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TuxedoSam To Your Hello Kitty || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: reader finding out peter sleeps in hello kitty pajama pants lmao I can’t]]

I know exactly what pic you’re talking about too, anon, and tbh I can’t either

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word count: 700+

warnings: incoming incoming nERD ALERT. Someone save me, peter parker/tom holland has literally ruined my life.

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Tonight, you were going to spend the night with your boyfriend. After much convincing with your parents, they agreed to let you be with your boyfriend as long as his aunt would be supervising your every move.

In the end, you and Peter make a compromise with his Aunt May, promising her that you would leave the door to Peter’s bedroom wide open so that she could check in whenever she wanted to. This didn’t bother you at all since you were just excited to finally spend an evening with him.

After class ended, you follow Peter all the way to his apartment with your overnight bag in tow, your fingers interlocking with his as you laughed at the cheesy jokes that came out of Peter’s lips.

”Why did the bear dissolve in water? Because he was a polar bear!”

”Two chemist go into a bar. The first one says ‘I think I’ll have an H2O.’ The second one says, ‘I think I’ll have an H2O, too’—and he died.”

”Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? It went OK.”

By the time you and Peter reached his apartment, you were a mess of giggles and smiles (which was honestly how Peter preferred to see you, laughing at his goofiness). Aunt May hears your laughter and greets you with a hug, telling you how happy she was to see you.

Time seemed to go by faster as you spent the rest of the day with Peter. It was just so much fun being with your boyfriend. From popcorn fights while watching Empire Strikes Back to cuddling while sharing sweet kisses together, you honestly didn’t want the day to end.

When it was getting close to midnight, you lay in Peter’s bed, waiting for him to finish with his shower. After waiting for about fifteen minutes, you hear the shower stop as the door to the bathroom opened, revealing your boyfriend as he stepped into the room.

”Hey Peter, are you finally done-“ you stop your words, seeing your boyfriend dressed in his pajamas for the first time in your entire life. Admitting that he was hot with his hair still wet from the shower, you trail your eyes down to the black tee that he wore, only to begin snorting at seeing the bright pink Hello Kitty sweatpants hugging his legs.

Peter follows your gaze, finally realizing that you were staring at his sweatpants before blushing profusely, “W-What?! [Name], these are just REALLY comfortable, okay?! B-Besides, Hello Kitty is pretty cute.”

Your soft snorts quickly transform into full on laughter as you fell back on his bed, clutching on to the pillow while you managed to tell him, “I h-honestly thought you would be wearing S-Spider-Man pajamas, hahaha!”

Peter stutters, feeling more than a little embarrassed, “H-Hey I’m not that much of a narcissist…!”

With a roll of your eyes, you throw the pillow at Peter, seeing him catch it in his arms with ease when you grabbed your bag, “I think what’s about to happen next is gonna make you really happy.”

Peter raises up an eyebrow at you, clearly curious as to what you were talking about, “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll show you.”

Practically skipping into his bathroom, you enter the room and lock it. Taking out your own set of pajamas, you peel off your clothes before slipping into your sweatpants and shirt. Stuffing your old outfit back into your bag, you unlock the door and step out of the bathroom. Walking into Peter’s room, you saw that your boyfriend was sitting on his bed when he sees you.

”Wow.” Peter breathes out, seeing you wearing your favorite TuxedoSam sweatpants coupled along with your favorite shirt, “I know right? Now we kinda match!! I can be the TuxedoSam to your Hello Kitty!”

Your boyfriend stands and steps closer to you, framing your face with his hands while telling you with a smile on his face, “Shut up and quit being so cute all the time.”


My first gay OW experience

Okay so I have literally been waiting /ages/ for this and it’s perhaps a bit long but I’ll try to summarize because I am on mobile and also dunno how to put things under cuts but..

I enter a game as Mercy, and there is a Widowmaker in the spawn that said they needed healing so I went over. I said hi and they instantly did Widow’s kiss emote, so I activated Mercy’s giggle emote and the flirting continued. Widow won me over instantaneously of course so I pocketed them pretty much the whole game.

However many games later we finally get separated. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. We were separated but still in the same match, which we both kinda found out when she regretfully had to snipe me since I was on the point with my team.

Widow was upset.
I told the spider wife not to worry,
We would elope.
They agreed. Nobody would stop us.

The game finished and we joined forces once again. THE GAY CONTINUED.

Watching SING and I wanna say that it looks really vibrant haha. I’m very bothered by how the black gorillas were instantly portrayed fucking ROBBING like…the racial coding bothers me whyyy

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After a bit, Sniper found Scout lounging on the break room couch, writing something down on some paper.  As he drew closer, he realized that Scout wasn’t writing something, he was drawing.

“…Is that me gettin’ eaten by a croc?” Sniper asked, leaning against the back of the couch as he peered down at Scout’s work.

“Um…maybe?” Scout replied, refusing to look up at his team mate as he tucked his drawing towards his chest.

To compensate for Scout’s refusal to look his way, Sniper moved around the couch and took a seat on the table in front of it.  This was his chance to try to make things right, or at least make up for snapping at Scout.  Even if he didn’t think he was going to do it well, he was going to give Scout’s little game a try. 

“I, uh, Scout, do like the idea of Massa-you-setts,” Sniper said, looking at Scout over the top of his glasses.

Scout said nothing, but he did look at Sniper, trying to see if he understood what his team mate was saying to him.  That, at least, was something.

Sniper leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest. Either Scout didn’t believe what he was saying, he didn’t understand, or Scout was giving him a, unfortunately deserved, taste of his own medicine.  Leaning forward, his arms resting on his legs, he tried again, taking a different approach this time.

“You like baseball, right?” Sniper asked, “Okay, um, if you don’t balk at the idea, I’d like to walk you back to m’camper an’ maybe touch all the bases, or maybe just stop at first, unless I strike out here because, Scout, I think you’re a real catch.

Scout laughed, his shoulders shaking as he turned his head away from Sniper.  He tried to hide it, but there was definitely a pleased smile on his face.

“That was lame,” Scout said as he looked back at Sniper with a grin, “Super lame.  How much do you even know about baseball?”

“Enough to get a smile on that face of yours,” Sniper replied, “Even if you’re gonna turn m‘offer down, did I make up for slamming a door in your face?”


“Only kinda?  After all that?” Sniper asked, his eyebrows raising as he moved to sit next to Scout, “Why?”

“’Cause we still need to go out to your camper so you can make up for it all the way,” Scout said, “Who said I was gonna turn you down, Sniper?”

“…You made me go through all that jus’ to see me squirm an’ stutter, didn’t ya’?”

Oh yeah I did.  You know it,” Scout replied, standing as he balled the drawing up in his hand, “And it was worth it.  Hearing all that come of your mouth made it so worth it.  So we gonna’ start walking out to your camper now or what, Snipes?  C’mon, let’s get goin’, man.”

Somehow, he realized after he started following after Scout, Sniper couldn’t get angry at Scout for teasing him like that.  The Aussie did deserve it, at least a bit, and Scout seemed to be in a better mood now.  Sniper also got the feeling that, later, once they were out in his camper, neither of them should be holding any sort of grudge anymore.

Not when the Didgeri-do was busy getting Didgeri-done.

I present to you the hottest husbands ever (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

These two will be the end of me… orz

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Hi y'all! It's lion anon again. Sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering how you think the paladins would react to their s/o showing up to a date in their color? (Like, Hunk's s/o in yellow). Thanks, hugs!

It’s okay, your requests are super cute!! ❤️

Shiro would compliment them no matter what they wore, but he’d be grinning big if they mentioned that they wore black specifically to match his colors. He’d probably give them a kiss on the cheek and say something like “You didn’t need to do that…but you definitely look amazing, anyways.”

Keith would give them a quiet, small compliment, and might blush a little when he realized that they made the choice to wear red for him. “Now we kinda match…that’s actually a lot cuter and less gross than I expected it to be.”

Hunk would probably blush a little, grin wide, and make a small comment like “Aw, did’ja wear that for me? You know, it takes someone really attractive to pull off yellow, and honestly, I’m floored!”

Lance would smirk, arch an eyebrow, and probably say some cheesy line like “You know~ Blue’s always been one of my favorites” or the classic “That’s a nice top…you know where it’d look nicer?” your resident star cluster fuckboi

Pidge would probably get really flustered, honestly – they’d blush a lot and make a small, quiet, embarrassed comment like “Wow green looks really good on you…” what a cutie