we miss finn

After over a week, I'm back with another update!

Hello there, lovelies! Hopefully the anticipation wasn’t too bad…But alas! Here I am, back again with the next chapter. Admittedly, this chapter took much longer than anticipated for me to write and even though I knew exactly what was going to happen, I still struggled to find the right way to convey it for maximum impact…idk, I’ve also been finding it a little tricky to find time to write with all the random stuff I’ve had going on in real life lately. 😬

Anyways…I hope you enjoy this because I’m not sure when the next time I will post will be…and as always, I love hearing what you guys have to say and seeing all the love you guys show to my writing…it’s a large reason as to why I even make an effort to post my writings anymore, so thanks! 😘 All my previous chapters can be found right here, if you wish to get caught up.

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1x23/2x01 vs. 6x05