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congrats on anime debut!!! 


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A,B,C or all of Above


Badass Yoichi appreciation post
this is how Yoichi do, everyone. talking to demons like its family
i ship Gekkouin & Yoichi now srsly

Imagine slightly tearing up when you see how happy Woozi is at Seventeen’s concert because you’re so proud of him and how far he has come as an artist.

BONUS: When Woozi notices your glassy eyes, he starts teasing you a little before pulling you into a hug to comfort you ((and to show how thankful he is to be with someone who is supportive of his career))

Je Donne ma Langue au Chat part 1/?

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“But he’d watch her from the corner of his eye, smiling and laughing with Alya, running her fingers through her hair, holding some mundane object just so, and he’d almost hear whispers in his head.  Pay attention, pay attention, you’re missing something, you’ve seen her before, she’s important, the most important.”

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