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Meet Cute (Leslie/Reader)

Summary: Nobody really meets people in crowded coffee shops, right? And they certainly don’t meet their favorite artists. And they definitely don’t get a date out of the whole deal. Except, sometimes, they do.

Note: My first Leslie fic! This fills a request for a fan of Leslie’s meeting him and him being sweet about it, and #48 from the prompt list:  “I can’t believe I just asked them out!” “And I can’t believe they said yes.” 

Rating: G. Pure fluff.

Word Count: 1485

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life goals: i’m a writer, living in paris; he’s a poet, living in berlin; we exchange heartbreaking letters about our inedaquate lives; we meet once every few months in vienna; he brings me his poems; i bring him old, rare editions of his favourite books; we’re doomed and in love.

I Miss Her - Allison Argent Imagine

A/N: This is an imagine on how every character feels about Allison’s death, Reader is Allison’s cousin. She’s been in the pack since Allison was still there, Reader was distant to the pack after Allison’s death and they all finally talk about it.This was in my drafts and I haven’t had time to write because of school. I’m still going to upload the “Dive”  Scott Imagine, it’s in the works but I’m not done with it yet.

Warnings: Meantions of Death, Self Harm

Word Count: 1,444

P.S: If you guys ever need to talk about anything, my ask box is always open. Don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here if you want to talk.


**Reader’s P.O.V**

Ever since Allison’s death, I locked myself in my room, crying non stop. I was angry at her because she had died but she didn’t know that it was going to happen. I miss her a lot…

It’s been a week, my Uncle Chris left to France with Isaac. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t seem sad about his daughters death. He had lost his wife and now his daughter. He was always a serious guy but I guess I expected him to show a little emotion.

He had given me an option, to go with him and Isaac or to stay here in Beacon Hills where bad things happen. I had chosen to stay because I couldn’t imagine starting a new life in a new country. I remember the argument Uncle Chris and I had before he left.


“Y/N you should come with us” he had looked fine like nothing had happened.

“I won’t run away from my problems”

“You’re not going to be running away from your problems”

“I see it as running away from your problems” I said crying “How could you show no emotion? Your daughter just died” I yelled at him.

“Do you think I don’t care about losing Allison?” he asked as his eyes started watering “ I lost my wife, then I lost Allison. The only people I had left. God, I hate myself for not being able to protect her, If only I had gotten there earlier this wouldn’t of happened.” at this point he as already crying. “If you stay everyone will be talking and feeling sorry for you and it’ll make you feel even worse”

“I’m sorry Uncle Chris but I can’t leave, I’m going to face everyone, sure people will talk but I don’t care, I want to stay”

“Y/N please come, It’s not safe for you here”

“I’m not going anywhere” I said walking over to where he was standing and I hugged him. We had stayed like that for a while.

*flashback ends*

I’m sitting on my bed with a razor blade on my right hand, holding it over my left hand. I slowly start to cut my wrist in a horizontal line and put pressure on it. I was crying as I did this, thinking about Allison and how now I felt alone.

I repeated that five more times and dropped the razor on my bed while crying to myself. I hadn’t slept in days because every time I closed my eyes, I saw Allison get stabbed and fall to the ground. I heard my phone buzz a couple of times before I dozed off. I knew it was the pack calling me but I didn’t want to pick it up.

**Scott’s P.O.V**

Stiles, Lydia, Kira and I were at my house. We all tried calling Y/N but she hadn’t picked up any of our calls. We had all started calling and texting her since the beginning of the week. Lydia was currently in the kitchen calling her, Stiles was talking to his dad, and Kira was texting Y/N.

“She won’t pick up her phone” Lydia said walking back to the living room and sitting on the couch.

:“Maybe we should go to her house” Sties suggested

 “Maybe she just wants to be alone” Kira said getting up from the couch

“I’m worried about her” I said 

“I am too, maybe Stiles is right, we should go to her house” Lydia also got up, grabbed her purse and headed out the door towards her car

“Are you guys coming or what” Stiles asked Kira and I

“I have to go home, my dad already texted me telling me he wants me home” Kira said grabbing her stuff.

“I’m coming” I said as we all walked out of the door.

Once we got to Y/N’s house we noticed that the whole house looked dark. There were no curtains opened, no lights were on, it had looked like no one lived in the house anymore.

**Reader’s P.O.V**

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. I got up from my bed and remembered what I had done to my wrist. I mentally cursed at myself ad reached for my black cardigan that was on my chair and walked down stairs to get the door. 

As soon as I got to the door, I looked through the peep hole and saw Scott, Lydia and Stiles standing outside.I opened the door and they all started asking questions all at once.

“Y/N, what the hell” Stiles said

“Why didn’t you answer our calls or texts” Scot said walking in and closing the door.

“We’ve been worried about you” Lydia said hugging me 

“Guys, I’m fine” I said lying and remembered that Scott could sense it.

“Y/N how are you really” Scott asked walking towards me “and be honest”

I looked at all of them as they waited for my answer. I started crying.

“Honestly” I began “ I feel angry and sad. There are so many emotions that I’m feeling. Everything had gone to shit, I don’t sleep anymore because every time I close my eyes I see Allison getting stabbed, she didn’t even see it coming”

At this point I was practically sobbing. I felt Lydia’s arm on my back and then she spoke.

“Y/N. I can’t imagine how you feel, she was my best friend, I miss her too, a lot.” She was rubbing my back, I looked at her and she was crying too, so I hugged her “just know that we will all be here for you”

“I blame myself” Stiles said from across the couch

“Stiles it’s not your fault, you were possessed. I know for a fact that Allison doesn’t blame you either” I said getting up walking towards him and giving him a hug. 

“I pictured her in my arms every time I close my eyes, I don’t sleep either” Scott said tearing up

All of us were either crying or starting to cry. It felt good to let out everything, there’s still that dark hole inside me that isn’t going to go away. I had also blamed myself for not being able to do anything to save Allison. I hadn’t noticed that Scott caught scent of something.

“Scott what is it” Lydia asked and I looked up at him

I mentally cursed myself for not cleaning it or washing the razor and throwing it away. I felt my heart beating faster, I didn’t want to tell them but I knew they’d find out somehow.

“I smell blood” 

“It’s me” I said hesitantly 

“What’s wrong” Stiles asked

I just raised the sleeve of my cardigan and showed them my scars, the blood had already smeared. I looked down scared of what they would think of me.

“Oh Y/N” they all hugged me.

“Why did you do this to yourself” Lydia asked me

“I’m not sure, I guess I was just feeling alone and all my feelings were all over the place”

“You could’ve talked to us about it” Scott said

“I know but I just didn’t want to bug you guys”

“Hey you wouldn’t of been bugging us Y/N, you could talk to us about anything, please don’t do that again” Stiles said hugging me again.

“I won’t”

“If any one of us are dealing with stuff like this again we should talk like having pack meetings but like feelings meetings. We should probably get together once a month and talk about how we’ve been feeling” Scott suggested and looked at all of us to see what we thought about his idea.

“I think that’s a great idea” both Lydia and I said

“Yes I’m okay with that” Stiles said nodding his head

“Great! Well I’m starving, do you guys want to go the pizza parlor,or the diner” Scott said getting up causing all of us to laugh a little “What I’m starving and I haven’t eaten anything all day”

“I’m starving too, let me just go change really quickly” I said running up stairs

“Hurry up I’m hungry too” Stiles yelled after me, sounding a bit desperate, that’s how he always gets when he’s hungry.

“I’m coming” I laughed at how he acted when he was hungry.

I made my way down the stairs braiding my hair in a fishtail. “Okay I’m ready, where are we going” 

“Come on Y/N, the guys are waiting in the car” Lydia said laughing and reaching for my arm in the process. 


queen-fredegund  asked:

1) So I'm a new DM and I feel ok about mostly everything (my players always have feedback about what did and didn't work for them and I take that seriously if it's within my ability to fix) My big issue is 2 of my players have to be hounded to get to participate. We've all agreed to meet once a month, but these two won't help find dates and won't confirm dates that others have proposed unless I ride their ass. They don't participate in our group chat or our group calendar

“2) I told everybody to have a backup character last session in case they died, and to email me the details a week before the session so I would have them. By the day before, I had everybody’s but these two. I’ve tried bribing/rewarding, penalties and the only thing that seems to work is just riding their ass butI have enough work getting these sessions together, y'know? Is it ok to sit them down and tell them they either step up their game or leave the group? Or is that too harsh a response?”

I’ve personally never had this problem (I am very lucky in this regard), but my heart goes out to you.  It’s a fairly common experience among gaming groups.  I talked to my friend who is running a once a month game, and it’s had these problems in the past.  This is what he told me:

“This game comes with homework.  To really get into it, you need to do some preparation outside of the game-day itself.  A common misconception is that it’s the DM’s job to organize everything, but if everyone wants to participate, they should contribute some effort.  If you have the balls to tell those players to shape up or leave, then you should do it.”

He’s also had some luck with delegating certain tasks to his players.  A couple players are currently in charge of coordinating the schedule, and another coordinates food.  This leaves him free to focus on planning the session without getting overwhelmed.

Putting gendered language aside, I largely agree with his advise.  The only thing I might recommend is starting that uncomfortable conversation by pointing out to them that it seems like they don’t really want to play your game.  They need to understand that you want them to be a part of your group, but not if that means constantly having to nag them to get things done.  

Thanks for the question, and good luck!

Tips for Chaste Dating

1. Talk about chastity!!
This is possibly the most important thing in any relationship; talk about sex and do it as soon as possible. He needs to know that you intend to save yourself for marriage and what that means. I’ve been surprised in my own dating experience; when guys hear “I don’t believe in sex outside of marriage”, they tend to hear “I’ll do everything else, but I want to remain a virgin”. Be specific. If going without sexual activity is a deal breaker, you both need to know asap.
2. It’s okay if he asks why you’re waiting, but if he tries to argue against your reasons, he’s wrong for you.
It honestly does not matter if you are waiting to have sex until the alien overlords return. If you don’t want to have sex, he should respect that. It’s actually an enormous red flag if he argues or tries to propose a compromise. I dated a guy who suggested we meet in the middle and have sex, like, once a month. Don’t go out with a guy like that, girl. You deserve better.
3. Go to church together!
It makes chastity a lot easier when you both are nourishing your souls. And doing so together can be an incredible bonding experience. Make the other person part of your life with God. Pray together, go to church together, hit up bible studies together. Be soul food for your partner.
4. Steer clear of pornography.
Beyond the fact that it’s a little (a lot) disrespectful to be getting off on someone else’s naked body while you’re in a relationship or the other ton of things wrong with porn, it is actually a lot easier to be chaste with your partner if your mind is occupied with pure, wholesome things.
5. You will mess up.
It may be a small mess up and it may be a big mess up. Someone’s hand may go where it doesn’t belong. You may go too far together. But you probably will mess up. Chastity is pretty trial and error in some ways. You may have to regularly reevaluate what’s working for you guys and what’s not. That’s okay. Be open, be understanding, be honest, and don’t place blame.
6. Don’t make it harder on each other.
As I said above, you are probably going to screw up a little. Chastity is active. You have to love your partner enough to make note of the fact that it’s harder for him to think pure thoughts or keep his cool when you wear that one pair of jeans, flirt a certain way, put yourselves in a certain situation, etc. There’s a tendency in this generation to place all the responsibility on the man (i.e., “It doesn’t matter what I wear, his chastity is his responsibility.”) And while chastity is each person’s individual duty, if you find yourself thinking that way, you do not love your boyfriend and you need to break up. If you loved him, you’d not want to make this harder for him. And vice versa.
7. Pray, pray, pray!


Hi anon, 

here is your preference, I’m guessing you’re going to college soon, if you are congrats, its so fucking great. Anyways, thank you for the request and i hope you like it! 


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The Gala: Part 1

Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU
Berk Dragon Sanctuary AU fics and drabbles masterpost.

Takes place a few weeks after The Date: Part 2. Companion drabble for this.

There’s only one reason Hiccup is mildly tolerating the gala event, and even he is not prepared when she walks in the door.

“It’s a spectacular night.”

Hiccup looked up from his drink to see his father approach. The man looked formidable on a regular day—let alone dressed in black tie. “I try,” he said, with a lopsided, sardonic grin. “But most of the credit should go to Mrs. Haydes.”

“She does know how to work some magic,” his father agreed. “But still, I’m glad you showed up. I know how much you hate these kind of events.”

“Well, I do run the sanctuary technically,” Hiccup said. “I had to make an appearance.”

“Your mother was never crazy about these events either. I think the longest she stayed one year was twenty-six minutes.”

“Sounds like her,” Hiccup chuckled. “But I’m afraid there are too many people who want to speak to me—and besides, I have to give a speech.”

Not to mention he had other motivation. Astrid was coming tonight.

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My experience as a “beard”

I’ve seen  so much anti-Larries stuff during the last days (including the need to trend the hashtag #LarriesDeserveRespect) that I decided to post this very personal information - in order to make you understand some things.

So anti-Larries accuse Larries of trying to force a sexuality on Harry and Louis. Which is kinda stupid, I’ve never heard of someone being able to force homosexuality on a person. (And I’m not speaking about people who are being raped here. I’m talking about persons who are allegedly forced to live and act like homosexuals.)

But I’ve heard about thousands of persons forced to hide their sexuality or being closeted.

One of these persons was my best friend - for whom I was a “beard” for some months. 

That was a long time ago, we were young back then. I believe we were 17. He had 2-3 girlfriends, but he wasn’t happy. He knew he was gay, but, in the country I lived, homosexuality was regarded as being abnormal. Until 2001, it was even illegal and you could go to jail for 6 months to 2 years for being gay.

When he was about 15-16, he had the courage to come out to his parents - who were totally shocked and told him that he was sick, that being gay was not “normal” etc. And they forbade him to go out. He could go to school reunions, where there were many persons, teachers etc. - but he couldn’t go out just with 1 or 2 male friends. Even if that was just a platonic relationship - they didn’t allow it.

My friend tried for a couple of years to be “normal”. He even had sex with his girlfriends, hoping that he would “heal”, that he would become straight. He was so tormented by the fact that he was “anomalous” that he even considered killing himself.

So, when we were about 17 years old, I became his “beard”. I visited his family a couple of times, we were holding hands and kissing each other (just quick kisses on the lips, nothing more), we were going out together. Little did his parents know that, after they dropped us off somewhere, my friend’s boyfriend would meet us or just him. 

We did that for some months. Once, I even had to watch TV in his boyfriend’s apartment, while they were having sex in the other room. Totally crazy and awkward! But it was winter, I didn’t have anywhere else to got - so it was the only thing we could do at that moment.

I hate the idea that someone has to go through the same experience. 

I hate the idea that Harry and Louis could be facing the same problems (at least they are together…). Especially since they are so supportive and helping many teens who struggle because of being gay. That’s why I support them and I will always do it.

I hope that I could make you understand how difficult it is to be closeted. Just imagine, for example that you are not allowed to see your boyfriend/girlfriend or your best friend anymore. Because someone thinks that is “abnormal”. Would you like that?

cheshire-kas  asked:

Demon Meetings

Twisted Falls AU AND Billdip Husband AU

Two for one! Also, credit to Dipper and Mabel’s demon names go to my lovely moirail/twin Kas! Woo! She also sends me this prompts after we get into fic discussions.

Demon Meetings


Once a month Bill would retreat into the mindscape for a few hours and neither Pines twin knew why or for what reason. Or why he would take a plate of Dipper’s cookies or Mabel’s cupcakes with him. It wasn’t until after their Demon Games ended that they finally found out.

“Whoa whoa whoa, wait, demon meetings?” Bill only nodded as he absently swiped one of Mabel’s recently made attempts at fudge. Considering nothing was moving it was her best try yet. “Like…every demon in the world or something?”

“Yup! Not sure how it started but it’s sort of a way to keep an eye on all the others, challenge them, keep order, know where to hide, things like that.“

“So many things you just said contradict each other,” Dipper groaned, rubbing his temples as Mabel bounced in excitement. “So, okay, I get you going every month, but…why do we have to go?” Seeing the dual looks of pity he sighed. “I like to pretend I’m still human, okay?”

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My three solid Sugar Daddy type relationships seemed so neatly summed up by our last texts (From left to right)

1. The Exhibitionist. We are great friends, the most I’ve done is watch him jerk off. Never kissed even. It’s effortless. He’s never asked for more but I do wonder if, now that we are very much friends, he’s nervous to ask because he would find it disrespectful. But what we have does seem too perfect to mess up. I’m very comfortable with what we are and I’m comfortable around him…as you can see, I sang freely around him. Something I rarely do around people unless I know them and don’t feel judged. And I don’t realize I’m doing it. And he noticed. He cares for me, I know from our conversations and how he treats me. And I care for him. He’s a wonderful man.

What I feel he needs: A companion. He works too much. He is in his forties and never been married, he wants feminine energy and loves to travel. And he’d rather not travel alone. He enjoys sharing the experience. He loves intellectual discussion and good food. Cracking jokes together and exploring the world and each other’s minds.

Our arrangement: Originally it was watching him jerk off in hotel rooms. Then we always ended up talking hours after so he offered the L.A. trip. I went. It was awesome. Now we have a weekend travel arrangement. 1,000$ each trip, he covers all trip costs as well. Currently brainstorming for our June trip!

2. Southern Gent. He’s exactly that…a southern gentleman. And he’s always generous without ever questioning it. He gives beyond what is expected from our arrangement and he does it with a smile. Kind of shy but with a touch of spunk, he’s a nice guy to his core. He also works too much and is used by his wife and daughter for his money. It’s sad. I wish he would get out of his marriage and stand up for himself more. He adores me.

What I feel he needs: Affection and attention. The man just wants a real lady. Not to be nagged but to be surrounded by youth and have an escape from his mundane life. He craves affection. He wants to be wanted and thought of.

Our arrangement: From the start, he respected my boundaries and invested his time and money in getting to know me for a few dates before we jumped into bed. 1,000$ per meeting once a month. We go to dinner and then are intimate. He also blesses me with random expensive gifts.

3. The Debater. Still new but he has been pursuing me for months since our first date. He always says finding someone hot and bright is as rare on SA as finding someone willing to pay thousands a month for an allowance. We had a second date and it’s a good fit. He’s a horndog. He’s been in this game a while. Huge thing for young, hot, smart girls. He likes to dress his mistress in designer clothes and lingerie and he’s into the “Daddy” roleplay. Very liberal but into traditional gender roles. Very dominant. A smart and challenging conversationalist. It’s quite natural. Fun dynamic. The richest of the 3. A millionaire with quite the lifestyle.

What I feel he needs: Releasing the testosterone. Living out his urges to dominate women and pick away at innocence. It’s less about the connection I believe and will be more about the sex. But he also emphasizes he only likes girls who are smart and have their shit together, which I believe deepens the powerplay. And just a way to blow all his money.

Our arrangement: Right now still platonic. Will be 1,000$ a meet as often a month as we can meet. Also buys expensive dresses, shoes and lingerie.

anonymous asked:

how do you write a relationship like the ones that go deeper and farther than the romance and friendship that's more commitment than the hey can we hangout friendship?

I’m sorry, I’m not really thinking clearly now, but I’ll try to answer your question. I’ll add some other things if I think of them.


  • Would you die for them? Simple. If your character is ready to do anything for their significant other, they probably love them a whole lot. Not just things like throwing yourself out in front of a train to save them, no. That could be due to the heat of the moment or passion. If they got into an accident and became crippled, would your character stay? If they were diagnosed with mental decline, would you character stay? Chronic, selfless care and giving, that’s what I’m talking about. 

Do note:

  • Be sure to not only focus on the passion and intimacy in your story. Sometimes, the best love stories can be reflected in the most mundane of things. 

You can gain a few things from this article too:

Deep Friendship

Well, from my personal experience and from observing others around me, here’s what I came up with that you should include in your story:

  • Commitment. Hangout friendships tend to come and go - especially during a major life change, also know as graduation, moving away, changing schools, etc. When you and your friend are leading different lives with majorly different schedules (especially busy schedules), it takes real commitment to set a deal and say hey, we should meet once a month to keep the friendship going. In fact, in some friendships there’s no need to set such targets. If you don’t see the other person, you’ll feel at unease. 
  • Touch. I personally cannot form a close friendship without touch. I have to be comfortable around the person physically to get involved emotionally. Touch is very important in personal relationships - it reassures, and creates a bond. A light touch on the arm, a brief hug - or for the more touchy cultures, a long hug, a cuddle, a kiss. The pair should not be uncomfortable with a little touch, and it should come casually, intended or not. 
  • Love. You actually have to love the person. I know it’s like duh! but it’s very important. You’ll do anything for the person if you love them. I would do anything for my best friend. Sometimes I kid myself and say I feel affection for my other friends, but the real affection is reserved for a few of my close friends. You should treat your close friends better than you treat your other friends, or at least love them more.

Other than that, it’s really like any other relationship - close ones - that you have. You share your dreams and insights with each other, you laugh and joke, you share troubles. 

Do note: 

  • Things may get in the way. Especially if one of the pair has a significant other. Romantic commitments may hinder the friendship. The partner may feel jealous or forbid the friends to see each other. 
  • People sometimes hold back in a friendship. My friend would rather die before actually talk about his feelings, but I guess that he would be more open in front of his girlfriend. 

Here is an article that probably explains it better than me

Day of Silence

So at my school, our GSA is very small and is only able to meet up once a month (next year we’ll meet twice a month). I’m sure that many of you know that today is National Day of Silence, where people go the whole day without speaking to bring attention to how many LGBTQIA+ people are silenced. Sadly, our group was unable to plan ahead enough to get the supplies to do this today. So, instead, we are going to be doing it in a couple of weeks, probably May 12th. I’m kind of upset that I wasn’t able to participate today, but I’m super excited for when we do :)


NSV x2

I had two little NSV tonight. Once a month we have a board meeting at my favorite pizza place. Needless to say, pizza isn’t an option for me right now. 1) My first NSV was I made it through the meeting without being tempted. I just avoided making eye contact with the pizza. 🍕 👀 😂 2) The second…. We meet in a large booth in the restaurant. I usually pull up a chair outside the booth… This time, I fit in the booth!

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

I’ve put some thought into this and I’m pretty excited about it - I’m going to try and start an ED support group through the counseling office at my school. I go to a smaller school and we don’t have anything like it, but I think it’s so important. we would have like once a month support groups and weekly meetings at the dining hall, and hopefully I could get a counselor to work with me with all of this, but I think it’d be really great

i’m starting a club for girls who used to be self conscious and are now obsessed w themselves. we meet once a month to watch inspirational videos of nicki minaj and talk about how 2 make ppl weak in the knees