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Title: lemonade jealousy

Kind: donghyuck gets jealous after seeing mark’s flirting(he dosent actually) w the girl in lemonade love mv, they had a fight and mark keep looking at donghyuck all along the concert. Slight angst but you won’t cry i promise. It has a happy ending cause im a trash for happy endings 😊

Warning: none ?

Note: original idea’s owner is @d0pedead-gorgeous 💙 i just mixed it w the idea i thought today(that making hyuck jealous of the lemonade mv girl) 😅 hope you’ll like it dear 💙

Original aff link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1271617/lemonade-jealousy-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck

Second note: i know lemonade love’s mv came out very recently but im guessing they started the filming of it earlier so yeah 😅








“Babe ?”


“Donghyuck ????”

Mark turned around in his chair to look at donghyuck who was lying on his(their actually. Cause let’s be honest mark slept in donghyuck’s bed more than his own) bed, reading a book.

“Babe ?”

Mark got up from the chair and walked towards donghyuck but donghyuck didn’t answer again so mark sat down on the bed.


Mark tried to hold donghyuck’s free hand that was lying on the bed beside him but donghyuck pushed his hand away.

“Don’t touch me.”

“What ? Baby why ?”

Donghyuck turned around and lied on his left side, looking at the wall.

“You fucking know why.”

Mark sighed but still talked softly “donghyuck, baby, mind to explain what happened ?”

“Oh i don’t know. Why don’t you ask that lemonade girl ??” Donghyuck said angryly, still looking at the wall, holding the book so tightly in his hand that his knuckles were turning to white.

“What ? What lemonade girl ?”

Donghyuck turned around to yell at mark’s face “LEMONADE LOVE GIRL THAT YOU LOOKED AT SO FLIRTIOUSLY!!”

“Oh…” mark said then laughed “oh my god donghyuck really ?”

“Stop fucking laughing mark fucking lee”

“Come on hyuck we talked about it before. No cursing.”

“Yeah right. Tell it to that….girl.”

In other times donghyuck would say “bitch” but he didn’t blame the girl this time. No it was all mark’s fault. Poor girl would of course get effected by such amazing boy like mark lee. Donghyuck couldn’t blame her. But mark. Oh yeah he blamed him. He blamed him so hard.

“You got jealous when i made a collab with seulgi noona too hyuckkie.”

“Yeah but i knew seulgi noona. And i knew she has a girlfriend. But i don’t know this girl and i’m pretty sure she dosen’t have a boyfriend.”

“How can you be sure hyuck ?”


“Baby you are overreacting really” mark tried to hold his hand but donghyuck pushed him away again.

“No. Okay ? No. You literally flirted with her in front of my eyes. You knew i was watching while you guys were filming the mv. But you still flirted with her.”

“It was for the mv and you know that too hyuck.”

“Oh really ? that’s why you kissed her hand ?”

“I didn’t kiss her hand! She said she started using a new hand cream and asked if it smells good  so i smelled it.”

Donghyuck rolled his eyes “yeah right. Just…” donghyuck sighed “just go away hyung. Really. I just wanna sleep. I don’t care anymore. Go flirt with her. Or anyone else. Leave me alone.”

“Come on donghyuck don’t be like that plea-”


Donghyuck yelled and pushed mark away to get up from the bed and walked out of the room. Mark heard the front door of the dorm slamming and sighed. Donghyuck was overreacting again. How the hell he could even think that mark would cheat on him ?? When he is that much in love with him.


“Is he still angry ?”

Mark sighed “you know donghyuck so well don’t you ?”

“So he is still angry.”

“Yeah….i don’t know what to do anymore jaemin. He had been being cold to me for days now. And i am getting mad cause he is acting like a child really. We are not 5 you know. And i hadn’t even flirted with the girl. That’s what makes me so mad. He blames me for something i haven’t done.”

“I get it…had you tried kissing him ?”

“What ???”

“They say kissing can stop the tension between couples”

Mark rolled his eyes “kissing can’t stop that tension. He dosen’t even look at me.”

“Not when you are looking”

“What ?”

“Donghyuck always steals secret glances from you mark. Even before you two started dating he was always looking at you. Just you didn’t notice that.”

“No i would notice that.”

“Are you sure bro ?”


“Yeah i thought like that too” jaemin said and laughed.

“Ugh i just…really don’t know what to do. You are his best friend jaemin tell me what to do please”

“You are his best friend too”

“I’m his best friend plus boyfriend. So this dosen’t help me in this situation”

“Don’t you all have a concert to attend tomorrow ?”


“Then my suggestion is; make up with him somehow and don’t fuck up in the concert.”

“I…how i will make up with him ?”

“I don’t know. But just do it. I don’t wanna hear donghyuck’s whining anymore. Hearing him sad makes me sad too. Also i gotta rest you know but none of you let me” jaemin laughed at the end of his sentence, clearly just joking.

Mark sighed.

“I wish you were here nana”

“I wish that too”

They both sighed.

“I gotta go now. Oh can you please tell jeno i will cut his dick off if he keeps flirting with renjun ? Just because i’m not there dosen’t mean i ain’t seeing what’s going on.”

Mark laughed “imma tell him that.”

“Good. Bye then ? I gotta take some pills.”

“Don’t choke on them again” mark joked and jaemin laughed “i won’t don’t worry. I got used to them anyway. Bye mark”

“Bye nana. Get well soon ok ? We miss you”

“I miss you all too…i’m going now. Bye.”



“Hey donghyuck can we talk a bit ?”

“Why ? What do you wanna talk about ?” Donghyuck said in an annoyed tone and mark breathed deep to stay calm.

“Look hyuck we gotta talk and solve this problem”

“Oh ? But i don’t see any problem tho ?”

“Come on hyuck you haven’t even looked at me for days. There is a huge problem.”

“Maybe i don’t wanna look at you anymore ? Maybe i found a lemonade boy for myself ?”

“You…you wouldn’t…”

“Oh really ? Why not ?”

“Y-you love me.”

“You love me too. But it didn’t stop you from saving that girl’s number to your phone did it ?”

“She asked for my number first! What should’ve i do ? Say no ?”

“Of course you should’ve say no mark. I can’t believe you are even asking this. You have a fucking boyfriend for fuck’s sake. People who have boyfriends don’t go and give their numbers to a girl who just flirted with them.”

“Yeah but i couldn’t tell her that i have a boyfriend who is also my bandmate right donghyuck ??”


God damn it mark was right at this. Donghyuck shook his head and sighed.


“No. We will talk.” Mark said and held donghyuck’s arm hard, stopping him from walking out of the room.







Mark slammed the door when he got out of their room.

“I’m guessing you won’t sleep in your room tonight ? Wanna sleep in our room ?” Taeyong asked at mark who was just standing and breathing angryly in front of his and donghyuck’s room’s door.

Mark just nodded and followed taeyong who made a long and boring af talk with mark about how fights between couples are normal and their relationship will become stronger after they made up.


‘Oh no he just didn’t’ mark thought but he just did.

Lee freaking donghyuck just took of his jacket and threw it somewhere in the stage while they were performing “cherry bomb” making all nctzens go crazy, screaming their hearts out.

'Fluffing tease’ mark thought and stole some more glances from donghyuck like how he did in all of their performances they had that day. He knew this was donghyuck’s way to make mark jealous. Showing the whole world how fucking good looking he is. Like his solo dance part wasn’t enough…

Mark wasn’t a jealous type actually. People praising donghyuck was making him so happy and proud all the time. His heart was filling with joy whenever he heard nctzens’ screams at donghyuck’s parts. But this time was different. This time donghyuck did it on purpose to make mark jealous and mark knew it.


'So how did the concert go *winky emoji*’

'It was fine. Oh i took of my jacket’

'Oooh me likey *winky,flirtous emoji*’

'Ugh shut up it was too hot to wear that jacket in that weather’

'I bet weather wasn’t the only hot thing if u know what i mean *winky emoji* *winky emoji*’

“Oh boy stop it *winky emoji*’

"Who the hell is "lemonade boy” ?“

Donghyuck jumped in his chair when mark talked suddenly. He didn’t even notice mark was standing behind him.

"Oh my god mark i almost shat my pants what the hell ??”

Mark came to put his own jacket on donghyuck cause his back was so sweaty and mark didn’t want him to get sick.

“I said who the hell is lemonade boy ?”

Mark’s look was cold but his voice was even colder. Donghyuck gulped. He never saw mark that angry before.

“J-just a friend.”

“Just a friend ? He was flirting with you.”

“Y-yeah. So ?”

“So ?” Mark slammed his hand on the table and donghyuck almost fell from his chair cause what happened to the softie mark he knew ?

“Does that boy know you have a fucking boyfriend ??”

Donghyuck gasped “did you just curse ?”

“Answer me donghyuck!”

“H-he knows.”

Mark leaned back and shook his head, smiling so bitterly.

“And i was feeling guilty as fuck for making you sad. How stupid i am.”

“Mark no wait a second” donghyuck held onto his sleeve but mark shook his hand off

“What ? Do you wanna say that you are offically over me right to my face ? Do it then.”

“No i just-”

“You just what ?! I had been trying so hard to make up to you donghyuck. I tried everything and you just pushed me away. Now i can understand why.”

“No mark i-”

“Don’t. You don’t have to explain anything to me really. I wish you two will be so happy. Imma just go now. We can talk with hyungs to change the rooms later so you ca-”


“What ?”

“I…wanted to make you jealous so you can understand how i felt. I never talked with any other boy like that than you mark. I just changed jaemin’s name in my phone and told him to send me some flirtous messages so you will see them and get jealous then apologize and we will make up. Maybe with a kiss. i don’t know jaemin said kisses are great to erase the tension between couples.”

“………” mark just looked at donghyuck with a blank face

“Mark say something please. I’m so sorry. I just didn’t wanna lose you to that girl. Please i just-”

Mark pulled him into a hug and wrapped his arms around him tightly.

“Lee fucking donghyuck you did the most stupid thing you can ever do.”

“Y-you don’t hate me.”

“No. I can never.” Mark said and held donghyuck’s head softly, pulling him even closer if possible. “But you scared me so much hyuck. I was SO scared. I thought i lost you and thought you were secretly dating with another boy now.”

“I’m sorry mark. I really am. I know what i had done was so stupid. I was just…I…i love you so much okay ? Maybe too much. When i saw you kissed her hand i got so mad cause you are mine. Then you gave her your number and i got even more angry. And when i heard you talking with her on phone after our fight i thought you…you replaced me already. I just…never wanna lose you…and i just i felt so hopeless…i had to know you still care about me. I had to know okay ?! So i did something so fucking stupid. And now i regret everything cause i just turned into such a stupid lover and you probably don’t love me as much as you used to cause you saw my weakest side and i can understand if you wanna break up cause i had been really stu-”

Of course mark did the best thing to shut donghyuck up. Pulled away from the hug and pulled donghyuck by the back of his head to a kiss that blew donghyuck’s mind off. Donghyuck held onto mark’s shoulders to not melt away.

“W-why ?” Donghyuck whispered when they broke the kiss.

“Who said i don’t love you as much anymore ? Who said i wanna break up ?”

“Y-you talked with that girl. A-and i-i behaved so stupidly. So i thought-”

“I talked with her that’s true. But i called her to ask her to delete my number and never talk with me again. I told her my girlfriend got jealous and i can’t make the love of my life sad.”

“Girlfriend ?”

“I couldn’t say i have a boyfriend.”


“And about what you had done.”

Donghyuck looked up again when mark caressed his cheeks softly.

“Yes it was unnecessary. Yes It got me so mad. Yes it was our biggest and hopefully last fight ever. But i don’t regret it. We both made some mistakes. And we learnt from those mistakes. I shouldn’t have give her my number in the first place. I thought she just wanted to be friends. And you. You shouldn’t overreact like that. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be jealous. But you shouldn’t have overreact hyuck.”

“I know…”

“Look donghyuck. I love you. I love you so much with all of my heart. You know you are my first love and will be the last.”

“You can’t be sure. We are both still so young.”

“True. But i’m sure. And let me finish my god damn sentence for once.”

Donghyuck chuckled at mark’s chest. “Okay”

“I love you. And i can understand how you felt when you saw me with someone else. And i’m sorry for making you sad. I just want to go back to how we were before. Make jokes about my hair again. Roast me again. Be the little devil that i love so much with all of my heart.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t overreact. I should’ve trust you. I…i love you.”

Mark pulled donghyuck to his chest again “can we go back to before all of this mess ?”

Donghyuck nodded.

“Good."mark said and smiled at him sweetly. "Oh by the way tell jaemin that i will pretty much kill him when he came back.”

“Oh my god mark ple-”

Mark pecked donghyuck’s lips and winked “no one can flirt with my boyfriend”


“Did you guys made up already ?”


“Did you kiss ?”


“See ? I told you. Kissing erase the tension.”

“Na jaemin i swear to god”

Jelly Belly (Mark fanfic)

Summary: When you and some of the other members are spending some bonding time, Mark gets jealous.
Genre: Fluff
Length: 1454
*A/N I hope you like it Anon. I’m sorry for the wait too, I was a little sick.

You whip out your phone from your pocket and look at the time. 18:48. You were right on time. Just at that moment, the black car rolls up to your door and honks at you. You put your phone back and walk over with a smile. JB was sitting in the drivers seat, a bright smile on his face. “Hey! Get in.” he says, and you plop down on the passenger seat next to him, your backpack in your lap.

  “It’s been a while.” you sigh as he starts the engine. “Yeah… do you have a lot of work? The guys have been dying to see you again.” You look over and shake your head. “Just some stuff left to finnish and I really missed them too.” The car takes off to drive you to the guys’ dorm. “Well, we have been very busy lately.” “Yeah, and whenever you are free Mark wants to spend time with me, which is understandable.” “I guess.”

You push open the door and are met with five other familiar faces. As soon as they see you, they run over and basically throw themself on you, hugging you tight. “Y/N-ah, it’s been so long. You never visit us anymore.” “We missed you, noona.” “Mark is keeping you from us.” You laugh and hug them back. Then Mark opens the door from his bedroom. 

“Hey Jagi, how are you doing?” You smile as he pulls you away from the guys and in for a hug. “I’m good.” “Okay, do you want to watch a movie?” You were just about to answer as BamBam and Jackson pull you out of his embrace. “Noona, play with us please, we have not seen you in so long.” BamBam whines with big eyes. You sigh and look at all the guys who were looking at you with pouty face. 

They really had been begging you to come over. You decide to give in and pat his head. “Alright, Bamie.” The guys cheer as the basically drag you away to the game room, without you can protest. You turn and mouth a silent sorry to your boyfriend as he looks at you with confused eyes. The guys close the door on you and BamBam drags you down on the couch. “So, what do you guys want to do?” You smile at them. They all look at each other and then turn away. 

They clearly hadn’t really thought about it themselves. All of a sudden, Yugyeom’s belly makes a sound and everyone turns to face him, painting smiles on their faces. “Have you guys had food yet?” They slowly shake their head before Jinyoung answers. “We.. uhm.. just came back from practice and started playing video games.” “Okay, how about this? I go make some food for you and in the meantime you decide what you want to play, okay?” The guys sigh but then nod, as they were probably all very hungry. 

You get up of the couch, only to be dragged down seconds later. You turn your head to a pouty Jackson who is clinging to your arm. “I want to help you, then.” he says with a sad voice. You smile at him and get up. “Fine, let’s go.” He get’s up and sprints toward the door as you laugh at his enthusiasm and follow him to the kitchen. The nicely decorated kitchen was always very clean, because no one dared to cook in this house. You open the fridge and take out some ingredients, you had luckily left some stuff in the fridge last time you were with Mark.

“What are we gonna make?” Jackson says in a giddy voice, hopping on the counter with his butt. “Jackson, get your butt off of the counter please.” He giggles and hops back off, standing just looking at you. As you are taking out all the ingredients, his mouth forms into an o shape before he quickly rushes out of the kitchen. Some simple kimchi-rice and some side dishes would have to do, because that was all you had. “Let’s just make some kimchi fried rice, does that sound alright?” you ask, with your head still in the fridge. 

You hear a hum from behind you so you turn around, to be faced with Mark. “Oh hey.” you say sweetly, and place a kiss on his nose. Then Jackson comes running back with two aprons in his hand. One had “Hers” in pink letters sewed on, the other one “His” in blue letters. Jackson smiles at you but then turns to Mark. “You can’t be here, hyung, Y/N is spending time with us today.” You just giggle at his passive aggressive comment as he puts the apron over your head. Mark shakes his head and walks out of the kitchen. “Let’s go!” Jackson holds up his fists, and you laugh at his stupidness. You really did miss spending time with these guys.

After you put Jackson to work cutting up all of the ingredients, you backed some onions and added the kimchi. It was a lot of work, cooking for so many people, as they were all very big eaters. You always made food for ten people whenever you came over, because they would finish it all without much to spare. The kitchen now smelled amazing, luring the boys out of the game room to come look at you. As BamBam and Yugyeom stood in the doorway, just looking at the food in awe, Youngjae and JB came hanging over your shoulders, almost dipping their faces into the meal. 

“Guys back up..” you giggle, and they take a step back licking their lips. Jinyoung walked in and opened one of the cupboards, taking out the necessary utensils. “Help Jinyoung with making the table, please. The faster you do, the faster we can eat.” This caused all of the guys to run around the kitchen, grabbing all the cups and plates and sprinting over to the table. You finished putting the sauce in one of the cups and dip your finger in to taste it one last time. “Me too!” Jackson whines at you, so you put your finger out to him. 

As he tastes the sauce and opens his eyes wide, trying to express how yummy it was, you laugh at him. Then he takes some more on his finger as you turn off all fire from the stove. Before you can say anything, he wipes the sauce on your nose, making both of you burst out in laughter. As you and him carried the dishes to the table, you failed to notice the very jealous look on your boyfriends face, who had been waiting for you.

During dinner, not much was being said, all of them munching on the food with full mouths. You look around the table. All of these happy faces made your heart warm up. However, your boyfriend was looking very upset, and you wanted to know what was up. As soon as dinner was finished, Mark stood up and walked over to his room, leaving all of you with a confused expression. “I’ll go check it out.” you explain to the boys as you stand up from your seat too.

You knock on his door, but are met with silence. “Babe?” “Leave me alone.” “Honey, it’s me. What’s going on?” you ask, your forehead pressed against the door. A couple of silent seconds pass, before you hear the door lock click open. You walk in to see Mark sitting on his bed, his back turned to you. You close the door behind you and walk over to him, sitting down on the bed behind him. As you place your hand on his shoulder he turns around. 

“What were you and Jackson doing, huh?” he asks, his voice with a hint of anger. “Cooking…” you say, giving him a smile. He was adorable when he got jealous. You loved Mark more then anyone in the entire world, and that would always stay that way. A silence fell, him not knowing what to say next. “Mark… are you jealous?” “W-What? No I- …” he stuttered out, as his fingers picked at the bedsheets. 

“I would not want anyone else in the entire world, you know that.” His eyes now drifted up to yours, making you smile. “I know…” he answered after a couple seconds. “I’m sorry for getting jealous over nothing.” You giggle and wrap your arms around his shoulders. “It’s alright. I think it is cute. It makes me feel like you really care.” He sighs and nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck as he whispers a faint I love you“I love you too, jelly belly.”


(Y/n/n)= Your nickname

You happily bounced in your chair, waiting for the call to be answered, smiling bright when Ethan’s face popped onto the screen. You squealed happily and waved quickly. “Ethan! Hey blue. I’ve missed you guys so much! How’s it been over there? How are you?”

He waved back and smiled. “Hey (y/n/n)! It’s boring without you but Mark’s treating me super well! We’re having a lot of fun making videos together-” He went to speak more but was cut off when Mark jumped behind him and started pretending to choke him with a serious look, Ethan lowering as he played along. 

“Mark..Don’t kill baby blue please.” You giggled, causing Mark to break and giggle too, Ethan popping up. 

“I am ALIVE!”

Mark laughed more before waving. “We miss you (Y/n), Come home soon!’

On the DL (Mark)

anon-y asked: Hello there!! Can I have a Mark imagine where you are in a secret relationship, trying so hard to hide it but some how the members find out!! Thanks💕

author: admin taeeeeeee

genre: ???

word count: 1,381

a/n: I wish I was taeyongs girlfriend)-:

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The King’s Will

I like to think that Crowley discovered when he died all of his stuff would go to the demons, and he wouldn’t allow it. So he made a will, and everything on it would go to whoever he said it should. It was all entrusted to Gavin, but he edited it as of Gavin’s death. He gave Dean his money (gold, et cetera) and some weapons, as well as his cellphone (with the pictures from summer 2014), he gave Sam books and scrolls as well as maps and locations and various things that Sam may need, he gave Cas the Moon, and he gave Rowena (as it hadn’t been edited since G’s death), his second favorite trash can.

May 3, 1987

God, our faces look young.
Mark, your goof-smile, teeth overlapping your bottom lip,
belying how incredibly smart you were—how tinged with genius,
and yet unhinged.

Your eyes,
not looking into the camera,
but down and to the left. Watching the floor.
Were you planning your untimely exit, even then?

Your arm is around Christine. Ah, Chris.
You’re staring right at the camera
and there’s no fixing your red-eyes. You’re looking at
the guy taking the picture, my then-boyfriend.

Patrick. Your now-husband. Looking at my easy grin,
looking forward to the after-grad party at Jim’s house,
not realizing Pat had already fallen,
and you had fallen back, with him. My eyes can’t see the

energy between you. How could they? How could any
of us see what would happen next? Chris, your arm around me,
my pink graduation dress, gladiator sandals, my eyes
a happy mixture of box-wine in a flask and the promise

of a back-seat dry-hump with Pat later
in the evening. My eyes and smile time-stamped at
6:43 p.m., May 3rd, 1987—our moment,
thinking back at the confusion in my eyes Mark must have seen,
the tremble in my lips at the party

when Mark told me, goof, gone from his smile, that
you and Pat had left the party together. No good-bye.
Then me, fucked up on pot and shots,
fucking Matt Wells in the back of his karmann ghia,

and what a fucking trick that is,
if you know anything about those cars,
to feel better. To not think of Pat’s promises to you, instead of
me. You wrote in my yearbook,

I don’t ever want to hurt you.
I read that, and thought it a testament to our
friendship. How could I know it was a
preemptive mea culpa, a “sorry, not sorry,”

even back then. Pat didn’t write in it. Was that a show of dignity, or
cowardice? I smile into the camera, but my eyes are
green, not red. It’s funny, Chris, the import I placed for
so long, on your red-eyed image, after graduation night.

As if the camera pronounced you “demoness”
for me, while my tear-stained cheeks stared at
our group for weeks after, smiling, hats still on, tassels on the
right side of adulthood at last. And then you, Ted.

Teddy. Your arm around me.
Your eyes didn’t have green or red.
Brown eyes, soulful, your smile subdued. Yours didn’t look left and
down like Mark’s did. But both of you were gone by 1990.

Both of you had forgotten our promise
to stay friends forever. Forever friends, a promise as sacred
as I do, but only as hallowed as the hearts that vow.
Mouths lie, hearts don’t, and they don’t always know
what the other has planned, do they?

We can’t be friends forever when you’re dead, Ted. Mark.
You broke your word. Fuck you both, for leaving me to
watch the cans tied to Pat and Chris’s getaway car as they
started their new lives, law school, together, Oregon.

Fuck you both for leaving me alone, and Teddy, fuck you
for not telling me you loved me when you had the
chance. Fuck you,
Chris, for telling me you did at all.

But that was ages ago, wasn’t it? Pat is my Facebook friend,
now, how many years later? Too lazy to do the fucking math.
Thirty years, Yeah. Something. Chris, you aren’t. And that actually feels
pretty honest.

I have that photo in with a bunch of other promises,
sacred vows, in our senior yearbook with the “keep in touches”
and “have a great summers.” And the message from you,
Teddy, telling me to “stay cool and cute.”

I didn’t do either, Ted. I became jaded and sucked at
promises, too. Three marriages later. Maybe I’ll get this one
right. And I sucked at finding my way in the world
I wondered, still wonder,

time and again, the way you and Mark chose,
and why. Well, I guess you
found something you didn’t like, maybe,
and that’s why you just stopped looking.

I guess we never promised to call when we wanted to
blow our brains out, huh, Ted?
Never promised to “keep in touch”
with a fatal necktie around our necks, did we, Mark?

God I loved you both.
I fucking miss you.
And fuck you.
And fuck me, too.

I close the yearbook, and indulge. I look Pat up on
Facebook. I look at pictures of Chris and wish she’d gotten fat.
(She didn’t. She hasn’t. She isn’t.)
Then I remember how I told my kids that high school

is no big deal. Trust me, I’d said, it’s a tiny blip on
the screen of Life. And it won’t matter one day,
all the high school shit. Not even
friends who you thought were “forever.”

I told them that,
and I tell myself that, too.
I tell myself that,
and so many

other lies.

© j.a. carter-winward



559 appearances
253 goals

Premier League: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
FA Cup: 🏆
EFL Cup: 🏆🏆🏆
Community Shield: 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Champions League: 🏆
Europa League: 🏆
Club World Cup: 🏆

Thank you for thirteen seasons filled with ups and downs. It was a pleasure watching you. From your hat-trick against Fenerbahce to your record-breaking goal against Stoke. I am afraid to say this but it is the right time to say goodbye to a legend. A true legend. Thank you once again for what you have done to Manchester United. I wonder if you return to your boyhood club Everton, you will still be remembered as a United legend. Thank you Wayne Mark Rooney. We, the United fans, will miss you.


petition for mark parsons to make another adventurous adventures where they all have tattoos

SWR Season 3 Spoiler (sort of)

If Ezra is 17 years old at the start of Season 3, then that means it is only ONE YEAR until the events of Rogue One—and TWO YEARS before the Battle of Yavin/ the Original Trilogy begins. 

They are so close to this time frame—will the show end before the movies begin? Are they going to keep doing things on the side despite the overlapping timelines? Will our SWR crew be a part of the Battle of Yavin maybe? 

I fear for everybody and their “staying alive” much more in this season than ever before…


(They aged so much from from the start of the show to season three!)

Ezra: 14-17

Sabine: 16-19

Zeb: 39-42 (tentatively)

Hera: 24-27

Kanan: 28-31


“Well if you know you’re leaving and I can’t stop you, what do you need me for?” Staci asked.

“I need some supplies. Food, water, meds…anything we can spare. I won’t take a lot, but I need you to not to mark down that we’re missing supplies.”

“Forge the pantry inventory sheets,” Staci said in realization. “I understand. I’ll do it, but you have to promise me something. Promise that you’re not going to do any harm to people out there. That you’re leaving to do some good.”

“I hope it’s good,” Hollis replied. “But I can’t make any promises.”

“You don’t have to,” Staci replied. “You saved my brother. I have no doubt that you’ll do it for the next person who needs some help.” She began to take some food from the shelf. “I’ll give you a little more each day so it doesn’t look suspicious.” Hollis nodded and thanked Staci before heading to his room.