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Can I have BTS reaction when their 5-year-old daughter says she's gonna marry them when she's grownup because they are just so perfect? Thank you 😘

Seokjin: “I’ll marry you.” His daughter said with flower on her nose. They’ve been baking all afternoon. His heart would swell once his daughter said those words to him. “Honey, I’ll be old. You’ll want to marry someone who grows up with you. But, of course, he has to be as charming as me!” He says fixing the crown his daughter had placed on his head.

Yoongi: “Can I marry you? You’re the only boy that’s not stupid.” His daughter says to him. He wouldn’t really know how to react. He doesn’t really show his emotions, but he has a huge soft side to him when it comes to his daughter. “Uh, haha. That’s not a good idea sweet. I think you should find someone more handsome than me. But if he is mean to you, tell me and I’ll beat him to a pulp. Okay?” He says pinching her nose and she giggles nodding.

Hoseok: He would scream, engulfing her into a big hug. “You’re so cute! But I can’t marry you because I’m kinda married to your mother! Find someone just like me though, okay?” He says letting her go and giving her a bunch of kisses all over her face which causes her to be a giggley mess. “But your perfect! No other boy can be as perfect as you!” She cried. “Sure there are! Just look for the sun!”

Namjoon: He would be helping her study when she told him she wanted to marry him because of how smart he was. “I’m too old for you silly. I’ll find you a smart guy, maybe Jackson’s son will do! He’s cute right?” He winks at her as she blushes and shoves his shoulder. He knew she had a small kid crush on Jackson’s son.

Jimin: “You what?” He laughs. His wife is making supper while Jimin and their daughter make the table. “I want to marry you!” She yells with a smile. “He’s taken silly girl!” His wife says walking up to her pinching her cheeks. “We can pretend though!” Jimin beams. She cheers and hugs Jimin sticking her tongue out at her mother.

Taehyung: “I want to marry you, you’re just so perfect!” Taehyung’s daughter says. They were at the park swinging on the swings. “We go out for one day and you’re already falling for me! Ugh, what am I going to do with you?” He sighs. “Well, if you insist we should get married. Then we should.” He says getting up from the swing and taking the ring pop from his daughters hand and kneeling down on one knee before her. “Will you marry me?” He smiles. “Yes, I will!” She says as he puts the ring pop on her finger. She pulls him into a hug. “Just don’t tell mother okay? She gets really jealous!” He says jokingly.

Jungkook: The family was in the living room for game night, his hyungs included. Jungkook’s daughter turns around and looks at her father dead in the eyes. “I’ve made up my mind.” She states as everyone was trying to choose a character. “And what is it?” He asks leaning forward to listen. “I’ll marry you, no other man will be good enough for me!” She says in a serious tone. He laughs ruffling her hair slightly embarrassed from all of his hyungs making cute faces at him. “I’ll go get my wedding dress!” She says getting up and running to her room. “Well I guess this turned into wedding night. Can I be the bridesmaid?” Jungkook’s wife giggled.

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Where It All Begins {Finn Balor} (Part 1)

I was always told that Finn liked me. Everyone said it. I however, do not believe he does. I mean, sure, there are instances where it seems as though he does. Most of the time, he avoids me like the plague. It’s almost as if he’s embarrassed to be around me. “I swear on my life, (Y/N), Finn is head over heels in love with you. He never shuts about about you in the car. It drives us insane. He’s just shy about it.” Anderson says, pulling me into a corner. “Just give him time to adjust to you.” I sigh, running a hand through my hair.“ It’s been months, Karl. What more do you want me to do? It’s obvious he’s got no intention of doing anything.” “(Y/N), please don’t give up on him. He really does like you. I don’t know what else I can say to make you believe me.” He pleads. “Well, if he wants to tell me himself, then maybe I could believe this mess.” I say, rubbing my temples in frustration. “I’ll make it happen. I promise.” He says, running off. I took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Ever since I got here, that’s all everyone has ever said. “Finn really likes you.” “He’s so cute around you.” “You two would be perfect together.” Yet, here we are, months later. No action taken on either side. He’s a very handsome man. Adorable, too. He’s such a kid at heart, and I love they way he lights up when he talks about something he loves. The little things he does make all the difference to me. He’s so thoughtful, and genuine. He’s rare. He’s a special kind of person that not everyone deserves to know, and understand. “Hey, (Y/N).” I looked up to see Finn standing in front of me, arms placed behind his back, cheeks a light shade of pink. “Hi, Finn. How are you?” I ask. “Great.” He says, smile lighting up on his face. “Yourself?” “I’ve been better, but I’m good.” I nod. He remains silent for a moment, before speaking again. “Karl came to me..” “Really? Figured he was joking.” I laugh softly. “Is it true?” He asks. “That ya like me too?” “Yeah.” I nod. “It’s true. The way you act around me made me think you don’t like me, that’s all.” “I do like ya. I like ya a lot.” He laughs. “Too much, really.” “Is that right?” I ask. “Mhm.” He hums. “So I guess this is where I ask ya on a date?” “Only if you want to.” I say, smiling up at him as he beams like a child on Christmas morning. “(Y/N), would ya like to go on a date wit me?” He asks. “I would love to, Finn.” I smile at him. ———————————————————- First time writing on here! Hopefully it wasn’t too cringe worthy. What do you guys think?

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Being seventeens best friend would include

-Eating pork and chicken with them

-Seokmin that was mine!

-Hoshi trying to teach you a dance

-But we just ate!

-Seungkwan sassing you all day but Joshua yelling at him for being mean 

-but hyung she started it!

-Well i finished it!

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(Translation) Kare to Soine vol. 4

彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ vol.4 藤木空 (R18! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Suzuki Yuuto

Get this CD from Amazon

T/N: Suzuki Yuuto!! He’s getting better at this omg his voice is so cuddly in this volume!… I swear, he’s sweet and cute, and it’s just like a perfect bulliable kouhai material.

Oops, I mean… doteable kouhai material.

It’s mentioned that he’s younger than us, but in actual, he doesn’t call us senpai (why tho!!)

Anyway, this was a request and feel free to send a correction in my way if there’s anything wrong. Enjoy!

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TBH I'm still so mad that we never got to see Bella and Rosalie's relationship during Bella's pregnancy

Me too, anon. 

I think we can all agree that Rosalie’s view of babies is idealized like whoa, but isn’t that what Bella would need during a pregnancy that’s quickly killing her? I would read the shit out of the two of them talking about how cute this hypothetical kid would be, and his tiny little feet, and how much he’d love music and animals and space, and what they’d get him for his first birthday. While Edward and Jacob were saying supportive stuff like, “Get it out of her,”, Rose could make Bella feel like she was suffering for the sake of a person with a future. 

Perhaps this is me projecting, but there’s this air of practicality to Rosalie that I’d really appreciate in my attending physician. Edward spends the whole pregnancy screaming internally, Carlisle seems distant and uncertain and scientifically curious, but Rosalie appears fairly level-headed (even optimistic!) about the whole thing. I could see Bella asking her things like, “How bad do I look?” and Rose responding, “Well, you probably can’t wear a bikini this Spring Break. Next year, though.” I want all of the dark pregnancy humour, and I can’t see it coming from anyone besides Rosalie (and maybe Jacob). 

And finally, I very much acknowledge the Machiavellian underpinnings of Bella’s fateful phone call to Rosalie. If you’re going to appoint a champion against the united forces of Edward and Carlisle then, hell yeah, pick the person who’s been most badly burned by their paternalistic nonsense and has selfish reasons for fighting in your corner. But I also can’t shake the feeling that Bella’s low-key scheming would endear her to Rose, who’s not above sneakiness and manipulation herself. Basically, I wish BD had contained a conversation between these two which acknowledged just how Slytherin they are and how much of their happiness hinged on that trait. 

BTS at the dorm
  • Rapmon: guys we have to talk
  • Jin: whats up? Do you have any problems? just talk to me
  • Suga: let him be these lil fuckers always disturb my sleep
  • Jungkook: suga are you sure you like us
  • Suga: did i ever say that
  • Jimin: *gasps*
  • Jimin: how can you not love my kookie
  • Jhope: the only thing suga needs is a little bit hope here suga have my hope
  • Jhope: *strips*
  • Suga: eww put your clothes back on you filthy little kid i dont need hope i need sleep
  • Rapmon: GUYS i wanted to say something
  • V: jin cook something for me
  • Jin: shhh rapmon has to say something
  • Rapmon: so since you all listen now. i broke the tv
  • Jungkook: again?
  • Rapmon: last time wasnt my fault. No one is at fault because fault is something only bad people say when they want to blame something and- *begins poetic speech*
  • Suga: *falls asleep*
  • Jhope: *pokes suga*
  • Jimin: let him be ull make him angry
  • V: jimin is a baby he is scared
  • Jimin: im not scared
  • V: of course you are
  • Jin: shhhhh rapmon is talking kids listen to him
  • Rapmon: ...so what i really wanted to say is you guys have to give me money so i can buy a new tv
  • Jungkook: but its your fault we have to buy a new one so u pay
  • Jin: Jungkook did anyone ever tell you that you are satan you little punk
  • Jungkook: i learned from the master
  • Jimin: im your master
  • Jungkook: *blinks*
  • Jungkook: i meant suga
  • Jhope: hes so cute look at him sleeping how can he be the devil
  • Bangtan: *looks at sleeping suga, back to jhope*
  • Suga: *wakes up and glares*
  • Suga: why are fuckers staring at me
  • Jungkook: told you guys
  • Hanna: I was such a cute baby.
  • Emily: What?
  • Hanna: I was, my mom has pictures. I've seen pictures of Caleb when he was a little kid too. I think we can make something pretty good together.
  • Emily: It's not like making a lasagna.
  • Hanna: Okay, I'm just saying. I've been thinking about it. A lot lately.
  • Me: Replays it 12848 times to make sure i heard it right

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Ok so I got a couple questions from ppl and I wanted to take a few minutes and explain some things.

Yes I want kids someday. I think Ill be a awesome mum. Its what girls are for. Like literaly its what we exist for. I dont no if guys totaly get this. But like ok you want to go out and be successful and be like a great business man or police man or dr lawyer what ever… How many girls do you no that started off wanting stuff like that? How many of those girls quit all that and became mothers? LIke for girls society says you have to go be as successful as a man but then hormones kick in you get baby fever and you want to quit all that and raise kids. But lots of girls feel bad about this because they are told they have to be just as good as the men at being a lawyer or accountant or what ever. The thing is we will never be as good as men at those things. Maybe like 1 out of 1000000 girls will be but most of us cant be. BUT we can be mothers. So like deep down most girls even ones that dont admit it most of us really really really want to be a mum. 

Yes I really do think the way I say I do about gender rolls. I dont think Im worthless or that girls are worthless. Im not real religious so this isnt a chirstian thing for me. Its just about what is natural. This will piss some ppl off I no. But I think its true. Like men are built to go out and do things like build stuff and control things run companys all that. Girls are not built to do that. Men are way more stronger. Ya theres some butch girls that are strong but there never as strong as guys. Thats why sports are girls sports and guys sports. Girls are not as smart as guys are on average and we dont think the same way guys are do. Girls are more emotional and nurturing and guys are more like thinkers and good at hard stuff. Guys are like scientists and architects all that stuff. Guys are really good at like math and science and like putting things together. I no not all guys are but they can be. When guys try to do that stuff they do it real good. Girls are mostly good at like supporting a man. Thats why girls make really good nurses not drs and good secretarys not bosses. Thats why we are cheerleaders not quarter backs. 

Also I hate when ppl act like men objectify us. I have news for you we objectify ourselves for men! I dont know about you but a man didnt hold me down and do my makeup today. I did that myself and guess what? I DID IT FOR MEN! Thats right I want men to look at me and notice me! I WANT the attention. Men arent doing anything wrong when they catcall and stare at us! We objectify ourself and then get mad at men for falling for it! So stupid. And also notice that most guys dont go through all the beauty routines and pain we do to look good for us? Ever wonder why? Because they dont have to! The reason we objectify ourselves is because at least a little bit we no that WE ARE OBJECTS! Ya thats right the whole reason we go through all that stuff the makeup and hair the heels and skirts the crazy diets and workouts is because we no deep down that guys want the prettiest girl. The best guys want the best status symbols to show off and make other guys jealous because thats how guys work. They want to show all the other guys how successful they are. So girls its time to stop complaining about the game we are all playing. Nobody is making you do all this. Your doing it because you no its what you are. Its just that society tells you to feel bad and that you should want more than that. You ever notice how girls want to no how tall a guy is and what kinda car he drives what he does? Guys never ask what a girls grades were in school or how smart she is. They care first about how we look. Because thats whats important. Its like hard wired into them. Guys want a girl that will make cute kids. They dont care if we are smart for a girl because most girls are just not as smart as guys any way. How tall a girl is could matter to some guys definitely how skinny or heavy you are. Pretty is most important though. Girls want security guys want a trophy. The same pride a guy feels when he has that crazy hot girl all dolled up hanging off his arm is what we feel when we can say my husband the dr. It means I was hot enough to land a successful man. 

And as far as wanting more. No I dont want more than to be a house wife and mother. LIke ya I want to be like THE PERFECT wife. LIke a stepford trophy wife! :) Totally serious BTW. Yes I cook yes I clean yes I can do it in heels looking flawless. 

Imagine Jensen being your husband and your daughter saying she loves Mr. J, and getting excited whenever your best friend Jared comes to visit you. She certainly took after you though, in a way you don't realize.

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“Life- life must be pretty hectic for you these days huh?” Jimmy asked and Jensen turned the volume of the TV a littlelowder, a smile gracing his lips as his eyes fell on you.

“Well, yes you know between shooting and raising a kid and at the same time being a wife and singer it’s- it’s quiet a lot. But I love every moment of it, I am not going to lie.” you breathed out with a chuckle and Jensen’s eyes were glued to the TV as he moved around to sort out the mess said kid had made and find his things to get ready for his own shooting.

“Yes! Of course the new album, we’re all so excited for it to come out! Do you- do you guys know that she will also becollabing with many other artists like, like 30 Seconds to Mars. Am I right?” Jimmy turned to look at you and you nodded your head, tucking a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“Yes, yes I am. I’ve been planning on this with the guys for very long and I’m really glad I finally got the chance to. I really think it’s going to be one of my best albums because I’ve got so much help from friends, and- and my husband Jensen too!”

“He helped?” Jimmy raised an eyebrow “Will he be featuring? I think we’d all love to see that!”

“Unfortunately no, not in this one but I always have a couple singles in mind for him and I.” you chuckled, as the crowd cheered and Jensen himself smiled.

“I’m sure you will have lots of fun making a video for said song, right?” he laughed and with a giggle you nodded yourhead.

“I would certainly not say no!” you shrugged “But I already am having great fun! Not just with some of the videos we are preparing but also with writing the songs themselves. And I am not the only one enjoying this so much, I am telling you even my daughter is having a great time!”

Jensen nodded his head at the words, glancing at the piano the little girl had just a few hours left there “Taking after her mama.” he breathed out with a laugh, though he still glanced at the TV.

You looked great, that much he knew. But then again you always did to him. You were wearing a black dress that he just loved a little too much on you, paired with black high heels. Classy as it could be, yet somewhat casual. And you always had such an ease when in an interview that it almost surprised him, knowing how much you panicked before each and every one of them.

“Your daughter! Yes! Justice yeah?” Jimmy said with a grin “She was here- here a previous time if I remember correctly? First or second one?”

“Uh second yeah, second.” you nodded your head with a smile, recalling a previous time you’d been in the show and Justice had been backstage as well.

“She- she had taken me an interview you know!” he laughed.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah! Totally, and she was great! We even- we took a couple of selfies!” he breathed out a chuckle, as he glanced at the audience.

“Oh yeah I saw those! Jensen surely loved them! Duck face really- really suits you Jimmy!” you laughed and he nodded his head.

“You think? I mean I wanted some more of them but- but compared to her I thought I didn’t look cute enough.”he shrugged and you laughed, leaning back on the couch.

“Aw no, I think you looked great! Yeah totally! I- I still have them, since you used me phone then.” you grinned and he laughed.

“Well how is she? Hope she hasn’t forgotten all about me.”

“Oh well, don’t know what to tell you Jimmy. They sure grow up fast.” you shrugged and Jensen sighed softly.

“You tell me.” he mumbled, throwing yet another doll inside her box with toys.

“That’s great though!”

“I don’t know” you shrugged at Jimmy “But I mean- it’s so hard to explain. It feels like yesterday she was taking her first steps and saying her first words and here we are at her taking an interview of you, selfies with you, being picky when it comes to clothes, doing her make up, asking me to give her jewelry to wear… going through her first love. Just normal stuff, though right?”

The entire crowed cheered and laughed as Jimmy and Jensen himself did the same. Jensen shook his head as he worse his jacket.

“Her first- first love?” Jimmy asked and you nodded your head.

“That it is!” you said with a sigh and a smile.

“Who, who is it? Some kid at kindergarten or- or something?”

“It’s-” you rested your chin on your hand “It’s hard to explain and you won’t believe it but- but you wouldn’t imagine it’s that person.”

“Who do you mean?”

“It was a surprise when I found out but again, maybe I should expect it. Jared kept bringing posters, and visiting when he had some of his make up on and you know- so it happened.”

“Jared? What do you mean?”

“She’s in love. With Mr J!” you exclaimed and his mouth fell open as he laughed, and the entire crowd cheered.

W”ai- wait! The Mr J?!”

“Oh yeah, you betcha! She adores him! He’s her puddin, not Harley’s! Hell no!” you shook your head with a laugh.

“You’re kidding right?”

“Definitely not! I am telling you, we have seen Suicide Squad more times than I can count! And every time the is a Joker scene, Chuck help anyone who makes a sound!”

“But- but does she really? I mean with all the make up and- and the laugh? The laugh too?”

“Oh that! Gosh yes! She thinks it’s cute and that Mr J is a sweetheart! A total one!”

“Well I-” he laughed “I don’t know what to say… Should this be disturbing or not?” he shrugged “But- Then again she’s your daughter so…” he trailed off with a laugh and you pretended to be offended.

“Hey!” you exclaimed though still laughed.

“I would really like to know about Jared’s opi-”

The TV was shut and the sound stopped, which made Jensen look up. Only to lock eyes with yours.

“Still here?”

“Why?” he pretended to be offended “Wanna get rid of me already?”

You laughed “Don’t you know? I’m waiting for Jared. Can’t do wha Iw ant with you around.” you shrugged and although he didn’t let it show, or at least tried to, he felt a pang of not just hurt but also jealousy.

“Oh so it is?” he raised an eyebrow “You’re cheating on me with him?” he meant it playfully but part of him was incredibly envious of the connection you shared with the older actor.

You let a soft laugh, walking towards him and wrapping your arms around his neck “Don’t you already know?” you whispered resting your forehead against his “You are the only for me. Now and forever.”

“Silly me then.” he let a smile spread on his lips when he saw the love in your eyes. No matter how many times he doubted himself, no matter how conscious he got sometimes, no matter how he let his jealousy take over- all it took was one look at you and he felt everything vanish.

“Yes, but that is just one of the reasons I love you.” you said with a teasing smirk and he let out a deep chuckle, wrapping his arms around your wait.

“You were amazing.” he breathed out and you smiled sheepishly at him “The dress looked so great on you. You were gorgeous.” he almost let out in a deep growl, his eyes casting down for a moment although now you were only wearing a pair of his clothes, baggy and old but comfortable. And he still found you great.

“Gosh how did I ever get so lucky?” he breathed out, eyes locking with your and you only bit your lip, shaking your head before you buried it at the crook of his neck.

“Just stop.” you mumbled and he chuckled, tightening his hold on you.

“I’m only saying the truth.” he shrugged and you shook your head, pressing a soft kiss on his lips.

“Do you really have to leave this early?” you mumbled.

“Thought you wanted me gone already.” he tried to give you a smirk to lighten the mood but it soon fell.

“Jensen” you dragged his name and he gave you a soft grin.

“Kidding, just kidding.” he kissed your forehead before pulling away “Yeah, and I think I’m already late. Robert will give me the talk for sure.”

You giggled “Would it be the first time?”

“Yeah, probably not but who is to blame for that?” he raised an eyebrow at you and you shrugged.

“Not my fault you are such a temptation in those shorts.” you gave him a sly smile and pressed your lips to his “But I didn’t hear you complain, not even once!”

“Are you serious? I couldn’t even utter a word when you did that thing with… that thing.” he said with parted lips, his eyes glancing down for a moment.

“Stop quoting Supernatural.” you hit his chest and he snapped out of it, giving you a grin.

“Moments like this I wonder how we still have only one kid.” he chuckled, kissing your cheek and you giggled.

“Who knows maybe-”

“What?!” he exclaimed but you shook your head.

“Relax. Not yet. But- speaking about said kid upstairs-” you sighed, taking hold of one last toy that lay on the couch and Jensen had forgotten all about.

“What? Is everything alright?” a deep frown immediately set on his face and he was full father mode in an instant.

“Yeah, in a way I guess. Something at the kindergarten, with some kids. But Tom was there and- I guess Jared must know, you ask him. He’ll tell you, you don’t have to be any more late with this.”

“Are you sure though? You know that when it comes to her and you, I don’t put anything else in front-”

“Jensen” you breathed out a soft laugh “Don’t worry, everything is alright. She is alright, laughing and playing with her toys upstairs. But ask Jared anyway.”


“Yeah even if-” you stopped for a second as the doorbell rung “Even if she’s not I am most sure she’ll forget all about it with-”

“Hey!” a smile spread on Jared’s face as soon as he saw you.

“Hey you!” you grinned, giving him a short hug as he kissed your cheek.

“Oh hey Jensen! Still here bud? Don’t you have filming?” he asked with a smile Jensen who seemed to force a laugh out.

“You and my wife seem to be too eager to get me outta here. Plan on stealing her from me Leto?”

Jared laughed, wholeheartedly throwing an arm around your shoulders and kissing the top of your head “Might as well with how much of a wonderful person she is.”

“Most wonderful woman on Earth, and I’m the luckiest man to call her my wife.” he gazed at you and you huffed, still feeling your cheeks burn.

“Alright you two, stop it or else I’m gonna blush fifty shades of red. I’m the lucky one here to-”

“Uncle J!” a little overly excited voice was heard and Jared let go of you and turned to face the bubbly girl that ran down the stairs to him.

“Justice careful baby!’ you said the words in a motherly tone before you could realize it and Jensen chuckled at you. You glared at him and hit his shoulder with a laugh.

“There she is!” Jared grinned widely, bending down to pick her up and spin her around “How’s my little princess? Hm?” he kissed her cheek as she giggled up at him.

“I’m good puddin!” she exclaimed and you laughed, Jensen only letting a small smile form on his lips. Because there was something holding him back, especially as you felt his side and walked towards the other two.

“I missed you uncle J” she mumbled with a small pout, resting her head on his shoulder and he chuckled softly holding her like a loving father although he wasn’t.

“I missed you too bug, been busy lately. Sorry I couldn’t visit.” he gave her a small squeeze and she nodded her head.

“Uncle- uncle Shannon is here too?”

“Yes, uncle Tomo as well. Your mama and we are gonna make more music soon!” he grinned at her as she gave him a crooked grin as well.

“And I will listen to it too?” she asked looking between the two of you and you nodded your head with a chuckle.

“If you want to, then sure.”

“But wait-’ Jared spoke up again, giving the little girl a small smirk “What do I see here, new hairstyle?” he played with one of her two ponytails and she giggled.

“Yes! Mommy- mommy helped me!” she pointed at you as you came next to her and kissed her cheek.

‘She wanted to be even more of a Harley Quinn for her Puddin’ you chuckled and he did the same.

“I’m sure Mr J would love it! Oh and he told me to give you a big kiss when I see you so here!” he grinned and kissed her cheek which made her giggle all the more.

“Uncle J can we- can we play tea party and then- then Watch Suicide Squad again?”

“Alright but you know not all the scenes yeah? Mr J wouldn’t want his little princess being scared or crying, yeah?”

“Sure!” she exclaimed in his arms, wrapping her tiny arms around him to give him a small hug.

“Sweetie, why don’t you get your Mr J and we will watch the movie first huh?”

“Yes mommy!” she nodded her head and kissed you before Jared set her down and she ran upstairs, almost stumbling a few times. But before either you or even Jensen could say anything Jared was the one that spoke up.

“Justice careful!”

You chuckled, leaning next to Jared who wrapped an arm around your waist “She literally hasn’t let go of him ever since you brought it over.” you mumbled with laugh and he chuckled.

“Once I saw that stuffed Joker I knew she’d love it, and I was right!”

“She literally holds it even in her sleep J!’ you exclaimed and he laughed.

“Is that a bad thing?” he asked innocently and you gave him a hard look.

But in the end you shook your head and leaned even more to his side, resting your head on his shoulder for a moment “You know you’d be an amazing father one day, right?” you said in a soft voice and he tried to keep his smile.

He only shrugged, giving you a smile. He rubbed your back and let go of you to walk upstairs as you let out a small smile, without a single glance you made your way to the kitchen.

But being left completely unaware of the state Jensen was in. and it wasn’t just his usual jealous part, because he had long ago learned to live with it. But now he was even hurt. And not just because he was jealous of how close you were to him, no because he tried to convince himself that you were just friends and he knew that you really loved only him and not Jared (although he still couldn’t help but be self-conscious). But just because of the soft spot his daughter had on him. He knew he shouldn’t take it seriously, not in the way he did, but watching the three of you… some crazy part of him imagined just for a moment that the three of you were a family and not the him, JJ and you.

But he had to swallow down every feeling, every fear and leave. Hoping that work would keep his mind occupied and he’d stop worrying for… nothing, hopefully.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper recently released a new commercial in Japan starring  Narimiya Hiroki, which shows the actor remembering FF heroes that have died (including Tidus), but it’s the eternal heroine, Aerith, that he has a special soft spot for. When it shows the flower girl’s death, Hiroki stands up, clutching his heart and says 「エアリス!」which is Japanese for “Feels!” (just kidding, it’s Aerith’s name). The ending then shows Hiroki walking out of the restaurant (victoriously, I think) saying   「次はクラウド」which means “Next, Cloud.” And yes that is Cloud’s voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai, narrating, too!

Anyway, it’s a cute and sweet commercial. It’s so good to see Aerith getting some love, especially one we can make a meme out of! 

Dengeki also wrote an article that said Cloud and Aerith were the “core” of FFVII’s story that made it so special.

Also, here’s the script of the commercial in case anyone is wondering what Cloud and Hiroki are saying:

成宮 (Narimiya Hiroki)「ティーダ。エースの力、見せてくれ。」

成宮 (Narimiya Hiroki) 「パロム、ポロム。もう悲しい思いはさせない。今度は俺がお前たちを守る。」 

 成宮 (Narimiya Hiroki) 「そして、エアリス。…エアリス!!(立ち上がる)」

 クラウド (Cloud, Takahiro Sakurai)「仲間を集めるたびに、FFの記憶が溢れ出す。歴代の英雄たちと、あの戦いへ。FINAL FANTASYレコードキーパー」 

 成宮 (Narimiya Hiroki) 「次はクラウド!」

Big thanks to @krudears for giving me the Japanese!

EDIT: [ 9/18/2016 | 12:20 AM ]

Thanks to Dreamstar of the CxA forums here’s a translation!

NH: Please, Tidus show me your power.

NH: Palom and Porom, I’m already sad again. But don’t worry, I’ll save you this time. (Note: Palom and Porom save Cecil’s party by petrifying themselves in FFIV.)

NH: and…Aerith…*stands up* AERITH!!!!

Cloud: Now each time you play, you collect an overflowing memories of past FF games, and battle with heroes of generations in FFRK.

NH: You’re next, Cloud!



“Can’t We Have Our Own?”

“Are you nervous?” Aaron says opening your car door for you.
“Aaron, it’s just Greyson. We’re around him all the time. What’s there to be nervous about?” you ask Aaron as he closes your door & gets in the car.
“It’s our first time having him alone. Just me, you and the kid”
“He’s not ‘the kid’ babe, it’s Greyson. Candice wouldn’t ask us to watch him if she didn’t think we could handle it.”
“You’re right. You’re gonna be Auntie tonight babygirl”
“I’m pretty sure he’s gonna call me by my name….like he does every time I see him.”
“I can break that habit. He’s gonna have to call you Auntie soon. I’m liking what I have so I gotta put a ring on it”
“If that’s the case, go put a ring on Cameron” you say laughing.
“Haha very funny, but Cameron can’t…”
“Don’t you dare finish that sentence Carpenter”
“I was gonna say make me laugh like you but geez, if you were thinking that way let it out baby” he says raising a brow.
You roll your eyes and turn the radio on listening to music and singing the rest of the way there.

You pull into Candice’s drive way to her apartment and get out of the car.
Aaron grabs your hand and walks you up to her door when he let’s go to knock.
Candice opens the door and Greyson runs out wrapping his arms around the bottom of Aaron’s legs.
“Uncle Aaron!”
You smiled to yourself and hugged Candice as you walked in to get Greyson’s overnight bag.
“Thank you guys so much for watching him. It really means a lot” Candice says as she hands you the bag.
“Don’t even thank us! We love the little booger” you say as you look over at him playing with Aaron.
“Greyson, why don’t you give mommy a hug? You’re coming with me & uncle Aaron tonight”
He runs over to Candice and they say their goodbyes. They hug and she kisses him on the cheek and he runs over to you and Aaron.
You pick him up and walk out the door closing it behind you.
“Hmmmm, what should we do? Greyson do you want ice cream?” Aaron asks as we walk down the steps and out to the car.
“Yummy!” he says taking his pacifier out of his mouth.
“I’ll take that as a yes” you say giggling and buckling him into his car seat.
You and Aaron get in the car and you sit in the back so you can play with Greyson.
Aaron starts driving to Cold Stone Creamery and you start tickling him making him giggle.
“I see you up there Smiling uncle Aaron, what’s good? ” you say laughing at yourself.
“You are going to be such a good mom” he says pulling into the parking lot.
“Don’t get soft on me big guy” you say unbuckling your seatbelt.

You unbuckle and get Greyson out the car and let him walk holding your hand.
Aaron walks next to him grabbing his other hand and you guys run and swing him in the air high enough to get him over the curb.
His face lights up when his feet fly in the air and gently back on the ground before opening the door to the ice cream shop.
“What kind do you want buddy?” Aaron asks picking him up so he can see the flavors through the glass.
“Cookies!” he said pointing to the cookies and cream ice cream.
You guys all order and sit at a table where you eat and talk about the plans for the rest if the night.
As you throw your trash away, Aaron cleans up the mess left over on his nephew’s face.
“How did you manage to get ice cream in your hair? You gotta tech me that trick” he says as Greyson giggles.
You all get back in the car and drive home.
You snapchat with Greyson and let Candice know you guys are having fun.
When you get in the house Greyson goes for toys we got him for Christmas and instantly starts playing with them.
You and Aaron lay on the floor playing with him for what seems like hours as you start to notice him rubbing his eyes.
“Babe, I think someone is tired”
“I think you’re right. Do we know where he’s gonna sleep? He can’t sleep in the guest room, he’ll be scared”
“He’s sleeping with us. We can make a fort. Gives us a reason to build one. He would love it!” you say giving Aaron the pouty face.
“I guess you’re right. Hey Greyson, you wanna build a fort and watch TV with me?”
He smiles and drags over a pillow to help you get started.

Once the fort was made, you brought down pillows and blankets for everyone.
You turn the TV on and put on Mickey Mouse and make Greyson a sippy before you climb into the fort that both of you were pretty proud of.
“This isn’t too shabby. You are a real Carpenter.”
“You’re so funny, like I haven’t heard that before.” he says fake laughing.
You lay down with Greyson in the middle of you guys and cuddle up as he began to fall asleep.
You move his cup out of his hand and put it on the floor outside your fort.
You play with his hair and cuddled him as he held your hand in his sleep.
You notice Aaron smiling out if the corner of your eye so you look over and smile back.
“You’re so beautiful, how did I get so lucky?” he asks staring at you like it was the first time he saw you.
“Thank you babe but I think I’m the lucky one here” you say carefully reaching over Greyson to kiss him.
“You’re so good with Greyson, I can’t help but think what an amazing mom you’ll be.”
“Does someone have baby fever?”
“No, I mean…maybe” He stumbles to get out.
“Can’t we just have our own?” he says looking down at his nephew.
“We would make pretty cute kids…but we should wait a while.”
“I guess you’re right, but can we babysit more often? ”
“As much as you want babe
You kiss each other goodnight and fall asleep.

The next morning you wake up, get Greyson ready and you, Aaron, Greyson and Candice all go out for breakfast as you tell her the adventures you had babysitting.

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HOTSHOT is such a hardworking group, and we are all so excited for them to be doing what makes them happy again. Sungwoon will be able to be cute, Junhyuk will be able to see his “loves” again (why is he so greasy, but I love it). Timoteo can show us better personal talents ;), Kid Monster can show us his krumping, because lets be honest we never get tired of it. Hojung hopefully wins his award, and that will make him so happy, and San can go back to being his tough yet shy and sweet self. They thrive on being able to interact with fans, and now they will have more chances to see them. I just want to say “HOTSHOT, we are very proud of you, we love you, and we will always be waiting”

- Players (and Peach, but she’s emotional right now) 

A Chipotle employee's guide to ordering at Chipotle

Since this is a difficult task for an alarming amount of people I thought I would simplify it for everyone real quick.

  • There are literally only 7 Spanish words you need to know to be able to order; if you don’t know them and what they mean, please get out of my line, out of my store, and out of my life. The words are burrito, tortilla, taco, fajita, carnitas, barbacoa, and guacamole. Do not come to me asking for a “big shell taco” on the side, do not think we serve Barack Obama, and get out of my face asking for fajitas on the side when you mean tortillas bye. (This especially applies to all you fucks living here in Florida, seriously how do you not know what a tortilla is at this point in your life.)
  • We don’t serve “wraps,” if you ask for one I will stare at you until you figure out what you’re doing with your life.
  • Do not ask for “queso” with your chips. What you think you’re saying is, “I would like delicious cheesy dip for my chips yum yum I am American give me fat to dip my carbs in,” but what I hear is, “I would like some nasty ass white people Velveeta dip bullshit that you guys don’t serve and will never serve because it’s full of preservatives and a complete lack of desirable flavor. Also, I don’t know that the Spanish word ‘queso’ literally translates to 'cheese’ and won’t understand that you’re being a really funny smart ass when you give me a side of shredded cheese for my chips.”
  • The corn salsa is, for all intents and purposes, considered a salsa. So when we ask if you want any salsa and you say no, we move on to other things. If you want corn salsa, say yes to that question so we don’t have to go backwards after we give you other ingredients.
  • Don’t talk on your phone when you’re ordering seriously that’s shitty you all should know that.
  • Don’t say which ingredients you don’t want, just stick to what you do want. If you mumble or are generally quiet I might only hear the ingredient and not the negative before it, which might cause me to incorrectly make your food and have to start it over.
  • It can be cute to let your kid order their own food, but if there’s a line to the door you’re not making anyone around you happy. I’m all about adorable toddlers barely pronouncing words and not knowing what things are, but please only let them take control of their order if there’s no line behind you.
  • If it’s the end of the night don’t try to hit me up for some extra meat or guacamole just because you’re probably the last customer of the night. Your portion of meat will be the exact same 4 oz that everyone else gets. I will go ham on everything else for you though because most of the rest of it will be recorded as waste and chances are I don’t have to really give a shit about it.
  • Speak. Nodding your head is useless when I’m looking down at the line so I grab the right spoon and put whatever you asked for on your entree.
  • If you want more of anything, just say so. We will freely give you more of any ingredient except for meat or guacamole. Don’t get moody and sigh, honestly you’re an adult and you need to get your life together if not having enough cheese on your burrito ruins your day, especially because you can just fucking get more for no extra fucking cost you obnoxious immature fucks.

Did you know all of that already? Here’s extra tips for you pro-level Chipotle eaters.

  • If you like tacos it makes a lot more sense to just get a bowl with the shells on the side. Honestly. You’ll get a fair amount more food for the same price, it will go somewhat faster through the line, and if you’re taking them to go they won’t get soggy.
  • Tell the person who is doing your salsa if you want any sides for chips or just for the hell of it or whatever. The cashier does not make the sides or have any made in advance, so it helps with the process to have it done as we finish your order instead of after we’ve moved on from you to the next person.
  • Instead of stealing the whole bottle like an asshat, if you want to take some of the Chipotle Tabasco sauce home just ask for an empty portion cup with a lid and you can fill it up and take it with you.
  • If you have an order with more than two things just do it online or on the app or over the phone or via fax. One person ordering for the whole office/family/whatever leaves a lot of room for error.
  • This seems obvious, but I’m mentioning it because I follow it with some decent motivation to actually follow through with it. Be nice. There’s a way better chance that I’ll hook you up with stuff. Seriously we get coupons that we pass out to customers of our choice, and they range from free chips and guac to buy one, get one entrees that cover extras like double meat and/or guac. I’ve even asked my managers to comp whole meals for people who were especially pleasant and sometimes they do it.
EXO reaction to you saying "kitty no go" or "bunny no go"

Requested by emmyisbestemmy ::

EXO react to when they’re out for a walk to the store or something with their girlfriend and they pass like cats, rabbits, ducks, etc. And their girlfriend is like “bunny no go” “Kitty no go” and stretches her arm out to them as they run off.

This is both fun and super cute! Hope you like how it came out I kind of made little scenarios with it~






The two of you were out for a walk on his day off, just casually strolling through the park. “Oh! Bunny!” You exclaim letting go of his hand and moving forward.

“Y/N?” He questions with a chuckle as he walks up to you after you flop yourself to the ground.

You look up at him with a pout “The bunny left.” You both look to where it was hopping off “It was so cute! Bunny no go!” You call reaching your hand in it’s direction.

Xiumin laughs and helps you up “Aren’t I cute enough? Should I get bunny ears and a tail?”

You giggle at the thought “It can be discussed.”

“No, no. Now c'mon! Let’s go get something to eat!” He shakes his head in amusement and drags you along.



The two of you are eating ice cream and eating on our of their outdoor tables when a couple and their little boy sit not too far away with some ice cream and two puppies.

You squeal a little when you see them and wag your finger in their direction “Look Lulu! Look at the cute little puppies and their cute little furry faces of cuteness!”

He bats at your hand, that was waving in front of his face since he was sitting in the way of viewing the puppies “I get it they are cute. You’re going to get icecream everywhere Y/N.” Grumble and groans about being cuter than them anyway.

You look away from the puppies to smirk at him “I thought you were too manly to be cute?”

He rolls his eyes “Are you going to hold me to that for the rest of my life?”

“Until you realize you can be cute and manly yes I am goi- Nooooo! Puppies where are you going?! Puppies no go! No go!”




The two of you were having a night in full of cuddling on the couch, you happily trapped between his long arms, and movie after movie.

“Y/N, I thought you had a cat.”

“Mhmm. I do, he’s really cute and fluffy.”

“How come I haven’t seen him?”

You shrug and eat some popcorn “I don’t know.”

He let’s it go with a shrug of his own and continues with the movie until he has to use the restroom. Not too long after he gets up your kitty saunters out and hops into your lap. “Hi there stranger! Hows my cute little girl?” You pet her and play with her for a minute until she tenses up and runs away just as Kris comes back in “Nooo my kitty why are you leaving me? Kitty no go!”

“Whats wrong? Did something happen?”

You narrow your eyes at him “You did this.”



You were at the dorm visiting him when Jongin comes in with his dogs. “Oh look how precious! Can I play with them?”

He smiles and nods, the two of you then leaving Suho to stand around wondering what he should do. “Uh guys, I’ll just…can I join?”

“Sure!” You both say and before long the entire dorm was filled with laughs, running, and barks as all the members joined in and messed around.

After a while you were laying beside Suho on the floor breathing heavily and deprived of energy. “That was fun! Oh hey! Where are you going? Don’t leave yet! Puppies don’t leave me! Don’t go! No go! Boo!” You waekly whine as Jongin and the dogs leave. “We should get our own pet.”

Suho scoffs a bit and rolls towards you “I take care of enough animals in a daily basis, but maybe in the future.”

“We hear you!” A member yells and you giggle as the beagle line harass their leader.



You two were having a picnic in the park and just laying around looking up at the sky.

“Oh Y/N! Look at that pretty bird!” He says pointing to the bright yellow little bird that landed on a branch not too far up in the tree you were laying under.

“Oh! Its super pretty! You say quietly, trying not to scare it away. “I wish we could keep it.”

“Birds are supposed to be free and fly through the sky, maybe a kitten or puppy or something?” He says smiling over at you.

You give him a bright smile in return and nod “Lets do it! But I want to take a picture of this birdie!” You say slowly moving to get your phone ready, but the bird flies away just as you push the button “No don’t go! I wasn’t ready!”

“Maybe we will see another one or it will come back? Lets wait a bit okay?”

You smile and kiss his cheek “You’re so sweet.”

“Thank you.”



You guys were out by a lake just flying kites, running around, and being as childish as you could be.

“Hahaha you can’t catch me!” You tell behind you as you run away from the other “You’ll never be able to-WAITTTT!” you screech and stop in your tracks, leaving Baekhyun grunting as he makes impact with your back.

“A little warning next time would be nice.”

“You ran into me, not the other way around.” You say imitating his playfully annoyed voice.

“Yeah yeah why did you stop anyway?”

“Look! Isn’t he cute?”

He blink down to the area you were pointing “I don’t see…oh a turtle! Cool!” He says crouching down to touch it.

“Nooo! Look you scared it and it’s running away! Don’t go my turtle friend don’t leave me!” You say dramatically as it walks in a different direction.

Baekhyun stares down at you “You know it’s a turtle…it’s not gonna get away very fast…it’s moved like two feet this whole time.”

You glare up at him “We were having a moment. You ruined it.”

“Well excuuuuse me.”



You both decided to help out a friend who was on vacation and pet sit for them at your house.

“Its our last day with them…” you pout as you pet the cats cuddled up together at your side.

Chen reaches around from his position behind you to stroke their ears “It was kinda nice having something to take care of with you, especially something so soft and fluffy. ”

“Are you getting sentimental on me now ChenChen?” You chuckle.

He likes your side and buries his face in you shoulder “Way to ruin the moment, and you say you like when I’m sweet and romantic. I think you just like to make fun of me.”

You were about to respond when the doorbell rings and Chen crawls over you and the kitties to answer. You hear your friends voice and hold the cats closer “No I’m not ready! You can’t do this! Go away!”

After five minutes of extra live for the cats they are taken away. “Boy I hope you’re that upset when I leave.”

You pout “At least you come back.”



The two of you had planned a day out at an amusement park.

“Lets ride them all Y/N!” He declares as you laugh and go along with his never ceasing energy.

You run from one ride to another, the laughs never stopping, until you see a cute little balloon animal stand. “Chanyeol!” You yell pulling his arm and pointing, hand full of cotton candy, “Can we get on? Please? Please please please ple-”

He laughs and covers your mouth “Yes we can get one! Of course! Look how cute they are, why wouldn’t we get one? Which one should we get?”

You smile and kiss his palm earning a giggle from him at the feeling before he moves his hand “How about a giraffe?”

“Anything for my baby.”

Getting the giraffe shaped balloon led to sitting down for food and drinks as a small break before continuing. After a few minutes you see a kid pointing up and saying something about a balloon.

You look where he is pointing and stand “Nooo my giraffe! It wasn’t your time! What is this cruel fate?”

Chanyeol hugs you and pats your back “We’ll get another.”

“Its not the same.”

He pauses and pushes the corners of your mouth up “How about we get matching giraffe onesies and we never leave each other?”

You smile at his cuteness and nod “I like that.”



You guys decided to have a cute little date at the dorm, not easy not easy at all, by making animal themed cookies for everyone while Suho kept the kids occupied and out of your way.

“These look so cute, don’t you think Kyungsoo?” You smile as you show him one of the cookies, this particular one decorated to look like a puppy.

He returns your smile and nods “I thought you would like these. I’m glad you’re having fun.”

“I always have fun when I’m with you.”

You see his cheeks flush a bit “What should we make this one as?”

“A bunny!” You say happily handing him some oink icing and purple decorations. “Can this one be for me?”

“You can even have them all if you want, I won’t tell.” He jokes.

“Thats okay just this one is fine.” You smile even more when he nods and makes cute little hearts on it for you.

“There that should be it then.” He sighs looking around as Baekhyun walks in.

“Smells good. Oh cute!” He exclaims picking up a cookie and shoving half right into his mouth. “Good job guys it delicious.”

“My bunny.” You whisper blinking at him.

“What happened? Why are you looking at me like that? Soo? Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo pats your back “Don’t worry, I’ll avenge your bunny.”



You guys were hanging out at his place just lading around and playing with Candy.

“What a cute little thing! And here I thought I wouldn’t find something cuter than your owner!” You joked petting Candy and getting a glare from the other.

“Haha Y/N. Very funny. We are equally cute. Don’t lie.”

You giggle and play with the dogs little paws “Don’t listen to him, he knows he has been beat.”

“Since when are the two of you buddy buddy? Have I been betrayed by two of the most important loves in my life? How dare you?”

“Yep, Candy has chosen.” You say keeping up the playful atmosphere.

“We’ll see about that! Candy~ come here my little angel!” He calls and you are immediately left dogless.

“Noooo don’t go! Don’t leave me! My heart!” You say clutching you chest and sprawling on the floor.

Tao laughs and moves over to kiss your nose “Its okay, no matter who calls me I will never leave you.”

“…..I forgive you.”



You both decided to get out of the dorm and head out to the mall for some food, shopping, and time alone.

“What should we do first? Is there anywhere you want to go Y/N?”

You look around the mall and shake your head as he grabs your hand “Not really. But I’m a bit hungry, how about some food?”

He smiles “Sure. The food court is this way.”

You make your way mostly there when you spot the pet store. “Oh! Can we go in there first? Pleeaassee?”

He laughs “Yeah, let’s go!”

It didn’t take even five minutes for both of you to find animals you wanted to keep. Since you knew you couldn’t you guys settled for taking them to the little area to play a bit.

“Look! Our puppies like each other! How cute!” You giggle as the four of you play around for a few minutes.

It wasn’t too long before a worker said your time was up and you had to go. But did take long was getting both of you out and away from the animals.

Five minutes later you and Jongin had stuck yourself to the window “It wasn’t long enough! Don’t go! Don’t forget us! We love you!”

Both of you will need supervision from now on so you’re not robbing the pet store.

“That was a bad idea….do you think Suho will let me use his card? Will he be upset if we just bought the whole thing?”

You chuckle at the boy, sharing his feelings, but shake your head “He loves you, but even he isn’t going to be nice enough to let you bring all of that home.”



Bubble Tea day it was! You guys set out a day every week (whenever he could) to go and get bubble tea. You both loved it and got to spend time together so it was perfect.

“So where are we off to now?” You ask as he lightly swings your arms between you.

He sips his drink and looks around “Want to go to the park and sit on the swings? Thats not too childish right?”

You giggle and shake your head “Nope! Its just childish enough.”

Swinging side by side you sip your drinks, sampling each others along the way, and talk about how the past week has been for both of you. Just enjoying being together again.

“Oh lookie! A squirrel!” You say trying to slow the swing more as it hops by and over to a close tree.

“Its a pretty big one too.” Sehun says watching it.

“You think it will let me pet it?”

Sehun stops his swing with yours and gives you a look “Why would you want to pet a squirrel?”

“Its cute!” He scrunches his nose but doesn’t stop you from trying to sneak up on it.

“Hope it doesn’t have rabies or go all crazy and attack or something.” He teases and you turn around to stick your tongue out, causing him to laugh.

You turn back around only to sneeze and scare the squirrel up the tree. “Now look what you did! Don’t leave little squirrel! Lets be friends! No go squirrel no go!”

“Ahahaha why is your sneezing my fault? Your nose was just saving you from the mean old squirrel.” You hear Sehun laugh as he comes over to you.

You pout and glare at him. “The only mean one here is you.”

“But you still love me~” he sing-songs and the two of you end up chasing each other around the rest of the day throwing sass and sarcasm around.


My Opinion for the end Naruto : 

French : Déjà, le couple de la fin, NaruHina; j'avais déjà fait un post sur ce que je penser de ce couple je vous revoit au lien de mon post  : http://cleaetpauline60.tumblr.com/post/98211222886/french-je-ne-suis-pas-fan-du-couple-naruhina

Pour moi le NaruSaku, était le couple, le plus sur, le plus formé, celui qui montre le plus d'évolution, eh ben non ! Déjà j'vais commencer par Naruto (le personnage): Alors lui, putain… IL A TOUJOURS DIT QU'IL AIMAIT SAKURA, ALORS POURQUOI ?! C'est pas possible, je pensais que Naruto serait comme Jiraya, ne jamais abandonner, même si Sakura finirait avec Sasuke, il devrait toujours l'aimait, mais non, il faut croire qu'il lui suffit d'une cruche comme Hinata pour tout arrêté, bref gros WTF, je suppose que dans le film Naruto The Last, on nous expliquera peut être mieux comment ils ont fait pour finir ensemble, & j'espère que sa sera bien former, car si c'est du genre “oh hinata m'aime oh mon dieu je suis tellement choqué que je vais sortir avec toi ! ” Non.

Ensuite Hinata: Elle encore sa va, on peut dire que a force d'attendre & d'essayer de le protéger son amour lui est revenue, mais j'aurai préféré qu'elle soit avec Kiba, (ou autre ?) pour montré une ÉVOLUTION au personnage, pour montré que voilà, Hinata a changé elle ne pense plus a Naruto, & elle gagner en maturité, mais non ! Mais bon sa encore comme je l'ai dit sa passe. Le NaruHina peut passer, je n'aime pas le couple mais le voir à l'écran, ne m'a pas dégoûter plus que sa…

SasuSaku: Alors là, bizarrement je me suis pas dit “Ah non, non, c'est dégueulasse non !” j'ai trouvé sa plutôt mignon ! (contrairement au NaruHina) Mais ce qui ne va pas c'est: SAKURA : Alors je m'explique, comme je penser qu'elle serai avec Naruto je me suis dit “voilà Sakura, va aussi changer, sa ne sera plus une gamine,qui aime un garçon juste parce qu'il est "cool” elle changera avec Naruto“ eh ben non ! Avec Sasuke ! Donc bon, on peut dire que Sakura n'a pas vraiment changé, en plus ils sont gentils les réalisateurs, ils nous font un film pour expliquer le pourquoi du comment du couple NaruHina mais le SasuSaku par contre que dalle ? Les fans du SasuSaku sa vous déçoit pas trop quand même sa ? Au final on sait même pas pourquoi Sakura est tombé amoureuse de Sasuke a part qu'elle le trouvait "cool” .

Ensuite Sasuke, lui il m'a pas déçu sa montre une évolution, il accepte les sentiments de Sakura, il est plus ouvert, bref comme je l'ai dit le SasuSaku passe, sauf pour Sakura comme je l'ai expliqué ! 

Ensuite ShikaTema: Ce couple était le plus évidant, les signes était facile a deviner, donc forcement ses couples ne nous déçoit pas, donc je n'ai rien a redire (même si j'aimait bien le ShikaIno, mais le ShikaTema est magnifique !)

Puis nous avons le SaiIno, la définition même du fan-service, je m'explique, on est d'accord, qu'il y avait aucun signes pour ses 2 là (a part que Ino le trouvait beau waah quel signe ! ) ? Donc pourquoi ce couple était tant connus ? Parce que les fans de Naruto aimait beaucoup ce couple (ne me demander pas pourquoi) c'est comme le Kiba x Karui, il n'a aucun signes ce couple mais il est apprécier auprès des fans. Voilà pourquoi je dis que pour moi la fin est du pure fan-service ! Mais j'aime bien ce couple, je sais pas pourquoi ! Mais… :

Ino: Je pensais qu'elle finirait avec Choji, pourquoi ? Il y avait quelque signes (petit mais il y en avait surement que de l'amitié vous me dirait). Je n'aime pas ce couple donc tant mieux me dirait vous ? Mais je pense que sa aurait pu être intéressant, sa aurait montré encore notre chère évolution à Ino, genre “elle ne pense plus a aux physique, maintenant, la preuve elle est avec choji” mais bon tant mieux quand même car c'est pas un couple que j'affectionne

Sai: Alors lui gros LOL. Nan mais sérieux, le gas n'a pas d'émotion,(bon il en a maintenant mais de la a avoir de l'amour laisser moi rire) mais il finit avec Ino, Bah ok écoute.

Ensuite putain le ChojixKarui : Putain mais j'ai même pas de mot pour décrire ce que j'ai ressentit, juste un gros WTF, bon ils sont heureux tant mieux pour eux hein.

Le Kiba x Tamaki : Je sais enfin qui c'est ! Grace à mitsuke14 merci à toi ! Donc au final, bah je trouve sa cool en faite c'est mignon de mélanger les chats & chiens ! ^^

J'aime bien, mais sans plus, j'aurai préféré un KibaHina, mais sa passe !

Le LeeTen : Bah comme je l'ai dit je sais pas si ils sont vraiment ensemble, mais j'espère, c'est un couple que j'aimerait bien voir ensemble donc tant mieux ! ^^

Voila pour ce GROS pavé, mais bon je me devait de vous mettre mon avis, & please, les gens qui ont eu leurs couple (je pense au NaruHina ou au SasuSaku) ne vous amuser pas a insulter, les gens qui aime toujours le NaruSaku, ou les gens qui ils croyez vraiment à ce couple (comme moi) car vous allez réveiller quelque chose de VRAIMENT très méchant chez ses gens là, & je n'hésiterai pas à les défendre ! Surtout que sachez qu‘un couple est important mais c'est pas la base de Naruto. La fin en ne comptant pas les couples, était bien, Naruto Hokage, pleins de chose qui change, par contre Orochimaru,Karin,Suigetsu,Jugo,Kabuto ils sont ou ? & je trouve les enfants moches, (désolé pour ceux qui les aime bien) le seul que je trouve beau c'est Bolt c'est tout XDD. Bref voilà ils nous reste plus que le film, l'anime, & le chapitre avec les enfants & c'est tout (& c'est déjà pas mal ! )

Mais je pense maintenant que pour les couples de mangas aussi long que Naruto, il faut nous mettre un couple évidant, avec beaucoup de signes, c'est le seul moyen pour que les gens aime & accepte ce couple. Comme pour Fairy Tail ou les signes pour les couples sont évidant, du genre Levy x Gajeel c'est un couple que tout le monde est obliger d'aimer.

English : Already, the couple from the end, NaruHina; I had already made a post on what I think of this couple reviews I link you to my post: http://cleaetpauline60.tumblr.com/post/98211222886/french-je-ne-suis-pas-fan-du-couple-naruhina

NaruSaku for me was the couple, most of the more established, it shows that most of evolution, well, no! Already I’m gonna start with Naruto (the character) Then he fuck … HE SAYS HE ALWAYS LOVED SAKURA, THEN WHY? This is not possible, I thought Naruto would be like Jiraiya, never give up, even if Sakura end up with Sasuke, it should still loved him, but no, we must believe that it is sufficient as a pitcher for Hinata any order, writ large WTF, I guess in the movie Naruto the Last, we will explain how they can best be made to end up together, and I hope that his form is good, because if it’s oh “kind hinata loves me oh my god I’m so shocked that I’m going out with you! ”No.

Then Hinata: It’s still going, we can say that has strength to wait & try to protect her love him back, but I would have preferred her to be with Kiba (or other?) To show a CHANGES to the character, to show that here, Hinata has changed it does not think a Naruto, & it to mature, but no! But its still good as I said its happening. The NaruHina can pass, I do not like the couple, but the view on the screen, not disgust me more than her …

SasuSaku: So here I am strangely not tell me “Oh no, no, it’s not disgusting!” I found her rather cute! (unlike NaruHina) But what is wrong: SAKURA: So let me explain, as I think it will be with Naruto I thought “this is Sakura, will also change, its no longer a kid who loves a boy just because it is "cool” it will change with Naruto “well then not! With Sasuke! So good, we can say that Sakura has not really changed, plus they are nice directors, they make us a movie to explain why and how the couple NaruHina SasuSaku but against a shit? SasuSaku his fans not disappoint you too much when even his? In the end we even know why Sakura fell in love with Sasuke hand she was "cool”.

Sasuke then, it it not disappoint me his watch evolution, accept the feelings of Sakura, he is more open, short as I said SasuSaku happening, except for Sakura as I explained!

Then ShikaTema: This couple was the hollowing out, the signs were easy to guess, so forcing her couples do not disappoint us, so I have no complaints (although I liked the ShikaIno, but ShikaTema is beautiful! )

Then we have the SaiIno, the definition of fan-service, I said, okay, there was no evidence for its 2 here it is (a share that Ino was beautiful waah what sign!)? So why this couple was known as? Because Naruto fans loved this couple (do not ask me why) is like Kiba x Karui, it has no signs but this couple is enjoying with the fans. That’s why I say that for me is the end of pure fan-service! But I like this couple, I do not know why! But …:

Ino: I thought she would end up with Choji, why? There were some signs (small but there were probably more than friendship would tell me). I do not like this couple so as you tell me more? But I think his might be interesting, would have shown her yet our dear evolution Ino, like “she does not think about the physical, now, the evidence is with choji” but better still as good as it is not a couple that I like

Sai: So it big LOL. No but seriously, the gas has no emotion (good but now he has to have a love let me laugh), but it ends with Ino, Bah ok listen.

Then the fucking ChojixKarui: Damn but I did not even words to describe what I felt, just a big WTF good they are happy good for them huh.

The Kiba x Tamaki : I finally know who it is ! Thanks to mitsuke14 thank you to you! So in the end, I think its cool bah made in this mix is cute cats & dogs! ^^

I like, but no more, I would have preferred a KibaHina but his pass!

The LeeTen: Well as I said I do not know if they really are in love, but I hope it’s a couple I would like to see together so much better! ^^

That paved for BIG, but hey I had to put you in my opinion, and please, people who have had their torque (I think the NaruHina or SasuSaku) does not amuse you insult the people who still love NaruSaku or people who really believe in this couple (like me) because you will wake something REALLY nasty with her folks, and I will not hesitate to defend them! Especially aware that a couple is important but it is not based on Naruto. The end not counting couples was good Hokage Naruto, full of thing that changes by against Orochimaru, Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo Kabuto they are or? & I find ugly children (sorry for those who love them) the only one I find beautiful is that Bolt is XDD. In short here they still have more than the film, anime, and the chapter with the kids and that’s it (& it’s not bad!) (by google translate)

But now I think for couples as long as manga Naruto, we must put a hollowing couple, with lots of signs, that is the only way that people like this couple & agrees. As for Fairy Tail or signs for couples are hollowing, gender Levy x Gajeel is a couple that everyone is forced to love.

Peace ! ♥

One Direction Preference : Your Little Child Has A Playdate With Another Members Child

Liam: Your daughter, Kellie, wobbled on her feet with her baby doll at her side while Louis’ son, Cody had his own bouncy ball in between his legs on the floor. You and Liam and Louis and El all watched the two babies interact with each other. “They’re so cute.” El said proudly and you nodded. “Maybe they’ll get together when they’re older, be even cuter!” Eleanor clapped her hands as you did the same thing. “Slowly the playdates will turn into actual dates and oh my gosh, (YN), i’ve got their futures playing out in my head right now!” “Me too!” you squeal back and look down at the two babies who stared back with blank faces and Liam chuckled. “I don’t think they agree with you.” Louis gave you a high five. “Maybe not now, but someday i’m sure they will.”

Zayn: “Carrie, don’t take Claire’s toy!” Niall scolded his daughter who gave back the toy to Claire as you and Zayn watched the two girls play. “Think they’ll be best friends later on?” You ask and Zayn and Niall both nod. “They see each other nearly everyday and when we’re on tour, they’re connected to the hip already practically, what will make it different when they’re older is how much money of ours they want to spend on make up and clothes.” You nod. “Sounds practical and reasonable. They’re going to be troublemaker teens. Their fathers are in a band and they’re going to think that because their dads are in a band that they can be in a band and meet all these famous people and marry them.” Niall and Zayn shook their heads and Zayn leaned over to whisper in your ear. “My daughter’s never going to get close to a guy!”

Louis: “Play!” Little Cassidy said holding out her favorite teddy bear to yours and Louis’ new baby girl, Raven. When Raven didn’t take it Cassidy looked around the room at all the adults and finally went to her daddy, Harry who just laughed. “She’s a new baby, Cas, she doesn’t really know how to play yet.” That answer seemed to work for Cassidy who walked back over to Raven and laid the bear on her. “I’ll teach her to play, okay?” You smiled at her. “You can teach her how to play and anything else you want okay?” “Even bath time?” You giggled. “If she asks for help with bath time, you can teach her, alright?” Cassidy clapped her hands. “Yay! I teach new baby daddy, Auntie (YN) said it was okay!” Harry nodded. “Yes she did and you’ll do a great job!”

Niall: “Look at all my cars!” your son, Keaton proudly showed off all his hot wheels cars. “They’re so cool!” Liam’s son, Landon responded and dropped to his knees alongside your son, looking at all the cars in wonder. “How did you ever get him so many cars?” Liam asked and you and Niall both shrugged. “I had three brothers and Niall had a brother and himself, so growing up, plenty of hot wheels cars had been accumulated.” Liam nodded. “I’m going to have to step up my game and get him some more cars, after seeing all these he’s never going to be happy with what he has now.” “Sorry.” you say and Liam shrugs. “No big deal, i promised him i’d get him some new toys, this will make him happy for sure.”

Harry: The three kids sat in the sand box while you, Harry, Zayn and Perrie all sat around them, watching them carefully. “Remember when they were babies?” Perrie asked you and you smiled. “Yeah, i miss it like no tomorrow. They were so tiny and so cute and Harry can we have another?” He smirked at you. “We’ve got two already, let’s wait for the third.” You mock pout and glance at Perrie. “Maybe you’ll have better luck getting another kid out of Zayn, you guys only have one, maybe you’ll get to have two and have a girl, giving Leia another girl to hang with.” Perrie grinned. “Yeah, and another girl the boys will protect from boys, not a bad idea, (YN), what do you say Zayn? Please?”

anonymous asked:

I guess you have a right to be mad that it's B.I's track for their title song, but there's two aren't there? and it's almost like you're completely disregarding the bond WINNER has with Team B....

Two title tracks but which one will be the first one? Because the first one will be the one forever remembered as WINNER debut song. And what if it’s the one, THE ONLY ONE, not even written by them?

We’re not talking about the bond between the teams. I have nothing against that. I’ve always said how much they both love each other and are good friends. But WINNER deserved to have their own album, and I would have said nothing if the Team B track was just one of the tracks, but it’s the fucking title track. This is just not acceptable and YG knows it because he already tried to cover his shameless ass saying “please don’t misunderstand”. He fucking knows.

I’ve been silent for a year but this is just too much. That YG has always been Team B biased is a fact. But this is too much. Using your new debuting group to promote your trainees? Because what is this, if not promoting? He just played on the fact that WINNER always felt guilty towards Team B, when B.I almost didn’t give a shit about his hyungs the whole competition. Does this even make sense?

YG scolded them reminding them that they have a shitload of hella talented composers at YG and that if they wanted to succeed they had to work hard and then? A shitload of composers and you pick a trainees song for a title track? Are you kidding me right now?

Weren’t WINNER songs good enough to be title tracks? I don’t think so. Taehyun cried listening to Coloring. TAEHYUN CRIED. Mino’s solo song is the only one composed by Teddy and Choice37. Do you know how good must the song be to have both Teddy and Choice37 working on it?

And between these 5 fucking talented boys you had to choose a title track from two trainees that, excuse me, never distinguished themselves for composing skills during WIN.

I didn’t endure all the shit to see the boys repaid like that. Seungyoon thanked B.I and Bobby, true that, but do you really think he’s really that grateful to have their title track taken away from them after how hard they worked? 

This whole thing is not about their friendship, it’s about how YG has always been and will always be biased towards Team B and will keep throwing shit in our faces like that. I don’t even blame B.I or Bobby or Team B, because what they did is nice. They just made a gift. It’s YG who decided to start the fanwar by making the song a title track. No one will ever make me believe the boys decided to have that song as title track, doesn’t matter how many times they say it. 

Really, are we kidding each other? If I only think about how many times the boys must have submitted new songs to the CEO just to see them refused and then his little cute beloved B.I came up with a song and he immediately decided it would be the title track of his fucking new boygroup I get so mad. 

What can we expect from this debut now? All people will talk about is how their title track was written by trainees. This is literally all people are already talking about now. Do you think the boys will be happy?

“Disregarding their bond”? YG was the first one to disregard it all when he came up with Who Is Next. And now he plays like he’s an angel who only thinks about family. And I’m the evil one?

I don’t even care if I lose all my followers for this post. I am so mad because once again YG proved that WINNER is just something he’s using in the meantime while he waits to debut Team B. He could have debuted Team B right away if he loved them so much.

The song better be fucking amazing since it’s their title track. This song better slay everything because I will not accept anything less than perfection after this umpteenth slap in the face.

He's the captain of the Quidditch team (Harry Potter inspired)

A/N: sorry if it took me so long, i’m buried in homework :’( anyway, i got a lot of requests for cake for the harry potter au, so there you have it!


You and Luke have a secret friendship. He’s the best friend in the whole world, but hiding it makes everything more exciting. Every night at midnight you two meet in the common room and hang out all night. You talk, make silly games, watch movies and then fall asleep next to each other on the couch. You have to wake up everyday at 6AM to be sure no one will notice, and you get a four-hour sleep everyday, but Luke is totally worth it. You have plenty of time to sleep during the weekend or in the early afternoon, you don’t need to sleep at night.

As usual, you slowly step down the stairs of the girls’ dorm. You almost trip over your best friend’s cat, but make it to the common room without waking up anyone. It’s 12:04 AM and Luke is not there. He’s late, he’s never been late once. Ten minutes later someone sits on the couch beside you. You turn around to see a smiling Luke. You hit him in the shoulder, not really hurting him.

“You are late!” you say, smiling back at him.

“I’m sorry, I was doing something important” he excuses, fixing his hair with his hands.


“Um, sorry, can’t tell ya” he shrugs. Not once he hid something from you. The fact that he can’t tell you makes you want to know even more.

“What?! Of course you can tell me! You always tell me everything!” you say pouting.

“Sorry! But I promise you’ll know it by the end of tonight” he laughs at your pout. You mutter a ‘okay’ and sit straight on the couch.

“So, how’s your day been?” he asks, taking your mind off of what he’s hiding.

“Horrible! You know Neville, that kid who lives with his gran? He made a total mess in potions class and we had to clean it up while he went to the nursery. So annoying!”.

“You must look cute in a cleaner’s suit” Luke scoffs. You make a face at him and cross your legs.

“How about yours?”

“Mine was pretty normal. You know, the usual”. You nod, shoving some candies in your mouth. A couple fall from your lips on the carpet and Luke looks at you giggling.

“Want some?” you ask with your mouth full handing him the bag.

“Let’s do the chubby bunny!” he says, clapping his hands together. You give him a puzzled look as you wait for him to explain. “Basically, you have to put as many candies as you can in your mouth saying ‘chubby bunny’ every time you put a new candy in your mouth” he says, a large grin on his face.

Obviously, Luke wins. He smiles at you with his head held high while you spit all of the candies in a bag and clear up all the sugar mess you have on your face. Luke spits too and sits back on the couch. You laugh at him as you see he has a ton of sugar on his face.

“What?” he says.

“You’re just the cutest” you keep laughing.

“Why?”. You laugh harder as confusion grows on his face.

“I was just complimenting” you lie, still laughing. Luke ignores you and stands up.

“I’m gonna do a handstand”. As soon as his hands touch the ground he falls hard on his ass and you start laughing even harder than before. That’s what your nights are like: goofing and messing around with Luke, sometimes telling secrets. And you really like that. You can be anyone you wanted when you are with Luke.

“You’re such a great gymnast, you should go to the Olympics” you scoff, sitting back straight on the couch, “I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!” you say as you remember of the one thing you wanted to tell Luke. A guy asked you out this morning – just a lunch at Hogsmeade – and you wanted to share that with Luke. You have always had a little crush on Luke, and he knew that – it slipped out of your mouth a year ago – and you are trying to prove him you’re moving on, even though you actually aren’t.

“What?”. Luke sits back on the couch, fixing his hair that he had ruined doing the handstand.

“Ashton asked me out!” You clap your hands to add emphasis. He looked at you for a second, before standing up.

“Cool” he says, taking off his sweatshirt. He runs away to the dorm, while you yell after him asking what’s wrong. He comes back a second later with a gray cloak in his hands. “I convinced Harry to lend me this”. You now recognize Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility.

“Why?” you ask, as Luke covers you both with the Cloak.

“I wanna show you something”. He guides you out of the common room and through the hallways. You have no idea where you’re going, but it looks like he knows. You stop in front of the prefects’ bathroom. Luke pulls out his wand, murmurs a spell and the door opens. When you get in he folds the Cloak on the floor and you ask him how he knows the secret spell. He shrugs, taking off his shirt and running the bath.

“What are you doing?” you ask him, not understanding.

“Having a bath. You should come with me”. He takes off all of his clothes and steps into the bath. There are a lot of soap bubbles, so you ask Luke to not look and you take off your clothes as well, covering yourself with the bubbles in the bath.

“Why are we doing this?”. You feel Luke coming closer until your side touches his. You’re looking around the room to see how cool it is and you suddenly feel Luke’s lips kissing gently your neck and sucking your skin.

“What are you doing?” you whisper, not really wanting him to stop. He grabs your chin and turns your face, smiling at you before pressing his lips on yours. His other hand is running up your tight and you let him do that. So that’s what he was late for.

“I’m proving you that I can be a thousand times better than Ashton”


Calum is your brother’s best friend. Both him and your brother are in the Quidditch team. They got in the team last year, in September. Before they got in it, the team really sucked; they never won a match. But since your brother and Calum got in the team, they started winning. They also made your House win the House Cup. Calum is now the team captain and everyone adores him and Y/B/N because of how good they are at playing Quidditch.

Popularity has gone to your brother’s head, while Calum is the same kid he was before. He takes care of your brother and makes sure he doesn’t hook up with too many girls at once.

You’ve always liked Calum, since you fell from the broomstick when you were eight and he put patches on your knee with a kind and caring smile on his lips. You started developing a crush on him when you were fourteen, but you were still good friends with him. Until he became the captain of the team. He barely has time for you, now. He has to take care of the team, the players, his school career, your brother, his sister… He has always something to do and never has time to spend with you.

Today there’s the first match of the season. Of course, Calum and Y/B/N are in the team. Half an hour later after the opening whistle a Bludger hits Calum right in the head. He falls from his broomstick and is about to crash on the ground when Dumbledore stops his free fall with a spell. Calum is unconscious and he’s taken to the nursery. You’re really worried about him. He never got hurt once in his life. He never fainted nor broken a bone, so you hope he’s okay now. You leave the match before it’s over and head right to the nursery. They let you in right away since Calum is not hurt too bad – he just has a couple scratches and a huge knob on his head.

“Hey Cal, you okay?” you whisper as you sit on the side of his bed. He gives you a thumbs up, making you giggle.

“My head hurts” he complains.

“You scared everyone. I thought you were gonna mash on the Quidditch field” you laugh quietly.

“I didn’t see it coming. Literally, I didn’t see the ball”. You smile at him sitting more comfortably on the bed. “Do you know who won the game?”

“I left before it was over”

“Why? Quidditch is so funny to watch!”.

“I came to check on you!”. You giggle again as he furrows his eyebrows.

“Why? I have Madama Chips to take care of me”. You shift in your seat, wondering why you went there in the first place. You just felt like doing it, there is not a reason why.

“Remember that one time at our first year when I wanted to make a Polyjuice Potion, but something went wrong and I had blood coming out of all my orifices?”. He laughed at the memory, even though he wasn’t happy at all when he found you laying in a puddle of your own blood. “You brought me here and you stayed with me all night, even if you had school the day after. And then you came to check on me everyday until I left the nursery. I’m just doing the same” you shrug. He motions you to come closer, and you do as he says.

“Cause that’s what friends do, right?” he says, tilting his head.

“Yeah” you nod.

“Then you shouldn’t be doing it” he states, trying to sit straight. You help him before asking him why.

“You don’t want me to be your friend anymore?” you ask in shock.

“No, I don’t”. He leans in ignoring the pain he has in all his body and kisses you on the lips, parting your lips with his tongue and giving you the best kiss you’ve ever received.

“You’re so nice, and beautiful, and smart, and no, I don’t want you to be my friend, I want you to be something more”.

I know it’s not the best, I’m sorry


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“Uh, can I help you?” Liam asks.  He doesn’t want to be rude, but the kid’s been staring at him for the better part of ten minutes.  Liam always gets flustered when people stare at him, and plus this kid’s got these big brown eyes with sweeping, too-long eyelashes that make Liam’s chest feel weird.

“Yeah,” says the kid.  “Sorry, I – I was just wondering how much you know about the Andromeda galaxy.  You work here, right?”

“I do,” says Liam, fiddling with his name badge.  He doesn’t know shit about the Andromeda galaxy.  Does anyone?  He’s almost 100% sure there aren’t even any exhibits here about that.  “What do you want to know?”

The kid shrugs.  “Everything.  I’m in this awful astronomy class at uni, and I’ve got a project due next week.”

“On the – uh, Andromeda galaxy?”

“Yep,” says the kid, crossing the polished floor to lean against the counter, next to the glossy pamphlets about the solar system.  He smiles up at Liam. “Tell me everything you know.  I’m ready to learn.”   

“Uh,” says Liam, “well – I just need to think for a minute.”  It’s a lie.  There’s nothing to think about.  Biology is more Liam’s strong suit.  He swallows, trying not to focus too hard on the kid’s heartbreaking cheekbones, or the way his long slender fingers drum impatiently on the counter.  Why couldn’t he be asking about turtles, or something?  The silence drags on.  Liam rubs the back of his head with a nervous laugh.

“Well, um, I know it’s – pretty far away –”

“You don’t know anything about it, do you,” says the kid, sounding amused.  He squints at Liam’s name tag.  “Liam.”

“No,” Liam admits.  “Nothing.  I don’t know why they’ve put me in the space section here.  I’m completely useless.  I can look it up on my phone, if you want.”  

“You’re not useless,” says the kid, with a devastating little smile that makes Liam bite his lip.  “You’re cute.  What time do you get off?”

“Six,” Liam says.  “I’m not sure. It depends how many other people have questions about space.”

“Questions you can’t answer,”says the kid, smirking.  “Well, if you want to, maybe we can – look up some answers together.  I’ll buy you a drink.”

“Sure,” says Liam, heart pounding hard.  The kid smiles at him, and his soft dark eyes seem to sparkle.  Like he knows very well the effect he’s having on Liam.  

“I’m Zayn, by the way,” says the kid.  “I’ll be waiting outside when you get off, okay?”

“Okay,” says Liam.  “To look up – some answers.  For your project.”

“Exactly,” says Zayn, with another sparkly-eyed smile.  He could probably kill someone with that. Liam thinks it wouldn’t be a bad way to go. “I have a lot of questions.”

this is for swallowsmateforlyfe who made me to think about SCIENCE CENTER LIAM and inquisitive student Zayn and so you can blame her for this 100% :)

What kind of parent BLG would be (if Bleach Lists is any indication)

As requested by thehashslingingslasher-2k14. :)

In the parent series, we speculate about what kinds of parents Bleach characters would make, based entirely on their behavior in Bleach. But what about me, Bleach Lists Girl (BLG)? If I became a parent, what - based on my blog - sort of parent would I be?

1. Everything would be done according to a schedule.

Because I tend to be slightly too enthusiastic about my blog’s schedule.

BLG: Meals will be served every six hours, 24 hours a day!

Kid: Okay but counter idea - waking up to eat a fourth meal at midnight is super weird.

BLG: But it’s a schedule

2. I would enjoy doing (a limited number of) favors for my kids.

This blog is almost entirely list-based, and so is basically me fulfilling requests from followers. Naturally, as a parent, I would enjoy fulfilling my kids’ requests - up to a point. ‘Cause, you know, only three favors a day. Any more would be weird.

Kid: Mom! Can you help me braid my hair?

BLG: Sorry! I already accepted three other requests today, so…

Kid: …

BLG: B-but maybe I could  make an exception just this once!

3. There would be a bit too much apologizing

I admittedly spend a lot of time apologizing for times when I, say, can’t write a list that day.

BLG: I am SO SORRY that I didn’t make a broccoli casserole as I promised!

Kid (eating the pizzas that was just delivered): Yes, my heart is weeping with sadness.


4. All of my answers would be too long

Kids like to ask questions. But my answers to those questions? Slightly too long.

Kid: Mom, why is the sky blue?

BLG: Hmm….let me see if I can come up with ten possible answers…

Kid: Or we could look it up on the internet.

BLG: It’s cute that you think the truth is more important than a list.

5. I would show my love by teasing my kids

‘Cause when it comes to Bleach characters, you can tell which ones I like the best by how much I make fun of them.

Kid: …

Other kid: Oh? Did your mom leave a note in your lunch box? What does it say?

Kid: It told me to be careful that I don’t poke myself in the eye with my string cheese.

Kid: I did that ONE TIME like THREE YEARS AGO


6. I would encourage them to fight.

B-because fights are so cool….I mostly watch Bleach for the fights…

Kid: And I’m so afraid that high school will have bullies!

BLG: I understand.

BLG: And that’s why I got you this GIANT AND VERY SHARP SWORD

Kid: Mom no

BLG: Mom yes!

7. I would have their lives planned too far in advance

Much like my blog schedule is planned out down to the hour far in advance.

BLG: And at 2pm on the first Tuesday of next month, you will eat pizza.

Kid: Uh, maybe. I guess.

BLG: Um I have it written down so it’s definitely happening.

8. I would always be up for letting my kids talk about their crushes

Since a lot of my blog is devoted to shipping lists.

BLG: So! Who are you thinking of asking to the dance?

Kid: If I tell you, are you going to come up with extended scenarios about how the entire relationship might go?

BLG: Yes. Yes I will.

9. I would sometimes be less serious than I should be

I write a humor blog, and even when the topic is, say, a character dying, I try my hardest to make it funny.

Kid: Mom…the class bunny, Mr. Floof-Fluff, died today.

BLG: I see.

BLG: So it’s a black humor sort of thing, then?


BLG: But I like a challenge!

10. Just - too many lists

Lists are my (blog) life.

Kid: Mom! Can I go to an unsupervised party?

BLG: Here are 10 reasons why you super cannot.