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Theresa May to shut down the internet as we know it

“Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.

Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.

"Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”

Senior Tories have confirmed that the phrasing indicates that the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, share and publish online.

This is genuinely fucking nightmarish.

I hate to use the term ‘Orwellian’ but if the totalitarian urge to control discourse fits…

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Week One of our 4k ship month is coming up! The first ship of the month is Pipabeth. 


Day 1 (May 28): Firsts (first kiss, first date, first time telling people they’re dating, etc.) 
Day 2 (May 29): Fluff Day
Day 3 (May 30): Angst Day
Day 4 (May 31): Camp/godswap
Day 5 (June 1st): Free Day
Day 6 (June 2nd): Trans headcanons (within the ship)
Day 7 (June 3rd): Domestic/Modern AU


Tag all of your posts as #lgbtqpjoshipweek1 or submit your fanworks to us and we’ll be sure to publish them. 


-We will not be reblogging any content that involves r*pe, inc*st, or p*dophilia. Any NSFW must be under “read more” and there must be a warning. Possibly triggering content will be tagged accordingly. (Please notify us if you want us to use a specific tag). 

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Let’s talk about abuse and fandom.

Abuse & Fandom is a research project examining experiences of abuse and conflict in online fandom communities. Over the past couple years, I’ve been particularly interested in the ways our communities talk about abuse: as a subject of our fanworks and a part of our lives.

The primary objective of this project is to collaboratively develop working definitions of abuse and other related concepts for a specifically fannish context, with an ultimate goal of suggesting practices for conflict resolution and community accountability for fans. We spend a lot of time talking about whether or not fandom is a “safe space,”and how to deal with the fact that, for many people, it simply isn’t. But because these topics are intensely personal, and our communities are both diffuse and diverse, it can be difficult to imagine what community accountability might look like in fannish spaces.

In this project, I hope to amplify your voices, experiences, and ideas, while also drawing on resources, literature, and practices from other communities and contexts to figure out what we, as fans, can do about abuse in fandom.

What do we mean when we talk about abuse?

We all have different understandings of what constitutes abuse. That’s part of what makes this work so challenging - and so important. I’m not interested in presenting a prescriptive definition of abuse, and I’m not interested in limiting the scope of this project to one “type” of abuse, particularly at such an early stage. I am interested in hearing directly from fans about how they would define abuse, what they identify as abusive behavior, and how they’ve experienced conflict in fannish spaces.

It’s important to note that I’m using the word “abuse” broadly. That’s partially because I’ve seen a wide range of behaviors and experiences described as abuse or abusive in online fandom communities. In short, we often use that word to mean different things. When we talk about abuse, sometimes we mean physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes we mean emotional abuse. Sometimes we are talking about our own personal histories with abuse, and sometimes we are talking about abuse as a theme or trope within fanworks. Sometimes we describe our interactions with other fans as abusive; this can manifest as online harassment, doxxing, call-out posts, anonymous messages or comments, and more. It’s also important to recognize that we don’t always agree on what constitutes abuse, and that can be a source of conflict in itself. Sometimes allegations of abuse are themselves understood as a form of abuse, and sometimes we mis-describe things as abuse because we don’t have a language for what we’ve experienced.

What’s next for this project?

The first stage of this project is a series of informal interviews with fans about how they understand and identify abuse and conflict in fandom. This interviews will be broad and largely self-directed. I will not be asking about your personal histories of abuse outside of fandom communities, although participates are absolutely welcome to share in whatever ways are comfortable for them. I will ask a series of open-ended questions about participants’ experiences and understandings of abuse and conflict in fandom. Topics addressed may include: fandom as a safe/r space, how you’ve resolved conflict in online fandom communities, “wank” and “discourse,” your personal history in fandom, and what you value in online fandom communities. Participants can always opt out of answering particular questions, no questions asked.

These preliminary interviews will help shape my research, and crucially, they’ll inform the Abuse & Fandom Survey, which I plan to launch this spring. For more information on the survey, check this out and stay tuned. 

I can conduct interviews by email, phone, or Skype; if there’s a different platform that’s more accessible for you, I’ll make it work. Unfortunately, I can online conduct interviews in English at this time. 

If you self-identify as a fan and you’re engaged in online fandom, I’d love to have a conversation with you - it’s as simple as that.

I’m interested in participating/learning more. What should I do?

If you’re interested in doing an interview, or if you’d like more information on the project, please email me at fandomgeographies@gmail.com. You can also reach out through Tumblr, and you can find more information about me and the project here.

If you agree to an interview, we can talk about how your contributions will be used and how you can be credited. In short, your responses will be used to help me design the Abuse & Fandom Survey, and you can be credited for this work however you’d like: with your legal name, a pseudonym, your fannish username/handle, or anonymously. I may want to use your responses in subsequent written work, which may mean quoting or paraphrasing you; this work may be published. Again, you can be credited however you like, and if you’re not comfortable with your interview being used beyond the survey design stage, you’ll be able to opt out. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

There will be other opportunities to participate in this project - including completing the Abuse & Fandom Survey! To stay informed on this project, please follow this blog. To receive a one-time email notification when the survey goes live, please complete this short form.

Yes, it’s really happening, folks! StarAccuser Week is upon us!

When? StarAccuser Week will take place from May 29th - June 4th 2017.

Where? Everything will be reblogged/shared/posted on this blog. So please make sure to tag your entries with staraccuserweek so we can find it, to send us a link to your post (if you for example posted something on AO3), or to submit your post to this blog! :)

How? Each day of StarAccuser Week has its own prompt (see below). If one or several (or all! :D) of the prompts inspire you to do something, get going! Then on the day this prompt belongs to, upload or submit what you did and we will make sure to reblog or publish it here!

What? Fanart, fanfic, edits, manips, fanmixes, fanvids, craftings, really ANYTHING, as long as it’s Staraccuser. Also please make sure to post the right prompt on the right date, so things won’t get confused!

??? If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or just want to say Hi, feel free to send an ask to this blog :) We will answer it as fast as possible!

The prompts

Monday, May 29th: Swapping/Switching

Tuesday, May 30th: Bound

Wednesday, May 31st: Childhood/Kids

Thursday, June 1st: First Times

Friday, June 2nd: Differences & Similarities

Saturday, June 3rd: The 80s

Sunday, June 4th: Creator’s Choice

Need some inspiration or are unsure what the prompts mean exactly? Click below to see some suggestions/clarifications for the prompts!

Also remember that each prompt can also be set in an AU if you want :)

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What kind of stuff should we send you?

Essays! Rants! Fiction! Illustrations! Photo Essays! Comics! Recipes! Mixed Media! Collage! Poetry! How-tos! Anything realistically printable in a zine! If you haven’t seen the zine before, you can get at all the old issues in the sidebar and check out what we do.

Can I send you something I’ve already put on my tumblr/blog/own zine/an assignment etc?

You sure can! Basically anything that’s your original work, but make sure any previous publications sign off on it (we do not have lawyers)

How big/long/what size/what format should submissions be in?

When you submit, please give your name as you’d like it published and a title for your piece!

Text stuff: Please send submissions of any kind, preferably under 3000 words. We take .doc files, and we edit using track changes.

Image goodness: We prefer 300dpi - 1748 x 2480px for A5, 2480 x 3508px for A4. We print in full colour, but this is a print-at-home zine meaning that colour quality is mid-fidelity, so please keep this in mind.

.png or .tiff preferred and .jpg is cool too. If you don’t know what any of this means that’s fine too, we’ll try our best to help you figure it out, there’s lots of space to negotiate so don’t let the above deter you!

Is anything off-limits?

Things that are fine:

Language! Nudity! Adult themes! General insurrection! Discussions of Real Shit! Being completely independent means we can publish pretty much whatevs we want.

Things to keep in mind:

If your piece involves the use of slurs, we may asterisk them up. If you’re commenting on the slurs meaningfully and in good faith, that’s probably going to be fine. If you’re using slurs to be totes edgy and rustle jimmies, we’ll probably be bored with it.

We may ask you to put content warnings in text pieces (we’ve generally used them in-text if something super gnarly is coming up), or insert our own. Content warnings are important because they’re the very definition of classification over censorship, and we want the freedom to discuss anything that affects us, like assault or mental illness, and give people the heads up they need when going into a topic that’s tough for them. We will not publish pieces about how content warnings are wimpy and indulgent and are ruining academia, because… they’re not.

I have an idea, but I’m not sure what to do with it!

Shoot us an email, and one of the editors can talk it over with you. But give yourself lots of time!

What happens if you’d like to publish my thing?

Hooray! One of us will be in touch (Talia for visual pieces, Rebecca for anything with words) to edit your piece and make sure we’re both happy with it. We edit/give feedback on/workshop all of our stuff until both we and the artist are happy with it, so get ready to furiously draft. We will definitely be using track changes in Word for text pieces.

We also work with a tight set of deadlines, as we are all doomed students and this is our version of taking a vacation; so be ready to edit like the wind!

Why didn’t I make it into this issue?

Like we said, this is a fly-by-night self-printing operation, so we can only publish so much. Everyone will hear back individually from us either way, so you may get some feedback, notification that I’m holding the piece over for the next issue (with your permission), or a friendly ‘submit next issue!’

Do you pay for content?

We now actually do: we pay $20 per piece. We’re self-funded, but we do charge for the zines- and our artists work hard. A ‘piece’ for the purposes of payment will be anything that would come under a single heading in our contents page, and will probably be negotiated individually; it’ll be paid shortly after we launch.


WHEN – 2ND JULY 2017


Makorra Spring Project Rules!!!

No joke. They’re right here.


➥We accept any kind of fan work! Fanart, fanfiction, playlists, videos, etc. If you have any questions about your idea, please don’t hesitate to ask!
➥In keeping the spirit of the previous projects, the Spring Project will contain AUs only, the sole purpose being to celebrate their relationship through any universe and timeline.
➥We advise keeping any relation to canon to a bare minimum, but if you have any awesome ideas pertaining to the show’s timeline, tweak canon however you want as long as you don’t try to alter anything related to the finale. Any submissions attempting to do so will not be published in the final project.
➥You can submit as many pieces for as many genres as you’d like! Make sure to label each piece with a specific genre (more info on that later today).
➥There is no length limit for fanfiction! But however long they may be, be sure to keep it a oneshot and that it needs no background knowledge to any other story you may have previously written.
➥Also in keeping the spirit of the Projects alive, this e-book will be free and available for download.

All work must be submitted by Friday, June 16, 2017 at 11:59:00 CST.

When you’re done, you can submit your work via our Tumblr’s submission box or email it to makorraspringproject@gmail.com if you aren’t able to use our submission box. Also, please do not post your work ANYWHERE until the e-book is published. We want all the beautiful work to be a surprise. At this time any posts with #makorra spring project or #mspp (to avoid confusion with the Makorra Summer Project) in the first five tags will be reblogged here.

P.S. We have just enough to actually launch this project, but if you decide later that you want to contribute, just shoot us a message in our inbox. Yes, we keep reopening the participant sign up list, but we want to still give people a chance to get involved. But for the sake of organization, we will cut the sign up list off on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 11:59:00 CST.

And, as always, keep luxury cruising!

Warui Series-Hisa-Nii One Shot

So for something a little extra since I got a pretty good response to my summaries of the Himitsu Chapter 1. I decided to go ahead a do the same thing with the Hisa-Nii’s one shot chapter entitled “The chaotic future of the Aikawa house” since I have had the magazine for a while. It is a pretty short chapter at under 20 pages and it’s just a quick little fun chapter but let’s get started nevertheless :D  and yes in case your wondering that is “Future Yuu” on the cover. Disclaimer: As always I may of missed things here and there but I try to go through the most important stuff, but sometimes I do miss things. So ignore any mistakes *I didn’t proof read that much since it’s a summery and I didn’t really time too the past week* Sometimes It’s hard to find the right words to translate to since I am still getting the hang of it but hopefully one day it will get easier right? :)  Lastly please make sure you give lots of love to Sakuraga Mei Sensei due to the fact that she is amazing <3 Enjoy!

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T.o.p support projects

Hey guys, today my friend showed me a twitter-link to a support-project for Seunghyun, and as much as I wish I could be a part of something to show him how much we care, I won’t be taking part. 

The problem is that the date set for publishing artwork and trending a support tagg for him is set around the time of his trial, and untill K-VIP has commented on it, I think this could be a very bad idea. 

I know we all want to show our support for him, but doing something that may be percieved by the court as a protest against Korean law may potentially get him into more trouble. 

Please make sure to think twice, it all comes from a place of love, but sometimes the best way of showing him our love is to be tactical and consider when it is appropriate to show our support.

I just really don’t want him to get into trouble because of us… 

keep the femslash coming
  • I stumble and fall down bc my shoelaces are open and everyone in the supermarket saw it and you just fall down beside me and we lie there for half a minute and talk about how ugly the ceiling is and this saved my live so thank you very much AU
  • You are the cutie who always brings me my packages and we usually meet halfway bc I live on the fourth floor but I broke my leg and now you have to come up all the way and I always give you a drink bc you are completely exhausted every single time AU
  • You published your first own book on Amazon and I bought it after you talked about it on your blog and I loved it and I may or may not have written some smutty fanfiction about some of the side characters and in a fit of courage I tell you what I think about your book and about the fanfiction and now you want to read it and I’m dying AU
  • You are a waitress on my grandparent’s wedding anniversary and there are only old and conservative people so I drink too much and complain to you about all the heteronormativity in the room and you confess that you are in fact bisexual so that makes two of us and that makes the party bearable AU
  • I am dating your brother but tbh he’s not as great as I thought but I still like to come to your house bc you are there and one day you tell me that you rly don’t know why I would date a douche like your brother so I spontaneously break up with him and stay to play playstation with you instead AU
  • Your poetry slam presentation brought tears to my eyes so I buy one of your booklets and write you an embarassing facebook message to tell you that your poetry moved me like nothing else in a really long time and suddenly we are talking about different kinds of cereals and our plans for the zombie apocalypse AU 
  • Your cat is always sleeping on my balcony and one time it destroys some of my lingerie so I bring it to your door all fuming and full of rage but when you open the door I realize that you are super pretty and are wearing a Batman shirt – which is super cute – and I stand here like an idiot with my lingerie and a blank brain AU
Jeremy Corbyn calls for 'difficult conversations' with Saudi Arabia and Gulf states over extremism funding

Jeremy Corbyn has said the “difficult conversations” Theresa May wants to have about Islamist extremism should start with “Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states [which] have funded extremist ideology”.

In a speech in Carlisle following the terror attack in London Bridge which killed at seven people, Mr Corbyn was responding to Ms May’s comments on rooting out extremism.

He criticised her alleged suppression of a report into foreign funding of UK-based extremism which was originally due to be published in 2016 but was held back over due to its “sensitive” contents.

He said: “Our democratic values must be maintained. We must resist Islamophobia and division and turn out on 8 June united in our determination to show our democracy is strong.

“And, yes, we do need to have some difficult conversations starting with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states that have funded and fuelled extremist ideology.

“It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist groups. We have to get serious about cutting off the funding to these terror networks, including Isis, here and in the Middle East.”

Earlier that day Ms May gave a speech outside Number 10, saying rooting out terrorism would involve some “difficult and embarrassing conversations”.

“While we have made significant progress in recent years there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country,” she said.

“So we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out across the public sector and across society.”

The Conservative government has been criticised for increased arms sales to Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is one of the top destinations for UK arms export licences with recent sales exceeding £3.5bn.

The arms are widely believed to be being used in the brutal conflict in neighbouring Yemen where the Saudis intervened in 2015 to prop up exiled Sunni Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansir Hadi against Shia Hezbollah forces who are backed by their arch-enemy Iran.

The conflict has so far claimed over 10,000 lives and two thirds of the population are at risk of famine.

Members of Ms May’s government have even expressed disquiet at Riyadh’s actions with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson speaking of his “profound concern” about Yemen in December last year.

He said stability in the country could not be brought about by force alone.

You’re Not a Thing: 10 Anti-Insanity Tips for Writers

In the midst of all the year-end “best of” book lists and writers’ resolutions, I thought it was a good time to share this again. I originally posted it on my blog about 4 years ago and thought I’d need to update it, but I found it to be just as relevant today. Writers, if you need a boost, read on! 

You’re Not a Thing: 10 Anti-Insanity Tips for Writers

In my limited, biased, ever-changing experience, the hardest part about being a published author is enduring the external, perceived transition from a person to a thing. I say external and perceived because even though it feels real, it’s not. But after publication, the reading and publishing world may start treating us like it is, and if we’re not wholly conscious of it, we may start believing it. Evaluating ourselves against other perceived things. Behaving, writing, and speaking as if we are things. And then… our heads explode (really! That part’s in the manual and everything)!

How exactly do writers become things?

I blame capitalism.

(Ha! I always wanted to say that.)

Before publication, writing is deeply personal; it’s art, soul, dreams, creation, sweat, blood, and fairy dust. After publication, writing is deeply personal; it’s art, soul, and all that other stuff… but it’s also a commodity. A thing that can be branded, packaged, categorized, shelved, and stickered with a price based on fancy economic principals. A thing that can be copied and distributed via virtually limitless media and channels. A thing that can be loved, hated, analyzed, dissected, favorited, cheered, booed, challenged, spat upon, lovingly dog-eared, passed reverently among friends, used as kitty litter liner, awarded, or altogether forgotten—and done so exponentially, thanks to the internet.

Our tendency under this model is to arbitrarily define “success” in sales numbers, awards, and dollars, and then to measure against this limited definition with the only scraps of information we have: advance amounts, delayed sales numbers, marketing campaign details, print runs, lists, stars, buzz, and all the other stuff that can be counted, taken out of context, and overanalyzed until it sucks the write right out of us.

It’s quite crazy-making, because from a practical perspective, authors who make their living writing books need to sell books, and to sell books in our capitalist society, we kind of have to accept this thing-ness stuff. It’s part of the deal, just as it is in any for-profit business endeavor.

The important thing to remember, though, is that we’re not the things—our books are. So if you’re feeling a bit thingy these days, read on!

How to Not Be a Thing: 10 Anti-Insanity Tips for Writers

  1. Turn off Google alerts. Google alerts is like being in high school, and every single time someone utters your name, the principal comes over the loudspeaker. Bzzzz! Sarah Ockler, Jeff Johnson doesn’t know you’re alive, so stop practicing your signature with his last name. Bzzzz! Sarah Ockler, your brother found your diary. Why do you write about Jeff Johnson so much? See announcement number one. Bzzzz! Sarah Ockler, you have a huge butt, and also, there’s toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Bzzzz! Sarah Ockler, um, your hair looks nice today. But bzzzz! Not nice enough for Jeff to notice. Yeah, Google Alerts is like that, personalized insults delivered right to your inbox. Trust me—nothing said about you online is worth risking your emotional sanity, because if there’s something being said about you that you really need to know, such as… you’ve been nominated for a National Book Award! or Johnny Depp loves your book so much he wants to pay you a personal visit to get a signed copy! …someone will contact you directly.

  2. Stop comparing. Unless you’re self-published, it’s unlikely that you’ll have accurate, up-to-date sales data at any given point. And what’s a good number, anyway? 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 copies sold might be phenomenal for one book, abysmal for another. This author got on a 10-city tour, that one got a dedicated Web site, this one got an ad in the NYT, that one is visiting every school in the country, this one got a 6-figure advance, that one got less… well? Every book is different and requires different marketing. You don’t always know what’s going on behind the scenes at your publisher, but even that doesn’t matter. Maybe you got the platinum edition marketing campaign or maybe you got utterly forgotten, but comparing anything to other authors doesn’t make the next book happen. I’ll tell you what it does make happen: crazy! Now stop looking at so-and-so’s Amazon rank and go work on your manuscript!

  3. Think like a reader. If you walk into a book store with 3 friends and ask each to point out her favorite book, what are the chances you’ll pick the same book? Your best friend might’ve based her entire life’s dream on a book you thought was utter drivel. Your neighbor can’t stop ranting about a book that you love so much you’ve read it a dozen times. And your cousin Louise was all mehhhh about a book that’s just been turned into a blockbuster movie netting a gazillion dollars. So it makes sense that readers will have widely differing opinions on your work, too. This is a good thing. If we all liked the same stuff, how lame would this joint be? Sure, no one wants to be on the receiving end of a crappy review, but it’s all subjective. I don’t take sugar in my coffee, you hate coffee but love tea, someone else only drinks the chemically-laden General Foods International powdered stuff, which I personally think is nasty (even though I secretly used to love it), but you don’t see the General crying about it, right? I know, I’m a lot braver writing about this than I am in real life, but I’m working on thinking more like a reader when it comes to other readers evaluating my stuff. Better yet…

  4. Don’t read reviews. I’m still not 100% off the review pipe, but I’m getting there. Reviewers do not take the place of a good critique group, and readers aren’t there to give us constructive editorial feedback. They’re there to be entertained, informed, inspired, and educated. All the reasons we read books ourselves. And if your book doesn’t do it for them, that’s okay. It really, truly is. The question is, do you really need to know about that? Unless it’s going to help you improve your next project without killing your spirit, skip it.

  5. Don’t take it personally. Maybe you haven’t turned off Google Alerts, or you’re still analyzing every review, or someone actually emailed to let you know how much he hates you. I know it feels personal—it should feel personal, because it’s our art, right? But you have to know (and believe) that it’s not personal. That reader doesn’t like your book—he doesn’t even know you as a person. That reader may even say he doesn’t like you, but he means your book. It’s all part of that external perception thing—lots of times, readers don’t separate the book from the writer. Guess what? That’s sooo not your problem.

  6. Don’t chase trends. For one thing, it’s totally impractical. From initial sale to shelves, the traditional book publishing process can take several months to 2 or even 3 years. By the time “the next big thing” hits the shelves, the rest of the industry is on to the next next big thing, or maybe even the big thing after that. More importantly, and this is for self-pubbed authors too, if you’re writing something just because you think it’s going to be a hit, and you don’t really care about the story or the subject, welcome to flopsville. Teen readers especially have highly attuned B.S. detectors, and they’ll see right through it. Plus, you won’t be happy.

  7. Write what you love. Notice I didn’t say the oft-spouted “write what you know.” You don’t have to know anything. You just have to care about it enough to find out, to imagine, to create.

  8. Remember the joy of writing. What brought you to the page in the first place? Do you remember? If you’re losing it—if writing feels like a chore instead of a joy (even a hard-won joy), take a break. Recharge. Come back when you’re feeling more excited about it again. If you’re slogging through the work, readers will slog through the book, and that isn’t good for any of us.

  9. Write. Period. Talking about writing, reading blogs about writing, thinking about writing, dreaming about writing… all of this may be important and intellectually stimulating, but it’s not actual writing. To be a person who writes, you have to be—wait for it—a person who writes.

  10. Don’t give up. Keep writing. Write another story. Write the next story. Write the story that’s keeping you up at night. If you’re getting rejections or negative feedback, try again. Again and again and again. Writing is not easy. Publication of one book doesn’t guarantee future success of another. All you can do is keep writing. Don’t. Give. Up. Ever.

Say it with me now: I am not a thing. I am not a thing. I am not a thing.

For all my writing friends, wherever you are on the journey, here’s to a new year filled with joy, inspiration, and of course… writing! Lots and lots of writing. In fact… get back to work!

About Falling star (again)sort of))

I have re started working fully on falling star, and…. we are in like the half of the series (i think) and after it, i want to start right after a new series, a new series in another steven univer au actually, i have some ideas that may work well for it, some of them are long, other ones may be really short, but i want to keep publishing something weekendly, so, just for share, here are some of the ideas.

BITTING PERALS (Bad Pearl AU hell yes) This one is more likely to be the next one, an story based on an aternate timeline in which mains events occur before steven’s birth, pearl refused the idea of never going back to homeworld and left the crystal gems

THE CRYSTAL GEMS the band, A human AU where Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet are a music band who managger is nothing else than Greg Universe, failed musician widower of the famous singer Rose Quartz, the same who was the inspiration to form the CG, Steven the only child of Greg have natural talent for music and wants to joins to the band. Jasper (as an mannager) Lapis and Peridot (as solo musicians) will have a part in the story aswell

Giant robot AU (not real name yet) Human AU based in one of so many sci-fi mech animes, where Steven must lead the resistence against  the evil forces or something, i don’t know this one is pretty silly, i just like giant robots

Normal life (temp name) AU were Steven lives in the city with his father, Greg universe, and his 3 sisters Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst (in age order) living what it should be a normal life until a strange creature with a incrusted gem roars after school and chase for steven (i kind of like this one because i would be able to show and use most of the characters in the show, not only the gems)

SU X UG Wars Post apocaliptic crossover AU where the characters from Steven universe fight with chracters from another show (if is not clear this one is a joke)

and that is it, at least for steven universe, i aslo wants to start an original series, and i have plenty of ideas for that, i don’t know if i should shre them or not, i may be a better idea to share them with some art for them, but i can tell a little something about theones i want to do more

Cartridge  A young student name Renata finds a misteryus game cartridge in secondhand store, after plug it in and played it a new horrizond is show to her, along her best friend Monica they will explore new worlds trying to understand what this cartridges are and who made them.

Rockhound  Madeleine is a professional rockhound who just moved to the capital city of the miner business, under this city are the caves, tunels and forgoten cities from where rockhounds seek for precius gemstones and treasures.

Wastelands A post apocaliptic world on its way to reform, humankind have lost most of its technology, so every finding of old tech is highly valued, one of the most common findings and rediscovered technologies are robotic vehicles and armored suits, used by common people and armies of the old kingdom before the last war of humankind, but new empires are rising, using the left over of technologic in robotic for take domain of the world once again

and many others, but this 3 are the ones i want to do at the momment, so i’m just sharing a little of my ideas with you guys to see what you think,i don’t usually share things like this and some feedback is always usefull

As some of you may already be aware, Tablo has left his radio program, Dreaming Radio, on 14 Nov 2015. He may return one day, but between now and then, there will be no more Blonotes left for us to translate - meaning this blog will now go on an indefinite hiatus.

So we wanted to thank our followers for always loving Tablo’s work, as well as our own. What fuelled our motivation to keep this blog going was none other than your tremendous support, and we really appreciate that. :)

Don’t be too sad though! Tablo has stated on his Twitter that he is thinking of publishing a book based on his Blonotes. Once we get more information, we will be sure to share it here.

Until then,


                                                     “For your life!  For all of us!”

the bells are clamouring, the smell of smoke permeates the air, and you don’t know where the screams end and where the cries begin. skyhold is under siege—and it is up to you and the inquisition to defend it.

[this is an open rp event beginning 21st March 10:00 EST and ending on 5th April (approximately two weeks yeah)]

so how is this gonna work, you ask? here’s the nitty gritty:

  • much like previous open rp events, no signing up is required. there will be no moderation for the event. all you need to do is post an open starter or plot with fellow rpers and rp to your heart’s content! tag your starters (open and closed) with:event: siege on skyhold
  • open to everyone regardless of fandom and exclusivity, as long as you have a dragon age verse! (yes, it’s open to characters from previous dragon age games too, as long as you can come up with a reason to be at skyhold during the siege!)
  • however, we’ll need to get a little more specific this time around. this event can take place in skyhold some time after here lies the abyss/wicked eyes wicked hearts orafter what pride had wrought—as long as it’s before doom upon all the world.
  • as such, the enemies you face will be either the red templars, or the venatori. you may choose whichever one you wish.
  • you do not need to involve any of the in-game villains (corypheus, calpernia, samson, etc.) in your threads, but do not rp or godmode as them out of respect to their rpers.
  • some of the subjects that may be involved during this event (for eg. death, gore, etc.) may be triggering to others, so do tag them appropriately.
  • the outcome of the siege will be entirely up to you! whether skyhold prevails and the enemy retreats, or if skyhold is captured and the inquisition is forced to flee—you may decide the outcome, or not at all.
  • most importantly: have fun angsting and action-writing!


Does explaining this to you take away from the art? Does it defeat the purpose? Does it demean our message?

When I was growing up I watched my dad beat my mom. I was sad when he fled the country and moved to Saudi Arabia but I sympathized with him. He was a product of our culture: a male pressured to behave a certain way, to look a certain way, to make money in a certain way. At the same time I was infuriated watching blatant violence toward my mother. I’ve always been inspired by everything. By my dad and why he felt entitled to act in such an explosive manner. By his secretive facade, and why an allure of perfection was so important for him. By my mom and her value of herself, and how that has been influenced by our culture.

These questions are Brat Pop: social commentary on gender, beauty, money, class, age, fame, youth and self. Our debut album, The Shape of Brat Pop to Come was released in June and it holds all of these questions and naturally our album artwork was made to reflect this struggle.  

Throughout the process of making the album, the album art, of being an artist in the public sphere, we have encountered various road blocks, which feel to me like censorship. I am still deciding whether or not this pushes me to create stronger art, or if it hinders my message. Regardless, it has been made clear to me there are people who have decided the general public is not ready or does not want to digest images or sounds that may make them uncomfortable.

Our album artwork is above, my naked body with money covering my vagina. To us this image says everything we wanted. It questions our culture’s value of women and money. It mocks advertisements selling sex while putting our audience in a place where they are inadvertently a consumer of such. It’s exactly the paradox we’re caught in every day: realizing how sad, bizarre, unnecessary, vapid a tradition may be, and still partaking in it.

In February we were told we couldn’t publish this artwork. We were told it was too provocative and the large vendors we needed were uncomfortable selling it. We feel so strongly about the messages we are trying to convey in our music we were happy to make a censored version of the cover (my lips with a dollar bill insider my mouth, also we kept this image pretty unphotoshopped so you can see my imperfections in my skin and teeth). It holds a similar message, and we loved the challenge of creating art within a strict limitation, however in this circumstance we will always be most proud of our original intended artwork which will remain as the physical artwork for the album.

The fact that the original artwork was not endorsed is not only absurd, but further reason why this artwork and conversation should be made public.

Our conversation with vendors revealed they were scared to challenge their consumers. They did not believe their shopper, patrons, “guests,” “clients,” whatever, were mature enough to interpret our album cover as art. When we heard this I cried. Not because our vision wouldn’t come to fruition, but because we believe the public is capable of having more meaningful conversations and it was frustrating to have people in the way of this dialogue.

Not only that, but I originally wrote this piece in June and every outlet we asked to present it had passed. It feels like an uphill battle where people are ok with “edginess” but not substance.

We stand by our art. We stand by our messages, and further we stand by a culture of people who aren’t complacent with racism still existing, with women still clearly oppressed, and with celebrities our current gods.

We’re ready to discuss these issues with our art and our music. It’s 2015, the revolution has already begun.

- Liz Nistico

So you want to be a writer? Here’s how.

As many of you may know, I write for a living. But I started calling myself a writer long before I started doing it professionally. You may ask: but writing was just your hobby before, right? How could you say you’re a writer?

We all need to understand that the term “writer” shouldn’t be put on a pedestal. We always have to be validated of our being writers before we can call ourselves one. This validation can come in the form of getting published, having a huge readership, or even publishing a book. But we need to understand that before we get published, we already need to be writers. We won’t have a body of work to publish if we didn’t write in the first place, right?

So here are 5 more sensible ways to become a writer:

1. Write regularly. This is the most simple and most obvious way to be a writer, but it’s easier said than done. On average, I write 3,000 words a day or more. After writing, I still have to do a lot of proofreading and editing. It’s not only about producing a good volume of text; it’s also about ensuring that the quality of what you produce is remarkable.

Learn about the different genres of writing that you can explore. By profession, I’m a copywriter, which means that I write advertising copies and web content. By passion, I’m definitely a poet and a food writer. Remember that you can write so many different things—you don’t have to stick to one. This will come especially handy if you’re having writer’s block in one genre and have to switch gears to another one.

2. Always wear the writer’s hat. Writing is neither a hobby nor a profession. It is a lifestyle. Be a writer, even in your everyday conversations. Remember that language is transmitted through interactions with people, mass media, social media, and any other medium. If you’re composing a tweet, for example, do it in a manner that writers should—be concise, informative, and entertaining.

3. Be conscious of the content that you consume. If you stay in one place for too long, there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to pick up that place’s language. The things you hear and read will inevitably influence the words you write on the page. This is why you need to have a vast number of influences who will shape your writing to the best that it can be.

You should always be aware (perhaps cautious) of the type of language that you pick up from your city or country of origin, because this will be what will shape your work.

4. Look for writing opportunities. Writing opportunities don’t just land on any writer’s lap. It’s especially difficult for me, since I live in a country in which the state of publishing is pretty dismal. Writers should constantly have a growing network of editors, agents, professionals, and other writers who can help them succeed in the profession.

Learn how to compose pitches and how to compose cover letters. Research about the terms used by publishers, such as “simultaneous submissions,” “unsolicited manuscripts,” or “query letters.”

5. Don’t be obsessed about winning prizes, getting published, or earning scholarly acclaim. If you are talented, you will gain a large audience and a great following. You will be influential. But it’s not about winning prizes or being famous. It’s about sharing words that are worth reading.

I will end this with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, which states, “Any word, every word in language, every circumstance, becomes poetic in the hands of a higher thought.“ Always think of what humanity needs to read, and write it. Only then will you become a writer.

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Markiplier is back! Quick reminder, though...

Maybe you’ve seen his tweets promising a new video anywhere between today and tomorrow, and we’re all very happy and excited that he’s back. However, we need to remember a few things:

1) Recovery from this sort of thing is not a linear process. Maybe they won’t upload every day. Maybe they’ll be okay with talking about suicide one day, and totally not want to do anything other than cry the next. 

Don’t fuck them off on the consistency of the tone in their videos. Don’t bugger them on their videos being happy one day, depressed the next, and definitely do not accuse them of faking it. 

Them being honest to us about their feelings, emotions and states of being is a goddamn privilege and a sign of trust in us. Please, don’t give them a reason to revoke it and distance themselves from us. That is not what Mark would want from the community, but if they had to choose between us and his well-being…he’d choose his well-being if we didn’t even respect and deserve it in the first place. 

2) They’ll have funny days. They’ll have sad, emotional draining days. They won’t be able to be happy and cheery all the goddamn time, and maybe, maybe, every now and again, they’ll upload a video where they just sit, play a game together, and talk about Daniel for two hours. 

We need to encourage that when that happens. We need to realize that, yes, they can take time off of being their quirky, goofy, funny selves on YouTube and be calm and sad. Maybe they’ll sit in silence for half an hour. Maybe they cry and hug. Let them be vulnerable and emotional in their videos and whatever they publish.

3) recovery of all three, as we’ve seen from their Twitter activity, are very different and won’t always coincide. For example, Mark may feel okay with playing Blank Dreams (eventually), Matt might be okay with editing it, but Mark would want this to have a serious undertone to it, and Matt might want it to be funny. Ryan may not want any of this and feel left out in the process. 

Their recovery methods might clash, and we need to remember from the get-go; please, please, PLEASE. DO NOT TAKE SIDES. Don’t call someone ‘inconsiderate’, ‘'insensitive’, complain about how any one of them are handling this. This is probably the time when we need to be the most understanding and peaceful. Do not take sides, do not take on the role of a diplomat, do not play the ‘devil’s advocate’. Just hear them out, they all have valid shit to say or do, and leave it up to them. They’re big boys and they can talk to each other.

4) the same amount of love and respect you show to Mark, you show to Matt and Ryan too. The same amount of eagerness to communicate with Mark, you show to Matt and Ryan too. This isn’t just sending them endless tweets and comments going “"WE LOVE U FEEL BETTER”, this is also calming down and listening to them. This is understanding their method of coping and being in that headspace with them, ie. Matt wants jokes? Tell all the jokes and memes. Ryan is emotional and quiet? Be emotional and quiet with him. Really take them in. Understand what they need, and give it to them. They need it just as much-if not more, and I absolutely believe it would be more- than Mark. 

TL;dr: let them feel whatever they need to feel, at any time they need. Let them upload material that’s not funny or upbeat so that they can be emotionally vulnerable and trust you. If there’s a conflict within them, DO NOT TAKE SIDES.  And also, love Matt and Ryan as much as Mark.

The Tag-Athon!

hey everybody! next weekend (the dates of May 14th-May 15th), @woyseason3 and we are doing a Tag-Athon event! basically, all you have to do is message either us or woyseason3 with a message saying:

“i want to save wander over yonder because…”

and then add your reason! it can be a funny reason, a thoughtful one, an emotional one, or all three! it can be ANYTHING as long as you tell us why you want to save wander.

now, the reason why it’s called a Tag-Athon is because we will be publishing all of these messages and tagging the disneyxd tumblr to hopefully show them that the fans love wander over yonder!

we’re letting you know ahead of time so you can prepare your stories (you can also submit longer stories or post them in the savewoy tag for us to reblog, too). 

this is going to be a ton of fun and a good way to get all of you involved! :) we can’t wait!

– mod hater

lonewookie  asked:

It seems like the kickstarter donations have slowed down quite a bit, what are your plans if you don't get the full funding?

Well, we chose Kickstarter because it’s all or nothing. If we don’t hit our goal, no one gets charged and we don’t get any funding. We don’t want to accept any money unless we can deliver Aberford as promised.

That leaves us with the problem of how to keep moving Aberford forward without the money to keep paying for artists and programmers. We’ll have to weigh our options based on the number of backers we get.

Options that keep the game intact:

  1. Put the art on hold. Slowly work on the playable demo for months until it’s ready for early reviewers. Relaunch the Kickstarter in 6-12 months with the support of a playable demo and hope we do better. Downside: our amazing art staff is likely to go work elsewhere and may not be available to resume work on Aberford.
  2. Shop the game out to publishers and see if we can find one who’s interested in helping us make Aberford. If we’re lucky, we’ll find one who’ll want to build the game roughly as we’ve outlined. Downside: a publisher may decide to make the game differently. It might be better, might be worse. There’s no real way to know.
  3. Redo the Kickstarter just looking to raise enough money to finish Chapter one. It significantly lowers the amount we need to raise. Downside: No way of knowing if we can finish the game after chapter one is finished. You might end up with a short story, a cliff hanger, and a little bit of freeplay. And it’s harder to raise funds for a partial game.

Options that redesign the game:

  1. Redesign the game to an isometric view. Simplify the art. Pare down the story so it’s simpler. Downside: We’d lose a lot of story and the combat would be pretty different. We’d still make it fun though.
  2. Redesign the game for mobile. Or at least a version of the game for mobile. Downside: We’ll lose most of the story and the combat will be a lot simpler. Still fun, but a lot less game.

Options that change the medium:

  1. Rewrite the story as a novel and then publish it digitally. It builds the brand and establishes the world of Aberford. It might even generate some money to allow game development to resume. Downside: Spoilers. Hella spoilers. Plus, it’s not a video game.
  2. Redo the story as a graphic novel and publish it digitally. Same effect as the novel, but more visual, so probably more appealing. And it might generate revenue. Downside: Again, spoilers. Plus a comic is a lot of work.

So, assuming we don’t fund but still do well enough to justify continued work on Aberford, these are options we can choose from. We’ll discuss them in the event that we don’t reach our goal. But as you can see, none of these options are going to be as good as funding the alpha and beta development and making the whole game, full time, starting now. So PLEASE pledge if you can. Pledging $25 gets you the game and some cool extras if we fund. And if we don’t fund, it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Beta Than Ever: The Future of KSP
Hey guys!

It’s time we talk about THE FUTURE. I don’t mean hoverboards and self-tying sneakers (2015, we’re counting on you), I mean the future of Kerbal Space Program.

The next update will mark a big milestone for us at Squad, as it is the last update focused on Career Mode. After the next release, Kerbal Space Program will reach an internal milestone we call “Scope Complete”.

Let me back up a little here and explain what Scope Complete means, it means KSP now has all the features we considered vital to be in the game that HarvesteR came up with so many years ago. It doesn’t mean the game has everything we want it to have, it means it has everything we considered necessary for it to be Kerbal Space Program. It means everything the game is supposed to have exists, even if only in a minimal form.

Scope completion means that every big system that the game needed is there, some closer to completion than others, of course, but they’re all there. So, what’s next then? This is the good news: After Scope Completion, development focus shifts towards completing those unfinished features, balancing and adding some smaller stuff. No more groundwork, no more laying down infrastructure. We’ve finished building the kitchen, it’s time for us to start cooking.

As soon as the next update is released, KSP will enter a new phase of development, which for want of a better term, we’re calling ‘Beta’. Beta development is going to be a new stage for the project, and that also means our development workflow will change, and by consequence, this will have an effect on the releases. There shouldn’t be any huge updates that we have to build for months on end and still have to release with barely more than enough content to showcase the system. 

Beta means we’ll be focusing on creating content, on using the tools we’ve built. It means a different approach to selecting which features go in, since we won’t be constrained by the development constraints of one feature requiring another. Priorities should level out, which means the things we consider important should also match what everyone considers important. Beta essentially means we’ll be working a lot more on stability, usability, performance, balance, aesthetics, all the while still throwing in little and some not-so-little things we hope you will enjoy. 

To make this clear to everyone, we’ve decided to not call the next release version 0.26, as convention would have it. Instead once the update is out, we’ll be officially in Beta, so we’re calling the next release version 0.90.0 (zero-ninety-zero).

There’s a ton of things we’re constantly discussing internally regarding what exactly we’ll add during Beta, but I figure we should at least tell you about the first two things we really want to add to the game before we can call it anything close to ready:

Overhauled Aerodynamics - The current system has been fantastic at… existing, really. It can’t be beat at ‘being a system that exists and works within KSP’, but we can do better. We’ve been a long time planning a major overhaul to make it more realistic, reliable, predictable, and hopefully a lot less arcane.

Deep Space Refueling - We’re aware there is one big end-game mechanic missing in the game: Being able to refuel a vessel once you’re out in Space. This is what we originally set out to achieve with the old Resource Mining plan and saw ourselves running into a very tedious dead-end. The Resources system was flawed because it overcomplicated accomplishing a basic need: To be able to find something out in space which can be used to fill up the tanks again. That’s the essence of it, and we don’t need 40+ single-purpose parts and 9 different resources to do it. In fact, all that complexity was going to be very effective at making sure most attempts to build a refueling outpost would fail. We are now planning a new, more elegant system, which hopefully will add a new, fun element of gameplay, as well as the massive boost to continuity this feature implies.

Here is also a (not so) small FAQ with some answers we imagine you’ll probably be wanting to ask about:

Q: You’re not pulling the plug on KSP, are you?
A: Of course not! We still have a long way to go. We just want to let everyone know we’re going to reach a new stage of development soon.

Q: I won’t consider KSP complete until Feature X is implemented!
A: That’s not a question. However, if you asked everyone which features they would like to see in KSP, you’d get different answers from just about everybody. We all have our wishlist of ideas and features we’d like to see, us devs included. The fact is, we must be very level-headed here with what we want to do, and what we can in fact achieve in the time we have. That’s not to say of course, we aren’t planning to tackle the biggests requests from our community. Just remember that all features are judged in a big-picture perspective, and how it affects the game experience for everyone, and sometimes even what would seem like fun ideas are going to fall outside the scope of the game, or just be plain too much to take on. Time and Manpower is our main limiting resource now, and that must be spent wisely, pursuing the goals that will add the most enjoyment for everyone.

Q: What about the features you “promised” on the Wiki’s Planned Feature List?
A: That list is maintained by the community, and doesn’t imply any promise on our part. In fact, the best thing to do about that list is disregard it. We did implement a significant portion of it, in any case, but let me go ahead and quote the very first lines on that page: 

This list is not an official road-map for KSP. It is maintained by the community, and has no direct relation to what may or may not be included in the final product. 

Q: Can you give us an official list of planned features for 1.0 then?
A: Not without a time machine. Seriously though, any lists we publish can only result in leaving people disappointed. The problem here is that no amount of disclaimers and notices will keep everyone from taking every feature on a list as a commitment from us. We don’t want to commit to anything we’re not sure about ourselves, so if we do have to leave something out, we should be only ones to be disappointed. It’s not great, we know, but it’s for the best.

Q: Are you going to make KSP more realistic?
A: That depends. Does that added realism make KSP more fun? The key point to keep in mind here is that KSP is a game first, a simulator second. We want to add realism in places where we feel those additions will make the game more enjoyable, but we aren’t just going to add realism features just for the sake of being realistic. 

Q: How long until 1.0 now, then?
A: That’s a very good question, but I’m afraid it’s kind of the same as asking ‘when is the next release coming?’. We can’t give you a release date, because chances are high we’ll end up changing it afterwards. Knowing in advance will only lead to disappointment. 

Q: And after 1.0 comes out, is that the end?
A: Nope. There’s still going to be a lot to be done even after that, but when we hit 1.0, KSP will be coming out of Early Access. Our main focus during the Beta phase will be to improve the overall playing experience of the game as much as possible. Once we’re outside the Early Access umbrella, KSP will have to stand on its own as-is, and not rely on upcoming features and perceived potential affecting players’ opinions. That’s not to say we rely on that now (or have ever), but that’s an unavoidable side-effect of being in Early Access. People will fill in the gaps with imagined features, and no real addition can hope to live up to everyone’s hopes and expectations. We can only try our best to have a solid game when release time comes.

Q: What’s coming after 1.0 then?
A: Now we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Let’s wind this back to the near future.

Q: What about Multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer is something we’ve been working on for quite a while, but it still has a long way to go before it’s ready. MP is planned for after 1.0. So that’s still coming, but let’s take this one step at a time.

Q: Does the term Beta really apply here?
A: Not in the strictest sense, but then again, there isn’t a term that would better describe what we are planning. Beta is the period in software development when all planned capabilities are implemented, and dev focus is centered on polish and bugfixing. Yes, we do that already in experimentals, but we’re going to be doing it in a wider scope during Beta phase. For an update’s QA and Experimental periods, testing is focused mostly on the new features being added. Beta means taking a step back, and seeing all areas of the game under equal focus for testing and improvement. We know there are several bugs we haven’t fixed yet. This is the time to make those fixes and assure the game is working as well as possible. The term Beta is definitely fitting here.

Q: Does that mean we’re going to have access to Experimental releases?
A: No. We’re still going to go through the same branch-testing->QA->Experimentals system as we have always done. I’m just saying we’re going to work on the game under a wider perspective, more focused on the overall experience than on any single feature. This could translate to more ‘diversified’ changelogs on each release.

Q: Are ‘Beta’ updates going to be released quicker?
A: We hope so, but we can’t make any promises. We have tried shortening updates once before, and became aware of how the QA and experimental phases don’t really scale in proportion to the shorter update, so the result was that we spent more time testing, and less time developing, which needless to say, wasn’t very efficient. We’ll have to find our stride again for Beta, just as we did during Alpha.

Q: Are updates going to be released in a regular interval?
A: Most likely not. Imposing such a strict process on us would either cause features to be rushed to make a release, or some releases having very few features on them. Probably both. The plan is to play it by ear, and do a release when we feel we have something worth releasing.

Q: I’m still concerned this means you’re going to abandon KSP.
A: We know, and this is why we’re doing this announcement now. We want to give everyone as much early notice as possible about what’s coming up, so nobody runs into any surprises. We’re not even in Beta yet actually. There’s still the next update to go, and after that, a period of Beta updates until 1.0, and even after that, we still have more stuff planned. So worry not, we’re going to be at it for quite a while. 

Q: Are you going to add more whatever-it-is-you-want-added? 
A: We want to add as much content as we can during Beta, but time is the main limiting factor, and development manpower is finite. We’ll have to make choices through the Beta period about what we want to add, against how much time and effort that will take, compared to adding something else instead in the same span of time. As always, we’ll be weighing the gains of adding some piece of content versus another, and choosing the ones we feel will have the best effect in improving the game overall. 

Of course, some areas are obviously short on content at the moment (Contracts and Biomes come to mind). Those are going to be highest on our lists as they’re the least developed sets of content at the moment. The logic behind reaching for Feature-Completion and 1.0 is very similar to the logic we used to reach for Scope Completion. We focus on the area of least development. The good news now is that the area of least development is always going to be something we already have in the game, and the lack of content there is likely noticed by everyone already.

Q: Are you going to integrate “Mod X” into the game? (a.k.a. Q:How can I get my mod integrated into stock?)
A: This depends on several factors. First of all, we have to ask ourselves: Is this mod doing something we wanted to do ourselves already? Some mods, awesome though they are, aren’t part of what we have planned for KSP, and that’s fine. That’s why we support modding in the first place, but it also means a mod isn’t going to be auto-added just because it’s cool. 
Second of all, if we do find a mod that does exactly what we wanted to do ourselves, and it’s done well, follows the style of the game, all that stuff, then we get in touch with the author, and we get the conversation rolling from there. There isn’t a system for adding a mod into the game. That said, we very well might find mods that do stuff we wanted to do, and we wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel if we can avoid it.

A: Being in version 0.25 now, don’t you have 75 updates left to do before 1.0?
Q: Eek, no! Thankfully, version numbers don’t work that way. The minor version (as the ‘n’ in v0.n.0 is called), isn’t a decimal fraction of the major version. There isn’t a pre-established convention in the software industry on how to increment version numbers, so each studio tends to do it in their own way. We’ve been relatively consistent with our versioning scheme, adding 1 to the minor version on each new update, and a 1 to the revision number when we release hotfixes and small patches. So the answer here is, there won’t be 75 updates between 0.25 and 1.0 in the same way we don’t have to release 10 revisions to go from 0.24.0 to 0.25.0.

A: How is ‘release 26’ going to be identified as Beta then?
Q: We’re going to call our first Beta version KSP v0.90.0 (zero-ninety-zero, or oh-ninety-oh if you live across the pond), to make it clear to everyone that KSP is nearing a state of completion. Of course, that doesn’t mean we plan to do exactly 10 Beta patches to reach 1.0. It could be more, it could be less, we can’t tell. If we run past 0.99. the next version could be 0.100.0, or we could change the system a bit, and increment the revision numbers instead, depending on how much we feel a release has added. In a way, Beta updates really are more like revision patches actually. We’ll keep announcing new releases as we have always done in any case, so just hang around the community and you’ll never miss a release.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for supporting our crazy project all the way from the earliest alphas builds up to Scope Completion, and we hope you’ll stick with us from here through Beta and up to the long-awaited 1.0

Many Cheers,

The KSP Development Team, and everyone at Squad.