we must choose


                                   You sound exactly like him.  Why is this a problem?


i could do this all day. | bucky version.


Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.


                    Dark times lie ahead of us
                                    and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy
                                                                                                           and what is right.

Who Gives a Shit About Glass? Only the Spiteful Man Will Pass!

(So there the party stood at the first of a series of challenges, “walking the path of god”. An old man tells us we must each choose to walk through one of six 30 ft. hallways, each of which is littered with a cruel, cruel truckload of pointy crap: Shards of glass, caltrops, bright red hot bolts, razor blades, sharpened bamboo, and ankle-deep acid. So we were forced to pick our poison.)

Dwarf Skald: (immediately) “I’ll take the red hot bolts.”

Aasimar Summoner: “I’d probably be cheating if I flew over the acid?” (Which is why, even though she didn’t touch the acid, she felt the pain anyway.)

Human-Who-Thinks-He’s-a-Dragon Paladin: “I will walk the path of bamboo!”

Human Fighter: “Seriously, why is there a bamboo path? What, are we in Vietnam?”

(The comparison became more accurate when the GM revealed the bamboo was covered in something toxic as well.)

Human Rogue: “…Fuck it, I’ll take the broken glass; If John McClane can do it, I can fucking do it.”

Fighter: “Nice, the Die Hard way… So did you go yet, or were you waiting until everyone else did it first?”

Rogue: “I mean, basically, yeah.”

Fighter: “Huh, and here I thought you wanted to be a cool treasure hunter. Indiana Jones? More like Indiana Pussy.”

Rogue: “Okay, you know what? I RUN through the hall of broken glass before you even start with your dinky caltrops, just to SPITE YOU!”

(Made it through with only 3 hit points. It was worth it.)

If you say anything bad about Kihyun, just unfollow me right now. Kihyun doesn’t steal all the lines, he does not deserve to be called racial slurs, and he does belong in Monsta X. He does not get a choice in how many lines he gets so how is that his fault? If you guys want to complain about how many lines he gets and how he’s “stealing” them from other members, go complain to starship, don’t slander Kihyun for doing his job and what he loves.


“You are blinded by the love of the office you hold, Cornelius! You place too much importance, and you always have done, on the so-called purity of blood! You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow up to be!" 

— Albus Dumbledore

THE COMING INSURRECTION by The Invisible Committee

It’s useless to wait - for a breakthrough, for the revolution, the nuclear apocalypse or a social movement. To go on waiting is madness. The catastrophe is not coming, it is here. We are already situated WITHIN the collapse of a civilization. It is within this reality that we must choose sides.

I'm fucking outraged that Trump has stopped people in fucking airports


How could you look at these people, these families, our brothers and sisters, SOMETIMES LITERALLY BUT ALWAYS FIGURATIVELY BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME DAMN SPECIES, the same biological and genetic creature, and say no you can’t come onto MY patch of dirt?

Are we territorial animals now?

The people responsible for terrorist bombings are from HERE.

The people struggling to get away from violence and terror are NOT the people causing the violence and terror they’re running from.

And even if by some small chance they are, FUCK YOU, not all of them are.

We as a species…must choose to be BETTER than this.

Intolerance and discrimination did NOT work before.

Trump announced his stupid ban the same day we celebrated the remembrance of the HOLOCAUST.

You know, that time we ALSO rejected an oppressed group?

A group threatened by violence?

Tolerance and compassion.

Why are these two things America lacks?

Why can’t we see passed politics and see people in need of our help?

I’m devastated by this, I’m really hurt.

I can’t see these people as my enemy.

They are not.

They are relatives. They’re our friends. They’re people we’ve emailed about our days, talked to on the phone and cursed those international charging fees with good natured barbs, they’re people we gave scholarships to, people we invited to the Oscars, people we want to know better, people with culture and values and foods and entertainment different than our own.

It makes us a stronger, wiser people to accept and love diversity in all of its forms, and it breaks my heart to see our fear destroying us.

Are we isolationist now?

Even Europeans aren’t able to come over without visas.

Even people who were APPROVED by the state department already, went through that difficult process, aren’t being allowed in.

This is utterly despicable.

How could you call yourself a human being if you support this?

Can you not see an inkling of yourself in the eyes of the tired mother and her child waiting in an airport to be let into a country that ALREADY said she was welcome?

Why is she no longer welcome?

Because a tyrant came into power and he makes all the rules now?

And even if you support the ban on immigrants…

Does it not scare you how easily he could do this?

That he has no legislative check, that we have no checks or balances to this system he’s begun, this rapid separation of the last remaining super power in the world from the rest of it?

We are stronger together than separated.

America is made up of immigrants.

The only non immigrants are the people America is trying to kill and silence, the people trying to fight the DAPL pipeline.

How could you look at what’s happening around you and say this is good.

This is fine.

Trump is at least doing more than Obama, haha- fuck you.

Obama was no tyrant.

He fought congress tooth and nail and wasn’t able to fulfill his campaign promises because ya’ll wouldn’t LET him.

He left office.

Why do I get the feeling trump isn’t going to?

And all of you extremists who think this ban is a good thing, those of you without compassion for any people other than yourselves, well, I guess that’s just fine with you.

Just as long as Coronas stay cheap and your gas prices don’t get too high and all your children can go to school with other cute little white kids with the cultural richness of a slice of wonder bread.

Great. Roll over.

History will remember you as the people who did nothing.

You’ll forgive us, the people who saw the future we were robbed of by this mad man, for wanting something more and not being afraid to fight for it, even as the odds continue to stack against us.

Choices/ An Originals Imagine

“We’ve got to do something about y/n” said Kol. Elijah groaned, massaging his temples roughly. Klaus chuckled saying “What do you mean brother, you don’t enjoy watching her tear our brotherhood apart.” Elijah sighed heavily, saying “we must make her choose one of us, and the rest of us can cut our losses and bloody move on.” Kol and Klaus agreed silently. Y/n was a complete hybrid, witch, werewolf and vampire. The first one to be exact. She was older than even the Mikaelsons, but she had not met them until about 2 months ago. She spent the beginning of her eternity traveling the world, going from Portugal to Dubai, to New Zealand, and everywhere in between. She had decided to visit New Orleans for a little while cause she wanted to meet the famed Mikaelsons. You’d lived with them for a little over a week, when Rebekah told you that Elijah, Kol, ad Klaus were all incredibly smitten with you. They all flirted with me, and if you showed any one of them any affection at all, the other two would become manic in a fit of jealousy. Rebekah and I thought it was hilarious watching them bicker over me like small children. The Mikaelson ball was coming up in a week, and Rebekah had warned you that all 3 men intended on asking you. You were planning on having a movie night with Rebekah, Hayley, and Hope tonight, and you were busy making brownies to share with them later. You heard a ring, and then another. You dusted the flour off your hands, clapping them together, and picked up the phone. It was Klaus. You put him on speaker and said “Yes Niklaus, what is it. I’m kind of busy at the moment.” He interrupted me saying “Darling, I’d like to ask you to dinner tonight. I’m having a few friends over.” “Hello Darling” said what sounded like Kol Mikaelson. “How’s it going love” interrupted Elijah. You groaned saying “And why the hell should I go to this dinner party, with the 3 men who have been fighting for my affections for weeks.” “Well darling” said Klaus, “ We haven’t had a dinner party in ages, and we dearly miss your company.” I moaned “What’s in it for me then, Mikaelson brothers?’ “Well, there is free food involved, and you get to enjoy our wonderful company” said Kol. I could practically feel them smirking through the phone. They all knew I couldn’t resist free food. “I’m coming for the food, not you. And the food better be good because I have already made plans tonight” you snapped back. “Well, darling, we’ll pick you up at 8oclock sharp” Klaus said. You hung up the phone, and rubbed your temples. You preheated the oven, and mixed up the brownies. You went upstairs and texted Rebekah about not being able to make it to movie night tonight. You went upstairs and picked out a dress for the dinner party. You picked up a strapless green velvet dress with a tight upper bodice. It would do for the party. You left your hair down and wavy, and out on some cream foundation, with nude lipstick and mascara. You put on some nude strappy heels, and put in some earrings. It was 7:30. You went downstairs, and watched the news for a few minutes. At 8:00 sharp, a limousine pulled up to the old Mikaelson house. I stepped out, and saw a driver open the door for me. He drove me to the Mikaelson home, and you knocked on the door, and saw all 3 Mikaelsons trying to wedge themselves in the door. You giggled at the 3 men trying to fit themselves in the door. You walked in, taking off your shrug and being led to the living room. Klaus handed you a glass of champagne, and Elijah said “why y/n, I must say that you do look ravishing tonight.” You blushed, but Kol interrupted saying “the only thing I got out of that is that he doesn’t always think you look ravishing, however, I share the opposite opinion love.” Klaus took your elbow saying “enough dilly dally, lets get y/n to dinner now”, but you intervened saying “shouldn’t we wait for the other guests.” Elijah gazed at you, saying “ well dear, hadn’t you guessed. You’re the guest of honor. We would like to make you choose which of us to take you to the ball, and the other 2 will cut their losses.” You silently agreed, and followed them to the ballroom. Kol pushed out your chair for you, and the other two took their seats. You were served delicious soup, steak, and drinks. Klaus wiped his face away with a napkin, and said “Darling do you have an inhaler on you?” You tilted your head, confused. He finished “because you took my breath away.” You blushed and Kol and Elijah groaned. “Y/n” said Kol, “we all know that I’m the youngest, most charming brother.” He smirked. Elijah interrupted saying “Yes y/n, Kol is the youngest, but with that comes immaturity. I, the oldest, am the most responsible, and mentally secure. We could travel the world together, and do everything you ever wanted.” Klaus continued “That’s enough brothers. Y/n its time for you to choose who is going to escort you to the ball.” They all stood up from the table, and stood across the room, hands behind their backs, waiting for you to choose. You stared at all of the handsome men, all who were willing to take you to the ball. You stood up as well and straightened your dress, saying “I choose…”

anonymous asked:

Do you identify more with the Taino culture or Spanish?

Why must we choose? The best thing about Puerto Rican culture is the mix of Taino, Spanish and African cultures. They are all a part of me.

  • Him: Call me daddy~
  • Me: The Rapture dream is over, but in waking, I am reborn. The world is not ready for me, yet here I am. It would be so easy to misjudge them. You are my conscious father, and I need you to guide me. You'll always be with me now, father, your memories, your drives, and when I need you, you'll be there on my shoulder, whispering. If utopia is not a place, but a people, then we must choose carefully, and in our story, Rapture was just the beginning.
  • Him: What the fuck
Ego. Devil on your Shoulder?

by Saṃsāran

This piece is about the evolution of ego. There are, of course, no devils or angels but the ancients had no understanding of the workings of the mind and assigned that voice that tempts us as “Satan”. 

Now Satan in the old days was not a talking snake and not a red goat hooved monster. He was a tempter. He had no power to make us do anything. Yet, there is a voice within us which is somehow not us. It shows us options and not all of those options are kind or good.

Animals do not have ego. Not because they don’t have souls or anything like that but because they do not have a highly developed cerebral cortex i.e. that part of the human brain that thinks abstractly and projects possible futures. Human beings can literally argue with themselves.

It works like this. In our abstract minds, we consider a situation We run a sort of simulation of various scenarios and then choose the one we think is best. Ego spins the scenarios and will chooses.

So, ego might spin the scenario of going down to the lake at dawn. One scenario has us catching fish for breakfast. Another scenario has us eaten by a crocodile because they are more active at dawn. So, will chooses the safer option and we go fishing later in the morning. It all happens in seconds.

Now sometimes ego will spin a scenario like this: My friend’s wife is really sexy. He is gone a lot and she is always looking at me. I should see if I can have sex with her. Now the other voice steps in and says “absolutely not! He is your friend and if you are caught he might come after you”. So we weigh the chances. Our lust vs. our friendship. Ultimately we pick one of the other.

So you see how ego could be seen as an evil entity? A tempter. Ego spins the scenario but WE (our will) must choose and act. Many religions, including Judaism (Eve tempted in the garden), Christianity (Jesus tempted in the desert) and Buddhism (the Buddha tempted by the demon Mara) have temptation stories. These stories can be seen as allegories of ego.

So, to sum up, ego evolved when we gained the ability to imagine a future and future possibilities. It serves a useful purpose but can also lead us astray. Ancient people saw this tempting voice in our head as a demon or devil which led us into temptation. The key to managing ego is to learn NOT to identify with it. You are not ego. 

Ego is a tool of the mind and must be used with good sense. Ego is striving and will often say hurtful things like “you aren’t good enough because you have a lousy car” and “you are fat and ugly and nobody will ever love you”. If you identify with ego then you will believe this. Maybe you will buy a better car. Maybe you will think that you are unlovable and spend your life in forlorn hopelessness.

Remember the tempter is only a voice in your head. You decide. You are in control. Never forget this.