we need 2 go back to 2012

An issue that needs to be talked about in the ㄴㅇㅅㅌ fandom

And this is the use of images out of context, misinterpretation of events and new loves not listening to older ones when we try to correct their false info. This is mainly on Twitter and most the new love blogs are doing great (keep up the good work).

HOWEVER, if this isn’t talked about, it could turn into a big issue. Some new loves overreact about little things-

  For example, fans are crying over SNS that from now on NU’EST won’t be using stage names cos Ren called himself Mingi, like they are exaggerating so much? People read the caption of “Ren called himself Mingi” WITHOUT EVEN WATCHING THE ATTACHED VIDEO, in which he said “NU’EST Ren Choi Mingi”, people love to jump to conclusions without thinking critically or looking for info at all!!

Basically people spread false info (new fans) BUT they get mad when old loves try to correct them? and accuse of creating a love hierarchy?? WTF?

ALL OF US OLD LOVES HAVE BEEN BEGGING PLL TO STAN NU’EST FOR YEARS, I look back at posts from 2 years ago and cringe at how desperate I am for people to stan NU’EST and buy their albums! (ofc it didn’t work cos they needed to go pd101)


And for gods I respect 2012 loves so fucking much it isn't easy staying in a fandom which was dying right in front of your own eyes! So at least listen when they try to guide you. We need new fans for NU’EST to live, and the new loves need to look at what our fandom name names- we need to spread love to heal all the pain we’ve been through. The NU’EST members are some of the most humble and genuine people in the industry, we need to reflect that. 

Hollyoaks story meeting
  • Writer 1: So. This Christmas Eve episode.
  • Writer 2: The Christmas Special, you mean?
  • Writer 1: The double episode.
  • Writer 2: Special. Bryan said. He said the channel's showing its faith in us after another mega year, by giving us a special slot for the Christmas Spesh.
  • Writer 1: Well, it's not really a special as such, is it?
  • Writer 2: Strength to strength. Bryan said.
  • Writer 1: It's just, they don't put us on air on Christmas Day, so we have to stick the two normal eps on together the night before or we'd get out of sync.
  • Writer 2: Bryan said it's a special.
  • Writer 1: Okay. Anyway, so we've got the Ste thing to deal with. The McH*y meet-you-in-the-folly thing we came up with to hedge our bets if the audience was too icked out by St*rry.
  • Writer 2: I've had an idea about that. Actually it's more an homage to vintage Oaks.
  • Writer 1: Vintage?
  • Writer 2: Christmas 2012 to be precise.
  • Writer 1: When Hollyoaks was good.
  • Writer 2: Yep. Before it went from strength to strength.
  • Writer 1: Do tell.
  • Writer 2: Right, well, remember the airport scene with Stug? They're all set to start a new life, but Doug's realised Ste's real love is someone else, and they've only married each other because they're mates and Ste needed someone and blah blah. So Doug says I love you but I don't want to be second best. 'Fly, my pretty', kinda thing. Then they have a little weepy kiss to appease the Stug fans, and off Ste pops after the love of his life.
  • Writer 1: Yeah, I remember all that. What are you thinking?
  • Writer 2: Simples. We do the same again. JP is Doug.
  • Writer 1: Harry's no Brendan.
  • Writer 2: Shush! Don't let Bryan hear you saying the B-word.
  • Writer 1: Sorry. Not a bad idea though. Same scene but without the expensive location shoot at the airport. So then Ste runs off to find Harry?
  • Writer 2: In Tony's flat. Cheaper than Dublin, obvs. But first, he sits and gazes at his wedding ring, cos that was a great shot in 2012. Poignant.
  • Writer 1: What, we copy that shot do we? Bit cheeky.
  • Writer 2: We're copying the whole concept, love. And you know the bit where Br... Where you-know-who says 'I can't live my life without you'?
  • Writer 1: You can't nick that. It's iconic.
  • Writer 2: Course not. But here's the twist – Ste says it this time. And we'll change it a bit if you insist. He can say 'I can't live without you.' Different, see?
  • Writer 1: He says it to Harry?
  • Writer 2: Why not? Harry's cute.
  • Writer 1: Right. Only isn't it all gonna look a bit lame compared with the original? I mean, you had Ste and you-know-who, soul-searching, bonded together over the trauma of their horrific childhoods, finally piecing together a relationship after two years of falling in love against the odds. At last they both found the courage and willpower to admit their feelings and give it a go. Plus you had buckets of chemistry without having to contrive kit-off situations all the bloody time. And now you've got... St*rry.
  • Writer 2: What's your point?
  • Writer 1: My point is, what do Ste and Harry have in common?
  • Writer 2: They're gay.
  • Writer 1: I'll put it another way. What do they even talk about?
  • Writer 2: … Football?
  • Writer 1: Ste? Football?
  • Writer 2: Look, not being funny, but who needs conversation when you've got a hot schoolkid to shag?
  • Writer 1: ???
  • Writer 2: LOL... Ahem... Seriously though, the audience won't be making comparisons because they weren't watching in 2012. 6.30 was past their bedtime back then.
  • Writer 1: Fair point. Plus they've got a short attention span according to Bryan.
  • Writer 2: Exactly. So I was also thinking, you know that bit where Ruby and Jonno were going to live happily ever after? Everyone thinks he's recovered from his injury? And then he dies in her arms?
  • Writer 1: Tragic, yes.
  • Writer 2: We do the same only this time it's Ziggy. Dies in Tegan's arms. Zig-a-zig ahh.
  • Writer 1: Are we allowed to kill a Roscoe?
  • Writer 2: Bryan wants some of the dead wood gone. Not Freddie, obvs – the kiddies love him.
  • Writer 1: So does Bryan...
  • Writer 2: So, what do you think?
  • Writer 1: Why not? It'll save us writing a proper ending for that love triangle at least.
  • Writer 2: Sorted. I'll just dig out the 2012 scripts, then we can get down the pub.