we meet once a month

life goals: i’m a writer, living in paris; he’s a poet, living in berlin; we exchange heartbreaking letters about our inedaquate lives; we meet once every few months in vienna; he brings me his poems; i bring him old, rare editions of his favourite books; we’re doomed and in love.

NSV x2

I had two little NSV tonight. Once a month we have a board meeting at my favorite pizza place. Needless to say, pizza isn’t an option for me right now. 1) My first NSV was I made it through the meeting without being tempted. I just avoided making eye contact with the pizza. 🍕 👀 😂 2) The second…. We meet in a large booth in the restaurant. I usually pull up a chair outside the booth… This time, I fit in the booth!

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I’ve put some thought into this and I’m pretty excited about it - I’m going to try and start an ED support group through the counseling office at my school. I go to a smaller school and we don’t have anything like it, but I think it’s so important. we would have like once a month support groups and weekly meetings at the dining hall, and hopefully I could get a counselor to work with me with all of this, but I think it’d be really great


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so would you like have a girlfriend on tumblr even if it meant not being able to see each other for a very long time

I had a girlfriend from Tumblr before and we’d meet up at least once a month

i’m starting a club for girls who used to be self conscious and are now obsessed w themselves. we meet once a month to watch inspirational videos of nicki minaj and talk about how 2 make ppl weak in the knees

anybody wants to join my new political party called ASTHMA? it stands for amazing stolen teal hoodie mourning alliance and we meet once a month to cry over the unjust theft of my favorite black and teal stars hoodie with 2 big pockets and a pink inside

​I wanted to say thank you to everyone that made my birthday so amazing. The gifts, celebrating, and just taking time out of your day to wish me a special one were all appreciated. Turning 21 isn’t that big of a deal when you already have a fake ID, but you all made me feel very loved. 

Now to my actual point, I discovered a karaoke bar in New Haven and I think we need to start some sort of tradition. I can’t expect you all to travel here each month, but a lot of us are going to graduating soon and I want to spend as much time with you as I can. My suggestion is that once a month we pick somewhere and meet up. It can be anything as long as we’re spending time together. Maybe I’m being a little ridiculous, but time is going way too quickly and I want to enjoy what time I do have with you now.

So my first suggestion is going to be that you all come to New Haven and see what Puck and I live like. Not many people have visited and going out for karaoke seems right up most of your allies. There’s no time or date set, but just a suggestion to see how people feel about it.