we make terrible faces


Manon: Hey, Alan, let’s dance too!
Alan: Eh… No, I…
Manon: C’mon, hurry up, hurry up!
Hari-san: Rimarima!
Platane: Having fun is a victory, too. Do your best, Alan.
Alan: Professor…
Manon: Come on, come on, Alan too!
Hari-san: Harihari!

Eureka: Hey, hey, Professor, let’s dance too.


i dunno. i think carmilla being hella whipped over sick laura is cute.

Trick or Treat box is closed – for now.

We have 456 “Trick or Treats” to give out, and new ones flood in every time we release a batch. This is a great problem to have, it’s amazingly fun to see your terrible faces, but we want to make sure folk get their prizes before they are consumed by the lurking darkness.

So we’ll chew through them for awhile, maybe a month or two, then open up the box again.