we may have different opinions

hey friends

i know that we all may have differing opinions– tumblr is this huge mix of people with views on totally different grounds– and discussing them with an open and friendly nature is okay

but please, let’s not get angry. let’s recognize that each of us are human, trying to make the best out of life in our own way. disrespecting others with hate and harsh words won’t make things better. it won’t make the other person listen to you. i think all it’ll do is stir up more and more anger.

let’s instead be friendly and approach each other with love. let’s ask thought provoking questions and listen to ideas and offer suggestions with an amiable nature.

i for one like making friends way more than i like harsh discourse.

honestly dr has their pure non cursed ships like hinanami or sondam but goddamn Kuzupeko.
Kuzupeko has completely transcended any views we have about pure shipping and reached god tier
Like ppl may have different opinions in shipping but you can bet a vast majority of them like Kuzupeko to the point where not liking Kuzupeko is not an opinion but a condition, I truly believe Kuzupeko is the first ship to be completely sanctified by the fandom and any attempts to make it sound bad or cursed are futile and in vain
How it reached this status is beyond me but you won’t hear me complaining

Where did we go wrong?

What ever happened to having connections with each other, via soul to soul.. Not phone to phone. What ever happened to living life through our own eyes, rather than through a phone screen? What ever happened to loving every race as our own, and not discriminating due physical or spiritual differences? We are one race, the human race. It is truly sad to see us, the people, the most powerful entities on this planet, segregating ourselves due to political, environmental, or whatever beliefs we may have. Difference in opinions is what makes the world go round, as does love. So until the human race can come to peace with the fact that no human will ever see life through another persons eyes and perspective, then we will never be at peace. The first step in fixing a problem, is realizing there is one.

theres not enough bottom!phil porn blogs and it hurts me to know that some bottom!dan shippers are dickheads to us and will be like “oh dan bottoms you fucking useless piece of shit! ahahhaha” while their other bottom!dan friends laugh with them in the background. (some funniness added) and like?? why can’t they just accept us?? yea we may have a different opinion?? but?? please?? i’m a small child who just likes change for fucks sake. and honestly i could rant and cry about this all day and some will still be baby’s who only accepts their opinions and if someone disagrees with those opinions they’ll fucking lose their shit and kill someone. like i know some people have gone from that but HAVE improved, and it makes me happy. but to you bottom!dan shippers, please, give us a break and let us enjoy our bottom!phil things without you’re shit. and maybe, it WOULD be cool to have a few of you do some bottom!phil things or something. i’m just trying to speak up for us cause i know a few bottom!phil friends of mine are actually getting bullied for it and it makes me pissed. this is longer than intended, sorry, but like i said earlier, we have our own opinions just accept that. and i know some people do “bottom!phil week/day” and they’ll post all kinds of bottom!phil things and that amazes me. thank you for reading my annoying rant. and, have a good day/night. (: (sorry for typos this was written on mobile!)

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Hey I'm also a Supercorp stan and I really disagree with how other Supercorp fans have treated you. As a fellow writer, it's just shitty to make fun of someone's writing style or to go for a writer's voice. So I wanna apologize on most of our behalves. We may have different opinions on Supergirl ships but I respect yours and hope you keep with your writing!

Thanks that means a lot to me! Thank you so much! See, this is what I expected from the fandom–to be nice to each other despite having different ships! Thank you so so much!

Especially so since you understand how hurtful it is to make fun of someone’s writing style.

You are safe here.

I do not need to know you personally. We may, and probably do, have vital differences in thought processing, and opinions, but this does not mean you deserve to be tarred, feathered, and put on display,

You are safe here.

This is a peaceful space on its own. When people enter this domain, I can only hope they are here with good intentions, seeking enlightenment or knowledge, references or answers. I cannot deny someone the right to feel as they will, and experience as they have.

You are safe here.

All are invited. All are welcomed with open arms as Human Beings. And when you breach my trust in you, to be a civilized Human, capable of accepting differences in thought and opinion as easily as the color of one’s hair and skin, this place is no longer safe for me.

You are safe here.

I allow you to feel safe, and encourage it even! But please allow me to feel safe as well. This is a place for knowledge, and learning. This is a place of new experiences, intended for good. This is a place for people to seek inspiration.

And you are safe here.




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Favorite booklrs

oh god okay there are so many. I have made so many friends here and so many people that I admire from afar. I’m not even going to be able to remember everyone but I’m going to try to list like the top 20 or so

and since I’m in a good mood I think I’m going to say what I like about them/why I enjoy following them

whatlovelybooks- because obviously she is in love with me. no but really, she is the world’s sweetest cinnamon roll. like if you tried to eat her, all your teeth would fall out and you would get diabetes from that one bite but you wouldn’t even care because she’s so beautiful and funny and nice and you need to be friends with her. also she’s an ace queen ok

books-wrote-my-story- she’s just like my baseball bff. even though our teams are rivals, we still respect each other’s opinions and stuff and I love her photography and she’s so nice to literally everyone. such a wonderful human being

bookmad- sassy as h*ck, beautiful as h*ck, smart as h*ck, and doesn’t take anyone’s shit. like seriously if you’re not following her, idk how you’re on booklr. And she takes so much time out of her day for people and answers questions half a billion times. Even though she’s got a billion followers, I think she’s still underrated. idk i just love manda.

thequeenofbooklr- ah my precious friend maureen. I will never be able to think about her without think of quack quack 2K14. If you were here for that, you know that she is hilarious and awesome. Her hate blogging seriously gives me life. She is so fun to talk to and such a fun person to be around and I hope that one day I get the chance to meet her in person.

bookdrunkinlove- Seriously one of the prettiest- inside and out- people on tumblr. She is the tumblr mum. And she’s like the best mom ever. And have you seen her hair??? it’s different like every other week lmao and it’s always flawless. she is so nice and lovely

buttermybooks- this friendship is somewhat new but also somewhat not. We’ve always been like kinda friends but lately we’ve been texting a lot and we’re obsessed with the same book (check my next post for more info on this !!~~!!) but yeah anyway Summer has some of the best photography on booklr. She’s seriously so sweet to everyone and so patient. She also doesn’t take anyone’s shit. also really likes smut.

books-cupcakes- We are OTH buddies. Also really likes smut. Jess only follows me for my dogs tbh but I still love her anyway. Even though I fail every single month at doing her book photography challenges, I still really love that she does them because I have found so many awesome people through them.

books-and-cookies- Mary is hands down the nicest person on booklr. I can’t stress this enough. If you are sad, go to her. If you are happy, go to her. If you are stressed, go to her. Because she is always there with the most perfect thing to say. Also she has cookies. What else do you need in life?

mariesbookblog- Marie is so freakin funny like I just scroll through her blog because she’s just so hilarious idk. I love following her. Sometimes I feel like we both follow from afar which means that we should be a lot closer? We just aren’t and that makes me sad

theboywhoreadsbooks- CAN’T FORGET ABOUT THE BOYS. I feel like I follow Jonas from afar since we don’t talk often but he loves potatoes and I love potatoes so we were just destined to be friends. I am glad that we are pals because he’s funny and sarcastic and potatoes

c-parks- He has good taste in girlfriends. Also very funny and I can’t see anything pokemon related without thinking of him. I am excited to meet Rob!

theboywhocriedbooks- Joseph is def a follow from afar which makes me sad because he’s super awesome. I don’t really know what to say other than idek if he knows I exist

antstepsbooks- okay this is DEFINITELY a follow from afar. like does Nel even know who I am? probs not but that’s okay. she’s super dooper cutie pie. also potato queen. I am very happy that I follow her

magic-in-every-book- Her book recommendations are to die for. Any time I want to find a book, I just go through her recommendations tag and find new books every time I go. She is so patient and answers so many recommendations questions even if she’s already answered in 15 times before. She’s so great

dukeofbookingham- this is another follow from afar. I am just obsessed with how obsessed she is with Shakespeare and plays and everything like that. Idk I just really enjoy her posts and love following her

journaling-junkie- Not completely a booklr but she got me hooked on journals and I’ve spent so much money on journals since following her so that’s why she’s on this list. Also she’s just great and if you like journaling, she has a monthly journal challenge! I haven’t done it yet but I believe I am going to start in September if there is going to be one!

library-heaven- Follow from afar for sure. She is BEAUTIFUL. And her photography is stupendous. She is such a sweetheart and I wish I talked to her more because she seems to be a great person

pollyandbooks- Photography is seriously so pretty. and so is she. Also very nice and I love following her. I feel like this is another follow from afar sadly

ifreakinlovebooks- Carol is so nice and I remember during the World Cup where we messages each other a lot about the matches and we don’t really talk that much anymore but she is so nice. She sent me these soccer bookmarks and they are sooo cute. I love it. I highly recommend her blog.

readthebloodybook- Her book photography is seriously to die for. She’s got so many Penguin drop caps. Like I think she has all of them? idk but I could look at her pictures all day long. Definitely follow from afar. Idk if she knows I exist

feelingsofthesecondarycharacters- HaVE YOU SEEN HER BOOKSHELVES? Ugh I have such a book crush on her shelves. She may not know who I am but I love following her a lot 

bookphile- She literally takes no one shit and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. She has her opinion and she’s sticking to them. I love that about her because while we may have different opinions on things, she’s never rude to me and she respects my opinions and I respect hers. 

octoberreads- her hair is so pretty and so is she. I just love following her okay. She’s nice and funny and so fun to talk to!

freshface-blankpage- have you heard her cover of Bad Blood? oh my god it’s so good. She’s such a great singer. And she’s beautiful and so sweet and you need to follow her!

the-book-ferret- Quigley and Diggle have just became this huge part of booklr and I love seeing pictures of them. Meredith’s photography is seriously so amazing. I am constantly amazed by her pictures and her cute little ferrets. Meredith is such a great follow and I really appreciate her.

beckisbookshelf- Her photography though <3 I love Becki. We don’t talk much so I hope it’s not a follow from afar but even if it that’s okay because I love following her and seeing her pictures. Even though she’s popular, she’s definitely still underrated.

books-andfeminism- I mean look at her url, need I say more? She’s got everything good in the world- books, feminism, and animal crossing. you can’t go wrong with that. she’s fantastic <3

so yeah, these are all my favourite people and I’m sure there are plenty more. I highly recommend all of these blogs! They are all amazing people.

Can we just quit with all the hate? Like it’s so unnecessary and there’s already so much hate in the world. We all have a common interest: KPOP. Sure our tastes may differ and our opinions aren’t all the same, but that is OKAY. Why can’t we all just be respectful to each other? Even if you dislike something, there’s no need to hate.


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what make our favourite show’s even better is the fandom that support them like a very large and dysfunctional family we’re all different, have different opinions, ship different couples yes we may sometime argue and we will not agree on everything but one things for certain is that we all love these movies, books and shows and we will always defend them (even when their not on tv anymore) :P 

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I just thought of this, but now I have to ask. What all got you guys into Sonic? I’m honestly really curious to hear what it was that made you all fans. I think this fandom needs some more positivity in it right now and I think remembering why we’re fans will create some :)

We may all have different opinions about what games we like, what ships we hate or love, what characters we adore or despise, etc. but one mutual thing about us is we all love the same franchise.

(a list of comics I personally liked for friends who don’t really feel like reading a lot of Nu52 crap & I need a linkable place to put it, ignore this)

OK* Nu52 Red Hood/Jason Todd issues:

*we may have different opinions as for what constitutes ‘ok’, msg me if you think I should add something.

 as of 24/08/2014:

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 Feb 20 2013
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 Mar 20 2013
  • Justice League v2 #19 Apr 17 2013
  • Batman and Red Hood #20 May 8 2013 (good Jason issue, garbage Bruce issue)
  • Batman/Superman Annual #1 Mar 5 2014
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #29 Mar 19 2014
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #30 Apr 16 2014
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws #31 May 21 2014
  • Action Comics v2 #34 Aug 6 2014 (really short appearance)
  • Batman Eternal #18 Aug 6 2014
  • Batman Eternal #19 Aug 13 2014
  • Batman Eternal #20 Aug 20 2014
  • Batman and Robin #34 Aug 20 2014

Okay I was going to ignore this, but I feel like somebody has got to speak up because it’s REALLY, REALLY stupid. These are comments from RIAN JOHNSON’s ( director of Episode 8) latest Instagram post and people are having arguments over ‘Reylo’!! I don’t care what you think about the ship but please don’t have arguments in the comment section of the directors personal Instagram. And please don’t post stuff like ‘Reylo please?’ - don’t you realise how cringy and embarrassing that is?? This is the director of the film, a professional guy who is doing his job - please stop this nonsense! I have seen Reylo Vs. Anti Reylo arguments happening on his Instagram comments section before, and it’s very immature. PLEASE don’t ask LucasFilm employees about your ships/OTP and if you see somebody degrading themselves by doing that - just ignore them and don’t fight back?! Yes we may have differences of opinion, but hopefully most of us can agree that this is just pathetic behaviour? Please share so we can spread this message across the fandom and give the poor LucasFilm employees a break? And for your reference it was a picture of a lightbulb … A LIGHTBULB .. Nothing even to do with the film ??

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Excuse me but I'm writing a Youngjae one-shot and I need REALLY hot Youngjae pics and I was wondering if you have any? Or any pic you find really hot? >°<

Hi dear, 

Hmmm really hottttt photo of Youngjae??? We may have different opinion though. Anyway, to me Youngjae always look hot when he is in a suit. So most of these photos are him in suit. I’m not sure if any of these photos you think hot. I hope I help ^^ 

Confession: I’m not only tired of seeing not only black men and women being discriminated against and constantly stereotyped, but I’m tired of us ourselves labeling and hating each other within our own community. Our ancestors took us a long way to get us here, and we need to stop being against each other, and start loving each other despite different opinions we may have. I love black unity.

A gentle reminder about the point of this blog in light of what happened last week

As the title of the blog suggests, I work at a small press. I work very long hours. I rarely get time off (this includes weekends). I get paid jack shit. I buy my own health insurance. I do it because I fucking love it. I do. I love books. I love authors. I love the publishing industry.

This blog is meant to be funny. It’s meant to be relatable for those of you in publishing, and maybe for those of you not in publishing. It’s also a place for me to vent some of the frustrations of working with passionate and creative people.

The thought of working with non-passionate, non-creative people, makes me cringe. And I have worked in those horrible corporate offices where I just wanted to throw myself in front of a train on a daily basis…I’m in no way saying that my 95% amazing job is, in any way, a horrible experience. Plain and simple, it isn’t.

But creative people can be difficult to deal with sometimes, as I know I can be difficult sometimes, so can my boss, so can my co-workers, so can bookstore employees, so can distributors, so can wholesalers, so can sales reps.

Everyone who works in publishing knows how much time and energy goes into a book. We know how much passion goes into the writing process, how achingly hard the editorial process can be (I have been in my share of heated phone calls over my edits, sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong), we all know how much time is spent looking at every page of the book, how many times everyone reads a book before it goes to print.  I’ve been in countless meetings about the color of end sheets, whether or not we should foil stamp the title of a book, whether or not we should spot gloss something or use opaque varnish.  In my office we spend uncountable hours looking at everything from the placement of a bar code to the arc of a story. Our only goal is to make the best book possible.

This blog is a place for me to vent the often frustrating things that happen in my job. It’s a place for me to connect with other people in publishing, to show that we’re all one, that we all have the same frustrations. It’s a place for me to look at some of the other sides of publishing, through anonymous blogs like mine, and often times, I curb my behavior and annoyance because of it. Whether it’s an author blog, an editorial blog, a bookstore blog, or an ebooks blog, I have learned a lot from the other publishing blogs.

I mainly work with authors, so many of my posts are about them, but just because authors do irritating things sometimes (and let me tell you, the things I post about are usually from 1 or 2 authors, when I have anywhere from 20-40 authors in my workload at any given time), I choose to post something funny about it and move on. Let’s all take time to remember that this is in good fun, that we’re all on the same team, and that all we want is to sell and promote books.  Sure we may have differing opinions on how to do that, but we’re all looking at the same finish line.




Xena Movie Campaign's Statement on the Xena Reboot

We learned in 2015 that our campaigning had been successful, in part. NBC Universal has asked Executive Producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to return and revive the Xena: Warrior Princess franchise, with Javier Grillo-Marxuach as a producer and writer. NBC Universal executive Bob Greenblatt expressed a reluctant willingness to include Lucy Lawless, fearing she would overshadow the new Xena.

The new Xena?

The reboot and recast news ignited turmoil and controversy in the Xena fandom that we have not seen since the days when the original show was still being produced. The days of the shipping wars, the Gab Drag, and Friend in Need. For many Xena fans, the news of a recast was a heartbreaking betrayal: our beloved heroes would be played by new actresses. For others, this was a victory. Xena would be back to empower a new generation of fans who were seeking a warrior princess to inspire them to find their own inner strength.

We acknowledge and respect that many Xenites are heart-broken by the news that (as of January 2016) Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor would not be in the reboot, at least not right away. This was not the news we had been waiting for, and this had not been what fans had been fighting for these fifteen years since XWP ended. However, we see the reboot as good news for two reason.

First, Rob Tapert is back. While many Xenites are rightfully heartbroken about how the original series ended, Rob created Xena, and brought us six amazing years of life-changing television. As Lucy Lawless herself has reassured us, Rob won’t allow NBC Universal to make a new series that disrespects fans, the characters, or the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle that is the heart of the original series. Plus, as you know, Rob Tapert is married to Lucy Lawless, and always casts her in his work. We believe that Rob is fighting for what we want in the new series. We don’t doubt that he intends to bring Lucy and Renee back, if NBC Universal allows him to.

Second, a new series will bring new fans. These new fans will watch the original series, fall in love with Lucy & Renee, and insist they return. Javier Grillo-Marxuach has all but stated on his Tumblr and Twitter that if the show is successful, he will build crossovers between the series into the premise of the new show, and who is he to deny us Lucy & Renee?

We believe that Rob & Javier want Lucy and Renee to return, and NBC Universal is the weak link, based on Greenblatt’s fear that Lucy would overshadow a new Xena. We must continue targeting NBC through social media and letter-writing campaigns to convince them there is profit and good storytelling to be had in a reprisal from the original Xena and Gabrielle. We think it likely that NBC Universal is the source of a delay in recasting Lucy and Renee as Xena and Gabrielle. Accordingly, we will continue to campaign NBC Universal for an original-cast reprisal. We believe that NBC will only allow Lucy and Renee to return *if* the reboot is successful.

Is this fair? No. Is this what Xenites have fought for? Not exactly. However, we are getting a new Xena series produced by the original creator of the Xena character and a writer who understands that the Xena/Gabrielle relationship is the heart of the show. We take this as a good start. We want to see the reboot succeed, because if it is canceled, we believe that it will be another 20 years before anyone tries to revive the Xena franchise, and we don’t know that Rob, Lucy, or Renee would be available or interested if another twenty years pass.

That said, we know that you may have opinions different than ours. We want to allow you to express your views, so long as you remain respectful. We want to see the Xena fandom come together as a strong force during this trial, and not let the reboot divide us. With strengthening the Xena fandom in mind, we’d like to revisit our comments moderation policy, and how we’ll be facilitating discussion about the reboot.

What we allow:
–expressing disappointment about the reboot (“This wasn’t what I wanted!” or “I am heartbroken they’d recast Xena and Gabrielle.”)
–expressing your intention not to personally watch the reboot (“I won’t be watching.” “No thanks, I’ll pass.”)
–statements that Lucy & Renee are the only Xena & Gabrielle (“Lucy will always be the only Xena.” “I just can’t see anyone else embodying the role of Gabrielle.”)

What we don’t allow:
–calls to cancel or boycott the reboot. Why? We believe a canceled reboot means that it will be another 20 years before anyone tries to bring Xena back. Thus, we believe a canceled reboot will mean Lucy & Renee will never be asked to return.
–wishing failure upon the reboot, for the same reason outlined above
–attacking fellow Xenites, calling them or their ideas stupid. This isn’t in line with the message of XWP!
–attacking the new cast, when they are announced. You can express disagreement with casting choices, but we won’t allow comments attacking the new cast members appearances or acting abilities, nor will we allow them to be called hateful names. Again, this is not in the spirit of XWP. It is not the actress’s fault that the roles are being recast.

We will allow civil discussion about the reboot from all sides, so long as they follow the guidelines above. We believe that decision-makers at NBC Universal *do* monitor social media, and we want them to know what you think about the reboot, whether you are for or against it. However, we do not want the reboot to be canceled due to fan backlash, and accordingly cannot support any efforts to stop the reboot from happening.

Thank you for your understanding, and battle on!