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Canoodling - Jughead Jones

So after watching episode 2 of Riverdale I was wondering if I could have a Jughead imagine? Where you’re secretly dating because you’re considered popular and basically kiss him in front of “the popular” people to stop them from thinking Jughead isn’t getting laid? Thanks!

imagine please? defending jughead when reggie teases him, probably?

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I kind of combined the two of these things…I hope you two are okay with that…I really enjoyed writing it.  I kinda changed the order of events, in the episode, a bit and I hope that’s okay. I don’t even know what that ending is…

You were walking down the halls of Riverdale High School when you felt a tug on your hand and was pulled inside the storage closet. The door shut behind you quickly, but not before there was still enough light to see the outline of an all too familiar hat.

“We really must stop meeting like this.” Despite the darkness, you could almost see the glint in Jughead’s smile as he said the line. You pulled on the light string hanging from the ceiling and found yourself nearly chest to chest with your boyfriend. “You dork,” you said while rolling your eyes. He smiled at you and despite the recent light of events, you felt happy. Jughead grabbed your hand in both of his, running his fingers over your knuckles. “Do you wanna stay after school for the game?” His gaze lifted from your hands to your eyes and you saw them sparkle. “Of course. How’d everything go with Archie?” He shrugged in response, “Good, hopefully it’ll get better after the game.” You nodded, leaning upwards to pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “I’m going to be late,” you started to pull away, “I’ll see you after school in the lounge, Okay?” He gave your hand one last squeeze, “See ya later, Y/N.” You shot him another smile and quickly darted out of the closet. When back in the hallway, you looked around and sighed in relief that nobody saw you sneak out of hiding. It wasn’t because you were ashamed of dating Jughead, granted you were somewhat popular amongst your peers; it was because you and Jughead both found value in privacy. It was nobody else’s business what you got up to in your freetime and Jughead simply didn’t care about your peers to tell anyone that you two were dating. It was troublesome sneaking around, but moments like those where it was just you two alone, even briefly, were the moments you looked forward to the most.

When the final bell rang, you made your way towards the lounge. You figured that Jughead would already be there, in an attempt to find a spot before it filled up with cheerleaders and loud jocks. Your guess was correct because, when you walked in, your eyes landed on him. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed on his chest, and scowling at the people before him. When he saw you, he gave you a quick smile that you returned. In order to avoid suspicion, you walked over to greet a few of the jocks and fell into conversation with Veronica.

You almost were having a good time when Reggie, a cocky football player, started to talk about Jason Blossom’s murder, instantly killing the mood. “If someone here did kill him, it couldn’t have been a jock. No, it would be the lonely, sad internet troll, that’s too busy typing manifestos to get laid.” You looked up and saw Reggie staring at Jughead as if in question. “Like Jughead.” The others started laughing, except for you and Archie. Anger burned in your heart, but you couldn’t defend your boyfriend with making it obvious. Then again, if you weren’t going to stand up for him, why were you dating him? You stood up with purpose, walking towards your boyfriend. He raised his eyebrows but you simply leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Howls and whistles were let out by half the people in the lounge. You pulled back, because if you didn’t, you were sure you wouldn’t be able to stop. “You’ve gotta be kidding me, really Y/N, he’s why you wouldn’t date me?” Reggie yelled and you spun on your heels to face the football player. “Damn right he’s why,” you yelled back, “he’s not a dick that picks on others like yourself!” Everybody hollered and ‘oohed’ at your words. Then Veronica finally spoke up,  “So it looks like he’s getting laid after all,” you let out a laugh and grabbed Jughead’s hand in yours.

“But that doesn’t change anything! He still probably killed him.” Reggie shouted, trying to regain his high-ground. “Did you, ya know, do anything to the body? Like, after?” he asked, pressing Jughead further. You felt a sense of pride when Jughead answered, “It’s called necrophilia Reggie, can you spell it?” A smile crept up on your features, as you turned to Jughead. Suddenly, Reggie darted towards him, but Archie lunged forward in defense. “Shut the Hell up, Reggie.” Archie hissed, but Reggie wasn’t having it. Soon a fight broke out and it ended with Archie getting punched in the face, along with a teacher escorting Reggie out of the room.

You and Jughead decided it was probably best to get out of the school, so you started to make your way to his place. The walk was quiet, with neither of you willing to talk about what had happened yet. Before you knew it, you both turned into the driveway to his house  and walked inside. You both set your bags down and Jughead made a beeline to the kitchen. “Where are your parents?” You asked as you started to take off your shoes. “I found a note that said they were out shopping.” Jughead yelled across the house. You walked into the kitchen where Jughead was head-first in the refrigerator. You let out a giggle at the site, causing Jughead to face you. “What’s so funny?” You felt a blush rise to your cheeks and you lifted yourself to sit on the countertop, “You.” He walked towards you, standing in between your legs. He stared at you as you wrapped your arms over his shoulders and brought him closer. He leaned forward and brought his lips to yours, his hand reaching up to cup your jaw. Your hand pulled his hat off his head and with the other, your fingers buried themselves in his hair. You leaned back slightly pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek.

“You want this back?” You asked, teasingly holding his hat by your fingertip. He smiled, leaning in once more, capturing your lips in another playful kiss. When you were distracted, he took the opportunity to snag his hat back. “Hey,” you said, pulling away from him. He let out a smug chuckle. “Thanks for that,” Jughead said, turning back to the search for food in the cabinets. “For what?” You asked, hopping down from the counter. He turned and gave you a pointed look, “Putting Reggie in his place.”

“He needed to be proved wrong.” He smiled at you, “So you were simply proving him wrong?” You nodded and he stepped closer to you. His hands rested on your hips, pulling you closer, “So you’re okay with canoodling at school now?” You let out a small laugh, “Canoodling? No, but acting like a couple, of course.” His green eyes sparkled at your answer, and he pressed a kiss to your lips. When you backed away you smiled, “Are you going to write this in your novel?” He smiled back with mischief gleaming in his eyes, “Maybe I will.”

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inquisition companions react to finding out the inquisitor (who always covers their face) is actually the hero of ferelden? (Plus warden Alistair and Morrigan pls?)

Morrigan: She knew instantly, of course. It was the walk, the bearing, the weight on their shoulders and the pride that kept them tall. And their eyes. Those eyes, peeking out from behind their mask, would likely haunt her for the rest of her life, for one reason or another. “I’ll keep your secret, old friend, if you truly do not wish these others to know,” she tells them when she announces that she’s to join the Inquisition. If Romanced: “Ah, my love, how difficult it will be to keep your secret when we shall be sharing a bed. I will not be moved from this. We shall be a family once more, and that’s final. Now, take off that ridiculous mask and kiss me.”

Warden Alistair: Inwardly: Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Okay, don’t panic. It’s only your damned commander here. No need to panic. Or say anything dumb. “Heeeeeeeyyyy there!” Damn it! If Romanced: Well, if the way they steal into shadowed corners frequently isn’t enough to give the Warden away, nothing will. But by the Maker, he will spend time with his lover! They’re out here risking their life against impossible odds, as usual, and he doesn’t even get to stay by their side for the duration! Necking in the corner is the least of their worries at this point.

Bonus King Alistair: Yeah, he really didn’t have time to notice. There were more pressing matters to deal with. If Romanced: “Keep that beautiful face covered, love. Your identity is a vulnerable point, as much as I hate that. Our enemies would use you to hurt me and use me to hurt you. If I can’t be here with you, at least you can try to stay safe.”

Leliana: She knew immediately when they were found in the Temple of Sacred Ashes, but she didn’t know what to do with the information. She kept it to herself, allowing Cassandra and the others to think whatever they wanted to think until she had the opportunity to speak to them alone. “Why are you here, what happened?” she asks them. Though their answers are far from satisfactory, she’s willing to trust that her old friend would never have done what they are accused of. If Romanced: “My love, we must stop meeting like this,” she giggles to them even though they’re shackled in a cell. She’s cleared the room to speak to them, ostensibly to question the prisoner. She grins at them, completely certain in her belief that they are innocent, that something else is at work, and she’s simply grateful to be back with her lover even under such circumstances.

Cassandra: She’s suspicious, especially with how careful Leliana is being around them. She wonders why they insist on the mask upon having their hands unbound, but allows it anyway. She has her suspicions about who they are but keep them to herself. When she finally knows for certain, she’s more confused than anything else. “Why not simply tell us who you are?” she asks. “It would have helped remove suspicion from you to know that you were the one who ended the Blight!” If Romanced: “You didn’t trust me with this?” she asks them, a bit hurt. “You are a great hero, someone I admired before we even met. And I treated you so poorly when we met. Knowing this would have saved us both a lot of trouble.”

Cullen: Though the last time he saw the Warden was in the midst of his torture, he remembers them as clear as day. He knows who it is that stands before him on the battlefield, masked and cloaked though they are. He could never forget. He would rather forget. If Romanced: “I knew it was you from the first moment I saw you, mask and all,” he confesses, rubbing the back of his neck. “I wanted to thank you, to ask your forgiveness for what happened the last time we saw each other, but I realized that you must be hiding for a reason so I stayed quiet. I’ve kept your secret, and I will continue to do so if that is your wish.”

Solas: He knows the name, he knows the title, he knows the significance of their actions, but he doesn’t know them. He recognizes them as he studies the Anchor, but it seems to him that their identity doesn’t particularly matter. He keeps it to himself more out of indifference than any desire to keep their secret. Whatever they seek by hiding won’t affect his plans at all, so it doesn’t matter. If Romanced: “I knew. I’ve seen your face in the Fade more than enough to recognize you, but I saw no reason to reveal this information. We were both under enough suspicion as it was without adding to it unnecessarily.”

Sera: She didn’t know. She had no idea. She thinks it’s kind of cool and she’s impressed that they were able to keep the secret so long. “If you’re that good at hiding yourself, think you’ll be that good at pranks?” If Romanced: “So you were a hero even before all this Coriffyshite? Wow, you’re even bigger than I thought. Famouser. More famous. Oh, you know what I mean. Now give me a kiss, you big hero.”

Blackwall: He’s taken entirely by surprise, and one of his first thoughts once the shock wears off is why they didn’t out him as not being a Warden. He’s too afraid to ask, of course. It’s humbling, though, to be in their presence, to know them so well and work together as they do. If Romanced: Again, he wonders why they didn’t tell everyone he wasn’t a Warden, but he figures that someday he’ll work up the courage to ask. “I’m sort of honored that you would want me, after everything, out of everyone. You could have just about anything or anyone you want, but I’m so glad it’s me.”

Vivienne: She didn’t know enough about the Hero of Ferelden to pick them out of a crowd, but the mask made her suspicious since they clearly weren’t Orlesian and it wasn’t decorative like hers; it was a mask to hide behind, not a mask to show off. She tried many times to parse their secret, to discover what lay under that mask. She had a feeling it was important and a good thing to know, but after a while she decided to let it be. If they wanted to tell her the truth, then they would, but all she was doing was exhausting herself. When she finally does find out, she’s more delighted than anything else and congratulates them on their ability to keep their identity secret for so long.

Dorian: Honestly, it wasn’t his business and he didn’t really care to find out why they always wore a mask. When he does find out, he thinks it’s all a marvelous joke and spends quite a long time trying to figure out what everyone would think if they found out. If Romanced: “Well, that’s… oddly intimidating, now that I think of it. You defeated an archdemon. Oh, amatus, and now you have to face another one? One that is controlled by an evil, ancient magister, no less? Don’t worry, I’ll be right beside you the whole time.”

Iron Bull: He had his suspicions. He’s not Ben-Hassrath for nothing, after all. But he kept his thoughts to himself and went along as if everything were just peachy. When the truth is finally revealed to him, he claps them on the shoulder. “No wonder you’re so good at slaying dragons!” If Romanced: “Yeah, I know. Thanks for trusting me with it, though. It’s okay, kadan. I’ve got your back.”

Varric: He didn’t know until they told him. “Look at that! I get to fight alongside both big heroes of the age!” he cries. “This is so going in my book. It’s way too interesting not to.”

Cole: He knew. Of course he knew. “Yes, tainted blood, aching heart, you’ve seen so much death, lost so much of yourself. It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll try to help.”

Josephine: She didn’t know, didn’t guess. She knew there was something worth hiding under there, of course, but she didn’t expect this. She wonders what the secret will do to the Inquisition, if it should be revealed or not. She leaves the decision up to them, but worries about the consequences if the secret is discovered by their enemies or accidentally revealed by their allies. If Romanced: “Oh, my love, why didn’t you tell me? This changes nothing about my feelings for you, of course, but I wish I had known!”

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I ended up with a following and it's exhausting. Getting a little snarky is human. Most of the time I check myself, but lately it's really hard. I never blocked anyone, till I someone told me I was basically an object and if I didn't meet the expectation they had come to believe about me, I was the problem. Wrong. It's not our responsibility to be anything other than ourselves. And if someone chooses to take it and attach their bias, that's on them. Get on with your bad self. Meow. 🐱❤️

Getting a little snarky is human. Most of the time I check myself, but lately it’s really hard.

I don’t want to presume to know your leanings, but for those of us on the Left, and for a lot of the women I know, we all feel raw right now. Every fucking day brings some new fresh hell, as we are forced day after day after day to watch the very worst of humanity (with a fucking abuser at the top of the whole thing) attack and destroy the things we love and care deeply for. That takes a toll (and I say this knowing that I am in a position of incredible privilege, so I can only imagine how a vulnerable human must be feeling right now.)

I was basically an object and if I didn’t meet the expectation they had come to believe about me, I was the problem.

I’m not saying that this is happening to me right now, but it does happen. It happens to all of us who are in someone’s life in a way that’s intimate for the audience, but doesn’t involve reciprocal intimacy for the artist: we stop being people, and we start being things. 

Most of the time, it comes from a place of genuine goodness, (Like if I ever met Dita von Teese, I know that I’d faint, because OBVIOUSLY, but I don’t harbor any illusion that I would be special or memorable to her, because we don’t have that kind of two-way relationship) but it can cross a line and become a kind of ownership, which is harmful and not okay.

I do my best to be patient and understanding when someone gets excited at me the way I got excited at Neil deGrasse Tyson, or Billie Piper, or Edward James Olmos, or President Obama (I’m thrilled to be that person to someone else, to be honest). But when someone demands that I jump through a specific set of hoops because of reasons, I tend to knock the hoops over and set them on fire.

…and to think this all went up like a tire fire today because I made a joke about cats.

The Arrangement (Part 8)

Summary: You and Dean head out to his hometown, where you finally get to meet Mary and John. The sleeping situation causes some minor problems.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: language, sexual tension

A/N: here it is, guys! Part 8! I hope you all like it!

Need to catch up? See the Series Masterlist

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An Easy Guide To Understanding Why white Girls With Braids =/= Black Girls With Straight Hair or Weaves

1. Weaves aren’t exclusively a Black girl thing (white girls wear weaves, too- SHOCKER).

2. white girls do not have societal expectations to braid their hair. Black girls DO have societal expectations to straighten their hair.

3. white girls are not punished when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ hairstyles. Black girls ARE often punished (kicked out of school, fired and/or not even hired for certain jobs AT ALL, etc) when they wear braids or other ‘ethnic’ and/or natural hairstyles.

4. white girls are taught from an early age that they are inherently beautiful, that ‘it’s just hair,’ and that they can do whatever they want with it. Black girls are taught from an early age that their skin and natural hair texture makes them inherently ugly, that long, straight hair will improve their lot in life (from jobs to relationships- it’s certainly not ‘just hair’), and that they must adhere to Eurocentric beauty standards like long, straight hair to be seen as beautiful. When we attempt to ‘do whatever we want’ with it we are often met with insults and derision like, ‘When are you going to do something with that hair?’ (See: BLUE IVY CARTER) The closest white girls come to this are curly-haired girls being told to straighten their hair or control their ‘frizz;’ but even then, their white skin still grants them the privilege of meeting the standard of beauty.



Witches & Wolves- Part 1

*Here’s the first part to a hopefully successful series! No, our favorite sourwolf isn’t mentioned in this part, but he may make his first appearance in Part two, so be on the lookout! xoxox*

1,396 words (not proofread)


I’d never understand the phrase ‘are we there yet.’ Kids never asked that. They could obviously see they weren’t at point B by looking out the window, something my sisters had been doing a lot over the past three day. The real question was something along the lines of-

“How much time left?” That. That was what I heard far too often within the 36 hours of driving I’d covered.

“About half an hour, Magie.” I loved her to death, but a seven year old could only ask so many questions before you had a mental break.

“How long is half an hour” she questioned as she tried to adjust once more in her booster seat in the back.

“30 minutes,” Lorie chimed in before I could even wrap my fried brain around the question. Lorelai had definitely been my rock in the last week, though I had to keep pushing back my impending guilt for making a fourteen year old step up to responsibilities she shouldn’t have to worry about.

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Contestants on a blind date style dating show who hooked up once for @afairytaleprincess

Everything had been going great.

Emphasis on had.

Emma had been a little bit than more(ok she’d been extremely against Mary Margret and Ruby signing her up for Make A Date)skeptical about the show but it had been going great. The guy she matched with due to her questionnaire had been charming, intelligent, funny … And then the curtain was drawn and Emma laid her eyes on him.

Only him wasn’t the Prince Charming she’d been expecting. No in his place was the guy she’d picked up at the Rabbit Hole last month. And by picked up she meant had the best sex of her twenty-eight years in a bathroom stall.

Emma was frozen in place as his eyes wandered over her. The recognition dawned on his almost as quickly as it had her. (Like she said it was pretty fantastic sex).

There’s a lot of staring until their host, Zelena, draws the man to sit beside her. He sinks into the seat beside her, Emma’s entire left side is on fire as the memories of that night flood her. His rough lips, his greedy, demanding hands … .

“ … All that you thought?”

Emma blinked, realizing Zelena had addresssed her.

“I,um, what?”

Zelena laughs, beaming at the camera.

“Someone’s a little flustered. Or is it love struck?”

Emma faces burns as the audience titters and chuckles.

“I highly doubt the lovely lady could possibly fall to my charms,” the man said, his accent like velvet.

That has the audience gushing even more. Lord.

“Well aren’t you the charmer, Mr. Jones,” Zelena teased. “My question was, Emma, is Killian everything you’d imagined he’d be?”

Emma gave an uncomfortable laugh. “I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting this.”

Everyone cheers as Killian ducks his head, scratching his ear. “I must confess the same.”

That brings more cheers from the crowd.

“Sooo,” Zelena drawled. “Can we expect to witness your first date?”

Emma doesn’t dare speak. Instead she watches Killian. And in one heart stopping moment his eyes meet hers and his answer stuns her more than his blue eyes.


“Forgotten” Authors

So I just posted a list of popular Dramione authors and their most popular fics for a new ship member, and mentioned that I would make a separate post for few popular fics with authors who are not as popular. The problem with recommending fics that are popular is that when DramioneAsks recommends any fic, people go read it, and like it, and favorite/follow/review it, and then it only increases the fic’s popularity, causing us to recommend the same “Most Popular” fics over-and-over again.

So here I am adding a list of authors who may not be current in the fandom anymore, but who wrote some popular fics (that are at least 5 years old) that we love to read and share. I encourage you to check out the other fics of these authors. 

Also, make sure to check out new fics regularly (we post them from our queue daily), and remember to favorite, follow and review fics as your read them, so that you can help your favorite new authors join the “popular club.” You can also help by submitting recommendations of newer fanfiction for us to share with others.


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single parents au

Damen knew, objectively, that he was hot. People were attracted to him, and though having a kid made him take advantage of this significantly less, he knew that the “single dad” aspect of him drew attention on its own.

Since he’d started counting, he’d had four numbers slipped into his pocket on parent-teacher night, received eight email addresses disguised as a ‘homework help contact’, three advances from Jamie Cooper’s married mother and one eerily simultaneous come-hither look from Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs.

So, of course the only time he’d ever deigned to make an advance of his own, when the most beautiful man he’d ever seen walked into the school - it was in this context.

Mrs. Fortaine had her arms crossed like the very disappointed teacher she was. “Do you know why I asked the two of you to come here today?”

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Children and secrets part two

I suggest you read part one first.

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Y/n sat in the back of the car while Spencer sat in front, their fight forgotten in the rush of trying to safe probably three people. As the car stopped, and all the FBI agents hopped out, pulling their guns, Y/n took a deep breath, a habit she had made. She knew this could be her last breath of fresh air. She hoped it wouldn’t be, but if it was, she would be ready. Or at least, almost. “Spence, I love you.” She whispered as Spencer Reid stood besides her, waiting for the sign to invade the house. “I love you too.” Spencer said, glancing down at the girl who still looked straight at the house. Hotch gave a sign, Morgan kicked down the door and everyone stormed inside like bees. Y/n, Prentiss and Spencer went to the small upstairs. There were only two rooms, but it was obvious in which room they were. Y/n nodded her head in that direction and kicked the door open. “Put down the weapon!” Emily called at the middle aged brunette who was holding a knife. A man and a woman laid on the ground, eyes open and full of fear, paralyzed by a drug. A baby boy was in the arms of the woman, knife pressed to it’s neck. He was crying softly. “Helen, You do not want to do this.” Y/n said, gun still pointed. “I do. They can not be happy and rubbing it in my face while I am not.” She said, voice cracking. Lowering her gun, Y/n stepped closer. “I know why you aren’t happy. You lost your child.” Helen lowered the knife. “Chase.” She whispered. “And your husband.” The woman let a tear fall. “I know you can’t have children, not anymore.” Helen got an angry expression, pressing the knife back to the boy’s throat. “I know how that feels.” Y/n said, putting her gun away. “You don’t! I’m sure you have a lot of children! liar!” Helen called. “I know what it feels like. I want children, really bad. But I can’t. Do you know why?” Helen shook her head. “When I was young, I got in a shooting, lost my dad. Got shot in the stomach. Lost my ovary’s. I know how much it hurts to not being able to have a child.” Y/n swallowed, seeing how Spencer slightly lowered his gun. “I can help you, you don’t have to hurt the baby. You don’t have to hurt anyone.” She whispered. Helen was silently crying, she dropped the knife, and was about to drop the baby when Y/n swiftly took him out of her hands. Emily sped to the woman, pulling her hands behind her back. Spencer called for an ambulance and Y/n focussed on making the baby silent again. “Shht… It’s okay. I am here, Mommy and Daddy will be fine. Just be quiet. You are safe now.” She cooed, rocking the baby and smiling, even though she didn’t feel like it. 

As the baby and his parents went to the hospital, Y/n watched them leave, knowing she couldn’t avoid Spencer any more. “Y/n, Why didn’t you tell me? We have been dating for almost six years.” Spencer sounded hurt, but Y/n was tired, and not in the mood to talk. “Don’t act so butt-hurt, Spencer. I never told anyone. Not even my best friends know. I am tired, and probably emotional. I am going to sleep. We can discuss this later.” But Spencer couldn’t wait, he wasn’t angry, just… Feeling. “No, Y/n. We are going to talk now.” She rolled her eyes. “Fine. When I was young, I got in a fight my stupid-ass dad caused and got shot in my lower stomach. I had three surgery’s, first lost one ovary, later the second because of a mistake my bitch of surgeon had made. I lived, what was a miracle. I knew I would never have children. My mother and I left the town, it was full of bad memories anyways. We moved far away and I never told anyone about my lost organs. Happy now?” She asked, feeling sad after telling her own story. “No, why didn’t you tell me?” She took a deep breath, she knew why, she just didn’t want to say it. “Because I love you. I know you wanted children, and I didn’t want to dispoint you, I didn’t want you to leave me. I didn’t want to break again.” A tear, the first tear he had ever seen from her, rolled over her cheek. “I would never leave you. There are other options. We can adopt.” He smiled and wiped away her tear. “I love you, and for some lost organs, I wouldn’t leave you.” 

A few months had passed, Spencer and Y/n were closer then before, partly because her secret wasn’t between them anymore. Spencer, however had been away a lot, recently. Y/n knew he wasn’t cheating, she just wanted to know what he was doing. So, she decided to ask during dinner. “Spence, I noticed you have been away a lot, lately. What’s up with that? Your mother?” She asked. He looked nervous, but shook his head. “No, no. I am planning something. Tomorrow, actually.” Y/n smiled and got curious. “Well, I’ve found out, so tell me.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Wait until tomorrow.”

The next day came too slow, in Y/n’s opinion. How much she begged, how much she said ‘fight me’, it didn’t matter, as he didn’t way anything and just looked amused. When the morning came, Y/n took revenge, waking up Spencer before the sun had woken up. However, he as still in a good mood. Around noon, he said she should get in the car. She did, happy to finally know what was going on. She was rather surprised when the orphanage came in view, and they stopped there. “What are we doing here?” She asked with a raised brow. Spencer only grinned and got out. 

“Oh, mister Reid. This must be miss Y/l/n?” He nodded. “Yes, she would like to meet her.” He said with a smile. “meet who? What is going on?” Y/n said, beyond confused. “Isobell. We thought you’d like to meet her before you sign.” The woman said before walking off. “Who is Isobell? What are we signing for?” Spencer didn’t answer and just followed the woman. They ended in a rather large room, with a play area, a few cribs and baby stuff. The woman already had a girl in her arms. “This is Isobell. She is six months, now.” The woman said and smiled as she handed her down at Y/n. Y/n looked at the baby and confusion became realization as she looked into those blue eyes, when she felt that strong hand hold onto her jacket. “Izzy?” Y/n asked with a smile. It seemed as if the baby knew her, what she couldn’t, obviously, but it still seemed so. “I was thinking about adopting her? Since her grandmother couldn’t take her in.” Y/n smiled widely. They had talked about adopting one more lately. “Yes. I would like that.” Her eyes were filled with happy tears. “Would you want to be a part of our little family?” She asked Izzy, a tear rolling over her cheek. 

Some time and research had started and ended. Isobell laying in Y/n’s arms as she walked through the house. “Yes, this is your new house. Do you like it? I hope you do, because this is where you will live.” She entered now Izzy’s room. “This is your room. Do you like it? We also have some nice clothes. But we do really need to go shopping, don’t we?” Y/n asked. The room was soft pink and white, stickers on the windows and the white closet open. The bed with pink blankets and a purple dog stuffed toy looked ready to use. She walked away again. “I wil be home a lot, for a few months. Isn’t that great? Now we need to wait for Spencer, he is getting some food. Not for you, because that is downstairs.” She smiled at the baby who was grabbing for her finger. Y/n gave her her finger and walked down the stairs. “I think he is there.” She whispered as the door opened. Spencer came in with a plastic bag. “How’s our princess?” Spencer asked, putting down the bag. “We were alone for fifteen minutes; She is fine.” Y/n said with a smile. “You hold her, I’ll set the table.” Y/n said, handing  the new father the baby. He looked down at her, but it didn’t take long for her to start crying. “You need to rock her.” Y/n said as she watched Spencer struggle. “Yeah, like that.” Y/n laughed as she put down two plates. “You’ll be a great dad.” Spencer smiled. “Not as great as you’ll be.” Y/n looked serious. “Yes, I’ll be a good dad.” She said, making him laugh. “She’s beautiful. I already love her.” She whispered, kissing her forehead. “She is prefect. Our little princess.” Spencer said, smiling down at Izzy. 

I hope you liked it! Do you maybe want another part? Or a few years later? That sounds like a good idea to me, but I don’t know if you’d like it, so be sure to let me know!<3

{ five’s company }

t/w: none

french used:

bonjour - hello

oui - yes

mon cher - my dear

magnifique - magnificent

comment allez-vous? - how are you?

mon coeur - my heart

au revoir - goodbye 

inbox || masterlist


Lafayette needed a break. After being on his feet for almost half of the day, he finally had a chance to take a breather and retreat to the bathroom. He washed his hands, splashed his face, and tried to wake up. He missed his boys. He missed you. 

A newfound energy came about him when he looked at the time on his phone. He was almost done. This was his last assignment then he’d get to be home. He thought about going to Hercules’ studio. He just wanted to be near one of you and since Hercules had the most flexible hours, it wasn’t like Hercules could really get in trouble for having his boyfriend in his office. 

Plus, maybe he could look at the pretty dresses and nice suits his boyfriend made. 

If not, he was sure he could at least pop in to see John or Alex. Mr. Washington was a dear friend to him and he was sure that the older man would be more excited to see him rather than immediately ask him to leave.

He decided to go to Hercules. Maybe they could get lunch together. 

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Set them free

Request: Part two to “If you love someone” (part one here) my day five hamwriters writeathon fic from Lin’s POV

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader, Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: angst, breakups, unrequited love (or is it)

Word count: 1,996

A/N: I started to write this because I felt bad about the angst in part one but… it didn’t turn out quite as I expected. You can blame @fragmentofmymind because part 7 of Work Comes Home made me want to write all the angst

Almost six months after you and Daveed started dating Lin decided he would leave Hamilton in July. He had had a tempting offer from Disney for Moana and he could feel the time was coming for him to move on. Lin knew he would miss the show- the theatre, the story, and the cast who had become his family- but he knew he couldn’t be Alexander Hamilton forever.

Lin was rewatching The Little Mermaid, sprawled on the couch with his laptop and a mug of his favourite coffee, when his phone rang. The sound of your singing let him know who the caller was. He picked up. “Hey Y/N,” he said as he reached for the remote to pause the movie.

“Can I come over?” you asked and, even over the phone, Lin could hear that you were holding back sobs. The rawness of your voice and the careful control you were just barely holding made you sound vulnerable, though Lin knew you were one of the strongest people he knew.

“Sure,” he said gently, “do you need anything?”

You sniffed. “Can you open the door?”

Lin got up, forgetting about his laptop. He winced as it hit the floor with a worrying thump but it seemed to be alright, so he set it back on the couch and hurried to get the door. You rang the doorbell as he fumbled for his keys- why had he left them at the bottom of his satchel again? 

When he did open the door it was to find you standing nervously on the doormat, eyes red and clothes in disarray, clutching a tissue. “Hi,” you managed to say before you started to cry again. 

Lin pulled you into his arms and inside, closing the door with his foot. You buried your face in his shoulder, muffling your sobs. Lin rubbed your back gently and held you, unsure if he should try and move you to the couch or just let you cry.

After a little while your tears seemed to subside and you straightened, wiping your eyes with your sleeve. “S-sorry,” you said, stepping back, “I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine,” Lin insisted, heading through into the living room, “what’s happened?”

You settled on the couch, still sniffling a little. You took a deep breath and Lin inched a little closer, just in case. “Daveed’s decided to leave Hamilton,” you started, voice thick with emotion, “in July.”

Lin made a sympathetic noise. He knew Daveed would leave sometime- he still had clippng. to worry about and he couldn’t be Lafayette and Jefferson forever. Right after me, he thought, but didn’t say that. 

“He wants to go back to Oakland for a little while and-” you paused and Lin could see you blinking back the tears again, “and he doesn’t think long distance will work.”

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anonymous asked:

“one day… we’ll be able to kiss like everyone else ” + "kiss me... and don't let me go" (p.s i love yr writing!!)

(aww thank you! :D)


Hanzo turns his head away from the couple in town so that he doesn’t have to see–the two of them in a passionate embrace, smiling at each other through a happy kiss. It turns his stomach, but not for dislike of public affection.

McCree makes a questioning noise beside him, then says, “oh,” as though he has deduced the reason for Hanzo’s distress. He brushes his fingers against Hanzo’s wrist, a discreet form of comfort.

“Someday,” he says softly, “we’ll be able to kiss out in the middle of wherever we like, and you can bet your ass that the first thing I’m gonna do is drag you out here and prove it.”


These moments are becoming all too frequent now–the desperate meetings, the shared despair between them both, time spent reassuring each other that everything’s going to work out if they just hold on. But McCree’s so tired of the hiding, the waiting, the reassuring.

“I know,” says Hanzo, resting his forehead against McCree’s and brushing their noses together, “but we must–”

“Please stop,” says McCree, “I don’t want to hear it anymore, just–for now, please just kiss me and don’t let go, alright?”

In the dark of the tiny room where they’ve taken cover just to do this all again, Hanzo does.

little things (niklaus mikaelson one-shot)

Prompt: Klaus and Elijah are at a town council meeting. Hayley stops by and gives you a piece of her mind. She insults you, belittles you, and makes you feel worthless as she hopes to get back at Klaus.

Requested: A4 (oral sex) and B2 (body worship) with Klaus Mikaelson. (HERE)

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: fluffy smut, name calling, swearing, oral sex (male to female), body shaming, nsfw image

“It’s been four hours, where the hell are they?” You pace back and forth in the living room, muttering to yourself.

Klaus and Elijah were at a town council meeting that started FOUR HOURS AGO and they still weren’t back yet. Rebekah took a trip to Mystic Falls to see Matt, Cami was probably pacing around her apartment waiting for Elijah, and Marcel was at the meeting as well.

You suddenly hear a knock and run to the door, somewhat relieved. You open the door and for a moment, your heart stops beating: it’s Hayley, Klaus’s vindictive ex and the mother of his only child.

“Hayley,” you give her a tight-lipped smile and step aside. “Come on in, I was just waiting for Klaus to get home.”

“Of course you were,” Hayley steps inside, smirking. ‘You’re his little pet, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?” You close the door and turn to face her,

“You are his little pet. He owns you and I hope you know he’ll get tired of you soon,” she rolls her eyes and crosses her arms.

“H-he doesn’t own me, we’re in a relationship,” you point out, very aware that you & Klaus have set some very clear boundaries in your relationship.

“I mean, come on. Have you looked at yourself? You’ve grown twice in size after moving here, and the weight hasn’t gone to the right places,” she chuckles viciously as you stiffen. You had always been insecure about your body and Hayley knew that. “You have rolls everywhere. Your neck is the size of my waist. You’re a fat fuck, Y/N. How much longer will Klaus want to be with you? You know you can’t give him any children, and that’ll break his heart. Klaus loves having a family. He’ll use you for sex what? Three more times before he either kills you or compels you to forget?”

Hayley smiles widely as you shrink down, unable to meet her gaze. You flinch after her every word, knowing that they could be true.

“And Y/N, let’s face it. How do you know he’s not cheating on you right now?” Her words left you cold. You knew he wouldn’t cheat on you, you know Klaus. “Klaus is a cheating bastard, just as you are a fat bastard. Maybe you two are good for each other.”

“Get out,” you snarl weakly. “GET OUT NOW, HAYLEY.”

“Hey,” she smirks and holds her hands up in surrender, slowly walking towards the door. “I’m glad I can help.” She whispers and quickly leaves the premises as you close the door and slide down the wall, hating every bit of yourself.

You hold your head in your hands and you cry. You cry for what seems like hours before you finally fall asleep.


Klaus quickly walks in, knowing that you’re probably worried sick. He closes the door and nearly trips on your crumpled down figure.

“Oh, precious Y/N,” he whispers and kisses your head, slowly picking you up in his arms.

“K-Klaus?” You rub your eyes and open them to see your boyfriend. “I-I was so worried,” you whisper and your voice shakes. Klaus speeds you both to your bedroom and looks at you questioningly. He places you on the bed and quickly lays next to you.

“The wolves crashed the meeting, that’s why we took so long,” he whispers and pulls you against his chest. “Now tell me. What happened here, love?”

“N-nothing, Klaus,” you whisper and tighten your arms around his waist.

“P-please don’t insult me like that, Y/N. You’re upset, incredibly upset, and I want to know why. Please,” Klaus places his hand against your cheek and rubbed it gently.

“H-Hayley stopped by,” you whispered as the tears begin building up once again. “Why does she hate me? What have I done to her, Niklaus? Why must she push me down every time?” You let your tears fall as you sit up, Klaus quickly doing the same. “I know I’m fat and I know I probably can’t bear children, but I don’t need her to remind me of that everytime she sees me. I don’t deserve you, Niklaus. You’re a Greek god and I’m the pedestal that you stand on.” By this time, you’re sobbing and Klaus looks livid. “I-I’m sorry, I should probably go,” you whisper and try to stand.

“You aren’t going anywhere, Y/N,” Klaus whispers and hops off the bed. He picks you up bridal style and walks you over to the full size mirror you two have. “I love you, Y/N,” Klaus kisses the side of your neck as you both face the mirror. He slowly unzips your sweater and looks at you through the mirror. “I love every bit of you, angel,” he whispers and tosses your jacket aside, leaving you in your sweatpants and bra alone. You look away from the mirror, not wanting to see your body and Klaus lifts your head back up. “Look at me as I undress you, love. Watch me love you.” Klaus kisses your shoulder and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

This was the man you loved, the one who loved you no matter how you felt about yourself. He loved every little thing about you and you were about to see just how much.

“I love your wide shoulders,” Klaus lays gentle kisses on each of them. “You’ve got the weight of New Orleans on these babies,” he chuckles and looks at you through the mirror. “I love the beautiful moles on your chest, the amount of love and delicious handmade food that you can hold in your stomach, the beautiful hips that I can always hold onto in the middle of the night when I feel scared of losing you,” Klaus’s hands moved to every part of your body as he spoke of them. “I love your strong thighs that can be my pillow and my ear muffs,” he smirks and you turn red, smiling at him through the mirror. His hands slowly pushed your sweats past your hips and engulf your thighs, rubbing them with his calloused palms. “And here’s one of my favorite things,” his husky voice sends shivers down your spine, but your eyes don’t leave his. His hand cups your clothed opening and the breath hitches in your throat. ‘This gorgeous flower is one of my many favorite things about you.”

You arch your back against his chest, closing your eyes due to the immense amount of pleasure his words alone caused.

“Let me help you, please,” his scruff rubbed against the side of your face and you nodded.

“Please, baby. I need you,” you whisper and he moans lightly.

He quickly turns you back to face him and lays a loving kiss against your lips. His lips move passionately against your, one hand cupping the back of your neck as the other is wrapped around the small of your back, holding you up. He walks you both over to the bed and gently sits you down. His lips have now moved to the side of your neck, teasing you as his hands unclasp and remove your bra.

Klaus groans as his eyes travel down your front. He kisses the base of your throat and playfully pushes you down on the bed, his lips travelling down to the valley of your breasts.

“So so beautiful,” he whispers and hovers over you, his mouth working at your breasts as your hands tug on his hair. You moan and he smiles against your skin, kissing and sucking on every available area on your abdomen. His mouth moves lower and you clench your stomach as he lays loving kisses against it, humming in happiness as he does so. You smile at him, at how familiar this feels. Klaus’s mouth feels like home and you wouldn’t have it any other way. This man was in love with you. And hell were you in love with him.

“K-Klaus?” He looks up at you, slightly alarmed. “C-could you kiss me down there?” It had been a while since you two had been alone, you were scared.

“Yes, yes please princess,” he whispers and kisses your stomach. “I’d love nothing more,” he smiles and his teeth find the waistband of your black panties. He watches you and waits for some approval. You nod and he immediately rips off your panties with his teeth.

You blush and close your legs, closing your eyes as the cold air hits your gentle (and now soaked) opening.

“No, love,” he whispers and kisses the inside of your knee. “Let me take care of you, love you,” he whispers and eases open your legs, kissing his way down your thighs. You let out a breathless moan and Klaus smiles, sucking gently on the inside of your thighs.

“N-No,” you whisper and look down at him, causing him to smirk. “Kiss me there,” you point down at your opening. Klaus’s smirk widens as he lays a gentle kiss against it.

“Like that?” Klaus whispers, his lips barely brushing your vagina.

“N-no,” you whisper, squirming under him. “Please don’t tease,” you whimper and his eyes darken. One of his hands reaches up and grabs yours, intertwining your fingers as his free hand wraps around your thigh, holding your legs open.

“As you wish, love,” Klaus  smirks and digs in, his mouth immediately finding your clit. He takes your clit between his teeth and tugs gently, his fingers digging into your thigh as your moans become louder and more frequent.

“N-Niklaus,” you moan his name and you feel his smirk grow against your lower lips. His teeth release your clit as his skilled and length tongue darts inside your opening. You let out a scream and attempt to close your legs. He removes his hand from yours and uses it to hold onto your other thigh and keep your legs open as his mouth ravaged you. He licks a long stripe against your slit before his tongue attacks your opening once again. You scream his name and his hand reaches over your thigh to rub your clit while his tongue works wonders inside you.

“Cum for me,” he whispers against you, breathing heavily. After the words leave his mouth, his lips attack your swollen folds and his teeth nip your clit.

You let out a string of curses as your hips convulse and you cum into his mouth. Klaus moans and his skillful tongue laps up all your juices, laying a hot kiss against your opening before lifting his head and looking you in the eye.

“You taste divine, love,” he whispers throatily and you smirk softly at him.

“I’m sure you do, too.” You sit up and he does the same, his lips meeting yours with an intense desire.

And indeed, he did.

RWBY RP Prompts
  • "Why can't you just swoon over your own weapon? Aren't you happy with it?"
  • "Are you.... robbing me?"
  • "Oh my god, you really exploded."
  • "I'm queen of the castle!"
  • "I still don't think that's what a sloth sounds like."
  • "For it is in passing that we achieve immortality."
  • "But why would I need friends if I have you?"
  • "There's no such thing as negative friends."
  • "Aren't you the guy who threw up?"
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "You came back!"
  • "Boop~!"
  • "I don't think sloths make a lot of noise."
  • "Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path..."
  • "You're about to see a whole different side of me today."
  • "It's also a gun."
  • "Why hide who you are?"
  • "Can you imitate a sloth?"
  • "Off with their heads!"
  • "You're going on world-saving missions without us?!"
  • "You monsters!"
  • "Oh god, it's happening again!"
  • "I could've taken him."
  • "I'm hurt! Sad! Maybe a little hungry. That last one's not your fault..."
  • "I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this!"
  • "You called me friend! Am I really your friend?"
  • "I'm combat ready!"
  • "I don't have a lot of friends; but if I did, I'd want them to talk to me about things."
  • "That's why we're here! To make it better!"
  • "Great, the gang's all here. Now we can all die together!"
  • "Well that was a thing."
  • "Most people are born, but I was made."
  • "I don't need people to help me grow up. I drink milk."
  • "Banzai!"
  • "I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening."
  • "I wouldn't exactly call it a 'little' operation."
  • "You are not the brightest banana in the bunch, are ya kid?"
  • "Or we could ditch the beds... and replace them with bunk beds!"
  • "She's a hazard to my health!"
  • "You know, we really gotta stop meeting like this. People are gonna talk..."
  • "It's just that, you seem a little... NOT okay."
  • "YES! I love it when you're feisty!"
  • "Whoa, you can control poles..."
  • "I'm not the biggest fan of local law enforcement."
  • "I am not a crook."
  • "You just destroyed my favorite clothing store. Prepare to die."
  • "It is precisely this kind of ignorance that breeds violence!"
  • "Hey, we've got a plan! That's... moderately serious."
  • "Guess who's back?"
  • "Who's ready to fight for their lives?"
  • "Well the name's _______ Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it."
  • "Why must your answer to everything involve a triumphant display of military bravado!?"
  • "What a freak!"
  • "Learning is SO MUCH fun."
  • "I can't dance, man!"
  • "This is the part where you lose."
  • "Spare us the thought of you procreating."
  • "Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!"
  • "Oooh, look at me! My name's ______! I know facts! I'm rich!"
  • "You can't even stop me!"
  • "Let me try! You can trust me!"
  • "You think just because you've got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?"
  • "Okay, yeah, when you say it out loud, it sounds worse."
  • "Get back in the bag."
  • "Don't worry. Things will be better tomorrow."
  • "What are you doing?! Do you have any idea of the damage you could have caused?!"
  • "You were worth every cent, truly you were."
  • "We'll break his legs!"
  • "Weren't you in a cult or something?"
  • "You really want to start making things up to me?"
  • "By no means does this make us friends."
  • "I can always be a farmer or something."
  • "You hardly look the part."
  • "Do you always break the law without giving a second thought?"
  • "I will seriously pay you to shut up."
  • "This is turning out just like the divorce!"
  • "I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower!"
  • "Always sunshine and rainbows with you."
  • "Now, I'll be the first to admit, humans... are the worst."
  • "You can't sleep, you hardly eat, and to be honest, your grades have been suffering."
  • "If you don't get a date to the dance, I'll wear a dress."
  • "If I don't get doilies, you don't get fog machines."
  • "I see you're hiding at the punch bowl as well."
  • "Hey man, do you have a wireless password?"
  • "You may be fast, but you still excel at wasting time!"
  • "All you've been so far is a nuisance!"
  • "It's a combat skirt!"
  • "The innocent never run."
  • "I hate this game of emotions we play."
  • "I have a legacy of honor to uphold."
X reader (HP imagine)

Prompt: Y/N being someone’s little secret

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“I like it when his body is close, making my body shiver. 

I like it when we kiss, it gives me this bliss.

I like it when you touch my cheek, it makes me feel I am the one you need.

I like it when wrap my arms around your neck, it reminds me your mine even just for that moment but…

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About Cody and Tyler’s Leaked Nudes...

Don’t reblog them. If you find them, report them if you really respect Cody and Tyler. Can you even imagine what it must be like to meet a fan and having to wonder whether they’ve seen you naked? Mortifying. Can you imagine  having to explain to your friends and family and coworkers? Humiliating. Please stop saying that they shouldn’t have taken the pictures/videos and it’s their fault. Cody and Tyler are adults, are allowed to have personal lives, and are certainly entitled to the same amount of privacy as anybody else. Again, don’t encourage the spread of these photos or videos. 

Be kind and be considerate. Please.

Arranged Marriage [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: ok ok i have a request : prince!barry and princess!reader in an arranged marriage meeting for the first time


Barry doesn’t really get this whole ‘arranged marriage’ thing. Yes, he understands it’s the eighteenth century and it will, somehow, unite the two kingdoms, but, shouldn’t you marry for love? Sighing, he smooths down his white flowy shirt, deciding not to get too dressed up for a simple meeting.

His knee high black boots scuff down the marble stairs, creating small tapping noises. He stops, hearing his father talk to someone, and presses to the wall. “Now dear, I hope everything is to your liking, if not, we can change whatever you need. As for my son, he should be here soon. Until then, Joe, our royal adviser, can keep you company.” Barry fixes his leather pants, fitting them perfectly on his hips before continuing down the steps.

“Oh, no, everything is lovely, your highness. You have a beautiful kingdom, I must say. I am looking forward to living here.” you reassure, patting King Allen’s hand. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a tall young man peeking around the stone wall. Thinking he’s a peasant, you smile at him, “You do not have to hide from me, I am quite nice, I think.” you bite your lip, tangling your hands in your ruby red gown.

King Allen turns, waving his hand in the air, “Bartholomew! What on earth are you dressed in?!” he scolds, grabbing the young man’s upper arm and dragging him down the steps. The young man, Bartholomew, rolls his hazel eyes, looking away. “Honestly, you would think the prince would dress nicer when meeting his soon-to-be wife!” the King grumbles, dusting of the white baggy shirt. Your eyes widen an inch; that’s the prince?!

Barry scoffs, playing with the string dangling from his shirt, revealing some of the pale skin of his neck. “Father, I do not even know the princess. How am I to love someone who I only just met?” he pleads, following the King. When his eyes meet yours, his jaw goes slack. Oh dear, you heard that. He coughs awkwardly, kneeling on the ground, “Milady…” he kisses the back of your hand, “I apologize for being so rude, I did not know of your presence. My name is Prince Bartholomew.” he almost throws up saying his full name, “You can address me as Barry if you wish.”

Blushing, you nod, brushing your hair out of your eyes, standing him up. A smile cracks your face and you subconsciously count his moles on his exposed, sharp collarbone. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Barry. My name is Y/N.” you introduce, curtsying, “Tell me, do you always dress so casual? Is my clothing not appropriate?” you ask, self consciously, glancing down at your gown.

Swallowing, he runs his hands down his leather pants, grinning nervously. He brings one hand to his neck while the other sits on his thigh. “I, um, it would appear that I enjoy dressing like a commoner, according to Joe.” he jokes, eyeing the Royal Adviser. You giggle, catching his attention. Barry breathes a happy sigh, “You look absolutely stunning, Y/N. I am a very lucky man to have you as my soon-to-be wife.”

“And I am lucky to have a charming fellow as my soon-to-be husband.”

A rosy blush blossoms on his face, disappearing in his baggy shirt. He holds out a hand, “Would you like a tour of the castle, my princess?” You nod, placing your hand in his. Maybe this arranged marriage will work out after all.