we miss you prince of hope

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My parents took away all of my stuff for so long, I missed you guys so much... Dropping in to give all of the love to my real mom and dad, you guys! As well as all my brothers and super supportive sisters out there! I hope you guys find money on the ground or something else good happens today ! -Prince

Glad to see you again, whoever you are! We missed ya!

Enter the Meme King and the Salt Prince

Saeyoung: alright move out, it’s our turn! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Vanderwood: There you are you little brat. Come here so I can tase you!

Saeyoung: Its a sin to lie lololol come on u had fun right? 

Vanderwood: Hn. None of your business. Well, it’s been a pleasure to work with you, Miss Kang. I’ll take my leave now.

Jaehee: *Sigh*… I’ll have to get back to writing reports and thank you notes now. Oh, is someone else with you, Saeyoung? 

Saeyoung: Yup!☆ It’s the meme king and salt prince! lololol 

Saeran: Who the hell is the salt prince? I have a F⬛⬛⬛⬛ing name…and what’s with these weird boxes?

Saeyoung: Dunno, anyway! Hope this has been fun for u all! We’ll be taking this blog for the whole of valentines day! Send us anything~ >.• 

Saeran: We? Us? How about no. I’m going to bed you idiot. Play by your self. 

Saeyoung: Ok! Then ask me while I try to wake up my brother


Courage and Kindness: Part 5

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The moment is here, finally we get to meet Prince Bucky!! Let’s be honest it the moment we have all be waiting for. I hope you enjoy it! xx 

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Part 4


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Sometimes, by the end of the day, the drafty attic was too cold to spend the night in, so she lay by the dying embers of the hearth to keep warm.

It was three in the morning and you had finally finished all the work for the day, standing at the doorway looking up at the climb to your ‘temporary’ room the tower never looked cold and dark. Glancing back over to the low burning embers you decided that keeping warm was more important than sleeping on the pitiful excuse you had for a bed. Pulling an old round pillow you settled down for the night. Enjoying the warmth coming from the fireplace as it lulled you to sleep.

The shrill ringing of the servant’s bells woke you suddenly. Rolling around you snapped up wide away as your stepfamily called you up for the day.

“I thought breakfast was ready?” Madam said as she shuffled into the dining room. You looked up from your position,

“It is madam, I’m only mending the fire,” you said scrubbing the bottom, finishing your last job.

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During a mission to find an artifact, Arthur Kirkland and his companion Alfred Rorikstead meet the mighty forest prince, a little bunny boy hungry for dumb travellers to fall for his sly games.
Will the grumpy and furious Dragonborn Arthur Kirkland have mercy with the little bunny? Or will his brave and exceptionally good looking companion solve the dispute? Watch and find out what will happen!
Though the winner of the game will never be known…

- Alfred of Rorikstead with the ability to write


This video happened with a lot of fun and wind (sorry about that), so we hope you enjoy our first project together!
Outtakes will soon be uploaded and make sure to drop by on tumblr as well!
See you soon, guys!

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Bunny Prince seloria
“Witch” and Film Director miss-doku

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Gary?!?!?!?! I missed you my beautiful prince! Where did you go? <3 what are your updates on life?

I followed you as soon as I remade my blog but what too shy to say very much of anything aaaargh >_>’ darn my anxiety heheh. Although I know I have nothing to really be anxious over because you’re literally the sweetest angel on this earth imaginable!???? Aaaaa I love you so much my darling princess *hugs you tightly*. It’s been quite some time now since we last chatted! I hope you’re doing well (message me omg tell me what’s up!). I’ve been pretty darn good I’d say… well compared to earlier this year at least ^ - ^’ everything went as planned after dealing with a few complications due to my health. I’m still recovering and experiencing pain but it’s very manageable thankfully!!! I love you so much dear aaa I’m so happy you said hello first agmaogme


“You were always fantasizing about meeting your prince charming. I was happy sharing a cardboard castle with you. It wasn’t until we kissed in the gym that I realized why. I’ve been in love with you since the day we met. Suddenly we were pretending to be a couple, and there was hand holding and kissing and threesomes, I started to have hope. Hope that you were realizing your prince charming was princess sarcasm. 

I went to bed with a heavy heart in the early hours of this morning after hearing the news of Prince’s passing. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, still can’t, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of devastation that quickly & quietly consumed me. 

When I woke up later this morning, I had hoped that somehow, it was all just a nightmare..

But it wasn’t. 

Still cannot comprehend that Prince is gone. I am devastated.

Sending a prayer and a kiss to the Heavens as purple rain pours from the sky 💜 

Rest easy Prince….  

We miss you already. 

5 months… That went by fast. I miss you so much, but I’m glad you don’t have to feel poopy anymore. You had a good life. You were literally the guy that did everything from being flamboyant, to changing and saving lives, to just being a big dorky dad that’s always there for all of us. I don’t want you to rest in peace, I want you to have the freaking time of your life whether your on Mars or in Heaven. Keep making music bby, I bet all of the stars get to hear the most amazing music every day. I bet the cosmos loves you dearly, and so does everyone in heaven. Have a good time bb, we all miss and love you dearly and hope you’re jamming with Ronno, Lou, Freddie, and all the other cool dudes that you made hella great music with. I hope you’re having fun with whatever you’re doing. We will never stop loving you!!