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Bad Reputation (Part Fifteen) - Oliver Wood Imagine [PREVIEW]

A/N: so, as promised, first preview! Bad Reputation. It is not long… at all. I am sorry for that but I will try to work on it as soon as possible and I hope you like it and that maybe you can come up with suggestions or ideas on how to continue it :) so here it goes…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Bad Reputation [PREVIEW]

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“You’ve Always Got Us”  ~  Weasley reader

“Hey! Can i Have an Imagine where The Reader is In Year 3 and She gets a Boyfriend and The Twins Get overprotective and Furious (The Twins are her older brothers) Thanks!❤️✨” ~@hogwartsfanfiction03 

Hi! Thank you so much for the request!! I absolutely loved it! The twins are my faves! I hope you enjoy!!😊😘

  • y/n - your name
  • y/b/n - your boyfriend’s name



Fred and George came running down the hallway toward her with beaming smiles, embracing her in a hug as soon as they reached arms’ length.

“Guys! I can’t breathe!” she squealed, being squeezed tightly by her older brothers.

They let go of her.

“Where have you been?” George questioned.

Fred continued his brother’s thought. “What have you been up to?”

“Why are you two so nosy?” she sassed in a joking manner.

The twins backed away from her a bit. “Sassy today, aren’t we?” they said simultaneously.

Y/n simply giggled.

“But, really.” Fred said. “We’ve missed our pranking buddy.”

She smiled. “Well,” she started walking down the hallway with the redheads, “I’ve been hanging out with y/b/n.”

Their eyebrows raised. “Why’s that?” George asked.

Biting her lip, she answered. “He asked me out on a few dates, and something just kind of started up.”

“Oh, really?”

She blushed. “I really like him.”

The boys eyed each other with one thought in their minds. They had to check this boy out.

The boys used their free period to come up with some harmless, little pranks. They wanted to get to know this y/b/n and how well he could handle ‘surprises’ and his level of tolerance.

Dinner came quickly. Y/n and y/b/n were sitting at the Gryffindor table, eating and conversing about their next Hogsmeade trip. The twins sat on each side of them.

“Y/n! Y/b/n!”

George smiled. “How were your classes?”

“They were fine.” replied y/n.

Their conversation was rather awkward. Fred and George kept asking y/b/n random questions about himself, which made y/n feel a bit embarrassed.

She rolled her eyes as they went on with their banter. “Come on, y/b/n.” she grumbled, getting up from her seat. “These two obviously don’t know what how to shut up.”

As y/b/n stood up, Fred and George slipped some dung-bombs into the pockets of his robes. “Bye, y/n.” they snickered. “We’ll see you later.”

Just before y/n and y/b/n reached the double door entrance of the Great Hall, y/b/n’s pockets exploded with the foulest of smells. Y/n gasped and shot a menacing look to her older brothers before taking y/b/n’s hand and leading him to the common room. Fred and George laughed, but guilt overcame them.

Y/n sat down on the sofa with y/b/n and sighed with humility. “I’m so, so, so sorry about them. They are honestly the most inconsiderate people I know. I just-”

Y/b/n cut her off. “Y/n…” he smiled. “They just want what’s best for you. I know that they’re just testing me.”

“Why would you test someone with pranks?”

He chuckled. “It’s Fred and George, the pranking kings of this school. Why wouldn’t they?”

She bit her lip, but nodded with a giggle. “I guess you’re right.”

“Besides,” he continued, “it was kind of funny.”

“No it wasn’t!”

“You know it was.”

She rolled her eyes with another giggle. “Maybe a little.”

Y/b/n gave her a hug. “You’re brothers think the world of you. They just want you to have the best. Loosen up a little.”

“I have been a bit grouchy lately.”

“But you’re cute regardless.” Y/b/n stood up from the sofa as Fred and George entered the common room. “Talk to them.” Before he headed up the stairs to his dormitory, he gave her a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek.

The twins took a seat on each side of her on the sofa.

“That was cute.” George stated.

“Indeed it was.”

Y/n sighed. “Guys…”

“Look…” Fred started. “We miss you pranking with us.”

George added to his brothers statement. “And, we just don’t want you to grow up.”

She listened intently.

“If you grow up, so do we!” Fred joked.

“And we don’t want to grow up.”

She laughed slightly. “You two…”

“We’re sorry.”

George smirked. “But don’t let this conversation give you the idea that we won’t be watching his every move.”

“If he hurts you in any way, we’ll make sure to get him back.”

Her laugher grew a tad. “Thanks, guys.”

They smiled and kissed each cheek. “This may be our last year, but you’ve always got us!”

Seeing Double - Fred Weasley imagine

“Imagine you are dating George, but you get drunk and start making out with Fred on accident. Fred thinks about telling you, but is enjoying it too much and after hearing George talk about what a good kisser you are CONSTANTLY, decides he should judge for himself. George comes in and is about to get mad, but then hears you softly call Fred “George”, so he just sighs and they take you to bed to sleep off the alcohol, but not before you say something like: “Oh my god there’s two of you.”

So, second request done. 13 to come! Hehe I changed some details on this one (hope the anon who sent me doesn’t get mad) as Fred not telling the reader he’s not George. He tries, but gives up. I had so much fun writing this one. Hope you guys like it! (P.S.: Sorry for any mistakes!).


Fred sighs while rolling on the comfy mattress. It was a cold November night and a party was going on at Gryffindor’s Common Room, as Percy wasn’t near and stuck with Madam Pomfrey due to some weird fever (that he and George managed to give him not that accidentally). He could be downstairs, but Angelina was snogging with Oliver and it wasn’t something he wanted to see. 

Bored, Fred was staring at the ceiling when he heard some noises, like someone stumbling. It was probably a drunk George. He closed his eyes, pretending to sleep, the last thing Fred wanted was his brother smelling Firewhiskey and telling him how he had a GREAT kisser as a girlfriend while Fred was just dreaming with Angelina.

The footsteps came closer and suddenly Fred felt someone jumping on him. He was about to curse when he realized it wasn’t George.


He smelled alcohol on your breath and tried to move you away from him.

“Y/N?” he asked confused “What are you doing here?”.

“I was searching for you, Georgie…” you squeezed his cheeks “Why did you run away from meee…?”

“Are you drunk?" 

"Noope” you laugh with no reason, throwing your arms around him “I missed you, Georgie”.

“Damn, you’re really drunk!” he sighs, tired “Where’s George to take care of you?”

“You’re here, Georgieee…” you laugh louder, touching his nose with your index finger ‘You’re so handsome, Georgie".

“Y/N, you have to go away” he manage to get rid  of your touch.

“Why, Georgie? Don’t you love me?” your eyes got full of tears “You like Alicia, don’t you?”

“What? No” he seemed worried “Look, Y/N, I’m not George. I’m Fred”.

“Stop tricking me, Georgie. I know it’s you” you smile, kissing his neck gently, nuzzling “I love you so much”.

Fred swallow dry, quivering. He grab your arms, trying to push you away, but you get even more closer to him, holding him tightly. He curses under his breath.

“Y/N, you’re going to put me into trouble…”

“Why, Georgie?” you stare at him, curious.

“Because you aren’t supposed to be here” he gives up on stressing that he’s not George, but Fred “This is the boy’s room. You shouldn’t be here”.

“But Percy is not here” you giggle, touching his chin while biting your lips “Besides, it’s not the first time, Georgie”.

“What?” he seems confuse.

You laugh loudly, leaning your head to him and kissing his lips. It was a brief contact, as Fred pushed you away.

“Y/N, look, I’m not George. I’m Fred. Fred! Do you understand?”

“Georgie?” you whimpered, feeling a sudden sadness “Don’t you like me?”

“Y/N, I’m not…”

“Don’t you like me, Georgie?” you grab his collar, almost crying “Why  don’t you like me?”.

“Calm down, I’m not…”

“What I did to you?” tears began to stream down your face.

“Don’t cry” his voice was getting more nervous.

“Why don’t you like me? Why don’t you like me, Georgie?” you’re almost shouting.

“I do like you!” Fred rushed to calm you down, afraid that someone  could enter the room and generate a misunderstanding with you two"I like you. I do. Are you hearing me?“.

"Yes, Georgie” you wipe your tears away, kissing his cheek “You’re the best boyfriend ever”

“I know” he sighs, wishing to get rid of the situation “Look, I think you must sleep… You, uh, you seem tired”.

“I don’t want to sleep” you giggle, biting you lip “We have something way better do to, Georgie”.

“Do we?” he swallows, worried as you got closer “Y/N…”

“Yep” you throw your arms around his neck, managing to sit on his lap “Did you miss me, Georgie?”.

“Y/N, we can’t” Fred was quivering, terrified “Get off!”

“I’m not!” you frowned, irritated “I want you, Georgie!”

“We can’t!”

“I want! Now!” you shout, proceeding to bite his neck.

Fred gasps, shocked as you start to suck his skin. He place his hands on your waist, to try to push you away.“

"Y/N, no…” he whispers when you began to lick his skin passionately “Stop it…”

You ignore him, managing to wrap your legs around his body, your body pressed to his. Fred close his eyes, panting low.

“You like it, Georgie?” you laugh and Fred can smell the alcohol on your breath. You move your hips above him, feeling George’s (Fred’s) erection.

“Y/N, stop… I told you.. ugh… I’m not George”.

You keep on biting his neck, then proceeding to lick his skin. You hear George (Fred) gasping for air.

“Hm… Y/N… We shouldn’t…” Fred was tempted to give in, but it was his brother’s girlfriend!

“We should… Georgie” you laugh, grabbing him by his nape and positioning his head on your neck, while you move your hips on his lap “Hm, Georgie…”.

Fred couldn’t help but to clench his fingers around your waist, closing his eyes tightly. He could smell the daisy essence on your neck mixed with the alcoholic smell that come from your mouth, he could feel his erection growing bigger, also the wetness on your pajamas… As he heard you panting and squeezing his shoulders, unconsciously, Fred let his hands slide down your body, feeling your hip bones, your thighs, and then going up to your butt, squeezing it gently. You moan in response, holding him tight, making him nuzzle at your breasts.

“Kiss me…”

Fred could not handle it anymore. He were alone, sad, and then you came, he told you he wasn’t George… He tried. He really tried. But what can he do when you were pressing your bodies together and making him horny? At the end, if George had never boasted about how good at kissing you were… Well, Fred would not have been tempted to fulfill your desire while you were almost begging him to kiss you.

His mouth urged to your lips and he pressed them together. You licked his lower lip, sucking it. Gasping, Fred grabbed your neck, exploring your mouth with his tongue. You two groaned simultaneously. Being dominant at kissing (as you always were) you caress his tongue with your own, sucking it occasionally. You explore every piece of his mouth, your excitement growing as he gets more horny, squeezing your butt.

“Do you like it, Georgie?” you whisper at his lips, giggling.

“Yeah…” he kiss you again hypnotized by the taste of your mouth, an addictive moisture of candy and alcohol, fascinated by how good at kissing you are. George was right. Definitely right.

You start to press your lower parts even faster to George’s (Fred’s) crotch. One of his hands  caressing your back bellow your pajamas.

Then, silently, a third person get inside the room. George (the real one) widen his eyes when he sees you and Fred snogging. He clench his fists when he realizes how hot and passionately you two are touching each other, particularly when Fred starts to lick your throat. But then he listens to your moans…


Apparently, Fred knows that you’re snogging with the wrong twin and George just roll his eyes, coming closer to you and the false twin.

“Having fun, Georgie?”

When Fred listens to his brother’s voice, he jumps, nearly knocking you out of bed. He gets pale and mute. You just stare at George (Fred) confused, and then looks to George (the real one) and laughs.

“Oh, God, there’s two of you!”

“I-I… Told her..” Fred mumbles, scared.

“Yeah, I see” he gives his brother a look of reproach “This is not the first girlfriend of mine that you snog with”.

“I told her, I swear!” he’s sweating “Besides, you also did it twice with me!”.

“Whatever” George sighs, looking at you “I leave for a minute and you swallow a whole bottle of Firewhiskey… What am I going to do with you, Y/N?”.

“Georgieeee” you laughs, hugging (the real) George.

“C'mon, let’s sleep a bit. You need it”. he proceed to take you off the bed, helping you to stand up.

You laugh and turn your attention to Fred, blowing him a kiss and giggling.

“Goodbye, horny Georgie”.

George just roll his eyes.

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Request: 5 and 21 for Fred Weasley? I love your work and admire your dedication to this blog. Never forget that.💕
Information: (Y/N)= Your Name
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

Everyone was exited about the Yule Ball. Except for me. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, or that I didn’t like it. It was just something extra. Something too much. But still, if someone asked me I would say yes. Even my best friend, Fred Weasley, was excited for it and wouldn’t stop talking about dancing and sneaking firewhiskey into the Great Hall. The problem was, I didn’t know who he wanted to take. He wouldn’t tell me, he wouldn’t give me hints, it was his secret. Even George didn’t know. Until I came walking into the room this evening. 

“Oi Angelina!” Fred said and Angelina stopped talking to her friend to face him. “Do you want to go to the ball? With me?” “With you? Yeah alright” and she turned around to talk with her friend. With a little smile. For some reason it hurt me, I don’t know why. It couldn’t be because I like Fred. Impossible. He’s my best friend for Merlin’s sake!
“Ah (Y/N) here you are!” Fred pulled me down beside him as I locked eyes with Lee, a friend of us, who quickly looked away. “What’s up with him?” I whispered in Fred’s ear. He shrugged. “Has been this since he heard about the ball. I wonder if he crushes on someone…. What about you babe?” he asked. He always calls me silly nicknames, so it didn’t mean anything to me. “No one has asked me yet” I said. Fred’s expression changed and he tapped George on his shoulder. “Oi! You told me she was going with some Ravenclaw bloke” he said. George shrugged. “I told you, Angelina told Katie and I overheard them. It could just have been a rumor” “Why would Angelina do that?” I asked to stop Fred from asking any further. “Don’t know” said George. “(Y/N)” said Lee out of nothing. “Can I talk to you? Tomorrow I mean not now. After lunch?” “Sure” I said a bit confused. Lee nodded, stood up, and disappeared to his dorm.

“What do you want to talk about Lee?” I asked and he turned around. He looked a bit nervous and was holding something in his robes. “Oh yeah. Hi. I wanted to ask you to the ball” he said, less nervous that I thought he was. He sounded very confident. He held out a rose that I took. “Wow.. well thank you” I smiled. A crash was heard behind me and we both looked at the point, but didn’t saw anything or anyone. So Lee continued. “Not to make it awkward, the girl I wanted to ask is going with someone else. So let’s just go as friends, yeah?” he said. I sighed relieved. “Yes. For a moment I thought you liked me. I would still have agreed to go to the ball with you, but it wouldn’t feel nice to me to turn you down” we both laughed. “See you at the ball tomorrow” “See ya” and so I took off.

“So you’re going to the ball with Lee?” asked Fred who, suddenly, appeared beside me. I was turning the rose in my hands. “Yeah” I said and looked up to him to smile, but he looked rather angry or irritated. “Is everything okay Fred?” I asked concerned. “Couldn’t be better” he said through gritted teeth. I stopped and grabbed his arm. “What?” he said irritated. I looked at him for a moment before realizing what he was doing.  “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” I asked. He looked a bit taken back. “Me? No! Why would I? You can choose with who ever the fuck you want to go to the ball” he said before storming off. “What was that about?” asked Katie Bell who had overheard our conversation. “I have no idea.. So you’re going with George?” “Yeah! He asked me this morning. You’re going with Lee aren’t you?” I nodded and we both set off to the common room.

It was the night of the Yule Ball, Angelina was doing her hair in the mirror beside me. “I see you later. Have fun!” “You too!” she said and I lifted my long dress a bit up so I could walk down the stairs. Lee was waiting for me and he lighted up when I came down. “You look hot!” he said. I laughed and thanked him but Fred sniffed. “You call your date ‘hot’? Really Lee? You better make it professional. You look very pretty” he said, although I didn’t really appreciate it from him, since he has been ignoring me. “Thanks” I simply said. “Ready?” asked Lee who held out his arm for me. “Ready” and I locked my arm with his.

“I could fancy a drink” said Lee. “You want one too?” “Yes please” I said. Lee and Fred nodded as each other as he came walking towards me. “You, me, talk, now” he grabbed my hand and took me outside. “You could just have asked!” I said as he kept continuing to walk into the darkness. “Fred! Where are we going?” I asked, trying to keep close. “It’s freezing!” “Just keep walking” “I don’t like it where you’re taking me” he growled, took his jacket of and laid in over my shoulders. “Better?” “Yeah” 

“We’ve been sitting here in silence for 20 minutes and it’s raining. Lee is probably missing me, and Angelina you. Why don’t we get-” Fred cut me off by crashing his lips on mine. My eyes widened and he didn’t look at me when he leaned back. “Not much to tell now, is there? Think I just explained it way easier” he shrugged off and stood up, offering me a hand as he did so. He pulled me onto my feet as we walked back in silence. It started raining harder and harder, and I kept thinking about the kiss. So I stopped. Fred turned around, finally looking at me. “What are you doing?” he asked. I didn’t answer as loud thunder was heard not far from us, and Fred looked up to the sky. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” “Shut it” I answered, but started walking again. 

“Sorry” said Fred when we walked back around the lake. “For what?” “Everything. For acting like an arse and kissing you” “The kiss wasn’t a problem” I said before I could stop myself. Fred snickered. “I’ve liked you for a while you know. And you were right, I was jealous that you were going to the ball with Lee. But when George said that you went with the Ravenclaw.. I don’t know. It just felt like something exploded inside of me” we both laughed. “And I was stupid for thinking that I could make you jealous by asking Angelina” “Well it did work” I said as we walked inside again. “Really?” “Really” he smiled and grabbed my hand. “We better steal the last dance, Angelina and Lee are over there” Fred pointed at a couple that was slow dancing. “I’ll explain later what happened, come on”

Impossible to believe that dear Freddie has been gone for 10 years now.
The immediate pain has obviously retreated but I can honestly say that not a day goes by when I do not think about him and miss his presence.
He filled a very large part of my life - the life of the others in the band - but most especially the millions of people he never met!
As I look back, I think the one thing that tends to be unsaid - aside from the obvious traits of fun, utrageousness, generosity of spirit, vocal ability etc - is the sheer brilliance of his musicianship.
Leagues ahead baby.
Fred - we love you - we miss you old friend!
—  Roger Taylor ( 2001 ).
Best Friends with Fred and George

Requested by anon

“Oh look, Ron Weasley and his little girlfriend. You look like a dog just got ahold of you.” Draco Malfoy, a sharp tongued Slytherin, spat from across the hall. “What’s the matter, Ron? Does your family not make enough money to buy you proper robes?” He sneered. Ron and I have been friends since our first year. When he Harry was practicing Quidditch and Hermione was in the library, we often times met up. Ron’s older twin brothers appeared behind the both of you.
I cut him off. “and what does it matter to you, you little brat? At least Ron can fight his own battles without the help of his daddy.”
Draco’s eyes narrowed at you. “What did you just call me, mudblood?” He expelled.
I lunged at Draco. My arms were flailing, attempting to land a solid punch on him. He continually whined and squirmed below me. A few cheers were being called out behind the squabble.
“MS. (Y/L/N), MR. MALFOY STOP THIS INSTANCE!” Oh no. Professor McGonagall. We both stopped squirming. My hands were still clasped to the front of his robes. “Up! The both of you!” She demanded. “What do you have to say for yourselves?”
Draco and I began going off at the same time.
“THAT’S ENOUGH! 25 points from both Slytherin and Gryffindor. I expect more from the both of you, especially you Ms. (Y/L/N). Now get to class. All of you!” Professor McGonagall stormed off.
Draco cursed at us and followed after her.
“Merlin, (Y/N)! I didn’t know you were a fighter!” Ron exclaimed.
“With punches like that, that git better watch his back.” One of the twins sniggered. “I’m George.” George smiled down to me.
The other twin came up beside me and rested his elbow on my head. “Next time we’ll have your back. I’m Fred, or otherwise known as the better looking twin.” Everyone chuckled.

That is what began my friendship with the Weasley family. Despite being friends with Ron since my first year, becoming friends with Fred and George made it almost impossible not to go to the Burrow, or the Weasley home, summer after summer. Eventually, Ron and I’s friendship dwindled as Fred, George, and I grew closer. After both of the boys dropped out, I was afraid that would change. This fear haunted me while at the burrow that summer. All I wanted was for the summer to not end.
“(Y/N)? Hellllllo?” Fred waved his hand in front of your face, laughing.
You shook your head. “Oh sorry, I zoned out again.” You laughed softly.
“You’ve been doing that a lot lately. Is something up? You’re not normally like this.” George came out of the kitchen, a bag of assorted candies in hand. He handed a butterscotch to you, knowing they were your favorite.
“Definitely!” You lied through your teeth.
They both looked at you curiously, but shrugged it off.
“Want to go to Diagon Alley with us later? We have something to show you.”
Fred hopped up on the counter. He was trying his best to hide a smile, but was failing miserably. You knew something was up.
“We think you’ll like it.” George wrapped an arm around your shoulder.
“Why not? I’ve got nothing else to do.”
About an hour later, the three of us were sprinkling floo powder over each other.
“Ready guys?” Fred called out.
“Ready Fred!” George and I called out. Suddenly, it was like time was warping around you. Next stop. Diagon Alley.
Not even a minute later, the three of us were stammering over each other. Fred caught me before I hit the ground.
“This way, you two!” George was walking off.
“Oy! Wait up!” Fred raced after. “Hurry up, you slug!” Fred teased.
“I’m coming!” I was still trying to regain my balance.
We walked in unison down the alley. I was in the middle of them both. One of us would stop time to time, looking at something in the store windows that caught our eyes.
“Here we are!” Fred announced.
“Here what is?” I looked up at the big number ‘93’ on a vacant building.
“Can’t you see it?” George lifted his hands.
“I see the number 93 on the building.
You guys aren’t going to switch the numbers on the building, are you?” You eyed both of them.
They both chuckled. “Why would we do that to our own shop?” Fred smirked softly.
“W-what?” I stammered.
“Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes!” They both proudly proclaimed.
I let out an excited squeak. “Really???!”
They nodded, grinning ear to ear.
“There is room for three…” Fred started.
“And we were wondering if maybe…” George continued.
“You might like to move in with us?” Fred got on his tippy toes, anxious for the answer already.
“There is pleanty of space!!!” George was trying to convince me.
“And you could work with us while going to Hogwarts. Plus,” Fred continued.
“We would honestly miss you.” George admitted.
“Especially since we aren’t going to school with you. You’re our best friend.” Fred wrapped an arm around your waist.
“So what do you say?” George bit his lip.
You were flabbergasted. Move in with the guys? You were already thinking of moving out. Mom left a long time ago, and dad didn’t do anything but drink now a days.
“Of course.” You smiled. “Only if I get to pick my room first.” You winked.

Hogwarts Series #3

Summer Break

Mikey: Michael and yourself stood side by side at the last dinner the Hogwarts students would be sharing before you went on holiday break. It was summer time, so you would be gone three months before you would be back at this fantastic school, and back with your best friend. Michael and you had grown quite close over the year, and you were both sad to be leaving. Dinner was just as it always was, fun and you just joked around, Hermione on one side and Michael across from you. He threw a roll at you, as he always did at dinner, and it hit you in the head, as it always did, causing you both to laugh, but it didn’t reach either of your eyes.

Finally it was the day to leave, and five of you were wedged into a compartment, Harry having bought nearly the whole entire cart of sweets. Mikey and you were currently playing Bean Roulette, and he had just eaten earwax, his face contorting in a hilarious expression that made you hold your stomach. “So, what do you plan on doing this summer?” He asked you finally when you’d all settled down and Ron was fas asleep, Harry on his way there, and Hermione reading her books. “I dunno, I’ll probably study a bit, help my parents out around the garden. Maybe I’ll go visit Luna, she said she wanted me to.” You said, picking at the plush seats, and he nodded. “What about you?” You asked, looking up at him through your lashes. “I dunno, probably hang out with Calum, go on a couple family vacations I wish I didn’t have to, play video games. Boring.” “Calum? That second year always with the twins?” You asked, and he nodded. “Yep, that’s the one. We’ve been best friends for nearly our whole lives.” “Oh, that’s cool.” “Yeah, you should come visit me, make the whole summer worth-while.” “It won’t be that bad.” You said, but you were grinning. “Says you.” He snorted, and you smiled. “Pasty?” You asked, grabbing one and holding it out ot him. He accepted it galdly, spliting it with you while you both fell into a comfortable silence.
When you were on the platform, you had your arms around Mikey’s neck because his grandmother was already here to pick him up. You had met her, and she was thrilled because apparently Michael had written about you, but you didn’t mind. You were just sad to be leaving your best friend. “I’ll miss you. Promise you’ll write?” You asked, and he nodded, smiling when he pulled away. “‘Course I will. Keep me from going crazy.” He said, and you smiled before nodding. “Don’t be sad. I’ll see you next year. I gotta go! Bye Y/N!” He called, already pulling away and leaving you behind. You waved at him, turned, and walked away from one of the best school year of your life.

Calum: You locked your room door once again, trying desperately to ignore the screams that came from your parents fighting downstairs. It was constant in the summer, and you were getting extremely upset by it, and confused. You knew your parents didn’t love each other anymore, you’d heard them scream it at each other through whiskey hazes and late summer night heat. It sliced through the thick air in your home and slipped into your brain, a constant reminder that you were the reason they stayed together, and fought, and drank so much. The reason that your father pushed your mother around until she’d hit him back, and it turned into more screaming. You plopped down into your desk chair, pulling out your Potions book, trying your hardest to study, but it didn’t do much good. Just then, a scratching came from your window, and then a thump, and you turned to see Calum’s owl with a note attached to it’s leg.

You immediately let him in, stroking his beak while you untied the note from his leg. “Thanks Wimbley. Here, have a treat.” You said, feeding him ones you bought specifically for him for when Cal sent you letters. These were the best parts of your summer, and he knew that, you’d told him so. You unrolled it, greedily reading over his messy scrawl.
'Y/N, how many time do I have to tell you, it’s not your fault. It’s never been your fault. You can’t make two people not love each other, you just can’t. I know you think that you’ve somehow caused this, but that’s impossible. A girl like you makes two people love each other; not hate.
Besides that, we’re coming to get you. Like, next weekend. I’m staying with the Weasley’s for the second half of the summer, and all of us miss you terribly, according to Fred. But we do really miss you, and Mrs. Weasley would love to meet you. If your parents say it’s okay, we’ll be there and you can spend the rest of the time here. Ron and the twins went on a rescue mission for Harry just two weeks ago, and he’s really happy here, and I think you will be too. Just bring your money and everything, and we’ll all go out and get your school books. Don’t be sad, you know I hate that. I’ll see you soon, love.’

Your heart raced at the note, and even though your parents were fighting, you vaulted down the stairs, interrupting them. “Can I go stay at a friends’ house for the rest of the summer?” “I don’t care.” Your father spat, and you nodded, stumbling back up to your bedroom and pulling out a sheet of parchment. 'My parents said that they don’t care, and the sooner, the better. Please get me out of here. I’ll love you forever.’ You wrote, and meant every word.

Luke: You came down the breakfast table, already dressed and ready even though you shouldn’t have to be for a normal early morning with your family. But everyone was already eating and quiet when you reached the table, and you sat down in your seat, across from your mother, staying silent. Your father had taken to ignoring you, and only your mother would speak to you and ask you if you wanted to go out and do things. That’s why today, you were extremely relieved when she asked if you wanted to go out and search for some new robes and a few new outfits for when you went back to school. It took you only thirty minutes to get ready, and you were out the door after your mother before your brother could go on his schpeel about 'traitorous sisters’.
You were sat with your mum at an ice cream shop, already having been fitted for new robes, when she asked you a question that made your heart sink. “Are you comfortable at home anymore, Love?” She asked you, and you immediately put your food down, blanching. “Um…well I…yeah, I mean, I guess I am…” “I mean not when you’re in your room, shut off from us all.” She said, placing a manicured hand over top of yours. You looked down at your lap, sighing. “Well, no, not really. I understand why father and Draco are always talking down to me, and my father won’t even say anything, but I just don’t want to hear what my brother has to say. It’s not like I asked to be put into Hufflepuff, it just kind of happened.” You said, and your mother gave you a reassuring smile. “I think that you were placed in Hufflepuff because ever since you were little, you’ve always had a knack for putting yourself in other people’s positions, and understanding.” You gave her a gracious smile, a weight having been lifted off your shoulders. That’s when you heard your name being called, and you whipped around to see none other than your best friend Luke coming towards you.

You rose from your chair, embracing him. “Lukey! I did not expect to see you here!” You said, smiling up at him. His hair had grown out over the summer, and while it looked a little funny, he was still as cute as ever. Wait, what? “Yeah, you either! Is this your mum?” He asked, and you turned to see your mother smiling at you two, confused. “Oh, yes. Mum, this is Lucas Hemmings, Luke, this is my mum.” He gave her his charming smile that he saved for when you two were caught or you were in uncomfortable situations. “Hello, Mrs. Malfoy. How are you?” He asked, extending his hand. Surprised, your mother shook it, nodding. “Hello, Lucas. I’m quite fine, how are you?” “Oh, I’m great.” He smiled, and then turned to you. “I’m still surprised. What are you doing here?” “Oh, we went to get me fitted for robes, and we’re going clothing shopping.” “Ah, very nice. I’m here because Humphrey needed new toys and such. And I lost my mum somewhere along the shops.” He chuckled, shoving a hand in his trouser pocket. “Y/N, why don’t you accompany Lucas for a little bit.” Your mother said, and you turned to her, wide-eyed. Your father’d never let you do this. “A-are you sure?” You asked, and she gave you a reassuring nod. “Yes, I have to go pick up something from RosaLee’s for your father. Meet me back here at twelve, so we can go to the clothing shop.” She said, rising from her seat and brushing herself off. Smiling, you leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Thank you, mother.” You said quietly, and then smiled widely at Luke before you both took off through Diagon Alley, this being the best part of your whole summer.

After a really fun time with Luke, you both promised to meet up when you came to get your books. You told him all about what was happening at home, and he told you how his parents had left him with his grandparents and had just gotten back recently. When you had to part in order for you to go back to your mother, you’d never looked forward to school as much as you did then.

Ashton: It had been days since you last heard from Ashton, so you took to busying yourself with Quidditch matches in the garden with your brothers. “You can’t do that, ya ninny, that’s against the rules!” You shouted at Fred and his best friend, Calum. “Shut up, that’s why you’re only a chaser!” “You suck at being keeper, you know that Fredward!” You taunted, the quaffle-which was really a hollowed pumpkin-tucked underneath your arm safely. He gave you a sour expression, then zoomed towards you, abandoning his post, causing the rest of his team to groan in annoyance. With a satisfied expression, you flew towards him, gaining speed before rolling to your right and dodging him, chucking the pumpkin through the chimney pieces on the house, scoring the final point. You cheered, along with the rest of your small team consisting of Harry, Ron, and Ginny. “Best team ever, right?” You said, climbing off your broom and high-fiving everyone. “That’s not fair!” “Hey, it’s my birthday, I should get something I want, right?” you asked, and watched as he tried to fight the grin. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. That still doesn’t count though, considering I already got you your present.” He smiked, causing George and Calum to giggle. “What are you talking about?” You asked, and looked around at everyone. Hermione was just climbing off her broom, having been on the opposing team. “I say it counted, it was a good strategy-” Just then there was a resounding woosh noise, followed by a pop, and you turned to the house just as your mother let out a surprised 'oh!’. That was followed by a voice that made your heart stop. “Hello, Mrs. Weasley, how are you?” Ashton asked, and you could hear him all the way out in the garden.

Squealing, you abandoned your broom and took off toward the back door, slamming it into the wall just as Ashton was pulling away from your mother’s hug, soot in his sandy hair. She dusted him off, and he smiled at her. “Ashton!” You shouted, and he turned to you, grinning from ear to ear. “Surprise?” He said, and you laughed before pulling him into a tight hug. “Happy Birthday, Y/N!” He said, squeezing you, his tall frame dwarfing you. Everyone was crowding into the kitchen, and you turned to them. “You knew?” You asked everyone, who was smiling. “Of course we knew, it’s sort of like your big birthday reveal.” “I can’t believe this. Best birthday ever.” You said, turning back to Ashton to grin at him. “Your father’ll be home from the Ministry in a few hours, and he’ll be here to start cake and presents.” Your mum said, kissing the top of your head. “For now, go outside and do whatever you kids do.” Everyone immediately started groaning, but Ashton and you fell into conversation. “Well, how about another round of Quidditch?” Harry asked, and everyone grumbled in response. “Did I already miss one?” Ashton asked, following everyone outside. “Yeah, we just finished. My team won.” “Yes, but we call Ashton, so now we’ll win!” Fred shouted, and you protested immediately, but they ended up getting Ashton. Of course you won again, because you had Harry, but it didn’t matter, because now you had your best friend back.