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Seeking advice: Ireland, but I only have 6 days....

I’ll be visiting Ireland later this year, but I don’t have much time. We fly in and out of Dublin and will spend the last day there. Obviously, I can’t see the entirety of the island in such a short span of time. I’ve decided I can see the top half or the bottom half, imaginary dividing line between Dublin and Galway. I dislike touristy places, crowds, tourists, and people in general. We will rent a car and drive ourselves. I’m leaning towards the top half as it seems less crowded and the fam likes to climb shit and they are keen to check out Slieve League. Questions: 1) Is one half better than the other? 2) If we only do the top are we missing out on the stereotypical iconic Ireland and if so, does it matter? 3) Any must see or do places or things? 4) Feel free to offer suggestions or advice about anything related to traveling in Ireland. Please and thank you!

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Don’t think that just because you can’t afford to travel the world, that means you can’t experience the world. Tune into a documentary on an issue that’s transpiring in another country. Visit a museum where you can witness the relics of an Egyptian mummy. Watch a foreign Japanese film without the subtitles and see if you can catch on-to the plot. Indulge in Belgium chocolate and savor every sip of your Columbian coffee. Eat Chinese food with chopsticks and dig into an Indian cuisine with your bare hands. Learn to speak the language of your forefathers and research your ancestry. We don’t miss out on the world by not traveling every corner of it. We miss out on it by forgetting that we can witness a piece of the world every day. That the world really is at our finger-tips. And the beauty of it is that our experience will never be the same. Because all of us, individually, have an entirely different world that has constructed itself inside of us.
—  Nashiha Pervin

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did you actually get a lot of hate on tumblr bc you are a fan of Casey?

you know, not really. we didn’t start running this blog until after the oscars though so i feel like we missed out on prime hate time. i made this blog, however, to avoid conflict with mutuals that are my friends on my personal blog. i didn’t want to have to fight them over my love and support of casey and wanted a blog i could do that in peace on (while also knowing we’d likely get SOME shit, but honestly we’ve not gotten much of anything). i keep waiting for lots of hate but it never comes. however, i do delete negative asks on the rare occasion we get them and block blogs that make negative replies on our posts or reblog and say negative things. our sidebar says this is a positive space for casey and im determined to keep it that way 😊


“All the better, then! Just think of marrying me as your punishment!” 

“I’m not as big a fool as you! I… I wouldn’t… think of that as punishment.”


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


For those of you, who are a bit upset/disappointed about Gillian’s recent social media activities, here is a bit of a reminder what we already got from her this year. 

Honestly, we were spoiled! SPOILED!!! Just scroll through her twitter account and discover it again. She tweeted a lot (like crazy), did Comic Cons, Q&As, and #tbt for most of the part of this year. She was active on facebook, twitter, and on Tumblr!

Now, she is focusing on different projects. She is fighting the good fight, and she is raising awareness on important topics. She is inspiring and an awesome human being, that is why we love her and that is why we support her. 

I know that lately there is not much happening in our little fandom but let’s try to keep it positive and support Gillian. I’m sure she will come back, and it was not the last we heard from her ‘feral side’. She is taking a break. We should let her do that and we should remember that we already had a good year. 

If you feel sad or disappointed, my inbox is always open, message me and I try to cheer you up! I send you a fanfic with all the goodies in it. I send you some fan art. I send you a fanvid. I send you a hug. I send you a feral tweet of Gillian’s from the last couple of years if you want. I talk to you about some interesting head-canon of yours. Or canon. Or something silly Chris Carter came up with. Anything, really. (And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one 😉😉) 

 This is why we are here, let’s focus on these. Holidays are coming up, we have enough stress in our life. Let’s keep this our happy place and spread the love. Because, honestly, this fandom is the best. I love y’all!  

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ML FANDOM WEEK 8/14-8/20