we miss you gorillaz!

My mind is still processing about what happened today. Gorillaz surprised us yet again. Murdoc took over the Gorillaz Twitter account and showed us the music video for Hallelujah Money. It was a fantastic video! I love it so much. I’m not sure how many times I’ve listened to it, but I know it’s more than 10 times. What’s even better about it is that it’s #1 trending YouTube! (Hooray!!)  The music reminds me of Plastic Beach and The Fall. And the lyrics reminds me of Fire Coming out of The Monkey’s Head because of the narration. The entire music video had like a familiar vibe from their albums from Phase 2 and 3 which I love. And when I first saw 2D’s shadow and singing, I started to cry with tears of joy (no joke). After 6 years we finally saw him again. That’s why I felt so emotional. The lyrics were so eerie, but it had a very interesting meaning. I honestly think this was a great start for Phase 4. Damon and Jamie are doing a fantastic job! I can’t wait to see what else they have in stores for us. Welcome Back Gorillaz! We’ve missed you! <3

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