we need feminism because

Men are told to apologize for being weak. Women are told to apologize for being strong.
—  Jade Crimson (youtube.com/jadedculture)

Like, trans women, and disabled women, and women of colour, and Muslim women, and Jewish women, and LBPQI women, and poor women, and mentally ill women, and fat women NEED to be prioritized in feminism. We need to support and advocate for our most vulnerable, because a woman privileged in every aspect except their gender gaining a victory doesn’t mean a victory for all of us. We need our most marginalized to be empowered because they’re the ones being slaughtered and abused most of all.

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we ALL need feminism because...

a woman can wear a tuxedo to an award show and be edgy, fresh, cool, and brave, but a man can’t wear a dress.

boys can have sex with 20 girls and get pats on the back from their friends, but girls can’t do the same thing without being called a slut, a whore, easy, or have every single boy in her general vicinity expect she’ll have sex with them, too.

an “a” on a girl’s report card equals a “c” on a boy’s.

a dollar on a boy’s paycheck is 79 cents on a girl’s.

a boy can complain and people listen, but when a girl does, she’s on her period, she’s salty, she’s whiny, or she needs to stop bitching.

a man is only a man if he’s cisgender and heterosexual.

a boy can say, “i don’t want kids,” and no one freaks out, but if a girl says, “i don’t want kids,” world war three is about to go down.

if a man says no, he’s not a real man.

if a woman says no, she’s a prude or a tease.

men have to say “no homo” 17 times before they compliment another man so they won’t be labeled a fag.

the word “fag” still even exists.

homosexuality is treated like a disease in need of curing.

bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, demisexual, and asexual are not acknowledged as real sexualities.

men who are bi are “actually gay”.

women who are bi are “actually lesbian”.

a girl can’t cut her hair short without being asked if she’s lesbian.

a boy can’t wear the color pink without being asked if he’s gay.

transgender people are demonized, discriminated against, and not taken seriously.

ninety-eight percent of rapists never spend a second behind bars.

one out of 6 girls will be raped.

one out of 33 boys will be raped.

many people don’t even believe that boys can be raped.

many people still believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

if i were a man, i would be a more valid feminist.


anonymous asked:

Honestly, it's feminism (among other, awful things some humans do) that makes me sort of hope I get to live long enough to see this world being destroyed/apocalypse. The funny thing is, some don't even seem to realize how much feminism is rooted in marxism, and it makes me cringe every time I hear "But feminism is about equality!" Yeah, kind of like that bookstore turning male authors' books around, to 'silence them'? Or simply ignoring women being oppressed in mainly muslim countries. Sad world

Okay, first of all, did you not see this post about why we need feminism or did you just refuse to read it?

Article about the bookstore, which I think is a spectacular way to give women a voice in a sea of men’s voices that otherwise drown us out. 

Re: ignoring oppression of women in Muslim countries - that’s a logical fallacy and the only response it deserves is this article and a note that if a Muslim woman chooses to wear a hijab of her own free will, I’m not going to stop her. 

See, we need feminism because male privilege is real

Feminism is literally about equality of the genders. There are extremists who exclude trans and nonbinary people, or who want women to be superior to men. True feminism, however, includes all genders, and is not about hating men. Why is it called “feminism,” then? The term was coined in the 1890s, from the French “feminisme.” At the time, white Europe wasn’t concerned with the rights of trans and nonbinary people. 

Remember this article from above? It’s titled “Equality is not Special Privilege - Here’s the Difference.” Seriously, read it. Privileged groups feel threatened when oppressed groups receive more rights, but in reality nothing has been taken away from the privileged group. Feminism isn’t trying to take anything away from men. We’re trying to increase the rights of women. 

Re: “feminism is rooted in marxism” - there is a branch of feminism that is rooted in Marxism, but I’m not sure all branches of feminism are. 

Marxist feminists view the capitalist drive for profits as responsible for women’s second-class status and other forms of oppression such as racism and homophobia.

I’m not so sure that capitalism drives sexism as I am that the “women are weaker and inferior to men” idea drives sexism. 

The latter comes from the KJV translation of the Bible, specifically Genesis, specifically Genesis 2:21-24 and 3:6. Furthermore, this translation was influenced by sexism of the time - the original wasn’t necessarily this sexist but since I don’t know the source language I can’t confirm. Since the KJV translation of the Bible came before Karl Marx by about 200 years, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Marxist feminists aren’t quite right. Sexists were being taught sexism in church long before any other source started “causing” sexism. 

Mod Marie-Rose

PS as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a Christian, yes I did just call the Bible sexist. 

The media focuses on nothing but her nudeness, when there’s a truckload of masterful art going on in that preview like…. this is why we need feminism, because no matter how talented, successful or intelligent a woman is, she is always judged according to her body. And even when she tries to break out of this inequality by using her sexuality as a form of self-agency, she’s considered a slut and a social deviant. This world punishes women for reclaiming control over their bodies.

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Unpopular Opinions

Not all Trump supporters are bad.

Hilary is actually a murderer and abuses her husband.

Trump isn’t that bad.

Black lives matter is actually racist and is a terrorist hate group.

Non-Binary is bullshit and there’s nothing to back it up.

All lives matter is not a bad thing to say because it’s true.

We don’t need feminism anymore.

Let’s Get Some Things Straight With Feminism

•If someone claims to be a feminist, BUT says and does things the exact opposite then they’re not actual feminists.

• YES, there is extremists/false feminists, BUT don’t EVER confuse these with ACTUAL feminists, and DON’T assume all of us feminists are like that.

• If it ain’t ALL inclusive and intersectional, then who’s it really for?!

•YES, there’s women that abuse and rape others. YES, there’s women unfit to be mothers/stepmothers/guardians/etc. DON’T let anyone tell you that feminists think all women are innocent, because not all of them.

•Also, don’t let anyone tell you that feminists think men are weak, just because you got abused or raped by a female. YOU ARE NOT WEAK. 

•YES, we believe the women who commit the same crimes(Such as abusing or raping, etc etc) should serve the same jail time as men.

•YES, we believe that fathers should be able to have custody of his child(ren), if he happens to want them or if it needs to happen.

•YES, we believe that fathers can be single parents. Gender roles SHOULD NOT play a factor in parenting. Like I said above, some women aren’t fit to be parents. 

•We’re ALL about abolishing gender roles and anything that has to do with gender(Genderized clothes, toys, etc etc). Have some pizza roles, instead.

•We firmly believe that as long as you don’t hurt anyone, BE YOURSELF(Be girly, Be a tomboy, Be Goth, be whatever).

•RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, But as long as you DON’T hurt anyone with your religion.

•If you have questions, JUST ASK A REAL FEMINIST. DON’T ask anyone who thinks we’re all bad people, because we aren’t.

•NO, we DON’T want to be superior to men, we just ant to be EQUAL to men. That’s it.

•We believe you can do WHATEVER you want with your body, it’s yours to choice what you want do with. As long as you are’t hurting yourself(Like starving yourself, etc etc), then we’re fine with that.

•We care about people’s mental health. And don’t let people tell it’s just girls who have mental illnesses.

•NO, not all of us have white feminism. REAL feminists include people of color, too. 

•Feminism ISN’T a bad word. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. 

•Feminism is just another word for equality for everyone. So, don’t say to someone “you should just call yourself an equalist/egalitarian if you want equality for everyone”. Call yourself what you want, as long as you want equality like the rest of us feminists.

•NO, we don’t think all men are bad, SOME yes, but not all. Don’t let anyone tell you that we’re man haters, because we aren’t.

•NO, we are NOT close minded people. 

•YES, we feminists are liberals. Liberal ISN’T a bad word.

•YES, some of us do shave, are housewives/stay at home moms, etc etc, BUT that doesn’t mean we are’t real feminists. NOT everyone wants to do the same thing as that. 

•Now, I hope that clears some things up. If you have questions or have a problem, then my inbox is open and ready.

theynamedmesomethingelse  asked:

Why do you think feminism is still necessary in the West?

Why are children still going hungry in the west?

Why are there still poor people in the west?

Why is there still racism in the west?

Why is there still homophobia in the west?

Why is there still antisemitism in the west?

We still need feminism because, despite being “in the west”, we obviously still haven’t ironed out all our kinks.

anonymous asked:

the way some radfems treat bi/het women is honestly disgusting. they literally blame us for being attracted to men and likewise being abused by men... if we don't remain celibate or only date girls they act like we're handmaidens of the patriarchy and like we can never see or criticize males or patriarchy clearly. if anything bi and het women need radical feminism the most because we cannot escape men. tired of lesbians acting like they're the only pure radfems, like we're just dumb handmaidens