we made out under the dock

Turn Down the Heat - 6 (Leonard Snart/reader)

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“Blown up?” He watched you pull down a metal ladder from ceiling.

“There is a more pressing matter!” You turned to him pointing to where the ladder came from. A small hatch with a glass window, “Behind there is the air filters. It is a two man job and I am the only one who can do it.”

He put his worry behind him nodding, “What do you need me to do?”

You swallowed, “I need to keep the door closed. There’s a safety feature that doesn’t allow it to stay sealed while I switch the filters out and lets the toxic air out. Under normal circumstances we would be docked and the crew would be off the ship.”

“If the air is toxic…” He made a face looking at you. 

“I’ll hold my breath.” You told him, “As long as I can. If the air is bad it will take two minutes at least.”

“What if it’s worse then bad?” He looked at you stepping closer.

“I’ll…have to work faster.” You took a deep breath, “I just…I need you to hold the hold the door shut. I’ll knock when I’m done.”

You started to climb up the ladder stopping at the top looking down at him, “Len…”

Your voice tickled his ears when you said his name like that. His eyes lit up some as he listened, “If I’m not out in ten minutes…Get Rip, he can finish the job.”

He climbed on the ladder behind, “You’ll make it.”

You smiled at him before looking at the hatch taking a few deep breaths before opening it. He watched you go through as he moved up. He clamped down on the handle as you looked through the window.

He had a bad feeling about this.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to expect until finally the door released. He yanked down on it trying to keep it closed. It was harder then he expected.

“What are you doing?” He looked back at Mick staring at him.

“Oh good, you’re here. I could use some of that muscle that we won’t all die.” Snart told him in his usually drawl.

“Die?” Mick stepped up looking at him.

“Yes…now…please get up here and hold this hatch with me.” Snart asked him. Once up there the added weight, though the uncomfortably closeness, seemed to do the trick.

“You gonna explain what’s going on?” Mick looked at him, “Does this have to do with that future chick?”

“It has to do with all of us. We’re in a real sticky situation.” Snart told him trying to adjust with out rubbing his partner in a strange way, “And that ‘future chick’ is probably the only one who can fix it.”

“Well at least she’s good for something other then her good looks.” Mick mumbled.

“Watch it.” Snart glared at him over protectively.

“What is it with and her? The only person I’ve seen you like with this is Lisa.” Mick told him staring him down.

“It’s a long story.” Snart’s eyes narrowed on him, “I don’t feel like sharing right now.”

“I still don’t trust her.” Mick said roughly.

“I do.” Snart said ending the conversation. His hands were beginning to hurt as he held onto the hatch handle, “Come on Y/N.”

He stared up into the tiny window. He was getting worried. He was sure it was getting close to time, “How long we gotta hang here Snart?”

“She should be done soon.” He told him not taking his eyes off of the window.

Without warning the hatch made a clicking noise. His eyes got wide, “Move Mick.”

As he heard his partner hit the ground with a thud he began unlocking the hatch. He pushed it open a breeze rushing past him from the pressure being released. He crawled inside looking around the dimly lit room, “Y/N?”

“…L…en…” That familiar tickle pulled him over to a glowing display. You were laying on the floor in front of it. 

“Y/N…” He knelt down flipping you over, “It was worse then bad, wasn’t it?”

You looked at him smiling for a moment before your eyes shut. He shook his head, “No…you can’t do that. Open your eyes. Y/N…Y/N! Open your eyes!”

“Snart!” He heard Mick shout from below, “What’s going on?”

“Get help, Mick! Now!” Snart put his hands on the sides of your face, “Open your eyes!”

You didn’t respond as he took your pulse…Erratic, “No…no Y/N, I’m not losing you like this. Not again.”

He started compressions to get your heart back on track. Plugging your nose he breathed into before doing more compressions, “Come on!”