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I am still not over the fact that she responded to me FOUR DIFFERENT TIMES


I broke down and asked her I’ve watched Dead Girl Walking /way/ more times than can be considered healthy/normal and I could never see any form of fastener on the jacket or shirt and when she gets dressed she just holds the shirt shut and BOOM it’s closed.  It also makes the most sense for the 40 second quick change.  She already has on the shoe and socks (that need pulled up) and skirt and shirt (the scarf is hiding the brooch/collar) so she needs to remove the dress, jacket, and scarf and put on the blazer.  Snaps are good for a quick off but not really good for a quick on.  Magnets tend to be stronger than Velcro and they don’t wear down like Velcro (plus you don’t have to worry about things catching on the hooks).  Downside is that you have to hand wash any garments involving magnets because washing machines + magnets = BAD

For mine I’m still debating between snaps and hooks… Magnets will not be happening because A: neither of my JDs will be ripping my shirt open and B:  magnets are a pain in the ass to sew in place, even if you can track down a bone needle.

As for the skirt I had never even contemplated that Veronica’s skirt could have been shopped.  I just assumed it was built.  Then again, Heather C’s skirt is from American Appeal so it’s really not that surprising.  Heather D’s was most likely shopped and then hemmed as well because it’s just a black/dark green skirt.  Heather M’s had to have been built because it matches her jacket that I know was built (sorry Beth).  But seriously, this skirt is gonna be the death of me

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Okay so video idea: The FACE family and Nordic family show down. Who has the best family? Like, they go head to head in Mario kart, pool, Marco Polo, and my personal favorite: Uno. It's okay if you don't like the idea, the thought just came to me

This is a really cool idea anon

- we would have to modify it though because it is literally so difficult to organise that many people.

What if Denmark and America are arguing about it and then they secretly rope their “families” into doing “game nights”. 

Maybe they can text each other and “compete” everyone’s oblivious to their little war.


Nice Rack Canada recently built this pedalboard full of engineered solutions for multi-instrumentalist Maury LaFoy for his sideman work with John McDermott. In John McDermott’s touring trio, Maury plays Upright Acoustic Bass with a piezo pickup, Keyboards and a “Stompin’ Bass” pedal. The Bass Signal Path is; Piezo - Radial Engineering PZ Pre Input >> Effects Send >> TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb >> Ditto Looper >> Effects Return >> Outputs to Tuner, DI & Amplifier The Keyboard Signal Path is; Sound Engine >> Stereo Volume Pedal >> DI The Stompin Bass Signal Path is; Stompin’ Bass >> Low Pass Filter >> DI All powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+. We modified the Shadow Stompin’ Bass with accept remote power from the system PSU rather than a 9V Battery. Our friends at Tribute Audio built up a low pass filter that we installed to roll off unpleasant frequencies above 200 hZ. We also built up a Momentary & Latching Sustain Pedal for the keyboard that fits into a much smaller space that traditional Sustain / Hold pedals. Every gig presents it’s unique criteria for a sideman’s equipment, whatever your gig throws at you we can engineer a complete system solution to give you better tone, faster set up time and road ready build integrity. #gearporn

Operation Netherstorm

“Ok listen up grunts, here’s the plan.

first off we need to set up a diversion, we have two agents on the inside, backstabbingxbitch and another anonymous agent who’s code word is "Dragonfly” will lead the bulk of the Locust army to the city of Judecca under the belief its full of refugees…these refugees are of course well trained soldiers wating for an ambush…it is IMPERATIVE that any revanants be rescued, theyre tough bastards and can regenerate in that condition but do only what is necessary. on site will be thecryomancerfrost thestingofwinter and any other volunteers, distraction is key here!

during this time four teams will enter the Netherrealm:

Alpha: led by jacksonxbriggs and bladedgeneral will take a column of derricks along the northern ridge, theres a river of lava running right over the xenomorph hives and we can use modified grindlifts to drill a hole right through it and into the tunnel system, sealing them in and burning the hissing bastards

Bravo: a team of gears will escort ask-kotalkahn into the lower tunnels, if our intel is solid then they wil lemerge in the Kryll breeding grounds where we will detonate a device to burn them all, those who have come into contact with RAAM know exactly how vital this is

Charlie: a team of Onyx Guards will escort princess-of-outworld and her sister Leena into the citdel during the chaos and extract the last of the Mileena clones and send them to safety with a mobile portal emitter, then you will find this “Dark Mileena” sever her from the hive mine and execute her, she is NOT allowed to survive

Delta: delta will be led by Fenix, their job is to ensure the Overlord is put down as quickly as possible, and his ability to create new drone is neutralized

any questions?“

George Bush Sr. Said This to Monsanto in 1987, Ushering in the Era of GMO’s

George Bush Sr. Said This to Monsanto in 1987, Ushering in the Era of GMO’s

Proponents of genetically engineered crops would have you believe that we’ve been “modifying” foods for “thousands of years.” But the truth is that these lab-created GMOs are far different from traditional hybrid crops and have only been around for a few decades. And if not for intense lobbying on the part of St. Louis agrochemical giant Monsanto, GMOs might have never even seen the light of day…

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hello! i saw your Trish cosplay and i really love it! i was going to cosplay her soon i was wondering if you had any advice for cosplaying her?

My friend hotpantys made most of the cosplay but I’d say it wasn’t too difficult. Her biggest issue was the skirt pattern which she had to make herself using a base fabric and cutting and sewing the squares on individually then using wonderunder to get the mathematical pieces on. For the top we just went shopping for a brallette kind of thing that we could modify. If you intend to make your own cosplay I’d ask hotpantys for more/better advice, at this point I’m pretty much just her model.
The only really helpful advice I have is probably to not walk around alone when you’re in cosplay because there are perverts out there. I was in a group and still got harassed a bit with whistles and meows.

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Hi! I read your faq and your acp for your callie, but Im pretty new to sewing and still a bit stuck. I have someone more professional helping me, but theyre also stuck on how to go about her romper because there would be no patterns to make something like that because rompers are two pieces kinda sewn together in the middle and callies doesnt appear to do that. Im asking this terribly, but are there any few tips you could give on how you sewed that together or good patterns we could modify?

i drafted my own pattern for it, and it’s basically just a princess seam bodice with poofy shorts attached - if you’re having trouble patterning it i would suggest doing a mock up, and making the top and shorts separate, attaching them and then using that to make your pattern by cutting it apart where you would want your seams to be!

maybe even look at body suit patterns if that will help you understand a little better how patterns that cover your whole torso are supposed to look around the crotch area, since that’s often the problem spot since it’s very curvy. Hope that helped and good luck with your costume!!! ୧( “̮ )୨✧

landiskaze4723 said: Oh, thank god I never started the Bonnie mask…that was back when we had to modify Chica templates. one question though. Are there any pages we need duplicates of for building the heads?

Those were dark times, indeed :P  (But then, look at the mess I was working with when I first made Foxy.  Evolution, baby)

And nope!  All duplicate pieces are included.

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Hey Sakra ! Your mods are soooo amazing :) I want to make my own mods, and I have a little question. I have reading through some tutorials and I want to convert some hairstyles and I was reading the tipps from Squid. But I´m not sure what is mean with point 3. (3. the appropriate LOD mesh for the equivalent hairstyle for the race/gender you want to convert it for) ... sorry I don´t want to bother you but I am totally new. Have a great day ^.^

English isn’t my first spoken language so I hope I can explain clearly.

Normally when we modify hair mesh we’ll work on LOD0. So for example, you have modified a hair for male elf and now you want to port the same hair to female elf, you have to select LOD0 mesh of the female version when you import the hair into 3ds max.

The pic below is where you can find the “Morpher” modifier. Click on the dropdown menu and scroll down.

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So I've been consulting with my muse, and we've come up with some fic ideas, BUT we have a few questions. 1. Are we allowed to modify prompts (fake dating to fake marriage and student/teacher to student/TA)? 2. Can we combine AUs, like... use the AU for that day, but also with an AU that didn't make it into the week? If those are both a no, that's fine. Just asking to make sure.

As long as it’s inspired by the prompt you’re good. Student/TA and fake marriage are basically just derivatives of the prompts so write away. And as long as the prompt AU shows up somewhere, combine away. There’s no need to stick super close to the prompt, just as long as whatever you make has at least something to do with it. 

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[Crimenet Contact Bain] So you need weapons, eh? Luckily for you, I've got the solution. In a prison break my... 'assets'... succeded in, one of them, codename Wolf, used a drill as a weapon. Perhaps if we modified the design to a more lightweight form, your mercs could use it in battle.

hello I am here for this

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sorry but why did u delete the previous poll??

People were self-voting/voting multiple times for the same fic, so we had to modify the poll!


Performance Theory Journal Writing 2

As an audience member - reflect on one instance of watching a performance where you felt that your background, knowledge or experience led to you having a particularly good or bad experience.

firstly, let’s talk about audience reception:

what is audience? Or who are the audiences?

they are the listeners, readers, viewers, consumers who consume different kinds of image and representations. They are also a group of people, who are targeted by producers or directors, in which they use media formats such as TV programmes, films, music, dance, etc, and these media formats are used by directors and producers to target people of specific ages, gender, ethnicity etc.

What is reception?

It is the use of mediated cultural texts by the audience. Reception is the way which we react to internalised representation. The reception is not a passive response. We modify images to suit or requirements and cultural-political beliefs. 

Personally for me, what i look for when i watch a dance performance will be the show title, the synopsis of the performance and how well the performance is able to translate what the synopsis is trying to tell the audience into the structure of the show and movement. 

Foremost, the title have to be able to ‘summarised’ what the show is all about, because that’s what usually catches the audiences attention first. If the title does not sound appealing, interesting, the anticipation of the show will not be as wonderful as it should be. unless, if it’s by a well known dance company or by the design of their advertisements and posters. 

Secondly, the synopsis is very important as it gives the audience a brief summary of what the whole performance will be about and the meaning of the show. It has to be well summarised and well described to allow the audience to understand what the performance is trying to convey or what statement the performance is trying to say. 

Thirdly, the performance itself has to be well constructed and well plan so that it delivers what the synopsis is describing. if the performance itself does not relate back to what the synopsis is describing, it will make the audience very confuse and disengage. 

Based on the performance i’ve recently watched, i felt that the title and the synopsis of the performance is well connected. the construction of the stage set to illustrate to the audience the setting of the performance is helpful. The text in the music/ performance co-relate to the dance movements and the stage sets which kept me really engaged and entertained as well. 

However, one thing i thought was a minus point of the performance was the venue of the performance itself. when i sat through the whole performance itself, i imagined it to be in the outdoors where HDB flats and buildings are surrounding the performance. It was because i felt the black box theatre was too constructed and ‘dead’ which makes the whole performance a little less engaging where it should have been. that factor of it made me a little disappointed. 

Overall, i feel that if the piece was done as a site specific work, it would have been a more successful performance and a more relatable one. 

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Hi!! So in the next few months me and my mom are going to start looking for a corn snake. But first comes supplies!! Can you help me decide the right sized enclosure? (it'll be a modified tub, we can't afford glass with all the other things) Thanks!!

If you are getting a young animal I suggest a 15-32 quart sterilite tub to start. A larger and older corn snake will need a larger tub.