we may be few in number; but we're fighters

dwarf headcanon bc i haven’t gone on about that in a while:

dwarves don’t operate on anything like a ‘day’ schedule like men do. the sun’s position in the sky isn’t important. (as with most things, when among men they do as their hosts do; it simplifies things, really.)

bu the mountains never sleep; the fires never burn down.

it’s not at all uncommon for shops and taverns to be open around the clock, because people are busy all the time. if you close your tavern while the sun’s down, where will the midnight guards get their drinks when their shift is done? it’s not practical not to be up and running most of the day.

it’s not as if dwarves don’t sleep, of course (they do, though the men who live near them always whisper that they don’t.); it’s just that they don’t all sleep at once. people work when they please (or when their guild agrees to) and sleep when they need to.

it’s not really so complicated, and they’re never really sure why men are so confused by the idea.


au in which princess dís joins her brother and her sons on the quest to reclaim erebor.