we need a fair warning

Title:  My Lies, Your Worth
Part:  37

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Because he lacks the hands of an artist and the mind of an intellect, his capabilities as a conman are limited.  Kise can’t compose original schemes; Kise can’t create art and sculpture.  All he has to his person is his charisma, his voice, his body.  He’ll never be able to devise a con without reference; he’ll never know how to manipulate paint and marble.  The only tool of his trade that Kise has full control over is his lies.  No one can tell them better; no one can be more convincing.  While Kise’s mind is a mess, his actions and expressions and words are perfect.  With Silver, Kise will be a bitch; with Himuro, Kise will be a lover; with Aomine—Kise will be a challenge.

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