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And another thing! How many times were we told this season was more connected than any other? We are missing the last third of a story. Of course shit doesn’t make sense just yet. I get simply pointing out frustrations and inconsistencies, but people are saying this story is bad writing when we are missing ONE THIRD. And the last third of a story is usually when things come together. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat my hat if it really is a garbled mess of a story, but it amazes me how easily people fling themselves into perpetual despair over an incomplete story

26. Dress Up

Happy Birthday, Bucky!

Word Count: 462.
A/N: This is based on prompt 26, dressing up. In the US, soldiers in the Army have Dress Greens, and I got to thinking about this. I also can see Tony giving Bucky hell for running late/ skipping parties, and that’s where this came from. Needless to say, this is smut
Written by: @dragonsrequiem

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A hot, calloused hand wrapped around your waist in the elevator as a husky voice purred in your ear. “Babe, honestly I think if we skip the party no one will notice…” he tried in a hopeful tone before nibbling on the shell of your ear.

“That’s what you said last time, too, remember Bucky? Last time, when Tony threatened that if we missed one more party he would publicly embarrass us?” You argued back, fighting the urge to melt against Bucky. “Besides, I’d like to point out that this is for your birthday. I guarantee one or two people are bound to notice,” you added, trying hard to cling to logic as that hand traced closer and closer to the slit in your skirt.

“But I only want one cake tonight,” Bucky whispered playfully, his metal fingers lightly pinching your rear end.

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Dear Future Wife...#575*

Before you, there were edited texts and watered down statements. Before you, there was a lot of anxiety in crafting the right sentences so I wouldn’t be chastised for being too intense. Before you, there were dumb jokes left unappreciated and eyerolls aplenty. Before you, I had to keep a certain part of myself tamped down because it scared people away. I couldn’t understand why my most authentic self didn’t ever fit with someone else. It shouldn’t be that kind of constant compromise at the core of who I am, right? What was I doing wrong?

But now…now there are unedited ramblings and grandiose word choices. Now there are Emoji sentences and constant “I miss you"s. Now we always have at least 3 more “one last kiss"es because it’s finals week for you and we can only see each other for 5 minutes at a time because neither of us can lose productivity in our respective lives. Now there are unfiltered long-winded stress rants and "I’m sorry…I feel better just getting that out…thanks for listening” and promises of a hundred hugs and kisses later when you come visit me. Now you laugh at things I say that weren’t even meant to be all that funny. Now there are impulsive little perfect gifts for no reason at all. Now there are kisses interrupted by laughter because you just remembered something stupid you didn’t tell me earlier. Now there are sleepy FaceTime sessions and cold hands sneaking under t shirts. Now there’s a reason to not have that armrest down while at the movies. And now? Half of that isn’t even me! It’s you! I’ve met my match.

Now…well, now we have a huge adventure in front of us. I’m not in a rush because it’s you and me going towards that horizon. I’m not stumbling toward it solo, hoping there’s someone else over there anymore. You found me. You’re it for me.

what if dumb ereri neighbors au

like eren hangs his clothes out to dry and one windy day his underwear ends up on levi’s balcony.

or eren has a really fat cat and it accidentally drops down to levi’s balcony, who lives below him. and the cat’s yowling wakes up levi.

or someone’s water heater breaks… in the middle of winter and “uh, hey, so this is a really weird thing to ask… but can i borrow your shower for a few days.”

maybe one day one of them coughCOUGH ‘accidentally’ locks himself out of his apartment and hey could i use your balcony to climb up to my balcony. just as an excuse to talk to the other.

One last time. One last time I’ll write about how I love you and I hate you and I fucking wish you never left. How I planned to be there until your very last breath. One last time I’ll get myself to think about the past and about the way you swore to the heavens that we’d always last. One last time I’ll miss your touch and the way you used to say “baby I love you so fucking much”. One last time I’ll hate her for being the one you loved first. One last time I’ll crave your body and your breath on me. One last time I’ll cry, one last time I’ll let a piece of me die but after this, no more crying for me love, I promise you no more tears because I know you don’t wanna hear about them anymore. I know we’re going through this differently. Well more accurately, I’m going through it and you’ve already become okay but it’s hard for me to say if I’ll ever go away, maybe I’ll linger till the day that both of us pass away. I love you. I do. I hate you. I do. Everything about us is just so brand new. I never thought I would have to start over with you. I hear songs that make me think of you while I’m sitting in the car holding someone else’s hand. I walk in places we planned to go all on my own because now I’m alone. I know you swear you’ll always be there but promises from you scare me now. I’m the one you’ll always think of standing by the ocean because just like the waves you and I always come back to shore. I don’t know if that means anything, the fact that we always come back to each other. I mean it has to. Right? Maybe not. Maybe we’re just really bad at letting go, all I know is that you were never supposed to go but you did. I’m okay with the fact that you’re gone I promise you I am but some days I still reach for your hand and get that pang inside my chest when I have to accept that you’re gone all over again. I’m unsure just what to do when it comes to me and you because you hold me together but you make me fall apart. Our relationship is some sick, twisted form of art. Beautiful but broken just like you. So tell me love, what in gods name am I supposed to do? If you want me to go I swear I will. Sure it’ll be hard to swallow just like a pill, like the ones I used to take to mask the pain, but I’ll be okay. I think. I’m over you. I think. You’re over me too. I think. You don’t love me anymore. I think. I’m okay with that. I think. I’m getting better. I know. Or maybe it’s all for fucking show. What happens if I walk away? Well you’ll be okay and me, well, I love you.
—  For the girl of my dreams one last time (an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #11)
Undertale Livestream (take 2)

Continuation of last week’s let’s play on Friday. Room opens at 10:30 pm est while I set everything up and make sure everything is working. Actual gaming will start at 11 pm est. Anyone who missed the last one is welcome to attend! (We didn’t get very far at all. I can even start over if anyone needs me to.)

-Megan/ outskirts-of-nowhere


Day 3 of the last week of school and our theme was childhood heroes.
As you can see: I was Pocahontas. :D ❤️


“It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can’t have them in your arms”

“Tell me it’s not really over
Tell me we didn’t just say goodbye
Tell me we can begin again
Tell me we’re worth one last try

Tell that you miss me, too
Tell me you think of me when you awake
Tell me I fill your dreams at night
Tell me this is all a mistake

Tell me you need me
Tell me you love me
Tell me I have a place in your life
Just tell me something”