw you and told you good morning. You smiled and told him the same; his dimpled smile grew on his face as he went to his seat, far happier than the other children to see you.

“All righty, let’s get started class, today we are learning about the many amazon animals!”

The day went by with barely any issues, Nathan and Jason argued a few times which landed them both in the timeout, but soon things went back to normal, and before you knew it the school day was over.

“Okay, tomorrow as you all know is ‘bring your family to school’ day, so you can bring your mommy’s and daddy’s or whichever family member you choose to come and spend the day and learn with us!”

Ah yes, tomorrow was bring your parent to school day, it was your least favorite day of the whole year, most of the moms were stereotypical, cliché type of moms that didn’t approve of the way you ran your class, saying that you weren’t doing a good job. They would sometimes mumble to themselves about the clothes that you would wear, or that your hair wasn’t nicely styled. You tried to not let their hateful comments get to you, since usually your students loved bringing their parents, so for their sake you would go through with it.

You watched as one by one as the kids left until all but one was left, “Nathan is Julia picking you up today?” remerging the name of his babysitter

“No my daddy is”, he said with a bright smile on his face, as his dark blonde hair was messy from running around during playtime.

You nodded and gently smiled at the boy, you had never actually seen Nathan’s dad, you just knew that his name was Michael; you had heard some of the things that the other mothers had said as they picked up their children. They referred to him as a neglectful father that didn’t care for his son, since he hired a babysitter to take care of him. You kept an open mind, Nathan never came to school with any bruises or cuts that were anything more than an accident, he was well fed and he was overall a happy child, so there was no way his father was neglectful.

You felt a small tug on your cardigan; you looked down already knowing what Nathan wanted. There on the floor the green eyed child had his arms stretched out, indicating that he wanted to be picked up, you happily obliged, lifting him into your arms rested him on your side. You smiled as you felt the small messy haired child snuggle against you, resting his head in the crook of your neck, as you could hear his small snores, “Someone’s tired”, you said with a small laugh as you started to sway him putting him into a deeper sleep.

Michael practically spirited across the car park and into the school, his last appointment had taken longer than what he had thought, he was almost an hour late, and he now wished that he had called Julia to pick up Nathan, so he wouldn’t have to wait too long. Michael came to a sliding stop just outside Nathan’s classroom, he looked through the glass window on the door to make sure that he was still inside and had not been taken to the main office, but that is when he noticed, You.

Michael watched for a moment as you swayed with Nathan nestled comfortable in your arms, almost treating him like your own son. He watched the scene with soft green eyes, this was what Nathan needed and he couldn’t even provide it for him, a mother. Michael shook the thought out of his head and gently knocked on the door. You glanced up and with a smile signaled for him to enter, Michael entered quietly not to wake his sleeping son.

“Are you Michael? Nathan’s dad?” you spoke quietly as you took in the appearance of the man in front of you, he was quite tall, making you look up to look directly into his eyes. His messy blue colored hair, reminding you of Nathan’s except his was blonde, and eyes a beautiful shade of green, Nathan practically looked like his father. But the most prominent features that you noticed was that Michael was covered literally covered in tattoos, his body was a canvas of ink, as his eyebrows and ears were pierced. His black sleeveless shirt perfectly showcasing the tattoo sleeves that he had.

“Umm, yeah, Sorry for the time, I had work”, he said quietly taking in all your features.

“That’s no problem”, you shifted Nathan, careful not to wake him, and so you could gently place him into Michael’s arms. “Will I see you tomorrow?”


“You can come along with Nathan to school, be a part of our lessons”, you explained.

Michael’s eyebrows furrowed then raised slightly, “Oh yeah, ‘bring your parent to school’ day, Nate hasn’t stopped talking about it, yeah I’ll be here”, he said as his red lips smiled as he looked down at his sleeping son.

“See you tomorrow, Michael”, you smiled seeing him interact with his son.

You watched as he nodded before shifting Nathan into a more secure hold, you could see the love that he held for the boy in his eyes. Michael left the room closing the door with a soft click, he was surprising different from what you imagined but from that small display you could clearly tell that the mothers were being their rude selves, he was in fact not a neglectful father but one that was struggling, working for his son, sure he was covered with tattoos and didn’t look like a responsible dad, but he was a good father regardless of what he looks like.  

Michael buckled Nathan into his car seat, the lad was still softly snoring, his brain recalled the memory of you cradling Nathan in your arms and the soft smile that adored your face as you peered down to look at his sleeping form. It was the first time he’d ever seen Nathan settled in someone’s arms that weren’t his own not even Julia, one of his closest friends and babysitter, could get him to settle down like you did. Yes, he’d admit he was struggling to balance Nathan out but he would not admit that he needed anyone’s help. 

Ever since it had happened he wasn’t willing to trust anybody, he wasn’t going to let his guard down ever again. He looked through his mirror to look at the boy sleeping, drooling; he was the only thing that made all the pain worth it no matter how much trouble he sometimes was. He didn’t want to go to tomorrow; he didn’t want to put up with the mothers that he knew would judge for his appearance, seeing as he already gets enough of it when he goes out with Nate. But he would go for his son, since Nathan had been excited for a while and Michael had taken the day off of work just to be with him.


You stood in front of the judging eyes of the mothers as they sat with their children, after introducing yourself and giving out a schedule of the day you got straight on to work. You were stood watching like a hawk as some children painted, some colored with crayons it was exhausting but if something went wrong you would have a group of angry mothers to deal with. Glancing at the clock you only had two hours left and you’d be home free, so far the day had gone by without a hitch.

Your eyes fell to the back of the class, seeing the blue haired Michael. Nathan was happily sat in his father’s lap as you’d like to say coloring, but it looked like he was obliterating the paper with the crayons. Michael ruffled the boy’s hair and watched with a small smile on his lips, his arms were wrapped very protectively around his son, his green eyes watching his every move, as he would occasionally scribble all over the paper joining in on his son’s fun, making him laugh as he would draw small dinosaurs and animals, which Nathan would name, and telling him stories of what he learned in your class. It was a beautiful display of affection coming from a man that you could tell mothers were judging, you knew that Michael could hear them gossiping saying how could someone like him be a father, and other hateful comments. But Michael didn’t care, he was here to spend time with his son, and have fun with him, not to hear people judge him. he looked up and saw you staring, he smiled at you and waved to you, a smile appearing on his face, which you shyly returned.  

You just had one more hour to go, one more hour and this day would finally be over. You were glad that everything was going great, nothing too bad.That was until, crash. Jason and Nathan had gotten into another disagreement and decided to battle it out on the floor; you imminently rushed over and pulled the boys apart.

“Okay, that’s enough”, you voice was low but stern, “Jason, you will sit in the corner over there and Nathan, over there”, you pointed to were you wanted the boys to sit. Jason went with ease but Nathan decided to put up a fight.

“No!” the young boy continued to stamp his feet, angry tears cascading down his face, as he glared at Jason.

“Nathan”, you said getting down to eye level to see that you were being serious

“No!” his tears still coming down his face.

Without a second thought you picked up the crying child and placed him down on the timeout mat. “You will sit here for five minutes, I will come and get you when time out is over” Nathan pouted and folded his arms over his chest.

Michael watched with unsure eyes his child was crying and daddy mode had kicked in all he wanted was to comfort the crying child, you noticed and laid a reassuring hand on his arm. “I can see that you don’t like this but this has to happen, it’s the rules.” 

Michael nodded, you were right. He sat down in Nathan’s chair, waiting for those five minutes to pass by quicker. He looked over at you and noticed you picking up some of the things that the boys had dropped, before looking over at his son and noticing that he was sitting still, with his arms still crossed. It amazed him how perfectly you managed to handle the situation, since at times he found it hard to even to get Nathan to do something when he threw a fit. But he noticed that while he couldn’t get his son to sit still for five minutes, for you he was able to do it.

After telling him his five minutes were up, you first went over to Jason to ask for his side of the story. Nathan refused to move from his spot even after Michael tried to coax him but he still refused, saying that he had to wait for you to come and get him. You returned and picked him up taking over to the sink that was at the back of the class, setting him down on the counter you gestured for him to give you his left hand, which he offered it to you willingly, he opened it and you saw the raw skin that had grazed off in the confrontation. 

Michael watched you while you worked cleaning his hand and wound before sticking a band aid over the top. Nathan then reached his hand out towards Michael his bottom lip sticking out into a pout, Michael placed a small peck to the injured hand and Nathan beamed up at his father, making you smile at the soft affection that he had for his son.

“Now Nathan, tell me what happened”

“Jason was mean”  

“How was he mean, Nathan?” you asked softly as he bottom lip began to tremble again.

“He said mean things to me because I didn’t have a mommy”, you saw Michael tense slightly you knew that something that was sensitive for them, seeing how both of them seemed saddened by the topic. You nodded explaining that it still wasn’t a reason to fight with Jason, you set Nathan back down on the floor, “You know what you have to do now?”

“I have to say sorry?”

“That’s right”

You called Jason over who was sat on his mother’s knee he, very reluctantly, walked over. Both boys apologized to one another and soon after got back to playing.

“Now I know why Nathan talks so a lot about you” Michael spoke as he lent against the wall next to you, keeping a watchful eye over his son.

You chuckled slightly, “He does?” he nodded and you smiled. It was silent between you that were until the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

“Thank god” you both muttered, you both looked at each other with a smile seeing as you both thought the same thing.


Since that day, you and Michael had seemed to grown considerable close. It started off with him picking up Nathan after school more frequently, which would lead to small talk to good conversations between you and him. Then one day he asked you out for a coffee date which you happily accepted. And before you knew it, a few months later, you found yourself falling for the blue haired man. Despite his punk attire, and appearance, he was a great man and an especially loving father.

For Michael it was exactly the same, he’d fallen for you and he had fallen hard. Ever since it happened he’d closed off his heart and become cold but you had melted away the cold bitterness that surrounded his very fragile heart. It wasn’t just your beauty that attracted him, it was many things like the day he first met you when he watched you sway with Nathan in your arms, seeing how motherly you looked with his son. After all these months he now realized that he needed that, despite how hard he worked for his son, what Nathan needed the most was motherly love, something that he couldn’t do for him, but he could see you providing that for him.

It was these feelings that lead to tonight…

Michael had asked you out for a dinner date to a nice restaurant and you were just finishing of the last touches to your hair, you’d gone all out wearing a stunning black dress that complimented your figure perfectly, for the first time in a while you’d put effort into your hair making sure that it was perfectly styled.

Michael had also put in an effort swapping his ripped skinny jeans for dress pants and a white crisp shirt that allowed the tip of his neck tattoos to be on show, he was nervous, Very, very nervous. Michael pulled up outside your hours taking in a breath before he climbed out and knocked on your door.

He heard you call out a quick, “Just a minute!” You were running around your house like a madwoman gathering your things before slipping on your shoes, taking one last look in the mirror you take in a large breath; “You can do this (Y/N), you can do this” 

With a smile you open the door; Michael thought in that moment that the air from his lungs had been stolen as he looked at you. “Hey (Y/N)… You look… Beautiful” he stammered, trying to calm himself.

Your cheeks blushed to knowing that he found you beautiful, “You don’t look to bad yourself”, you said with a large smile.

The restaurant was fantastic, as soon as you both entered you were shown to your seat and food was ordered. At first it was just small talk between the two of you which progressed over time to much bigger and serious topics.

“Why a kindergarten teacher? I mean with your degree you could teach at a college level, any reason why you didn’t?” he asked his attention solely devoted to you.

A sad smile formed on your lips, “A few years back, I was with somebody. He was what some people might say a “perfect” match for me. We’d been together a while and even got engaged and we planned to start a family together, after a year of trying I was nowhere near close to being pregnant” you said feeling your old wounds start to hurt again.

You swallowed and Michael’s hand covered yours giving it a squeeze of reassurance, “We went to the doctors and after a few tests they found out that I wasn’t able to have children of my own” you finished trying to no let the honest truth of not having your own family make you cry.

Michael’s eyes soften the grip on your hand increasing, as he began to draw circles on the back of your hand, soothing you and keeping you from crying. “I’m sorry, that must have been horrible”

“It was, my fiancé well ex- fiancé promised to stand by me but that same night he packed his bags and left, after saying a few horrible comments, and I haven’t heard from him since” 

Michael let out a scoff, “asshole”, he said not understanding why someone would ever leave someone as beautiful and perfect as you, both inside and out. Whoever your ex-fiancé was, he had the perfect woman and he willingly let you go.

A small laugh left you, “You can say that again, so that’s the reason I teach kindergarten. To fill that empty part of me, if I couldn’t have children of my own, then I’d teach them, I mean it’s sort of like raising them, you learn to love them like your own” you said thinking of all your students that you have thought and the ones your currently teach, and seeing how in some way you shaped their early lives.

Michael smiled, “You do a great job of it too, and I don’t think you give yourself enough credit” 

You placed your free hand on top of the one that was holding you, “Thank you that means a lot to me”

“I can relate, with the part of someone you love leaving”, he said at his eyes gave a hint of sadness.

“Nate’s mom?” you asked.

Michael nodded.

“We weren’t together for that long when she fell pregnant with Nate. I was so scared when I first found out, I wasn’t ready to be a father, but I would never leave her either. She was carrying my child, and I couldn’t just walk out on her like that. It was terrifying but I got over my shock and worked harder so I could support her and him. When she had him, I remember holding him for the first time and in that instant, I didn’t care how hard I worked, I was just so happy to see my son. I was no longer scared, I was just so happy. For two years things were fine, we had few ups and downs but then one day she handed him over to me and left”, he said seeing him start to bite his lips, showing that just like you, he was still hurt by old wounds.

“No explanation she just left, leaving me with Nate. I was left alone and I didn’t know what to do but I worked through it and then Nathan started asking questions about his mom that I couldn’t answer. I was always constantly worried that I wasn’t doing a good enough job, I knew what other people were saying, saying that I was neglectful, that at times I thought I was”

His eyes cast downward, at letting other’s words get to him. You lifted your hand, placing it on his cheek. You felt him lean into your touch, loving your tender touch. You tilted his face, making him look at you, “You are far from a neglectful father Michael, Nathan adores you and you adore him. He talks about you all the time, when you came with him to school you watched his every move. You are a wonderful father and you don’t give yourself enough credit either” 

There was something about that moment were everything just clicked for the two of you. Both of you needed each other, you could heal his wounds, and fulfil his needs, and he could do the same for you. It was just a matter of time. Michael had paid for your dinner. As you both exited the restaurant, he asked if you wanted to come over to see Nathan, which you happily accepted, wanting to spend more time with Michael.

You were standing in front of the Clifford household, as Michael paid Julia for her babysitting services, she said that Nathan was sound asleep in bed, and kept mentioning that Nate was happy that you and Michael were out on a date.

You didn’t want to be rude, and felt that maybe you should leave; you told him how you were going to call a taxi, since he had already paid Julia and didn’t want him to wake up Nathan, so he could drive you home. You said your goodbye, but as you were turning around, you felt Michael’s warm hand grip onto yours pulling you back to face him.

“Michael?” you questioned.

His arms wrapped themselves around your waist, “please stay with us… with me and Nathan”, he whispered to you.

Your breath caught in your throat at hearing his confession. You bit your lips, to keep you from letting your smile grow onto your face, but with was still showing. Your arms wrapped around his neck, as your fingertips toyed with his blue hair. You looked lovingly into his eyes, and Michael did too. Everything was just coming together perfectly. In that silence between you ad him, was a lot of unspoken communicate, as you both were expressing your love for each other. You were both starting to lean in; your faces only inches apart, but the both of you unaware of the green eyes that were looking at you both.


You both jumped at the sound of Nathan’s voice, you laughed finding him completely adorable, and Michael glared at Nathan for ruining the moment, before lowering himself and spreading his arms wide for his son to come over. The giggly child ran down the hall and straight into his father’s awaiting arms, he easily lifted him up and held him between both your bodies, as you and Michael leaned in to place a kiss his cheeks, making him laugh at the warm affection.

When you moved away your eyes caught Michael’s and you both leaned in to complete the action that Nathan had interrupted, Michael’s hand placed itself on the back of your neck to pull you closer. Your lips met in a soft meaningful kiss; in this moment everything fell into place it was absolutely perfect. 

“I love you, (Y/N)”

“I love you too, Michael” 


“God dammit, Nathan”, Michael said as he tickled him as he led you both into his home, that soon became your home as well.



I’m sorry, I know I should be updating my other series, but I just couldn’t resist writing this, like I saw punk edits and dad edits, and I’m like what if they were combined, and then when I saw those edits, I coudlnt help but write about it.

I’m literally fangirling at the thought of it.



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Don’t Trust Me (Part 5)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and possess a strange ability and knowledge of a foreign threat. When the Avengers are called in, they decide to help you. But can you be trusted? Besides the eminent danger, there is an annoyingly handsome guy with a metal arm who just loves to push your buttons.

Catch up here

Word Count: 2506

Warnings: Age of Ultron spoilers, possible language, angst

Originally posted by agent-peggy

You must have fallen asleep at some point, because when you woke up Bucky was gone and you were tucked under the covers. Standing up from your bed, your body screamed with exhaustion. The clock on your bedside table read 5:00 am. But you slid on a pair of leggings and a long sleeved shirt, pulled your hair into a ponytail, and slipped out the door.

The hallways of the S.H.I.E.L.D compound were quiet this early in the morning, the agents on night watch were quiet and paid you no attention. You walked down the hallways and eventually end up in a training room. The room was smaller, and was clearly for hand-to-hand combat. You walk over to a punching bag and feel the leather canvas under your fingertips.

“I could use a little anger relief,” You whisper to yourself. The voice of the man from the videos sounded in your head. Freak, he whispered. You punched the bag, the sound echoing in the room. Monster. Punch. Murderer. Kick. You are the future. Punchpunch. Your fists screamed in pain, splitting your bare knuckles open, but you ignored the pain. No family. Punchpunchkick. Worthless girl. Punchpunchkickkickpunch. Mission report. Punchkickkickpunchpunchpunch. CONTROL IT. Punchpunchpunchkickpunchkickkickpunch. You stop, breathing hard, and lean your forehead against the bag.

“That was pretty intense.” A voice said from the doorway. Steve walked towards you. You grimace.

“I feel like I would be a lot more satisfied if I could knock the bag off the chain.” You laughed without humor. Steve’s mouth twitched.

“It’s not as gratifying as you think it would be.” He notices your hands, the blood from your split knuckles running down your hands. His eyes widened. “Did you not use hand wraps? Your knuckles are bleeding.” You look down, watching the blood drip from your hand to the floor.

“I didn’t really think about it. The pain is a good distraction.” You shrugged. Steve grabbed your hands and examined them.

“Well you sure did a number on them.” Steve grabbed a roll of black wrap. “Wrap your hands up so you don’t bleed all over the room, and I can show you a few moves.” You oblige, wrapping your hands up tightly.

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Nate Maloley Smut (REQUESTED) First Time

Request: Hey I love your blog! !! Could you do an imagine with Nate 😍 him and Y/N have been together for like two years and he takes your virginity and then Nate brags to his friends about it and she wants to break up but he apologies. (They’re in high school)


“Yes?” Nate answers. “Hey babe, I’m sorry for waking you, Um can you come over?” I ask over the phone. He sighs before talking.

“Y/n it’s 2 in the morning what’s wrong?” He asks. “I can’t sleep, have a lot on my mind I guess.” I say. “Did your parents come back home yet?” He asks.
“No they’re plane got cancelled so they won’t be back until next week, I guess they decided just to stay in Seattle I don’t know why.” I answer.

“Okay, I’ll be there soon babe, I love you.” He says. “I love you more.” I say before hanging up. I get up and go into my bathroom to check my appearance. I wash my face and brush my teeth before pulling up my blinds so that the only light in my room is the moonlight. I lay back down and log into Twitter to pass time waiting on Nate.

Minutes later I hear my window being pulled open startling me. “Nate Fuck! You can’t do that you scared me.” I say placing my hand over my heart. He steps into my room while laughing.

“You know I wouldn’t let anyone hurt my baby.” He smiles. He takes off his hoodie leaving him in his plain black tshirt and pulls me into him and hugs me.

“Hey lil mama, you alright?” He says while rubbing my back. “Yeah, just stressed you know.” I say into his chest. I break the hug and lay down on the bed, him following after me. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me.
“I’m excited and scared at the same time for graduation Nate.” I admit.

“Why are you scared?” He asks. “Because” I say sitting up. “Because I don’t like thought of being in the real world, for almost 19 years of my life my parents have been taking care of me and I’m scared of being in the world and not being able to provide for myself. After next week we have to be adults.” I say.

“So you’re scared of becoming an adult?” He says sitting up so that his back is on the headboard.

“I mean I’m not necessarily scared of like becoming adult. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be fun being able to do what you want but I’m just worried that one day I’ll fall and I’m never be able to pick myself back up with no one to help me.” I sigh looking down at my hands. He lifts up my chin and kisses my lips.

“Everything will be fine. You know I’ll always be here for you babe, we’ve been rocking it for two years now Soon we’ll have our own apartment, then house and then maybe kids some day. I promise everything will be fine.” He smiles.

“Okay I believe you.” I smile back. We lay back down and cuddle together while watching that 70s show. I look up at Nate and I just feel a wave of happiness run through me.

He’s so perfect with his perfect jawline structure, his dimples that show when he smile, his beautiful eyes I can stare into all day. The moonlight ejecting into the room makes him look even more gorgeous than ever.

I find my self kissing his collar bone and straddling his waist. He kisses me back and grabs my waist. Our kiss is passionate with a hint of lust in it.

We haven’t had sex yet because we planned to have sex at the right time also I’m a Virgin, but right now I need him. I begin tugging his shirt and he breaks the kiss to lift it over his head and kisses me again.

This time I break the kiss and I hesitantly pull my shirt over my head. Nate watches me while his chest rises up and down and a fast rate. I grab his hand and I place it on my back where my bra connects together. He unclasps it and slowly pulls it off my chest. Nate has never seen my boobs before so I felt a little uneasy.

“Y/n you’re fucking beautiful, omg.” He groans. He sits up again with his back against the headboard and places kisses all over my neck. “How far are we taking this?” He asks.

“All the way” I answer. He stops kissing me and looks me in the eyes. “You mean.. I can take it?” He asks. I nod yes and breathe in deeply.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you feeling like you have to babe, I want you feeling comfortable.” He says caressing my cheek. “I trust you” I say to him.

He starts kissing my neck again and his right hand is massaging my left boob. “Well tell me to stop if it gets too much and we’ll try another time.” He says. He wraps my legs around his torso and lays me down so my back is against the bed.

He leaves wet kisses from my collar bone to the hem of my shorts which he pulls down. Then he gets up and lays next to me pepping himself up on his side with his head in his left hand. Before I could ask what’s wrong, he takes his right hand and slides it in the front of my underwear. His middle finger begins rubbing my clit and a temporarily slow rate to a very fast rate.

“Natee oh my god.” I breathe. He continues this motion for at least two minutes before he goes down and pulls off my underwear. He looks up and down at my body and his mouth drops open. He groans.

“How did I get so fucking lucky” he says. He pries my legs open and dips his head in between them. His tongue flickers against my clit really fast causing my legs to trembling.

My moans come out uncontrollably.
“You taste so good baby.” He praises. He sticks a finger inside of me and curls it at the same rate as his tongue.
“Say my name.” He says.
“Naaattee.” I moan.
“How good does it feel?” He asks.

“It feels so good baby.” I breathe. Minutes later Before I could reach my high he stops. I didn’t complain because I knew he wanted to save my first orgasm from him while he’s fucking me. He unbuttons his jeans and slides them off his legs throwing them in the pile of our clothes. I sit up and I nervously Palm him through his shorts. He smiles down at me and gives me an eye brow raise.

I bite my lips and take his length out of his boxers. I knew his dick was big, I knew it. He lays back on his forearms as I pull his boxers down. “Tell me what to do.” I say without thinking.

“Grab and pump.” He says. I wrap my fingers around his length and start pumping slowly. “That’s it.” He moans. I put his tip in my mouth and I circles around it with my tongue.

“Ooo baby that feels good.” He moans. “Just wrap your mouth around me and pump the rest of what you can’t get.” He breathes out. I rotate my tongue around his head as I go up and down on him. I look up at his and his eyebrows are furrowed with mouth creating a perfect o shape. “Fuck.” He grunts.

Minutes later he pulls out of my mouth. “I didn’t want to cum yet or cum in your mouth.” He smiles.

“Damn that was so good.” He praises while planting kisses on my neck. “Are you sure you wanna do this lil mama?” He asks while lightly pushing me back down on the bed hovering over me. I nod. He gets up and he grabs his pants looking in the pockets. “Fuck” he curses under his breath.

“What’s wrong?” I ask. “I don’t have any condoms.” He sighs while running his fingers through his hair.
“I think my sister might have some.” I say getting up. “Is your sister here?” He asks.

“No she’s with her boyfriend doing god knows what, not that she would mind if you were here anyways she and her boyfriend do this all the time.” I answer.
I walk out my run and hurry to her room and look in her beanie that’s hidden in her bra drawer and pull out a condom.

I walk back and I hand him the condom. “Lay down.” He says. I climb onto the bed and lay down on my back. He hovers over me and slides the latex over his length. He slowly slides himself in me and thrusts softly. I wince at the pain which causes him to stop. “You gotta get use to it.” He says. “Just go all the way.” I say.

He nods and slides all the way in me. The pain is unbearable and it feels like I got the wind knocked out of me.
“You’re so tight.” He grunts. His mouth drop and he closes his eyes shut.

“It hurts.” I whine. “I know baby, give it a few you won’t feel it.” He says. He continues sliding in and out of me at a slow rate. Soon the pain decreases and I’m ready for him to go faster. My legs wrap around him and I tell him to go faster.

He quickens his pace and the pain is mixed in with pleasure. “You’re so fucking tight oh my god.” He moans.
After a while all I felt was pleasure.
“Nate fuck yes.” I moan. “Faster.” I breathe.

He hides his face into the crook of my neck and starts thrusting even faster. The sound of skin slapping together and our moans fill the room.

“Yes Nate don’t stop.” I moan. My legs squeeze his torso tighter as I’m getting close to my orgasm.
“Baby I’m gonna cum.” He pants. He lifts his face and places his forehead on mine. Our breaths hitting each others face as we exhale.

“Y/n.” He groans. His thrusts become sloppy and I feel a warm liquid shoot inside the condom. Seconds later I come after him. “Nate yes oh fuck!” I cry. We both ride out our high until we can’t take enough. He pulls out of me and disposes the condom into my waste bin.

He grabs my towel that’s hanging over my chair and wipes himself off with it. He hands me his tshirt and crawls back into bed with me. I put on his shirt before laying my head on his chest like before.

“That was amazing Y/n, I’m glad you gave me the honor of taking something so precious.” He says. He kisses the top of my head and I’m too tired to reply.
“I have to go back home soon, we have school in the morning.” He says while shifting to get up. Before he can move I grab him. “No, at least stay until I fall asleep please?” I say.

He smiles and nods. “Anything for you lil mama.” He says. Soon I drift into a deep sleep.
When I woke up, Nate was gone.

I check the time on my phone and of course I’m late. 10:45 the clock reads. I get up and do my morning routine before heading out to my car to go to school.

I park in the student parking lot and head to the office to get a tardy pass. As I’m walking down the hallway I see Sammy. “Hey Sammy.” I smile at him. “Hey Y/n wait up I want to talk to you about something.” He says jogging over to me.

“Yeah what’s up?” I ask. “So I was talking to Nate this morning, you were really a virgin?” He asks. I stop dead in my tracks. “Wait what?"I ask. Maybe I misheard him.

"I would’ve never thought you were a virgin I mean you’re so pretty and you guys have been dating so long I would’ve assumed he smashed by now.” He smiles while nudging me with his elbow. My breathing increases.

“What are you talking about?” I question him. “Nate said you guys had sex last night and that he took your virginity.” He says. I look up at him with sad eyes.
“I’m sorry did I say something?” He says looking concerned.
“Sam what the hell.” I breathe out.

“What?” He asks. “That’s something special to me I can’t believe he told you.” I say, tears threatening to fall.
“Y/n… He didn’t just tell me.” He says.
I breathe out slowly trying to calm my self down. All I can hear is my heart pounding in my ear. “Who else did he tell.” I ask.

“He told all of us. Me, John, Kenny, Dillon, the jacks, Jack G told Madison, Madison told Emily, Aaron, Derek and I can’t remember who else.” He says while counting his fingers. “Are you fucking kidding me.” I say under my breath as I push past Sam to go find Nate but before I do the bell rings.

“Y/n what the fuck is wrong?” He says pulling me back towards him.
“Sam losing my virginity is something precious to me and he knows that.I can’t believe he would just tell you guys like its nothing.” I say. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to approach you like that and hurt you.” He apologies.

“No it’s not your fault, I’m glad you told me and not someone else. I can’t fucking believe this.” I say placing my hand over my forehead. “I know, I’m sorry he did that to you Y/n.” He says while wrapping his arms around me.

“I know where he and Swazz are going for lunch I’ll take you there if you wanna talk to him.” He says. I nod and follow him out to his car in the parking lot. He unlocks the car and opens the door for me and he gets in the drivers seat. The drive is super quiet and awkward like we’ve never talked to each other a day in our lives.

I break the silence. “What all did Nate tell you guys?” I ask.

“He told us how good it felt, the blood on the sheets and the freckles around your.. You know. That’s all I can remember.” He says.
After that I keep my mouth shut. I can’t take anymore daggers to my heart.

Soon we arrive to a woodsy area and I see the boys in the bed of one of the guys truck parked by a tree. I get out the car and shut the door behind me and approach the truck with Sammy. As soon as I get out the car, the smell of weed immediately hits my nostrils making them flare.

Nate throws his head back from laughing so hard and puts the blunt between his lips. His eyes meet mine and he passes the blunt to Swazz, jumping out of the truck.

“Hey baby I haven’t seen you all day!” He exclaims while hugging me tightly. My arms don’t even wrap around him like they use to.

He pulls back still holding me.
“Are you okay?” He asks with a concerned face. He looks up at Sammy and the expression on Nates face is blank.

I look at Sam and he gives me a sympathetic smile before walking over to the guys. “Why did Sammy bring you here?” He asks. “Nate we need to talk.” I say sternly.

We walk away from the boys so they can’t hear our conversation.

“Y/n please tell me what the fucks going on.” I says. “Nate. Did you tell people that you took my virginity?” I ask. He shuts his eyes and inhales deeply. He takes his face in his hands and rubs his forehead with his fingers. “Answer me” I demand. His hands drop to his side before he speaks.

“Y/n I’m sorry but, I did.” He says. My head drops and my tears fall. “What the fuck Nate!” I raise my voice.
“Why, why would you do that?” I say tugging my hair in anger.

“I was so happy that I finally had all of you that it just slipped out when they asked me how you and I were doing babe.” He says. “It just slipped? Or did you brag about it.” I ask.

“Both?” He says. I groan.
“Baby I was gonna tell you.” He says taking a step towards me. “No don’t come near me I honestly don’t believe you. Sam was the one to tell me and it was the first thing that was said to me when I came into school how do you think that made me feel?” I cry. I’m basically balling my eyes out right now.

“I’m sorry Y/n.” He says, his voice getting thicker. “Save that sorry shit if you were you wouldn’t have done it. That’s so fucking low even for you Nate.” I say.
I turn and face away from him for a minute before speaking again.

“Nate You really hurt me this time.” I say.
I turn around and face him again.
“I think we should take some time away from each other. Maybe a day or two I really can’t even look at you right now.” I say. “Baby please don’t be like that.” He pleads.

“Be like what?! You told them every detail, the blood on the sheets, the freckle on my vag I mean that’s the least I know. I’ll see you later.” I say walking away from him leaving him by himself.
I call out Sam and he drives me back to my car at the school.

“Thanks for telling me and taking Sam.” I smile while unbuckling my belt.
“It’s nothing and hey I really didn’t mean to come at you like that this morning I should’ve told you in a more.. Mature way you know.” He says. I nod. We sit in silence for a few and laugh together at the awkwardness. “Yeah well I’ll see you later Sammy.” I say opening the door.

“Wait.” Sam says grabbing me back.
“Y/n, I know you’re upset with Nate but I think you should still come to our kick back.” He says. “How’d you know I was planing on not going.” I ask. “Y/n it’s our last hang out before were official adults you know.” He smiles.

I sigh. “I’ll think about it.” I say. “Okay.” He smiles. I give him and hug and instantly he hugs back. We pull apart and he kisses my cheek, almost hesitantly. “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.” He laughs uncomfortably.

“It’s fine.” I say and I kiss his cheek back before leaving his car and getting into mine.

I decided to go back home since I didn’t want to even see Nate today. As soon as I got home I plopped down on my couch and soon drifted off to a deep sleep. When I woke up My doorbell was ringing.

“Y/n baby please open up.” I hear.


“Bro just give her some space you’re just gonna make it worse.” I hear another voice.


This cannot go well.

Kiss him, Wake him?

Inspired by the first episode of ‘Go Fighting!’, wherein both you and lovely Lay are participants, and you have to perform a rather awkward first task.

(I mean no copyright infringement, just simply used the premise and first task of the show to write this.)

“Y/N! Y/N, wake up!”

You jolted to your senses, squinting right into a massive camera at the side of your bed. It took you a minute to get a hold of your surroundings, and to remember that you were shooting for the first episode of the Chinese variety show ‘Go Fighting!’.

“Eh, what time is it?” you enquired, rubbing your eyes. “It’s time for you to pick a room number from this box to see which member to wake up next!” said the producer cheerily.

Still not completely awake, you put your hand inside the box that had been placed in front of you. “Room number 1905. Alright, go wake this person up now, and let me go back to sleep,” you mumbled, falling back onto your pillow.

“Not so fast!” said one of the crew. “You’re going to have to wake the person up yourself, using one of those methods,” said a woman, pointing to the wall opposite your bed. There, hanging, was a multicolored wheel with various different actions printed on it.

“Spraying water? Twisting the ear?” you asked in disbelief. You were handed a single dart. “Take a pick.”

Shaking your head in amusement, you let the dart fly. “No!” you exclaimed, just as you read what the dart had landed on. “There is no way in hell…..”

According to the wheel, you were now supposed to wake up the person occupying room 1905 with a kiss. A KISS!

“Can you at least tell me who this person is?” you pleaded. Unfortunately, you were given no answer. Sighing in exasperation, you threw back your sheets and put on your slippers, mentally preparing yourself for the embarrassment to come. “Better go brush my teeth.”

Ten minutes later, you were in the elevator, heading towards the 19th floor of your hotel. The only thing going through your head was not him, just not him.

Stopping before the door, you said a silent prayer in your head. Then with a nervous glance to the camera, you swiped the room card, and turned the handle.

Walking inside, there was complete darkness, and it was so quiet that you could almost hear the loud thump, thump of your heart. Cautiously, you walked towards the inner room, where you could just make out a sleeping figure on the bed. Inching closer, you finally got a glimpse of the person you were going to have to wake up. But once you saw, you instantly wished you hadn’t, because within a second, you were backing away outside the door with a mortified look on your face. Covering your mouth, you shook your head at the camera. You were not going to wake up Zhang Yixing with a kiss.  

When you found out that Yixing was going to be on Go Fighting with you, your reaction had been a sort of mix between elation and horror.  Elation: because you had developed a massive celebrity crush on him ever since seeing him in the band EXO. Horror: because just the thought of saying a word to him was making it difficult to breathe.

And now you were going to have to kiss him. You felt as though you were going to throw up.

“Hurry up,” mouthed the cameraman. Steeling yourself, you softly padded back into the bedroom, nearly falling over when you saw that Yixing was very, very shirtless.
You took a moment to just stare at him, taking in how extremely adorable and peaceful he looked asleep. You even sighed, smiling slightly, and then realized that the camera was still very much on.

Taking a deep breath, you leaned over, and carefully reached out your hand to touch his shoulder. “Yi-Yixing?” you said softly. Yixing turned over, grunting, and slowly opened his eyes. You thought your heart would stop as he blinked slowly, sleep heavy in his eyes. “Hmm?”

“I-“ you hesitated. You could feel your cheeks burning up; you were blushing profusely. “I need to k-kiss you, to um, wake you up.” You mentally slapped yourself as soon as the words left your mouth.

Eyes widening, Yixing sat up a little, finally taking notice of the cameras in the room. Understanding dawned on his face, and he ran a hand through his hair. Then, he looked right at you. “Go ahead then, what are you waiting for?” he said, a yawn escaping his mouth.

Oh. God.

You began to laugh despite yourself , covering your face with your hands. “I can’t do this,” you groaned. Suddenly, Yixing was grabbing your hand and pulling you to sit down next to him on the bed. “Here, I’ll make it easy for you,” he said, moving his cheek so that he was about two centimetres away from your face.

You were so taken aback by everything that it took you three seconds to process what was happening, before you finally began to lean in, closing your eyes.

But as soon as your lips touched something soft and well, moist, you knew that you weren’t kissing his cheek.

Startled, you jumped back, your face covered in horror. Yixing looked just as astonished. “I-yo-your cheek was-“ you fumbled with words. “You were taking so long that I moved at the last second,” said Yixing, now beginning to laugh, despite looking extremely awkward. Unable to control your embarrassment, you started to laugh too, covering your face, wishing the ground would swallow you up. Composing yourself, you attempted to stop laughing. But as soon as you glanced at him, the two of you began to laugh again, and very soon you were doubling over, laughing so hard you fell short of breath.  

With a click, you heard the camera go off. “I think we’re going to have to re-film this, erm, I’m not sure if we can air this,” said the producer, scratching his head. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry,” you said, meaning it. Yixing still looked extremely amused, but apologetic. “Okay, here we go, and this time, Yixing, make sure you don’t move, okay?” said the cameraman.

Shaking your head and smiling, you leaned in once more, your heart warming as Yixing grinned, his dimples on display. Today was going to be one long day.

A/N: Hope this was good haha I can’t help myself, this need to write scenarios is consuming me :)

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Youtuber!Hoseok's Proposal

And now onto our fluffy lil angel, our hope, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi aka have you ever just looked at hobi and wanted to coo like he’s so cute and smol even though he’s not all that smol he’s like average height I think but he’s still smol in my head bc lil teeny tiny fluff ball just want to have him on my shoulder 24/7 to cheer me up all day can you imagine that it’d be so cute I’m so down he’s so !! and I feel like he could make every day a bit more !!!! just by smiling bc dimples have you ever seen the dimples we need to talk about those more often plz and thnx

  • For the original youtuber!hobi post, click here, for an alternate version of hobi proposing, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original youtuber post, he’s part of a dance studio
  • My head canon is that he’s part of 1Million dance studio bc I just need it
  • They know it exists though bc I believe Tae mentioned his friend dancing there once or something like that so they at least know it’s a thing and that’s a step in the right direction
  • Now we just need for them to do a dance there
  • Like Mina and Hobi dancing together in one room oh wow
  • Hyojin dancing to Fire can you imagine
  • This is such a highkey head canon I can’t even explain how much I want this
  • And Jimin and Jiyoung can dance together bc yes plz
  • He also has a second channel with Jimin and Jungkook
  • They all share it and upload covers (of dances) or original pieces or just freestyles
  • It’s not a strict channel, there aren’t any specific upload schedules everyone just uploads when they film
  • They usually film together though but they end up just putting up like three different videos in one day
  • You could get five videos from Jimin in a row and then get one from Jungkook and then like two from Hobi
  • No one knows who’ll have free time, who’ll feel like editing and uploading so no one stresses too much about it
  • It’s just their channel to do whatever they want on, to just share their love of dance and music with their viewers
  • They do stream things sometimes when they’re all just stretching and goofing around and like just chilling
  • Like you know the V app version of Hope on the Street that hobi does, it’s like that
  • He features you a l o t in live streams
  • When you text him that you’re on the way, he’s like oh my god guys my love is almost here yoU GUYS MY BBY
  • When you get there he stops mid-dance and goes over to hug you bc he hasn’t seen you all day and he missed you
  • He spends like a solid ten minutes cuddling you and just talking to you about your day like hi did it go well how was our puppy did you eat anything really good
  • Jimin’s giggling and whispering to the camera about how hobi’s wrapped around your finger and kookie’s just ignoring him bc gotta dance bye
  • They can all see hobi looking at you through the mirror while he dances bc your opinion is v v important to him
  • Like after his dances he’s always did you like it do you have any critiques, suggestions, requests
  • While he doesn’t share everything about his life with the viewers, he does share a bit
  • It’s never anything too horribly personal, just simple things that you’d tell a friend
  • Like he tells them about how you two met, how long you’ve been together, he introduces them to your shared dog
  • He isn’t exactly secretive about how much he loves you and he loves being able to show everyone you’re his and he’s yours
  • But it’s actually really cute bc he gets lowkey shy and just has this small smile on his face as he’s like I’m in love
  • Nearly of his viewers (except for the new ones) know about you 
  • They’re totally supportive of the relationship bc they can all see how :D you make hobi
  • Especially when he dances with you that’s just top quality :D!!!!!!!
  • That’s actually how he proposes
  • He gets you to do a dance routine to your song (as a couple) for your anniversary
  • In one part of the song, he kneels down onto knee right like it’s just a dance move but oh surprise it isn’t
  • He doesn’t do it until you two have actually gotten the routine down and started to film it
  • Jimin and kookie are in on it bc they helped him come up with the choreography so they’re just watching with lil smiles bc they know what’s about to happen
  • He hides the ring in his pocket so like that one second before he kneels down, he grabs it
  • This time when he kneels down, he pulls the ring out
  • You go to keep dancing but you just kinda freeze bc what is this what
  • It doesn’t matter to him if you let him upload the proposal or not bc he kinda just wanted it to be able to watch over and over again bc the look on your face when you realized he was proposing honestly made him tear up
  • He was like super nervous but also fucking pumped the entire day
  • He had rehearsed what he wanted to say, he knew you’d say yes bc you loved him and had said before you would love for him to be your husband so he doesn’t have any worries about that
  • His biggest worry is that he won’t be able to grab the ring in time but he figures he can just ask to run the dance again if he messes it up the first time
  • He doesn’t though
  • Everything goes exactly the way he planned and you both are tearing up and holding onto each other so so tight
  • Neither of you even notice Jimin and Jungkook cheering bc you’re so lost in the oh my god we’re engaged phase
  • The next time hobi goes into the studio, literally everyone congratulates him and he’s so so happy honestly

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Ok but can we talk about Jimin's adorable little crooked front tooth? It makes his smile 100000x more precious :,) I die every time he smiles and I just needed to speak to someone about it (sorry this is so random lol)

it’s barely even noticeable but that little unevenness is there and it shines along with those small little dimples whenever he smiles. 

it’s so adorable but so subtle that you might just miss it if you blink

most of the time it looks like he has perfectly straight pearly whites

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but that little tooth peeks out from his radiant smiles every once in a while to say hello! and it honestly just makes him even more precious of a nugget (if that’s even humanly possible)

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how can you not smile when you see his smile?

just keep on flaunting that crooked little tooth in that golden smile of yours, chimchim.

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it makes you uniquely you.

Unfinished Business Part 26


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material,

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2418


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Straight from the Source

Dad! Harry because I haven’t written about him in a while. Baby cuddles and sleepy Harry okay

Your feet dragged as you trudged up the last few steps to the red front door. Slipping your key into the lock, you felt a rush of relief flood your bones. This week had been the most tiring of your life, the first week back to work since becoming a mother. You’d been fortunate to stay home with your daughter in the first stages of her little life, being able to take a very generous extended leave from your job. But after 6 months, they couldn’t wait any longer so it was time to get back to the office. You shut the door quietly behind you, unaware if Harry had got her down for the night or not. Your large purse sunk to the floor, toeing off the shoes that pinched your toes as soon as you walked inside. Your breasts ached, hanging heavy since the last opportunity to pump at lunchtime. Walking through the large entry, you could hear the low hum of the TV coming from the living room. A children’s song drones on as you pad through the house, assuming that means Harry’s finishing up dinner with Stella. You stop in your tracks when you gets to the cozy living space, the sight before you immediately making your eyes well with tears, and not just from the motherhood hormones either.

You find all 6ft of your gangly husband sprawled across the couch, soft t shirt rucked up around his tummy, and grey sweatpants hanging loosely from his frame. On his chest, is your tiny bundled daughter, head to toe in her lilac onesie, little fingers curled into his t shirt. You allow yourself a moment to just watch, Harry’s steady breaths rocking her gently as she sucks at her pacifier. The little suckling noise carries across the open space, and you feel the most urgent tug in your chest. Your feet carry you the short distance to the couch, kneeling down in front to get a closer look. Stella’s lashes curl just perfectly along her chubby little cheeks and you smile as you comb your fingers through the tiny wispy curls that are already forming on her head. You lean in slowly, breathing in that baby smell that still faintly kisses her scalp. Tiny little tender kisses are placed to her head and fingers and cheeks, really any bit of skin you can reach. It still amazes you that she’s so tiny, and that you grew her for nine long months. Your presence, and spongy little kissing noises eventually rouse Harry. His eyes blink open slowly as a syrupy grin stretches across his features.

“You’re home,” he whispers, puckering his own lips in the hopes of getting a little love too. You oblige of course, placing a quick but no less tender peck to his full lips.

“How’d she do today?” you ask him, running a finger along her soft and dimpled knuckles.

“So good, she’s perfect,” he says reverently, smiling proudly down at his little bundle.

“Bet she loved getting to spend the whole day just with you,” you whisper cheekily, squeezing fondly at his bicep that’s curled under his head of curls.

“We missed you,” he says softly, gently untucking the arm under his head to stroke softly down your cheek.

“I missed you two more, it’s so hard. I can’t even focus,” you confess, leaning into his touch for an ounce of strength, “and my boobs really hurt.”

“Do you need to pump, love? Don’t worry about her, I’ll get her tucked in.”

“S’alright, she’s due for a feeding in an hour anyway,” shaking your head though you’re thankful for his offer.

“Kay,” he whispers, straining his neck for one more kiss as Stella starts to stir slightly on his chest. You both wait with bated breath, for the little cries that are bound to start, announcing she’s hungry or needs a diaper change. Instead she just curls further into Harry, like it’s the most comfortable place in the world, you know from experience that she’s right. Her lips pop open, the pacifier falling into your lap with a plop. You can’t stop yourself from smiling as her little drooly lips pucker just slightly, a string of slobber already wetting Harry’s t shirt. He just swipes it up with the back of a finger like a pro, wiping it on his sweatpants.

“I want a cuddle, but I don’t want to wake her,” you sigh, staring longingly, feeling the need to have the baby wrapped up in your arms even though you know Stella’s as content as can be.

“How about,” Harry starts, running a soothing hand up the length of your arm, “you go change into comfy clothes and I’ll bring her up? We can both get a little snuggle time in.”

“Sounds perfect,” you agree, “and when it’s time for her feeding I can just whip one out.”

Harry laughs softly, trying not to jostle Stella against his chest. He pats at your shoulder, pointing in the direction of the sprawling staircase. Obeying silently with feet patting against the oak floors you make your way to the master suite. Your feet curl immediately into the plush rug, walking to the window to draw the curtains and taking in the view of the skyline just before doing so. Humming to yourself you peel off your work clothes, sighing gratefully when the tight trousers slide down your legs and your bra crumples in a heap at your feet. You walks into the large closet, pulling open a drawer of Harry’s and tugging on an old t shirt of his, with a drawstring pair of sweats to go with. It certainly wasn’t the sexiest thing you’d worn to bed, but it would do for tonight. 

Just as you’re pulling back the covers and slipping under them, Harry can be heard cooing in the hallway, little fussy noises coming from the infant.

“Hi sweet angel,” you coddles lighting up immediately when the pair come through the french double doors.

“Look who it is, princess,” Harry says softly, coming to rest her beside you in the gigantic bed. Your daughter’s eyes train on you immediately, little uncoordinated fingers grabbing at your nose, and a huge grin shows itself behind her pacifier.

“Hello my baby, are you sayin’ hi to mumma?” you coo, rubbing a soothing hand along Stella’s pudgy belly. Harry slips in on the other side of her, his hand immediately reaching over to squeeze at your hip. You return the fond gesture with a smile, squeezing his hand and rubbing up and down his forearm. The three of you lay in a little cocoon, and you have never been struck more forcefully with the knowledge that nothing outside this room matters. You watch as your baby’s little eyes flutter shut again, whispering softly with Harry about your day and his. He tells you every minute detail, down to the plot of the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse you missed today. Oh, how a baby changes things! But you love it, and you find yourself aching to have missed even a second of the things that Stella did today. That today she was just slightly more grown than the day before and her time as a little one was limited. Being sleepy and achy was never a good time to make any decisions, so you decides to push the thoughts to the back of your head. Instead you run fingers through the hair on your husband’s head, tugging at the curls and scratching lightly at his scalp. His fingers ruck up the side of his shirt that you’re wearing, squeezing and kneading at your hips and side. You share soft and tender kisses over Stella’s head, both of you sneaking in little presses to her curled up fingers as well.

“You’re such a good dad, it’s like you didn’t even need me today,” you joke.

“You wouldn’t say that if you’d seen her at feeding times,” he argues, laughing at his own joke, “She knows that I’m not givin her the good stuff, straight from the source.”

You giggle at that, and as if on cue, Stella fusses awake, already turning to reach for her mother’s chest. You share a private laugh, popping the pacifier out of her mouth.

“It’s alright baby, mumma’s gotcha.”

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can u do headcannons of Laurel after what happened, how she will change, and with baby?

  • She stays in the hospital for longer than she should have. 
  • After she’s let out she spends weeks moping around her apartment. 
  • The rest of the Keating Five take turns staying with her and taking her to appointments. 
  • She cries herself to sleep for the first month. She runs out of tears after that. 
  • The first time she hears her baby’s heart beat she has a breakdown. 
  • The next day she resumes her classes despite being so behind. 
  • She aces all her exams with the help of Michaela. 
  • Sometimes she wakes up feeling good and promptly feel guilty that she’s kind of happy. 
  • Pregnancy is strangely not horrible. She get’s morning sickness and tons of cravings but the baby is peaceful most of the time.
  • Because of her time in the hospital and the amount of stress in her life, she has to see the doctor more often that a regular pregnant woman. 
  • The group throws her a baby shower against her wishes and she basically gets everything she needs to raise a baby.
  • She waits forever to tell her dad that she’s pregnant, and only tells him because he stops for a surprise visit. He’s not as upset as she thought he would be. 
  • The last few months of her pregnancy are a little more complicated. 
  • She waits until the very last minute to call Annalise and tell her the baby is coming. She hates the hospital. 
  • Her labor isn’t long at all. 
  • He’s born a little after midnight and she cries when she sees his curly mop of hair and blue eyes. 
  • She gives him Wes’ last name.
  • She feels so much love for him she wonders if that will heal the cracks in her heart. 
  • The first time he smiles at her and she sees the deep dimples she cries and laughs at the same time. 
  • He’s a quiet baby and rarely cries, unless he needs something. 
  • She loves him more than she’s ever love anyone. 
  • He’s sitting in the audience with her dad when she graduates. 
  • When he’s old enough to understand she takes him to Wes’ grave on the anniversary of his death. 
  • She tells him bedtime stories of the amazing man his dad was.