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Let’s talk Voltron Theories Part 3: Relationships

art work by kerolunaticat

Okay so to start with, I want to begin by saying I’m going to break this down into sections, because Relationships means more than just romance. Right now I’m just going to focus on the romance as I can talk in a long section in a different post about rivalry and friendship, since it’s clear that the series is built on the idea of friends working as a team.

Various characters that I’m going to mention in the future character section will have notes about relationships with the main cast over there, rather than clutter things up here. I’m also going to list the chances for Fanon happening based on the character as well as the chances for the relationship to become cannon or not (this doesn’t solely mean romantic either).

Furthermore in regard to the Cannon aspect of the series I’m basing it on a few factors:

1.       This series is connected to Dream Works, and while Studio Mir and a good portion of the crew comes from Avatar and Korra this doesn’t mean that they will be as willing to go into the relationship route.

2.       The series also has to deal with rules set out by WEP and Toei animation. Toei is broadcasting this in Japan, and are more geared towards the idea of the show being a boy’s action show, Shonen aspect.

3.       As stated above the show is more of a boy’s action show/shonen style series. This means that unlike Korra I don’t see a lot on the romantic side being covered in that sense and it following the Avatar type formula where the family comes before any romance.

4.       Another aspect in regard to cannon is the series it’s going on. Pulling from both the original Go lion series from Japan, and also the main Voltron series, Voltron Force, and Voltron Vehicle to tell its story. So I’m also going to be looking into those series in regard to possible cannon relationships.

That being said, I do hope you’ll stick around.

So to start off the Main cast I figure we’ll go with the lion leads and figure out the chances for any relationships to be formed with them and the other members of the cast.


Our leader and head of the Voltron squad. Shiro is an interesting character in that he seems to be more of what Keith was in the original series rather than Sven or even Shirogane was in the original Go Lions. Shiro is the oldest of the group, thus, as fans have elected him, he’s team dad and the big brother, which puts him in an interesting post for all his relationships. Like Keith he’s cool under most pressure and is the most professional of the group, just being maybe a year or two older than the others. Given his memory loss this could be a harder thing for him in regards to forming bonds romantically seeing as he’s still focused on getting his memory back and trying to figure things out.

Shiro certainly sees the crew as his family, and indicated as much based on his actions of protecting them, even when he knows he probably can’t win. He’s also very loyal to the cause and will put himself in danger for the others and his lion, as shown by the end of the series.

Romantic pairings:

               Shiro x Keith

This pairing is a possibility, but not a probability within cannon. Keith is, more or less, playing the part of Lance’s role in the old show (hot headed and willing to take reckless risks). Their interactions are devoted to the idea of close friendships, and more on keith’s side, a family bond that probably runs deep due to the fact that Shiro seems to be the one person that Keith saw as a family given that he’s not got any.

For Shiro, Keith is more of a younger brother type, he cares for him but it hasn’t shown exactly what view he takes other than brotherly affection. If it does go the route of romance in anyway, it seems to be more likely a one sided crush via Keith than anything else. Few moments that show any romantic tension are highly limited to the first episode at most, since most of the time the series is clearly building on brotherly/team affection and friendship. We also know that Shiro went back to save Keith, showing that he cares a lot for the younger pilot and is willing to risk his life for him.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

This pairing would come out of left field mostly because it doesn’t seem like something Shiro would want, and Keith is well not the affectionate type. He outright states it to a Arusian when they hug him, though he eventually says it’s nice.

Fanon possibility: 70 % chance of happening

This one I see as a lower possibility just due to the fact that Shiro hasn’t shown as much clear affection towards Keith and there’s not a lot there for a long term thing going on. However there are already fans of this pairing, so it’s probably got room to stand in the pairings department.

               Shiro x Lance

art work by lemonorangelime

We already know Lance is a fan boy who had trouble speaking when he met Shiro, and it’s clear that Lance will probably be the second in command should Shiro step away for a while, but it’s also clear that Lance has been very vocal about the ladies. Unlike Keith who seems emotionally invested in Shiro, Lance seems more like a good friend that has Shiro’s back.

Shiro on the other hand has shown a lot of respect for Lance, choosing to stay and protect him when the others are off getting the crystal and dealing with the Arusians. What’s interesting is that he’s very gentle with Lance, and shows a great deal of compassion for him while he’s hurt. At the same time Lance manages to pull himself up and out of a near death state to protect not only Shiro, but Allura and Keith, and Pidge. Showing that his heart is in the right place.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

As I said with Keith, it would come out of left field a bit on Shiro’s side, less on Lances as he’s already a fan, but given how Lance acts, there’s a chance I guess. Lance did stay the longest, however this also shows a great respect for Shiro that he’s willing to stick it out the longest with him and Coran to learn about what Sendak knows, implying that Lance is certainly one that has the ability to take a bigger role later in the series.

Fanon Possibility: 40% Chance of happening

Shiro and Lance seems to be less frequent then Lance and a certain red lion pilot. This doesn’t mean that art doesn’t exist, nor does it mean that the later seasons will not produce some version of this. But it does indicate that Shiro is seen more as a brother figure at least with this pairing around, or as the overall brother type. There’s maybe a chance, but I’d say it’s a lot slimmer than a one sided Keith and Shiro.

               Shiro x Pidge

This one is a hard one to really pin point due to the situation at hand. It’s clear that Shiro knows Katie/Pidge already due to the fact that he’s probably the one that took the picture of her and Matt before the group left. We know that she confides in him first, and he’s the one she goes to be comforted when talking about Matt. He keeps her secret and it’s clear that he cares for her a heck of a lot. She’s also the only one he’s hugged in the entire series, so there’s that.

They both have the same goal in mind, getting Matt and her father away from the Galra and Shiro is willing to shield and protect her with his life depending on the situation. Furthermore Pidge went to check on him first after she managed to get down to the where they were being held captive and his reaction to her being hit was immediate. Also he chose to go with her to get her lion and seems to trust her enough to be on her own when dealing with issues on the living planet.

But the issue though with this is, is it romantic feelings or brotherly affection. Remember Shiro is dealing with the loss of Matt and his father, and Pidge is the only Holt that is left outside of her mom. Shiro feels a lot of guilt for not having Matt or Pidge’s father, and probably feels rather guilty for not protecting them in the first place. So more than anything he feels he’s going to need to keep her safe for her brother and her father, acting like a protective guard to her. Throw also in the fact that Pidge right now hasn’t shown inclinations to want to have any romance as it stands given her situation. This might change later as the series progresses, but we shall see.

Cannon possibility: 50% chance of Happening

While not the highest chance, there still is a larger one then the others due to how Shiro treats pidge, though I’m guessing it’s going to be more of a big bro/little sis friendship more than a straight up romance. It’s higher on the scale due to it being less of a one sided thing as the two know one another the same way Keith knows Shiro, but there’s clear affection coming from Shiro’s end in this case, though Pidge on the other side maybe oblivious to this.

Fanon possibility: 80% chance of happening.

This one already has a larger following due to the actions of the characters in show. We’ve seen both Pidge and Shiro show some form of affection for each other. Shiro and the hug, Pidge going to him first when she’s trying to deal with Sendak, him shielding her from the crashing Galra blast, and his insistence of taking her when she’s against leaving the ship. Pidge telling him first she’s leaving and Shiro knowing right away that it’s Katie. There are some hints dropped but not enough to really say for sure what this relationship is ultimately.

               Shiro X Hunk

art work by nwarrior777

Ah…not likely. The problem here is that there’s not enough of time between these two. Hunk has been shown with most of the cast, but alone with Shiro, it’s been a negative and he’s really the first one to leave when they’re waiting on the Sendak memory scan. He also doesn’t really know who Shiro is and that pretty much indicates that prior to the first episode of Voltron he wasn’t a fan or didn’t really study up on those ahead of him in the garrison.

Shiro also mostly sees Hunk as a friend. He trusts Hunk and Hunk did save his life with Allura, however it’s clear on their interactions that Shiro sees Hunk as a buddy and a brother more than anyone he would remotely be interested in dating.

Cannon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

This is probably the least likely pairing to at all occur in the series. Neither Hunk, nor Shiro have shown any investment in one another outside of a friendship and brothers in arms.

Fanon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

There has been no indication of anyone pairing these two at all.

               Shiro x Allura

art by ohnoitscc

So this one is interesting because of what’s going on with the reboot. As some have probably noticed Shiro has become the Keith of the series, while Keith is now the Lance (the hot head) and Lance is now the Sven (charismatic stragistist). In the original Voltron Keith was attracted to Allura and vice versa. The two were considered the biggest pairing in the series, followed closely by Lance and Allura. Sven, the character Shiro most physically resembles, on the other hand wound up married to Allura’s cousin (whom I’ll talk more about in the Future characters theories area). Sven never showed an outward interests in the Princess so this is really a strange set up here.

If Shiro is supposed to be Keith then in all likely hood he may eventually end up wanting to go out with Allura. You have a very big Space Dad and Space Mom aspect going to them and Shiro has shown concern and respect for the Princess in the episodes. He’s willing to do what he can to protect her, even saying that she needs to leave when they were about to be captured, and his guilt on failing her is very real. Allura at the same time insists on saving Shiro rather than leaving, and shows a lot of concern for him in other episodes and trusts him emphatically with the Black Lion.

Yet at the same time we see that they are both acting as part of what sort of character they are. Shiro sees Allura as the leader of the whole group, and respects her as a royal. He sees his job as paladin to protect her and keep her from falling into Zarkon’s hands. During episode ten he outright points out the danger of her going in, and is impressed with her actions which can be seen as either him growing to see her as a leader and over all friend, or romantically. Allura has the same situation for her, as when Hunk comes to save her, her first reaction is about the Black lion over Shiro, and only when she hears him in danger does she mention his name.

Cannon Possibility: 80% chance of happening

Because of the fact that Shiro is so much like the original Keith I wouldn’t be surprised if they did eventually go this route as it was something the original Go Lions and Voltron couldn’t fully explore due to the way the series was made. However you do have Lance and Keith and possible one other character to compete with so there’s that.

Fanon Possibility: 60% chance of happening

There’s not a ton of art work with them, given that there hasn’t been a lot of interaction, save the last episode, but give the idea of Space Mom and Space Dad going on, it wouldn’t be a hard bet to see Shiro and Allura becoming a rather large fanon couple.

Shiro and anyone else is really up in the air. Sendek is a possibility but not probably as he’s either likely dead or looking out for revenge. Zarkon is a no, but I can see some people doing a possessed Shiro and Haggar pairing as a possibility. There’s also the chance of Thrace if he is a good guy as well in the enemy to friend/love interest aspect. There are at least four characters that I’m sure could eventually wind up in the show and probably may become options for Shiro later on if they do show up, but that will be covered in the other theories piece.


Given everything that Keith has been through it’s no surprise that romantically he’s the least to show affection. Judging by how they’re playing him if anything he’s a bit of a Mako meets Zuko sort of character. It’s hard to tell what they’re going to play at with him by the end with the chance that he might be an alien, or even Prince Lotar. 

Romantic Pairings:

               Keith x Shiro

We’ve already covered that above so, assume that it would be more a one sided thing canonically.

               Keith x Lance, also called Klance apparently

art work by thesearchingastronaut

This one took off like a bullet with fandom. However in cannon I’m not sure if it will go very far. From what we’ve seen Keith is more the hot head and probably isn’t paying mind to anything romantically at the moment. Emotionally we know he’s got issues, as he has trouble being hugged by the Arusian. However we’ve seen him rush over to help Lance when he got hurt, the line about cradling him in his arms, and their bonding. Most of the time they are put together, so it’s clear that the team likes their dynamic.

On Lance’s side he sees Keith as a rival and a friend. There’s a sort of Gary/Ash feel to these too. While I don’t think it’s impossible for Lance to have feelings towards Keith, it seems more likely that he’s invested in Allura or girls like Nina. So it’s hard to say what’s going on in his mind at the moment.

Cannon Possibility: 30% chance of happening

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but given the situation I’m not sure it’s a sure thing either. Neither have shown romantic inclinations for one another, and there’s more a brotherly/rivalry thing going on. I’ll say up in the air for right now.

Fanon possibility: 100% it’s all over the place. This is probably the largest pairing going on right now in the fandom for this series as is.

               Keith x Pidge

An interesting one. Keith admitted that he knew she was a girl when asked about it, so for how long has he known? There hasn’t really been a lot of interactions between them though to judge how they see one another. Keith though seems to trust Pidge, and clearly wants her to stay when she says she’s leaving, getting a bit more heated then the others.

Pidge on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be that reactive around Keith. She treats him the same as she treats lance so until we see them working together, we’re not gonna have a clue about them as a possible pairing. However, given that they made her a girl, I’m pretty sure that there’s going to be something going on there in the future, unless we get a Toph situation.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

It’s hard to say right now given how things are going in the series and Keith having his own issues to deal with along with Pidge and her family. I would have to see the two in action to really say if there is a chance for them.

Fanon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

There is really nothing out there with them, like at all. Which is kind of interesting given the personalities of the two. Nerd girl and the brooder and all that.

               Keith x Hunk

art work by nwarrior777

Again far less likely than you would think. Hunk is a close friend but as with Shiro he doesn’t really seem to know Keith all that much. Keith doesn’t seem to hang around him much either, and it’s more when they’re working as a team that we get any sense of them doing bonding, or with food and the like.

I’m not seeing this any way you slice it unless the team surprises me in some way.

Cannon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

Not much in the way of showing off anything going on there with them honestly.

Fanon Possibility: 10% chance happening

Probably the lowest in that, like pidge, there is nothing going on with these two.

               Keith X Allura

art by alluramcart

Here again we have a situation. Keith has taken on a lot of Lance’s characteristics from the original Voltron, minus the whole being all embarrassed around the princess. He’s a hot head and Shiro has taken over all his cooler headed aspects. Yet this pairing was THE couple back when Voltron was first on the air. Keith in fact fought with another bad guy over her at points to keep her safe.

In regard to the new show, is it a possibility? Well it depends on what they plan on doing with Keith, and that’s the hardest thing to figure out right now. What we do know for sure is that Keith and Allura both show they care a lot and are willing to put themselves at great risk to find out the truth. Keith also may be Altarian and as such might be one of the few that can help bring back the race, if it’s all dead?

The two have worked together when the castle got caught, although that’s about it. Allura and Keith haven’t yet had enough time together to really judge how they view one another. Unlike with Shiro and Allura. So again we have to wonder if they’re going with previous cannon or doing a new thing with these two.

Cannon Possibility: 50% chance of it happening

Given that this was the main pairing in the original series there is a chance that Dream Works, Toei and WEP will want that pairing to remain untouched and thus probably for it to happen.

Fanon possibility: 50% chance of happening

While there is some works out there, it’s not a large as Keith and Lance, or Shiro and Allura. We’ll have to wait and see.

Keith with anyone else, there is a slight possibility of at least four, people as a possible option, but I can’t discuss that here and now. Keith as far as these four, if he is playing the role of Lance then there could be a fight later between him and Shiro or him and another character regarding Allura. Or if he is Galran then he may have to deal with another female character that could cause issues for the team as a whole.


Lance is pretty close to how he was in the first Voltron series. However there’s enough here to say that he’s closer to Sven as well in how he’s more able to be a capable leader rather then a hot head. We’ve also seen that’ he’s more the Sokka type over all, being a bit of a dork and also the one that has the most home pangs in regard to family followed by Hunk.

Romance Pairings:

               Lance X Shiro

See Shiro’s post for this in regard to the possibility

               Lance x Keith or Klance apparently

See Keith’s post in regard to this possibility

               Lance x Pidge

art by thescribblemouse

Lance not knowing she was a girl is going to probably mean the more girly she act the more likely he’s going to notice her more. Lance, for his part, trust Pidge a lot, showing so in the opening episode and clearly he wants to know more about her. His interest is more in the mysterious nature of her, but he does have his eye on her. Given his view of the ladies, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if later he acts weird around her when she is in girl’s clothing seeing as then he’ll have to physically see her as female. He also complimented her when he thought that she was Matt’s girlfriend, so there’s that factor.

Pidge on the other hand clearly has issues with Lance, and there’s a bit of tension there between them in some ways. When he’s gushing over Allura and being a total dork, she has the robot smack him in the face. Though it seems she does trust him with his flying skills and believes in him as a friend and captain. The two clearly have a friendly physical relationship going on in that she tends to be more direct with him then the other guys in how she treats him for being stupid.

Lance also protected her when she was in danger with Sendak, even when he was hurt badly, showing that he cares for his team mates.

Cannon possibility: 40% chance of happening.

Unless Lance suddenly starts seeing her as a girl in the same way he sees Allura I don’t see it happening outright. However it wouldn’t surprise me if it did some how come about from them being friends and her being the only one that he didn’t get flustered around.

Fanon possibility: 10 % chance of happening

Right now there is no art of these two as a couple, which shouldn’t surprise me but it slightly does. I suspect if there’s more Pidge and Lance working together in the next season we may see more with the two of them as a couple in fan art.

               Lance X Hunk

art by nwarrior777

Again a hard one to guess. Hunk follows Lance and clearly sees him as someone he looks up to. During the point where Hunk was going on about various scientific aspects, just as Pidge would, Lance says it was boring, to which Hunk agreed even if a moment or two before he seemed excited about it.

Lance, certainly sees Hunk as someone he can trust and wants to protect his friend as per the last episode of the season. The two act as the legs of Voltron showing they share a stability to the team. And Lance sees him as a genuine friend and does tease him but, unlike with Keith, he shows a lot of understanding towards Hunk, even if he does act like a total dork.

Cannon possibility: 10% chance of happening

These two show off more as friends than anything else.

Fanon possibility: 10% chance of happening

Nothing out there of these two outside of group shots.

               Lance x Nyma

The alien girl that met with Lance and took a ride with him on his Lion. While I don’t see them coming back this upcoming season, I have a feeling that she may show up in the future. Given that she seemed to actually like him somewhat there is a chance with her following up on feelings, but also she’s shown to have a darker streak in her.

Lance at first is very smitten with her, however after being tied up I don’t think that he’s going to go after her again.

Cannon possibility: 20 % chance of happening

Unless they fix Nyma up and show a different side to her I can’t see them hooking up any time soon in cannon.

Fanon possibility: 20% chance of happening

So far nothing of these two have come up seeing as she was a one off. But only time will tell.

               Lance x Allura

art by mrsgingles

Lance and Allura are an interesting proposition. Lance is shown to have feelings for her right off the bat, and this does connect to both the original Lance who had a crush on Allura but never made a move on that, and his role as a more Sven like character with a Sokka personality with all the flirting he does and you could see it as a possibility.

Lance for his part is really smitten with Allura, out right talking about how he wants to know if she talks about him when he’s not around prompting a teasing from Hunk and a smack from Pidge. He’s also the one that does the most flirting with her, which she quickly turns down in her own way.

Allura for her part seems to see Lance as a good friend and clearly has respect for him as a person. Though she seems to see him as a knight more than anyone to be romantically invested in. Still there is that possibility in the future as we don’t know where the series will lead and if her feelings for him will change. This could be a Suki and Sokka sort of set up, or more of a Sokka and Katara sort of thing by the end.

Bear in mind that outside of Keith, Lance is the one most ship Allura with from the original series as she’s been shown to have affection towards both characters, kissing and flirting with both men.

Cannon possibility: 50% chance of happening

While I don’t think it’s going to happen, there is a chance that it might due to the nature of the series and we don’t know how Lance or Allura will change in the time of season two. It also would be a nice switch for Lance to get the girl vs Keith, who got her in the original and Voltron Force.

Fanon possibility: 30% chance of happening

Right now I’ve not seen any art work of those two together save the old series. Which is rather strange given how much he’s been trying to flirt with her. I’m betting by season two we may see more of this.

As for Lance and anyone else. Well as with the others there is a chance with at least five other characters that probably will eventually come into play. The thing is that I’m not sure what role Lance will play with at least one of the characters since this female is more known to be connected to Shiro’s original character Sven’s past. However it could be an interesting twist for him to deal with if they go that way.


Hunk is, let’s face it, the Bolin of the group. Someone who is there a lot of the time for comedy, but when it comes down to it he’s the most compassionate for what’s going on followed closely by Lance. The huge difference in his character is that he was more of a hot head in the first series. Now he’s more of the cuddly type over all. 

Romantic pairings:

               Hunk x Shiro

Not gonna happen see Shiro’s post

               Hunk x Keith

Less likely to happen, see Keith’s post

               Hunk x Lance

Too good of friends to go that route, see Lance’s post

               Hunk x Pidge

art by nwarrior777

A possibility but probably not given the arrival of Shay. We’ve seen Hunk and Pidge intereact and clearly there are similar interests, but romantically they don’t seem attracted in the least to one another. For Hunk, Pidge is his buddy, willing to do whatever he can to help her out and work with her in keeping the lions up and running. They even will engage in food wars with a food machine, and work as a team, but neither really seems attracted to the other.

As for Pidge she respects Hunk but most of her time seems centered around other aspects and when they do interact it’s in amusing situations. This is not to say that Hunk wouldn’t see her as a girl, or become interested in her, but it’s clear that she hasn’t yet sparked his interest in that way.

Cannon: 30% chance of happening

While it’s more than likely not to happen, I wouldn’t put it past the creative team to give some fan fodder for this pairing. Hunk has always been Pidge’s right hand, and the two work well as a team so there’s that aspect of them. And Hunk knew she was a girl as well and can make her laugh too.

Fanon Possibility: 30% chance of happening

There’s not much there to indicate that this could be a pairing, but there’s enough art of them together to show a close relationship, friend or otherwise.

               Hunk x Allura

art by nutlas

Not happening any time soon. Hunk has shown no interest in Allura in any way, shape or form, other than as a friend or Paladin. Although it’s clear that she does talk to him, she hasn’t shown any interest in him and the same is true of Hunk about Allura. About the only time we see any moment of them working together alone is in rescuing Shiro and there’s no tension there other than two friends trying to find a way to save another friend.

Let it be known that Allura showed Hunk that there’s more to him than meets the eye and she trusted him with the situation gathering the crystal and later helping out Shay and her people. So Allura has a lot of respect for him.

Cannon possibility: 10% chance of happening

I really don’t see this as a possibility unless something drastically changes in the story.

Fanon Possibility: 10% chance of happening

Haven’t seen any art work of the two as a pairing outside of the group.

               Hunk x Shay

art by ask-whitebag

Given the situation with the episode that we’ve seen, it’s clear that Shay is smitten with Hunk and Hunk is smitten with Shay. Though we don’t get more than a few episodes it’s clear that Shay will probably come back in the next season, maybe even joining the crew at some point given her personality.

Cannon: 90% chance of happening.

It’s clear that this is something that the team kind of wants to happen given Hunk’s promise and his reaction to her.

Fanon: 90 % chance of happening

Pretty much she’s who has been shipped with Hunk since she first showed up and after their first meeting.

Anyone else with Hunk, there’s at least one other person that I can see with him, although I’m not sure how they’re going to pull her off for this show. So I’ll just talk about her when I get to the Future character post.


For Katie romance isn’t an option at the moment as her mind seems to be mostly on finding her brother and father. That may change once we get a close of her arc and see if she matures as the series goes forward. 

Romantic pairings:

               Pidge x Shiro

High possibility, see Shiro post

               Pidge x Keith

Mid possibility, see Keith’s post

               Pidge x Lance

Higher then Keith’s, see Lance’s post

               Pidge x Hunk

Lower then Keith’s, see Hunk’s post

               Pidge x Allura

art by autumn-sacura

Probably not happening due in part the fact that these two seem to be set up as Katara and Toph, in their dynamic. I could be wrong, but this is very different then how Mir showed off Asami and Korra and more along how katara treated Toph as a younger sister.

Allura shows more interest in Pidge as a girl as she wants to bond with her, and hopefully next season we will get that. As for Pidge she seems to respect Allura as the leader, but her mind is more on finding her family.

Cannon: 10% chance of happening

It’s pretty clear that they’re playing up the Katara and Toph dynamic with these two, and hopefully we’ll get to see a deeper friendship grow out of it.

Fanon: 30% chance of happening

I’ve seen a few art works between these two, though it’s been limited against Shiro or just Pidge on her own. So I’m not sure, I guess we’ll have to wait and see with season two.

Anyone else with Pidge. At this moment, no, but given at least two males and maybe one female that is could come into the show I wouldn’t be surprised if they played with the options regarding a romance for Pidge later on.

Also right now Pidge x robots seem to be a big thing.


We don’t know enough about Allura to know her type. At them moment she’s befriending the others but it’s shown that in the past shows we’ve seen her slowly become attracted to Keith and Lance. There could be a chance for her to show interest in any three of the guys, or there may be an interesting twist if she finds herself attracted to one of the baddies later on, maybe a certain prince. 

art by istehlurvz

Romantic pairings:

               Allura x Shiro

More than likely a high chance of happening, see Shiro’s post

               Allura x Keith

High chance give the series mostly pairs these two off, see Keith’s post

               Allura x Lance

Mid chance but showing how Lance is now wouldn’t surprise me, see Lance’s post

               Allura x Hunk

Not a likely pairing at all, see Hunk’s post

               Allura x Pidge

Clearly more of a friendship/sister dynamic going on, See Pidge’s post

About the only person that I can honestly see Allura dealing with in regard to romance would be two possible villains. One may turn out to be Keith the other is well known for being female eye candy on the show in the later seasons. The first male, if he does show up, will probably lead to some very interesting drama should they attempt it in this series.

As for Coran, I’m not sure who he might go for. It’s up in the air right now if we will ever see the Space Nigel Thornberry getting to have someone, but it would be nice all the same.

I’m not going to touch on the villains since we don’t know enough about them yet. So we’re going to leave it at that.

Next on the list, theories on Future characters.

let love bleed red (preview)

Words: 1,521.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: Vampire!au.

Summary: She is beautiful’, Jungkook thinks, but most certainly not as beautiful as the taste he loves so much.

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We’ve hit the 500 follower mark, which is AMAZING – and it means we’re ready to reveal our big project plans!! Wanderers, may we proudly present to you OPERATION: FAN BOOM!


OPERATION: FAN BOOM is a huge project made BY FANS, FOR FANS to be able to send a personalised message to DisneyXD and its executives that creates the loudest BOOM possible!

We really want everyone’s voices to be heard individually, and we thought, What better way to do that than by creating a compilation of the fans’ love of Wander Over Yonder in video format? Emails, letters, and petitions are an awesome start, but we want to make it LOUD AND CLEAR to Disney that fans ALL OVER THE WORLD want Wander to get the third season it deserves.

What do I have to do to participate?

As long as you have some means of recording footage or taking pictures, you can be a part of this movement! All you have to do is either record yourself saying “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER” or take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER”. Of course, we encourage creativity, so as long as your photo or video gets the point across feel free to do whatever you want!

Once we get enough photos and videos in after a period of time, we’ll be editing them all together into one huge video, and we’ll be posting it EVERYWHERE!

Do you have any tips on taking photos and/or videos?

First and foremost, keep it POLITE and APPROPRIATE! Disney won’t listen to us if we come across as rude and mean-spirited, and it’ll completely go against everything Wander has taught us. Ergo, ANY SUBMISSIONS FEATURING INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE, GESTURES OR IMAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

On that note, also be sure to respect the property and privacy of others! As tempted as you may be to graffiti “SAVEWOY” on a wall or yell the phrase at random strangers, such activities WILL NOT BE FEATURED IN THE FINAL VIDEO. Also remember that some folks won’t want their faces shown in your pictures and videos!

If you live in an area with a recognisable landmark, be sure to take your photo/video there to show Disney that WOY fans from all over the place are coming together in one voice!

If you want to say “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER” in your native tongue, DO IT! If you want to get a group of kids to shout “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER,” DO IT!! If you want to perform a song from MY FAIR HATEY with your garage rock band, DO IT!!! If you want to make a big canvas painting featuring the hashtag “#SAVEWOY”, DO IT!!!! We want you guys to make really cool and creative content showcasing yourselves as  individuals who all love Wander!

How do I submit a photo and/or video?

The only way you can officially get your submissions in is by emailing them to Mod Wander at savewoy@gmail.com. Anything submitted to the blog or the other #SAVEWOY groups WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE VIDEO. Also, make sure that your photos are in the .png or .jpeg format and your videos are in the .wmv, .avi, or .mp4 format!

What’s the deadline to submit my photo and/or video?

The current deadline is MAY 5TH, 2016 JUNE 30TH, 2016. AUGUST 31, 2016 AT 12:00PM PST. We might change this later, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone well updated and in the loop if we do.

Do I have to participate in OPERATION: FAN BOOM if I’m following any of the #SAVEWOY groups or part of the WOY fandom?

No one HAS to participate, so don’t feel pressured to if you’re camera shy or don’t have a camera capable of uploading files. However…


Remember that this is YOUR opportunity, as fans, to collaborate with other fans around the world and make a BIG difference in the #SAVEWOY movement! YOU have a voice that needs to be heard and only YOU can make sure that it is heard. IT NEVER HURTS TO HELP!

the happiest story of all

this started out as a headcanon, just a short, fluffy CS-wedding drabble about rings and happy endings to combat the angst

It’s late, and the party has long since dwindled down to just a few guests, namely her parents, Regina and Robin, a few of the dwarves, and Granny. Henry lays asleep across several chairs, David’s tuxedo jacket draped over him, evidently worn out from the events of the day. Emma, she’s not sorry to say, hardly spares any of them a glance, eyes only for the man in front of her as he leads her leisurely through the motions of another slow song, spinning her around before guiding her back into his arms.

“Enjoying yourself, love?” Killian asks, gazing down at her with a soft smile, one she’s sure has barely left his face all day. 

“Mmhmm,” she hums, unable to keep herself from smiling back at him, her husband. 

Husband. It’s almost crazy. She’s wearing a white dress, her father had escorted her down the aisle this afternoon to where Killian was patiently waiting, Henry beside him as his best man, and they’d promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. She has the ring to prove it on her left hand, and he has a matching one on his right. She’s married to Captain Hook and she wouldn’t trade this day for anything in this realm or the next. 

“You’re not wearing your other rings anymore,” Emma points out, threading their fingers together. She’d noticed almost immediately at the ceremony earlier that day, but with all the excitement, she hadn’t had a second to mention it until now. 

 “I have no need for them anymore,” he says simply, his smile never faltering. He gestures with his eyebrows to their joint hands. “I’ve the ultimate reminder now, Swan, and I’m never taking it off.”

“You better not,” Emma quips. “And careful there, buddy, it’s Jones now.”

“Aye,” Killian says, his eyes full of wonder, and love, so much love. “I suppose it is.” He pulls her closer still, and Emma isn’t sure what they’re doing can be called dancing so much as swaying. “Mrs. Jones.”

“Mr. Swan,” Emma counters, a grin on her face, and his unbridled amusement garners the attention of the last of their guests, not that either of them notice, too wrapped up in each other. She tucks her face into his neck, blissfully happy. “I love you.”

“As I love you, darling.”

Only happy stories for the both of them from here on out. 

A companion piece to the Lapis I drew last week. After I tried out those pyrite “freckles” I couldn’t resist exploring some stone-inspired patterns for Jasper.


Invasion of Venom - Crystron Tuner and Non Tuners

Crystron Quon
Water Machine Tuner / Effect
LV1 500/500
You can only use the effect of “Crystron Quon” once per turn.
(1) During your opponent’s Main or Battle Phase: You can Special Summon 1 non-Tuner monster from your hand, but its effects are negated, and if you Summoned that monster, immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 Machine-Type Synchro Monster using that monster and this card only.

Crystron Citri
Water Machine / Tuner / Effect
LV2 500/500
You can only use the effect of “Crystron Citri” once per turn.
(1) During your opponent’s Main or Battle Phase: You can target 1 non-Tuner monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it, but its effects are negated, and if you Summoned that monster, immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 Machine-Type Synchro Monster using that Summoned monster and this card only. These Synchro Materials are banished instead of being sent to the Graveyard.

Crystron Prasirator
Water Machine / Effect
LV2 500/2000
You can only use 1 “Crystron Prasirator” effect per turn, and only once that turn.
(1) You can target 1 face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, Special Summon 1 “Crystron” Tuner monster from your Deck, but you cannot Special Summon from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Machine-Type Synchro Monsters.
(2) You can banish this card from your Graveyard; Special Summon 1 “Crystron” monster from your hand.

Note: Still guessing on the name of this thing, we might change it later.

Crystron Smoger
Water Machine / Effect
LV3 1000/1800
You can only use 1 “Crystron Smoger” effect per turn, and only once that turn.
(1) You can target 1 face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, Special Summon 1 “Crystron” Tuner monster from your Deck, but you cannot Special Summon from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Machine-Type Synchro Monsters.
(2) You can banish this card from your Graveyard; add 1 “Crystron” Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand.

Crystron Thystvern
Water Machine / Effect
LV3 1500/1500
You can only use 1 “Crystron Thystvern” effect per turn, and only once that turn.
(1) You can target 1 face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, Special Summon 1 “Crystron” Tuner monster from your Deck, but you cannot Special Summon from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Machine-Type Synchro Monsters.
(2) You can banish this card from your Graveyard; add 1 “Crystron” monster from your Deck to your hand, except “Crystron Thystvern”.

Crystron Rosenix
Water Machine / Effect
LV4 1800/1000
You can only use 1 “Crystron Rosenix” effect per turn, and only once that turn.
(1) You can target 1 face-up card you control; destroy it, and if you do, Special Summon 1 “Crystron” Tuner monster from your Deck, but you cannot Special Summon from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Machine-Type Synchro Monsters.
(2) You can banish this card from your Graveyard; Special Summon 1 “Crystron Token” (Machine-Type/WATER/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0). It cannot be Tributed.