we miss you prince of hope

Things I love about MJ

•His eyes
•His eyes when he smiles
•His actual smile
•His laugh
•The way his whole face lights up when he’s laughing (and the stars shine in his eyes)
•Him being able to make everyone in the room laugh
•The cheesy agyeo
•The love that he has for his members
•The love he has for us Aroha
•His impressions
•Vocals, Vocals, Vocals (he sings like and angel ok)
•His dorkyness (dorkiness?)
•His acting in TBC
•When he dances
•Jaw that was sculpted my magic
•Lips !!!!!!!!!
•Cute nose
•He some how has the perfect eyebrows
•Can’t forget the adorable ears
•Short but tall in spirit
•I just love him a lot

#HappyMJDay !
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To avoid spamming the dashboard I have compiled the Inbox ASKs and answer them together in this post (‘∀’●)❤ ( A few questions are repeated, so I have combined them as one.)  Questions that are not listed here, the answer will be revealed in future comics 👍

Again, thank you so so much for the interest, encouragement and support❤

♛18.06. Update: Sorry for the late reply, I have compiles some more anon asks under the “Read more.” :) Again thank you for the questions!
♛So Sorry Guys. Link fixed

✒ Is the Fox personal bodyguard a male or female?

The Fox is a lady…? To be honest, I didn’t have a gender in mind when I design the fox, so feel free to interpret it anyway you like :)

Will we be seeing any more new faces in the animal court?

There will be other minor characters, such as other soldiers, maids, butlers, gardeners and royal members. And of course the King and Queen of the Goose and Swan kingdom. However majority of the story will still focus on the core 7 below.

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Originally posted by monsta-x-cuties

(A/N I’m so sorry I’m posting ANOTHER Wonho fanfic on my supposedly SHINee blog but I just can’t help it he’s everything and all I can think about HAHAHA it’s driving me crazy. Btw this is kinda angsty but mostly fluffy.

Wonho had been practising at the studio late at night for what seemed like forever. Sometimes he’d be laying in bed with you, holding you tight to his bare chest, talking to you and joking with you then suddenly say that work had text him and he had to go in to the studio late to dance all night. Normally, he wouldn’t come home until 4am at the least; your suspicions were starting to drive you insane all day and all night. In your past relationships, a lot of the guys had cheated on you which shattered your ability to trust. Although Wonho was a brilliant boyfriend who appeared to worship the ground you walked on, with him being gone a lot, you wondered if he was telling the whole truth. 

You watched Wonho leave in a hurry, grabbing his gym bag from the floor. It was 10pm; it was dark outside and you didn’t understand why he needed to leave so urgently. Vaguely, you heard the front door shut, telling you he’d left. You felt sick to your stomach, not being able to fight the thought that he was seeing another girl, or worse, sleeping with her. Suddenly, making you jump, his phone buzzed loudly on his bedside table. Then, the horrible idea crossed your mind. Would it hurt to check his phone? You didn’t want to be *that* girl; you didn’t want to be the stereotypical insane girlfriend who didn’t trust her boyfriend. You knew it was an invasion of his privacy and that it was wrong but oh god, you just needed to know if he was fucking another girl. If not, your brain would pop with the anxiety. Taking his phone, you tapped on to his messages. There were messages from his mother, his friends and the guys in the group but mostly work. Scrolling down, your eyes just wanted to search for something suspicious like a girls name or a naughty text to someone who wasn’t you but there was nothing odd looking on there. You mustn’t have heard the door open and close because Wonho had returned after telling his managers at Starship that he wanted the night off. Excitedly, he ran up the stairs to surprise you, only to see you checking his phone with a distressed look on your face. 

“Jagi, are you checking my phone?” 

Wonho asked curiously ,his voice made you drop the phone out of your hand. 


You cried in shock, not expecting for him to be home, never mind catching you snooping on him. Instantly, you felt deathly guilty for going through his private messages. 

“I’m so sorry Wonho…I didn’t mean to disrespect…” 

Wonho cut you off. 

“What exactly were you expecting to find (Y/N)?” 

You could tell from his cold tone of voice that he was insulted. His jaw was tight like he was feeling betrayed and you didn’t blame him. For a moment, you were silent, trying to gather your thoughts while tears burned your eyes. The whole time you were with him, you hadn’t realised how crazily paranoid you were about Wonho’s loyalty even though it was silly.

“It’s just that you’ve been disappearing almost every night and you’d never tell me why you’ve been working extra hours and I was just starting to think maybe…”

“What?! That I was cheating on you?!” 

Wonho snapped, incredibly hurt that you thought he was like the others even though he’d proven so many times that he wasn’t. 

“I don’t know?! Yes! Yes I thought you were cheating on me!  I’m so sorry I checked your phone I know it was wrong!” 

Tears ran from your tired, grief filled eyes, worried Wonho was going to get tired of your anxiety and leave you. Running a hand through his blond hair, Wonho slumped against the wall frustratedly and slowly slid down it, resting on the floor. 

“Haven’t I proven I love you?” 

He asked quietly, defeated. 

“Of course you have.” 

You replied. You wished so much that you could trust him the way he deserved to be trusted. Wonho sighed dramatically. He was still for a while, biting his plump lip the way he did when he was stressed. 

“Starship promised me they’d pay me more money if I practised and worked out for more hours.” 

He got up from the floor and walked over to his bedside table, opening the middle drawer. 

“I needed more money so I could pay off what I owe for this.” 

He brought out a small turquoise box and you gasped, clutching your heart. It was confusing as Wonho didn’t believe in the concept of marriage. Like he read your mind, he said: 

“It’s a promise ring (Y/N). Yes, I don’t believe in marriage but I wanted to get you something to show you that I have every intention of being with you for the rest of my life. I promise I have no intention of being with anyone else. I don’t want anyone else baby. I just want you to trust me. If I give you this, will you trust me?” 

He watched you nervously with his deep brown eyes as he opened the sweet box with his fingers. Wonho revealed a stunning white gold ring with two diamond hearts next to each other, sparkling magically as the light hit them. On the inside of the ring, it was engraved with:

‘I promise you will always have my heart.’ 

“Oh Wonho!” 

You couldn’t stop staring at it and the way the gems twinkled. It was hard to believe the ring was all for you. 

“I promise I’ll try my best to trust you.” 

You replied as he sat down on the bed. The tears changed from panicked tears to happy tears as the realisation kicked in that he’d been working so hard to show you how dedicated he was to you. 

“Hey, no more crying now baby.” 

Wonho soothed you, lifting you on to his lap and cuddling you affectionately with his strong arms and warm body. 

“It was a misunderstanding baby. Let’s not be sad or angry anymore, I came home because I couldn’t bare to leave you tonight. I hoped we could hang out. Maybe we can order something to eat and cuddle and then we could do something more than cuddle.” 

Wonho smirked boyishly, making you giggle and playfully hit his arm. Wonho took this as an opportunity to tackle you and pin you on to the bed seductively; something that hadn’t happened in a long time. You missed it.  Adorably, he took your hand in his and placed the promise ring on your finger before kissing your hand like Prince Charming. From then on, you’d both keep your promises. 

This is just an awful way to feel

Your favorite Otayuri fics of all time

Thank you guys so much for sending these in! :)

Home by Phayte - 47,6k, E

sent in by anon


“So um… how did I…?”

“I brought you up here. You were slumped next to a dumpster. I couldn’t leave you there knowing a blizzard is coming through.”

“A blizzard.” He never really got to watch any news unless he got a few dollars that would buy him a cup of coffee and hours in a diner where they would leave on the television.

“Where are we?” he muttered around the food in his mouth.

“How about introductions first. I am Otabek, what is your name?”

He paused. He was not so sure how to answer the question, as simple as it seemed. No one had asked him his name in years. His brow furrowed as he dug through his memories, chewing thoughtfully on a carrot. He would tell it to himself every night along with other important information so he would not forget, but it was sometimes hard to remember things like that after a while.


Or —

Yuri is homeless… passing out next to a dumpster… the billionaire Otabek Altin saves him from a blizzard coming in… Or does Yuri save Otabek?

Symphony in Four Movements by mika60 - 16,3k, T

sent in by anon


Their tale transcends through the unwritten melodies of history.

On the Cusp of Dawn by PencilTrash - 24,4k, E

sent in by anon


[AU where Yuri is a Prince and ranked highest among Omegas, whose life has revolved around his childhood friend, Otabek, who holds the lowest rank among Alphas. Their worlds suddenly comes shattering down after a loss they both isn’t prepared for.
AU where we’ve tournaments and challenges to change your birth rank.]
Otabek bowed to the new Prince and offered the flower crown that his sister, Sabrina, had made and a basket full of fresh cherries which he’d collected from their small farm on the cusp of dawn. Carefully, he set them down on the overflowing heap of gifts.
The Prince, who’d just turned six, frowned at the basket for a long moment before raising his hand and shoving a fistful in his mouth. Otabek blinked at him, totally taken aback.
“Mmm-hum… ” the Prince hummed, closing his eyes, as he chomped on the bites of the plump fruits in his mouth. He opened his eyes, fixing his crystal green glare on Otabek. “Bring me more tomorrow,” he ordered, taking a few more from the basket.
“Y-yes, your highness,” Otabek stuttered, bowing again before he was shoved away by a royal guard to clear the area. He hadn’t missed the way the Prince had shot a burning look at the guard.

We hope you guys will enjoy tomorrow’s event as well, we sure liked it! :)

Thank You

Summary: You discuss your baby’s name with Thor.
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Word counting: 160 words

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

“Did you miss me?” Thor whispered against your temple.

“You know I did.” You rolled your eyes.

His hand caressed your naked belly, hoping your child would give him some attention.

“Any name in mind yet?” You looked up at him.

Your prince thought in silence for a moment.

“If it is a boy, we can call him Dustin.”

You looked up at him with curiosity.

“What does that mean?”

Thor’s stone.” He chuckled.

You shook your head, lying back on his chest again.

“What about a girl?”

“Astrid. Divine beauty.” He said with a sweet smile and moved his large hand to caress your face. “She will be as beautiful as her mother.”

You blushed, and Thor kissed your temple once again.

“My beautiful, beautiful princess.” He whispered. “I love you so much.”

You smiled softly.

“I love you.” You muttered back at him.

“Thank you.” He looked down at your belly. “Thank you for giving me everything I need.”

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anonymous asked:

I am looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. I am pretty sure it was a Modern Royalty AU. Arthur and Merlin were seeing each other but it was a secret. The part I most remember is that Arthur is in the hospital for some reason and his bodyguard sneaks Merlin in to see him. It's not the Student Prince or Not In This Land Alone because I just read both of those.

Both mods have tried to find ONE fic that had all these details you mention, but for some reasons we couldn’t agree on one!
So, here’s a list of 3 greats fics that feature royalty au, hospitals and bodyguards :P
Drastically Redifining Protocol by rageprufrock, Same River Twice by kianspo and Missed Connections by tourdefierce.

Hope you recognize the right one!

His Maid, Overtime: 1

Summary: There are times when a blooming flower can be trapped by the thorns it uses to its will. It is trapped until the thorns are cut to a fine. A crow’s beak is it’s Savior. And it takes this beauty in its mouth to embrace her tightly…Ahem, apologies, I was lost in thought.

Next time on Black Maid “His Maid, Overtime”
You see, I am simply one hell of a maid.

Pairings: Almost Sebastian x Demon!reader


Warnings: Some smut, some violence

Word Count: 3328

Originally posted by beshov

Your name: submit What is this?

You let out a breathy sigh once his lips brushed against your cheek, then left a trail of kisses to your lips.

You opened your eyes as his arms wrapped around you. “This is so wrong…”

He smirked and you let out a yelp once his hands traveled down and firmly grasped your ass. “Sebastian!!”

He lowered himself, his eyes still locked with yours as his lips went under your chin and down your neck. You bit your lip and threw your head back once he slowly unhooked your garders and pulled them down.

He bit the tip of your glove and slid it down off your fingers while also pulling your skirt down. He traveled back up by unbuttoning the bottom to the top. Once he reached the top, the shirt fell to the floor. You were now in only a corset.

You looked at him unsurely as he began to untie the laces of the back. And at a very fast pace. “We should not…”

You found yourself turning to leave, but he grabbed your arms and pulled your back to his chest. His lips moved to your ear. “I have waited far too long for this. Let me enjoy myself.”

“I don’t think we should—”

“Shh…” It was when he moved his pale finger to your lips, pulling them down slightly, it was then did you realize he was bare.

He embraced you tightly and breathed in your scent. “Y/N…”



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I Danced With Cinderella

Words: 760
Requested by Anonymous:  Could I get a Daddy!Dean one based on the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman? Thanks :) 

A/N: Please do not post my writing on any other site.

Dean’s Point Of View 

           I sat at the table in the library. I had been doing research for a case, but now I was entranced by my five-year-old little girl. Gemma had turned on my radio and was dancing around to every song that came on. She looked like a little princess and I was mesmerized by how carefree she was.

           And there I was sitting at the table with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I wished I could see the world like Gemma did.

           “Daddy!” Gemma suddenly stopped dancing and turned to look at me with wide eyes that told me she had just thought of something important.

           “What, Baby?” I asked.

           “You have to dance with me!”

           “Baby, Daddy doesn’t …”

           “Daddy, you have to!” she insisted, “The prince invited me to the ball. I have to practice my dancing.”

           And who was I to deny my little girl that dance?

           I picked her up in my arms, “Okay, Baby Girl.”

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cardigan-carm  asked:

Volcano by Damien Rice Promptis This'll be the last one I submit so other folks can submit to you. I really love the idea of this, song associated with ficlets. That's some good shit, great idea!

Aww, what a pretty song, and the lyrics are really perfect for Promptis! Now I’ve seen a lot of Prompto-pining-after-Noct-thinking-he’s-not-good-enough, but this song speaks to me in the reverse. So. Here ya go! (It isn’t smutty but I’ve got two more of these for you and I promise to make up for it there :) )

Originally posted by implift

What I Am to You is Not What You Mean to Me
(Rating: G // Pining, teenage angst, fluff)

Noct looks up from his half-eaten burger and rolls his eyes. “Dude, sit down already, you’re an embarrassment.” 

Across the table, Prompto is hanging over the back of the booth and grinning at the group of students sitting on the other side. His camera flashes again, and Noct hears a handful of the girls giggle.

“Prompto!” The blonde stiffens, turns to smile sheepishly at his friend before he plops back down into his own seat. The camera disappears inside the jacket of his uniform. 

“Sorry, I get carried away sometimes. What were we talking about?”

“Forget it.” Sulkily, the prince snatches up his cup and hope he still manages to look pouty enough while sucking his strawberry milkshake noisily through his straw. 

Apparently he doesn’t. “Heh, no one would believe me that the prince of Lucis can be such a baby sometimes.” Prompto laughs, tosses a fry at him across the table. “Well, Ignis probably would.”

“Remind me to never invite you out on a date again.” Noct is so busy glaring at the dirty white-and-black tiles at his feet that he misses the bright red flush burst over freckled skin. Just as quickly, Prompto swallows back his surprise and plays off what he knows was obviously a joke. 

“Yeah, next time spare me having to put on pants on the weekend.” His chuckle is forced, awkward as he waggles another fry in the air to distract himself. Noctis risks glancing up.

When did it start, exactly? These feelings? If he thinks back to the year before, to the day Prompto came bounding up to him outside of their new high school and clapped him on the shoulder, he wonders if maybe the blonde has always meant more to him than just a friend. His bright smile, his carefree attitude (both such rarities in Noct’s life at the Citadel), there’s no way he couldn’t have fallen in love with this bubbly kid who ended up becoming his best friend. 

He’s never told Prompto, of course. There was only that one time, at one of Luna’s house parties, that he’d come so close. They’d both been drinking, had ended up together on the roof outside one of the upstairs rooms, and Prompto had leaned in too close. Without thinking, Noct had kissed him, right on the mouth - but the magical moment had ended too soon, and when Prom had pulled away with a look of shock on his face Noct had blamed it on the alcohol. 

He should have told him. He kicks himself constantly for the missed opportunity, knows Prom well enough to know that nothing could ever come between their friendship, even admitting his own crush. And yet…. He still can’t bring himself to say it. 

Why? Because he’s terrified of hearing the only answer he expects from those soft lips. 

I don’t need you

And now Prompto is turning around again. One of the girls is posing with him for a selfie and giggling, and Noct knows he’s done it again, has missed his chance and wasted his time. Without another word, he tosses his empty cup onto the table and stands up to leave. 

Sure, he has Prompto’s friendship as well as his loyalty, and he knows he should be grateful for what he can get. But, well, it simply isn’t enough. Miles and miles of mountains, but all he wants is the sea.


He ignores the question as he turns on his heels. Prompto doesn’t understand. How could he? He’ll never understand what it’s like to love someone so deeply, yet feel so useless to make the move. 

“Hey, Noct, wait up!”

Prompto reaches him just outside of the diner. It’s already getting dark, colder, and they both shiver as an icy breeze cuts through the parking lot. 

“Go back in to your new friends,” Noct says, sounding sharper than he really means to but unable to hold back his hurt. Blue eyes soften as Prompto steps closer. 

“I’m really sorry, Noct. I didn’t mean to ignore you, honest.”

“It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not,” the blonde argues. When he reaches out to wrap his fingers around Noct’s wrist, the prince freezes - he’s torn between wanting to run away and wanting to turn and pull Prompto into his arms. 

“Don’t go.” As if reading his mind, Prom whispers the plea at his back. “Or go anyway and take me with you, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t leave me alone.”

“H-hey.” Noct glances over his shoulder to see Prompto looking at him with a shy smile. It looks a lot like the smile he showed him that night at Luna’s, right before they…. A blush forms on the prince’s cheeks, and he’s suddenly glad for the shadows playing across his face. “You wanna…go back to my place?”

A pause, then Prompto nods firmly. “Just you and me. We can stay up all night playing games.”

Noct manages a tiny smile. “And reading comics. Anything but homework.”

“I’ll call and tell my parents I’m staying over.” Prompto’s fingers are still around his wrist, and for once Noctis doesn’t miss the way they’re trembling slightly as his friend leans in. “It’ll be a proper date.”

“Oh,” Noct brightens. The urge to close the short distance between their mouths is bursting inside him like a volcano, melting his resolve. “Yeah, sounds good. A date.”

“A date.”

Prompto’s cheeks are as red as his face feels. As they move together toward their bikes parked on the other side of the Crow’s Nest diner, Noct lets his fingers slip down over Prompto’s palm. To his relief, his friend laces his own fingers around them as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 

Smiling, Noct wonders if he might just get a second chance tonight 

I Miss Us

      So, this is my first imagine. I wrote it months ago and never thought it was good enough, but I figured I could post it and see how it goes. I would love for some constructive criticism to help me for future writing pieces. Hope you enjoy! Thank you :)


     Draco and I had our fall out in our fifth year. It’s been 2 years. We’re about to graduate soon and he’s my best friend. Was. I’m not much of the social type and I was the only one who wasn’t scared of his whole “condescending” act. I understood him and he understood me. That’s how we’ve always been. We grew up running around in the meadow behind his family manor and pretended we were the only two people alive. I miss him. And I know he misses me. 

     I sit a desk away from him in almost every class and I can always sense him staring but he never is when I return the glance. He aggravates me. I still miss his presence whenever I’m reading or doing homework. I always find drawings of the sharp define face in my old sketchbooks and all the little trinkets he’s given me over the years. 

    It’s been 2 damn years. I need to stop wallowing in self pity, make new friends, and get over it. But I can’t. No one understands my situation like he did. But maybe he just forgot that I needed him so much more as time seemed to go by slower than ever. Maybe he forgot who I really am. Or he forgot us. Or maybe, himself. This is how I fell asleep each and every night. Wondering what happened, why he dropped me so easily, why anything that happened, happened. 

   I was awoken by a slight nudge on my shoulder. Then it grew more aggressive and I heard a slight hiss, “y/n, wake up!” I opened my sleep filled eyes to see Pansy with a fear stricken face. Ugh. What could she want.
   “What do you need, Pansy. If you haven’t noticed I’m trying to sleep. I don’t get much of it these days.” 

    “Don’t be a smart ass, at least not right now. Draco hasn’t been sleeping much either and tonight he finally fell apart. He’s in the first floor girls lavatory. He won’t talk to me and I know how you both use to be.” 

      “Why are you wanting me to go? He doesn’t want me there if he’s hurting.”  

     “He wants you. Trust me. You’re all he ever cares about. He may not admit it but I know it.” Why was she being nice to me? Why was she trying to fix us?

      “Okay, I’ll go try to talk to him.” Pansy began to find me some shoes as I searched for a jacket. The closest warm article of clothing I could find in the dark was a forest green slytherin jumper. I took my sneakers from Pansy’s hands, slipped them on, and started for the girls bathroom. I haven’t been in the first floor girls lavatory since 5th year, it was our sanctuary, our place to go while ditching, or just to escape reality. 

      I opened the door to find the blonde haired boy leaning over the sink with his cheeks stricken with tears. I slowly walked up behind him, I didn’t risk touching him because I knew how he got when he was upset. But suddenly I felt arms around my waist and weight pulling me to the ground. I was shocked to see him like this. Something is really wrong. 

      I held on to him as if my life depended on it. Something bad happened. I stroked his wild, messy hair and wiped his tears. We sat like this for what felt like an eternity. Eventually he calmed and it seemed that he fell asleep. I loosened my grip around him.

     “Don’t go.” I heard him mumble.

     “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here as long as you need me.” He sat up from my lap and we both sat in silence against the wall with his head on my shoulder and my head on his.

     “Y/n, I’m sorry.”

     “Don’t apologize right now. It’s not necessary. You don’t need to worry about it right now.”

     “But I do. I do need to apologize. I was a total ass and I regret it everyday. I dropped you when you needed me and you dropped everything to come sit with me while I cried like a child. I’m so ignorant.”

     “I wouldn’t say I dropped everything. I just gave up a little sleep. And you’re not ignorant. You just didn’t know how to handle my problems. Which you shouldn’t have. They were my problems, not yours. So let’s not talk about this right now. What happened?” Suddenly he was lost for words. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I understand.”

     “He’s back. He’s stolen my family from me before and he’s doing it again,” he said as he lifted his sleeve to show me the oh-so-familiar dark mark. My parents’ showed up a few weeks ago. 

     “I know. My mum and dad’s reappeared recently. I’ve been on edge ever since then. I always knew he’d choose one of us. Draco, I won’t let you go through this alone. I’ll be here. I understand if you don’t want me to be, but I will be.” Suddenly I had tears rolling down my cheeks and he was holding me now. 

     “It’ll be okay, we can deal with this later. Can we talk about us right now. You were going through a lot and I started receiving feelings for you and I knew this would happen, so I did what I thought was right. I let go of you. I didn’t think I could handle the dark lord coming and taking one of us. But, he’s not going to get in between us. I care about you and I need you. I know I do now. Those two years were so hard. I miss us.”

     “I miss us too. That all I ever think about. You were the only person who understood me. I need you in my life.”

     “I’m happy we cleared this up because I couldn’t stand not telling you all the ridiculous things Pansy says to me.” I giggled and looked up to look at his perfect face. He was that kind of beauty that gave me goosebumps when I looked at him. Slowly, yet surely, our noses were millimeters away and I could feel his hot breath on my face. I could hold back anymore, I pressed my lips to his urgently and he returned the sweet perfect kiss. “I love you.” He mumbled in between slow, soft kisses. I stopped and looked into his eyes, “I love you too.” And I melted into him, holding on tight because I didn’t want to let go.

      “Is this my jumper? I’ve been looking for it for ages.”

      I giggled and looked down only to notice that in fact was his jumper, he let me borrow it when we took a walk around the black lake, searching for one of my missing sketchbooks. And suddenly the most perfect memories flowed into my mind and I felt a blissful nostalgia rush over me. “It is. I never gave it back I suppose. It was under my bed.”

      “Whatever, you wear it to bed every night and hope no one sees it to show how much you miss the Slytherin Prince himself.” We sat there and laughed for what seemed like forever and it eventually died down. I missed this. I missed laughing with him, and sitting with him, and just him.

Lucky Us: The International Incident IV
  • Chloe: Shit it's the cops
  • Ali: Oh no oh no what do we do, brother?!
  • Adrien: Act natural.
  • Ali: What???
  • Adrien: You have to act natural!
  • Ali: I'm not sure I can do that! Ooooooh my advisor is going to be so angry and my parents will blow this out of proportion and I don't feel good---
  • Officer Raincomprix: *peers into the window* Is this your missing prince?
  • Ali's Advisor: Your Majesty!!
  • Ali: *pukes*
  • Adrien and Chloe: *sigh*

fuckinunicornsman  asked:

What kind of texts would s/o receive from the band during the day/night if they were on tour away from them?


  • 1am: “hey do you think birds have a government”
  • 5am: “how loud can the people on the room next to me be before i can legally call the police on them?”
  • 1pm: “i miss you :( do you know if  normal convenience stores sells batteries for those vibrating toothbrushes?”
  • 3pm: “just wanted to say i love you!”
  • 5pm: “miss you…… miss you lots.. hugs and kisses!!”
  • 10pm: “the house is lonely i miss you lots”


  • 6am: “Look at this selfiye. selfi? selfiy?. photo of me. love ya”
  • 10am: “faceache realized his toothbrush ran out of batteries. on the other hand i found batteries for the juice maker on the room”
  • 2pm: “khfjkhmmmmmmmmmmmm thhe drinkss here are! nice. wish ya were here xoxo -your prince”
  • 10pm: “Do ya ever think that maybe we’re all marching towards a certain grave. no matter what, no matter what we sacrifice or get rid of, we will eventually pass.”
  • 12pm: “Pancakes were so fuckin delicious”


  • 5am: “HI LOVE 💕💛💚💙💜 HOW IS YOUR MORNING⁉️ I’M GREAT 💥💥 💥”
  • 12am: “IS KATSU OK  🐱🐱🐱⁉️ I HOPE YOU ARE OK TOO💕”
  • 8pm: “I MISS YOU   💕💕💕 ARE YOU TIRED YET⁉️ DON’T STAY UP LATE ❗❗❗ 🛏 💤💤💤”


  • 1am: “Hope ya sleepin well love. The city’s as bustling as always, but I’m missing ya already.”
  • 8am: “Work is hard as always. Is everything still as usual back at home? Sure hope it is.”
  • 11am: “I ate some good pancakes today. I asked the chef about the recipe, and I took some notes. Can’t wait to cook for you when I’m back.”
  • 2pm: “Everything good? Just thinking about you.”
  • 5pm: “I’d like to take you around here when the tour’s done. I’ve seen some pretty places we could go on dates. You’d love it.”
  • 10pm: “Goodnight, sweetheart. Don’t want to stay up too late, so I’ll get some shut-eye now. I hope you dream sweetly.”
Time Upon Once, ch. 4 (4/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

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Killian shuffled in the driver’s seat of his Bug, his knees bending uncomfortably as his eyes squinted to read the local newspaper classified section by the glow of the streetlights, trying to find a place to live.  The actions brought back memories of all the times he’d spent doing the exact same thing in the past decade. In every new town there had been several sleepless nights in his Bug, searching for a new apartment, with nothing but a duffel bag in the trunk and the hope that one day he’d find her.

Until he’d realized he was chasing nothing but a ghost from time long past, and he’d stopped looking.

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Some random stuff with Talcott and Cor I guess

  • Meeting Cor is like one of the best days of Talcott’s life (besides Noctis) because it is THE MARSHAL standing right in front of him and whoa, his dream finally comes true
    • The kid met him once when he was super young but he doesn’t remember
    • “Look! It’s him! It’s actually him!” Talcott jumping up and down with excitement as Monica and Jared welcome Cor into the house.
  • Cor stands there almost confused because it’s not often does a kid come up to him with such pure delight except all those years ago with young Noctis
    • Jared explaining to him how his grandson used to draw pictures of the prince and all the people he wanted to meet when he was younger. Cor being part of the pic too.
  • Talcott bombarding Cor with all the questions as the two sit on the couch and asking if he can hold Cor’s sword because it’s pretty damn cool
  • Eventually, Cor notices the little collection of cactuar figures on the table, and during his travels, he spots one at a small shop and buys one for Talcott
    • He comes back from time to time to check on everyone
    • Talcott shows him his almost completed cactuar collection and nice enough to give Cor one to keep because he has an extra from Noctis. Cor thinks of it as some good luck charm
  • One day, Cor and Talcott go on top of the lighthouse. Talcott asking Cor if he ever sailed the seas and Cor talks about his first trip to Altissia with King Regis and co. 
    • “Wow.” Talcott looks hopeful. “When Prince Noctis comes back, do you think we can all go together?”
    • “Certainly.”

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model yanan
  • little prince here was actually hoping to get scouted by modeling agencies but he was super humble about it and not showy
  • like his ig was so aesthetic and he looked great in all of his posts even the ones where he was clad in sweatpants and a hoodie and he had a pretty big following even before his career started
  • okay so he worked at this fancy restaurant as a server and let’s take a minute to set up a visual bc he’d have comma hair (side part lol) and he wore a crisp, white button-up
  • he was super sweet and helpful and a lot of the elderly couples would refer to him as their grandson bc he was always so patient and respectful with them and helped a lot
  • so yeah, the restaurant is where he got scouted after he struck up a conversation with someone from an agency and they really liked his personality just as much as his visuals
  • he was so excited after his shift and the smile on his face didn’t falter bc he knew that he made a good impression and was asked to show up for an interview in a few days
  • you noticed how happy he was since you worked at the same restaurant and had known each other since you both started around the same time so you were basically friends
  • the interview and etc went really well and after all of it, yanan is officially a model and his first photo shoot goes really well
  • the only downside to model life, that he saw at the time, was the fact that he could no longer work at the restaurant. and also because he’d miss the banter between the two of you but he promised to keep in touch with you and of course he did
  • the restaurant owners were sad to see him go bc he was one of their faves but were really proud of him bc he was gonna live his dream
  • when he could, he’d call and tell you about his day and the photo shoot’s concept and etc.
  • and even though he got busier and had to limit actually talking to you to strictly texts most of the time, he always checked in with you even if you were on opposite ends of the world and that said a lot since the two of you were only friends
  • now, he thought it was cool to model for popular brands but he wanted to work the lesser known ones bc that way, he felt like he was actually working toward his career and not handed it if that makes sense
  • sometimes it was tough but he persevered and he called you once in a while and tell you how he felt like he was making progress of those times when he felt like he wanted to quit
  • things did get easier though and all of his hard work paid off bc he was able to help the lesser known brand get the kind of exposure they needed and he was proud of himself and grateful for your encouraging words
  • he was so thankful to have you as a friend that helped him stand back up when he felt down, so thankful that he started to think about you in a different way
  • sure he was busy with photo shoots and shows but somehow there was still a place in his mind that was filled with the thought of you and as soon as he had a day off, he confessed to you
  • it wasn’t that difficult for him bc once he was able to list all of the reasons why he wanted to you to be more than friends (and the help of his friend, changgu, who helped him put his feeling in perspective), the whole process of confessing became easier for him and you always had a soft spot for him so yeah
  • so his career really skyrocketed after more and more people found out about those brands and he was on the cover of magazines but he stayed humble throughout it all
  • and instead of working with really popular brands, he continued to work with the ones whose exposure was growing bc he’s a sweetheart
  • when he finally got a break, at least one long enough to visit, he went back home and visited you and his family
  • your reunion was kinda awkward at first bc of the distance but the two of you realized that you were no longer just friends and “oh, we can kiss now lol” things kinda went back to normal and sweet & salty yanan was back lmao
  • he even went to the restaurant he used to work at and was surprised with a little congratulations party and it was so cute bc he didn’t really think anyone would miss him but he was wrong
  • model by yanan is a hardworking, sweet prince who manages to stay humble no matter what and always makes time for those he cares about
Chapter Seventy-Four Part Two

A/N: You can read Part One here if you missed it. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!! 💖

“And now we have some breaking news,” the newsreader said on the TV – yes, the Lindo Wing was so fancy it even came with its own TV set. “It has just been announced that The Duchess of Clarence has gone into labour. The announcement, tweeted by the official twitter account for Kensington Palace, says that she was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital, a private hospital in Paddington, at six o’clock this evening in the early stages of labour. Prince Harry is with her at the hospital, and we can go live to our junior royal correspondent, Hannah Jones. Hannah.”

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