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teachers who lie
  • Teacher: It's mental illness awareness week! We need to work harder and support all our struggling students and recognize when students are mentally ill
  • Me, someone with adhd: *is struggling*
  • Teacher: Why don't you ever do your homework!? How could you not understand this? I've explained it three times!!!! You need to try harder 😠

viktor and yuuri’s proposal scene in front of a fucking cathedral in Barcelona with a choir singing
i stg half the fandom: … yeah that’s cute i guess

yuri: davai! ota/bek: (thumbs up)

Soulmate + Colors AU

- because every fandom needs one
- so u know that soulmate au variation where a person only sees color when they meet their soulmate? yeah, we’re using that one
- basic things to note: soulmates are highly regarded (most of the time. some people couldnt care less bcs faulty system, u feel? idk its confusing, will explain later); not all soulmate connections or whatever u wanna call it are romantic; some people are already born seeing colors
ok so the last one is where the mixed feelings about soulmates come from because tradition says its harsh when u dont have a soulmate but like all systems, its hella faulty and the people know that??????????? so maybe seeing colors already is a good thing bcs u can choose who u wanna love or whatever
- OKAY, so. the people in this au who can already see colors are mabini and goyong (and maybe jose, depending on the path u guys wanna take) and it helped them focus on the serious stuff like smarts and climbing the ranks
- other stuff below the cut

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Time for a very, very long ramble on the state of things regarding Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, the Diamond Authority, and the Crystal Gem rebellion.

@ariadnearca said:

Man, this Pink Diamond stuff is making me SO nervous. There has to be a /reason/ they’re hiding PD’s identity that isn’t just “so we can trick the fandom into believing she’s Rose”, right? I hope it’s a satisfying reveal at the end, whatever it is (though I’m still holding out for Rose being an ex-Diamond…)

@powtothenuts said:

hi, to clarify, is your pink diamond theory post implying that the placement of pink diamond’s gem is on the stomach, proving that rose quartz is pink diamond? or something else?

[link to post]

That post was mostly a scream of… I have no idea what to think anymore, and I definitely don’t know what they want me to think. It feels like the episodes this week deliberately poked a million holes in the theories about Rose being Pink Diamond and tore it down for good, but then the next second they turn around and tease it some more, like with this whole gem placement thing implying that, yes, following the pattern Pink Diamond’s gem would be somewhere around her midriff, and the highly conspicuous hiding of the mural in the Moon base. Basically, if Rose isn’t Pink Diamond, what is the deal with Pink Diamond, what’s so important about her, and why is she being kept such a big secret? It feels like I’m trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle, but have too many pieces, and I can’t make sense of this… red herring? misdirection? impending twist of whatever kind? narratively or otherwise. Additionally, Rose Quartz is a character I am very invested in (second only to Pearl), so I really hope this big mystery she’s obviously embroiled in somehow gets a satisfying resolution.

I recommend taking a look at this post and this post, for a rundown on how the whole Pink Diamond thing grew. Lots of words and Oath Opinions under the cut.

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The fans can’t even be in the TH tag because y’all cunts are flooding it with stupid shit. Like, get the fuck outta here jfc. You weren’t in the tag before and we sure as hell don’t need you here now.

We don’t care about your sentimental “7th grade” period of life.

We’re not amused at you exclaming “omg it steel exist?????11!!??omg”

We’ve had it with seeing the same screenshot of the “Tokio Hotel is taking your questions now” box in different fonts with the text “oh no ew” underneath it.

You’re not contributing. You’re not being productive. You’re not inovative. And you’re sure as hell not funny.

You’re all being rudeass motherfuckers and you’re all 20+.

Think about this and get. The fuck. Out.

Yes Another Felicity Post...

…it’s been done before, and better, but I’m doing it anyway, ‘cause I’m a cheerleader like that. I love our girl. So here I go, in…

The next couple of (few?) episodes, we will probably see Felicity and Ray’s “relationship” develop. What does that mean? Hypothesize away. I am - but keeping it in my head. I am NOT freaking out. Regardless of where whatever this is with Ray goes, I will remember these things:

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“We’re just getting started! Let’s close this inning cleanly and show them how scary our baseball is!

Okay listen personally i dont mind Bonnie and Enzo but jfc can people who ship bonenzo stop coming into the bamon tag and saying that bamon fans need to get over it and ship bonenzo because Bonnie finally has someone, just stop.

If bamon fans dont want to ship Bonnie and Enzo they don’t have to, just like they’re are some ships you don’t like they’re some ships bamon fans don’t like and don’t have to, so stop with the bs that we have to ship it because it’s something for Bonnie.

The bamon tag just needs to go back to being about Bamon and I can’t wait for that to happen.