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City of Stars/Planetarium (La La Land)

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story. Please do not copy or credit this as your won. Photos above are not mine.

Pairing: Evie Frye x reader

Word count: 884

Warnings: none

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A/N: This fic is dedicated to @thatonepieceofpaper​ because we both can agree that we need more Evie fics out there. Also there seems to be three renditions of City of Stars??? So don’t kill me with all of the City of Stars shit, thank you very much.

City of Stars
Are you shining just for me?

You drive into the roundabout around the fountain of the newly renovated London Planetarium as one of the chauffeurs steps towards your car and opens the door for you.

“Thank you.” You smile as you hand your car keys to the chauffeur as chatter begins to surround you. Spotlights moved from side to side like the place was a Hollywood movie screening instead of a reopening of a public building.

When you enter, the front hall is bathed in a deep purple light as notable politicians shake hands and share toasts with patrons and donors on the sweeping marble staircase. An orchestra begins to play a piece as you scan over the slowly growing crowd until your eyes land on a familiar figure.

You stride over confidently and gently tap their shoulder as they finish talking with a woman you recognize to be a notable donor’s wife.

“Evie Frye. Always the charmer.” You remark as she looks at you, stunned.

“Y/N!” She replies happily and wraps you in a hug as she balances a flute of champagne in one hand. The orchestral music swells behind you as you separate yourself from the brunette woman.

“A dress and heels? I almost didn’t recognize you.” You tease and Evie scoffs.

“Now you sound like Jacob. He’s been going on and on about how I need to wear one for his movie premiere when they arrive in London. Said that he has a surprise that he can’t wait to show when he gets here.” She responds before taking a sip of champagne.

“Jacob’s an actor now? Never thought I’d see the day.” You comment as you take a glass of wine from a passing waiter.

“Oh yes, and he’s quite proud of it. I am happy for him though, but I wish I could’ve seen him on set. Kept on talking about it non-stop for an entire week.” Evie sighs before looking at the orchestra as they moved onto another piece, a slower one at that. “But what brings you here tonight?”

“I’m supposed to be making friends in higher places tonight, on behalf of my parents. They’re fishing for a new contract with Parliament.” You answer nonchalantly and you can see a frown begin to set across Evie’s face.

“Well consider that done. I’ll see what I can do.” Evie replies as she hands her empty glass to a waiter who plucks it from her fingers delicately. She eyes someone in the throng of people with a cautious gaze before she turns to face you again.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have to speak with someone. Meet me in the rose garden behind the planetarium in an hour.” She informs before making her way through the crowd and fully disappearing into the sea of people. You smile to yourself as you finish off your drink. That was most definitely the Evie Frye you remembered from your past.

City of Stars
There’s so much that I can’t see

You pace along the smooth stone tiles that lined the rose garden, observing the slowly setting sky.

“Y/N!” A distinct voice calls out and you turn around to see Evie jogging towards you, heels in hand and skirt slightly lifted.

“Finally given stopped playing politician now?” You quip sarcastically and Evie rolls her eyes.

“Y/N L/N. Always the opinionated one.” She retorts with a partial bite and you smirk at her.

“So what have you been up to? Besides dancing your way into the British Parliament’s heart.” You ask as you and Evie begin walking along the stone path.

“Making sure that exact same Parliament doesn’t destroy itself. Everyone’s been trying to outbid each other as the most favorable political figure in the U.K. The planetarium’s only the beginning of their little internal war.” Evie scoffs as she tucks a loose curl behind her ear.

“I see. And I suppose Henry is going through the same troubles as you are?” You inquire but to your surprise, Evie shakes her head.

“He’s in India, as an aide to the British ambassador. Arbaaz and Praya were delighted to see Henry come home after fourteen years. I was sad to see him go, but we both knew it was for the best.” She answers and you hear a faint note of sadness mixed in with her voice.

“Did you…?” The only response you receive is a shaky nod as Evie tries to hold back tears from falling.

“Don’t tell anyone unless I say so. Please, not even Jacob knows.” She pleads and in your entire lifetime have you never seen Evie Frye plead for anything.

“I promise Evie. You have my word.” You reply and you can see the gratitude shine in her eyes.

“Thank you, Y/N.” Evie smiles and hugs in a fashion you had never seen before. Perhaps things really have changed. Behind the two of you, you hear a sudden crescendo inside the planetarium before applause echoes through the open air.

“I’ll be there for you, Evie. Always.” You promise and somewhere deep within you, you knew that this was the start of something new.

Who knows?
Is this the start of something wonderful and new?
Or one more dream that I cannot make true?

Morning Kisses || Jinhwan

Group: Ikon

Member: Jinhwan

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 400

Requested: Hi. Could you write a fluff story with Jinhwan from IKON. It could contain smut scenes too! thanks <3

A/n:okay sleep Jinhwan is so cute so I had to write about this. We need more ikon fics 2k17!! Jinhwan lowkey reminds me of Jinho from pentagon shorties, cute, vocals I mean who is taller tbh??

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Can I just say that I have been stuck at home with a back injury for months (and when it's not that it's my migraines going haywire bc of the meds for my back). Seriously, reading Sterek has been one of the bright spots in this incredibly dark year. I have two school age kids. They are the major lights in the dark for me, even if they do get me sick. 😷 Thank you for all that you are doing and I want you to know that it is appreciated.

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First of all, we really hope you get well soon and can fully enjoy the time with your kids!
And yes, Sterek is always there to get us through bad times and keep us company, even when all is well. You really don’t need to thank us, the only thing we do is read fic and share the ones we like with all of you. The real heroes here are the writers that keep bringing more stories and making our days brighter!

Otayuri High School AU (because of reasons)

-Yuri is the freshman sports prodigy on the track team (because most schools probably dont have a figure skating team)

-Otabek is the senior captain of the debate club (trust me ok? just hear me out)

-Yuri gets dragged to a debate by Viktor who wants to watch his “sweet adorable Yuuri win!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-People recognize Yuri and find it weird that the angry track team freshman is watching a debate with school heartthrob Viktor Nikiforov

- Otabek sits at the end of the table in the captain’s position with Yuuri on his left and isnt Otabek that guy that Mila keeps talking about ???

-Yuri tries to focus of the debate (not like he wanted to watch people argue anyway) but he cant ???????? because Otabek keeps doing this thing with his jaw and its really attractive distracting OF NO SIGNIFICANCE WHAT SO EVER

-Yuri thinks it’s weird that Otabek hasnt said a word throughout the whole match because he’s the captain so ???? shouldnt he be ????? you know ???? doing something ?????

-Viktor suddenly gets really excited when the opposing school calls out Otabek on his silence

-Yuri is really confused because the whole room is silent and even Viktor finally shut up so what is he missing ????????

-the opposing school looks really smug (Yuri is not happy bc he has that school spirit) when Otabek clears his throat and stands

-he has no notes ??????

-everyone else had notes ??????? so where are Otabek’s notes ??????

-there’s a beat of silence and Otabek barely says twenty words but even Yuri knows that the debate is over and holy shit his voice-IMEANWHAT

-he has to know more about this Word Magician because who cares about running when this boy just shut up a table of annoying teenagers ???

-Viktor and Mila tease him senselessly about his “little crush” WHICH IT IS NOT

-he just happens to find him… admirable

-turns out, when they do meet, that otabek had been the one admiring him ever since he joined the track team

-bc otabek just loves the grace and speed that Yuri seems to so naturally possess ????

-but Yuri, who has never been good with words or conversation, cant get over how easily Otabek is able to get out of conversations or keep them going without really saying/doing much ????

-they become besties quickly after they meet and are pretty much inseparable

-you really cant have one without the other involved in some way (they’re texting each other or talking on the phone or they’re both present)

-otabek picks Yuri up from track and cheers him on at races

-yuri goes to all of otabek’s debates and is honestly the most excited person there

-they call each other Beka and Yura obviously mila teases Yuri about it to no end

-eventually, they both realize they have it bad for each other and no amount of teasing is going to make it any easier im looking at you mila



Ok but you know how many feelings I’m having about Bitty having taken Shitty’s role as the keeper of the traditions?

Like my son has grown so much, remember when he was just a scared tiny little frog findings his way around this crazy team?

Now look at him so confident and at ease, with a boyfriend and out to his friends.

Still I kind of want to read about Shitty and Bitty’s friendship, did Shitty put him aside and taught him everything he knew? Did he see Bitty’s potential and started mentoring him since year 1?

In conclusion, we need more Bitty and Shitty friendship fics.

I recently read @thecommodoresquid‘s fic One Cloud Feels Lonely and it’s literally the greatest thing ever written and America in this fic is my fav she my daughter I will fight everything for her.

also this fic is like 100% Steve angst fed to through an IV straight into your heart it’s greatlol

Ransom Week | Day Five | Human

“–so then I was saying, like, Ransom is a maniac at flash cards. Give him ten minutes and some markers and he’ll alphabetise the syllabus for you, no sweat.”

“Holster,” Rans hedges, feeling uncomfortable at the recount of Holster’s conversation with some of the new frogs.

Holster paces the floor of their attic while he talks. Ransom has to keep watch in case Holster’s long limbs shoot his hands out too close to Ransom’s face.

“Yeah, they were all just blinking, totally awed. I think they were confronted by how you are so boss at hockey but also life. I mean, it is phenomenal. You’re an inspiration. I was telling them that–”

“Holster,” Ransom tries again.

“–when it’s exams, and you get into coral reef mode, that they are not to disturb. But–”

“Adam!” Holster shuts up abruptly, coming to a stop in front of Ransom.

“I’m just… Like, it’s cool you’re so supportive, but we don’t know these dudes yet? And I’m just human, alright?”

Holster looks dejected, shoulders curving down.

“I don’t want–You don’t have to be telling them I’m some, like, study god. It’s too much.“

“Okay, Rans,” Holster says softly.

“I’m just, like, doing the work,”  Ransom tacks on, less overwhelmed now that Holster isn’t in constant movement, but still wanting to make his point; that he feels strange to be talked about like he’s some miracle.

Holster sits down beside him. “I just want them to appreciate you like I do.”

“Yeah, well,” Ransom sighs out. Holster has good intentions. It’s just a more dramatic approach than Ransom would like. “Like I said, they don’t really know us yet. Give them time. Sometimes it’s a little… a little much when you’re talking about me like that to everyone before they’ve even met me.”

Holster frowns, looking dejected. Ransom puts an arm around Holster’s wide shoulders, and pulls him in closer.

“Holtzy, I love you, and it’s cool that you’re always so supportive. Just… it’s like you’re making me the study robot to Jack’s hockey robot, yeah?”

“Oh, wow.” Holster blinks. “I’ve never thought about it like that. Jack hates that term.“

“Yeah,” Ransom agrees. “That’s my point.”

Holster is alarmingly quiet for a moment, then slaps a hand to Ransom’s chest and brings his face right up close, like he does when he’s moving into D&M mode (no matter how many times Ransom has told him physical closeness does not necessarily equal emotional closeness). “You know I don’t think you’re a robot. You’re more in touch with your emotions than I am.”

“Says the man who cries at cereal commercials,” Ransom jokes, feeling Holster’s sincerity. (Also, a little bit of spittle.) “Not sure that’s a compliment.”

Holster shoves Ransom backwards with the hand on his chest, and Ransom lets himself fall back on the bed.

“I declare hypocrisy. Who cried when Bitty’s ceramic pie-tin fractured yesterday?”

“Hey!” Ransom reaches up to yank Holster down and shove his face into the quilt beside him. “You did too, man.”

Holster shoves him off with a well placed elbow and Ransom rolls onto his back, lying beside Holster, laughing at the skewed angle of his glasses. He straightens them up for Holster, and knows that, even though the seriousness didn’t last very long, Holster heard him.


Thor: Ragnarok [Fix-it Canon AU] - Jane Foster is worthy

While on Earth, Thor is attacked. His hammer is destroyed and he’s taken prisoner. But Mjolnir is no ordinary hammer. It’s capable of reassembling itself. But now, without Thor to wield it or Odin to command it, Mjolnir is free to choose its own Thor. And after years of spending time with mortals, there is one in particular it knows to be worthy. Mjolnir chooses none other than Jane Foster as the new Thor, Goddess of Thunder.

Jane is then transported to the gladiator’s arena where she finds Thor - who is now going by the name ‘Odinson’. When he sees her, he realizes his vision hadn’t been about Loki, as he suspected, but about Jane. Together, they escape back to Asgard where Jane has to fight for the right to keep Mjolnir. Odinson, disheartened by the loss of his hammer, decides to leave Asgard and travel the Nine Realms in search of redemption.

While on Asgard, Jane finds an unlikely ally in Loki. He seems bound and determined to ensure that she’s allowed to keep the hammer. Jane suspects he has some ulterior motives, but it’s still nice to have someone on her side. So she and Loki come to an uneasy truce, much like they did when he helped save her from the Aether.

But their alliance is put to the test when Hela invades Asgard. She is hellbent on revenge and will stop at nothing to punish Odin. Even if that means completely destroying Asgard. Jane and Loki barely make it out alive. After the loss of his home, Loki becomes depressed but Jane knows if they’re going to stand any chance of victory, she’s going to need his help.

Finally persuaded by Jane, Loki takes up arms against Hela and her forces. They are later joined by Odinson and those who escaped Asgard in time. Together, they manage to defeat Hela on another world. And somewhere along the way, between bickering and battling, Jane and Loki find that they have more to offer each other than just an alliance.

Days Of Summer CH 2

A/N; Welcome back! We love seeing all that you guys have to say, so thanks to those that reblog or leave us messages! Feel free to spam @hannah-nobody’s inbox as well!!

Here’s the updated playlist!

Summer has arrived, and with it the start of the two month long music camp; Fairy Tail! Full of new songs, friends, and adventures, the campers learn things they never knew about themselves and one another. And just how easy it is to sneak booze and a full sized karaoke machine out into the middle of the woods.

Camp Rock!AU

Pairing: Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, others mentioned; Fairy Tail

Words: 5405

Rating: T

Parts: Chapter One, Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Teenage Wonderland

Cause when we are gone

We hope for the knowledge that you

Wanted us to stay

“See ya around!” Lucy waved at the stranger.

She let Cana drag her away, looking over her shoulder to see the boy that had somehow known her name staring after her with a dumbstruck expression on his face. She smiled slightly at his expression, deciding she’d have to find out later how exactly the cute stranger had come to know her name.

Right now, she had to focus on Cana’s incessant pulling on her arm. The brunette had managed to drag her almost halfway to the cabins while Lucy was pondering over the identity of the guitar-clutching stranger.

Lucy really had wanted to stay talking to that cute boy, something about him just seemed so… familiar. Like a song you hear when you’re asleep and faintly remember in the middle of the day. But when Cana actually wanted something, well, Lucy had learned it was easier to just go along with her friend’s plans. Cana had held onto Lucy’s wrist the entire time they hurried along the gravel paths, passing between large buildings until they were in the designated cabin area. Grass and a few trees outlined the paths and gave the illusion of privacy between the cabins, Lucy’s eyes scanning the numbers that rested above the doorways along the wooden cottages. If Lucy had remembered correctly what the kind girl had said her cabin number was when she dropped off her suitcases, then they would be there in three, two, one..

“Ta da!” Cana announced proudly, throwing open the door to cabin 15. “Let’s fuck shit up!”

Lucy brought her hand and rubbed at her temple, apologetic grin already working it’s way onto her face before she was even looking at the other girls in the room. Cana half blocked the doorway, both hands on hips and chest thrust out like some sort of alcoholic super hero, and Lucy looked past her to see who they were going to be sharing a place with for the next ten weeks.

Both girls were looking at them with a mix of horror, amusement, and curiosity. Kind of like a car accident. Actually, Lucy was pretty sure she had just found the perfect way to describe Cana’s entrance into anything. As it was, a petite looking girl with an angular face and intelligent eyes was staring at them over the top of a book, obviously having been interrupted by the front door being kicked in. Blue locks framed her face, the rest pulled back by a bright orange bandana. Red reading glasses finally slipped off her nose, her wide brown eyes were too focused on Lucy and Cana to notice. The other girl, also with blue hair, was equally frozen over her bed. She was lying a few white ghost looking dolls on her pillow, her bunk apparently the one below the bookish one. Lucy squinted a little bit and felt her smile grow, this girl was the same one that Gray had over stimulated earlier in the parking lot! Bright blue eyes were blown wide as she gawked at Cana, most likely over the brunette’s skimpy clothing if the girl’s high collared jacket and floor length skirt said anything about her modesty. Lucy wiggled her fingers in a shy wave before deciding that maybe she should be the one to continue introductions. God knew what else Cana was about to say, the other girl’s eyes sharpening in on the standing blue haired girl in a way Lucy knew all too well.

“Hi, my name’s Lucy, and this is my friend Cana,” Lucy said sweetly as she pushed past her friend who was now leaning on the doorway. For support or laziness Lucy couldn’t tell. “I guess we’re roomies.“ The girl laying on the top bunk finally closed her book, hesitant smile returning Lucy’s bright one.

“I’m Levy, it’s a pleasure to meet you Lucy, Cana.” The girl’s voice was high and light, fitting her pixie-ish look. The final girl slowly straightened, hands clasping timidly in front of her.

“Juvia is also pleased to meet her cabin mates, Lucy and Cana.” Juvia said, her voice soft. Lucy felt her forehead wrinkle at the girl’s odd speaking. Had she just used third person?

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8, jyn/cassian :)

In the dark kiss

The slump of his body against the mattress rouses Jyn from a deep, dreamless sleep. She blinks against the blackness, barely able to make out the smooth slope of Cassian’s side inches from her nose.

She lays a hand on his shoulder and he turns wordlessly to face her, slipping his arm around her waist. 

“It’s late,” she murmurs.

“I’m aware.”

“Long day?”

He huffs a sigh, swipes his thumb along her arm. “Very.”

“I’m up early tomorrow,” she says, reaching out carefully into the darkness to pat at his shoulder, slide her palm up to cup his cheek.

He groans, pulling her closer. “Don’t remind me.”

“I have to remind you. Otherwise, you’ll yell when the alarm goes off.”

“I’ll yell either way.”


“For now,” he whispers, bending to brush his lips against her forehead, “let’s just pretend we can stay here for a while. Just like this.”

She lets her arm fall, tucking herself into the hollow beneath his chin. “It’s not like you to ignore reality.”

“Just for a bit.” His voice is thick, his breath already slowing. “Just…for a bit.”

“Okay.” She curls a little closer, presses her lips to his chest. “Just for a bit.”

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Why do you suppose that there a next to no fics on the topic of damen and laurent's baby/heir?

Hello anon!

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know why ;;; It’s an interesting theme though, on that offers many possibilities. The idea to write a fic about it might not cross everyone’s mind (in my case the problem is I have little time to write fic /sobs), but I think I’ve read quite a few headcanon posts about this? And there’s definitely also art about Damen and Laurent as parents! kjdfhekjh I feel like I’m not answering your question properly, and I apologize for that, but it’s just that I have no idea and I can’t really speak for every writer.

Anyway, getting this made me want to compile as many fics I could find about it, to see if it motivates other people to write more about this! 

Note: I have not read any of these (now I do plan to, though), but I researched them thoroughly and only included fics specific to this theme + set in the world of CaPri.

“Two years after his marriage to Damen, Laurent has his heart stolen by an infant found in one of his diplomatic travels.
Gradually, he and Damen must learn how to be parents to the heir to their kingdoms.”

“Damen still has a little family left, after all. And he does need an heir. But Laurent is not easily convinced.” 

““The Empress sends her wishes for your happy and long union.” The Ambassador waves forward a box, “And a gift that your lines might continue this happy union of nations.”

Damen raises confused eyebrows at Laurent in the throne beside him.

“We send our heartfelt thanks,” Laurent says calmly. “We shall have to find a way to repay such a generous gift.””

  • Rasasvada, by AngelycDevil (General, ~1.2k words)

“Their baby takes his first step. Damen cries a little.”

“It had been five years. Things were starting to look up. The impossible was possible for the two. Assimilation was tangible, and it was there. Undeniably in Akielos, and in the beginning stages in Vere. Damen weighed the notion relentlessly for the past year. What Laurent meant to him. He arrived at the conclusion that Laurent’s existence by his side was worth far more than silver, gold even. More than a kingdom. More than two.”

“Their daughter was four the first time she asked about Damen’s scars.”

I hope at least one of these is a fic you’ve never read, anon! As for everyone else, since it’s highly possible that I missed some fics….

…feel free to reblog and add your own! Or to send me a link so that I add it here!

Okay everyone, we need to have a talk.  A Gen fic does not mean a pairing isn’t the focus of the story.  A Gen fic doesn’t mean that the fic only has background pairings.  A Gen fic is something with no pairings at all. (Except strictly canonical ones, I’ll give you that)

The Gen tag exists so that people looking for fics without pairings can search.  When you tag with both, you ruin that.  Your fic is not Gen, it is a pairing fic. Period.  Stop putting the Gen Tag on if you’re going to add ANY romantic pairing tag.