we may or may not want a publisher

We are all words in a story. It is our story, but we do not write it. We are merely words written by someone else’s subconscious. We are not in control of our own thoughts or actions. But were they really ours to begin with? We put on a facade of character and plot. We put on a facade of control. But everyone sees through our walls. Our letters and our paragraphs, that aren’t really ours at all. Yes, we want control. We don’t want the author of our life to dictate it. When we reach a certain chapter, perhaps over halfway through our story, we may reach the point of control. But not absolute control. The publishers influence us still, and scare us into making decisions we may not want to make.
Until then, we are just words on a page, bound by the plastic jacket of society.

Small Update

Hi everyone!! Just a few short notices until we get some stuff posted.

Hannah is still moving into her new house, but she is expecting to get some stuff done for our projects soon now that things are a little more settled down! Thanks so much for your patience with that. :)

A bigger announcement that we wanted you to know about; we’ll be attending the Comic Artist Alley at Momocon this May!! The Comic Alley is a part of the regular artist alley, but is exclusive to published and self-published comic artists. We will be selling various merchandise of our characters and webcomics (Beyond Words and The Safekeepers), as well as printed copies of our webcomic The Safekeepers! So if you are planning to go to Momocon from May 25th to May 28th, be sure  to stop at our table!

Once again, thank you SO much for your support and patience, and we’ll start posting things again ASAP. :)

As some of you may already be aware, Tablo has left his radio program, Dreaming Radio, on 14 Nov 2015. He may return one day, but between now and then, there will be no more Blonotes left for us to translate - meaning this blog will now go on an indefinite hiatus.

So we wanted to thank our followers for always loving Tablo’s work, as well as our own. What fuelled our motivation to keep this blog going was none other than your tremendous support, and we really appreciate that. :)

Don’t be too sad though! Tablo has stated on his Twitter that he is thinking of publishing a book based on his Blonotes. Once we get more information, we will be sure to share it here.

Until then,


International Nurses Day

Okay guys, so here’s the plan!

Get your nursing/midwifery uniforms on, students, Assistants, and RNs because we’re about to take May 12th by storm (Florence’s Birthday)!

Snap a photo of you in uniform, studying or any other crazy moment from your time in nursing school or on the floor.

Keep this photo or all 3 in collage style and write a blurb about your original inspiration for becoming a nurse, your struggles, your accomplishments and your reasons now for wanting to be a nurse still.

I will be creating a new blog specifically for IND May 12th and setting up an email for everyone to send their photos and blurbs to to have published.

The blog and email address are in the process of being made but will be ready by this coming weekend.

Please specify if you would like to remain anonymous, or if you would like to have your blog tagged in your post !

It would be awesome if we can make this go viral! We are such a close knit group and we have proved time and time again that we support one another through our journey, and that of our patients xxx

The Tag-Athon!

hey everybody! next weekend (the dates of May 14th-May 15th), @woyseason3 and we are doing a Tag-Athon event! basically, all you have to do is message either us or woyseason3 with a message saying:

“i want to save wander over yonder because…”

and then add your reason! it can be a funny reason, a thoughtful one, an emotional one, or all three! it can be ANYTHING as long as you tell us why you want to save wander.

now, the reason why it’s called a Tag-Athon is because we will be publishing all of these messages and tagging the disneyxd tumblr to hopefully show them that the fans love wander over yonder!

we’re letting you know ahead of time so you can prepare your stories (you can also submit longer stories or post them in the savewoy tag for us to reblog, too). 

this is going to be a ton of fun and a good way to get all of you involved! :) we can’t wait!

– mod hater

About Falling star (again)sort of))

I have re started working fully on falling star, and…. we are in like the half of the series (i think) and after it, i want to start right after a new series, a new series in another steven univer au actually, i have some ideas that may work well for it, some of them are long, other ones may be really short, but i want to keep publishing something weekendly, so, just for share, here are some of the ideas.

BITTING PERALS (Bad Pearl AU hell yes) This one is more likely to be the next one, an story based on an aternate timeline in which mains events occur before steven’s birth, pearl refused the idea of never going back to homeworld and left the crystal gems

THE CRYSTAL GEMS the band, A human AU where Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet are a music band who managger is nothing else than Greg Universe, failed musician widower of the famous singer Rose Quartz, the same who was the inspiration to form the CG, Steven the only child of Greg have natural talent for music and wants to joins to the band. Jasper (as an mannager) Lapis and Peridot (as solo musicians) will have a part in the story aswell

Giant robot AU (not real name yet) Human AU based in one of so many sci-fi mech animes, where Steven must lead the resistence against  the evil forces or something, i don’t know this one is pretty silly, i just like giant robots

Normal life (temp name) AU were Steven lives in the city with his father, Greg universe, and his 3 sisters Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst (in age order) living what it should be a normal life until a strange creature with a incrusted gem roars after school and chase for steven (i kind of like this one because i would be able to show and use most of the characters in the show, not only the gems)

SU X UG Wars Post apocaliptic crossover AU where the characters from Steven universe fight with chracters from another show (if is not clear this one is a joke)

and that is it, at least for steven universe, i aslo wants to start an original series, and i have plenty of ideas for that, i don’t know if i should shre them or not, i may be a better idea to share them with some art for them, but i can tell a little something about theones i want to do more

Cartridge  A young student name Renata finds a misteryus game cartridge in secondhand store, after plug it in and played it a new horrizond is show to her, along her best friend Monica they will explore new worlds trying to understand what this cartridges are and who made them.

Rockhound  Madeleine is a professional rockhound who just moved to the capital city of the miner business, under this city are the caves, tunels and forgoten cities from where rockhounds seek for precius gemstones and treasures.

Wastelands A post apocaliptic world on its way to reform, humankind have lost most of its technology, so every finding of old tech is highly valued, one of the most common findings and rediscovered technologies are robotic vehicles and armored suits, used by common people and armies of the old kingdom before the last war of humankind, but new empires are rising, using the left over of technologic in robotic for take domain of the world once again

and many others, but this 3 are the ones i want to do at the momment, so i’m just sharing a little of my ideas with you guys to see what you think,i don’t usually share things like this and some feedback is always usefull