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TuxedoSam To Your Hello Kitty || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: reader finding out peter sleeps in hello kitty pajama pants lmao I can’t]]

I know exactly what pic you’re talking about too, anon, and tbh I can’t either

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word count: 700+

warnings: incoming incoming nERD ALERT. Someone save me, peter parker/tom holland has literally ruined my life.

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Tonight, you were going to spend the night with your boyfriend. After much convincing with your parents, they agreed to let you be with your boyfriend as long as his aunt would be supervising your every move.

In the end, you and Peter make a compromise with his Aunt May, promising her that you would leave the door to Peter’s bedroom wide open so that she could check in whenever she wanted to. This didn’t bother you at all since you were just excited to finally spend an evening with him.

After class ended, you follow Peter all the way to his apartment with your overnight bag in tow, your fingers interlocking with his as you laughed at the cheesy jokes that came out of Peter’s lips.

”Why did the bear dissolve in water? Because he was a polar bear!”

”Two chemist go into a bar. The first one says ‘I think I’ll have an H2O.’ The second one says, ‘I think I’ll have an H2O, too’—and he died.”

”Did you hear oxygen went on a date with potassium? It went OK.”

By the time you and Peter reached his apartment, you were a mess of giggles and smiles (which was honestly how Peter preferred to see you, laughing at his goofiness). Aunt May hears your laughter and greets you with a hug, telling you how happy she was to see you.

Time seemed to go by faster as you spent the rest of the day with Peter. It was just so much fun being with your boyfriend. From popcorn fights while watching Empire Strikes Back to cuddling while sharing sweet kisses together, you honestly didn’t want the day to end.

When it was getting close to midnight, you lay in Peter’s bed, waiting for him to finish with his shower. After waiting for about fifteen minutes, you hear the shower stop as the door to the bathroom opened, revealing your boyfriend as he stepped into the room.

”Hey Peter, are you finally done-“ you stop your words, seeing your boyfriend dressed in his pajamas for the first time in your entire life. Admitting that he was hot with his hair still wet from the shower, you trail your eyes down to the black tee that he wore, only to begin snorting at seeing the bright pink Hello Kitty sweatpants hugging his legs.

Peter follows your gaze, finally realizing that you were staring at his sweatpants before blushing profusely, “W-What?! [Name], these are just REALLY comfortable, okay?! B-Besides, Hello Kitty is pretty cute.”

Your soft snorts quickly transform into full on laughter as you fell back on his bed, clutching on to the pillow while you managed to tell him, “I h-honestly thought you would be wearing S-Spider-Man pajamas, hahaha!”

Peter stutters, feeling more than a little embarrassed, “H-Hey I’m not that much of a narcissist…!”

With a roll of your eyes, you throw the pillow at Peter, seeing him catch it in his arms with ease when you grabbed your bag, “I think what’s about to happen next is gonna make you really happy.”

Peter raises up an eyebrow at you, clearly curious as to what you were talking about, “Just give me a few minutes and I’ll show you.”

Practically skipping into his bathroom, you enter the room and lock it. Taking out your own set of pajamas, you peel off your clothes before slipping into your sweatpants and shirt. Stuffing your old outfit back into your bag, you unlock the door and step out of the bathroom. Walking into Peter’s room, you saw that your boyfriend was sitting on his bed when he sees you.

”Wow.” Peter breathes out, seeing you wearing your favorite TuxedoSam sweatpants coupled along with your favorite shirt, “I know right? Now we kinda match!! I can be the TuxedoSam to your Hello Kitty!”

Your boyfriend stands and steps closer to you, framing your face with his hands while telling you with a smile on his face, “Shut up and quit being so cute all the time.”


William Nylander #3.2

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A/N: yay part two of this lovely imagine!!!! and yes i’m already like half way done part three so expect that soon too :)

Word Count: 3,793

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The reaction you were getting from the many Leafs players and staff, accompanied by their families or girlfriends, was one you were used to as people first saw your childhood house. Cause, well it couldn’t even really be considered a house. Even before your fathers NHL career, both he and your mother came from money, so much that it embarrassed you now to say what sort of numbers were sitting in your bank account. But your embarrassment wasn’t to be mistaken by ungrateful, cause boy were you ever grateful.

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Hello I can’t match selcas but this is my closest attempt sry

My first gay OW experience

Okay so I have literally been waiting /ages/ for this and it’s perhaps a bit long but I’ll try to summarize because I am on mobile and also dunno how to put things under cuts but..

I enter a game as Mercy, and there is a Widowmaker in the spawn that said they needed healing so I went over. I said hi and they instantly did Widow’s kiss emote, so I activated Mercy’s giggle emote and the flirting continued. Widow won me over instantaneously of course so I pocketed them pretty much the whole game.

However many games later we finally get separated. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. We were separated but still in the same match, which we both kinda found out when she regretfully had to snipe me since I was on the point with my team.

Widow was upset.
I told the spider wife not to worry,
We would elope.
They agreed. Nobody would stop us.

The game finished and we joined forces once again. THE GAY CONTINUED.

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Lets say its the NDRV3 guys first time sleeping with their S/O. (just sleeping. Nothing else) How would they react in the morning when they see her horrible bed head? (requested by someone who woke up looking like a Dragonball character once...)

Pfffft…! Okay. I’ve gotten into a similar situation before, I suppose. Anyway, here you go!

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Vanessa: I was there when he was born, so of course we’ve met. I help Dad and Perry babysit when I’m not at school. I think it’s pretty rad my Dad had another kid.

Vinnie: We even have matching names, kinda. We’re both V.D.D. initials. 

Vanessa: That’s right; Vanessa Danielle Doofenshmirtz and Vincent Dakota Doofenshmirtz.

Vinnie: Do you think it’s a coincidence, or do you think our Dad just isn’t very creative?

Vanessa: I’ll get back to you on that. 

Hunny bunny | Ohmtoonz | Hybrid AU

Ryan was sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting Luke to come home. As he heard the keys clinking, his little fluffy tail began to wiggle.

Ryan heard the door opening and jumped up to welcome Luke home. “Welcome home Lukie.” he said as he went for a hug. “Did you get bored here?” Luke asked Ryan after awhile.

“Honestly said… yeah a lil bit but I played some Dead by Daylight with Bryce and some randoms.” he aswered happily, his ear perking up as he noticed the bag Luke was carrying.

“That’s something that I saw and had to get that for you. You can see it after dinner, okay?” Luke said while fluffing Ryan soft hair and walked to the kitchen. “What are we going to eat, Luke?” Ryan asked curiously.

“I was thinking about having some chinese food if it’s okay with you? We could get takeaway from that place you like.” Ryan heard Luke say as he followed him to the kitchen. “Yeah it’s more than okay with me. Then we don’t have to do dishes today.”

As they ordered the food, Ryan went to the living room to check if there’s anything good coming right now in television. “Hey Luke! They are showing that Alice in the wonderland with Johnny Depp in it right now! Shall we watch that while waiting for food?” Ryan asked Luke as he came ro the living room. “Yeah sure, the food will be here in about 35min they said.”

After the food arrived and they paid for it, they went back to the kitchen to get drinks. “Hey hunny bunny, what do you want to drink?” Luke asked while checking the refrigerator for drinks. “Is there still ice tea left? If not I can just drink water” Ryan said.

They found their drinks, Ryan getting his ice tea and Luke having ice water. Then they went back to the living room and began to eat while watching the movie.

When the movie ended and both of them finished eating, they laid down on the sofa cuddling. Ryan on top of Luke’s chest. “Why are you always so warm, Luke? I’m always feeling cold without you next to me” Ryan said and pouted. Luke took awhile to answer his question because he was looking at Ryan’s cute pout. “Maybe it’s because you are a bunny hybrid while I’m a cat hybrid.”

They took a nap and Ryan was first to wake up. He looked at Luke and enjoyed how relaxed Luke looked. His cat ears peeking from his hair that was now a mess. “Luuuuke. Luke! Wake up. It’s already a late afternoon! You need to get up babe.” Ryan tried to shake him awake.

“Hmmm not now Ohmie, just five mire minutes.” Luke said tiredly and pukked Ryan back to his chest, one hand on his back and other one on Ryan’s tail.

It took awhile and lots of kisses for Ryan to get Luke up. “Oh yeah, I totally forgot that suprise that I got for you. Wait here and close your eyes, okay?” Luke said as he got up to get the bag from the kitchen.

“Ready to see the suprise?” Ryan heard Luke ask him. After getting a little yes from Ryan, Luke took the suprise out of the bag and held it in front of Ryan. “Okay, open your eyes.”

When Ryan opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was very soft looking grey hoodie with pastel pink bunny ears on the hood. “Oh Luke! It’s so pretty. You really shouldn’t have!” Ryan said as he touched the hoodie as Luke gave it to him. “It was nothing really, just thought how cold you can get. Also you can put your ears to thise ear parts. And of course I got one too. Not bunny one, but a brown cat, so we kinda match.” Luke said as he aat next to Ryan and took his hoodie out of the bag too.

“Aw Luke! You are so cute” Ryan said as he watched Luke put on his cat hoodie. “Put your hoodie on too, I want to see if you look as cute as I think you will.” said Luke.

After both of them had the hoodies on and Ryan even hide his ears to the hoodies ear part. “Thank you so much Luke. I really do love you so so much.” Ryan said voice full of love as he kissed Luke.

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    Times like these makes the alien want to wonder what exactly goes through humans’ heads of why abandoned buildings were interesting. However, she cannot deny the growing curiosity inside of herself as well. Perhaps it was best to keep her digital pad out in case something research-worthy actually is found; and she could assist the other in finding something for her scrap-booking. She didn’t understand the pastime herself, but that was a curiosity she could pander over later. Quietly sighting to herself as she followed behind the worthy. “…It’s as if no one touched this locale for decades.”


[  ENTER  DISASTER  ]:     we were both created in chaos.  both born to destroy.   you were like death, and i  –  like war.   and where we collided the earth fell silent and darling we knew love.

for my darling, dearest eden.     /    @veniials

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After a bit, Sniper found Scout lounging on the break room couch, writing something down on some paper.  As he drew closer, he realized that Scout wasn’t writing something, he was drawing.

“…Is that me gettin’ eaten by a croc?” Sniper asked, leaning against the back of the couch as he peered down at Scout’s work.

“Um…maybe?” Scout replied, refusing to look up at his team mate as he tucked his drawing towards his chest.

To compensate for Scout’s refusal to look his way, Sniper moved around the couch and took a seat on the table in front of it.  This was his chance to try to make things right, or at least make up for snapping at Scout.  Even if he didn’t think he was going to do it well, he was going to give Scout’s little game a try. 

“I, uh, Scout, do like the idea of Massa-you-setts,” Sniper said, looking at Scout over the top of his glasses.

Scout said nothing, but he did look at Sniper, trying to see if he understood what his team mate was saying to him.  That, at least, was something.

Sniper leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest. Either Scout didn’t believe what he was saying, he didn’t understand, or Scout was giving him a, unfortunately deserved, taste of his own medicine.  Leaning forward, his arms resting on his legs, he tried again, taking a different approach this time.

“You like baseball, right?” Sniper asked, “Okay, um, if you don’t balk at the idea, I’d like to walk you back to m’camper an’ maybe touch all the bases, or maybe just stop at first, unless I strike out here because, Scout, I think you’re a real catch.

Scout laughed, his shoulders shaking as he turned his head away from Sniper.  He tried to hide it, but there was definitely a pleased smile on his face.

“That was lame,” Scout said as he looked back at Sniper with a grin, “Super lame.  How much do you even know about baseball?”

“Enough to get a smile on that face of yours,” Sniper replied, “Even if you’re gonna turn m‘offer down, did I make up for slamming a door in your face?”


“Only kinda?  After all that?” Sniper asked, his eyebrows raising as he moved to sit next to Scout, “Why?”

“’Cause we still need to go out to your camper so you can make up for it all the way,” Scout said, “Who said I was gonna turn you down, Sniper?”

“…You made me go through all that jus’ to see me squirm an’ stutter, didn’t ya’?”

Oh yeah I did.  You know it,” Scout replied, standing as he balled the drawing up in his hand, “And it was worth it.  Hearing all that come of your mouth made it so worth it.  So we gonna’ start walking out to your camper now or what, Snipes?  C’mon, let’s get goin’, man.”

Somehow, he realized after he started following after Scout, Sniper couldn’t get angry at Scout for teasing him like that.  The Aussie did deserve it, at least a bit, and Scout seemed to be in a better mood now.  Sniper also got the feeling that, later, once they were out in his camper, neither of them should be holding any sort of grudge anymore.

Not when the Didgeri-do was busy getting Didgeri-done.


Ommigod. I look so dumb. I’m looking at you with so much love. I’m such a dork. But it’s how I really feel about you, so I guess it works. Our hair is awesome, though. 

I was the dorky one being so nervous to tell anyone… and keeping my hand just above your butt, I think I earn good boy points not just grabbing hold while we were standing there. I like that we have matching hair, it’s kinda cute as heck.

Sometimes it really kind of scares me a little how toxic certain people can be in competitive play smh