we miss finn


1x23/2x01 vs. 6x05


it still baffles me that people think these quotes:

“We came back for you.”
“You looked at me like no one ever had.”
“Running to Finn, she threw herself into his arms.”
“Holding this boy who she just met, who she already adores.”
“I’ll come back for you next time.”
“The embracing pair finally separated if only to look into each other’s eyes.”
“Neither could hug the other hard enough or long enough.”

Are platonic.

Here we go. It’s your birthday again. It’s been nearly 2 years since you left us. I still can’t believe that you’re gone. What can I say? I hope you’re happy there & I hope you see how much we miss you. The pain never stopped. I still think about you everyday. I miss your beautiful voice, your gorgeous smile, I miss Finn, I miss you. You will always stay in my heart & my mind. I will always think of you as a wonderful, funny & talented person  with big heart. You changed so many lives. You made so many people happy. And we’re all grateful for that. You will always be inspiration to me. We will never forget you Cory! You live in our hearts today & forever. You are my hero & you will always be that. I love you no matter what. Rest in peace angel. Never forgotten.