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How U.S. Health Care Became Big Business

Health care is a trillion-dollar industry in America, but are we getting what we pay for? Journalist Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal warns that the existing system too often focuses on financial incentives over health or science.

“We’ve trusted a lot of our health care to for-profit businesses and it’s their job, frankly, to make profit,” Rosenthal says. “You can’ t expect them to act like Mother Teresas.”

Rosenthal’s new book, An American Sickness, examines the deeply rooted problems of the existing health-care system and also offers suggestions for a way forward. She notes that under the current system, it’s far more lucrative to provide a lifetime of treatments instead of a cure.

“One expert in the book joked to me … that if we relied on the current medical market to deal with polio, we would never have a polio vaccine,” Rosenthal says. “Instead we would have iron lungs in seven colors with iPhone apps." 

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Texan Keith is great guys… but hear me out… Kansan Pidge

•       like it kinda makes sense because kansas is mostly empty and lots of nature but it’s not cool nature like the planet they landed on it’s mostly flatland and farm and fields, so no wonder pidge hates the outdoors but is still the guardian of nature

•       she clearly doesn’t have an accent (most midwesterners dont) but she still says things like “crick” instead of “creek” “ki-yotes” instead of “ki-yo-tees”

the only voltron discourse allowed now is if pidge says “soda” or “pop”

•                her mom says “warsch” instead of “wash”

•       ironically says “y’all”

•       her parents probably put her in tons of sports as a kid to see if anything would stick before she just said “you guys, I’m not into the Sports”

•       if your not into sports in kansas then you’re probably an Art™ Kid so then her parents put in her acting camps and art stuff until she said “dad, you literally get to go into space as your job i like science stop this”

•                does still really appreciate art and went to the 3 art museums we have on the weekends

•       not into football because she has seen friendships ruined by KU vs K-State

•       does make “not in kansas anymore” jokes

•       does actually like sunflowers and sunflower seeds

•       (has flipped off the WBC/Phelps more times than you can count)

•       learned how to drive by driving around the farm her mother grew up on

•                yes her mom grew up in the middle of nowhere kansas so she went there a lot to visit her grandparents and drove for the first time there


•       Coran: the planet that we’re about to pass has almost 50 tornados going on at once

•       Pidge: *deadass flies out in her lion to look at them*

•       Coran: the planet we’re about to land on is mostly ice, so the castle might get cool

•       Pidge: im taking the food goo and all our water rations i’ll see you on the other side

•       Coran: this planet has below freezing temperatures one minute and blazing hot glass storms the next!

•       Pidge: lol who turned kansas into a planet?

•       there’s literally nothing to do in kansas if you don’t live in Lawerence, Wichita or Kansas City so Pidge’s best memories are probably riding in a car with her friends, stargazing with her dad, dicking around the mall or a park

•                Lance: what do you miss about earth? i mean, besides your family?

•                Pidge: Powerplay* and Lawrence. That’s it. That’s all i miss

•                she probably misses thunder storms tho

•       Hunk: Aren’t those guys from Supernatural from Kansas?

•       Pidge: Amelia Earhart didn’t die for this

*powerplay is this really big arcade in Kansas City but it also has great food and lazer tag and lots of cool stuff.

 some of these are also just general headcanons that might apply to other places in the US, but these are just things i thought of since I’ve grown up in Kansas.

let’s just think about luke dating a girl who’s as into science as he is. they’d watch space documentaries when luke comes back from tour with wide eyes and the occasional “that’s so cool” or “WHOAAA”. and they’d excitedly watch shark week because “babe, sharks are so cool, why do we keep killing them?” luke would call up one of the boys in the middle of watching and tell them everything the two of you learned and would just stare at his phone with a confused expression when they hang up on him. and during interviews, the boys would call you two “the nerd couple” and luke would just blush and laugh along because it’s true and would probably make some cheesy joke like “yeah we know a lot about chemistry if you know what i mean”

Hannibal Recap + Rewatch: 2x06

**Warning: rewatch blogging written with knowledge of the full series

And we’re back! Slightly earlier than usual because the next installment will be slightly later than usual, more infoz later. For now, these infoz in case you’re just now joining us: what follows is a bizarre thing composed of an unpublished recap I wrote two years ago after 2x06 aired, and asides I wrote today during my current Hannibal rewatch. It’s a ride.

HANNIBAL Recap Novelization - Ep 206, “Futamono”
Now With **Rewatch Hindsight**

It begins. Hannibal composes at his FUCKING HARPSICHORD. You insufferable cannibal dandy, I swear to god.

The lines of his sheet music dissolve into the lines of Will’s cage and well, crap that’s beautiful.

Just plain as perfect symbolic day.

Contemporary Sidebar

Am I ever gonna be over Hannibal composing the bars that hold Will? Nope! (THE. BARS. BARS. GET IT. GAAHH.)

Will: “You are moving smoothly and slowly, Jack; carrying your concentration like a brimming cup.” I gauge Will’s handle on his own weird lovely soul by how bad his metaphors are (more embarrassing = more Will), and this is actually pretty moderate on his scale so we’re still in the woods. Will I miss yooouuu. I want your emotional openness back, I feel so apart from your opaque calculate-y prison self. But that is some wailing for another time.

Oh my god? Look at this!!! Oh Past Ye of little faith! Wow wow wow, this is amazing, I did not remember how doubting and adrift I’d gotten from Will here! Now I’m really curious what brought me back, because I’ve found something in my old recaps folder that I wrote during late S2 which could most readily be described as An Impassioned Defense of Will Graham Against The Haters, that might as well have been written to this Me here.

This is great though, because now I feel much comfier when I talk about how people felt like they were breaking apart from Will in S2, as apparently I was one of them! And Past Me really hit the core of it I think: “emotional openness.” This was something I talked about at the start of my 2x03 post, how Hugh Dancy’s portrayal of Will was so achingly open in S1 that a very natural & justified filtering of Will’s emotions in S2 reads as closed off in comparison. It’s interesting, because on rewatch I feel muuuuch much closer to S2 Will, and — wait oh my god, aaAAAHHH wait do you know who else I originally thought was distant and difficult and conniving but felt significantly closer to on the rewatch? S1 Hanners. NICE.

Fuck me, this show and its mirrored structuring.

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School - Harry Styles Imagine

You sat in your second period math class wondering how in the world you forgot your science quiz today. You had made sure to write it down in your notes, on your calendar and to put a sticky note on the cork board on your desk that you looked at every morning before you left, but some how you still seemed to forget. 

Science was right after lunch, so you could always skip halfway through the day, but you’d never skipped a class before and you had definitely never forgotten about a quiz before. You were always very organized and prepared. You were also scared to death that you would get caught, but at least that would give you an extra night to study and make sure you are actually prepared for the class. 

“Hello, earth to Y/N” Harry whispered from beside you, pulling you from your thoughts.

“What?” You asked

“I asked if you wanted to go over the science material with me at lunch so that we had a quick reminder of what we needed to know” 

“Its going to take a lot more than a quick review to get me through this one” You sighed, making Harry raise an eyebrow before a cocky smile started to form across his face

“Are you telling me that the infamous Y/N did not study for a quiz?! This is an outrage!” He joked, slamming his fist down on to the desk quietly 

“Shut up!” You giggled “Its not funny!”

“Shhhhh” Your teacher shushed the two of you and you rolled your eyes

Harry smiled to himself and looked down at his page. You kept sneaking glances at him. God, he was gorgeous, too bad you had been stuck in the friend zone for four years now. You sighed and continued your work until the bell rang. You grabbed your things as Harry waited for you and the two of you got your lunches and headed to the cafeteria together.

“So, what are you going to do?” Harry asked as you sat down at the table with the rest of your friends

“Well, I’m not going to go to class” You said, looking down at your sandwich 

“You’re going to skip?” Harry snorted “Yeah, right”

“I am!” 

“You’ve never skipped, Y/N” He said, a bit more seriously 

“I need to be prepared for this quiz, Harry. It’s important for me to keep my grades up in this class so i can maintain my average and get in to a good university and have a good life”

“Well” Harry said, running his finger over his chin “If you’re not going to go, then I won’t either”

“Harry, c’mon, you studied-” You started, but he cut you off

“First of all, I did not study. And secondly, I won’t make it through science without you, so there is no point in me going if I don’t have someone to copy off of” He joked, nudging your side

You roll your eyes and continue to eat, smiling at his stupid joke. When the bell rang, signalling it was time for class, the two of you scurried to your lockers and tried to head to the library, figuring you would just tell the librarian you had a spare this period, but when your turned down the hallway that lead to the library you heard Harry curse and before you could ask what was wrong. he grabbed your arm and tugged you into a small closet.

“What?” You whispered, looking up and trying to see Harry the best you could in the dark space

“Science teacher headed this way” He chuckled and you could feel his body shake “I had to get us out of sight”

“Oh” You breathed 

“Well, lets just stay in here for a bit. It’s quite cozy” He smirked and locked the door, making you raise an eyebrow

“Why did you just lock that?”

“So no one can get it?” He smiled “You really have never skipped a class”

“Shut up” You grumbled and looked at the ground “What the hell are we going to do in a supply closet for an hour and fifteen minutes?”

“Study?” Harry suggested and you knew he didn’t mean it

“Ill just do that at home tonight” You said and you felt him let out a little extra air “Plus it is a little dark in here”

“Hmmmm” Harry pondered and then looked you in the eyes “We could hook up”

“Yeah, okay” You snorted and covered your mouth, trying to keep your laughter quiet

“Im serious, Y’N” he said, his tone steady, making you look up at him

You watched as his he moved a little closer to you and lifted your chin. You sucked in a quick breath before Harry put his lips to yours. You didn’t kiss him back at first, still a bit confused at what was happening, but slowly you started to move your lips with his. 

His arms snaked around your waist pulling your body closer to his. Harry’s lips felt good against yours, the sensation making your entire body tingle.

“Harry” You moaned against his lips and tugged at the hem of his shirt

“Hmm” He hummed back, smiling against your lips, before lifting the thin material of his shirt over his head, breaking the kiss for only a moment. 

He tried to reconnect your lips but you stopped him by quickly pulling your shirt off as well, revealing your very plain black bra. You watched as Harry’s eyes fell down to your chest, which was now rising and falling at a fast pace. Harry smiled at you and connected your lips again. 

Your fingers found themselves tangled in his curly hair, holding him close to you. His tongue explored the inside of your mouth. Harry reached down, releasing you from his grip, and unbuckled his jeans, pushing them down to his ankles and pulling you close to his body again, a little rougher this time. You felt his hands land on your behind and you could feel the bulge growing in his boxers against your hip.

You pushed against his chest quickly pulled down your jeans and panties in one quick move, stepping out of them and kicking them to the side. You looked down at Harry’s stomach, slightly embarrassed. After a second, he lifted your chin and kissed you softly before reaching behind you and unhooking the clasp to your bra. You let it fall down your arms, exposing your breasts to him. 

Harry groaned and pulled you back in to a kiss and began to massage your breasts with his hands. You moaned in to the kiss and ran your hand down his stomach and in to his boxers to start pumping him. Harry let out a hiss of air and moved one of his hands to the small of your back pulling you closer.

“Fuck” He breathed in to your neck “I want you”

You moaned at his words and he moved a hand down your stomach and began to rub your most sensitive area, making small circles with his fingers on your clit. 

“You’re already so wet” He smiled and pulled his fingers away

You watched as he quickly removed his boxers and reached in to his pants to grab his wallet, pulling out a condom and sliding it over his length. Harry was a lot bigger than any of the other guys you had been with. He smirked as he walked over to you. You moved backwards until your back hit the wall and Harry grabbed one of your legs, hitching it around his waist. 

“Ready, baby?” He asked and you moaned as you felt him sliding the tip of his length up and down your core. 

“Please” You begged and he smiled before slowly pushing himself inside you

“Harry” You moaned and he began to suck on the skin just under your ear before speeding up his pace.

You continued to moan as he thrust in and out of you at a fast pace. He felt so good. You moved your hips with him and you knew you wouldn’t last long like this, but hell, who knew how long Harry was going to last for. After a second, you guessed not long as his thrusts became harder and faster making your insides quicker and within seconds, you unraveled around him. 

As you came, you heard Harry curse and empty himself in the condom, the thrusts slowing. When he pulled out, you winced and leaned your head against the wall. You were about to say how good that was when your felt Harry’s tongue against your core and you looked down to see him on his knees, licking at a furiously fast pace.

You moved your hands down to grasp his curls and tug lighting, making him groan. Within seconds you came again, grinding on his face a little. As you recovered, Harry chuckled and stood up, pulling his boxers and jeans back on and disposing of the condom.

You blushed and scurried around to gather your things and dressed quickly. As you were about to pull your shirt over your head, Harry’s arms wrapped around your waist and he placed a light kiss on your neck.

“What’s the rush?” He whispered in to your ears

“I don’t know” You said shaking your head and blushing

“Was it good?” He asked

“Amazing” You smiled and you could feel his smirk “How long have you wanted to do that?”

“Since I saw you on the first day of high school” He grinned 

“And here i thought I was in the friend zone” You giggled to yourself

“Hey” He grinned “Don’t get clingy”

You shook your head and giggled. After the two of you dressed, Harry stuck his head out the door to make sure the coast was clear and you two exited quickly. About halfway down the hall, Harry grabbed your hand in his and you looked up at him. He was looking ahead but the smile on his face told you that you probably weren’t going to be complaining about the friend zone anymore.