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I'm coming back into the WC fandom after a long absence (the last book I read was Sunrise and it was a struggle. I hated the writing) and reading the wiki and some blogs, apparently a lot of THINGS have happened with the Erins and I'm just D: Besides Harry Potter ( Cursed Child era when JK started taking it off the rails) I think this is the only fandom I've seen where we all like the basic concepts, but we hate the canon so we make headcanons/OC's. It's funny to me for some reason (1/2)

“(2/2) It’s like the Erin’s have messed things up so much by keeping this thing going so long and making all these weird plots try to connect and using the same tropes over and over that we basically just read the new books to keep up what’s going on, critique them and then go “Screw this, we don’t need them” and proceed to fix the bad writing and do our own stuff.”

you know i think the reason why so many people like warrior cats is because its so formulaic. like it gives us this basic layout - clan + naming structure + wc cat code, which enables kids to create their own fan universes. like wc is such an open ended world that is p rare compared to other series. like there is literally nothing saying that more clans don’t exist somewhere, or that this rogue can come in and take over etc. there is SO much room for fan interpretation and fan theories which is why i think WC is so successful 

 i have yet to see another series that is as fan-friendly for headcanons + fan worldbuilding as warriors 


For the whole first time Wil was pretty nervous on his “new place”, so, he was shaking from any sound + totally wasn’t understood how the hell his eye-mark-thing works (btw this thing isn’t really controlled)

Aaaand… it’s hard to explain, but in a few years since the begginning of the story his job will include something like “light soul cleaning”.

the darkside devours you

thanks @empress-only-in-name for popping up to break my heart with another au :D. I’m calling this the Bad Route AU because… everything goes horribly wrong in this verse. Everything.

                                        Be brave and be kind.
                                         A soft heart in a cruel
                                         world is courage not


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Samī: “ Um .. he uh, .. he won’t say anything to me now .. I tried asking and he ignored me .. Uh .. @bruzza-karamatsu maybe you could talk to him, if you don’t mind .. ? “



Guardvengers Icons 

We’re not a team of heroes, more like a… a… band of them.

The Guardvengers are the children of the Avengers in an alternate timeline, highschoolers by the first Avenger’s movie, each child in the ever expanding universe had their own set of skills and powers, eventually growing out of their parent’s shadows to becomes heroes in their own right. 

(Disclaimer: we aren’t this young anymore lmao. including: @pomegranatekylo as Rose Rogers, @to-live-is-to-dance as Arielle Barton, me (@kalamitis) as Kay Thorsdottir, @valuepup as “Tutu” Colson, @pages0f as Coleen Fury, @leafie as Laura Banner, @astrasavant as Carlee Stark, and @iridescent-apricity22 as Danielle Romanoff.) 

Art in the corners of these icons is by the amazing @askthederpvengers, who I’ve been following since the very first avengers movie, clearly. If you haven’t followed them, please do!!!

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