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You Consume Me - A Roman Reigns Short Story

She was beautiful, tempting, carefree, and everything I thought I wanted in a woman. One taste and I was hooked, abandoning everything and everyone I cared about to be with her. What I failed to see was the other side of her; a side that was dark, dangerous…


A/N: A long time ago I read a fic that resonated so deeply within me it blew my mind. I looked for it online not too long ago and couldn’t find it. But I’ll never forget it. This story is largely inspired by that one. I hope you like it.

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It was like encountering a beautiful storm and being smack in the middle of its eye. That’s the only way I can describe what I went through with her.

She breezed in and out of my life, staying just long enough to spin me around and turn my whole world upside down. Just like the wind, she danced away, slipping right through my fingers just when I thought I had caught up with her. Everything about her was so complicated, yet so simple. She was mysterious yet obvious, elusive yet omnipresent, caring yet spiteful. Complex. Complicated. And if you mentioned all of that to her, she’d laugh and tell you she was the most straightforward person you’d ever meet.

Falling in love with her was dangerous but inevitable. Getting to know her, being with her made me feel powerful yet powerless at the same time. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t help myself from getting swept up in her essence, and when I fell in love, I fell hard.

But it nearly killed me.

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anonymous asked:

What is the weirdest dream you've ever had? Also for a request to help you get your mind off things: the sides (or just one of them what ever you want to do) wearing 1980's work out video outfits. Hope you feel better soon!

I don’t know if this is my weirdest dream, but it’s a dream that has stuck with me for a long time. So in the dream I went on this special trip to this resort type area, but I didn’t want to go because I wasn’t allowed to have my phone or any other types of electronics. I ended up smuggling them in anyway. So I stayed at this hotel place and found out that a lot of people I knew were staying there, so we got settled and I wandered around, looking into the rooms, nearly got in trouble because the head guy almost saw my iPod and was talking sternly to me. 

I went into this one room and this girl and guy who I knew were talking and it seemed like they were flirting so I just kind of sat back and listened with a smile. The room was the only room that was outdoors and it had this canopy and it was beautiful and it had dark colors like blacks and reds. There were light adjusters so you could choose a “time of day” that you wanted your room to be lit with. Suddenly a bunch of teens who were staying there came outside and were being really loud. I told them to shut up or we’d get in trouble but they didn’t listen.

It gets kind of fuzzy in here but I remember that at one point I decided that we needed to break out and leave because the people who ran the place were getting too controlling. So we all formulated a plan which I was in charge of and we went for it. Different things happened like I had to use this trained dog that lived there to help me and I had to run a long way and go through vents etc.

I arrived at the ‘getaway’ point where I was going to have to lower my friends from this dock so they could run away safely. I was smiling and they were cheering and we were all happy. When everyone got off though, I pulled myself back up. They started protesting but I told them that there were still some people left (like the dog and my parents and stuff) that I needed to get. They insisted that they would help me so they started making distractions when I needed them. They were great. I woke up before I could get back, though.

And I’ll draw the request in a little while :)