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“There’s someone I’m really thankful for. I studied abroad in the States when I was in high school, but everything was processed late, so I arrived after the semester had already started. It was hard. I couldn’t speak English well then, and since everything was so unfamiliar I couldn’t make any friends either. Then one time someone came up to me, introduced himself, and we became close friends. One day we took his car to downtown to hang out, but we had a swim match the day before, so we were really tired. Exhausted, my friend nodded off while driving his car and suddenly drifted over the center line. I was shocked and woke my friend up, but he was so flustered that we got into an accident. I was totally fine, but my friend broke his nose. However even in that situation he looked at me and said, ‘quick, run away!’ He thought that because I was a foreigner if I was involved in an accident I would be sent back to Korea…”

“고마운 사람이 있어요. 제가 고등학교 때 미국으로 유학을 갔는데 일처리가 늦어져서 학기가 시작한 후에나 도착했어요. 가자마자 영어도 잘 안되고 낯설어서 친구도 못 사귀고 힘들었는데, 언제부턴가 저에게 먼저 다가와 인사도 해주고 친해진 친구가 있었어요. 한번은 친구가 운전하는 차를 타고 시내로 놀러 갔는데 그 전날 둘 다 수영 경기에 나갔어서 너무 피곤한 상태였죠. 몸이 힘드니까 친구가 운전을 하다가 졸았어요. 어느 순간 보니 차가 갑자기 중앙선을 넘어가고 있더라구요. 놀라서 친구를 깨웠는데 걔가 당황해하는 바람에 사고가 났어요. 저는 멀쩡했지만 그 친구는 코가 부러졌어요. 그런데 그런 상태에서도 저보고 ‘넌 빨리 도망쳐’라고 하더라구요. 제가 외국인이니까 사건사고에 얽히면 한국으로 쫒겨나는 건지 알고…”.

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I just saw that post about the Beth/Andrea parallels and I don't know if this was addressed before. Do you think its possible that the story line for Beth to become Andrea is because Mazzara had killed her off and the backlash that happened had to be corrected? I know that Gimple said different characters would be taking Andrea's story line but could Beth be a part of that? I never thought much of it but just realized it when I saw the pic of the braids. When did they start to braid Beth's hair?

I am guessing these are the photos that you are asking about? 

I very much believe that Beth is taking half of the Andrea story-line. The first time I noticed this was with her relationship with Daryl and how it mirror’s Andrea’s relationship with Dale in the comics. They have a HUGE age gap. but strangely they have a very sweet feeling relationship. They also share this cute scene from Dale and Andrea in the comics. 

(this isn’t my photo by the way I found it on google images) 

I am totally in agreement with you about how everything turned out with Andrea and how Gimple was brought on the show to fix the issue and you caught on the THE BIGGEST clue there is. Andrea’s braid. 

The first time we see Beth with her ponytail braid is in Season 4 Episode 1 (30 days without and accident) 

We see it when she hugs Daryl. Right on the top of her pony tail you can see it sticking out. 

And it very much matches the one we see on Andrea in the comics when she is having a family hug with Carl and Rick. 

You see it the best in the scene in Still where her and Daryl burn down the cabin. 

They didnt start giving her that braid until season four. We don’t see a braid in Beth’s hair in season three she just has a basic ponytail or half ponytail. 

Season four is the start of when Beth goes into the Andrea arc 2.0. They start to do these little things that make her look like the comic book Andrea and start to blend their stories together. 

We even see a little of the Rick/Andrea romance start to show in Still when Beth and Darly have their “back hug. This scene from the comics is right after one Rick’s closest friends dies and Andrea is trying to comfort him. 

Pretty similar isn’t it? 

So yeah the little things like the hugs, and the braids, and then ultimately the scars show us what they are trying to transform Beth into. 

When Andrea get’s her scars in the comics it starts to change who she is because she ends up being very self conscious out them. She starts to become tough and a leader.

(I also found this photo on google images) 

Some may ask what is the importance of Beth having part of Andrea’s story line?  Or they may claim that Sasha is getting part of Andrea’s story line. I would agree with them Sasha is getting Andrea’s sharp shooter skills and will go through PTSD like Andrea did when she lost Dale to the Termites but there is something HUGE that happens to Andrea in the comics that compares to Beth. 

The first scar Andrea has on her cheek is from a crazy guy at the prison. The second scar is from a head shot. Andrea was shot in the head by the governor in almost exactly the same exact way as Beth… AND LIVED! 

The bullet skims Andrea’s skull and comes out the back. She looses some blood and is knocked out for about 90 min or so but she lives and is completely fine. 

That is where Team Delusional starts. TWD writers gave Beth Andrea’s braid, they gave her a relationship with an older man, and they gave her Andrea’s scars. Now why on earth would they bother with all of that if they were not also going to give her the survival of the head shot? 

These little tiny clues all add up to Beth’s survival and you are 100% right in thinking that this is Gimple’s clean up job when they killed off Andrea in season three because we start to see Beth’s arc take off in the very next season along with her new braid in her ponytail. 

These things matter. These little things make a big difference. The story will all come together in the end. Comic Book Andrea = The New Beth Greene.