we may never forget

This picture speaks a lot to me. Last night, I was at a co-workers apartment, and I engaged him along with one of his roommates in a nearly 4 hour political conversation. Now many of you know where i generally fall politically, may have even seen me change some of my views in the roughly 2.5 years I’ve been running my blog. My co-worker some of you have read what I’ve had to say about him, he’s the one I took shooting, a more center-left leaning political ideology, and his roommate would be even futher left than him. We discussed various topics, and generally I didn’t agree with his roommate, but my co-worker wad the median between us, to give you folks an idea of how those 4 hours were discussed. It was very pleasent, and very informative on all sides.

I share this story along with this photo (I take no credit for making) because I want people who don’t live in the US, or who spend all their time on social media sites like this one to really understand where America is truly. We are not as divided as CNN, FOX, or even what Tumblr would like to think we are. The average person, regardless of their political ideology is still a person who cares for their fellow man.

In someone’s time of need, you aren’t going to ignore them, and would likely help them. We are still fellow humans, with emotions and feekings towards one another. With all of the discourse we tend to forget we love our fellow man. While we may never agree with someone we still want the best for them.

Here's to BTS.

Here’s to Kim Namjoon, who has dreamed of this moment since his debut. Who used to perform as an underground artist as a student and who led his group so well since their training days despite his young age, despite of his uncertainty and fear for the future. Who puts his members before himself, making sure to always be there to talk to his members about their feelings and thoughts despite going through his own battering storm of thoughts. Who gave up entering a good university for his passion for music and has spent nearly every night writing lyrics and making songs even till the early morning, even while waiting to go up on stage and even when they are on the plane flying to their next event. Who always writes such thoughtful tangents on loving ourselves, trusting our youth and our passion, forgiving ourselves, and appreciating everything that we have in this world. Who shows us every side to him even though he’s scared of the vulnerability. Who never forgets to thank those around him even if he does not know them personally. Who always thinks of us wherever he goes and who is always rooting for us in whatever we do. Truly without him, BTS would not be the BTS that they are today. And I really hope that he knows that; I hope that receiving this award was able to take all his stresses and heavy thoughts from his shoulders. And even more, I hope that he has learned to love himself- flaws and all- just as we love him. I want him to know that he is a warm person, that he will be able to overcome the internal struggle he is facing right now. Thank you for always showering us with love and thoughtfulness even if we may not deserve it, thank you for never forgetting about us. I hope that you never doubt yourself and your pure heart. You are more than deserving of this award and you are more than deserving of this love and glory.

Here’s to Seokjin. Who has shown us that hardwork and self-confidence is everything. He was accepted into Konkuk university, which is a prestigious Korean institution, before entering Bighit. He got into the film department with absolutely NO special admissions. He studied hard with plans to become an actor but when Bighit changed his career path, he practiced every single day to become the amazing performer that he is today. I think of how he called his vocal trainer at 4am to show her that he has improved and I get so proud. Here’s to the oldest member of the group. Who constantly showers his members and his fans with love. Who was the one that cooked for the members, borrowing food and tools from his own family when BTS could not afford to, who made sure that every member became comfortable in Seoul when they first arrived at trainees. Who is unbelievably intelligent as well. Who is always there to make us laugh with his silly gags and jokes, who is always there to make us feel loved. You worked hard to improve, you worked hard to be where you are right now. You deserve this.

Here’s to Yoongi. Who learned what it meant to be an adult at such a young age. Who used to perform for audiences of two and not have enough money to even buy ramen. Who used to listen to people constantly tell him that he would ruin his family. Who came up to Bighit as a trainee to become a hip hop artist and still worked hard and did not falter when that goal changed; learning to dance and what it means to be an idol, studying and working part time, fighting with suicidal thoughts, depression, self-hatred, a broken shoulder, and more. Who spends countless of sleepless nights working on music and lyrics, even on the nights that they are on vacation or when they just come back from a performance. Who truly showed us that though the start may be humble, the end will be prosperous. Thank you for teaching us what it means to live with passion, thank you for always working hard even if you don’t need to. You may not believe it, but this award is real and you deserve it. You’ve achieved all of your goals now! You’ve worked hard to be where you are. Thank you for showing us that hardwork and determination will never, ever betray us.

Here’s to Hoseok. Who was a street dancer and came into the company planning to become a vocalist and dancer. Who, when everyone doubted his skills, practiced even harder to become the well-rounded artist that he is now. Who taught himself how to rap and how to write lyrics despite having little experience in that area and is now one of the main creators behind BTSs music. Who practices every night, working on his mixtape and working on his dance skills, because he loves to do so. Who shows us what it means to live with hope and who never fails to show us happiness even in the most difficult of times. I hope you know that we are aware of how thoughtful you are, I hope you know that our love for you is eternal, and I hope you know that you, too, are more than deserving of this reward. And I just hope that you know that your existence gives us strength, that you do not always have to put yourself behind a happy facade and force yourself to hide your true emotions. We know the wide range of thoughts that you have running in your head and we absolutely care for and love all of them.

Here’s to Jimin. Who was a diligent student that studied dance so passionately. Who spends nearly every night in the practice room because he thinks “who am I to be resting right now?” I think of how you cried when people doubted your skills and I hope you now know that those people were completely wrong. Your voice is something that touches our hearts and moves us and your skill in dance never fails to amaze us. You belong on stage. Here’s to Jimin. Who also showers his members with such adoration and affection, who is always there to comfort them in the darkest of times. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a good friend and brother. Thank you for showing us what it means to be kind. I hope you know that we love you just the way you are and that it’s okay to rest and to make mistakes. Please don’t ever doubt yourself.

Here’s to Taehyung. Who had to get the help of the Bighit staff to convince his family to let him begin training. Who wanted to be a farmer so that he could help his grandmother in Daegu. Who has been so strong throughout this difficult and painful year. Who still performed passionately for us even when he lost one of the most important people in his life. Who put up a joyful front for so long even though he was actually in so much pain. Who constantly shows us new sides to his personality. Who constantly works hard in all that he does. Thank you for never failing to put a smile on our faces even when you were going through such a low point and thank you for teaching us what it means to be a filial child. Thank you for loving bangtan just as much as we do and thank you for always being so kind and bright. You share so much with us even when we aren’t deserving of it, Your stage presence and skill never fails to amaze me as well. We will remember your grandmother and we will always thank her for her blessings. You are more than deserving of this award. We know how wide the spectrum of your thoughts are and we know how intelligent you are- no matter what type of expression you might have on your face, your existence is always one that we will love.

Here’s to Jungkook. Who started training at such a young age, who was so shy and insecure about himself. Who left his family in Busan to come up to Seoul when he was just 14 years old. Who sacrificed the chance of making so many important memories for his dream, who sacrificed his youth for us. You gave up so many childhood memories- school romances, field days, school friends- to be on stage. Thank you. I think of how you cry when you think of the hardships that his members are going through and I thank you for trusting your brothers and your future, you deserve all the love in this world but please realize that you, also, have been through so many difficult times and have dealt with hardships. It’s okay to not be strong all the time. Thank you for showing us your growth and your endurance and passion. Thank you for showering us with love in so many ways  (whether it be through your detailed song covers or your concert ments), thank you for becoming the person that you are today. Please know that even when your thoughts are cluttered and messy, we are always here to support you and love you. You are more than deserving of this award, thank you for sharing your youth with us.

Lastly, here’s to BTS. This whole entire post of mine is incredibly cheesy but they really do mean a lot to me. Not only do they brighten my every day with their humor and antics but they each have taught me so many things and they constantly inspire me in all that they do. They have taught me to dream, to be diligent, to be loving, to be humble, and to trust my future. More importantly, they have taught me what it means to be young. So here’s to BTS and their first daesang. You deserve it more than anybody in this world and you each are deserving of all the love in this universe. I think about the feelings you must’ve had as you spent each and every hour of the day training for a debut you doubted to come. As you spent the nights, huddled up together in that one bedroom, dreaming of all the possibilities that were ahead of you. Despite all that you’ve went through, despite all the people who believed that you would fail- you made it. You never lost that hopefulness and you never lost the fervor in your heart. Thank you for fighting to reach this point in your career and for showing us that we are never alone through your music and performance. Thank you for understanding the pattern of our lives and for showing us what it means to achieve your dreams and to live with passion. We hear your voice.

Here’s to the first of many more :)

Up from under the debris

Out from the worst tragedy

We plant the seed

Wondering what color it will be

Watering our tears

For 16 years

And I’ve never seen petals shine so brightly 

Let’s sip the nectar slowly 

And continuously 

We rise

We bloom

We blossom 

This is for all the suffering we will never forget, the lives lost

From 9-11 to today, may we come together in times of struggle

And continue to rise, bloom and blossom

#Remembering911 #NeverForget

Something Has Caught My Attention - Please Read...

Dear Shauna’s ( @exosmutxoxo‘s ) followers (and avid readers in general~),

A few things have been brought to my attention recently, and it has me extremely. disturbed. While Shauna and I both actively encourage our followers to message and communicate with us, Shauna has received several messages in the past few days that are inappropriate, unwarranted, and downright disrespectful.

Exhibit A.

“Can i make a suggestion for the smutty bit in part 5? Rape scene pls?”

Exhibit B.

“Why are you getting so stressed out over the smut scene lmao just make him fuck her against her will, whats the problem”

Exhibit C.

“A rape scene between them would be hot HEHE MAKE IT HAPPEN AUTHOR-NIM”

*Please know that this is merely a fraction of the inappriopriate messages Shauna (and other authors) have received in the past. I will take this moment to elaborate that RAPE OF ANY COLOR, SHAPE, OR SIZE IS NOT OKAY, AND SHOULD NOT BE MADE LIGHT OF WITHIN FANFICTION

Although we acknowledge that the majority of our followers, you, are significantly understanding and compassionate when it comes to writing, it has become increasingly apparent that there are many who are negligent to the fact that Shauna is a hard-working author who writes as an act of unselfish, unpaid love. 

She does not write because you demand a recreation of your sexual fantasies

She does not write because you can’t jack off on your own

And she certainly does not write because of impersonal, disgusting, and utterly revolting messages like this

Authors write fanfiction because they gain fulfillment in knowing that someone, anyone out there appreciates, supports, and enjoys reading their work. Authors write fanfiction because it’s what they love. Writing fanfiction, even a piece that is just 1,000 words, can take grueling hours of repetitive writing and erasing, writing and erasing, until we have created a piece that we feel is acceptable for us to present to you.

Shauna is working relentlessly to entertain her followers with exquisitely-crafted stories, and in this case, stories that are 10k+ words a piece. She’s been stressing out because of the requests which she has committed herself to writing out of love for her followers. Which, I may remind her, she is not obligated, nor under contract, to fulfill. This applies to every writer who accepts requests: they write them out of love, and on their own accord, and this by no means justifies the bashing and hate that writers receive for not completing them.

And unfortunately, this incident isn’t contained to just Shauna’s experiences. Recently, I’ve heard from several of my mutuals, coming to me and explaining nasty-grams, insensitive messages pertaining to altering the plot/details of their writing, and requests calling for scenes that are downright disgusting. It disheartens me greatly to know that my mutuals, my friends have been putting up with this for so long, and continue to put up with this, sometimes on a daily basis.

This is why YOU matter.

YOU, the reader, have just as much power and influence as we, the authors do.

Be the person to send your favorite authors a note of encouragement. I promise, the only reaction your message will receive will be an incoherent strand of words on the other side of the screen, as the recipient of the message is overcome with gratitude and a surplus of self-esteem. 

A simple message can make an author feel like they have the power to write a scene they’ve tried rewriting 9 times and still can’t seem to fix. 

A simple message can allow an author confidence that they can rest, and that they are, in fact, human.

A simple message is all it takes to fight back against the indecency that the few undesirable members of the fanfiction community decide to commit on the regular.

And lastly, thank YOU, the few, the proud, that send such support, love, and encouragement to your local authors. YOU may think we get tired of it, but never forget that YOU are most likely the reason we still write today, and the reason we didn’t give up before.

With love and in due grace,

~Nunchi (”Mama Nunchi”) Writes

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Bad ratings for Still Star Crossed

Sorry guys, I’ve just seen the ratings of the last episode of Still Star Crossed and I am very angry : 0.3 (-40%)/ 1.61 M (-18%).

Bitch !  I know the promo was non-existent and that some (racist) journalists brought the show down. I know May is a bad month to launch new series. I know ABC posponed the broadcast of the third episode because of sport which is a very bad way to boost a new TV program with no promotion !

But don’t tell me there are only 1.61 M black women in the United States to support Still Star Crossed !

Even in some famous black forum, I notice no support contrary to programs like Scandal, HTGAWM, Insecure, Empire or even Basketball Wives.

And don’t tell me Empire and Basketball Wives are better written than Still Star Crossed please !

For once there are dark skinned women in the forefront, with beautiful dresses, multiple fan-fiction friendly tropes and a lot of good actors, where is the support of the community or even people who loves good narrative?

So much people were pleasantly surprised in watching the show because of all the bad things they heard but clearly, is not enough to reverse things.

Next time people complain about colorism at Hollywood, I will remember the lack of support for Still Star Crossed.

For those who support SSC since the beginning, I think you can forget a second season.

Now, the only thing we can hope is that ABC shows the 7 episodes until the end and that Still Star Crossed may become a cult TV serie that we will never forget, like My-So-Called-Life, Firefly or Freeks and Geeks (only 1 season) with beautiful comments, analyze on our blogs and fun gifs.

For others, you don’t know what you missing !

It all started with a girl searching for a mysterious magical balls that grants any wish and her encounter with a kid with tail.

Thank you for everything Tsuru Hiromi-san, we’ll miss you! Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for all those fun years we had enjoying your roles. You mean a lot to me and I hope Enma-sama wasn’t that hard with you in the other world. 

May she rest in peace and we will never forget you, thanks.

To Kill A Winchester

Characters: sister!reader, brother!Dean, brother!Sam, Mary

Warnings: angst, swearing, blood

Word count: 2225

Summary: when you, your brothers and their mom are kidnapped by a demon, he says he wants to kill one of the Winchesters, but how will he determine who to choose?

The cold air hit your skin as you awoke. You couldn’t see a damn thing, the demon had thrown a bag over your head the second he knocked you out and dragged you to the old warehouse.

You moaned as he pulled it off, you noticed both of your brothers had been kidnapped too along with Mary. They gave you a quick look to make sure you were ok and you looked back at all of them and checked over them for any injuries. You were sat around in a square, all tied to chairs.

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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 12.5

A/N: Thanks to the help of someone, this chapter is more plot based than bringing the story forward. I just wanted to explain some things much more clearly. Thank you!

WARNING: Sensitive subjects will be addressed ahead. Please do not read if you are not in a well state of mind.

Previous Chapter  // Next Chapter

“Wait, Tom?” You asked, looking at him eat the instant macaroni and cheese. He glanced up from the pasta, chewing slowly, “How did you and James get here in the first place?” He shrugged.

“I just followed along. James was the one who…wow, this is really delicious. How did you possibly make this?” He questioned, pointing his fork at you. The pasta flung off the metal, almost hitting you. You dodged the flying shells, frowning at him.

“Thomas, you didn’t even answer the questi-“

“Oh, yes. Ask Madison, he knows more about it than I,” he chuckled, “This is the first time I gave the honor to him. He must be happy.”

“Not quite,” James said, walking in, “You did help, you mean. And Burr almost came too, but he was too late.” James said, sitting next to you.

“What do you mean? And who’s Burr?” You requested. He stretched out his arms.

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The anniversary


Summary : When he arrives at school, your boyfriend Peter Parker is silent which you find weird. But when you discover the reason of his behaviour, you try your best to find a way to help in.

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1650

A/N : I don’t know why I had this idea of uncle Ben’s death anniversary while I was in the toilets… Ok that wasn’t necessary to tell this lmaooo too late. I hope you will enjoy this even if everything about uncle Ben’s DEAT HIS REALLY SAD SHIT !

His gaze was lost in front of him, his head a little low. Since he arrived at school, Peter remained quiet and different. He seemed sad, and when you tried to go talk to him, Ned stopped you before begging you to let him alone. But it was too difficult to do nothing, Peter seemed so disorientated, and when you focused on his face you could see tears in his eyes. Although you weren’t sure about that, his chair in the classroom was at your opposite and you thought that maybe you just didn’t see clearly enough and your brain was starting to make up sadness. You were maybe a little too worried to think properly.

You wondered what was going on with your boyfriend the full hour of classroom but couldn’t find any answer that would put him in such a state. You’d never seen him that down and it was terrifying. Maybe he had problems with Spider-Man, an immoral villain who wanted him dead and was blackmailing him to achieve his aims. Peter didn’t talk about Spider-Man to you that much, he told you his secret because he thought it was the right think to do so you could one hundred percent trust him, but he barely related his many stories facing the bad guys in the streets or helping the people in need. That was why you wouldn’t be surprised if it had to do with some super villains.

Maybe it was more about himself being The Spider-Man than his enemies. Peter had mentioned you this time Tony Stark took the suit away from him, and you were asking yourself if he could have done it a second time. You didn’t know Stark personaly but you weren’t such a huge fan of his, he looked selfish, and he considered Peter as a baby.

You just hoped it wasn’t about you, but you couldn’t think about something wrong you would have made that would put him in this light depression. There were no fights between you at this time, no tension. He was just a brand new man today, someone you never faced before and it was terrifying.

Peter had his head gripped between his head, he felt so sick as if his brain was going to explode and a stomach ache tortured him. He also felt a pain in his throat, and was trying to focus on all he was feeling but everything was just too much. His senses were on alert, he could smell the plates the cook was preparing for lunch break, everything he touched was burning or freezing, he could hear people talking in the courtyard even if the windows were closed, and his eyes saw things he never thought he would see one day, impressive details like marks of old writings on the tables that no one ever talked about.

“I need to go.” He said while getting up of his chair. And without any permission he took his stuff and went in the hallway.

Seeing him getting out the classroom, you stood up too without even noticing you did so, and you imitated him by leaving the class without asking the right to. It just seemed like the right thing to do, to follow Peter, a natural move. You met him in the hallway, he was leaned, a hand on his chest. You run to him, seeing vomit at his feet. You wrinkled your nose, no one would appreciate such a view and smell.

“Peter, what’s going on ?” For any answer, he vomited again. You came beside him, one hand on his shoulder and the other one in his hair. “Babe, if you’re sick you should go home. Why are you even there ?”

“Fuck [Y/N], leave me alone.” He groaned, then turned his face to lock your eyes on his. They were red, fully bloodshot. That was terrifying, it looked like he was turning into some future villain himself. Even his words were coarse and cruel.

“Did someone give you poison ? Peter, have you been bitten again by some sort of new radioactive shit ? You can’t-”

“Shut up ! For God’s sake just… Argh ! I can’t think properly. Why did you follow me ?!” He was screaming in the hallway, some students looking at you and his vomit.

You felt even more terrible because of his mean words. You followed him to make sure everything was alright, and this was how he thanked you. Nice. “Well, sort it out yourself then.” You responded in a sharply tone, offended.  You left him as he wanted and went back to class worked up.

School finished and you had no news from Peter since you were with him in the hallway. Was he at home sleeping to get some rest ? Was he Spider-Man because he could never stop even when he was sick ? You got your response quickly, when you saw a red and blue human spider swinging between buildings. You wanted to scream his name, but it was clearly the wrong thing to do. So you continued walking to reach home. At least you tried. A web caught you and you were soon flying in the air wrapped around Spider-Man’s arms. He stopped on the roof of your building.

The silence led the atmosphere between you two. You were too proud to break it, and Peter didn’t know what to say to you knowing how careless he was few hours ago. He was really sorry, but he couldn’t help himself back then. Now, he still wasn’t totally himself.

“I didn’t mean to be rude.” He started. “I just… I…” He didn’t manage to talk but you could hear his voice breaking. “[Y/N]… It’s… I can’t…”

You frowned, more worried than ever. “You can’t what, Peter ?” Your heartbeat was going faster and faster, what was he talking about ? Was it about your relationship ? That would explain why he talked to you so badly at school, why he seemed to don’t care. “Take the mask off, Peter, c'mon let’s talk face to face.”

“No. I can’t either.” He took one step back. This was really suspiscious. He made a fist and you could hear him groan again. “It’s all my fault, you understand ? I wanna shout it in the entire city [Y/N], that’s all my fault. That’s all my fucking fault !”

For the first time Peter was scaring you, and it was your turn to step back while he approached you. You finished the back against a wall and Peter’s chest squashed in yours. “What are you talking about ?” You were starting to lose your nuts, your voice remained lower. His fist hit the wall just beside your head and your breathe became suddenly short as the tears was filling up your eyes. “What did you do ?”

You raised your arms so your hands could meet Peter’s face, and while he stayed silent you took his mask off, revealing pink cheeks and swollen red eyes. He was crying, and you couldn’t hold your tears back anymore facing this heartbreaking view. The love of your life was crying and you’d never seen him doing so before.

“I killed him !” He shouted. “I killed him. I killed him.” He started to repeat this speech again and again, unable to calm himself down. Then it hit you. Today was the first anniversary of his uncle Ben’s death. You’ve never met him but Peter told you a lot about him, and also about his murder. You already knew he felt guilty even if you tried to convince him wrong. It was Peter after all, he would always stand by this stupid idea.

You catched his cheeks in your hands, tears rolling down your face too, looking him in the eyes.  “You didn’t Peter, you’re not a killer and even less his killer. He’s proud of you, you know it, he doesn’t blame you, no one blames you, love.” His breath was panting and irregular, he was panicking and you didn’t even know what to do to help him. “You’re Spider-Man. You save people, Peter, you don’t kill them. You’re fucking Spider-Man.”

“I’m Spider-Man.” He repeated. “That’s why he’s dead now.” He gripped his fist more and hit the wall once again, causing you to jump. “I should have died, not him, [Y/N], not him !”

A silence set in and you grabbed him to pull him closer to you, placed your arms around his neck and kissed his cheek and jawline multiple times. “First you have to calm down, Peter. Then, we’ll bring him flowers, so many beautiful flowers, and you’re gonna tell him about how you love him, right ? You both need that.”

Peter’s breathe seemed to be softer now, and he nodded placing his face in your neck. He was still silent, but you thought it was for the best since you didn’t want him to tell shitty things again. Few minutes later, you were in front of uncle Ben’s grave, your boyfriend crying, down on his knees, a bouquet in his hand. The scene was heartbreaking but he refused to come alone, begging you to stay with him because he didn’t want to face this without you. You listened to him talking to Ben about school, Spider-Man, and you, knowing you would spend the night taking care of him and not letting him down.

“And I’m sure you would have grounded me for this, but I miss you grounding me. May misses you too, uncle Ben. We will never forget about you, we love you too much.”

He put the bouquet down and stepped forward to hug the grave, dreaming about the reassuring arms of his beloved uncle.