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Taylor Imagine (request)

‘’(Y/N) COME ON WE ARE GONNA BE LATE’’ your brother Lohanthony called you from downstars,

’’COMING’’ you said while packing you last suitcase. You where going with your brother to Playlist where a lot of youtubers will come including the Magcon boys that mean also Taylor aka your boyfriend that nobody knows. Because let just say that Lohanthony and Taylor didn’t really had the best bond. You walked downstrairs with your suitcase in one hand and your phone in the other. ‘’ So ready to go (Y/N)’’

‘’Yes I can’t wait!’’ you said with a smile

After that you guys left it was just a boring trip noting much happened. You guys walked into your hotel you already sal a lot of youtubers but you where looking for Taylor. When you sal him you wanted to go to him and hug him but ofcourse you can’t because of your brother. When he sal you a really big smile grow on his face. ‘’(Y/N) come on here is your room key we don’t have same rooms you are sharing yours with Mahogany . ‘’Ye sure cool’’ you said a little derivative because of Taylor. You walked toward to your room when you opend the door you sal Mahogany and Taylor talking about something Mahogany was the only one who knowed about you and Taylor. ‘’ MAHOGANY TAYLOR!!’’ you screamd while hugging them (and kissing Taylor)

 ‘’(Y/N) WE HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH’’ Mahogany said while hugging you again and not letting go this time. ‘’Same I can’t believe it took so long to see you guys again’’

‘’Well Mahogany I could love to hold MY girlfriend for a while now I can.’’

‘’ Well ofcourse but I still don’t really understand why you don’t tell your brother I am you guys really love either he can’t break you forever’’ Mahogany said she had a good point you really loved Taylor. ‘’We will but we have to wait for the time t be perfect’’ Taylor said while putting his arm on your schoulder. After cuddeling with Taylor for a while and talking you guys went downstair to see the others he  left 10 minuten early then you and Mahogany left. ‘’(Y/N) I have missed you so much!’’ Mahogany said she was like a sister for you that why she only knows about you and Taylor. ‘’Same Mahogany I need my best friend sometimes’’ You said while holding her hand you 2 where really close. Everybody decided to walked around the town for a wile. You where just talking to Mahogany when you sal a photobooth Mahogany looked at Taylor and he nods you didn’t know what it was about but then Mahogany push you into the photobooth a second later Taylor came in. ‘’What is going on?’’ you asked lauging . ‘’Well we still need picture’s’’. After the pictures you left first to take the pics but they where already gone. ‘’ Don’t worry I have them Mahogany said. ‘’Thankyou ‘’ 2 Hours later you guys where going back to the hotel because the playlist was tomorrow .



You woke up in the moring to get ready for today you really wanted to meet your fans. Someone knocked on the door ‘’Who is there!? Mahogany scream ‘’It’s me Taylor open up!’’. You opend the door and kissed him ‘’So are you exacted for today?’’ he said while jumping on your bed while you where getting ready. ‘’Ofcourse I am’’ when you where done you laid down next to Taylor he had one arm on our waist. Then the door opend and it was your brother Lohanthony standing there in shock. ‘’ (Y/N) WHAT THE HELL?!’’ You didn’t know what to say you jump up from your bed. Then Taylor said something ‘’Dude lissen I know we didn’t had a good start but your sister really means a lot to me. ‘’I DON’T CARE GET OUT NOW’’ Taylor walked out of the room and Lohanthony looked really pissed he didn’t say another world and just left the room. ‘’(Y/N) are you okay?’’ Mahogany asked. ‘’No I am not but I can’t show it alteast not now we have to leave.’’ You said with the best fake smile you could Mahogany hugged you and then you left. There where a lot of people who wanted to take a picture and talk for a little there where are really nice but you where still thinking about what happened early today. After it all ended you walk back to your hotel room you heart a knock Mahogany opend the door. ‘’ (Y/N) eehh two people wanna talk to you.’’ When you looked up you see Lohanthony and Taylor you where surprised. ‘’Well I have been thinking a lot and talk a lot with this dude and I tough if you really love either you should be togther.’’ Lohanthony said with a small smile. ‘’OMG REALLY THANKYOU SO MUCH’’ you hugged him and then Taylor he looked really happy he kissed your forhead and said ‘’ I love you (Y/N)’’  you smiled shy.

It was the second day of Playlist so today you didn’t had to hide with Taylor. When you where done taking picture with a fan someone grappend your arm and kisses you you know it was Taylor. When he pulled away everyhad shocking faces exept for Mahogany and your brther ofcoure. ‘’ So you guys are dating and Lohanthony is okay with it?’’ Cam asked surprised. ‘’ Yes we are and he is ‘’ Taylor said proud. ‘’Well then I am really happy for you guys.’’ Cam said while hugging ous everyone els said the same thing. Than you where going back to the fans and almost everybody wanted a picture with you and Taylor and they all said how cute we are togther. You where really lucky uou tough by yourself a amazing boyfriend and fans. Every 5 minuten Taylor will come over when he was gone and kiss you on the cheek.♥