we miss u all so badly :(

❝   i  guess  my  sister  just   DOESN’T  want  to  see  me.      that’s  weird,     isn’t  it?        we  were  so  close,      she  was  my  best  friend.       why  wouldn’t  she  want  to  come  see  me?    ❞      had  she  really  messed  up  that  badly?      everyone  here  was  conditioning  her  to  feel  like  she  had,      that  she  was  in  desperate  need  for  the  kind  of  correction  she  would  get  here    (     and  still,       she  didn’t  know  WHY  or  what  she  had  done.    )            ❝    do  you  think  maybe  she  just  doesn’t  .   .   .     miss  me?      at  all?      ❞ 
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Survivor’s Guilt

by EZmisery.

Hello. My name is Jillian. And I am a survivor.

I completing this assignment for my survivor’s guilt support group. We meet weekly to process our feelings and be there for each other. When I started going there were only a few of us, but now we’re up to nearly twenty. The group is led by Ernest. He is such a kind and supportive man. I can barely believe he has no formal training!

This week Ernest has asked all of us to write a letter explaining why we have survivor’s guilt. He says we don’t have to share them, but it’s important to understand where the pain comes from. So this is my attempt.

I have survivor’s guilt because I am a victim of the Jailer.

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Shiv pt two, I'm going to be gone for most of the summer without any opportunity of contact so I really really want to just make flcear how much I FUCKIGN LO VE Y'ALL this computer is awful and keeps crashing, I want to hug each and every one of you. I'm so sad I didn't take the time to talk about the things I wanted to talk about, or te things I wanted to discuss. But oh my god please just know In here wishing to be able to contact y'all again



sdfgdlghk im tired and cant think for shit but iLY AND I WaNT U TO BE HAPPY SO BADLY BC YOU DESERVE IT NEVER GIVE UP OK I LOV U

i had a dream last night where kim and duncan ran out of content and episodes and ideas and asked us all back onto flux buddies one on one for one episode each to mix things up. 

all i remember from the dream is they asked how me and dave became vampires and i answered “we went to the moon. it ended badly"

and that my reasoning for my character randomly “wandering” into the flux buddies recording and base was that he got lost and had no other waypoints on his map, so he figured he had nowhere else to go and was like “hey can i chill w/ u guys for a while until kirin realizes i’m missing and come’s looking for me”