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Is it too late to apply for the Zine?

For the most part, yes. 

When we announced the zine, so many incredible members of the fandom stepped forward to offer their help that we decided to make the zine mostly by-invitation. By eliminating the weeks-long application process, we can give our participants more time to work, and give the zine more time to accumulate donations. Since the need is so dire, and desire to participate was so overwhelming, we decided to go with the more efficient option of invitations.

Thanks in advance for understanding.

However, if anyone who wasn’t invited wants to apply (please note that we’re also not done sending out invites), we will open messaging (pms) for the rest of the week so that you can send a link to your art tag (or Ao3, or cosplay page, etc!). We currently have over 50 participants, but we might be willing to squeeze in one or two more if the applicants are outstanding, so don’t count yourself out just yet!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Hello lovelies! We have finally decided on the pricing as we as what all will be in the bundles of the zine! We hope all the pricing and such are ok or are to your liking, every dollar counts when it comes to helping out those in need! By buying a zine, your just as much of a hero as noctis and the others! Make sure to read over everything carefully before deciding on what you’d like to get. Even though the zine wont be officially done till about mid June, we are allowing people to sign up for preorders. Once the zine is done though, we will post it up on here as well as the tictail ordering page so you all are able to see most of what’s going to be in the zine. We will NOT be preordering any zines until we have the shop up and allow you all to see what you will receiving before confirming your preorder.

But, if you would still like to preorder, message us so we can put you on the list. Each bundle has a limited number of spaces for preorder, not to mention, you will be gaining a super special standee along with the bundle you pick!

Until then, we will continue to update you all and work together with all these lovely artists so we can make this zine as enjoyable for you all as it was for us!

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two things: - can we make speedpaints of the artwork we make for the zine - are we allowed to post the final product, if so when?

yes artists are allowed to make speedpaints

Though we do not hold any claims in the artworks we STRONGLY do not recommend posting them on social media while the sales are running, we will notify artists when its 100% completely okay to post art but as of the moment we do not have a final date yet


Just recently participated in SCAD’s first Generate, a 24-hr zine making event that happened over the weekend! We were four in the team and we decided to create a zine based on the Philippines and its folklore. I settled on the Sarimanok, a symbol of good fortune. o/


08/02/2016 - I like to make my history notes in little zines and these two are about how Japan invaded my country in Malay as well as the Malayan Union! 🇯🇵🇲🇾 新年快乐!🎋

Can you help us raise money for our zine?

Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know us, we are Olam Collective, an organization of leftist Jews who are committed to social justice. We also make cool art and write a lot of literature.

We’ve released two zines so far, and we’ve gotten some requests to print physical copies. There’s one problem: we haven’t made any money from this blog. A few months ago our blog and zine had a small scope and not many people knew about us. It feels as though we have reached a somewhat larger audience, and now we have demand for something we cannot supply.

These are the fees we would need to cover:
- Commission for our contributors
- Printing fees
- Shipping and handling
- Hiring and paying future staff

We are simply asking for donations to get us started so that we can make more zines, produce more art, reach wider audiences, and be a small beacon of hope for Jews who need a safe space or a job. We also hope to work in collaboration with other minority and leftist organizations, as our goal is the liberation of Jews and all oppressed people.

Our paypal email is olamcollective@gmail.com. We will post constant updates on the money to ensure to you the money is going toward the exact costs mentioned above.

Any donation now matter how big or small would be so much appreciated. Even if you cannot donate, a signal boost would be appreciated as well. Thank you for reading :)

Hey we are making a countdown till application closes (ok thats just an excuse to draw our favourite characters.) Dont forget to apply, the form will be closing soon !! 

If you are new to this project, we are making a zine about pompadour delinquents ! More infos >here<


“Shademag is a product of our friendship and aspiration to inspire youth like us. It’s all about creative positivity and inclusion. We are shining a light on artists of color and all the cool, amazing people we meet everyday.”

Meet the powerhouse duo behind SHADE MAG in this exclusive interview with creators Apryl Fuentes & Azha Luckman.

Photos by Jazmin Jones

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The Academic: A Student-Focused Zine

Hey! So @studyingwtf and I are working on developing this idea. From now on I will be posting updates to The Academic Zine, and will reblog to my blog. Even though I’ll be reblogging, I recommend you follow!

Additionally, you can track #the academic zine for updates!

Here is the original post, but basically we want to make a zine focused around/aimed at students. Read more for information on what it would look like and how you can participate!

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