we miss you mark


Our Sunshine Youngjae has officially back!!!! The moment we are all waiting for…his return. TT_TT He looked so happy with his hyungs and dongsaengs and most importantly he looked great and healthy. I’m so thankful for this moment. Those days without you were so miserable but I’m glad you back with us, Youngjae-ah. 

petition for mark parsons to make another adventurous adventures where they all have tattoos

mark watches ft. baize sings

can we please take a moment to appreciate @markdoesstuff​‘s facial expressions every time @blackgayze​ sings the Steven Universe themesong?


mark bracing needlessly the ONE TIME baize doesn’t sing

inevitably followed by more singing 

until mark finally gives in and sings, too -

- but not without dissing baize’s falsetto

in conclusion YOU ADORABLE FUCKERS ARE GIVING ME LIFE, PLEASE KEEP IT UP and also congrats on your faces

Markiplier's Surgery

markiplier: So I need surgery?
Nurse: unfortunately, Mr. Fischbach.
Mark: and the faster this gets done, the faster I can go back to my uploading schedule? I really need to go back to my uploading schedule
Nurse: I suppose-
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach what are you doing
Nurse: You do know that Surgeon Simulator isn’t an accurate representation of medical procedure and is no substitute for actual traini-
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach no
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach
Nurse: Mr. Fischbach put the scalpel down

Serious Matter

If you haven’t heard, Daniel (from Cyndago) tried to Kill himself earlier this week. On Friday, September 18th, he was taken off of life support & died peacefully surrounded by those he loved. Cyndago will no longer be making videos, podcasts, or songs. They confirmed that they will make one last vlog talking about what happened & their departure. As a fan, I’m shocked. It’s hard to think Daniel is gone. He was just with Mark when he got his hair dyed, he was just making the video on Cyndagos channel saying just blonde boy doing what blonde boys do and laughing. It’s just painful right now. I can’t even imagine how Mark & the other Cyndago guys are feeling. Which leads me to my next point Now in one of the darkest times, we need to be there for the guys. Mark & Cyndago. Make posts showing your support, make art, make songs, make videos, make anything to show you are there for them. Tag them & us (loveiplier) so we can reblog it & spread the word. If you are struggling with depression & suicidal thoughts, speak up. Seek professional help. Talk to someone. Talk to me. Talk to your parents or your friends. Talk to anyone. Because there is ALWAYS a better solution. Stay safe everyone And markiplier & cyndagoofficial I’m so so sorry for what happened. Just know that all of your fans are here & will always be here. Mark, take as much time as you need to mourn & recuperate. Take weeks, months, years. We’ll be here when you return. We promise. Cyndago, I understand your reason for no longer producing content. I’m so grateful for all of the things you have done. It’s made me laugh within the darkest of times. That’s something I will never forget. I hope you two can find the strength to keep going & live happy lives after all of this. I’ll always be a fan. I love you all. Thank you. -Jace

In the beginning whenever I missed you I thought “someday soon I’ll be over you.” Well sometimes I believe I’m finally there, but other times I realize I’m still falling apart over you.
Now we’re almost at the one year mark, and I still miss you more than ever.
—  //excerpt from a book I’ll never write\

for anyone who’s frickin’ blind like me and wants to see what everyone said:

“Mark, take care of that beautiful butt of yours! - Dan”

“Mark, Hope you get well soon bro! - Kevin”

“Feel better soon! We miss you! - Suzy”

“Feel better, Mark! - Barry”

“Mark, hurry up and get better so I can gaze upon your beautiful face one again! - Arin.”

“Get better or I’ll stab you. - Ross”

“Feel better Mark! (From me and the birds.) - Holly [With an adorable bird picture]”